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Indian Navy news and discussion
[Image: 30234_149028.jpg]

Bangalore: The indigenously developed unmanned submarine has been tested successfully. The AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle) -150 brought from Durgapur, West Bengal under utmost secrecy underwent the trials at the Idukki reservoir.

The vehicle has been developed by Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute (CMERI), based at Durgapur in collaboration with DRDO. It can collect information under water remotely without any crew or captain much like a remotely controlled pilotless aircraft. Built with the intent of coastal security, AUV 150 will also be used to study aquatic life and minerals and to map oceans, said Dr. S.N. Som, the head of Robotics and Automation, CMERI. IIT Gorakhpur is also collaborating in the project.

Brought in a container over land from Durgapur upto Kulamavu reservoir at Idukki , the vehicle was later taken to the middle of the reservoir on a boat. Though CMERI officials declined to comment on the exact date of the tests, they indicated that the trials were conducted in January. The current trials were that of runs in fresh water. Since Kulamavu has a centre associated with Navy and also the reservoir being very deep, the choice fell on Idukki. The vehicle is yet to undergo sea trials.

With a length of 4.8 metres and weighing 490 kgs, AUV 150 is controlled remotely from land using wireless technology. It runs on battery. Dr. Som added that it would render invaluable service to Coast Guard and Navy. The US, Russia, Germany, Japan, Australia, South Korea are the other nations having such submarines.
[Image: seagripen032landbcopy.jpg]

Gripen presents naval variant to navy

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

By Saurabh Joshi

Gripen has made presentations of its Sea Gripen fighter aircraft to the Indian Navy last week.

Tony Ogilvy, Vice President, International Marketing for Gripen informed StratPost that his company had made presentations to the navy last week and said the response was ‘very good’.

Ogilvy, who is also a former Royal Navy Buccaneer and Sea Harrier pilot, said the ‘inherent design characteristics’ of the Gripen aircraft make it ‘very similar to a deck based aircraft’.

He said that in the two-hour presentation, which took place last Friday, Sea Gripen’s salt water protection characteristics and maritime operational engine and its ability to operate off both CATOBAR and STOBAR carriers were some of the features highlighted.

So would the Sea Gripen be good for the Indian 40,000 ton Vikrant class carrier under construction? “Perfect,” said Ogilvy.

Gripen is also being pitched to the Indian Air Force (IAF) for the 126 Medium Multi Role Combat Aircraft (MMRCA) tender. Edvard de la Motte, Director of Gripen’s India campaign told StratPost that the the third phase of trials of the aircraft are likely to begin in March, when the aircraft will be tested in Bangalore, Jaisalmer and Leh.

[size="6"]BEL Signs Suriname Deal at Defexpo[/size]

NEW DELHI - India's state-owned Bharat Electronics Ltd. (BEL) has bagged a $100,000 export contract to supply the armed forces of Suriname with a Coastal Communication System Network (CCN) server.

The contract was signed Feb. 16 at the ongoing Defexpo 2010 in Bangalore, in the presence of the visiting Ivan Fernald, Suriname's minister of defense.

This will be the second CCN the company has sold to Suriname. BEL completed the first under a 2008-09 contract valued at $3 million.

The coastal surveillance system provides surface and limited air surveillance, monitors movement of vessels around the coast, and detects and identifies surface and air targets - up to 60 at a time.

The CCN comprises a network of radars with a centrally located control center and communication system for data and voice connectivity.
[size="6"]Arihant to be armed with ballistic missiles[/size]

The man steering India’s highly classified nuclear-powered submarine programme has acknowledged for the first time that the warship will be armed with ballistic missiles.

Vice-Admiral D.P.S. Varma (retd), Director General, Advanced Technology Vehicle (ATV) project, told HT at DEFEXPO-2010, “The K-15 submarine-launched ballistic missiles jolly well be there on INS Arihant when it is inducted into the Navy. The N-sub should hopefully be with the Navy by the end of 2011.”

The K-15 missile, a closely guarded DRDO secret, is capable of delivering a nuclear warhead up to 700 km. With 12 ballistic missiles in its arsenal, the Arihant will complete the sea-leg of India’s nuclear triad and give it enduring nuclear strike and counter-strike capabilities. India can carry out nuclear strikes with fighter planes and land-launched missiles.

Asked how work on Arihant was shaping up, Varma said, “We are on track. But the proof of the pudding lies in the eating. So we will know when the Navy inducts it.”

The usually tight-lipped Varma said India’s submarine fleet should have five to six nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines. He said plans were afoot to build two more nuclear-powered submarines to reinforce India’s strategic deterrent force at sea. He said, “We have to cross a certain milestone before going into specifics.”

