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Two front war on the cards
A 3 front war is also possible, if say Khaleda Zia returns to power
A two-front war is still on the cards, possibly sometime by November 2011. The Indians need to fight a defensive/holding war on one front and an offensive war on the other. While the Indian Armed Forces are definitely larger and far better equipped than in 1962, the leadership in the armed forces is one of the corruptest and most incompetent in the world. In fact, in comparison, the Pakistani army and air force are far better led professionally.

Also, their genuflection to the criminal UPA regime and foreign arms dealers is nauseating. I have personally seen senior IAF officers who have openly sneered at the LCA (a genuinely world-class basis to build a very potent MRCA), shamelessly chase after representatives of armament vendors and beg them for cheap trinkets like pens and flight jackets bearing the company's/products image/emblem for their brats.

The former CoAS went to vulgar levels in "accomodating" foreign vested interests (even entertaining them at his home), which the Indian Army will take many years to recover from. The former Navy chief suddenly became an expert in nuclear weapons (when he couldn't recognize one even if he were sitting next to it) and endorsed the genuineness and authenticity of the failed and fudged "thermonuclear test" in 1998. For this shameless act, he was rewarded with the post of High Commissioner to New Zealand.

As someone recently told me, in the Indian Army from Colonel to Brigadier requires castration and from Brigadier to Major General requires lobotomy + injection with the venom of corruption. I trust the same holds true for the other two forces. About the operational familarity of the Indian armed forces with India's puny and dubious nuclear weapons and related delivery systems, the less said the better!

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