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Indian Military Aviation News and Discussion
[url="http://www.ptinews.com/news/581875_India-receives-second-AWACS--to-be-deployed-in-Agra"] India receives second AWACS, to be deployed in Agra‎[/url]

New Delhi, Mar 25 (PTI) India today received the second of the three contracted Israeli-made Phalcon Airborne Early Warning and Control System at the Jamnagar air base, giving it the second 'eye in the sky' for enhanced surveillance capabilities.

The second AWACS arrived in Gujarat from Israel in the evening and will be deployed in Agra, IAF officials said here.

With the arrival of the second AWACS, officials said the IAF can keep an eye on both the eastern and western front at the same time and with the induction of the third system, expected later this year, virtually covering the entire nation.

The system, primarily used for detection of incoming hostile cruise missiles and aircraft from hundreds of kilometres away, can also direct air defence fighters during combat operations against enemy jets. It also helps detect troop build-up across the border. <img src='http://www.india-forum.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Smile' />
In the 126 aircraft MRCA deal involving operation from Leh (Jammu And Kashmir) for high altitude basing test flights. The first two air-crafts (F16 and F18) that went to Leh failed miserably. Both barely manged to lift off at the fag end of the runway, and that too with ZERO payload.

OTOH Mig35 passed the test with flying colours.
[url="http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/politics/nation/India-test-flies-light-combat-chopper-successfully/articleshow/5743118.cms"]India test flies light combat chopper successfully[/url]

Quote:30 Mar 2010,

BANGALORE: India has successfully flight tested a prototype of the Light Combat Helicopter (LCH), designed and developed by the state-run Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL), a top official said Tuesday.

"The maiden test flight of the LCH Monday evening was successfully. Though it was a short haul lasting about 20 minutes, the performance was good," HAL chairman and managing director Ashok Nayak told IANS.

The 5.5-tonne attack copter is a derivative version of HAL's flagship product Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH), christened Dhruv.

"We will be conducting more test flights to evaluate its various parameters at different altitudes and conditions. We are looking at reducing the weight considerably for better manoeuvrability," Nayak said.

Made of lightweight composites, the LCH can operate at high altitudes up to 6,000 metres or 18,000 feet.

The prototype was flown with Shakti engine, developed by HAL in partnership with Turbomeca, the French manufacturer of aero engines for global aerospace majors.

"Plans to launch the flight trials of LCH have been going on over the last couple of months but got delayed due to reassessment of its various functions and flight control systems," a official of the company's copter division said.

HAL plans to hard-sell about 150-175 units of the LCH to the Indian defence services, mainly Indian Air Force (IAF) and Indian Army, which already operates the military version of Dhruv for various functions.

Senior officials of the company's helicopter division and IAF were present at the HAL airport to witness the test fight.

The LCH will be equipped with a helmet-mounted targeting system, electronic warfare systems and advanced weapons systems.

The LCH will incorporate a number of stealth features and crash-worthy landing gear for better survivability. It will have a narrow fuselage, with two crew stations.
[url="http://publication.samachar.com/pub_article.php?id=8532947&nextids=8534339%7C8534340%7C8534341%7C8532947%7C8532948&nextIndex=4"]India's Indigenous Light Combat Helicopter takes 1st flight[/url]

Quote:[url="http://www.ndtv.com/news/search/results.php?cfeed=tw%3BSU%3Ahttp%3A%2F%2Fwww.ndtv.com%3BLC%3A%23003399%3BVC%3A%23008000%3BDC%3A%23999999%3BTB%3A0%3BPBG%3A1%3BGP%3A0%3B%3BRBG%3A%23DCDCDC&hl=en&q=NDTV%20Correspondent&site=ndtv.com"]NDTV Correspondent[/url], Tuesday March 30, 2010, New Delhi

[url="http://www.ndtv.com/news/india/indias-indigenous-light-combat-helicopter-takes-1st-flight-18762.php"][Image: indialightcombathelicoptorstory.jpg][/url]

India's indigenous Light Combat Helicopter (LCH) has flown for the first time. The helicopter, which was test-flown on Monday, successfully hovered for 15 minutes.

