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Rape crimes in India vs elsewhere: deliberate disproportionate reporting by international news
On this again:

[quote name='Husky' date='06 January 2015 - 11:36 AM' timestamp='1420523921' post='117507']

c. Christoislamics always work together against Hindus, including in gangrapes. As seen in:



(Reported at kaumudi.com/news/022509/breakpage.stm, try putting the link into archive.org)

October 21, 2005, Kerala - Christians and muslims gang-rape Hindu student.

In Feb 2009, 3 of the perpetrators were convicted while others were acquited for lack of evidence

The names of the convicted and the accused:

1. renjith varghese (christist)

2. sherin shamsuddin (mohammedan)

3. shafiq yusuf (mohammedan)

4. ashly verghese (christist)

5. robin paul (christist)

6. divin philip (christist)

the above, all students, participated in the rape. all but the first three have been acquitted.

Gopi, father of the girl said he was relieved to hear the judgement. He hoped that the judgement would serve as a deterrent to such crimes in the future.


Further links for the above, from christonews sources themselves who were forced to admit the facts for once. More can be found with a web search on

"SME ragging case"


Quote:SME ragging case handed over to CBI

Friday March 3 2006 00:00 IST

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Close on heels of the Government decision to hand over the SNC-Lavalin case to the CBI, the State Government has decided to hand over the sensational SME ragging case to the CBI.

According to sources, the Government has decided to hand over the case to the CBI as it was of the opinion that the investigation was not progressing in the ëright direction.í

The case pertains to the alleged ragging and torture, including rape, of a first-year B Sc Nursing girl student of the School of Medical Education (SME), Kottayam, by six of her seniors.

The local police had filed a charge sheet against the nine accused in the case at the First Class Magistrate Court, Ettumanoor, on January 18. The investigation was completed in a record time of 65 days.

The decision of the Police Department to sideline Kottayam SP Sreejith from the investigation had invited widespread protest. Subsequently the decision was revoked on the pretext that it was a clerical mistake.

The prime accused Renjith Varghese and the other accused students, Sherin, Shafeeq Yusuf, Ashly Varghese, Robin Paul and Dhivin Philip are charged for illegal confinement, molestation, procuring a girl for rape, administration of psychotropic substance, gang-rape and criminal intimidation. They have also been charged under Section 4 of the Kerala Prohibition of Ragging Act.

SME former principal K M Mariam is framed as the seventh accused, SME director K N Muraleedharan Nair as eighth accused and Dr Saibuneesa Beevi, head of the psychiatry department, MCH, Kottayam, as the ninth accused.

They were charged with conspiracy, destruction of evidence, not giving rightful information to the police and framing an incorrect document to save an accused.


Quote:January 19, 2006

Charge sheet against 9 in SME ragging case

Staff Reporter

KOTTAYAM: The police have named nine persons as accused in the charge sheet submitted to the First Class Judicial Magistrate Court, Ettumanur, in the ragging case at the School of Medical Education (SME) under Mahatma Gandhi University.

As per the prosecution, six of the accused had sexually assaulted a first year nursing student in the name of ragging and three accused tried to destroy evidence and engaged in criminal conspiracy to cover up the incident.

According to Superintendent of Police S. Sreejith, the nine accused are Renjith Varghese, Sherin, Shefique Yusuf, Ashly Varghese, Robin Paul, Divin Philip (all third year nursing students at SME) SME principal K.M. Mariam, director Muraleedharan and head of the Department of Psychiatry at Kottayam Medical College Dr. Zybunneesa Beevi.

The first six of the accused have been charge sheeted under sections 376 (2g), 342, 354, 366(a), 328 and 506(2) of Indian Penal Code.

The SME principal, director and head of the Department of Psychiatry have been charge sheeted under sections 120( b ), 201, 202 and 218.

In addition, the accused have been charge sheeted under provisions of the anti-ragging act also.

The case was registered on November 12, 2005 and the investigation was completed within 65 days, Mr. Sreejith said.


Quote:SME ragging case: three found guilty

February 26, 2009

Staff Reporter

KOTTAYAM: Special court judge K. Sasidharan Nair has found three of the accused in the SME (School of Medical Education) ragging case guilty.


Quote:SME case: RI for 3 student rapists

By Express News Service

Published: 27th February 2009 01:33 AM

Last Updated: 15th May 2012 10:22 PM

KOTTAYAM: In what could be a deterrent to many, the special court which had found three of the accused in the SME ragging case guilty of gangrape and other charges on Wednesday, sentenced Renjith Varghese and Sherin Shamsudeen, first and second accused respectively, to undergo rigorous imprisonment for 10 years each.

This post contains additional supporting links for an earlier case of christoislamics gangraping a Hindoo woman that was brought up again in one of the previous posts.
Totally missed this news. Archiving.

3 + 2 = 5 islamaniac serial-gangrapists of Japanese Buddhist women strike again. Why aren't these islamaniacs just shot by Indian police. Why do they merely get go to jail, to be fed by taxpayers' money? Don't they deserve to be dead already and the world deserve to be free of them at last?


Quote:Secular Rape: Japanese student gang-raped for 12 days -- Sahid, Sabir and Wasim Khan, posing as tour guides, took the woman to Digha, a beach town in Bengal.

which linked to:


and which shows that there were 2 additional islamaniacs involved:

Quote:Japanese student gang-raped for 12 days in Gaya

Soumen Datta and Anil Kumar Ojha, Hindustan Times, Kolkata/Gaya

Updated: Jan 03, 2015 09:41 IST

[img caption:] Students hold placards during an awareness campaign about safety of women, in Bangalore. (AP file photo)

A 21-year-old Japanese student was allegedly gang-raped at gunpoint for 12 days at Paro village in Bodh Gaya, a key Buddhist destination and a tourist hub in Bihar.

While the rape is alleged to have occurred in December, a team of Kolkata Police, assisted by their Gaya counterparts, arrested the two accused Friday. Three others accused of molesting her were arrested on December 31.

According to joint commissioner of police (crime) Pallab Kanti Ghosh, the woman came to Kolkata on November 20. She was staying at a hotel in Sudder Street. Ghosh said Sahid, alias Japani Sahid, Sabir and Wasim Khan, posing as tour guides, took the woman to Digha, a beach town in Bengal, on November 22.

According to a complaint filed with the Kolkata Police, she was molested by the trio in Digha where they also forced her to withdraw Rs. 75,000 from an ATM.

She then returned to Kolkata on November 26 when Sabir reportedly told her to visit Gaya as she is a Buddhist. He then gave her references of Sahid Khan and Javed Khan, two guides in Gaya. She reportedly reached Gaya on the same day.

According to the woman’s statement before a magistrate, Sahid and Javed took her to Paro where they allegedly confined her in a room and raped her at gunpoint for 12 days. The woman said she managed to escape to Varanasi where she met a group of Japanese tourists.

When she narrated her ordeal to them, some women in the group reportedly told her that they knew Japani Sahid, Sabir and Wasim Khan and had suffered similar experiences.

She later reached Kolkata and with help from the Japanese consulate, met commissioner of police Surajit Kar Purakayastha on December 26.

She lodged a complaint of molestation and fraudulent withdrawal of money. But on December 29, when she was produced before the magistrate to give a statement under Section 164 of the CrPC, she alleged rape by Sahid and Javed.

Japani Sahid, Sabir and Wasim Khan were arrested from Sudder Street on the night of December 31. Their interrogation led the police on the trail of brothers Sahid and Javed, sons of Rashid Khan.

The two had gone into hiding but were arrested from Paro village Friday morning after police intercepted their mobile phone usage, Gaya city DSP Alok Kumar Singh said.

They were produced in a Gaya court by the Kolkata Police who also procured transit remand for taking the accused to Kolkata.

Kolkata Police inspector Anay Bhaumik said Sahid and Javed were part of a crime syndicate that had been targeting foreign tourists in Digha beach of Bengal for a long time.

Maybe because she is Japanese she may get some justice (unlike Hindoo women who never get justice in islam/sharia-ruled West Bengal).

Then again, since the Japanese woman is a Buddhist, she will be lucky to leave jihadi-infested West Bengal alive.

Wish she and the other Japanese victims of The Islamic Rapist Syndicate would lobby with their government to get a death sentence carried out on the 5 islamaniacs. But I don't think Japan believes in death sentences anymore. Then again, most of them - unlike the unfortunate Japanese tourists above - are not generally personally familiar with christoislam.

There should be a law that guarantees instant death to christoislami-communist (gang)rapists of unsaved kaffir women.

Then the whole growing rape problem in India will be solved very fast.
1. Archiving news from last year:


Quote:A BJP leader was allegedly gang-raped by a group of robbers who also took away Rs 30000 in cash and jewellery worth lakhs of rupees from her residence in ...
A video, didn't watch. HTML source:

Quote:A BJP leader was allegedly gang-raped by a group of robbers who also took away Rs 30,000 in cash and jewellery worth lakhs of rupees from her residence in Chanho.

Updated time "2014-04-29T21:03:17+05:30


- Ranchi is a hub of gangraping jihad and love jihad.

- And the attack being specifically on a BJP member - and the theft of her wealth - also points to there being an anti-Hindu element in the crime, i.e. a christoislamic element.

And here's proof of the reasoned speculation:


Quote:BJP leader ‘gangraped’ in Ranchi village

Saurav Roy, Hindustan Times, Ranchi

Updated: Apr 29, 2014 11:18 IST

A senior office-bearer of the Jharkhand BJP's minority wing has alleged in an FIR that she was told to stop working with the saffron party by regional political forces before being raped by seven men on Monday.

The woman from Ranchi district filed a police complaint that a mob attacked her in her home and also assaulted her 13-year-old daughter. Her husband was allegedly handcuffed during the assault.

“Political parties are behind the attack on me and my family. They had threatened me earlier to stop my work as a BJP leader against regional parties,” the BJP leader alleged.

(Must be islamic goon contingent of the KKKangress: remember Mohammed Afroz - the most vicious of the gangrapists who raped Jyoti "Nirbhaya" Pandey - was a KKKangress Youth Member too.

Anyway, all KKKangres members are without exception christoislamic, though some are cryptochristians pretending to be Hindu.)

Anurag Gupta, a senior officer and spokesman for Jharkhand police, confirmed an investigation into the incident had started. He, however, said it was too soon to confirm her allegations of a political motive for the attack.

Former Jharkhand chief minister and BJP leader Arjun Munda on Monday said the family of the victim, who is in her 30s, had been threatened by some anti-BJP men a few days ago, but claimed most residents in the village were BJP supporters. He met the minority leader and her family after the incident on Monday.

All accused are absconding. According to Munda, they were notorious rowdies. “This incident raises questions about the safety of women in rural Jharkhand,” he said.

The victim was taken to Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) in Ranchi for a medical examination. An FIR has been lodged but police are waiting for the medical test results. They have begun a search operation to nab the accused, said superintendent of police (rural) SK Jha.

The woman had recently led a crusade against construction of a nursing college on minority land in the village. She also staged a six-day protest outside Raj Bhawan, demanding allotment of some other land for the nursing home in February.

The above won't appear in the international news because the gangrape was committed by KKKangressis=USA's political right hand in India. (Or else the gangrapists are of some other anti-Hindu, anti-BJP party. But again: as the international media is against BJP, and "the enemy of their enemy is their friend", the above gangrapists are christowest's dear friends and hence the international media won't report on their crimes. And so they didn't.)

2. But speaking of the ongoing jihad against women in Ranchi (also won't appear in the international news, since no christoislamic got harmed):


via indiafacts.co.in/weekly-hindu-persecution-digest5-january-11-january-2015/

Quote:Hindu girl forced to convert to Islam, lodges FIR in Ranchi

Alok K N Mishra, TNN | Jan 8, 2015, 08.53PM IST

[IMG CAPTION:] Interestingly the girl hails from Kishorganj locality in Ranchi where national-shooter Tara Shahdeo, a victim of love-jihad, also lives.

RANCHI: A 25-year-old Hindu girl on Thursday lodged an FIR against husband Waqar Danish Anwar claiming that he was torturing her for the last one year to convert to Islam, two months after her marriage was solemnized at a Ranchi temple in October 2013. The girl also accused Anwar of forcing her to accept nikah.

A hotel management graduate, Jaya Bhandari, who went to Ranchi's Women's Police station on Thursday, claimed in the FIR that Danish had married her on the promise that his is a secular-minded family who would never force her to convert to Islam and that she would be free to pursue Hinduism after marriage.

"Initially after marriage he tried to convince me to convert to Islam. But when I did not agree, he brought several maulvis in December 2013 (two months after marriage) at home and organized nikah and forced me to accept it. He subsequently changed my name to Zoya Anwar. He beat me up when I strongly objected to conversion," the girl said adding that she was threatened with dire consequences if she opens her mouth.

The couple had a love marriage solemnized on October 16, 2013 at a Hindu temple, after a few months of courtship when the two were working at a five-star hotel in the city. Interestingly the girl hails from Kishorganj locality in Ranchi where national-shooter Tara Shahdeo, a victim of love-jihad, also lives. The accused lives in Maulana Azad Colony, Namkum in city.