Larsen & Toubro, which built the hull for Arihant, has fabricated the hulls for the new N-subs. The United States, Russia, the UK, France and China are the only countries that can deliver nuclear warheads from a submarine.
[size="6"]Gorshkov tab is fixed at $2.34 bn[/size]

[Image: M_Id_136459_Admiral_Gorshkov.jpg]

Six years after the first agreement and the price escalation and hard talks that followed, the Defence Ministry is all set to seek the approval of the Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS) for acquisition of the aircraft carrier Admiral Gorshkov from Russia at a final cost of $2.34 billion — in January 2004, India first agreed to acquire Gorshkov at the refit cost of $974 million.

Once cleared by the CCS, the Gorshkov deal will be signed during the visit of Russian PM Vladimir Putin on March 13.

“The Gorshkov deal is in the final stages and the agreement will be signed as soon as the CCS gives a green signal to the proposal,” a senior official told The Indian Express.

The 44,500-tonne carrier, which was to be initially delivered in 2008, will reach Indian waters in 2013-14 after its total overhaul, upgradation, weapon integration and sea trials.

Given the Chinese PLA’s thrust on a sea-based doctrine, India is keen to replace the vintage INS Viraat with the Gorshkov — rechristened INS Vikramaditya — to protect its western seaboard and project its power in the Indian Ocean.

During the Putin visit, an agreement to purchase another 29 MiG-29 K multi-role carrier-based fighters at a cost of $1.12 billion will be signed.
Mig-29K Infographics

[Image: 157912286.jpg]
[size="6"]Akula nuclear submarine to be delivered to India by May[/size]

Moscow, Feb 18 (PTI) Indian Navy will regain its underwater warfare nuclear capability in the next 60-days with the Russians assuring that the Akula-II class attack submarine the Nerpa would be delivered by mid-May.

The assurance that the nuclear submarine would be delivered "strictly on schedule" was given by top Russian shipbuilding officials to the Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, who is to visit New Delhi on a state visit next month.

Nerpa has been handed over to the Russian Navy for its sea trials.

"The 518th project, the Nerpa submarine is currently completing trials in the Pacific basin. We believe that we will be able to deliver it on time, according to agreed schedule," Chief of the United Shipbuilding Corporation Roman Trotsenko told Putin at today's meeting.
This is to ensure the aircraft does nto run out of Mig-29 20 years down teh line after usual attrition due to accidents.

If only the India bought off Mig company when it bailed it out by paying ~1Billion for teh first 19 Mig29K fro INS Vikramaditya. And this 29 addiyional units would have allowed India to completely own Mig Co.

[url="http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/articleshow/5592194.cms"]India to order 29 more combat jets for navy[/url]

Quote: 19 Feb 2010, 1424 hrs IST, IANS

PANAJI: India will order 29 more MiG-29K combat jets for the navy to add to the 16 planes that have already been contracted for, Defence Minister

A.K. Antony said Friday.

"As per the navy's requirements we will be buying 29 additional fighter aircraft from Russia," Antony told reporters after formally inducting the navy's first four MiG-29Ks.

He, however, did not lay down a timeframe for signing the fresh contract and the delivery of the additional jets.

The four jets inducted Friday will soon be joined by another two that are currently being tested, while 10 more will be recieved in the next few months.

These planes will operate from the Dabolim Naval Air Station till the aircraft carrier Admiral Gorshkov, rechristened INS Vikramaditya, which is currently being refurbished in Russia is commissioned into the Indian Navy around 2012.

The additional jets are likely to be deployed both on the Vikramaditya and the indegenous aircraft carrier that is being built at the Cochin Shipyard.
An important milestone for Indian Navy.


Indian Navy to induct 4 'lethal' MiG-29K into its fleet


Quote:19 Feb 2010, 1044 hrs IST, AGENCIES

VASCO DA GAMA (GOA): The Indian Navy is all set to receive a shot in the arm with the induction of four MiG-29 K combat aircraft into its fleet here on Friday.

The formal ceremony to induct the MiG-29K ' Air Dominance Fighter' aircraft would take place at INS Hansa, the Indian Navy's premier naval station. With the induction of the advanced aircraft, the Indian Navy would join an elite club of navies across the world who have the MiG-29K aircraft in operation.

Talking to mediapersons on the eve of the induction ceremony, Commander Theo Phillis, the commanding officer (CO) of the newly formed squadron 303, which is also known as the 'Black Panthers', described it as a proud moment for the Indian Navy.

When asked about the difference between the Sea Harrier, which are currently in operation in the Navy, Phillis said the MiG-29K would offer a whole lot of other advantages to the navy.