The LCH is based on technologies developed for India's Dhruv Advanced Light Helicopter.

The LCH will be equipped with missiles in addition to its nose-mounted cannon. It will be able to take out tanks and other armoured vehicles in addition to giving battlefield support to Indian military formations.

[url="http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/articleshow/5743124.cms?prtpage=1"]US military aid to Pak matter of concern: Air chief[/url]

Quote:PTI, Mar 30, 2010, 04.25pm IST <a href="http://netspiderads2.indiatimes.com/ads.dll/clickthrough?slotid=36459" target="_blank"><img src="http://netspiderads2.indiatimes.com/ads.dll/photoserv?slotid=36459" border="0" width="660" height="65" alt="Advertisement"></a> NEW DELHI: The US military aid to Pakistan is a matter of concern for India which has been conveyed to the Obama administration, Air Chief Marshal P V Naik said on Tuesday.

"The aid being given to Pakistan is a matter of concern to us definitely and we have made it known. We have not hidden anything," Naik said soon after taking over as the Chairman, Chiefs of Staffs Committee here.

The US has been providing F-16 combat jets, air-to-air missiles and other equipment worth millions of dollars to Pakistan as military aid for fighting the Taliban terrorists on its soil. Pakistan is scheduled to get 18 of the Block 52 F-16s, Oliver Hazard Perry Class frigate by winter and is expected to receive Shadow Drones within a year.

Islamabad is also to receive equipment capable of converting 1,000 traditional munitions into "smart bombs" that can strike targets with precisions.

In the last three years, the US has provided 14 F-16s, five fast patrol boats, 115 self-propelled howitzer field artillery cannons, more than 450 vehicles, hundreds of night- vision goggles, day and night scopes, radios, protective vests and first aid items to Pakistan's security forces.

With this new arms aid, US counterinsurgency assistance fund for Pakistan is slated to increase to USD 1.2 billion in fiscal year 2011 from $700 million in the current fiscal.

India has asked the US to ensure that the weapons supplied to Pakistan to fight Taliban and extremists elements are not directed against this country.

Asked if the military aid issue could have any impact on the chances of the American companies in the fray to supply 126 combat aircraft to the Indian Air Force, Naik said, "As far as 126 multi-role combat aircraft deal is concerned, it will be a fair and square assessment... presently, there is no connection between the two."

He said the IAF was going ahead with the trials of the six companies offering their aircraft and "after that, we will sit down to finalise it (the award of the contract.)"

On reports that the IAF was developing its air fields in the Eastern sector to counter the Chinese threat, the IAF chief said the upgrade of infrastructure in the region was "long overdue" but was not "country specific." He added the air fields were being upgraded to operate the latest modern aircraft in the IAF inventory.

Asked if the recent test-firings of the Agni, Prithvi and Dhanush ballistic missiles were aimed at sending out a message, Naik said, "Whenever we have to give a message to anybody, we give it loud and clear. Whenever there is a message to be given, we will let you know."
[quote name='Arun_S' date='30 March 2010 - 10:23 PM' timestamp='1269967557' post='105536']

In the 126 aircraft MRCA deal involving operation from Leh (Jammu And Kashmir) for high altitude basing test flights. The first two air-crafts (F16 and F18) that went to Leh failed miserably. Both barely manged to lift off at the fag end of the runway, and that too with ZERO payload.

OTOH Mig35 passed the test with flying colours.


Any information on the other 3 contenders Typhoon , Rafale and Gripen and how did they perform at Leh ?

Did Mig-35 passed with useful load ?
[url="http://www.business-standard.com/india/news/hal-kanpur-to-build-multi-role-aircraft/390633/"]HAL Kanpur to build multi-role aircraft[/url]

Vishnu Pandey

The Kanpur division of Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL), prominently involved in manufacturing Dornier aircraft, will start building multi-role aircraft for armed forces and private carriers.

It would be an improvised version of AN-32 aircraft and would serve roles for executive transport, light package carrier, remote sensing and aerial research service, Coast Guard, border patrolling, air ambulance and other community services.

