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Twirp: Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 5

[center][size="7"][color="#006400"]PAK JUMMA MUBARAK : TWELVE[/color][/size][/center]

Punjab is very peaceful , Why???

[quote name='Mudy' date='18 December 2009 - 10:56 PM' timestamp='1261156697' post='103034']

Punjab is very peaceful , Why???


Mudy Ji :

Aaaj the becauj the Pakjabis are now the major part of the Twirp Terrorist!


US links $1 bn reimbursement to visas for defence auditors

Quote:ISLAMABAD : The US has slapped a condition for the reimbursement of over $1 billion in shape of Coalition Support Fund (CSF) during the next six months (January to June 2010) period, linking the release of money to granting visas to the US defence auditors, who will scrutinise minute details of the spending, it is learnt.

The US is playing another trick with Pakistani authorities by giving indications that a major chunk of $950 million to $1.1 billion under the Kerry-Lugar Law (KLL) would be disbursed to Pakistan during the last quarter (April-June) of 2010 when Pakistan will be in dire need of external inflows that will actually enable US authorities to dictate Islamabad for getting the desired results on all fronts, including getting visas for their liked contactors as well as the US officials.


‘US Special Forces conducted multiple raids in Pakistan’

KARACHI : US Special Forces have conducted multiple clandestine raids as part of a secret war inside Pakistan's tribal areas where Washington is pressing to expand its drone attacks, a report in Britain’s Guardian newspaper said.

Citing a former Nato officer, the Guardian said these incursions, only one of which was previously reported, occurred between 2003 and 2008. It involved helicopter-borne elite soldiers entering through the border at night. The incursions were never declared to the Pakistani government, the report said.

[color="#FF0000"]The source said Pakistan was kept in the dark about the operations[/color] and that the United States would not officially confirm the procedures.

After the only publicly acknowledged special forces’ raid in September 2008, Pakistan's foreign office condemned it as ‘a grave provocation’, while the Pakistani military threatened retaliatory action. — DawnNews


Esteemed, Kind and Patriotic Members of this Forum :

The Saudis are “bombing” the “Shia Extremists” who have taken shelter in Yemen.

My Question is : Why can’t India carry out similar attacks on the Terrorists-Extremist based in Terroristan?

Saudis face long war with militants on Yemen border

RIYADH : Saudi Arabia faces a long mountain war with Yemeni militants that might complicate efforts to prevent infiltration by al-Qaeda militants based in its unstable southern neighbour, diplomats and analysts say.

Last month, [color="#FF0000"]the Saudis launched a military offensive against the Shia militants, known as Houthis after their leader's clan name, after a militant cross-border incursion[/color].

The Gulf Arab state, OPEC's biggest oil exporter, has sophisticated Western arms such as F-15 fighters but has little experience in fighting a guerrilla war in the mountains bordering Yemen, military experts say.

‘The Houthis are using unconventional warfare against a state power possibly unequipped and untrained for this type of fight,’ said Theodore Karasik, director of research at the Institute for Near East and Gulf Military Analysis in Dubai.

Saudi Arabia and its US ally worry that al-Qaeda is trying to use Yemen, where the Houthis are fighting government forces, as a launch pad for attacks in the kingdom and beyond.

With just two major roads linking the two countries, experts say the 1,500-km border covering mountains, hills, caves, valleys and a remote desert is almost impossible to seal.

Saudi Arabia plans to build a high-tech fence but, with its forces now engaged in border fighting, this might be difficult to start in the near future and al-Qaeda might step up infiltration across other parts of the border, analysts say.

There is no evidence supporting Yemeni allegations that al-Qaeda has links to the Houthis, but some diplomats and analysts say the Sunni militant group might try to use the militants or at least exploit the chaos in the border area.

‘It is almost certain that al-Qaeda is using the fighting as an opportunistic event,’ said Ghanem Nuseibeh, senior analyst at risk consultants Political Capital in Dubai.

Little is known about the conflict in a region kept largely off limits to outsiders by the Saudi and Yemeni governments, with militants and the kingdom blaming each other for the fighting.