The girl belongs to a reputed Ranchi-based business family. The parents of the girl died a few years ago and there is no one in her family, apart from two uncles and grand-father. "The girl did not dare approach the police because she has no one in the family. After she married a Muslim boy, her uncles were also not in touch with her," said Bishwajeet Mukherjee, victim's lawyer.

Jharkhand BJP women wing's chief Usha Pandey, who helped the girl approach the cops, said, "It is a clear case of love-jihad. The boy had married the girl under the promise of respecting her religion. But, he started the torture soon after marriage. The accused should be brought to book."

City SP Anoop Birthary said: "The girl has claimed that she was being tortured to accept Islam for which a case has been lodged. An investigation has already started in the case."

This is the second marriage of Jaya Bhandari who had a divorce with her first husband in 2009, two years after she had an arranged marriage. She also has a seven-year-old daughter.

The sexual jihad against Hindus seems really highly-organised, because the pattern seems always the same: not just the torture to convert after marriage, but also the close contacts every islamaniac - undercover or not - seems to have to a whole gaggle of maulvis, who are ever-ready to drop by for forcing a Hindu woman into a nikah.

Shows how there really must be a bounty out for every gullible Hindu woman that an islamaniac can snag. The maulvis are probably the ones offering the monetary award.

Hindu women can't afford the luxury of ignorance anymore. Because if they fall into the trap of islamania, often others can't help them anymore. Beyond torture to convert - including islamic threats to their families - any nikah that takes place (even though unwillingly) means the worldwide ummah will be after any apostates. India's police can't protect against that - they may not even be able/willing to arrest the islamic murderers of apostates. Hindus need to face it, India has turned from Pakistan lite to 80% of Pakistan already, with Sharia effectively in force - what with Vijay Gaekwad arrested for a facebook post that allegedly slighted islamaniacs' alleged prophet.

Jaya Bhandari above is very lucky that a BJP worker helped her, and others are lucky to have had help from fellow Hindoos and Swamis and even relatives who helped them get the police to act and release them from a false marriage with islam. Hindu women need to realise that other Hindus are taking a huge risk - risking their own lives against islam - in order to help them. And all because of a thoughtless decision to marry people that these women clearly don't know much about (else how did they end up with a jihadi terrorist?) Therefore Hindu women really need to *think* and *investigate* the prospective candidate first - marriage is one of the most important decisions after all, moreso now that christoislam is on the prowl - else they'll be sorry if other Hindus get killed on account of trying to help them out of what is a thoroughly-avoidable mess.

If Ranchi is a hotbed of christoislamic gangrape and love jihad, then Agra is a hotbed of christian Marriage Crusades:

HaindavaKeralam had an article in recent weeks about how a great many Hindu men in Agra went to work and returned to find missionaries had converted their wives.** And christianism knows that if they convert the wife, they have the upper hand: the wife can threaten to divorce the Hindu husband and take the children away. The Hindu husband - for the sake of being near the children - will do anything, not just accept that his wife has bloomed into a christoterrorist, but also her forced-conversion of the kids. The idiotic Hindu husband will probably also agree to converting to christianism himself. <= That is indeed how stupid and desperate Hindus are, and how scheming the evil christianism is.

Hindu men and women can't afford to sleepwalk through life anymore but need to consciously prepare and immunise: if Hindus don't want to end up returning home to find a christoislamic spouse, then, to make sure their spouse is immunised against any eventuality, every Hindu couple needs to discuss the facts of christoislam - exposing the terrorist ideology to each other - before the missionaries come knocking. Evangelism everywhere is a reality, and all Hindus need to be prepared for it hitting their own homes.



Women in Agra village lured into Christianity while husbands stay Hindus

22/12/2014 10:15:03


Anyway, muslims as well as christians know full well that their religions are a fraud and that there is nothing remotely appealing in christianism=islam (from jeebusjehovallah to babble/koran), let alone the fraudulent notion that converts ever convert to christoislamania because they supposedly realise the alleged "truth" of christianism/islam.

Else muslims - if they truly believed their religion was actually true - wouldn't have to go on a deception and even gangraping spree to acquire female Hindoo converts, would they? (= More proof that muslims disbelieve in allah/islam.) And christianism wouldn't have to sneakily convert Hindu wives of Hindoo men by promising special privileges for their kids such as education. More proof that christians know that jeebusism is unattractive and hence have to offer everything else in exchange for conversion.

In short, christoislam=a false religion, as attested to by christians and muslims themselves via their very actions in trying to gain converts.

Christoislam only ever gained "converts" ISIS-style, as also seen in India's forcibly-christoconverted NE.

And none but the desperate and deluded and delusional ever converted to christoislam/missionary religion. Jeebusjehovallah, after all, is invisible even to the most devout christoislamic: none have seen it (hint: because it doesn't exist and was made up).
Where's the BBC documentary on how all christoislamics are rapists and (child-)murderers?

1. Another case underlining the first.

Of course islamaniacs would be into SM.

And of course education doesn't cure the criminality inherent in christoislamania. This next christoislamaniac=rapist - as per other news reports - is studying "bionuclear engineering".


Quote:College student accused of rape claims he was reenacting ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

By Peter Holley February 23

Mohammad Hossain is accused of sexually assaulting a fellow student in his dorm room at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He allegedly told authorities that he was trying to re-create the film “Fifty Shades of Grey.” (Cook County Sheriff’s Office)

A college student who has been accused of raping a classmate told authorities he was reenacting scenes from "Fifty Shades of Grey," authorities said.

After bringing the 19-year-old woman back to his dorm room at the University of Illinois at Chicago on Saturday, Mohammad Hossain, 19, used multiple belts to restrain and beat his victim while he assaulted her, the state's attorney's office told The Washington Post.

Hossain, a student in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, has been charged with one count of aggravated criminal sexual assault. If convicted, the felony is punishable by six to 30 years behind bars, authorities said.

When a judge set his bail at $500,000, Hossain's attorney, Cook County public defender Sandra Bennewitz, told the judge that her client had been "involved with several UIC leadership programs, was a student ambassador to the alumni association and was on the triathlon team," according to the Chicago Tribune.

"Sandra, how can someone involved in all that let a movie persuade him to do something like this?" asked Judge Adam Bourgeois Jr., according to the Tribune.

(Oh what pathetic defence, and what a pointless retort from the judge. Retort should have been: "Sandra, we don't live under Sharia -yet- in the US. The law's still meant to be the same for all. No one bloody cares if he's a student ambassador or on the triathlon team. The law's still: Do the crime, do the time. Or should only homeless rapists - assuming there are any - get to go to prison?")


Prosecutors allege that after Hossain was arrested in his dorm, he told officers he was trying to re-create scenes from "Fifty Shades of Grey" and he knew he'd done "something wrong," according to DNAinfo.

('he knew he'd done "something wrong,"'

Ya think?

Christomedia - Indian or alien - is amazingly full of excuses for islamaniac rapists. Brothers in monotheism.)

The Web site reported that Cook County Judge Adam Bourgeois told Hossain that he is not allowed to return to UIC's campus and must submit to electronic monitoring if he posts bond.


After brazen crime spree, Kentucky teen charged with statutory rape of 13-year-old girlfriend

In Columbia University rape case, accuser and accused are now fighting it out in public

It should never be too late to tell your story of rape. 14 years later, this is mine.

2. Christo mother and her lesbian lover - both Indian-origin christians - inflict long-term torture on the first woman's child sired by islamic dad, and then brutally murder the poor little thing.

Meanwhile, the utterly useless divorced islamic father did absolutely nothing to protect his child, but condemns the murderers in hindsight and blames court orders for keeping him away, yet gets commended for religiously attending the hearing (which he seems to indicate is for his own closure: it did nothing for the deceased after all). "Well done dad". Where was he all this time? Yes, I heard the nazi defence: "but I was divorced, court orders kept me away and therefore had no power." Meanwhile, had any normal adult known about any part of the child being terrorised or even being uncomfortable or miserable at home, no court order and no human laws would have kept them away from doing anything to protect the child from a terrorist birth parent/any adult sickos. And some people may even resort to more drastic measures to pro-actively protect their own biological children.

Warning, complete information on the following is brutal. Though details of the misery and the actual murder are in other news articles. I have pretty thick skin - but this sort of thing still packs a gut punch.


Quote:Sadistic Mother Jailed For Killing Daughter

Lesbian lovers Polly Chowdhury and Kiki Muddar are jailed after the eight-year-old is found dead with bite marks and carpet burns.

12:41, UK, Friday 06 March 2015

Video: Lover's Threatening Phone Call

A sadistic mother who subjected her eight-year-old daughter to "a life of cruelty that defies belief" has been jailed for her killing.

Little Ayesha Ali was found dead at her home in East London with more than 50 injuries to her head, body and limbs.

These included bite marks and carpet burns.

Her mum, 35-year-old Polly Chowdhury, was sentenced to 13 years for manslaughter.

Metropolitan Police handout images of Polly Chowdhury and Kiki Muddar

Polly Chowdhury, left, was controlled by her lover Kiki Muddar

Chowdhury's lesbian lover, Kiki Muddar, got 18 years for the same offence after dealing the fatal blow in August 2013.

The trial heard that the women had a bizarre relationship, with Muddar using fictional Facebook characters to control Chowdhury.


Ayesha Ali: Two women found guilty of manslaughter

Gallery: Ayesha Ali, 8, Killed After 'Campaign Of Abuse'

Ayesha was terrorised at night by the pair wearing nightmarish masks.

A few days before the killing, a neighbour heard the little girl screaming, sobbing and pleading with her mother: "Amah, I don't want to be bad; Amah, Amah, I don't want to be bad."

(Neighbour should go to prison for life too. For doing nothing despite witnessing that much.)

Judge Christopher Moss QC said Ayesha's final months were "a life of cruelty and misery that defies belief".

It amounted to torture, he said.

The judge described Muddar, 43, as a "manipulative and wicked woman" who "entered the world of this family and tore it apart".

She sent 40,000 text messages in the process of brainwashing Chowdhury into thinking her daughter was "evil" and had "bad blood".

Video: 'They've Destroyed My Life'

In a recorded phone conversation with a friend a month before the killing, Muddar described Ayesha as a "witch" and threatened to drown her in the bath.

(Muddar's friend should go to prison/the electric chair too. The electric chair is a great invention for times like this.)

Judge Moss paid tribute to the "courage and personal restraint" of Ayesha's father, Afsar Ali, who attended every day of the trial to hear what his daughter went through.

The trial heard Chowdhury tried to keep him away through court orders at the time she was abusing Ayesha.

(In cases like this, the law can and should be disregarded. The dad could have made a foolproof plan to kidnap his daughter and take her to safety.)

"It's completely destroyed my life from now until I die," Mr Ali said.

"She loved life and her family and all she wanted was to be part of a happy family. I was her superhero, her super daddy.


"The reason why I wanted to attend every day was I wanted to relive Ayesha's life, feel the pain. I don't think I can ever imagine what she had to go through."

(No. But he may now live with the knowledge that he just couldn't be bothered doing enough to prevent it. Meanwhile animal parents have died to protect their cubs. And have stood up to entities greater than the law is to humans. Surprising when humans can't rise to the same relative heights.)

Ayesha. Poor mammal.

But Polly and Kiki* are typical christists. What else can one expect.

No BBC documentary on them though.

*Kiki is an Indian christian name too:


Quote:Name Kiki generally means Pet form of names beginning with - K, is of English, Indian origin, Name Kiki is a Feminine (or Girl) name. Person with name Kiki are mainly Christian by religion. .

Polly looks creepily like the Syrian christian actress Asin from Gajini (sp?).

Kiki looks like every Indian christo-communist female.

Anyway, Hindus need to keep a watchful eye out for the safety of little children who are stuck in christoislamic families. Need to be ready to do something to protect the child upon any sign of the child getting terrorised by their christoislamaniac parents/family friends. Because ultimately, when all is said and done and despite the never-ending christo-psyops, only heathens and western atheists care enough about others' children to intervene. Not governments, not anybody.

3. But speaking of evil Indian christists infesting the west. An Indian christist and his colluder (probably an Indian christist too) were recently in the news for burning a third Indian to death to steal his money.

Indian christoislamics seem to terroise as a rule wherever they go.

But it's not their Indian ethnicity, it's their christoislamoronism. It just *makes* normal people evil.

Whatever anyone says, the facts were always very much the opposite of the christo-psyops inversion on heathens and heathenism.

4. Christo mob in Nagaland lynch islamaniac rapist. Since christians did it, of course the bleeding hearts association/christomedia is not issuing their usual condemnations about "poor innocent islamaniacs".

What? No Slumdog Millionaire sequel about how innocent illegal Bangladeshi muslims get murdered by christian=communa mobs? At least Slumdog 2 would be based on fact instead of the obviously-evangelical fiction that was Slumdog 1.
Not on rape crimes. (Though the above post has recent news items on that topic.)

But where is that obviously-evangelical christo woman who made the British missionary psy-ops dubbed "documentary" on rape in India. Clearly she is evangelical: if she had truly wanted to expose and condemn and comment on the epidemic of rape - i.e. if she was sincere - she would have started in her own backyard: there are sufficient horror stories of rape in local UK news.

But a British documentary is much needed for exposing the seedy sick culture/society seen in the following. Also her backyard.


