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Question on Hinduism?
[quote name='agnivayu' date='21 April 2010 - 01:52 AM' timestamp='1271810695' post='106019']

Most of what you said sounds like reiteration of the usual propaganda against Hinduism. The #1 thing I would say that Hindus should do is focus on economic growth, industrialization and to keep the Hindu % as high as possible in India. Everything you stated about Hinduism is found in ALL eastern religions including Shintoism. Nobody even criticizes Japananese on untouchability (Burakamin caste) for example even though Hindus have done far more than them help all ethnic groups.

This is because Japan is a 1st world nation. 99.9% of the attacks on Hinduism are related to India's economic condition, truly nothing more. I guarantee you if India was as rich and powerful as the U.S., everyone in the world will be praising Hinduism.

Hinduism is on the verge of a major rise because India will become a middle income nation by 2020. You will see Hinduism's image "magically" improving because it correlates almost perfectly with the economic condition of India. The Christian missionaries know that time is not on their side, after another 15 years, conversions will drop dramatically as only poor people convert out of desperation. The Jesus message is hollow and mostly a fraud.

Eating Beef is not a good idea because the calorie ratio is 30:1 (Takes 30 calories of grass/grain energy for 1 calorie of meat energy). Very inefficient and causes environmental damage. Fish and Chicken meat is much more efficient. Anyway in India people do what they want. The cows are being removed off the streets slowly anyway, that's just a matter of time as the country becomes less agrarian.


I dont want to reitarate propaganda against hinduism, i just recycled what i read and watched and heard and gave my opinion what could be better. I agree with you that hindus should focus on economic growth and industrialization. Thats very important. Its good that the cows are removed from the streets slowly. I respect all animals and the cow and i have nothing against the cow being sacred. I do eat beef however and dont see it as wrong, the native americans considered the buffallo sacred but ate them because it gave them food--> life

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