Wing Commander Arun Kumar Sinha, spokesperson at HAL-Kanpur, said the National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL) had proposed to produce the aircraft at HAL-Kanpur, based on the expertise of the centre in manufacturing similar aircraft in the past.

“The production of the aircraft is expected to happen at HAL-Kanpur that has expertise in manufacturing Dornier (Do) 228, a similar aircraft presently used by the Indian Air Force for a variety of roles,” Sinha told Business Standard. The proposed aircraft will be a 100-seater, capable of carrying a weight of up to 1,500 Kgs, and will be manufactured with technical assistance from Russia.

The transport aircraft section of HAL-Kanpur will also renovate the present model of Turbo prop trainer aircraft, used widely for pilot training across the country.

The division received orders worth Rs 7,600 crore, sufficient to engage the present resources for next six-seven years. HAL has been able to raise its sales to Rs 515 crore, with a net profit of Rs 111 crore (pre-tax).
[url="http://www.business-standard.com/india/news/air-force-gives-gripen-fightersecond-chance/390634/"]Air Force gives Gripen fighter a second chance[/url]

Ajai Shukla

Sweden’s futuristic medium fighter, the Gripen NG, has been given a second chance in the $11 billion contest to select a Medium Multi-Role Combat Aircraft (MMRCA) for the Indian Air Force (IAF). The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has asked Gripen International, which last month failed to send the Gripen NG fighter for trials in India on the dates allotted by the IAF, to send the fighter for trials in the middle of May.

Business Standard had reported, on March 9, that Gripen International had sent older Gripen-D fighters for trials because the Gripen NG was held back in Sweden for improvements for the Swedish Air Force. Technically, that was a violation of the terms of the competition.

But senior IAF officers have told Business Standard that they would not allow a legalistic interpretation of rules to narrow their options. Explains a senior air marshal who is involved in the decision-making, “We have a time window until the middle of this year, during which each of the six fighters in the tender are undergoing three stages of trials and inspections. As long as the Gripen NG is ready for trials within that period, we will evaluate the aircraft. All six vendors will have a level-playing field”.

Besides the Gripen NG, the other fighters being evaluated by the IAF are — the F/A-18 Super Hornet; the F-16IN Super Viper; the Dassault Rafale; the Eurofighter Typhoon; and the MiG-35. While all but the MiG-35 are already in service, the Gripen NG is still under development. Just a single ‘demonstrator’ aircraft has been built to prove its capabilities. Next year, Gripen will build the first Gripen NG prototype.

Gripen International has welcomed the MoD’s decision. Gripen’s India campaign head, Eddy de la Motte, told Business Standard, “Our plan was always to bring the (Gripen NG) demonstrator to India. The Swedish government’s sudden tasking is being completed right now. We will soon be ready to go to India and we will provide the IAF with maximum opportunity to evaluate the fighter”.

The first of these opportunities will come next week, when an IAF team travels to Sweden to evaluate the Gripen’s firing of a ‘Beyond Visual Range’ air-to-air missile. It is learnt that Gripen International will make the Gripen NG demonstrator available to IAF pilots, if they wish to fly it in Sweden next week. If the IAF accepts the offer, it will be the first time an Indian pilot flies the Gripen NG, albeit with a Swedish ‘safety pilot’ in the rear cockpit.

While Gripen International expresses confidence in their fighter, it now faces trials in conditions hotter (and, therefore, more unfavourable) than all the other contenders. IAF sources reveal that the Gripen-D performed well in last month’s trials; despite that, the Gripen NG will be put through a full battery of tests, including high altitude testing in Ladakh.

The Gripen NG is significantly more capable than the Gripen-D. It has a more powerful GE-414 engine; it carries more fuel and, therefore, has greater range; and, with 10 hard points for weaponry, the Gripen NG has extra teeth. It will also come with a new AESA radar, electronic warfare equipment, and upgraded avionics.