Analysts and diplomats say the Houthis may have attacked Saudi Arabia to keep the kingdom busy at the border and prevent it from helping Yemen. Riyadh denies giving any military help but cooperates with Sanaa in fields such as intelligence, diplomats say.

Saudi forces have exchanged fire with militants almost daily since the fighting began, journalists in the border region said.

Shelling is sometimes audible 35 km from the border.

Mountain warfare

Karasik said Saudi Arabia had special forces which could operate in mountains but its army was trained for warfare against regular troops and last saw major action in 1991 as part of a UN-led coalition that drove Iraqi forces out of Kuwait.

Saudi soldiers in the southwestern region of Jizan said militants used snipers or approached disguised in women's clothes.

‘Their snipers are very young, but good. They aim at your head,’ a Saudi officer told Reuters.

In the past few days, Saudi television has reported heavy shelling and gunfire by armoured vehicles attacking the positions of militants, described as ‘infiltrators’ by Riyadh.

‘The Saudis fire off a lot of heavy material, but this is a difficult battle with militants hiding in caves or valleys like in Afghanistan,’ said a diplomat in Riyadh.

‘The biggest achievement for the Saudis is that they managed to contain the fighting to some areas. That's the best they can hope for for now — preventing it from spreading,’ he said.

Stability in Saudi Arabia is of global concern because the kingdom controls more than one fifth of crude oil reserves, is a major holder of dollar assets and a linchpin of US regional policy.

Yemen said last week its security forces had foiled a planned series of suicide attacks by al-Qaeda.

The incident confirmed Saudi worries about Yemen becoming a haven for al-Qaeda to regroup from the losses it suffered in the kingdom during a deadly three-year armed campaign that was halted, with the help of foreign experts, in 2006.

Diplomats say Riyadh wants a buffer zone along parts of the southern border, where the war with Houthis has forced the evacuation of at least 20,000 Saudis from more than 240 villages.

King Abdullah has said the government will build 10,000 housing units to accommodate displaced Saudis.

‘This points not only to a lengthy confrontation but also a large number of either existing or expected refugees,’ said another diplomat in Riyadh.

One challenge for the authorities is that residents in many of the villages in the Jizan region have family ties on the other side of a Yemeni border notorious for the smuggling of arms, alcohol, migrants, and sometimes al-Qaeda militants.

‘The war is very convenient for smugglers and al-Qaeda. They keep the Saudis busy at a border that is already in difficult to control in peace time,’ said a diplomat in Riyadh


Water sliding to dead level in reservoirs

[Image: 12-22-2009_55302_l.gif]

LAHORE : Water level at Tarbela and Mangla dams has been declining while water level at the Mangla dam was recorded only 40 feet higher than the dead level.

According to IRSA, water inflow at Tarbela dam was recorded at 17,400 cusecs while outflow remained at 28,000 cusecs.

On the other hand, water inflow at Mangla dam was recorded at 4,920 cusecs while outflow remained at 23,000 cusecs.

As per IRSA details, the water level at [color="#FF0000"]Mangla dam was recorded only 40 feet higher than the dead level[/color], however, at [color="#FF0000"]Tarbela it was recorded 45 feet higher than the dead level[/color].


Taliban blow up Pakistan girls school : official

Quote:The Saudis are “bombing” the “Shia Extremists” who have taken shelter in Yemen.

My Question is : Why can’t India carry out similar attacks on the Terrorists-Extremist based in Terroristan?

You are expecting too much from cowards. <img src='http://www.india-forum.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/laugh.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':lol:' />

[center][color="#006400"][size="6"]PESHAWAR CELEBRATES CHRISTMAS EVE : 5[/size][/color][/center]


Girl killed, police constable injured in suicide attack

ISLAMABAD, Dec 24 (APP) : A suicide bomber detonated himself when he was stopped for checking before entering a religious gathering, killing a six-year-old girl Arifa and injuring police constable at Sayin Bota Darbar at Kuri Road, Shakaryal here on Thursday night.

Deputy Inspector General Operation, Bin Yamen told APP that the suicider denoted his explosive when constable Ittefaq stopped him as he tried to enter a religious gathering.The injured girl died when being shifted to hospital.

DIG said that half of the strapped explosive exploded while bomb disposal squad was called to defuse the remaining explosive.