"In MiG-29K, the range of target detention {<img src='http://www.india-forum.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/angry.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':angry:' />}is more. Though the Sea Harrier is still a capable aircraft, the MiG-29K is newer and better," he said. "The MiG-29K is more easier and pleasant aircraft to fly," added Captain Surendra Ahuja, commanding officer of INS Hansa.

Captain Ahuja also explained that there are lot of differences between the MiG-29 B (Bravo) that the India Air Force (IAF) has been using and the MiG-29K , which is to be inducted into the Indian Navy.

The MiG 29K is among the latest and most potent fighters designed by the Mikoyan Gurevich bureau. The MiG-29K is equipped with the air-to-air refueling facility, while this is absent in the MiG-29B, Captain Ahuja said.

The IAF's old MiG-29 fighter, which was inducted in the mid eighties, is a third generation pure Air Defence figher, whereas the MiG-29K belongs to the fourth generation, and is capable of fulfilling multiple roles.

The new combat aircraft is more than 30 percent heavier than the old MiG-29.The MiG-29 is equipped with anti-aircraft 'Beyond Visaul Range Missiles, guided Anti-Ship Missiles, 'smart' guided-bombs and rockets that are more lethal and better than the old MiG-29 K's armaments.

It has a folding wing for close parking and reducing ground space, which is an important feature considering the fact that it would deployed on the air craft carrier INS Vikramaditya (formerly Admiral Gorshkov) once it arrives in the later half of 2012.

The aircraft also boasts of state-of-the-art sensor suite that includes a very responsive and capable radar. The pilot's helmet is equipped with the 'Topsight-E' Helmet-mounted Display and Sight. This unique feature would enable the pilot to shoot a target, without turning the whole aircraft, by merely looking at it.

The India Navy is planning to induct a total of 45 MiG-29K's into its fleet, out of which four (16 of those bought from Russia) were delivered at the INS Hansa in December last year.
Is this complement 16+29 for the ADS and Vikramaditya only?

I suppose the proposal for the sea gripen, sea typhoon, Shornet is for the follow on carrier?
WTF is this sorry for?

They should be grateful that it is Indian aircraft and not TSPF or their protege LeT booming.<img src='http://www.india-forum.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/angry.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':angry:' />

Media person will behave as morons because they are moron.

[url="http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/goa/Sorry-for-sonic-booms-that-scared-state-says-Antony/articleshow/5595330.cms"]Sorry for sonic booms that scared state, says Antony[/url]

Quote:TNN, Feb 20, 2010, 06.29am IST PANAJI: Union defence minister A K Antony on Friday apologized to Goa for keeping the state in the dark when its citizens panicked on hearing explosion-like sounds caused by trials of the MiG 29K aircraft.

Antony's mea culpa came [color="#800080"]after media persons repeatedly questioned the navy and the defence ministry for causing fear among the people in Goa over the last few days[/color]. "I'm sorry about this," Antony told mediapersons during a brief interaction after inducting the MiG 29K into the naval air arm. "We did not inform Goans in advance that this could happen during the trials. In future, I assure you that we will keep you informed in advance," he said.

Incidentally, the defence minister's apology came after the Indian Navy went into denial mode and claimed it had no idea that the sounds were sonic booms from its aircraft until Tuesday. During an interaction with the media on Thursday, commanding officer, INS Hansa, Captain Surendra Ahuja said, "We were conducting flight tests in the south sector. After the sounds were heard at Canacona, we ourselves were unsure about what was the cause. However, there was several conflicting information going around, that there were a series of blasts heard etc. However, when people said that they heard the sounds at Arambol too, it figured with our records as we were conducting tests in the north sector."

India's chief of naval staff admiral Nirmal Verma, present at the induction ceremony on Friday, said, "It is possible that the people have experienced it for the first time. The flag officer Goa area has explained to the Goa administration that the sonic booms were caused while the aircraft was transiting to supersonic speeds."

The navy has now assured that further operations of the aircraft will be held at least 15 nautical miles off the Goa coast.
[quote name='Gagan' date='20 February 2010 - 02:22 PM' timestamp='1266655498' post='104392']

Is this complement 16+29 for the ADS and Vikramaditya only?

I suppose the proposal for the sea gripen, sea typhoon, Shornet is for the follow on carrier?


I hope not.

IN should hold enough panes for Vikramaditya. Mig29K line will be shut down if Russia loses to get significant part of IAF's 126 aircraft MRCA order.

No one yet knows of Mig29K's serviceability record, having these excess craft in hand allows the ship based availability to be very high. I guess that is one of the lessons learnt from the British Harriers and Westlands fiasco of last 25 years.