Senior IAF officers, while happy with these features, also highlight the Gripen NG’s downside: A high level of US electronics, weaponry, and the GE-414 engine. And, the F-16IN and the Gripen NG are the only two single-engine aircraft in the contest, which places them at a disadvantage in terms of reliability.
[url="http://www.defenseworld.net/go/defensenews.jsp?id=4337&h=Thales%20wins%20contract%20to%20modernise%20IFF%20for%20India%E2%80%99s%20MiG-29"]Thales wins contract to modernise IFF for India’s MiG-29[/url]

Thales has been awarded a contract by Russian Aircraft Corporation MiG (RSK-MiG) to deliver IFF1 Combined Interrogator Transponder (CIT) and Cryptographic National Secure Mode (NSM), for the retrofit of the MiG-29 multi-role fighter aircraft of the Indian Air Force.

The first CIT will be delivered to RSK-MiG in 2010 and the first building block of a comprehensive secure identification capability in India mid-2011.

The IFF CIT equipment chosen in the TSB 2500 family offers a modern digital identification capability, compliant with the NATO Standard MKXA2modes. It will enable Indian Air Force MiG-29 fighter aircraft to be interoperable with western military aircrafts and so to avoid friendly fire.

Moreover, the cryptographic mode will offer India a first national secure identification capability for protecting its own assets. According to the contract, Thales will deliver IFF for the whole Indian fleet of 63 MiG-29.

“This MiG-29 IFF retrofit perfectly illustrates the excellence of Thales’s IFF solutions for the modernisation of existing aircraft” said Patrice Caine, Vice President, in charge of RadioCom activities at Thales. “We think that one of Thales’s missions is to provide our customers with solutions that can help them to be more efficient while ensuring a better protection. Thales’s IFF secure solution fully meets this goal”.
DebkaFile article (so take it fwiw).


[url="http://www.debka.com/article/8688/"]India orders Israeli armed UAVs - in case US drones reach Pakistan [/url]

Sources close to the Indian defense ministry in New Delhi disclosed Wednesday, March 31, that a military purchasing mission was in Israel recently to expedite the purchase of a large number of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs or drones) armed with missiles, for deployment on its front lines against Pakistan.

Indian sources did not disclose the size of the order placed with Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) - running to hundreds of millions of dollars - but they made no secret of their intention to build up their fleet of reconnaissance and killer drones for a possible duel against US-armed Predators in the hands of Pakistani forces.

Islamabad is pushing Washington hard for strategic Predator drones, like those the US employs against al Qaeda and Taliban strongholds in Pakistan's tribal districts on the Afghan border.

From Israel, New Delhi has commissioned a few more drones of the Heron MALE (medium-altitude, long-endurance) type, as well as Searcher-II and Harpy `killer' drones designed to detect and destroy enemy radars by functioning like cruise missiles.

Our military sources report that their reconnaissance and targeting features are sought by India for its response should the Americans decide to let Pakistan have drones capable of firing AGM-114 Hellfire missiles. New Delhi made its order urgent after learning that Washington may deliver drones to Islamabad much sooner than Indian intelligence had foreseen.

Together with the drones, India also ordered from Israel advanced ground control systems and data terminals for their operation.

The visiting Indian delegation also discussed the possible introduction of Israeli Harop `killer' UAVs to the Indian Air Force from 2011. These drones can loiter six hours over targets on ground, sea or dense urban areas and strike them from different angles. The visitors checked on the progress of the DRDO unmanned gunship helicopter, a joint Indian-Israeli project on commission for both their air forces, which is under construction at an Israeli aerospace industry plant. India is going half-and-half with Israel in the costs of developing and production of the innovative helicopter.
Published: April 6, 2010 00:24 IST | Updated: April 6, 2010 00:24 IST NEW DELHI, April 6, 2010

[url="http://beta.thehindu.com/news/states/other-states/article389019.ece"]IAF gets new airfield in Rajasthan[/url]

Quote:Special Correspondent

Providing further boost to its presence in the South Western Sector, the Indian Air Force (IAF) will get a new airfield at Phalodi in Rajasthan with the base capable of taking all types of operations.The airfield is located between Jaisalmer and Jodhpur and the IAF fighter jets can touch Pakistan border in close to five minutes. The airfield complete with modern infrastructure will be inaugurated by the Chief of Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal P.V. Naik, on Tuesday. The airfield will further bridge the gap in air defence in the western sector.

