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Love-jihad Ibn7 Exclusive Report
<b>LOVE- JIHAD IBN7 Exclusive Report</b>

<b>Part -1</b>


YouTube - Love Jihad Part 2

YouTube - Love Jihad Part 3

YouTube - Love Jihad Part 4

YouTube - Love Jihad Part 5

YouTube - Love Jihad Part 6


YouTube - Love Jihad Part 7

YouTube - Love Jihad Part 8


YouTube - Love Jihad Part 10


YouTube - Love Jihad Part 11
<img src='http://images.orkut.com/orkut/photos/OgAAAHiUBJ0w_p44SBSgkYj9quP1o6cszEq1nNhLe7vBA_vCQz_Lusx2-_SL3iWWv24620VzXkQPSjAAmqvRJbDDyX4Am1T1UBRBdhOz7WtSBL6vNhSNT1_BalYJ.jpg' border='0' alt='user posted image' />

<b>Ram Sena targets Love Jihad</b>

GULBARGA: The Sri Ram Sene is girding up its loins to combat 'Love Jehad,' a religious conversion racket which lures girls by feigning love allegedly sponsored by Muslim fundamental organisations, by launching 'Beti Bachav Andolana' from the first week of December.
Sri Ram Sene chief Pramod Mutalik said here on Saturday that the date of launching 'Beti Bachav Andolana' would be decided at the executive meeting of Sri Ram Sena to be held in Mumbai on November 17.
"Around 6,000 youths will be given training to counter 'Love Jehad'. A force will be formed to monitor and check the activities of Muslim youths in colleges, hostels, cinema theatres, picnic spots and bus stops," he said.

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