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Implications of expanding Indian success in the west
Meluhhan, why do you - or people in general - bother responding sanely to insane persons? I never understood that.

Always, *always* give a befitting response. That way they get what they deserve, and you wouldn't have waste sense on the insensible and worthless. Plus they don't/can't/won't understand sense, so it's best not to expose them to it, else they will try to dialogue *on* (never a good thing, when all one really wants is that they shut up).

G. Sub hates everyone. He's not just a non-heathen himself, he's moreover an anti-heathen extreme anti-Hindoo. Examples from his statements on IF just this very year:

1. In recent weeks he had called Hindus idiots specifically for worshipping their Hindu Gods (see Partition or Bodo/Assam thread), and demanded for the 2nd time on this forum that Hindus in Bengal - and eventually all over the nation - give up doing pooja to Durga/Kali and Saraswati.

Of course, he has just played the arch-hypocrite by pretending concern about how muslims in Deganga got Hindus to stop their Krishna Arati (as seen in his Recent Update statement: "Islamists stop Krishna Arati in Deganga, mini-Pakistan". As if he gives a tuppence. When in reality, these islamics and G.Sub are not at all different in their objectives: to get the Hindoos to stop worshipping their Gods.

2. He uniformly calls Hindu brahmins of Bengal "fuckerjee-s" or something, even though no *Hindoo* ever married into christoislam. But it's not like G.Sub makes up for it by championing other Hindus. IIRC, he used to go on pretending that "low-caste" Hindus - whoever these are supposed to be - are less intelligent than his own species (=anti-Hindus, obviously).

3. He declared Hindu women are all sluts in that thread on Indian muslims terrorising Hindu women. All because some nationalist "Hindu" leaders had unHindu female relatives who presumably and predictably married their way into islam.

4. Before Hindu women feel offended, they should be aware he doesn't like women in general. He goes out of his way to regularly keep insinuating that European-origin women are "sluts" too. (Continuing his tireless hypocrisy, he is a strong advocate for frequenting exotic dancers - "lap dancers" as he refers to them - who he then disparages as "sluts" since he had to pay for their services. Except they're in the business to make a living, whereas no one is forcing him to terrorise them with his patronage.) You see, any unmarried human female who mates with anyone else (other than G.Submarine) is a "slut" by definition to G.Substring, yet G.String sees no hypocrisy in considering himself free to pursue all opportunities to mate (which he refers to above as "dating sex") no matter how desperate and superficial.

G.String is at a loss how all women - Hindu and other - are immune to his misogynistic...charms (his is the textbook case of misogynism, and once sees exactly the same arguments in a lot of repressed internet males of the species, though they're usually of the angry western variety). Personally, I suspect his misogyny and other forms of bigotry are probably considered major turn-offs by the general population of human females - though I could of course be wrong.

Considering all the above - and the fact that G.String doesn't even like his own ancestors (as they were presumably Hindus) - is it any wonder that he would be a racist too, spewing at those of African-origins for being of African origin.

By the way, he was wrong about Indian parents having particular issues with Indians marrying African-origin people. I can't speak for all Indians, but the Hindu families I personally know - and this is a decent number - have issues with their offspring marrying *any* non-Hindu (they don't accept "converts" either: they have issues with anyone of non-Hindu ethnicity marrying into their family).

Among those Indian families settled overseas, in those cases where children do end up marrying out with persons of non-Indian origin, some of the parents eventually just learn to live with it. I know one Sri Lankan Hindu whose anti-Hindu (and even anti-Indian) daughter married a European-origin man. Her parents explained that from from childhood she insisted she wouldn't marry an Indian - oh what a loss Confusedarcasm:. Then there's another Sri Lankan girl of Hindu origin (mother's a Hindoo, dad's a "secular" anti-Hindu 'Hindu', brother's married to a SL christist and was never a Hindu and *their* son is already baptised). The girl herself has agreed to her parents matchmaking her with a SL male: anything is welcome, she told me, as long as it's not a Hindu. She has intimated that SL christians, like her brother's wife, are most free to apply, and that her allergy is exclusively to Hindoos. The fault lies with the mother's choice of husband, although it wasn't really the mother's fault: hers was an arranged marriage. But the consequences are owing to the usual: unless both parents are (native) *heathens* kids usually have about 0% chance to turn out heathens themselves.