The government approved the formation of the airbase in 2000 considering the geo-political scenario and the need for in-built flexibility in operational requirements for the IAF.
[url="http://www.indianexpress.com/news/India-inks-Mirage-deal--France-says-no-to-Pak/600042"]India inks Mirage deal, France says no to Pak[/url]

Quote:India last week finalised a $2.2 billion deal with France to upgrade its fleet of Mirage 2000 fighters, even as reports from Paris say the country has suspended the sale of electronics and missiles for Pakistan’s JF 17 fighters, supposedly under “Indian pressure”.

While the IAF deal for upgradation of 51 fighters had been hanging fire for the past two years, sources said the Price Negotiation Committee last week finalised the cost. The deal is likely to be signed shortly.

At $2.2 billion, the cost of the upgrade is considered to be on the higher side, given that several countries are offering new fighters for that price. However, the French argue that the upgrade, which will give the aircraft new radar systems, a new weapon suite, missiles, electronic warfare system and modern electronic warfare, will convert the combat-proven aircraft into next-generation fighters.

The final price negotiations were held even as reports from Paris, carried by French newspapers and agencies, said that its plans to sell $1.6 billion worth of military equipment for Pakistan’s JF 17 fighters had been put on hold.

The reports said that the contract was suspended under Indian pressure and doubts over Pakistan’s ability to pay for the systems.
[url="http://www.hindustantimes.com/IAF-to-operationalise-new-fighter-airfield-along-Pak-border/H1-Article1-527634.aspx"]IAF to operationalise new fighter airfield along Pak border[/url]
Couple of Akash batteries are must for each such airports. We should also think about Google map/earth as a strategic enemy when we build new defence ports. We can come up various strategies to keep it stealthy enough for space imaging.
[quote name='malushahi' date='04 April 2010 - 06:19 PM' timestamp='1270422705' post='105665']

DebkaFile article (so take it fwiw).


[url="http://www.debka.com/article/8688/"]India orders Israeli armed UAVs - in case US drones reach Pakistan [/url]



mmm.. and why is this?

RMA on the move.

However Israel has better micro-UAVs compared to the toys from USA.
[url="http://www.8ak.in/8ak_india_defence_news/2010/04/iaf-team-flew-the-gripen-demo-in-sweden-with-operational-aesa-radar.html"]IAF team flies Gripen Demo in Sweden with operational AESA radar [/url]

Quote:21 April 2010

21 Apr 2010 8ak: One of the few benefits of the ongoing flight ban over parts of Europe meant that 8ak got extra time when we caught up with Eddy de la Motte, Director India for Gripen (Saab). Mr Motte confirmed that India had sent an IAF team to Sweden 2 weeks ago and flew the Gripen Demo making it the only foreign air force to have flown the advanced version of Saab's Gripen Demonstrator. IAF pilots did about 10 flights in Linkoping. Mr Motte said that in mid-May 2010 the Gripen Demonstrator will be sent to India and confirmed that the Gripen Demo was flown with a fully operational AESA radar developed jointly by Selex and Saab Microwave (Formerly Ericsson Microwave).

There was some controversy last month when the FMV (Swedish Defence Materiel Administration) blocked Saab from sending the Gripen Demo fighter to India on the basis that the only plane was needed by the Swedish Air Force for further testing. The RFP for the MMRCA states that the plane offered in response to the tender should be the one that is used for trials but [url="http://ajaishukla.blogspot.com/2010/04/air-force-gives-gripen-fighter-second.html"]as per Ajai Shukla[/url], the IAF+MoD will give Saab some leeway in this. While this may cause the competitors to cry foul, it is a good sign that the IAF+MoD are using their discretion, where allowed, to assist them selecting the best fighter and this could work to advantage of others as well. For example, Eurofighter, for one is hoping that the dreaded 'L1' (lowest bidder) clause would not be the deciding factor where multiple fighters qualify in the final round.

