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Christian terrorism aka Christian State aka "India-for-christ" outfits
Enough with the innocuously-titled "christian missionary" threads.

Why are there islamic terrorism threads and none on christian terrorism?

Today's news: death toll of adivasis (aka HindOOs) by christian outfit NFBD - christmas offering to jeebusjehovallah - is at 62. (And counting)
Post 2/3

Earlier reports started estimating the number of massacred Adivasis=Hindoos as being at least 15, then eventually the count had climbed to 40. More recent news from EconomicTimes put it the murder toll at 53, then 2 hours later, Zee news reported that the count of Hindoos murdered by the christian terror outfit NDFB has at present reached 62.


- Recently Yezidis were once again being genocided by islam as part of the islamic pursuit of Islamic State in the Levant

- There has been an ongoing genocide of Hindoos by christianism as part of christianism's pursuit of India-for-jeebus/Christian State in India. This is how India's Mizoram declared itself a christian state, by creating a majority via genocide. It's why christianism is triumphantly declaring Nagaland, Meghalaya, Manipur and even Arunachal Pradesh, etc as christian states.

(No different from the ongoing genocide of Hindoos by islamania in India, as part of islam's pursuit to turn dar-ul-harb India into a dar-ul-islam.)


Mizoram is a Christian state, so ban Soccer on Sundays - Church

Church diktat bans soccer on Sundays for Mizo youth

TNN Sep 21, 2012, 03.47AM IST

And timesofindia.indiatimes.com/assembly-elections-2013/mizoram-assembly-elections/Church-backed-watchdog-body-has-its-own-poll-rules/articleshow/25732972.cms

News on the massacre of Hindoos by the Christian-State terrorist outfit of the region, NDFB:

1. economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/politics-and-nation/assam-carnage-53-dead-in-ndfb-s-militant-attacks-in-assam/articleshow/45626535.cms

Quote:Assam carnage: 53 dead in NDFB-S militant attacks in Assam

By PTI | 24 Dec, 2014, 12.05PM IST

GUWAHATI: The death toll today climbed to 53 in the series of attacks by suspected Bodo militants belonging to NDFB-S faction in Sonitpur and Kokrajhar districts of Assam while the Centre was rushing additional forces to the state.

As much as 30 people were killed in Maitalu bustee and six in Junglee bustee in Sonitpur district when heavily armed militants belonging to the Songbijit faction of National Democratic Front of Bodoland ( NDFB) attacked the 'adivasis' yesterday, Sonitpur SP ..


Read more at:


2. zeenews.india.com/news/assam/62-people-killed-by-ndfb-militants-in-assam-adivasis-set-ablaze-bodos-houses_1519557.html

Quote:62 people killed by NDFB militants in Assam, Adivasis set ablaze Bodos' houses

Last Updated: Wednesday, December 24, 2014 - 14:11

Guwahati: The death toll in the attacks by Bodo militants of National Democratic Front of Bodoland (NDFB) faction in Assam's Sonitpur and Kokrajhar district rose to 62 on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the angry Adivasi villagers today retaliated by setting ablaze houses of Bodos and took out protest marches.

From the visible comments, looked for mention of "christ":

Quote:NDFB are themselves (religious) "minorities"..They are a church sponsored christian group who target assamese people who are not Bodo Christian


The attacking NDFB are christian terrorists who want to destroy not just hindu pagans but india as a whole

Good to know that the Vanavasis are retaliating, albeit in a small measure as usual. They really should just set out to terminate all of the christian terrorist outfit NDFB and not stop until they succeed. Otherwise the Assam region bordering Arunachal Pradesh will be the next to be annexed by christianism=christian terrorism into the Christian State areas of India's NE.

For anyone thinking that the NDFB may be secular, here's wackypedia -as at today- still admitting to NDFB's christian identity (as christian as the identity of the other christian NE terrorist outfits like NLFT, NSCN, etc):



NDFB was formed on 3 October 1986 as the Bodo Security Force (BdSF), under the leadership of Ranjan Daimary, in Odla Khasibari village (near Udalguri). The group carried out several attacks targeting non-Bodo civilians, including Adivasis. On 12 December 1992, it attacked the 7th Assam Police Battalion headquarters at Choraikhola in Kokrajahar District, and decamped with 160 self-loading Rifles(SLR) and 5 Light Machine Guns(LMG).[4] BdSF was renamed to National Democratic Front of Bodoland (NDFB) on 25 November 1994.[3] Besides targeting non-Bodos and the security forces, the Christian-dominated NDFB has also been in conflict with the Hindu/Bathouist-dominated Bodo Liberation Tigers Force (BLTF). The BLTF has supported the security forces against NDFB, polarizing the Bodoland movement along religious lines.[5]

The NDFB, like NSCN and NLFT, regularly massacre Hindoos (especially the inconvertible Vanavasis) and commit terrorist attacks at Hindoo pooja sites and during Hindoo festivals, and intimidate Hindoo voters during elections, etc. They also kidnap Hindoo Vanavasia women (dubbed "tribals"/Adivasis in BBC news), just like the christian NLFT does in Tripura region. <- You know, all of the VERY SAME CRIME that Islamic State has been indulging in against Yezidis.


Quote:Attacks attributed to NDFB

The attacks attributed to the NDFB include (SATP[12]):

Date Place Incident Reference

1 May 1998 Anjora NDFB militants kill 5 Adivasis (tribals) [6]

2 May 1998 Deoshree, Kokrajhar District NDFB militants drag 4 Adivasis out of a bus, kill one of them and torture the other 3 SATP

3 May 1998 near Bishmuri point on NH-31, Kokrajhar District NDFB militants drag Adivasis out of a bus, and kill 14 of them; four others injured SATP

9 May 1998 Borbil, near Gosaigaon NDFB militants kill 16 Santhals Adivasis, including 10 women and two children; 12 others injured

17 June 1998 Kokrajhar District NDFB militants kill four Adivasis SATP

15 September 1998 Gossaigaon subdivision, Kokrajhar District NDFB militants kill 14 Santhals SATP

31 July 2000 Soonmari NDFB militants blow up two bogies of a Rangia-bound passenger train, killing 14 passengers SATP

1 August 2000 near Tezpur NDFB militants explode a bomb on a passenger train, killing 12 people SATP

21 August 2000 Dhubri NDFB militants kill 5 Muslim civilians SATP

19 August 2000 Guwahati NDFB kills Bineshwar Brahma, branding him an agent of the BJP-led Central government. Brahma was opposed to the adoption of the Roman script for the Bodo language, which had invited the ire of NDFB. [13]

(It is only implicitly alluded to in the above, but like all the Vanavasis (aka 'Adivasis') genocided by the christian NDFB, Bineshwar Brahma was a known Hindoo.)

21 August 2000 Garagaon NDFB militants kill the Bodo MLA Mohini Basumatary of the People's Democratic Front [14]

8 November 2000 Barpeta District Suspected NDFB militants kill 8 civilians, including 7 non-Assamese people [6]

25 November 2000 Lung Sung forest reserve NDFB kills 8 woodcutters who refused to obey their order to stop logging in Bodo areas SATP

3 January 2001 Assam NDFB militants kill woodcutters [6]

31 July 2001 Soonmari NDFB militants detonate a bomb on a Rangiya-bound passenger train, killing 14 [6]

1 August 2001 near Rangia NDFB militants detonate a bomb on the Arunachal Express between Rangia and Goreswar stations, killing 12 and injuring 8. Two NDFB militants suspected to be involved in the blast were killed in an police encounter near Goreswar. [15]

25 September 2001 Baghmari, Bongaigaon District NDFB bomb blast derails the North East Express, injuring 100 people SATP

25 October 2001 Gauripur NDFB militants detonate an explosive at a Hindu celebration, killing 3 and injuring 12


List goes on.