Quote:Pregnant woman attacked by gang of men with crowbars while in labour

Victim was about to go to hospital when burglars burst into her home

Heather Saul Author Biography

Thursday 05 March 2015

A pregnant woman was attacked by a gang of five men carrying crowbars while she was in labour.

The 22-year-old victim, who has not been named, was about to go to hospital when the masked men smashed into her home in Basildon, Essex and assaulted her and her male companion.

She suffered a fractured skull and other injuries
- but gave birth to a healthy baby after being taken to the town's hospital.

Her attackers fled the house on foot after breaking into her home.


“The men are described as aged in their early to mid-20s. One was black and the others were white.

(Not sure why the African gets identified first, especially when his ethnicity is in the minority. Maybe it's innocently alphabetical?)

Detective Inspector Joel Henderson said: "This was a shocking attack on a young woman who was in labour.

"It is vital we get those people responsible off the streets of Basildon. I would ask anyone with information that could help this investigation to get in touch."

Anyone with information is asked to contact Essex Police on 101.

Additional reporting by PA

Poor man and woman (and baby). Stuck in the SICK christo society* presided over by the class of entities like that faithful David Cameron.

* Generally wouldn't be inserting value judgements on criminal reports in the UK or wherever, since violent and other crimes happen everywhere to some extent.

But am just returning the wording which the christist British 'documentarian' used about India - as per a tweet seen at the Rajeev2004 blog that quotes the sicko who made said faux-documentary.
1. The latest salvo in the psyops blitzkrieg being carried out against Hindu-dom - in the form of the fraudulent docudrama - which seeks to project India as rape central and tries to foist the blame onto Hindu males and hence Hindu religion for it, is reminiscent of historian and ex-catholic priest Joseph McCabe's documenting of the christian dawaganda against the Roman heathens as a society that committed and condoned infanticide (which defamation method mohammedans later copied in blackening the reputation of Arabian heathens, who also were conveniently genocided and hence left no defence against the psyops created around them).

Anyway, christians had it - and long sold the story - that the ancient Roman heathens committed infanticide in epidemic proportions (compare with christianism - it is none other - projecting India as rape central now). The irony, as "encyclopaedic brain" McCabe pointed out in his usual manner of publishing irrefutable facts based on primary sources, was that if there was anything the Roman Hellenes reviled, loudly protested and would even consider taking violent action against, it was infanticide. The Roman Hellenes abhorred such cruelty so profoundly, that - as per McCabe IIRC - nothing could form a vengeful Roman heathen mob faster than the mere rumour of infanticide/exposure. In contrast, we know from historians quoting faithful christians and christian councils themselves, that christianism inculcated infanticide for centuries in its very nunneries and monasteries (still ongoing, as seen in India too).

The above is all quite like the current Hindu situation. The same inversion. The same use of abominable lies to justify ongoing genocide of Hindudom by christoislamania. Few things are more reviled by Hindu society, including by Hindoo men foremost, than attacks against women (starting with Hindu women) - and children. The Hindoo man - I speak only of the heathens here - continues to take violence against women and children (and at times even other animal species) more seriously than threats against their persons.

Anyway, HindOO men have at times been murdered trying to protect unfamiliar [Hindoo] women from rapists, or trying to protect children and even other animals (not just the cows, either, so sacred to Hindoos, but other species besides).

Violence against females does not at all sit with the Hindoo heathen male, and is found to be so utterly unacceptable to them, in fact, that the Hindoo - even aged Hindoos, well past being hale - have been brutalised and at times even been murdered protecting victims from christoislamicommunisecular rapists.

BTW, notice also how traditional=Hindoo men are the only Indians who have consistently never used gender-specific insults, which are by nature misogynistic, such as 'slut' [in its modern meaning] or 'biatch' etc. (This is in contrast to an unfortunate number of the vocalist de-heathenised "nationalists" on the web that has used a range of words that are uniquely insults to women, many of which don't have equivalent male counterparts. After the rape cases got sensationalised internationally, many vocalists pointlessly shrieking at women with gender-specific curse words realised that they didn't want to get mistaken for misogynists and consequently indiscriminately lumped with the rapists by the christowest, and so have piped down. Even their tacky and embarrassing sexual anecdotes stopped proliferating on the web to some extent. Phew, because tackiness makes one come across as sleazy. But their characters haven't changed. People don't change that way. Still, despite such inherent weaknesses in the character of some vocalist nationalists, which for some time had reflected in their thoughtless behaviour, they're nevertheless all infinitely better to and for women than the psecular and communist Indians who are ultra anti-women, surpassed only by christoislamics who spell death to not just women but men, kids and animals too.)

[Foulmouthedness in general and against women in particular was always ill-advised. But then, so many things are, and certain modern Indian angelsk-speaking "nationalists" - their foulmouthedness cleanly corresponding to the level of their de-heathenisation - are incorrigible. An embarrassment, but incorrigible. (And it was just waiting to happen that the christowest would use the behaviour of a few de-heathenised as further ammo - as further "proof" of their psy-ops - to attack India's heathens.) As a silver lining, most of such embarrassing behaviour got silenced by the fallout from the "rape central" psyops. Pity it had to take something so drastic to curb such persons and that these individuals never had it in themselves to eschew such low behaviour altogether. But then, it's better to behave as per one's inclination, than to deceive others by putting on a show of good behaviour to appeal to others. Women especially seem to hate false pretences at "good behaviour", possibly for evolutionary reasons, not sure. Therefore people should behave - in their words - as comes naturally to them, and thereby expose their character for all to see/to be warned off. Of course, I myself never pretend to be anything but the rowdy that I am, except on the occasions where I remember that I don't want to set a bad example to youngsters. 'Cause I guess I'd feel bad about that.]

2. There's many reports on the sinister trails leading to and from the christo docudrama. [Must archive links in subsequent posts.]

But there's also been lots of spin-off dramas. Apparently, as per a headline in indiafacts and an screengrab of a tweet there, Dawkins decided to move past his field of expertise to revel in ignorance by pontificating on matters he has no full appreciation (or rather no clue) about: he has no idea how he has been played by evangelical forces arrayed to insinuate "rape culture" onto heathendom in India. Not that Dawkins or other atheists would care either way about Hindoos and their heathenism, but he would not like to discover that he has been manipulated here into playing a Useful Idiot pawn in christendom's large designs against Hindoo heathenism. Just like McCabe's expertise lies in christianism and ancient Rome to Byzantium and some western history, while the same McCabe was out of his depth as regards the villainy of communism, and was quite .... shall we say shallow in his knowledge of heathenism (ancient and living), likewise, Dawkins' field is zoology/evolutionary biology. Let's be generous and say hard sciences. But he is not remotely knowledgeable about the real facts of Hindu society, of which he can only have got a picture from the dawaganda he has been fed and which he has happily ingested. Ignorance is not a virtue, he should know. Someone who made his living lecturing christian ignorants on educating themselves with facts 'for a change', really ought to follow that rule himself in *all* matters - not just his own field - before pronouncing opinions. Of course he is welcome to announce uneducated opinions, but then people may choose to take everything he said with a pinch of salt - including his biological declarations - assuming that, since he hasn't done his research in one, that he may have been equally sloppy in other matters too. And such a uniform censure of Dawkins would be a great shame, though not my problem.

[Also, lots of people distanced themselves from Dawkins in his militant atheism when he denounced the merit of fairy tales, fortunately upheld by Einstein as others quickly pointed out, after which, IIRC, Dawkins tried to do a little u-turn by clarifying his already clear statements about what he was to have "actually" meant. And of course, he had to clamber out of a much bigger hole he had dug for himself when he blasted pregnant women who continued to give birth to Down syndrome kids etc instead of getting their foetuses... annulled or what-ya-ma-call-it. Then Dawkins committed that other faux-pas when he treaded on abuse victims' experiences by downplaying his own experience of sexual abuse under some church father or British private school teacher or some such: IIRC Dawkins made it out as if he had comparatively little right to complain/it was no big deal in his case, and after people were audibly displeased with his trivialising his experience - and thereby the same events that befell others - he tried to defend himself by saying that he only meant that his experiences of abuse were less severe than that of others and that he therefore felt he had relatively less to complain about than others (and made it sound like he had no right to complain). People still protested, saying that others who had experienced up to the exact same degree of sexual abuse would - by logical implication of Dawkins' weighting of abuse - be expected to have 'just as little' to complain about.

Dawkins was never tactful, has a mechanical view of not only animals and nature [which he shares with some western and modern Indian biologists] but even of how expectant parents should regard human babies, instead of how they may actually feel (and instead of what a budding life-form may itself feel). And when it comes to forming opinions and value judgements, Dawkins is frequently found to be wrong and hence frequently denounced by his own (atheist British) kind. I don't think he's a racist per se for falling blindly for dawaganda. Indians do so too. [I just noticed that the Rajeev2004 blog's San - typically for him - had gullibly fallen for the latest social engineering attempt and ends up championing the documentary as something other Indians must watch and introspect over. He benignly uses "we" and "us" but he doesn't mean himself, and even though he's preaching to the choir.]

While Dawkins needn't necessarily be racist for his false twithead statement, I do think, however, that his criticism of blind faith in christianism on one hand, coupled with his blind faith in the anti-Hindu anti-Indian dawangada on the other [sadly very common in older generations of alien atheists], has shown up a degree of hypocrisy in him which he cannot easily live down. It is a failing which he could have easily avoided had he but bothered to get all the facts (which would admittedly require years of studying the anti-Indian nexus and its players and their methods, but then, if he doesn't want to put in the time, he ought not opinionate. It's like biology: the non-experts have the right to Shut Up. <- A view he is familiar with.)

3. But speaking of said dawaganda, the whole rape psyops directed exclusively at Hindu India - when no one even covers the paedophile rings of "Jim Will Fix It" Saville or the rapist suspicions connection regarding Prince Andrew (or whatever his name) and not to mention the paedophilic church - is so obviously for the purpose of Manufacturing Consent to act against Hindus and Hindu India. The mleccha demons are paving the way for some form of genocide to come. More even than what's happening now, I am certain of it. It may be more than cultural genocide, which is already occurring at an increasingly rapid pace, as are varying levels of physical genocide courtesy christoislamicommunism.

The parallels with christomedia manufacturing consent against Serbia are rather apparent for anyone who cares to notice. Not just in the general villification of a natively elected government not aligned with US/western interests, but also in creating odium against the resisting native heathens, of whom the males are more visibly vocalist and hence seem more empowered, and are therefore targeted for silencing by inflicting "rapists by association/by nationality" on them. Remember the manufactured, widely-trumpeted "systematic rape" allegations painting Serbs as evil demons, and which christowestern lies seen in US papers like NYT and Euro newspapers were slowly retracted? (<- documented in the Yugoslavia thread here.)

This is exactly how the christowest operates when it's earnestly starting on a warpath against entity X. Now X is India. And the US and their much weakened but no less vicious older brothers (UK and rest of Europe) have begun to more seriously focus on dissolving Hindu-dom hence India's future as anything meaningful. Insinuating 'rape culture' and having their idiot parrots peddle it for them was a masterstroke - though they did it in smaller scale against E Asian Americans already - as it acts both as dawaganda to manufacture consent against India/Indians (as happened to Serbians) and as social engineering to alienate women from men in an attempt to prevent the success of heathen family structures (as was done against East-Asian Americans, as seen in the thread on that subject).

4. But the German professor's explanation (seen in recent reports) that her refusal to supervise an Indian male student's research for the crime of being an Indian male and hence belonging to the "rape culture of India" manufactured allegation, is racism. But it was not born after/in consequence to the Jyothi Pandey case nor is it founded on any actual instance of Hindu Indian violence or misogyny against women. I say this because in a year before Jyothi Pandey's misery was turned into a sick sensationalist story overnight, to be fed to condition international readership against India, a female German colleague came to enquire my opinion on a matter that was apparently bothering her. She told me how she felt, just like two other German female supervisors of post-graduates - all are card carying feminists and I am actually afraid of their feminist sermons (they reduce my lifespan) - she told me she had been approached by one or more Indian males looking for supervision and that she and the other two supervisors were averse to accepting Middle-Eastern and Indian males because she felt they would be disrespectful of her (not treat her supervision like that of a supervisor, but look down on it as that of a female). She said her 2 colleagues had supervised Middle-Eastern male students before, complained to her about the experience, swore to her "never again" and warned her against it too, and how she did not require convincing. She - and her two colleagues - had admittedly had Zero experience with Indian males (and not with Hindu ones, certainly). But to christoconditioned aliens - from the US to Europe - Indians are merely darker variants of Middle-Easterners and are viewed as practically islamic (since so much of "South Asia" is islamic when you include Pukestan and Bunglingdesh, and for some reasons aliens like lumping Hindu heathens with the islamised Arabs, as if we're already converted to islam, as is aliens' wish). They have an equal dislike and mistrust of Indian christians by the way: they don't discriminate between Indian islamics and christians. They're all considered equally vile.

I initially had no idea why she wanted to speak to me on the subject since her mind was already made up on what Indian males "must be" like. Then in the course of her long monologue it all became clear: she asked me if she was being racist in refusing them. She wanted my approval, basically shifting the problem of whether it was conscionable or not onto me. Brilliant. (I thought being a feminist meant you could think for yourself, but guess not.) Of course, I didn't count as an Indian - I notice this treatment frequently - presumably for being raised in alien climes etc. By these older generations I get treated like some honorary alien. (It's not complimentary.) Anything I do well is magically attributed as a European achievement - "I must have learnt it there". Nah, those skills are from my heathen Hindoo ancestors and from personal practise, no training.