This anti-Hinduism among some Indians settled overseas is owing to 1. innate weakness of individuals own character; 2. a curious tendency in deheathenised/unheathen Indians to loathe their inherited identity. [:good riddance:]

Having said that, many Hindoos still marry only their own: e.g. my sister, one of her friends, my own best friend and her friend. A few marry out: at times they are seen marrying E Asian hyper-heathens - which is really the next best thing. A few marry western agnostics or atheists (of the non-militant type) - who will never be dabblers since they fortunately have 0 interest in Hindu religion :phew: While I'd rather Hindoos not marry western people even when these are your typical goody-two-shoes agnostics - because it does spell death to the Hindoo line - even this option is infinitely better than Hindoos being married off to de-heathenised "Hindus" from Hindoo families (just because the parents can't tell that the prospective bride/groom is not Hindoo themselves), let alone Hindoos marrying anti-Hindoo "Hindu" nationalists. Because Hindoos marrying de-Hinduised or anti-Hindoo "Hindus" is exactly the same as marrying into christoislam: it's death to Hindoo religion.

One Kannadiga anti-Hindu dude of Hindoo parentage (well, his mother's very much heathen, the dad's not: agnostic) insisted on marrying a Hindoo female of his own community imported straight from India. Though he did try dating others first: no one wanted him, hence his sudden turn for arranged marriages.

I've spoken to his Hindoo wife - I don't know Kannda, but she knows some Tamizh, which is fortunate for me. She's an *extreme* heathen. Her husband constantly insults her - insults her heathenism - in English, including in my presence, and imagines she does not understand. I'd have insulted him back, of course - at a minimum - but I didn't need to be a telepath to see that *that* would have hurt her. Instead, I just kept saying that all those very things he was making fun of her doing, were things I did too - i.e. I identified with *her* not with him, thus making him the odd man out in the company.

I think she's gradually realised her future is dead. He's killed it good and dead. She's going to give birth to their first child shortly. Despite her hyper-heathenism, it's likely to swing either way, since its extreme anti-Hindu dad is very much interested in not letting it be raised a Hindu.

The couple is the latest in line of many Indian 'Hindu' couples of this kind that I've noticed.

As always, the blame lies with the Hindoo parents of both the woman and her husband: they should have bothered to find out that the groom was not a Hindu (*his* parents did know, but the mother wanted a Hindoo daughter-in-law, because she's a Hindoo herself). The girl's own parents never bothered to find out about the boy himself. They just did the usual: find out that the prospective spouse comes from a good, settled, working family and that the parents [one parent, in this case] is a Hindu who speaks well of the son (as they need to to get their child married off). I can't forgive anyone involved for destroying that poor heathen girl's future. Should have married her off to a Hindoo male in their own neighbourhood in India.

Really, Hindus don't need to find fault with christoislam stealing their kids. They blindly marry their own kids away into anti-Hindoo-ism.

Anyway back to G.Substring. He's just the usual Indian "Hindu" nationalist who hates Hindoos and their Hindoo religion. That he hates everybody else too is just more par for the course.

Hindoos really, really, *really* need to differentiate between Hindoos - i.e. the heathen Hindus - and those who call themselves Hindu. Hindoos should never allow themselves to associate with, let alone follow the deheathenised 'Hindus'. Pure "nationalism" (which is always a Replacement for Hindoos' religion) is another thing that is destroying Hindu religion, and which is hijacking Hindoos' interests for its own. The reason the self-declared 'Hindu' nationalists don't care about Hindoos is because they're not Hindoos themselves and don't like Hindoos either. Their demands and dislikes align with that of christoislamania. All enemies of Hindoos always behave the same and always want the same: that Hindoos stop being Hindoos. The only difference is that the "Hindu" nationalists get away with it because they call themselves Hindu.

Said G.String, who frequents exotic dancers and advocates others do so too (even as he hurls abuses at them and women in general):

Quote:Blacks simply want sex, they dont want to get married and wont stay married

Utter rubbish. There are lots of Africans - emigrated from Africa - living where I now live. Some of them are unmarried as they are in still in their very early twenties, but others are married (mostly to people from their own country). I've seen them walk around the campus with their spouse, with their infants in tow (nestled in prams) - when I wink or wave at their babies, it's not just the kids but the parents always wave back at me too. It's all quite like my parents used to carry us about everywhere. It's obvious their relationships are stable and that mating is only one aspect of their human lives, as it is for all humans in general.

In contrast, it's G.String who is demonstrably the person with a one-track mind: every time he talks about women it has something do with mating (and his bitterness about the matter). Plus G.String shouldn't be allowed to marry [women] since he hates women. Here's hoping he won't be reproducing at all: hate to think his primary traits of bigotry (racism, misogyny, etc) get passed onto further generations to torment the future the way he's tormenting the present. Ugh.

Just because people at IF have given up responding to G.String's inanities on various matters doesn't mean everyone here agrees with him, or that they share his insane opinions in any way/shape/form. Some people are just not worth talking to. Associating with them just feels Yuck.

In any case, as for myself and unless otherwise stated, the rule is: *I* disagree with everything "G.Sub" says.

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