To clarify, Saab's Gripen aircraft has 4 versions from A to D, then comes the Gripen Demo which is a demonstrator aircraft (and hence different to Gripen D) for the next generation version planned for India interchangeably called the Gripen NG or IN.

To date, Saab has conducted about 20 flights in India, mostly in Bangalore's Aircraft Systems & Testing Establishment (ASTE) where 2 Gripen-D fighters did low-level, high-speed supersonic tests. In Jaisalmer the 2 aircraft did a weapons release test and [color="#0000ff"]one aircraft sent to Leh did landing, engine cold start and take off with full internal fuel plus 2.6 tonnes external load.[/color]

Manu Sood, Editor, 8ak mentioned that the American components in the Gripen, mainly the GE F414 engine, is viewed by India as its biggest drawback. Motte said that if that was a genuine concern, then India would not have bought the P-8i and C-130-J aircraft which will play a crucial role in future conflicts and the IAF would not have considered the two U.S. fighters in the MMRCA competition nor the same GE F414 engine for its Tejas LCA which is now in the final stages of a race between that and the Eurojet 200.

Asked what he thinks is Saab’s strongest point, he said "Gripen is the only option that will make India completely independent of the need to purchase combat aircraft from other countries. Gripen IN is equipped with futuristic warfare technologies developed specifically for India and a perfect match to the IAF". He further mentioned that the low operational cost will translate in to more training hours and he believes Saab is the only company to not only offer a complete ToT on the source codes of the AESA radar (though Russia has promised something similar) but also joint development.

Saab did not comment on the issue of revising the bid price. Earlier [url="http://www.aviationweek.com/aw/generic/story_generic.jsp?channel=aerospacedaily&id=news/asd/2010/03/26/02.xml&headline=Vendors%20May%20Get%20To%20Revise%20Indian%20Fighter%20Bids"]AviationWeek had reported[/url] that since the commercial bids were valid for 2 years ending Apr 28, 2010, this meant that the vendors could now revise their commercial bids. Given the worsening economic situation globally and huge competitive pressure on this large and geo-politically important deal, surprisingly it means that the bids would be revised downwards! However, a person familiar with defence acquisition told 8ak that "sometimes a simple procedure like collecting certificates from vendors saying we are ready to give the same price also fulfils the need".

While the yankee teens floundered at Leh lifting their own weight much less payload.

Quote:Manu Sood, Editor, 8ak mentioned that the American components in the Gripen, mainly the GE F414 engine, is viewed by India as its biggest drawback. Motte said that if that was a genuine concern, then India would not have bought the P-8i and C-130-J aircraft which will play a crucial role in future conflicts and the IAF would not have considered the two U.S. fighters in the MMRCA competition nor the same GE F414 engine for its Tejas LCA which is now in the final stages of a race between that and the Eurojet 200.

P8i and C130J are secondary frontline aircraft used in a supporting role. Its not the same as frontline fighter aircraft. Motte had me till he made this nonsense. He should have said we will supply extra engines and keep them in India in our warehouses.

Quote:Asked what he thinks is Saab’s strongest point, he said "Gripen is the only option that will make India completely independent of the need to purchase combat aircraft from other countries.

<img src='http://www.india-forum.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/laugh.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':lol:' /> Is Sweden same as India? Last time India dealt with Sweden they lost a government to corruption charges.
[quote name='sai_k' date='16 April 2010 - 01:43 PM' timestamp='1271439318' post='105938']

mmm.. and why is this?



Debka report is about MALE vehicles, unlike the 10kg UAV tested in Bastar (an increasingly standard piece of equipment in the US forward platoon size units in Afghanistan). The two have very different mission profiles. While you are on the line of thinking from the Hindu article, here is some more


Quote:All four limited series production UAVs are taking part in the Pokhran trials. Sources said that senior officials from the Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP), Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) and Punjab police are witnessing the trials.
[url="http://angle-of-attack.blogspot.com/2010/04/lca-radar-is-aesa.html"]LCA has AESA[/url]

If the news is true then I can hear the squeals from far away!

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