Ambulances and rescue teams reached the site of the attack and shifted the injured to hospital.

Pakis are very busy celebrating 2009, no Diwali.

Textile exports declined to $4.20bn during Jul-Nov 2009-10

ISLAMABAD : Pakistani textiles sold abroad fell by 3.21 per cent to $4.20 billion, rice export cut by about one-third to $699.18 million and petroleum and coal down by one-fourth to $357 million during July-November 2009-10, the Federal Bureau of Statistics (FBS) has reported.

Whereas, during the same period of the last fiscal 2008-09, textiles exports stood at $4.34 billion, rice $1.01 billion and petroleum and coal exports were recorded at $471.83 million; gems and furniture exports also down sizably.

Jewellery exports however provided encouraging figures and increased by 222 per cent during the period under review, proving that there is immense potential in the sector.

Lack of expertise, however, is a major constraint in its growth and development otherwise it has the potential to help boost the economy.

According to the government planners’ assessments, northern Pakistan had enough amounts of gems and precious stones, that if exported, they could earn about $5 billion a year for the country.

However, the mining, cutting and polishing techniques of the gems and precious stones, that could have made them more valuable, were not up to the international standard. Gems exports went down 14.2 per cent to $1.3 million, furniture 9.38 per cent to $3.59 million and jewellery exports increased by more than three times to $263.7 million.

During the same period last year, their exports were $1.51 million, $3.96 million and $81.95 million respectively.

The statistics division said food items exports also were reduced by 22.45 per cent to $1.127 billion against $1.45 billion during July-November 2008-09. Cement exports declined by 18.3 per cent during July-November 2009-10 to $215.86 million against $264.46 million recorded during the same period of the previous year.

Textile Sector : The textile sector exports are occupying a major share of about 55 per cent of the country’s total exports that recorded at $7.61 billion during first five months of the fiscal year 2009-10.

During the period under review, total exports showed a decline of 7.4 per cent against $8.23 billion earned in July-November 2008-09.

A cursory look at the export data reveals that in the textile sector, cotton cloth exports fell by 30 per cent to $665.7 million against $949.5 million the previous year, cotton carded or combed revenues fell by 92 per cent to $0.75 million against $9.43 million in the last fiscal.

Bed wear earned $701 million against $755.5 million the previous year, showing a decline of 7.2 per cent; knitwear earned $764.5 million against $826.7 million, depicting a decline of 7.52 per cent; towel exports squeezed by six per cent to $270.5 million, tent, canvas and tarpaulin by 12.2 pc to $22.14 million and made-up articles (excluding towels and bed wears) exports down by 1.2 per cent to $210 million.

In contrast, raw cotton exports earned $108.5 million against $52.31 million, depicting an increase of 107 per cent; cotton yarn increased by 18.28 per cent to $590 million last year during the same period it stood at $499 million, yarn other than cotton yarn also up by 30.7 per cent to $16.88 million against 12.9 million last year; art, silk and synthetic textile increased by 86.4 per cent to $205.5 million during July-November 2009-10.

Petroleum Group & Coal : Among this, petroleum products (excluding top naphtha) exports decreased by 14.77 per cent to $236.45 million, petroleum top naphtha 38 per cent to $120.5 million and solid fuel (coal) exports declined by 80.85 per cent to only 36 thousand dollars.

Last year during the same period these stood at $277.4 million, $194.2 million, and $0.18 million respectively.

Other Manufactures Group: under this head, leather tanned exports went down by 24 per cent to $111 million, leather manufactures by 28 per cent to $199.6 million, footwear 19.5 per cent to $42.36 million, surgical goods and medical instruments 12 per cent to $96 million, engineering goods 12 per cent to $102.7 million and molasses exports down by 61 per cent to $1.37 million during July-November 2009-10.

Manufactured fertilizer export during July-November 2009-10 increased by 174.4 per cent to $0.118 million, plastic materials 14.28 per cent to $96 million, electric fans 37.7 per cent to $13.1 million and transport equipments export up by 105 per cent to $12.67 million during the period under review.


At least 19 injured in Karachi car blast

KARACHI : At least 19 people have been wounded in a car blast at Khilafat Chowk in Paposh Nagar Karachi.