Also this allows Vikramaditya to operate in a mode where the on board aircrafts operate beyond operational radius by operating in ferry mode. So these excess land based Mig29K will be handy.

ADS aircrafts will be acquired when it gets close to completion. I think it will host a bigger aircraft squadron on board than INS Vikramaditya. If it too hosts Mig-29K then IN needs more crafts in spare for lifetime use.
[size="6"]Navy to begin expansion at Dabolim[/size]

PANAJI: The Indian Navy has decided to go ahead with its expansion plans at the Dabolim airport. Preparations are under way to build a Shore Based Test Facility (SBTF) which will be used by its Light Combat Aircrafts (LCAs) and MiG 29K fighter jets.

The SBTF, which is being set up at the naval station INS Hansa, is meant to train fighter pilots before they attempt take-off and landing on aircraft carriers.

Giving mediapersons a brief synopsis a day before the MiG 29Ks were inducted into the naval air arm, Commanding Officer (CO) of the INS Hansa, captain Surendra Ahuja, said that the SBTF in India will be only the second of its kind in the world, with Russia being the only other country to have this facility.

Ahuja also outlined the Navy's expansion plans for several new facilities at the airport, where three additional hangars and two simulators will be built.

Work on constructing a 1,255 m strip is also underway for the SBTF facility he added. A feature of the project will be the ski-jump facing the seafront. This ski jump will be a replica of the same facility available on board the mother ship for the MiG 29Ks — the INS Vikramaditya — which is being refitted and which will only sail by December 2012.

Since the MiG-29K's flight operation on the aircraft carrier will be in the Short Take Off But Arrested Landing (STOBAR) configuration, two wire arresting systems are also being set up at the INS Hansa naval base.

"The STOBAR system will help arrest both the LCAs and the Mig-29Ks safely," he said.
Differences Between MiG-29 Of IAF & Navy ( via livefist )
This is an old graphic of the Arihant and its payloads. Take a look at the K-X future payload.

[Image: 090724042754_Defense_large.jpg]
Mig-29K Induction Pictures ( via BR )
[quote name='ramana' date='23 February 2010 - 05:03 AM' timestamp='1266881116' post='104477']

This is an old graphic of the Arihant and its payloads. Take a look at the K-X future payload.

[Image: 090724042754_Defense_large.jpg]


It reads:

[color="#4169e1"]Future missile :

A larger variant of the K-15 the K-X, a 3,500 Km missile with multiple warheads is in development. The Arihant will carry four of them.


Meaning instead of 12 of K-15 missiles, the future variant will carry four of K-X, that is MIRV and with 3,500 km range.

The K-X (a.k.a Agni-3SL) with MIRV will have limited destruction and range capability because it will carry Fission and boosted fission medium yield weapons, due to lack of tested Thermonuclear weapons that are much bigger yield and lighter at the same time.
3 x Arihant class subs may have just 4 launch tubes (not sure whether the other 2 Arihant class nuke subs currently being built, would also have just 4 launch tubes).

Next 3 ballistic missile nuke subs would definitely have more launch tubes. ( it would be nice to have somewhere between 12 to 24 launch tubes for each sub)

Indian Navy wants 9 x SSNs, according to last year's reports. (It would be armed with Nirbhay, BrahMos)


4000 km @ 1800 kg

(10 x 180 kg FBF warhead with 17 kilotons yield each or 5 x 350 kg FBF warhead with 50 kilotons each or 3 x 550 kg FBF with 150 kilotons yield each)

3 x Arihant class - 12 launch tubes

3 x (unknown class)- (assuming 12 launch tubes for each) - 36 launch tubes

Total = 48 missiles x 10 warheads on each missile (480 to 500 warheads)

If TN is tested just days before a conventional war between China and India, we could double the number of warheads on each missile, before it all boils down to a full blown nuclear war !!
[size="6"]Sailor killed, two others injured in submarine fire[/size]

Hyderabad, Feb 26 (PTI) A sailor was killed and two others were injured after a fire broke out in a submarine at Naval Dockyard in Andhra Pradesh's Visakhapatnam city today, police said.

However, no case has been registered in this regard, they said, adding that a formal complaint was awaited from the Navy.

According to police, a 24-year-old sailor died and two others suffered burn injuries in the fire mishap occurred in Sindhurakshak submarine in the shipbuilding centre of the naval dockyard.

It is still not clear how the fire broke out and how many sailors or workers were engaged in work on the submarine when the incident happened, police said.
[Image: 01-267.jpg]

[Image: 05-242.jpg]

[Image: 03-261.jpg]

[Image: 04-256.jpg]

[size="3"]Stiletto stealth Ship[/size]

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