Hindus should make it known to *everyone* that the NDFB of Bodo-inhabited regions, NLFT and NSCN of Naga inhabited regions in Tripura and Nagaland are all after a CHRISTIAN STATE and have for decades been employing the SAME tactics - genocide* and sexual slavery** of the heathens - as the ISLAMIC STATE, IS, active in the Levant.

* news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/south_asia/717775.stm

Quote:Church backing Tripura rebels - 18 April, 2000 - [...] Nagmanlal Halam, secretary of the Noapara Baptist Church in Tripura, was arrested late on Monday with a large quantity of explosives. Mr Sarkar said that allegations about the close links between the state's Baptist Church and the rebel National Liberation Front of Tripura (NLFT) have long been made by political parties and police. Now for the first time, he said, hard evidence supporting the allegations had been found. [...] The NLFT is accused of forcing Tripura's indigenous tribes to become Christians and give up Hindu forms of worship in areas under their control. Last year, they issued a ban on the Hindu festivals of Durga Puja and Saraswati Puja. The NLFT manifesto says that they want to expand what they describe as the kingdom of God and Christ in Tripura.

** news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/south_asia/4190570.stm

Quote:India rebels 'making porn films - 27 August 2005 - Rebels in India's north-eastern state of Tripura are making pornographic films to raise money for their separatist campaign, officials say. [...] The former guerrillas of the NLFT have told police their leaders not only sexually abused scores of tribal girls recruited into the rebel army but also used them - and some male guerrillas - to produce scores of porn films, officials say. [...] But while forcing tribal women to have sex with them at gunpoint or carrying them away to the rebel camps is not new, using them to produce pornography certainly is.

The Hindoo identity of the victims are carefully concealed under the English tag 'tribal' which in the above does not indicate to the average international reader that the female victims of the above-mentioned christian sexual slavery are specifically Hindoo women, i.e. Vanavasis aka "tribals". Comparable to how international news reporting about IS forcing Yezidis into sexual slavery similarly usually carefully avoided mentioning the Yezidi=non-christoislamic identity of the female victims of islam.* Such concealment of crucial details is to always hide the religious natures of these strifes, which indicate which is the belligerent ideology and which one isn't, and why the first has an innate tendency to genocide the latter.

* It wasn't until the recent protest by Amnesty International came out that visible confirmation started appearing for how the 150 women murdered by islamania for refusing to "marry" the islamaniacs were actually Yezidi women. (See next post.)
Post 3/3

Quote:* It wasn't until the recent protest by Amnesty International came out that visible confirmation started appearing for how the 150 women murdered by islamania for refusing to "marry" the islamaniacs were actually Yezidi women.

On that:


Quote:December 20, 2014

When 150 Women Refused To Be ISIS’ Sex Brides, The Terrorists Made a Horrifying Example Out of Them

December 20, 2014/ RedFlag


Not so surprisingly, when 150 women (mostly of the Yazidi faith) refused to enter into marriage with the bloodthirsty killers, ISIS responded in the most heinous way. According to the Anadolu Agency:

According to a ministry statement released Tuesday, ISIS militants carried out a number of attacks in Fallujah and buried the victims in mass graves in one of the city’s neighborhoods.

“At least 150 females, including pregnant women, were executed in Fallujah by a militant named Abu Anas al-Libi after they refused to accept jihad marriage,” the statement said. “Many families were also forced to migrate from the province’s northern town of al-Wafa after hundreds of residents received death threats.”


Quote:- 150 Yezidi women/girls executed by ISIS militant-reaction ...

ytchannelembed.com/videos/watch/g5bsI2KTk_A150 Yezidi women/girls execute... by Unknown 2 days ago ;

- 150 Yezidi women/girls executed by ISIS militant-reaction ...

www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5bsI2KTk_A18/12/2014 · 150 Yezidi women/girls executed by ISIS militant-reaction ... ... YouTube home

- 150 Yezidi Women Girls Executed By Isis Militant Reaction ...

www.vidoevo.com/yvideo.php?i=ZzVic0kycWuRpS1RrX0E&150-yezidi-women...150 Yezidi Women Girls Executed By Isis Militant Reaction By Yezidis Organization Upload, share, download and embed your videos. Watch premium and official videos ...

- Iraq: Yezidi women and girls face harrowing sexual ...

www.kontactor.com/tags/iraq/...yezidi-women-girls-face-harrowingIraq: Yezidi women and girls face harrowing sexual violence. ... murdered 150 women simply because they refused to marry or perform sexual acts with the terrorists.


Quote:23 December 2014

Iraq: Yezidi women and girls face harrowing sexual violence

Torture, including rape and other forms of sexual violence, suffered by women and girls from Iraq’s Yezidi minority who were abducted by the armed group calling itself the Islamic State (IS), highlights the savagery of IS rule, said Amnesty International in a new briefing today.

Escape from hell- Torture, sexual slavery in Islamic State captivity in Iraq (amnesty.org/en/library/asset/MDE14/021/2014/en/5243cb6b-09fe-455d-b2df-f6ce34e450f4/mde140212014en.pdf) provides an insight into the horrifying abuse suffered by hundreds and possibly thousands of Yezidi women and girls who have been forcibly married, “sold” or given as “gifts” to IS fighters or their supporters. Often, captives were forced to convert to Islam.

(Above shows that IS is acting *exactly* as islam did since its inception and as per Koran/hadiths which endorse and encourage rape of the infidel women: mohammed/koran made taking women as "booty" into morality, in its attempt to subvert natural human morality for the cause of turning adherents into militants for islam: dangling free-for-all rape of heathen women as an unpunishable act in islam became a carrot to appeal to the worst kinds of people <- which is *exactly* the only kinds of people who ever willingly joined islam, BTW.)


The horrors endured in IS captivity have left these women and girls so severely traumatized that some have been driven to end their own lives. Nineteen-year-old Jilan committed suicide while being held captive in Mosul because she feared she would be raped, her brother told Amnesty International.

Lots of the Yezidi women are committing suicide either to avoid islamaniac rapists or to not go through the islamaniac rape again:


This is *exactly* the setting for why jauhar - mass-suicide by self-immolation of Hindu women when a Hindu stronghold/fort was about to fall to islamania - became a standard operating procedure among India.

Only psecular Indians, islamaniacs and their apologists - aka ueber-morons and islamic taqiyyah - continue to pretend that *anyone* but the vilest ever willingly converted to (christo)islamania.

Speaking of the vile:

The Australian Sunni muslim jihadi from Shia-majority Iran - prior to his recent foray into taking hostages - had had a typically christoislamic career it seems: he had already been caught for repeated acts of sexual assault on Australian women. Not to mention that he and his 2nd islamic wife murdered his 1st islamic wife, an Australian convert to islam. See msn.com/en-au/news/world/update-martin-place-gunman-man-haron-monis-slipped-through-the-cracks/ar-BBgQZ1Z

Then again, with rare exceptions, muslim men ARE rapists and murderers. (It's condoned and encouraged by the Koran, after all.)