SSP Javed Baloch confirmed that it was a car blast, which went off when a Muharram procession was passing through Paposh Nagar.

The injured have been shifted to the Abbasi Shaheed Hospital for emergency care.

Police and rangers reached the blast site where rescue services have kick started.

MS Abbasi Shaheed Hospital said that 19 injured, including rangers personnel, women and children, have been brought to the facility.

[url="http://www.dawn.com/wps/wcm/connect/dawn-content-library/dawn/the-newspaper/front-page/19-ashura-security-provinces-call-in-army-729-hh-01"]Provinces call in army for Ashura security[/url]

10 killed, 81 hurt in Muzaffarabad blast

MUZAFFARABAD : At least 10 people were killed and 81 injured on Sunday after a suicide bomber blew himself up at the gate of the CMH in Muzaffarabad.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir has announced financial support of Rs200,000 for the victims.

Sources said a suicide bomber blew himself up near Combined Military Hospital (CMH) in Muzaffarabad.

Pak Army reached the scene after the incident and initiated rescue work.

Injured were shifted to the CMH.

Hospital sources confirmed that six dead bodies were brought in who were identified as Police Constable Asmatullah, Special Branch’s Khursheed and Ibrar while three others include Mohsin Shabbir, Imam Ali and Mehmud-ul-Hasan Naqvi.

Sources further said 23 injured are under treatment in the hospital while the rest were discharged after giving first aid.

Prime Minister of Pakistan Yousuf Raza Gilani, President Azad Kashmir Raja Zulqarnain, Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir Raja Farooq Haider and others have strongly condemned the blast.

[quote name='Mudy' date='28 December 2009 - 06:24 AM' timestamp='1261961196' post='103154']



Mudy Ji :

POK has a sizable SHIA minority and thus they are benefiting from the Tender Loving Care of the World's only Religion of Peace that is given by a Muslim Sunni Majority to its Minorities - even if they are Muslims but are not Sunnis.


Death toll at Karachi Ashura procession blast hits 33

KARACHI: The death tally, in suicide blast at the mourning procession in connection with Ashura – 10th Muharram, has mounted to 33 people while as many as another 80 unfortunate persons sustained wounds here at MA Jinnah Road in Karachi on Monday, Geo news reported.

The blast struck the city’s main Ashura procession when the suicide bomber blew himself up near Light House at MA Jinnah Road, killing at least 32 people and wounding 80 others.

More than 400 shops and over 50 vehicles were set on fire by the enraged mob in different parts of the metropolis.

The blast triggered stampede and panic among the participants of the procession. Some unknown armed men also fired shots. Fire broke out after the blast in Karachi, fanning thick smoke into the sky, and people were running in all directions.

Earlier in the day, hundreds of mourning processions converged to Nishtar Park, from where they marched down the MA Jinnah Road. As the mourners reached the Tibet Center, a powerful blast took place.

Fahim Siddiqui, senior reporter of Geo News, is also among the injured. Siddiqui has been shifted to a nearby hospital, where he is getting emergency treatment.

Speaking to Geo News, Interior Minister Rehman Malik strongly condemned the blast and termed it a suicide attack. Malik said no Muslim could be involved in such heinous acts of terrorism.

MQM chief Altaf Hussian also called upon the people to maintain calm.

President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani, in their separate messages, have also strongly condemned the blast at main procession of Aushra in Karachi on Monday.

The President and the Prime Minister also ordered immediate inquiry and submission of report. They also ordered for provision of immediate best medical facilities to the injured. The two leaders also appealed to the masses to remain peaceful.

According to media reports, angry mob have set ablaze Light House building situated at the MA Jinnah Road. While several vehicles, parked around the city court, have also been set on fire, sources said.

People are stranded in the building, which was set on fire.

There are also reports of unrest at different parts of the city, including Numaish, Jafar Society and MA Jinnah Road.

Edhi ambulances, KESC vehicles and police mobiles were torched.

[url="http://www.freedomslighthouse.com/2009/12/suicide-bomb-blast-in-pakistan-caught.html"]Karachi Suicide Bomb Blast In Pakistan Caught on Tape - Video[/url]

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