Anyway, by informing me of her moral quandary and requesting my opinion she (unconsciously) had attempted to make me party to her racism: requesting my input to decide whether she was racist or not. If I - the token Indian being conferred with on the matter - were to say she wasn't racist, she'd be off the hook. But, if I was wrong in absolving her, the blame would magically rest on me: as then it would still not be her fault, as I would then be partaking of her racism too, having greenlighted her. Weird how adults can't come to ugly conclusions by themselves and have to try to involve others.

As it happened, I told her that she should do whatever she was comfortable with. Which, of course, was to not supervise Middle-Eastern or Indian males, as per her wish.

Works for me: wouldn't wish Hindu male students the discomfort of working with supervisors who suspected their innocent Hindu selves of being criminals and misogynists. I mean, not getting to work with such people is not Hindoos' loss, is it? Of course, it remained racism on her part (and apparently that of her 2 like-minded colleagues), but when racism is a problem that remains confined to the individual suffering from it, instead of them taking it out on others (not necessarily violently, but even passive-aggressively) then it really doesn't bother me. People are free to irrationally think ill of anyone. Their loss. And it only speaks of the smallness of their (often allegedly educated) minds. It does not reflect on the native heathens that are the subjects of their dark fancies.

Anyway, the above narrative when combined with the latest news on some German professor seeing an opportunity to high-handedly denounce Indian males and India's Hindu society via refusing an Indian student who foolishly approached her thinking her to be an educator rather than an ideological entity, shows to me that there are some German female supervisors/professors who have merely been *waiting* for an excuse to think the worst of and avoid Indian male students. They want to justify their irrational dislike of heathen Indian males - which dislike I personally know to have existed before Jyothi Pandey's misfortune occurred and was broadcast as some disgusting installment of torture porn. And so the whole "Indian rape culture" propaganda against Hindu heathenism and Hindu heathen males has come as a gawdsend for them: they can pretend to the public that they're taking the high-road even as they are actually indulging in their petty racism by their obscene and low insults ill-suited even to the proverbial "viswijf"*. (* No offence to fisherwomen intended, as I have no experience with them being foulmouthed.)

5. Alien christoworld keeps foisting dramas onto India with great regularity. Every year or couple of years there is something new and major. And it's all done with little effort on alien's part too: a butterfly effect, where they make a Slumdog Millionaire or rape documentary or something else to create or exacerbate problems, and thereby create yet another a large, nationwide issue in India. They keep Indians forever on the backfoot, defending. Never going on the offence, let alone silencing alien lying once and for all by giving them a sip of their own medicine.

So This time, the christowest pulled another "Mother India", but with upgraded technology: instead of writing a book they made a video, paid a rapist to shift personal blame onto Hindu-dom, hired opus dei hand Freida "Slumdog" Pinto (reprising her role of native convert facilitator of christolies), and then pulled a Doniger/Penguin by pretending that a ban of their fraudulent mockumentary is actually an affront to freedom of speech or that it is to be seen as Hindu society condoning rape/affirming misogyny and sexual violence.
Wanted to comment on the dangerous feminist and other attacks that could well be hailing down regarding some statements at


but the following links I'd saved (found via various Indian websites) are more important to archive:

1. rajeev2004.blogspot.com/2015/03/indian-govt-foolishly-bans-bbc.html

(Ignore title, that's San typically falling for yet another psyops. He does this on a regular basis and one gets used to it. Surprising would have been if he twigged to the obvious-conspiracy.)

Quote: Blogger vtpcnk said...

it is only an attempt to show india and indian culture in a bad light. the rapists [are presented as not doing] it out of lust - but rather to 'protect' indian culture.

Documentary/christowest paid the rapist to pin it on heathenism. Wonder if he's going to be let of scott-free like that (other) Youth Congress gangrapist, Mohammed "the juvenile" Afroz.

2. Still from rajeev2004.blogspot.com/2015/03/indian-govt-foolishly-bans-bbc.html

One Harish (?) said:

Quote:Here is another twist to the story..


3. twitter.com/minhazmerchant/status/574588308333834240

Quote:Minhaz Merchant ?@minhazmerchant

#Nirbhaya's parents disown BBC doc, say filmmaker didn't show them final version, hence refused to sign release papers

Minhaz Merchant ?@minhazmerchant Mar 8

@4myapatla @komal_indian They've publicly disowned it today

2 retweets 4 favorites

Minhaz Merchant ?@minhazmerchant Mar 8

@udhayshankartr @neha_jpn The parents were quoted on CNN-IBN saying they were a) not shown final version, b] didn't sign release papers

4. newindianexpress.com/nation/Deception-Lies-Behind-Making-of-India%E2%80%99s-Daughter/2015/03/09/article2704869.ece

5. themalefactor.com/2015/03/05/is-bbc-storyville-video-on-delhis-rape-convict-scripted/

(Obviously scripted. Can go over earlier media reports and compare with the rapists' alleged utterances then. IIRC, there was no pinning it on tradition then.)

The entire thing is unmistakable conspiracy. This is how Amerikkka especially - but west in general - goes about manufacturing consent against a nation, also seen in Yugoslavia's case, and how AmeriKKKa projected E Asian men as patriarchal and rapists, and blamed their tradition for any individual's crimes, all in order to alienate E Asian women from their men and break American E Asian families.

Some other links I have saved (must have made useful points):

* indiafacts.co.in/cultural-stereotypes-rapes-and-german-cannibalism/

Besides the German and largescale western cannibal fetish group - the American cannibal cop was a member of a large group of this kind -

the writer could have included mention of the Dutch Paedophile Party which has long been seeking legalisation of paedophilia and bestiality. Maybe the writer didn't know. But that's forgivable as he's not a drain inspector by profession.

But where's Dawkins on Dutch Kultuur/Tradition? No pithy statement censoring all Dutchmen as paedophiles and their culture too? Dawkins conveniently ignorant? Yeah, must be. Yet the Koninkrijk der Nederlanden is just a hop of the Channel away from his native Britain. Then again, he doesn't seem to mind the documentary on Saville et al's paedophilia not getting screentime (BBC censored that, and Dawkins would be forced to speak of Britain's or at least BBC's paedophilia culture, since BBC=British government channel is clearly protecting the paedophiles and itself: "Jim [Saville] will fix it" was IIRC a Children's BBC programme.)

* manushi.in/articles.php?articleId=1763

"Dead Peoples Tell No Tales"

Exactly so. The fact that India's Hindus are Not Dead Yet is exactly what bothers the west. They can handle dead heathen "civilisations" and cultures: christowestern nations are past masters at stealing from them and pretending to be the "true inheritors" (and in India's case, it's what oryanism's for: they want all Hindoos' stuff and want Hindoos dead). But living breathing non-aligning..."paganism" is just unacceptable to the imperial/neo-colonial (but did it ever cease to be colonial?) christowest as it is to jihad.

* indiafacts.co.in/britains-daughters-and-americas-daughters/

As others had brought up, BBC has been busy covering up their culture of paedophilia - and protecting it - at home, while interested in promoting a documentary on a rapists' mind suddenly becoming "reflective" of that of Indian (read Hindu) men and supposedly inculcated by "tradition" (by which Hindoo heathenism is insinuated; it's why the documentary didn't interview Mohammed Afroz, of the religion actually against women wandering with male friends at night)

- independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/revealed-newsnight-emails-that-accuse-bbc-of-jimmy-savile-coverup-8218971.html

- dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2221130/Jimmy-Savile-documentary-BBC-admits-Newsnight-editor-Peter-Rippons-excuses-misleading.html

- dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2221644/Jimmy-Savile-scandal-BBC-censors-Newsnight-documentary-emails.html

And in other news:

- independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/catholic-bishop-says-women-who-become-pregnant-through-rape-should-not-destroy-a-life-in-order-to-get-back-at-the-rapist-10097696.html

Apparently, as per christendom, women who abort rape babies are doing it to get back at rapists, rather than trying to avoid any chance of inherited criminality (or reminder of the trauma).

The catholic church always presents everything that goes against church mandate as trivial in order to take the high moral ground before condemning it.
Messy case. 3 items. Then a 4th on a different topic.


Rich man accused of rape, who seems to not be without some influence, prosecutes the claimant as having falsely charged him, for which ends he has also brought to light that she was to have been part of an escort service. Unfortunately, such things tend to cause many people to assume that an escort could never be a victim of rape. (Of course they can. Lots of prostitutes too are victims of rape - especially in E/SE Asian countries, where native prostitutes are attacked by western "tourists". <= Where are the English-language documentaries on that?)

Anyway, the woman hangs herself. Amid her statements are that she was ashamed to be British, and that she is afraid his prosecution of her may be successful and that therefore he will reoffend. She is bipolar (these things get mentioned in court cases and again, they influence the jury: "do bipolar people lie, are they suffering from multiple personality disorder" etc? And other biases.)

The woman hanged herself a year ago. (Odd timing.)

Don't know who to believe.

But, the interesting bits - besides the woman's statements about being British - are the timing of this, and the facts that a rich man was involved and that it has all the features of a brewing controversy (unless UK media skips over it fast).

1. news.sky.com/story/1446932/trial-stress-rape-claim-woman-killed-herself

Quote:'Trial Stress': Rape Claim Woman Killed Herself

Eleanor de Freitas said her decision to end her life was "selfish" but she would "bring shame on the family" if she lost the case.

17:29, UK, Tuesday 17 March 2015

Eleanor de Freitas

The cause of Eleanor de Freitas' death was hanging

A woman taken to court for allegedly making a false rape claim killed herself before her trial over fears she would not be believed, an inquest has heard.

Eleanor de Freitas, 23, left a note saying her decision to end her life was "selfish" but said she would "bring shame on the family" if she lost the case.

The coroner Chinyere Inyama recorded that she took her own life and the impending court case was "a significant stressor in her life".

A pathology report recorded the cause of death as hanging.

In her note, Ms Freitas said she felt "ashamed to be British" after the CPS decision to prosecute her, and told her legal team before the trial that "it would be better if I had been run over by a bus".

And the trainee accountant said she felt there was "no way out" after she was taken to court for allegedly perverting the course of justice.

Ms de Freitas' father, David, told the hearing how his daughter began wearing a burka to court appearances through fear of publicity, and would sometimes only leave the house after dark.

The "vivacious, straight-A student", who suffered with bipolar disorder, from Fulham in London, died on 4 April, 2014.

She had previously been sectioned under the Mental Health Act and told her family she feared being readmitted to psychiatric care, West London Coroner's Court heard.

Mr de Freitas said she had some support withdrawn in the months leading up to her death following the decision to prosecute her.

He said: "She had been receiving counselling for rape. But she was denied access to counselling from the moment she received summons (for perverting the course of justice).

"Her behaviour changed. In some instances it made her depressed. In other respects it made her bizarre."

Mr de Freitas also described how his daughter feared being sectioned again and would try to "mask" her feelings.

He said she had been abused mentally and physically during her previous stay in hospital.

The court heard instances of having a panic attack on the day she received a court summons, and later was found throwing packets of crisps in the aisles of a supermarket in September 2013.

On 23 December, 2013, Ms de Freitas drove to Northamptonshire to spend Christmas with her family but took a wrong turn on the A1 and continued driving until she ran out of fuel, the inquest was told.

Her father said: "Eleanor was a very good driver, she had driven that route many times. She must have gone through something very traumatic as to be as disoriented and do what she did."

She said she feared her alleged abuser, who went on to lodge the criminal complaint against Ms de Freitas, would be free to re-offend if he was not brought to book, the court heard.

2. Meanwhile, the Telegraph is convinced the rape charge was false:


Quote:Eleanor de Freitas false rape case: Escort rumours heightened fear of prosecution

A woman who killed herself after making a false rape allegation was afraid to face trial for her lies, fearing lurid rumours about her private life would be publicised

Eleanor de Freitas

Eleanor de Freitas Photo: PA

By Agency

7:56PM GMT 17 Mar 2015

A woman who killed herself after making a false rape allegation was afraid to face trial for her lies, fearing rumours linking her to an escort service would be publicised, an inquest has heard.

The father of Eleanor de Freitas confirmed that his daughter may have been embarrassed about her aspects of her online activity becoming known during a prosecution for perverting the course of justice.

Mr de Freitas said: “Well there seemed to be some extraneous evidence to do with escort services and tantric massage services.”

Lawyers for the family of Eleanor de Freitas have also demanded answers from the Crown Prosecution Service after the 23-year-old was found dead three days before she was due to appear in court for perverting the course of justice.

• Eleanor de Freitas rape case: complainant wrote of her 'disbelief' at prosecution

Miss de Freitas, from Fulham, southwest London, suffered from bipolar disorder and had complained ex-lover Alexander Economou had attacked her before Christmas 2012.

Mr Economou was never charged due to a lack of evidence.

The 35-year-old son of a Greek shipping magnate then spent thousands bringing a private prosecution against Ms de Freitas.

He assembled an array of evidence including texts and CCTV to show that the former Durham University student had falsified her rape complaint.