But let's not forget how well muslimahs compliment the utter vileness of muslim men: e.g. even a female British convert to islam - a terrorist known as the White Widow - was reported as being the mastermind/architect of the infamous Nairobi shopping centre islamic massacre of non-muslims (9news.com.au/world/2014/11/13/09/11/white-widow-allegedly-shot-dead-in-russia)

I've had enough of 'progressive' english-enabled Indians arguing that the religious identity behind all anti-Hindu and anti-Indian violence should be concealed. (Even seen in at least one member of IF.) Then why not conceal the islamic identity of Islamic State? Since IS is no more secretive about its intent to turn the Levant (and eventually the world) into an Islamic State, than NLFT and NSCN have been in declaring Tripura and Nagaland "for christ", nor in NDFB's equally open attitude in its attempts to force its own sphere of operation in India's NE into christianism.

Enough with the apologetics for christoislam.

christianism=islam=TERRORISM (including GENOCIDE AND SEXUAL SLAVERY) As links in even this and the last post sufficiently show.

Christoislamania *must be* banned. Just as nazism was banned, and communism should be banned. Likewise, christoislamania should be proscribed and eradicated. All adherents to be rounded up and made to recant their insane ideology of terrorism. The west is entirely complicit in both the IS massacre of the Yezidis (only rarely covered by international media headline news) and the even more silent genocide of Hindoos by christian terrorism (CS, Christian State) in India. The west refuses to ban christoislam - and instead acts as an apologist for islam, while banning only something vague that gets dubbed 'mere terrorism' (by which wording it all magically becomes ideologically-unaffiliated). The west moreover promotes christian terrorism, funds and arms them. BTW, American ex-christians are on record that their local churches raised funds to arm Nigerian christians and other converts in the 3rd world (not limited to Africa).

By not proscribing islam, the IS is dubbed not "true islam" by the west (and by similar apologists in India) and hence islamania continues to rage unabated in various parts of the world, while it is merely waiting to declare itself as the next IS in other parts like Europe. And the west, by not proscribing christianism, but by continuing to fund and arm christian terrorism in Africa AND India, and by masterminding anti-Hindu psy-ops after anti-Hindu psyops* - for mass-conversions and evangelical fund-raisers and for proscribing all Hindu defensive activism in India - the west has by these means been propagating a full-scale cultural and at times physical genocides in India (and Africa and S America and SE Asia - see journalist Norman Lewis' "The Missionaries" on the New Tribes Mission etc.)

E.g. schemes like the slumdog movie and how this tripe deliberately got awarded oscars to raise its visibility profile and brainwash international viewers into imagining that India was a country where islamania was a victim of Hindu persecution rather than the other way around. Then there's the eternal "caste is slavery" - and the recent attempt to apparently ban Navarathri celebrations which was dubbed casteist (because it was a Hindu festival, which gets defaulted to casteism by christian psy-ops), and of course the "India is rape central" psy-ops which gets re-transmitted by christianism as "Hindu religion is rape central" and which the west intends to use as the same sort of social engineering tool as when they had applied the same class of tactic on the East Asian-American community to break it: by alienating (E/SE) Asian American women from their men, by declaring (E/SE) Asian men patriarchal and rapist, and by projecting (E/SE) Asian culture as patriarchal and backward.

Also interesting is that while international christonews waxes on about the IS/Islamic State - but does not provide enough news reports identifying the victims where the Yezidis (non-christoislamics) are concerned - the same international christonews is amazingly hushed up about the ongoing christian genocide of islamics in the Central African Republic, CAR (and I'm not even mentioning the ongoing christian genocide of African heathens in various Africa countries):


Quote:22 Apr 2014 - 12:12pm

UN evacuates 100 Muslims from CAR


The Central African Republic, one of the poorest countries in the world, plunged into a crisis after a coup by the mostly Muslim Seleka rebels in March last year.

After seizing power, some rebels went rogue and embarked on a campaign of killing, raping and looting.

The abuses prompted members of the Christian majority to form vigilante groups, unleashing brutal tit-for-tat killings - leaving thousands dead, close to a million displaced and warnings the country is on the brink of genocide.

(Interesting how with that final line, western news justifies christian genocide of islamania as 'understandable if unfortunate' "retaliation". What happened to claiming spontaneous combustion of the christian victims of any initiating islamic violence and pretending that only islamic victimhood is real? That's how they always treat Hindu retalation against the unending islamaniacs terrorism, after all. And - let's be honest - christians in Africa are often the agressors, as aggressive as islamaniacs are. E.g. the Lord's Resistance Army of Uganda; or the anti-"witchcraft" persecutions/murders of African children by faithful christian parents and adults and churches in various significantly-christianised African nations, like IIRC Nigeria and Congo.

African christian rebel groups - armed by US churches - are no less a terror to the native African heathens than the more-recently mustered islamaniac African armies have been: christians have been wiping out inconvertible Africans left and right in a silent genocide. Not a peep in the news until islamania armed itself and started doing the same in Africa - the latest in a line of jihads on Africa - decades after christianism's head-start.)

The actual news that concerns this thread is at the start of the previous post: the christian terrorists of NFDB (Christian State, CS) have murdered 62 and counting Vanavasis=Hindoos in Assam. This is part of the christian-terrorist outfit NDFB's ongoing genocide of Hindoos in the region, and part of the Christian State's larger genocide in India's once-purely-heathen northeast, now infested with christianism=Christian State. In these states, the Christian Shariah has been introduced, see:


Mizoram is a Christian state, so ban Soccer on Sundays - Church

Church diktat bans soccer on Sundays for Mizo youth

TNN Sep 21, 2012, 03.47AM IST

And timesofindia.indiatimes.com/assembly-elections-2013/mizoram-assembly-elections/Church-backed-watchdog-body-has-its-own-poll-rules/articleshow/25732972.cms

More proof that christian terrorism = islamic terrorism,

and strive for christian state=islamic state

and result not just in genocide including sexual slavery of heathen women, but also in christian=islamic shariah.
Swarajya Mag - Religious Crusades of CIA


The CIA has constantly attempted to interfere in foreign policy decisions of third world countries with the aid of religious groups. CIA not only receives inputs from religious gurus but also from “academicians”, who work in third world countries.

Among the murkier chapters in the history of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the attempt to destabilise societies around the world using religion warrants attention. Allen Dulles, who headed the CIA in its early years, was responsible for using religious groups as cover for intelligence activities. He had used them for spying even when he was part of the Office of Strategic Services, the CIA’s predecessor.

After the creation of the CIA, Christian missionaries played a very important role in destabilising various countries and in carrying out espionage activities on behalf of the CIA. The most recent high profile example of the US using religious missionaries as Trojan horses to cause disturbances in India was in the case of the agitation against the Kudankulam nuclear power plant.

This agitation came after a cable to the CIA from the US Consulate in Mumbai informed the agency that “we feel that the USG must move forward to enable our companies to compete in the next stage of India’s nuclear future. Otherwise we may have to watch bitterly as third countries become the first to benefit commercially from the environment that our diplomacy has created.”

