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8 dead in Pune blast, cops suspect terror angle
1. Indian Express didn't yet hear about how there's "No foreigners killed", but apparently finds its near enough to a Ganesha Mandal:



Pune terror blast shatters calm after Mumbai 26/11

Pune: Breaking the over 400-day lull after the attacks in Mumbai, suspected terrorists set off a bomb that ripped through the heart of Pune’s international face for almost two decades, German Bakery in upmarket Koregaon Park, killing at least nine people and leaving over 50 injured, a dozen of whom are critical, police said.

Of those killed, five are reported to be women and at least one is a foreigner. Police said that given the condition of the bodies, the identification exercise is still going on. The lone dead person identified is Shankar Pansare from Belha taluka of Pune district.

While a Jewish prayer centre, the Chabad House, is right across the road from the bakery, the Osho Ashram is barely 100 m away. Incidentally, both were venues recorded and monitored by Lashkar suspect David Coleman Headley, currently in FBI custody in the US, charged with helping plot the 26/11 attacks. Hotel Surya Villa, where he checked in during his visits, is also close to the bakery.

Police sources said that a bakery employee had picked up an "abandoned" bag and tried to open it when the explosion took place. However, there were also reports late tonight that the employee is said to have told the police that a "woman got off an autorickshaw" and handed him the bag.

So deafening was the blast -- suspected to be an improvised explosive device -- that it could be heard 2 km away when it occurred at around 7 pm. Some of the bodies were blown to pieces, blood marked the site.

For almost an hour, the city police said it was set off by "multiple gas cylinders," before Pune Joint Commissioner of Police Rajendra Sonawane confirmed it was a bomb blast -- making this the first terror strike in Pune.

[color="#800080"](There's a first time for everyone. Indoos will need to get used to it. The islamic jihad is not going away, but is busy gaining momentum.)[/color]

A team of the Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS), Intelligence and ballistic experts reached the spot to investigate the nature of the explosive used in the high-intensity blast.

Police are questioning the bakery's cashier. Prakash Barge, an eyewitness, told The Sunday Express that he was standing at the nearby Ganesh Mandal when the explosion took place. "I heard a big noise and saw flames coming out of the bakery. Along with others from the mandal, I rushed to the spot where I saw bodies lying in pools of blood," he said. Barge said many mandal activists picked up the injured and shifted them to nearby private hospitals in autorickshaws.

Owner of a footwear shop near German Bakery Santosh Bhosale said, "When I reached the spot, I saw that the vehicles parked nearby were shattered."

Rabbi Bztalel Kupchek was in Chabad House doing his prayers with 10 others when an ear-splitting blast broke their reverie. "Saturday is a holiday for us, so we were in the House doing our evening prayers when we heard this loud noise. We rushed out immediately but were stopped from going outside by police personnel deployed at our place 24X7," said the 52-year-old rabbi. The Chabad House has been under heavy police security for the past few months after it figured as one of the sites on Headley's Lashkar hitlist.

Amrit Sadhna, spokesperson of the Osho Commune, said there were no ashram members at the bakery when the blast happened. "All the roads were blocked but I managed to come in (to the ashram), now no one can enter Koregaon Park," she said.

Source: Indian Express

More on news
Phew. No foreigners. Onlee Indoos. Since foreigners' lives are worth X times that of an Indoo.

The Indian christogovt is relieved that since it looks like only Indoos died, they don't need to do anything. If islamists had died then the christogovt would organise a commission and decide even beforehand that it was a genocide perpetrated by the Hindus against the muslims, and use the commission to "forge proof to this effect".

If some foreigner died, the christogovt would wail and wring its hands and ask for US help and they'd come and reveal nothing of what they find on Indian soil: since Indians don't need to know who the terrorists growing in their midst are.

But if it's just non-descript locals, well then, that HM Chidembarrasment will threaten laughably "Next time Pak! Next time!", shaking his limp fist at them. And then he'll go back to blowing kisses to PoK terrorists, winking at them with his tacky and seriously twisted "Why Don't Ya Come On Over?" routine.

2. Speaking of that dreadfully oogly man Home Minister P Chidembarrasment (sorry, I just encountered a picture of his snooty face): he now finds there is No intelligence failure in Pune blast: PC.