David de Freitas, father of Eleanor de Freitas, who killed herself days before going on trial for 'inventing a rape claim'.

The Crown Prosecution Service took over the criminal proceedings, but Ms de Freitas was found dead on April 7 last year, three days before the start of her trial at Southwark Crown Court.

Her death triggered an outcry from anti-rape campaigners, but the Director of Public Prosecutions, Alison Saunders defended the prosecution.

• 109 women prosecuted for false rape claims over the last five years

Following an internal investigation, she said: “The evidence was strong and having considered it in light of all of our knowledge and guidance on prosecuting sexual offences and allegedly false rape claims, it is clear there was sufficient evidence for a realistic prospect of conviction for perverting the course of justice.

“This was evidence including text messages and CCTV footage that directly contradicted the account Ms de Freitas gave to the police. I am satisfied that the decision-making in this case was correct.”

Leslie Thomas QC, who represents the family read out the note that Miss de Freitas had left for her family.

She wrote: “I know how selfish it is but I really feel there is no way out.

“If I were to lose the case I know that I would have brought huge shame on the family. It's entirely my fault for what has happened and there are many other events which make me make this decision.”

(Interesting how every news source out there excerpts some other part of what she said throughout the period of the law suits.

The above statement - which the telegraph means for people to read in the context of their news story - is meant to imply that she admitted lying.

However, in another context, the same could be spun around to mean that she felt guilty about the fact that her online/escort activities would discredit her.

Alternatively, she feels guilty for not having worked harder to get the man she accused convicted and the fact that if she lost she would be discredited and treated as a liar.)

• Female rape survivors trust Twitter more than the police

West London Coroner Chinyere Inyama ruled Eleanor de Freitas' had committed suicide - and said the upcoming trial was a 'significant stressor'.

The coroner said: “I am satisfied so that I am sure that Eleanor tied the noose herself.”

“Entries in her diary make it very clear that this act was meant to end her life.”

Quaint reference to "Tantric" massage (wah? never mind, too deep for me) connoting it with escorts.

I'm surprised they didn't throw in yoguh too. Surely there was yoguh? At least some yoghurt? No?

3. And here's the Beeb's version, which pretends to play innocent spectator. Something BBC news can afford to do now, since the matter involves neither heathens that they can stake nor their own Jim Saville or prince Andrew whose criminal actions they need to blot out from public scrutiny/drown out by focusing on India.

The beeb will not be making a documentary on De Freitas et al case, but - like Sky - is not as convinced as the Telegraph as to who is telling the truth.


Quote: 17 March 2015 Last updated at 23:31

Eleanor De Freitas 'killed herself ahead of rape claim trial'

Eleanor de Freitas Ms De Freitas took her own life three days before she was due in court

Continue reading the main story

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Rape claim suicide inquest adjourned

Inquiry into rape allegation case

A woman taken to court for allegedly making a false rape claim killed herself three days before her trial over fears she would not be believed, her inquest has heard.

Eleanor de Freitas, 23, said she felt there was "no way out" after the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) charged her with perverting the course of justice.

Ms De Freitas, 23, of Fulham, London, was found dead in April 2014.

The coroner recorded that Ms de Freitas had taken her own life.

The impending court case had been "a significant stressor in her life at that time", West London coroner Chinyere Inyama said.

He denied a request from the de Freitas family solicitor, Leslie Thomas QC, that the CPS should attend the hearing because of its obligations to Ms de Freitas under the Human Rights Act.

Ms de Freitas's father, David, said they would consider a judicial review challenge.

The director of public prosecutions Alison Saunders had described the case as "one of the most difficult" she had seen.

Private action

Ms de Freitas, a trainee accountant who had bipolar disorder, made a rape complaint to the Metropolitan Police in early 2013.

The police said there was insufficient evidence to pursue the case and the man she said had attacked her took out a private prosecution, accusing her of perverting the course of justice.

Ms de Freitas' solicitors asked the CPS to halt the private action but instead the CPS decided to take it over and continue it.

Three days before Ms De Freitas was due to stand trial in April last year, she was found hanged.

The inquest into her death heard she had felt "ashamed to be British" after the CPS decided to prosecute her and told her legal team "it would be better if I had been run over by a bus".

David De Freitas David de Freitas accused the CPS of "serious failings"

She said she feared her alleged attacker would be free to reoffend, it heard.

Ms de Freitas had previously been sectioned under the Mental Health Act and told her family she feared being readmitted to psychiatric care.

She was found dead by her mother.

In a note left at the scene, read in court, she said her decision to end her life was "selfish" but she would "bring shame on the family" if she lost the case.

'Stacked against her'

Ms de Freitas's father told the hearing how his daughter had had some support withdrawn in the months leading up to her death, following the decision to prosecute her.

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“Start Quote

We are disappointed the coroner did not allow us to explore what we believe are serious failings by a state body - the CPS”

David de Freitas

He said: "She had been receiving counselling for rape. But she was denied access to counselling from the moment she received summons (for perverting the course of justice)."

He added: "She felt everything was stacked against her, and that things were just steam-rollering.

"She was massively upset by that."

He said his daughter began wearing a burka to court appearances through fear of publicity and would sometimes only leave the house after dark.

Dr Chris Bench, Ms de Freitas's consultant psychiatrist from 2009 until her death, said he made an assessment of his patient's treatment at every appointment.

Suicidal thoughts

The court heard Ms de Freitas, a former Durham University student, had suicidal thoughts twice, and Dr Bench considered her not fit to appear in court in September 2013.

He said Ms de Freitas was concerned the judge did not seem very sympathetic to her mental state when she appeared as a defendant.

He said she was well enough to attend court again when he saw her on 27 March last year, his final appointment with Ms de Freitas before her death.

Speaking outside the inquest, Mr de Freitas said said: "The coroner has accepted the prosecution was a significant stressor which led to my daughter Eleanor taking her own life.

"We are therefore disappointed the coroner did not allow us to explore what we believe are serious failings by a state body - the CPS.

"The inquest should be an opportunity for scrutiny and to learn lessons from this tragic death."

Lots of mass high-level, and incendiary* rape/sex slavery/paedophilia ring cases in the UK going on.

Besides the evangelical purposes and uses of projecting India as rape central, wonder to what extent the UK hand in the attack on India is an attempt to project attention away from themselves and the quagmire they're in.

* The above sort of case is considered incendiary - it is exactly what sets feminists off - since it is controversial: you know certain groups of people will take sides, convinced of one thing or another. E.g. some were already convinced that the British govt is oppressing its women and treating their witness like 1/4th that of men (rather like sharia), and cases that are somewhat in the grey-area, such as the above, will merely be taken to prove their point that there is a concerted effort to downplay and discredit. Others will rather read the above as further evidence for how those who claim x% of rape claims are false. (Also seen in the way the Telegraph is interested in directing its readers.)

It's a mini powder keg. Actually it's a major powder keg in the west. They've had to "handle" it regularly.

For example:

I remember Down Under news from some years back of how a great number of men in the police force were accused of sexual assault and rape of the populace over the years and yet were still in service. Victims and their supporters were aghast. The protest built up massively, until the police had to post female officers to guard their premises from being vandalised/attacked/stormed or whatever they feared from the angry public (IIRC the photos showed protesters burning effigees of the police force in the end).

But people got even more incensed at the police having posted female police officers in order to protect the institution from the public. Instead of alleviating criticism, it heightened it. People were angry at the female police officers for having chosen the side of the attackers and those in power who abused the system by not putting the attackers behind bars. But IIRC the public was mostly furious that the men had deliberately posted the female officers knowing that the public wouldn't confront them, despite vengeful feelings (in an attempt to prevent them from giving vent to it) since female officers were as per gender part of the wronged population.

No beeb documentary on that either, BTW (then or now). But IIRC the public was convinced it was an epidemic in the police force. Will try to track down the item.

^ But goes to show the other side of high-and-mighty entities (alien and anti-Indian Indians) who project India's police force as "opportunistic rapists too". Well the christoislamic ones in the police and armed forces certainly are rapists or otherwise criminal. But then that's the result of minorityism and the minority quota. Just like a crazy evangelist is using his government service to go about peddling jeebus. Christoislamics are always vilely christoislamic in behaviour in any position, respectable or criminal.

4. Speaking of law enforcement gone shady -

And here is only the nth report in recent times on AmriKKKan police officers bashing persons most noticeably of non-Euro origins.

"Land of the free" was always an odd phrase to attach to the US. Must have been a reference to the AmriKKKans alone, not to the people they kidnapped from their homelands and communities into enslavement and an early grave.


Quote:Black Student's Bloody Arrest Sparks Outrage

The arrest of University of Virginia student Martese Johnson, who needed 10 stitches in his head, stirs calls for a probe.

10:39, UK, Thursday 19 March 2015

Video: Moment Of Martese Johnson's Arrest

By Sky News US Team

The governor of Virginia is calling for an investigation into the arrest of a college student who was shown in a photo with his face bloody as he was held down by an officer.

The arrest of Martese Johnson, a University of Virginia student, by a Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control Agent outside a pub, is quickly turning into a national controversy.

About 1,000 students gathered at the University of Virginia campus on Wednesday night to demand justice for the student, while Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe asked state police to investigate "the use of force in this matter".

In a video posted on the website of the University of Virginia student newspaper, three apparently white officers are holding Mr Johnson down. "His head is bleeding," a voice yells.

Martese Johnson being restrained by police in Virginia. Pic: Bryan Beaubrun/The Cavalier Daily

This photo sparked outrage. Pic: Bryan Beaubrun/The Cavalier Daily

"I go to UVA," Mr Johnson yells repeatedly, before using an expletive as he calls the officers "racists".

The Alcoholic Beverage Control agent who made the arrest said in the arrest report that Mr Johnson "was very agitated and belligerent".

Video: Campus Rally After Student's Arrest

Mr Johnson was charged with obstruction of justice without force, and public swearing or intoxication.

A statement from a group calling itself "Concerned Black Students," however, claims the arrest was unprovoked and extreme.

Mr Johnson needed 10 stitches in his head, according to his lawyer, who denied earlier reports that his client has been accused of having fake ID.

"Just before handcuffing him, police took Martese to the ground, striking his head on the pavement and causing him to bleed profusely from the gash on his head," said the lawyer, Daniel P Watkins.

"We are preparing to investigate and defend this matter vigorously."

Video: Riots And Racial Tension: A History

Mr Johnson's arrest is the latest incident in which police have injured or killed unarmed African-American men in the United States.

Mr Watkins said the student "is absolutely devastated" by what happened.

He said the 20-year-old, third-year student, majoring in Italian and Media Studies, holds "numerous leadership positions" at the school, and has no criminal record.

Mr Johnson was treated at hospital and then released. He attended the student rally held on campus, where he spoke briefly and at times fought back tears.

"I beg for you guys to please respect everyone here," he told the crowd. "We really are one community."

(Graphic pictures of the brutalised man at the link.)

Soon we'll hear -again- how the AmriKKKan cops involved are "really good people"; how it's all a misrepresentation. Etc etc.

But no comment from Obama? No soundbyte? He, so famous for pontificating that intolerance was increasing in India? (As even I had predicted he would: it's dictated by AmeriKKKan foreign policy on India, so it wasn't any brilliant foresight on my part, just as my expectation that the BJP govt wouldn't have foreseen it - and would be caught totally off guard and hapless and left scratching their heads and making comebacks long after the AmeriKKKan hit-and-run - was also nothing clever).

To repeat, where's Obama - who parroted the evangelical/foreign policy script given to him by the real puppet masters - and who lectured on intolerance in India? Actually he's right, but in a different way from the insinuations in his script. There's massive intolerance in India - it's been increasing to extreme levels, all emanating from the monotheist demons (=christoislamicommunists) and their Useful Idiot psecular friends infesting India. <- One day the cannibal that is christoislamism is going to gorge itself on the psecular facilitators' flesh too, and it will all be because of their own doing, and hence totally deserved.

The genocide of the Yezidis - only just now recognised by the UN (probably because Yezidis have now been significantly extincted, else the UN would never have finally publicised that they have taken [prolonged, silent] note of the mass-murder of non-christoislamics)

Again: the christoislamaniac genocide of the Yezidis is what happens to all who refuse to convert to christoislamania. So India's Useful Idiots really should convert readily, before the Khalifate gets a foothold/gets established in India too. The Caliphate will come, whether India is ready or not: Khalifate movements are programmed to involve the global ummah, being a pan-territorial, pan-islamic thing - actually, pan-christoislamic (several Middle-Eastern christians have eagerly joined up too, and no doubt India's Syrian christians will lead the way in treachery - as they did with the Portuguese christo invaders as well - were ISIS to start flying flags in India).
1. Supporting links for the following statements made in the previous post:

[quote name='Husky' date='19 March 2015 - 09:07 PM' timestamp='1426778953' post='117608']

I remember Down Under news from some years back of how a great number of men in the police force were accused of sexual assault and rape of the populace over the years and yet were still in service. Victims and their supporters were aghast. The protest built up massively, until the police had to post female officers to guard their premises from being vandalised/attacked/stormed or whatever they feared from the angry public (IIRC the photos showed protesters burning effigees of the police force in the end).