The CIA-Church connection had been one of the topics of an investigation conducted by the US Senate in 1975. Headed by Frank Church, it came to be known as the Church Committee, and according to the report of this Committee, the CIA had informed them of at least “a total of 14 covert arrangements, which involved direct operational use of 21 individuals” who were American clergy or missionaries. The report went on to state that a few of them “were current in August 1975, and according to the CIA, they were used only for intelligence collection, or, in one case, for a minor role in preserving the cover of another asset.”

The following excerpt from the Church Committee report speaks for itself and highlights the dangers of allowing foreign missionaries into India.

“[T]he CIA paid salaries, bonuses, or expenses to the religious personnel, or helped to fund projects run by them. Most of the individuals were used for covert action purposes. Several were involved in large covert action projects of the mid-sixties, which were directed at “competing” with communism in the Third World.


Of the recent relationships, the most damaging would appear to be that of a U.S. priest serving the CIA as an informant on student and religious dissidence.

Of the earlier cases, one exemplifies the extent to which the CIA used confidential pastoral relationships. The CIA used the pastor of a church in a Third World country as a “principal agent” to carry out covert action projects, and as a spotter, assessor, asset developer, and recruiter. He collected information on political developments and on personalities. He passed CIA propaganda to the local press.

According to the CIA’s description of the case, the pastor’s analyses were based on his long-term friendships with the personalities, and the agents under him were “well known to him in his professional life.” At first the CIA provided only occasional gifts to the pastor in return for his services; later, for over ten years, the CIA paid him a salary that reached $11,414 annually.”

The figure of $11,414 in this excerpt gives us a clue that the country in question is most likely India as this amount translates to a nice round figure of one lakh rupees using the currency exchange rate of the day.

The CIA used opposition to communism in the Third World as the excuse to fund churches in Kerala and this interference in Indian politics came to light in 1978 when the former ambassador to India, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, published the information his book – A Dangerous Place.

Apart from interfering in Kerala, American churches have provided extensive support to the terrorists in Nagaland whose stated aim is “Nagalim for Christ.” These terrorists receive overt help from the American establishment in the form of so-called human rights reports and public statements of support from high profile politicians such as Jimmy Carter.

In the 1950s and 1960s, the US establishment keenly pushed Western values as the standard for the entire world. Apart from religion, feminism and sex were also used as weapons against countries where the bond of family was strong and stood as a line of defense against the actions of those who wanted to create instability in society.

In a speech before the Fund for Peace Conference in 1974, CIA head William E. Colby admitted that the CIA had funded several groups around the world to propagate their point of view and named the famous feminist Gloria Steinem as a recipient of such funds.

According to Colby, “The record is clear that the assistance given to these institutions by the CIA was to enable them to participate in foreign activities; there was no attempt to interfere in internal American domestic activities. CIA aid helped such groups as the National Students Association to articulate the views of American students abroad and meet the Communist-subsidised effort to develop a panoply of international front organisations. I might quote Ms. Gloria Steinem, one of those assisted, who commented that the CIA “wanted to do what we wanted to do – present a healthy, diverse view of the United States” — I never felt I was being dictated to at all.”

Another women’s group named Redstockings had uncovered Gloria Steinem’s CIA connections and included the information in their book Feminist Revolution but the publishing firm Random House removed the chapter before publication and called it an “abridged edition” as they faced immense pressure to suppress this information from several quarters including the president of Ford Foundation. The news about this suppression became public when it was published in Village Voice in May 1979.

In 1957, Gloria Steinem visited Kerala and worked with an American Protestant missionary and helped his group reach out to women. While in India, she gathered information about plantations in Kerala, and a few Wikileaks cables show that the American establishment was eager to present her in later years as a thought leader, who had to be emulated and included meetings with her as part of programs organised for visiting foreign dignitaries.

Gloria Steinem’s visit to India had been funded by what was called the Chester Bowles scholarship which was named after the ambassador to India. But this scholarship, which had been created in the year of Gloria Steinem’s visit to India, was curiously discontinued immediately after she and another student were funded for their trips to India.

One religious organisation that has received money from USAID and has been outed as a front for the CIA is the Summer Institute of Linguistics (now SIL International) which was set up to translate the bible into various languages and distribute them around the world. Together with its sister organisation, the Wycliffe Bible Translators, and its subsidiary, the Jungle Aviation and Radio Services (JAARS) which operates several aircraft and radio stations, SIL became a very powerful and destructive force in the world.

In the 1970s, several Latin American countries including Colombia, Mexico, Panama and Peru held SIL responsible for advancing the interests of the American intelligence agencies and Brazil expelled SIL’s missionaries from the country for acting as cover for geologists searching for mineral deposits in the Amazon basin. SIL’s clout in the American establishment was such that they were able to bypass the diplomats and directly seek helicopters from the military to carry out their mission in Papua New Guinea.

SIL has been accused of drug trafficking, smuggling emeralds and uranium, and even waging germ warfare that destroyed many native tribes. In their book – THY WILL BE DONE, The Conquest of the Amazon: Nelson Rockefeller and Evangelism in the Age of Oil, the authors Gerard Colby and Charlotte Dennett document the extensive connections of Wycliffe Bible Translators with Nelson and John D. Rockefeller and their takeover of the resources in the Amazon basin countries. SIL’s partner in India is the Indian Institute of Cross Cultural Communication based in Nashik.

Things take a bizarre turn in the context of SIL and its connection to drugs. When LSD was first synthesised by the Swiss drug firm Sandoz, it was clear that there was no medicinal use for it, but the CIA was interested in it as part of its mind control program and its aim of controlling of societies in general. The CIA even set up a project named MKULTRA to research “behavioral modification.” According to a Senate hearing in 1977, CIA used many unwitting persons for experimentation as part of this project.

Over the years, they infiltrated many groups and distributed narcotic and psychedelic drugs with the twin aims of observing their effects and weakening the groups they were targeting. Among the Hindu groups that were suspected of being infiltrated by CIA agents were Rajneesh’s ashram, ISKCON and the Ananda Marg.

Unlike Christian churches, Hindu outfits did not centralise power and were not conducive to being taken over, and hence the only option available to their opponents was to destroy such groups. Rajneesh’s followers had also gone one step further and built up a self-sustaining commune that did not depend on the government.

This was sure to attract the hostility of the American establishment which has repeatedly demonstrated intolerance for independent communities and individuals regardless of their race or religion. In contrast, the centralised nature of Christianity was helpful to the American government. According to Colby and Dennet, the Summer Institute of Linguistics not only converted the local people in Latin America from their indigenous faiths to Christianity, but also ‘used the Bible to teach indigenous people to “obey the government, for all authority comes from God.” The idea that all authority comes from God is part of the biblical verse Romans 13:1.

It is in CIA’s use of drugs to control others that R. Gordon Wasson and SIL come into the picture. Wasson was the author of an article titled Seeking the Magic Mushroom in Life magazine in 1957 and the article is considered a path breaking one in the ‘psychedelic movement.’ He was close to CIA’s Director Allen Dulles and had gone on an expedition to Mexico in search of the “Magic Mushroom” with funds from the CIA.

Wasson has acknowledged at the end of his article that he collaborated with missionaries belonging to the Summer School of Linguistics. Wasson’s involvement with the CIA is presented in detail in the book, The Search for the Manchurian Candidate by former State Department official John Marks.