With which he obviously means it was all entirely anticipated (as in, according to his high command's plan) since just a couple of days ago he had *invited* the terrorists of PoK to Please Come And Settle. After all, it appears only locals are dead. Seems to be perfectly in line with Chidambaram's script.

3. Quite shocking that the Indian Express admits (in so many words!) to the existence of - a strong base of - the Indian Mujahideen in Pune:


and news.in.msn.com/national/article.aspx?cp-documentid=3627615


Pune blast almost as per Headley script?

New Delhi: As the Centre rushed a team of the National Investigation Agency (NIA) and forensic experts from the CBI to investigate the Pune blast, the probe is being guided by two facts: one, the very neighbourhood in which German Bakery is, was on the surveillance list of Lashkar suspect David Coleman Headley and, two, the Indian Mujahideen has a strong base in the city.

Headley first visited the Osho Ashram in Pune on July 24, 2008. Union Home Secretary G K Pillai, in fact, today referred to that saying that the Osho Ashram -- just yards away from the blast site -- was surveyed by Headley and that the Maharashtra Police had been alerted by the Multi Agency Centre (MAC) about this on October 12, 2009.

Coming 11 days before India and Pakistan engage in Foreign Secretary-level talks, the re-emergence of the Headley connection to today's blast has complicated the environment before the talks.

While the Congress chose a guarded response in saying that continuance of talks was for the government to decide upon, the Opposition BJP made it clear that terror and talks could not go hand in hand.

"I am deeply distressed," said Union Home Minister P Chidambaram, who was visiting his constituency in Tamil Nadu and is likely to take the flight to Pune on Sunday.

[color="#800080"](No, not a distressed Chidembarrassment! Contorting his oogly face will make it even ooglier - a vision unbearable for the rest of the world to even imagine. I hope someone has a botox shot ready.)[/color]

[color="#0000FF"]Indian investigators have established:

* During his visit to the Osho Ashram, Headley took a pass to attend a meditation session on July 25, 2008, but eventually did not use the pass. The Chabad House (a Jewish Community Centre) located near the bakery is on the list of Lashkar targets provided to Indian security agencies in October 2009 by international agencies.

* Headley again visited Osho Ashram on March 16, 2009 and entered the premises with a one-day entry pass. During this visit, he stayed in Room No 202 of Hotel Surya Villa in Koregaon Park from 6.50 pm on March 16 to 8 am on March 17, 2009.

* While checking out, he cleared Rs 1,248 as his hotel bill in cash and made no phone calls from the hotel. Hotel Surya Villa, too, is located close to the scene of today's blast.

* One of the items recovered from the suitcase, which Headley left behind at the residence of one Bashir Sheikh in Mumbai, was the registration paper of the Osho commune.

Today's blast comes days after suspected Indian Mujahideen (IM) operative Shahzad Ahmed was arrested from Azamgarh in Uttar Pradesh. During his interrogation, Shahzad is learnt to have said that IM's mission was to target areas frequented by foreigners. He is also said to have told his interrogators that Commonwealth Games venues were high on IM's hitlist. [/color]

Reacting to today's incident, Congress spokesperson Abhishek Manu Singhvi said, "According to India, terror issues were always the prime focus of the talks, even before the blast. While it is for the government to take a final decision (on the talks scheduled for February 25), that focus is certainly sharpened by this incident. Continuance of talks or otherwise is ultimately for the government to decide. But certainly, the shadow is dark and long."

The BJP, on the other hand, said that "(Pakistan-sponsored) terror and talks (with Pakistan) cannot go hand in hand". Said BJP spokesperson Prakash Javadekar:

"This only shows our (lack of) preparedness to tackle threats posed by terror outfits. A large number of policemen, incidentally, were today employed to give protection to theatres running a particular film in Pune." Said BJP's Ravi Shankar Prasad:

"The propensity of some Congress leaders to visit villages of terrorists would only encourage terrorists and their patrons. We demand that terror be handled firmly".

Source: Indian Express

Anyway, it appears onlee Indians dead. So please don't disturb Chidambaram as he is going to take a beauty nap. (He needs it.)

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