But people got even more incensed at the police having posted female police officers in order to protect the institution from the public. Instead of alleviating criticism, it heightened it. People were angry at the female police officers for having chosen the side of the attackers and those in power who abused the system by not putting the attackers behind bars. But IIRC the public was mostly furious that the men had deliberately posted the female officers knowing that the public wouldn't confront them, despite vengeful feelings (in an attempt to prevent them from giving vent to it) since female officers were as per gender part of the wronged population.[/quote]

Note the news reports to follow are from 2007 (good that I saved the news back then), also on "International Women's Day".

The country in question is New Zealand:

old link: tv3.co.nz/Effigyburnedasprotestersmarchinaidofsexabusevictims/tabid/209/articleID/22738/Default.aspx

New link: 3news.co.nz/nznews/effigy-burned-as-protesters-march-in-aid-of-sex-abuse-victims-2007030822

Quote:Effigy burned as protesters march in aid of sex abuse victims

Protesters came face to face with police in Wellington this evening, during a march in aid of rape and sex abuse victims.

Around 200 mostly women marched through the city enroute to the High Court.

They're a backlash from the not guilty verdicts given to Clint Rickards and two former officers, and also mark International Women's Day.

RadioLIVE's Heather du Plessis-Allan was in Wellington, and reported tension when the group reached the city's main police station.

The protest march ended with an effigy of a police officer being set alight outside the front doors of the High Court.

More on this story:

Thu 08-Mar-2007


(Sorry, this link has expired. But I'd saved the page back in 2007.

As an alternative, another link on the subject of the police having deployed female officers at the time, and this aggravating the protestors, is at nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10427899)

Quote:Police defend using female officers in rape protest

Female Police Officers on duty at yesterdays rape protest

Police in Wellington say there was a very good reason why they used a thin blue line of women officers to protect the central station from protestors last night.

Crowds of mainly women demonstrated in Wellington and Auckland last night against what they say is a Police culture of rape.

It follows the acquittals of Assistant Commissioner Clint Rickards in two sex offences trials.

Wellington Central commander Inspector Peter Cowan says he used female officers to defuse a volatile situation and show the new look of 2007 Police.

More on this story:

Thu 08-Mar-2007

There were more links from where the various points in my summary were drawn, but the above news items should have enough keywords in then for anyone who wants to look into the issue some more.

ADDED: Some more links to old news on the original item at the end of this post.

On this line from the 2nd item:

Quote:Crowds of mainly women demonstrated in Wellington and Auckland last night against what they say is a Police culture of rape.

Wait wait, did I read that right? Did "crowds of mainly women" declare there is - or at least still was back in 2007 - a "police culture of rape" in New Zealand? Quick someone, call Dawkins. Or what's-its-face, that documentary woman. Time for them to demonstrate how they're not hypocrites, by once more venting their self-righteous lectures at other populations even as they conveniently keep themselves ignorant of their own. At least Dawkins won't be caught dead playing hypocrite (again), surely? I mean, hypocrisy must be THE most blatant unscience ever: it means to be [logically] inconsistent. And logic is the cheapest of all science, and doesn't even require a brain [I would know]. And if you can't even do logic, ... well, then you should certainly not be allowed near any other science, obviously. Ergo, hence and therefore, we may safely assume that - even without Dawkins having uttered a syllable on the matter - that Dawkins would have the *same* opinions on the New Zealand police and their apparent "culture of rape" as he mouthed off about India/ns.

And as Dawkins cannot be both a hypocrite and a scientist at the same time, we *know* that he'd be equally condemnatory about the rape culture in AmeriKKKa which was recently revealed by those studies on how 1/3 of mostly white American male uni/tertiary male students would be willing to rape women if only they could get away with it. [Anyone else creeped out? That there's nothing but a veneer of being civilised? And that if anything dented their 'civilisation' AmeriKKKa will turn into the Wild West part deux?] Repeat:


Quote:A third of male university students say they would rape a woman if there no were no consequences

Jon Stone

Wednesday 14 January 2015


Roughly one third of male university students who took part in a study would rape a woman if there were no consequences, according to a new scientific study.

The research, published in the scientific journal Violence and Gender, presented mostly white male American participants a questionnaire on how they would act in certain sexual situations.

Dawkins may not have said anything on the subject yet. But we already know the exact words he'd have used against his American counterparts at university. (These words being the same as those he meted out at Indians. Something or to about rape and "tradition" or whatever. Sorry, he doesn't create memorable soundbytes - no way with words - so can't remember. He's not bad for summarising, but he's not quotable. Then again, I'm no poet either.)

* On "International Women's day".

My old Q again: when the foreign powers that be - is it the UN in this case? - set aside a day for women (uh, are women expected to be grateful?), if said powers don't at the same time set aside a day for men, it feels like they're implying one of two things, neither very egalitarian:

1. that the other 364/365 days are implicitly earmarked for men.

2. or else that men don't deserve a day dedicated to them and their concerns

I mean, let's be honest, 50% of the humanity on our planet is made up of one gender, and about 50% of the other. <- I always need a minute to recover after making such profound observations as this. :applauds self:

Note how either way, it's not a very egalitarian implication that the UN has enforced.

Oh, I see there is an International Men's Day after all. But of course it was but lately and reactively created, and it was also well beyond the UN to think to come up with it (not their invention):


Quote:International Men's Day (IMD) is an annual international event celebrated on 19 November. Inaugurated in 1992 on 7 February by Prof Thomas Oaster,[1] the project was re-initialised in 1999 in Trinidad and Tobago.[2] The longest running celebration of International men's day is Malta, where events have occurred since 7 February 1994.[3]

International Men's Day, now standardised globally as 19 November finds support from a variety of individuals and groups in Australia, the Caribbean, North America, Asia, Europe and Africa.[2][4] Speaking on behalf of UNESCO, Director of Women and Culture of Peace Ingeborg Breines said of IMD, "This is an excellent idea and would give some gender balance." She added that UNESCO was looking forward to cooperating with the organizers.[2]
The bold bit is an admission that the UN's own and much longer-standing "International women's day" creation is what instituted the particular gender imbalance alluded to. "Ya don't say..." When even I could have predicted that.

2. Supporting links for:

[quote name='Husky' date='22 June 2014 - 12:39 AM' timestamp='1403377299' post='117278']

E.g. the famous cannibal American cop's court case (but not so famous that AmeriKKKa as a whole got tarred by it) - the one who planned to rape, torture and eat his wife and then repeat that cycle on a host of other women. He was part of an internet clique who were into this sort of thing. May try to post some links to supporting data for this some other time.



Quote: N.Y. / Region

‘Ugly Thoughts’ Defense Fails as Officer Is Convicted in Cannibal Plot


And if people thought that was scary:


Quote: N.Y. / Region

Ruling in Cannibal Case Revives Debate Over When a Fantasy Crosses a Criminal Line


Oh the "fantasy" excuse. If the would-be cannibal-rapist-murderer had succeeded, they'd have referred to his alleged "fantasy" as pre-meditation, right? After all, the only thing that got him off the hook above is that his increasingly fervent planning had been prevented by his wife finding out about his designs against her (and others) by her IIRC having accidentally found and read his sick conspiring with his fellow rapist-cannibals.

Anyway. If the guy is freed, he may be careful for some time. But one day his evil inner self will force itself to manifest and someone will die. Horribly. And then there will be great but pointless lamenting in the US justice system of how they should have recognised pre-meditation as pre-meditation instead of dismissing the obvious-scheming/plotting as fantasy.

Wanneer de koe verdronken is dempt men de put.


1. nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10427899

2. nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10427883

3. tvnz.co.nz/view/page/423466/1011669

Quote:Clark warns police report damning

Published: 8:08AM Monday March 05, 2007 Source: One News/Newstalk ZB

Shipton and Schollum face threats

Clark knew Rickards faced charges

New allegations against Shipton

Prime Minister Helen Clark is hinting that the findings of the Commission of Inquiry into police conduct will be damning.


The prime minister says the issue has always been whether the police rape allegations relate to a historical culture within the force, or whether it is still a contemporary matter.

Clark is also hinting that it will be alarming to police bosses as well. She says she is sure the country will hear more from police when they are in a position to speak.

Clark says she is appalled by some of the evidence which was raised in the police sex trials. She says she has serious doubts a teenage girl would consent to having group sex with police officers.

She says she is constrained in what she can say about the historical sex cases involving suspended Assistant Police Commissioner Clint Rickards, Bob Schollum and Brad Shipton. But says she has to question whether there can be any genuine consent when you have police officers in a position of responsibility in a community engaging in group sex with a teenage girl.


The 2nd article is particularly important:


(Reveals that the W Bengal nun was gangraped by Bangladeshi muslims. Not a surprise: crime was obviously christoislamic in nature and intent. But the article is also about how it's a part of a larger, sinister conspiracy by the anti-Indian nexus. Not a surprise either, I suppose.)

A week or so ago, the BBC was busy reporting the gangrape by some christoislamaniacs of some nun infesting West Bengal. As the perpetrators had not yet been caught, the BBC and its Indian informants (aka christos) were doing their best trying to insinuate that it must be Hindoos: not only did they ascribe this to part of the manufactured "rape culture in India" drama, but they didn't omit the whole "christians are increasingly persecuted in India" with reference to the countless churches vandalised in India by christos themselves with an intention on blaming Hindus.

Meanwhile, the Beeb of course did NOT report on christian clergy raping minors in christian orphanages, see (1) below.

nor does there seem to have been any international attention given to the actual outcome of who gangraped the 70 year old nun: as it happens it was christoislamics. From Bangladesh. See (2) below.

But, in a stroke of typically desperate christian opportunism, the christian infestation in India (operating under Hindu names, i.e. cryptochristists) have however seen fit to latch on to the fact that it was their own brothers in monotheism from Bangladesh who had raped their nun, and thus tried to shift the blame off christian rapists in other cases on to islamaniacs too: comments to the news item in (1) below show cryptochristos trying to insinuate that the news of the christian clergyman raping an orphan "must [christomagically] be" a muslim too, and that he is not a christian let alone a christian clergyman. But christians are good at pulling lies out of thin air to delude themselves that jeebusism is not an excuse for paedophilia and rape: christo lies are not only meant to brainwash others with.

1. Note how the international media did not care about the following: to them, christian clergy in India raping children is okay, a fact to be hidden from the limelight by drowning in silence. But gangrapists of a nun - for as long as their religious affiliation is unknown - immediately get Hindoos imputed. When it turns out that Bangladeshi christoislamaniacs gangraped the nun, the international news outlets that had peddled the story about everywhere - with feigned sympathy for their own nun - are nowhere to be seen.

C.f. at least even the NYT et al's lying about the "systematic rapes" by the Serb army against the islamaniac Albanians got some tiny retraction in fine print on page Z. But like Indian christomedia, international christomedia is nowhere to be seen correcting the insinuations=lies they spun about the latest nun gangrape story. More proof that christianism=the religion of compulsive lying for gawd. ("Lying for gawd" phrase stolen from jesusneverexisted.com)


Quote:West Bengal: 16-year-old girl tortured, raped by clergyman for a month

Thursday, 5 February 2015 - 12:31am IST | Place: Chinsurah (WB) | Agency: PTI

A 16-year-old girl from Hooghly-based rehabilitation home for women was allegedly raped and tortured for a month by a clergyman, police said on Wednesday.

A 16-year-old girl from Hooghly-based rehabilitation home for women was allegedly raped and tortured for a month by a clergyman, police said on Wednesday.

According to a complaint filed by an NGO at the local police station, the clergyman, belonging to 'Gurap Bhastara Christian Home' had been allegedly torturing and raping the minor for a month. The victim had been living in the Home for about a year. The accused was arrested last night under Section 376 of the IPC, charging him with rape and torture, police said.

Police officers were on Wednesday sent to the Home to investigate the matter, Sub-divisional officer Sadar, Sudip Sarkar said. The arrested clergyman was produced before a local court here, which remanded him to 14-days judicial custody.

Meanwhile, the minor was shifted to a government-run home in the same district. West Bengal Social Welfare Department officers visited the Home and spoke with the inmates and the victim.

Can check out the comments to look at the desperate cryptochristists, labouring under stolen Hindu names, jumping through hoops (and manufacturing factoids like how the clergyman at the christian centre must magically be islamic instead) to exonerate christianism, even if to do it they had to resort to blaming their own dear brothers in monotheism - the islamaniacs.

After all, christians were caught conspiring with islamania yet again to blame the islamic gangrape of a christian nun on Hindus, just as years back, christians had conspired with the islamic Deendar anjuman outfit to blow up churches and blame this on Hindus. Usually christians tend to rape their own and vandalise their own churches (as seen again recently at


"Stones were pelted on Mangalore church by disgruntled former employee")

I really hope that India's Hindus stop feeling sorry for Indian christos, who have always and will ever continue to conspire with islam, as they have done in everything so far. There's no choosing between the two adherents of the demon ideologies. Though the whole India as "rape central" allegation and ascribing it to "tradition" is clearly the brainchild of christianism, and masterminded by foreign puppet masters (Indian christians are too stupid for this). As also indicated in the article to follow, the west - and therefore Indian christianism - is hand in glove with islam in this.

On the day that islamania finally gets booted out of the subcontinent - if it ever does - Hindoos must make sure that christomania gets booted out too. If you will retain the christian infestation, then may retain the islamic infestation too: let's not discriminate between the equally deadly monotheisms (although islamania is slightly better: being more honest about its intent to destroy, and less backstabbing. Christianism is the viler religion by a margin.)