Sometime in 1962, Gordon Wasson recruited a young lady named Wendy Gudwin to dig out information about the source of soma from Sanskrit texts. Wendy Gudwin was the daughter of Lester Doniger, a wealthy scam artist who deceived ordinary people into parting with money by threatening them that their credit rating would be affected if they did not pay him money.

Among the many false representations Lester Doniger made to his victims, he created and used the fictitious name of Mail Order Credit Reporting Association along with a letterhead for this fake organisation on which he sent out his threats (see p. 785 of Federal Trade Commission rulings for April-June 1964).

Lester Doniger was also a fervent believer in converting people to Christianity and actively helped evangelical churches achieve this goal. Together with his brother Simon Doniger, he published two journals – Pulpit Digest and Pastoral Psychology – in order to help the Christian churches become more powerful and efficient in their operations.

The New York Times dated 26 February 1949 reported that Pulpit Digest honored an evangelist radio series and that Lester Doniger, before presenting the award, pointed out that “the program had 6 million listeners weekly and there were approximately 70 million without church affiliations toward whom the program was directed.”

Lester Doniger was also involved with the activities of the American establishment on other fronts. Closely tied to the feminist movement was the issue of sex education, and in 1964, the US got UNESCO to focus on disseminating information related to sex around the world. A new organisation named Sex Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS) was soon set up and Lester Doniger became the president of SIECUS within a few years.

Under his stewardship, SIECUS was funded by Steven Rockefeller and James Warburg of the influential banking family, two key people who have helped shape the US foreign policy and bankrolled several overt and covert American government programs. The US Defence Secretary Robert McNamara also supported SIECUS and another source of funds for the organisation was the Ford Foundation.

The “research” of Mrs. Wendy Gudwin nee Doniger who is now a professor at the University of Chicago must be viewed in the light of this background combined with her work with Gordon Wasson. None of her so-called research is original, and as a pliant assistant, she has merely propagated the views of those whom she has worked for. Even the idea of mixing up sex and religion did not originate with her.

Her uncle Simon Doniger had published a book titled Sex and Religion Today. After helping Gordon Wasson buttress his claims on soma, Wendy Doniger continued where Simon Doniger had left off and her work was aligned with the message of Christian missionaries and SIECUS packaged in academic verbiage and style.

Christian missionaries routinely attack Hindu beliefs by attacking Krishna and this behavior is accurately depicted in RK Narayan’s novel Swami and Friends in which the teacher of the scripture class attempts to foist Christianity on the students by preaching,”Oh, wretched idiots! …Did our Jesus go gadding about with dancing girls like your Krishna? Did our Jesus go about stealing butter like that arch-scoundrel Krishna? Did our Jesus practise dark tricks on those around him?”

In the works of Lester Doniger’s daughter and other American professors, the same kind of attack on Hindus can be found in a more sophisticated form complete with footnotes and citations in order to appear pedantic. After working for Gordon Wasson, Lester Doniger’s daughter was placed at Harvard University where her guide, Daniel Ingalls, was a known intelligence agent, who had spied against Indian freedom fighters.

She then spent time in Oxford, and strangely, her adviser RC Zaehner too was an intelligence agent. Zaehner, who was also a racist, had headed the failed British attempt in 1951 to overthrow the Mossadegh government in Iran and put the Iranian oilfields in the control of the British.

Earlier, in 1963-64, Wendy Doniger had also been sent to India for a year on a $6000 fellowship (this was thirty percent more than the median annual income in the US) to the American Institute of Indian Studies which would eventually come to be known as a CIA front. The US had set up many front organisations in the academia as part of the National Defense Education Act of 1958 and AIIS was one such institution.

The links of AIIS to the intelligence community was very strong during the days of Wendy Doniger’s association with the organisation. Its Director in 1964 was Richard D. Lambert, who had been stationed in India as part of the counterintelligence department during the second world war.

He was succeeded by Thomas Simons who was also part of the intelligence community, who had headed the South Asian branch of the Office of Intelligence Research in the US Department of State. A key member of the founding group of AIIS was Richard Park who went on to become the India scholar at AIIS. Park was also part of the infamous Asia Foundation.

Despite earlier denials, it was revealed in 1967 that the Asia Foundation had received funds from the CIA and it had in turn funnelled money to Indian groups in the guise of funding cultural and educational programs. This revelation led to an outcry in the Indian parliament on the role of AIIS and other groups. Indira Gandhi’s government asked Asia Foundation to cease its operations and leave India.

Even the journal Seminar which was published by the brother of the Marxist professor, Romila Thapar devoted an entire issue to the topic of “Academic Colonialism,” but that was before Romila Thapar received money and titles from the American establishment and started supporting them.

By 1972, the situation had become so severe that Indira Gandhi had to keep out foreign scholars from India. The New York Times dated 5 August 1972 carried an editorial headlined ‘India Closes its Doors’ in which it stated, “India no doubt has been victimised by some sloppy and even malicious scholarship. On that basis alone New Delhi has some justification for seeking a measure of control over the hordes of scholars and would-be scholars who descend on the subcontinent annually, attracted by India’s rich cultural diversity and historic fascination.”

Even before the National Defence Education Act, the first program that focused on India had been set up at the University of Pennsylvania to serve the military during the second world war. In the following years, similar centers were set up at other universities with the faculty members carefully chosen so that they believed in the superiority of Western Christianity.

The fact that most American programs related to studying India grew out of the intelligence and military departments which sought to shape public opinion in other countries through the media and academia explains the strange phenomenon of American faculty members hating their own area of research and expressing hostility towards the culture they claim to study. This behavior is at complete odds with that of of real researchers, who pursue an academic field, not out of hate, but out of love for the chosen subject.

India has been the main target of Americans ever since they started their evangelical activities. The first evangelical missionaries from USA went to India and it was to India that one of America’s earliest missionaries Adoniram Judson led a group of evangelists in 1812.

When Jimmy Carter wanted to open his charity group Habitat for Humanity in India, his intentions were clearly to proselytise Hindus. That is why Rajiv Gandhi forced him to sign an agreement not to indulge in religious conversions. That kind of vigilance is required at all levels of government and society. After all, in the words of the Church Committee, “Agency-funded foundations serve as conduits of funds for a variety of purposes, including clandestine activities and contributions to scholars conducting research which supports United States foreign policy positions.”

Another angle covered by the Church Committee was the use of journalists and media organisations by the CIA. According to their report, “approximately 50 U.S. journalists” and “more than a dozen United States news organisations and commercial publishing houses” worked for the CIA.

In one case, according to the report, the New York Times carried a book review written by a CIA writer for a book brought out by the CIA. With the debate on religious conversions in India picking up steam, certain journalists and media outlets are now outing themselves as messengers of the American establishment.

In a display of truly bizarre behavior indicating that their ideas were not original but had been handed down to them, at least three Western media outlets had nothing to say on the topic of religious conversions for three weeks after several Muslims embraced Hinduism at Agra in early December, but they have now suddenly made the same point at the same time. They have demanded that Prime Minister Narendra Modi not remain silent on the issue of religious conversions even though the topic is under the jurisdiction of the state governments.