2. Nun gang-rape by Bangladeshi islamaniacs was designed - by both the islamics and their christo brothers infesting India - to blame Hindus. Tragically for christoislamics, the religious affiliation of the real perpetrators has been outed.

The evidence for the christian part in the joint christoislamic conspiracy to blame Hindus for the christoislamic gangrape of the nun can be adduced from the fact that Indian christomedia - which had been busy insinuating left and right that Hindoos must be to blame - are now dead silent when it turns out the perpetrators were Bangladeshi islamaniacs. Their own conspiracy with islam revealed, they can do little *but* remain silent and pretend nothing happened. IIRC the nun was all too happy to declare she forgived the perpetrators (now that she knew it was her brothers in monotheism. Else like her predecessors, she'd still be insisting that "Hindoos did it". E.g. the Orissan nun who was inserted by the church to hog the limelight after the christian murder of Swami Lakshmanananda, which nun claimed to have been gangraped and insisted it must have been Hindus, but after investigations she was forced to admit it wasn't a gangrape "after all", but only one assailant and then the whole matter trailed off into typical christian silence, by which we can assume that some christoislamic did it or that she just made it up, like IIRC the Jhabua nuns did, ref "Justice Wadhwa commission").


Quote:Ranaghat atrocity part of ISI’s Operation Equal Blame

The ISI has increased its budget by six times to ensure that India and Pakistan share the same brackets on issues of human rights.

MADHAV NALAPAT New Delhi | 21st Mar 2015

The Ranaghat atrocity, where a 72-year-old Catholic nun was violated by three young men, was carried out through an extremist organisation based in Khulna in Bangladesh, say analysts based within the territories of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

The organisation "used recruits from two different faiths for the operation, and arranged their return to Bangladesh within hours of the atrocity", thereby making it problematic that the actual perpetrators would ever get apprehended. More disturbingly, these sources allege that a section of the local police in the vicinity of the seminary "was aware of the planned operation, and agreed to ensure safe passage" to the perpetrators. They, however, denied that any political party had a role to play in the heinous crime, which has traumatised the peaceful and progressive Christian community throughout India. "Elements in the local police ensured that the follow-up action (after the rape) was first delayed and then taken in such a fashion that evidence got destroyed" and that "even though the extremist youth shown on the CCTV cameras were moving around in the neighbourhood for six days before the assault, the local police failed to bring in residents of the area who could have identified them". They claim that after such a botch-up of the initial leads in the case, "only the usual suspects will get rounded up by the CBI, which is relying on the local police for assistance in solving a crime that the latter allowed to take place", and hence that "the actual planners and facilitators of the attack will escape".

The speedy finger-pointing over the Ranaghat atrocity has to be seen in the context of efforts by numerous international organisations to characterise the Narendra Modi-led NDA government as a fanatic band of majoritarians dedicated to the submission of the minorities to their will. GCC-based analysts say that since the Narendra Modi-led NDA government came to power at the Centre on 26 May 2014, Pakistan's ISI has increased its budget by six times for "operation equal blame", designed to ensure that India and Pakistan share the same brackets on issues of human rights highlighted by the "international community" (the usual shorthand for NATO member-states). According to these GCC-based analysts, who track the activities in Bangladesh and Nepal of the ISI and its associated groups internationally, the organisation has since 2011 set up a budget to fund attacks on Christian organisations and priests in India, so as to ensure that the international media report India in the same way as they do Pakistan, a country where the Christian community has been discriminated against since the 1980s and where members of the community are routinely killed or converted through threats. Such activity has been sharply stepped up since the middle of last year.

"There is a perception that the ISI recruits only Muslims, when the fact is that in India, more than a third of active and dupe recruits (i.e. those unaware that they are working for the Pakistan-based espionage agency) are Hindus and even a few from other communities", an analyst based in an Abu Dhabi agency revealed, adding that "it does not take much money or persuasion to ensure that acts of violence get committed in a country where poverty is rife".

Over the past four years, the ISI has liaised through its associates with NGOs and individuals worldwide to "facilitate the preparation of reports which seek to show that India is a country where Christians and Muslims are grossly discriminated against", said a US-based analyst, who pointed out that the effort is to ensure that the US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) succeeds in lobbying the US government to place India in the same bracket as Pakistan when the Obama administration makes public its report on international religious freedom by end-April. NGOs such as Amnesty International have lately been bracketing India in the same category as Iraq and Nigeria, where the treatment of minorities is concerned, periodically briefing policymakers within the NATO bloc about events in India. In this context, it has relied on reports such as a "300 Days" report card of the Modi government, which claims that there have been 600 egregious attacks on minorities during this period, 450 against Muslims and the rest against Christians. What goes unmentioned is that much higher figures exist for attacks against Hindus in the same period, or that in previous 300-day periods when the UPA was in office, the figures were much higher. "From New York to Geneva to London, squads from the ISI have been active in ensuring that a stream of misinformation reaches policymakers about the situation in India", a process in which they have been aided by several well-intentioned individuals and groups who have jumped onto the "India is fascist" bandwagon being propelled by some politicians in India eager to discredit the Modi government.

When President Barack Obama visited India for the 26 January Republic Day parade, he flagged five concerns of his government: religious freedom, status of Dalits, slavery, violence against women and overall human rights. Not accidentally, an international campaign is now on to show that India is deficient on all five counts, with the US House of Representatives passing for the first time a resolution on the status of Dalits in India (HR 566, 113th Congress) in a context where the EU has since 2006 passed six resolutions against India on the same subject. Recently, a documentary by a filmmaker linked to an NGO, which sought to show India as a country where rape was commonplace (when the statistics show the country to be safer than the US or several of its European allies), was shown on the BBC. The NDA government's clumsy reaction of banning the filming in India ensured global publicity for the documentary, thereby playing into the hands of the traducers of India. Not surprisingly, there have been several high-profile screenings of the "banned" BBC documentary in various NATO capitals and metropolitan centres, in a context where the US House of Representatives on 6 March and the US Senate on 11 March discussed the subject of violence against women in India in very critical language, a precursor of condemnations to come on this and the subject of "slavery", i.e. child labour in India. Interestingly, a child labour campaigner in India has won last year's Nobel Peace Prize, joining a list of winners that includes Barack Obama and Henry Kissinger, but excludes Mahatma Gandhi.

Ominously, efforts are on by some NGOs and their patrons to ensure a mammoth march of farmers to Delhi in May, this time with a view towards ensuring physical clashes with law enforcement officials. Two earlier marches have taken place, the last a few days ago, on the issue of pollution in the Yamuna river. NGOs, trade unions and farmers organisations are meeting with political and other elements in order to launch a coordinated campaign against the Narendra Modi government in the coming weeks, both nationally as well as internationally.

All that can be said with certainty is that those who indulge in violence which could get interpreted as a hate crime, such as the recent attacks on Christian institutions across India, are playing to a tune which promotes the ISI's "operation equal blame", thereby assisting that organisation to succeed in portraying India in international fora as being as much of a serial abuser of the rights of the minorities as Pakistan, when the reality is very different.

Hmmm. Recently I've come across 3 news items of rape cases where I live, where the assailant was described as looking "Indian". But "Indian" is *exactly* how people would describe the looks of Pukestanis and Bungladeshis too. And the subcontinent's christoislamics are famous for raping women.

Add to that that until recently, I've *never* come across any rapes here where the assailant was described as Indian, they were always recorded as Caucasians, Arabs, everything but Indian etc. And I read local news, not just international news regularly.

I already thought the sudden appearance of "Indian" looking rapists was a bit suspect and thought that Pukestanis from E/W TSP seemed more to fit the bill - especially as their numbers here have lately exploded - or that it must have been (as always) christoislamics of Indian antecedents, but in light of the above article, I now think there's a larger game afoot.

3. Some of the comments to the article at Sunday Guardian are interesting for different reasons:


Quote:Zulfiqar Ali [in response to] ashok759 • 5 days ago

Which government? You mean Momta will listen to Modi? How about NDTV, TimesNow? If NDTV can run for 25 years without even operationally profitable, it is imperative to understand that it is part of the agenda and not beguiled third party. Similarly Momta in her own submission has admitted of having disbursed 86 Lakh higher education scholarships to Muslims in WB. WB has total 2.3 Cr muslims and mostly un-educated to even ask for primary education scholarship. She has given those funds to Bangladesh Muslims who is her vote now. Come here in North and South Pargannas and see how new voter lists are getting created in Mosques.

We Muslims are with Modi now. The problem is TMC goons are killing us and registering a vote for a Bangladeshi migrant on same name. Our village had 2300 votes when the population is merely 270.





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Calculusorganic Trigonametryal Zulfiqar Ali • 5 days ago

TMC is destroying the original muslims.In gujrat,nearly all muslims are educated and earns lot of money.





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JVG Calculusorganic Trigonametryal • 5 days ago

What the heck do you mean by original Muslims?




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Calculusorganic Trigonametryal JVG • 5 days ago

The muslims who belong to west bengal,and not to bangladesh.



Prashant S. • 6 days ago

Where Hindus are in a minority - in Pakistan, Bangladesh and even in India (J&K, Kerala, N-E, districts in WB/UP/TN), the Hindus are subject to unspeakable atrocities. And no one covers this - there is a deep conspiracy of silence here.

Where Hindus are in a majority, these very same minorities are united in painting Hindus as 'communal', 'violent', 'rapists', 'anti-women' etc. These minorities are supported by Main Stream Media who have been infiltrated by these very same vested interests. Here there is a deep conspiracy of creating propaganda.

The twin forces of the conspiracy of silence and the conspiracy of creating propaganda are creating an effect on the minds of people outside India AND as importantly inside India. These tactics have been used by the US since the 1920s with people like Edward Bernays using these tools of psychology and mass-media with devastating effect.

Knowledge of psychology and human frailties, like a sword in a monkey's hands, will always be misused to propagate ego-fuelled intentions. It is time we expose the real monkeys and this article does a great job of doing so.





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Zulfiqar Ali [in response to] Prashant S. • 5 days ago

No brother. TMC is killing us Muslims in Bengal and replacing it with Bangladeshi migrant Muslim. Bangaladeshi Muslims being very poor can do anything for 200 taka. They are asked to come here and multiply in dozens in 2-3 years to create solid vote bank for TMC. Earlier we were asked the same thing, but now we have realized that we are given rice only in the election year. She has given 86 Lakh higher education scholarships to Bangladeshi Muslims from state exchecker. We want to convert to Hinduism but none is here to help. we went to Ramkrishna Mission mutt here but the Mahant here was badly beaten and nearly killed by the Imams.





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As to Zulfiqar's comment that he and others he knows (he used the word "we") wish to revert to Hindu religion, I think VHP/RSS etc should publicise rites whereby ethnic reverts can perform homecoming ceremonies on themselves in private, at home, and can complete a more full-blown one at their discretion later on if they wish.

If there's no other option or opportunity, then ethnic Indians who want to revert can at least put a pinch of turmeric in a hand, drizzle a little water on it, and sprinkle the mix on their heads using the right hand while uttering the Vedic shlokam starting with "Sarva Mangala" to Devi. It is a purifying statement used by many Hindoos for everyday purifications. But - where there is sincerity and the intention to loyalty in the act in a would-be ethnic revert - the rest will be up to Ambaal to ensure that the revert makes it safely home to all its ancestral Gods. All reversions to ancestral heathenism are up to the Gods alone, anyway: only they can ensure proper reversion. (This is as true for Hindu religion as for Hellenismos and Taoism, say.)

If they wish to undergo fuller reversion ceremonies (I would), reverts can do so when the chance may present itself.

But, in the meantime, if reverts wish to bat for their Hindoo-dom and their ancestral Gods (and no service is greater than that to the Gods), they can do what cryptochristos and cryptoislamics do: pretend to be of another religion while attacking it. I.e. reverts to Hindoo religion can use their given christoislamic names in online fora to expose christoislam and defend the Hindoo Gods, the Hindoos and Hindoo temples (i.e. defend Hindoo-dom). Energetically defending their ancestral heathenism, just like that great revert to heathenism - the Imperial Hellene Julian - did.

Hindoos are fighting a losing battle. There is no more peace to be found for Hindoos, since christoislamics have brought their total war almost into Hindoos' homes. Therefore, unless reverts lend a hand in the battle, there will be nothing for them to return to, but a besieged dying religion. The time is past where ethnic Indians could revert and expect to be met with a subsequent life of mere peace. Now, the harrowing starts here: when you are a Hindoo, practically every christoislamaniac is conspiring to prevent you from being a Hindoo, from threatening Hindoos' lives to preventing them from having access to temples, from perceiving the images of their Gods correctly, or from reading their texts correctly without subverted views.

Therefore persons in the same boat as Zulfiqar - means Scimitar, right? (?) - can't put down the Scimitar yet, but have the opportunity to strike a blow in favour of Hindoo-dom - and in fact, for all heathenisms - by defending heathenism using what they know about christoislamism. (The way the reverted Emperor Julian used his knowledge of christianism to deny any legitimacy to it.)