While Andrew Rosenthal of The New York Times made the demand in his editorial, an identical demand appeared in an article written by a reporter for Bloomberg. A similar criticism of Modi also appeared in a piece by Amy Kazmin of the Financial Times whose former Washington bureau chief worked for a senior Clinton administration official.

The crudest of the three demands was by Amy Kazmin, who has described conversions by Christians as “freedom of conscience” and conversions by Hindus as “ugly.” Her position is consistent with the long standing tradition of many American journalists who have supported fellow white Americans like Billy Graham who have been actively proselytising in India.

It should also be noted that some of the language used in the American press against India constitutes verbatim repetition of language used by the US State Department. For example, the dishonest phrase “1,000 people, mostly Muslims” that is used to describe the victims of the riots in Gujarat in 2002 was coined and first used by the US State Department in their Human Rights report of 1998 to describe the victims of riots that occurred after the events at Ayodhya in 1992.

It is extremely important that the American media, academia, think-tanks and foundations be viewed in the light of the Church Committee report. Instead of giving them a free run and permitting American agitprop to be created with Indian money and support, India should curb their activities.

Whether Narendra Modi is capable of the strong action taken by Indira Gandhi remains to be seen, but what is clear is that any attempt by foreign forces to either shape public opinion in India or change the demographics of the country must be resisted. If India follows the example of South America where the Summer Institute of Linguistics was successful in its efforts, India too will become a Christian nation with the people taught to obey a government that is permanently subservient to foreign powers.

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^Your link is broken.

But Wow. I was going to say that the following link is a more stable one: blogs.swarajyamag.com/2015/01/10/religious-crusades-of-cia/

Except that:
  • the swarajya blog link is now a dead end too when I just tried to visit it.

  • Googling for the article/on its link, I can only find tweets and bharatrakshak etc referring to it.

  • Curious that Google cache - your link - doesn't have it anymore either, when Google cache, at least in years past, had a 6 month term before cached items expired.

  • And the article is new too, from this very month. Can't find it in Swarajyamag's archives for the year/month either: blogs.swarajyamag.com/2015/ and blogs.swarajyamag.com/2015/01/

Seriously: curioso. Wonder why it went missing.

(Not on Internet Archive by the way, maybe they didn't get round to crawling it yet, or some blogs are not set to be crawlable etc.)

Someone should mail editorATswarajyamagDOTcom and ask the editor what happened to the article (am going to pass on mailing unknowns, have done enough of that). It was a pretty important article, more important than many another.

Here's the article author's email, taken from indiafacts:


Arvind Kumar is an energy trader and entrepreneur. He can be reached at arvind at classical-liberal dot net.
Someone should plead with him that he should put his article back up somewhere that's visible.

For now, here's a link that has copied the article with images in entirety and is not an Indian or Hindu site and therefore serves as external proof of the document having existed:

https: // libya360.wordpress.com/2015/01/14/the-religious-crusades-of-the-cia/

Quote:The Religious Crusades of the CIA

Alexandra Valiente / 1 day ago

By Arvind Kumar

Religious Crusades of CIA | Swarajya Blogs

(which line then links to the missing article, before the copy of the actual article then follows)

This is not an endorsement of the Libyan site.

Meanwhile found another very important and no less scary piece at swarajyamag that also belongs in this thread:


The article is not just 2 pages long, it is filled with links in the body of the text - documenting various statements that it makes - which will take some time to copy across here. For now just linking to the original article, even if it too may disappear shortly.
^ Above article is now available at


Also crossposting this link, as it too belongs here:


Quote:North East Terror And Liberation Theology- Understanding Ideodynamics Of Tribal Bloodbath On Christmas Eve

31/12/2014 15:37:26 Aron
(which also covers how the christo LTTE operation will now continue in TN)
1. Christians ethnically cleanse Hindoo fishermen.



Quote:Trespasser's will be manhandled inside the Church; Polite Notice of a Priest who 'Owns' Arabian sea

02/05/2015 11:15:30 HK

Kollam: The episode of fishermen hailing from Karunagappally, Kollam being attacked in mid-sea by fellow Christian fishermen and being made hostage in a coastal area church has taken a grim turn. The incident took place after the local Christian priestly class placed restrictive sanctions on fishermen from other religious communities from fishing in the area or doing their daily business.

The Hindu fisher youths Prasannan, Sanjayan, Suresh and Baby all hailing from Karunagappilly were attacked and captured. After abducting from mid sea they were hostages in Fathima Mata Church in Thumba in Thiruvananthapuram, and where they were subject to brutalities. They were later rescued by police after hours of negotiation with Church priest!

According to state vice-president of the fishermen’s association NP Radhakrishnan, the fishermen were encircled and besieged by a formidable group of Christian fisher-folk, along with those from the clergy sections as well. Sources have indicated that the marauders included fishermen from Christian community and their priestly class, who overpowered the group that went for deep sea fishing. “They were soon overpowered and held hostage for hours together inside the church.”

As part of a well framed conspiracy to fortify the southern coastal line of Karunagappilly into a Christian fortress, Hindus are being forced to vacate the area. Hindu fishermen are also being prohibited from venturing out into the seas for fishing. It has also been alleged that all these activities are taking place with the blessings of local church authorities and aimed at conversion of the Hindu population into Christianity.
The restrictions have been placed from the area starting from the south of Chavara Neendakara Bridge.

“Anyone makes a breach of this proscriptive order is attacked by violent groups and is made hostage. They are subject to numerous tortures thereafter,” say fishermen hailing from the area. The activities are centred around Anchuthengu Church.

State fishermen’s associations have alleged that the government instead of taking sound action is now maintaining a passive stand regarding the matter. Southern coastal Karunagappally is a Christian majority area, where restrictive sanctions have been imposed on fisher-folks of other religions from conducting their daily business.

According to state vice-president of the fishermen’s association NP Radhakrishnan, has also pointed out that the attackers had flouted law openly and challenged society publicly. “These people should be dealt with severely. But servile attitude of government officials and police officers towards Church is an insult to Kerala society. The lax attitude donned by authorities has turned issues in the coastal line quite apprehensive.”

^Example^ of southern India being turned into the next northeast. Same means. Same results. Ethnic cleansing and genocide of Hindoos in India by christianism.

Again, on Modi's watch.

But will anyone silence USCIRF's christolies with the above as being yet another instance of the ongoing silent christian genocide of Hindoos?

When will Hindoos finally act like USCIRF accuses them of and send christians packing from India?

Or are only christians allowed to ethnically cleanse Hindoos from Hindoo lands? Surely two can play at that game?

2. And the following files under landgrab, that other technique christianism uses often in the southern states:


UDF & LDF backs Church Complex on Government Land; Hindu Aikya Vedi Launches Protest

30/04/2015 15:25:05 HK
One of the comments at that HK link:


Quote:Raj Puducode

04/05/2015 01:10:13 Christian mafia is exceeding their power & place

The same thing happens in Malabar where the Jihadis do the same to Hindu fishermen.

(Again, more proof that christianism=islam.)

UDHAGAMANDALAM: A Christian priest from Kottayam was arrested and remanded in judicial custody in Devala near Gudalur in Nilgiris, on Tuesday, for allegedly posing as a police officer and persuading adivasis, members of a tribal community, to convert to Christianity.

The accused, K Shymon P Paul, 38, of Koladi in Kottayam, had been residing in Nelliyalam near Devala for the past few years. He belonged to the Nelliyalam branch of Gospel in Action Fellowship in India, according to police.

Paul was found wearing the uniform of a sub-inspector on Monday. On enquiry by Devala police, it was found that he had been posing as a police officer to persuade hoteliers and bus conductors to give him free food, accommodation and transport services.

(He'll next claim that it was the non-existent spook jeebus who had whispered the plan into his ears on how to illegally freeload on Hindoos even as he then converted them to jeebus.)

He also had a fake ID card claiming he was a police officer, part of the Tamil Nadu special task force, a Devala police official on the case said. His bank passbook has a picture of him dressed as a sub-inspector.

Posing as a policeman, he also attempted to convert the local tribals to Christianity, police said.

The Devala police registered a case against Paul under IPC sections 419, 420, 468 and 471 for cheating and fraud. He was arrested on Monday.

"After a thorough enquiry he has been remanded in judicial custody on Tuesday," said the police officer.
(Hopefully any Hindoo heathens who are stuck in the same prison will do away with him.)

Just like the above christist in TN, islamaniacs in Kerala have been rampaging for their gawd by donning police uniforms too. Underlining yet again that christianism=islam. Muslim Youth League Goons Dons Police Uniform, Masquerade as Law Enforcers - 22/04/2015 04:39:19 Courtesy: Janmabhumi

Quote:Why Christianity poses a clear threat to India


Role of Christians in India’s Partition

In a paper titled The Role of Christians in the Freedom Movement of Pakistan published in the Pakistan Journal of Social Sciences, Munir-ul-Anjum and Shahnaz Tariq write:

"The support of Christians for the cause of Pakistan was based on their belief that the Muslim society in its nature was more secular than the caste ridden Hindu society hence more permissive for the rights and safe guards of the religious minorities."

"Christians strongly supported Quaid-e-Azam and Muslim League at that critical time when there was lot of opposition to the formation a new Muslim state. The All India Christian Association assured unconditional full cooperation to the founder of Pakistan. This crucial role of Christian population of the region was recognised by the founder of Pakistan and the All India Muslim League at all levels. These Christians played a very strong role in the creation of Pakistan... .The Christian vote before the Boundary Commission was the only decisive vote for the true foundation of Pakistan. Christian leaders voted for Pakistan because they believed that Quaid-e-Azam would be the real protector of their rights and interests."

"When the proceedings of the Boundary Commission took place, Christian leaders Dewan Bahadur S.P. Singha, C.E. Gibbon and Fazal Elahi, in their recorded statement, demanded that for the demarcation of the boundaries, the Christian population be included and termed as Muslim population."

"In the last days of united India Jinnah visited Lahore as a part of his campaign to fetch the support of the minority community for Pakistan. He met the Christian leader Chandu Lal and Sikh leader Giani Kartar Singh. The Sikh leader turned down his offer while Chandu Lal declared unconditional support of the Christians for Pakistan. When the resolution to join Pakistan or India was moved and voted upon in the Punjab Legislative Assembly, the three Christian members voted in favour of Pakistan and saved the situation. Eighty-eight and 91 votes were cast in favour of India and Pakistan respectively. In this way the three Christian votes decided the fate of the province."
[Emphasis added]

However, not content with the creation of Pakistan, the Christians "denounced and condemned the unfair distribution of Punjab province more forcefully even than the Muslims and tried their best to get the districts of Pathankot and Gurdaspur included in western Punjab".

Are Christians a fifth column?

(Obviously the same answer as for "Are islamics a fifth column?")


From allying with the fanatic Portuguese to siding with the murderous Muslim League mobs of the 1940s, Indian Christians have shown an unbelievably stupid and opportunistic streak.

(Rather than dub the Syrian christians merely stupid for inviting the christo-Portuguese to invade and convert, can appraise christians honestly: as perpetually scheming and downright evil.)

Rest of the article - worth reading in entirety - at link.

Did say:

* christianism=islam, may as well call it christoislam.

* Since TSP-E/W was created for the monotheist demons, should kick all christos - and not just islamaniacs - that are infesting India back to TSP where they belong.

* christo+islam are brothers in monotheism when faced with heathens and/or a heathen nation.

The above also explains the permanent phenomenon seen in India of why the nexus against the Hindu nation is specifically christo-islamic (communism in India being merely cryptochristianism): christianism colludes with islam in the genocide of Hindus and facilitates jihad, seen in christianism funding jihad, in christomedia's silencing jihad (Muzaffarnagar, W Bengal, Kerala) and christomedia protecting the islamic identities of rapists and attackers. It's seen in christianism's hiring of islamania as a votebank (KKKangress and AAP), and using them as their mercenaries to attack Hindoos. It's seen in christian KKKangress collusion in the islamic burning of Hindus on the train that led to the Godhra riots, and the subsequent silence on the train attack by the christomedia while christian "activists" from Suzanne "Arundhati" Roy and Cedric Prakass went on about the alleged Hindu "genocide" of islamics.

Just like christians in India colluded with islam to steal away ancestral and sacred Hindoo heathen territory for monotheism (dubbed Pakistan), christians infesting India continue to collude with islam in India to continue the process.

Christians were helping the British to keep these in power in India, invited the christo Portuguese to invade and convert Hindus, and conspiring with and helping the islamaniacs against India. Ever the 5th column. Ever only treachery from christians.

* christoislamics are born traitors, traitors to the core. Traitors is the wrong word as it applies to people who haven't converted yet but collude with enemies. Conspirators and enemies is better. Christoislamics are born conspirators. Perpetual enemies of the free world starting with native heathen populations "unsaved kaffirs".

* Hindus can stop sympathising with the genocidal christians in TSP-E/W whenever islamania in TSP showers its peace on their love: they conspired to steal Hindoos' ancestral territory away from Hindoos into monotheism by colluding with their islamic brothers, and these christians are getting exactly what they deserved. Why condemn islamaniac attacks against the christos in TSP without condemning the christos themselves (and their christomania) in having made it possible? The two deserve each other. As a rule, in any internal fight/genocide between christoislamania, I support islamania. They're more honest and don't have the international christomedia covering for them (see news reports - or paucity thereof - on the christian genocide of islamics in CAR, compare with the international christomedia's feverpitch about Boko Haram's islamic genocide - of whom only christian victims are generally mentioned/highlighted - in Nigeria, and Al-Shabaab's islamic genocide - again christian victims alone highlighted - in parts of Africa).

* There were even "Hindus" commenting all over Indian news sites on how BJP should promise to give Indian citizenship not just to Bangladeshi Hindus, but to christos=terrorists infesting Bangladesh and Pukestan. Such stupid and ignorant Hindu commenters should be shipped off to TSP themselves: let's see how they like living in a monotheist paradees created by the collusion of christoislam conspiring against a heathen nation.

Christians are as evil as islamics. But christianism is more dangerous than islam, especially to a heathen nation. Again: Hindu India unfettered by the paralysing christian canker could take on the islamic jihad and wipe it off the face of India (even the subcontinent in time). All that's preventing it is christianism and the traitors it hires and inspires (has brainwashed).

But the subject of the major christian collusion in the monotheistic usurpation of heathen Hindu homeland (called "partition"), reminded me of news from today:

Vatican has sainted 2 Palestinian nuns, which is part of catholicism's global evangelical programme in each region, nothing new.

More importantly, the Vatican has officially joined the Palestinians by throwing its weight into recognising Palestine as a state, in a treaty (the last Vatican treaty I heard of was the concordat with nazism) where the catholic church stands in favour of (meaning: will collaborate with islam to ensure) "two states" in the region. In return for Palestianian islamics giving the Vatican jurisdiction over catholics in the region. [Exactly the sort of thing christians infesting India were aiming for in their hand in cutting out Hindoo territory for monotheism to create Pakistan.]

With the weight of the Vatican officially backing islamania's wishes in the region, watch as everything islamaniacs wanted materialises over time.

Christians are *ever* traitors I mean evil conspirators that plot genocide while feigning neighbourly "love" and peace.

BBC via


(Today's news)

Quote:Two Palestinian nuns become saints

Pope Francis has canonised two 19th Century nuns who lived in Ottoman-ruled Palestine and are the first Arabic-speaking Catholic saints.


Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and over 2,000 Christian pilgrims from the region attended the ceremony.


Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas met the Pope for a private audience on Saturday

(The two monotheisms struck a deal, as they did over Pakistan. And as they have done over India.

Can see the result, the dawaganda beginsSmile


On Saturday, Pope Francis met Mr Abbas at the Vatican, calling him "an angel of peace".

Mr Abbas' visit came just days after the Vatican formally recognised Palestinian statehood in a treaty.

The treaty states that the Holy See favours a two-state solution to the conflict with Israel and allows the Vatican to oversee aspects of Roman Catholic life in the areas President Abbas controls.

Israel expressed disappointment with the treaty, which uses the term "Palestinian state".


The total number of Christians in Israel and the Palestinian territories has declined to less than 2% of the population.

(Let me guess, the same "just 2%, 2%" christo-ruse in the making that's been seen in India.)

As can be seen, christianism colluding with islam again, to create Pakistan I mean to get Palestine recognised and to lobby for it.

Israel/Israelis need to watch out. Christians are already active in the palestinian terrorist outfits. Now the Vatican will - using their contacts in US - pen USCIRF type documents to condemn Israel even more for defending itself from the Jihad.

Sad to see Sandhya Jain's site still regularly peddling that known orthodox christian ex-Jewish convert in ex-Soviet space typically attacking from behind his cryptochristian Jewish name "Israel Shamir" and his virulent bile and lies against Israel and Jews. <- Note how christian converts always use cryptochristianism as a cover to attack unsaved kaffirs (especially their own kind) resisting them. Cryptochristianism is Standard Operating Procedure of christianism.

Indian nationalists are never aware to how any person who pretends to be a Jew to attack Hindu religion with (or to attack other unsaved kaffirs) tend to be christos: Leslee Udwin is likely to be no more "Jewish" than orthodox christian Israel Shamir, or Wendy Doniger who has an evangelical christian father, or Martha Nussbaum whom others at IF revealed had merely married a Jew and then divorced him and kept the surname to blinker Hindus. Similarly, the allegedly "Jewish" Rotschild banking clan are apparently documented for their infamy in banking for (and bankrolling ultimately) the Vatican and the nazis against Jews. How can the Rotschilds - at best traitors to their kind, though possibly converts - be Jewish?

The news was:


Quote:Role of Christians in India’s Partition

In a paper titled The Role of Christians in the Freedom Movement of Pakistan published in the Pakistan Journal of Social Sciences, Munir-ul-Anjum and Shahnaz Tariq write:

"[...] The All India Christian Association assured unconditional full cooperation to the founder of Pakistan. [...]"

Proof is in: one christist gang headed by a pastor had been caught by the police stealing and selling off temple murtis.

So it's just as I thought. It's the christians=terrorists infesting India that are stealing our temple murtis, smuggling them to foreign countries (=typical Indian christian tactic to enrich the west and destroy Hindoos in one stroke) and making crores worth of Rupees off them. Probably used to fill up the Vatican coffers again besides funding more evangelism in India. As was said of the heathens of the heathen Greeks & Roman: christians drained their temple wealth to convert the Roman empire.

Doubtless that's how the Italian catholics were making their money: using their native converts. And it's as I thought: this explains why the Vatican suddenly said it was magically out of the red and even that its bank balance was well into the positive instead.

(See Vatican finds millions of euros "tucked away" ~5 Dec 2014, Deutsche Welle

at msn.com/en-us/money/news/vatican-finds-millions-of-euros-tucked-away/ar-BBgnppY)

This news item was from back in 2010. No wonder the christomedia didn't report it.

The same continues to go on now, with increased frequency.

[Side-note: It was *really* hard to track down the news article in Internet Archive.

The current newstodaynet only archives back to 2012. Wonder why. It certainly sounded more Hindu some years back. Wonder if it changed hands to unHindus...]


via devapriyaji.wordpress.com/2010/02/05/சிலைகளைத்-திருடும்-கிறிஸ (சிலைகளைத் திருடும் கிறிஸ்துவ பாதிரியார்)

Q: Why are these Indian christoterrorists still alive again?

Image is still visible at the 2nd link above (sourced from [color="#0000FF"]atheismtemples.files.wordpress.com/2010/02/immanuel-export-idols.jpg?w=450&h=576[/color]) as well as Tamizh news from tamil.oneindia.com/news/2010/02/01/gang-arrested-stolen-idols-recover.html.

Quote:Idol-lifters in police dragnet

[Image: immanuel-export-idols.jpg?w=450&h=576]

Archives - Chennai

NT Bureau | Mon, 01 Feb, 2010,02:20 PM

[size="7"]Economic Offences Wing has arrested a seven-member gang including a pastor on the charge of trying to smuggle panchaloha idols worth several crores of rupees.[/size]

Briefing mediapersons in Chennai today, the Offences Wing Additional Director General of Police G Thilagavathi said based on a tip-off, a special police team went to a lodge at Periamet where the gang was staying and caught pastor Immanuel of Pallur in Vellore, Madasamy of Chelliyanallur in Tirunelveli and Pitchaimani

The team also seized a panchaloha idol of Krishna. On interrogation, the accused revealed that one Jaganathan and Velu of Vellore had been involved in lifting the temple idols from Tiruvannamalai, Kanchipuram and Vellore districts. He said the duo usually gives the stolen idols to the pastor.

The stolen idols were of Krishna, Rathai, Rukumani, Vinayakar from a temple in Eeralachery. The duo which handed over an idol of Krishna to the pastor buried other idols on the banks of a river.

The gang then decided to give it to one Marisamy of Kottankuppam in Puducherry who is involved in smuggling the panchaloha idols to foreign countries.

Later the team arrested Marisamy and recovered five idols of Mahavir which were stolen from a temple in Tiruvannamalai. Based on the information, the team also recovered other panchaloha idols which were hidden.

As many as 11 panchaloha idols worth about Rs 11 crore were recovered, she added. The team also arrested Pitchumani and Gangachalam in this regard.

That's it. Time to send all christians who are infesting India into ISIS territory and let the islamaniacs give them the end they deserve. They have no more right to stay in India and their lives should actually be forfeit too: let them try and retain it in ISIS occupied terrirory. All of them are not merely a liability but a threat to the native religionists of India.

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