If more ethnic reverts were to take up arms against christoislam, maybe - though even then, this is a small maybe - Hindoo-dom stands a chance. Because, as the matter is now, Hindu religion and its adherents are destined for a very miserable end, with *no* resurrection of it possible (reconstructions don't work, they get de-railed into oryanisms, and neo-paganism is a christianism masquerading as a wannabe heathenism).

A piece of advice that RSS/VHP/etc should give to those would-be reverts without a support network nearby is that if the opportunity ever presents itself, reverts should further also move out of whatever town they are in, to a new locality where they are wholly unknown, so that no one would suspect that they'd been reared christoislamic: then christoislamics can't terrorise them for their "apostasy".

And reverts should acquire as many images of Hindoo Gods as will make them happy - the web has lots of ethnic Hindu sites with authentic Hindoo imagery (i.e. made by ethnic Hindoos) made available for free. Cultivating closeness to the Gods will ensure successful shuddhi and enable proper reversion: only the Gods can reveal their nature, no one can reveal the Gods for others. (But their natures are captured truly and accurately in Hindu stotras/mantras, in Hindoos' traditional texts. Therefore reverts would do well to gain access to stotras/Hindoo texts from traditional sources - not from subversive sources, obviously - many of which are available for free. If translations are needed, to aid in understanding, look up translations by traditional ethnic Hindoos onlee, *never* aliens of any sort nor the subverted.)

And this comment at the same link. I've lost count of how often I've seen this sort of tripe:


Quote: cm2522 • 5 days ago

Assuming this is true ...

wtf are the khaki chaddis doing ????

or are they just bol bachhans

The real question is what is CM2522 going to do about the matter now that he has read what's going on.

Typical angelsk-speaking Indian armchair "nationalist"/self-proclaimed intellectual=moron: always expects others - RSS, VHP etc - to fix everything for him/her/it, to carry everyone else out of the quagmire, and to even die for the cause if it came to that.

But as always, the armchair whinies will do nothing themselves to solve the massive problems, not lift a finger, other than to type their commands and criticisms to RSS/VHP in some online comment, blog or twitter, in the great belief that that counts as their contribution.

I'm surprised no one in RSS/VHP/etc told these utterly useless entities lecturing/commanding them about to Shut Up or Get Lost. Of course the VHP/RSS is all too hopelessly kind and considerate of others to say any such thing. But personally, I'd have told the whiny entities to drop dead: less rubbish to contend with.

The links and blockquotes are the important part, of which the 2nd article archived in this post is the most important, though I think most people would have seen it already.

The link is:

As always I'm like weeks behind.

Radha Rajan already said everything I said in the previous post (but better), everything I wanted to say but didn't remember to, plus a whole lot more:


March 26, 2015

Media buries the Nun gang rape

by Radha Rajan

Stick with my conclusion that the gangrape of the nun - alleged or otherwise - and all incidents surrounding it are nothing less than a joint christoislamic conspiracy to blame Hindus.

Radha makes another important remark in one of the comments to the above article when she argues that Hindoos absolutely need state power if they want to survive. Only wished that state power now could have been in the hands of actual Hindoos, i.e. heathens (like Shivaji and Julian). Sigh.

Well, what is in everyday Hindoos' power is to aid would-be reverts in the reversion process. Should let it be known to all that any Hindoo individual (not necessarily VHP/RSS) may be approached for help with reverting or at least to start off the homecoming process. Everyone can be a lay RSS member this way and in one step help both would-be reverts to return home and help the much-maligned altruistic RSS in their relentless service to their dear Motherland and its Hindus.

When one has verified would-be reverts' sincerity in their expressed inclination to return to heathenism, can help them understand/naturally view the Gods from the traditional Hindoo POV, and impart to them whatever knowledge one has of the Gods. If the reversion is successful so the revert seems quite secured in heathenism and immune to christoislam and subversion, then it's not a bad time to marry or otherwise adopt the revert into the family. <- As happened in Kerala with some ex-muslims who reverted back properly and who were adopted/were married into a Namboodiri family. (See the cases of Ramasingham and Daya Simham at HaindavaKeralam)

Adopting reverts into traditional Hindoo families, such as by marrying reverts into it, will also give a family/support network to the reverts and further injects zealous reverts (as Rama Simham and his brother were) into families. Contrast with Hindu families nowadays thoughtlessly marrying off their kids to secular self-described 'Hindus' who are not even heathens.

In fact, I think Hindoos can go one step further than helping reverts come home. Can be pro-active: should try to get any shake-nines that are stuck in christoislamism back into heathenism. There are surprisingly *many* shake-nines. Hindus should stop wasting the opportunity.

Here's a well-timed example of one class of shake-nines documented at the Rajeev2004 blog:


which links to a news report on a "muslim" who quotes the Vedas as *authority* for why the Cow is the VishwaMata and needs protection. Why has the RSS/VHP not just brought this person back home? He is so *obviously* a Hindu in all but self-labelling/self-perception. I mean, who but a Hindoo would quote the Vedam for his/her authority? Not even the other Indic religions would. (And did I mention this 'muslim' is idolating the cow? If that isn't a Hindoo...)

Then again, maybe VHP/RSS figured that this "Hindu-on-the-inside-muslim-on-the-outside" person would serve the cause of the poor Cow better - as appears to be his own desire - if he had access to more islamic audiences, i.e. as a nominal muslim.


March 26, 2015

Media buries the Nun gang rape

by Radha Rajan
Post 1/3

1. Archiving the names of the christoislamic gangrapists of the nun, as summarised from news

reports by Radha Rajan in both her article and her comment


Quote:news that the North Dinajpur SP had detained two Bangladeshi Muslims Mukul Alam and Mohammed Majid is a story unfolding even as I write this

Quote:Two quick points. One: Another accused, one Md. Salim has just been arrested in Mumbai in the Ranaghat rape case. Maybe Cleemis and Smitha Nair can eat their words for lunch.

2. As I understood it, Radha talked about how the western state acts hand in glove with church aspirations to christianise the world.

This matches with how even in medieval times, the christian state was regarded (literally) as the "*secular* arm" of the church.

Christowestern states are still the "secular" arm of the church/christianism.

The old guard in Europe is still christian. Also seen in how many political heads and parties are avowedly christian. And their agenda as regards heathen nations aligns completely with their church.

3. Hindus make too much of the fact that churches stand empty in Europe now. Europe can rechristianise, the way secularising Turkey under Kamal Ataturk, semi-secularising Iraq under Hussein, secularising Iran under Shah (Pahlavi) all islamised rabidly under islamic regimes. The way the US of the de-christianising founding fathers has become the AmeriKKKa of bible-thumpers and catholics today.

No nation christoislamised have ever escaped christoislamania, as far as I'm aware.

Asia and Africa are being christianised while under the grip of enforced poverty "3rd world status". This means if they ever become completely christian, they will remain christianised/enslaved as 3rd worlders by the first world forever. A la Philippines.

The ever-treacherous Indian christians - already willing and *eager* slaves to western masters, working towards the western plans to keep India a 3rd world forever - and just the mentality one will see everywhere. Islamania is the 4th world (hell-hole). A christian India will be forever a slave and forever a 3rd world. The christowest will ensure they retain their first world status and hegemony, and stupid christo Indians=useful idiots=slaves will never be able to do anything more than converted South America: complain about the status quo of the hierarchy that forever keeps them down as 2nd world/banana republics, even as S America still doesn't realise that it is their christianism that keeps them in the hierarchy and assented to it.

4. Again: there is no guarantee that Europe will not re-christianise. Besides the church still guiding (though less overtly now) European and AmriKKKan politics, there is the problem that christians - like their brothers in monotheism - are trying to outbreed atheism in Europe.

This is not a new strategy in christianism. Protestants in DE and NL were long complaining that catholics had a plot to outbreed them in their protestant strongholds (they were right: it was indeed a Vatican mandate), and the protestants tried to keep pace. This fear lasted at least until the 90s and possibly beyond. But now, christians of all varieties are determined - as determined as islamaniacs, but perhaps not as effective at present - to outbreed atheists in various western nations. And AmeriKKKan cults are even more determined. Not only were these matters discussed on western christian fora, but AmeriKKKan cults have been converting western people in non-American countries and getting them to have many kids. E.g. I know of crazy converts to a looney cult where they have been aiming for a minimum of 10 kids per couple (and operate a system of arranged marriages after 2 or 3 arranged dates, they're that faithful) with the specific intent of returning the nation to the thrall of christianism.

The fact that churches are becoming empty doesn't mean they'll stay empty. Famous but empty Irish catholic churches were being bought out by AmriKKKan christocults too, and their congregations as well. IIRC even chanteuse Moya Brennan (Enya's sister) has moved from catholic to some AmriKKKan christo variety.
Post 2/3

No apologies for length and repetition (or the, no doubt copious, spelling and grammatical errors). Just wanted to type up my thoughts.

Summary of this post: I see the beginnings of a familiar trend. That Indian women will be groomed the way E Asian women in America (and in their homelands) were.

Demonisation of 'ethnic' men by the christowest always goes hand in hand with that other thing. (And which is why I created the thread on the E Asian situation. I could not then write what I foresaw. Even now it is a partial prediction. But there are clear indications of the direction things are heading.) To be honest, I expected the developments sooner than now, same as how the Yugoslavia thread has taken a long time (nearly a decade) to start serving the real purpose I had for it at IF. But these things take time for the west to carefully prepare the groundwork and implement, I suppose.

5. There is one thing that others haven't mentioned, but I've had a - not irrational - fear that seems to grow more tangible by the day.

Christowest is going to use the belated feminism being introduced into the third world "progressive" mentality that is modern India to groom Indian women into the next exploitation export product I mean mail order brides/"Asian women looking to date western men" types out there, like the countless dating ads for E Asian women allegedly looking for "love" with western men. (Probably run by christo orgs, like the S Korean christian adoption centres in the 1980s, which were similarly turning illegally obtained S Korean heathen babies into exploitation export products intended for western consumption.)

There are several stages to this.

a. First two stages: demonising Indian (read Hindu) men, while praising Indian (read Hindu) women as a class apart from their men. The rajeev2004 blog already noted how in the Jyoti Singh Pandey case, Jyoti was advertised about international circles for her "excellent" "English", while her tormentors were of course illiterate brutes (illiterate in English, which is the standard the west and christoised India uses/projects as the standard of illiteracy). The same spurious dichotomy is repeatedly being projected with every rape case in India that makes it into the international news.

And Indian women too - as others have before - *will* get so brainwashed by this selective and calculated praise, that they'll forget that 50% of the kids they produce are the men who are considered oh-so-faulty, which if you think about it, actually means Indian women are actually considered faulty for being able to produce them... (They may be good-looking enough to sleep with, but they're not good to reproduce with.) The western mentality goes back to US miscegenation laws. This is why western males in relationships with Asian females - or historically African females - prefer to have female children. Since "mulatto" male children were considered a greater threat to the christo western patriarchy, even explicitly evident in films like the racist "Birth of a nation".)

Demonising the Indian male is a necessary first stage, because the target is the huge class of nominally Hindu women. Though the first to fall for it and the ones to fall heaviest for it - as always - will be India's christian women (actually that step is already largely in the bag, as seen in live examples). Secular Indian women already fell for it too. (Several NRI Hindu women have married western men deliberately, but mainly because many NRI Indian men of Hindu origins were never actual Hindoos=heathens, so the choice between alien-alien and Indian-alien became even to them, as per their explanation of their reasoning.)

The purpose to targeting India's growing number of secularising women is manifold:

- directing them away/alienating them from Hindu and even secular Indian men will reduce India's population growth (a key foreign policy, not concealed in public UN documents), even as it will not mean that all these women will produce viable offspring (gender alienation will reduce population growth, western dalliances with Indian women need not produce children at all, as having a family is not always the aim of such relationships, plus the divorce rates of alien marriages to secular Indian women in the west is, from what I have seen, surprisingly high, seemingly higher than among other Asian women-western men combinations)

- it produces extra-territorial loyalties. Every so-called "ethnic" woman who has been socially engineered to date a western male has *always* been a western asset/agent working against her native tradition, culture, (ancestral religio,) her countrymen and also any countrywomen who remain loyal to these things.

That is, these socially engineered women are *programmed* to be traitors.

(Of course, in theory, either gender could have been targeted for demonisation and the other for sexual exploitation. But christowest is patriarchal: women are always allowed a free pass for assimilation - they're considered assimilatable material - hence it's always "ethnic" men that are demonised and "ethnic" women who are allowed entry into the clique/into the folds of christowestern patriarchy.)

b. Advertising Hindu women as a desirable choice to western males. If people have noticed, they are already using the old Phileas Fogg routine with every internationally-disseminated rape report: That the Indian woman is under threat of Indian males. That the Indian woman is civilised as a matter of course, that the Indian male is a brute by nature beyond correction and certainly can never measure up to the civilised alien man. That the Indian woman is mismatched with Indian males, and would find a better match in alien (western) men.

And even that the Indian woman is available and hence actually waiting around for the western male ("if only she knew that he was her real ideal"). It is the classic method that the west also used on E Asians in America, but it has become grotesquely apparent in the Indian case in recent reports.

E.g. one recent report of an Indian Hindu female dragging her groper by the hair to the police, not only repeated the usual stereotypes - her soundbytes IIRC were in English to signal she is educated, "literate", civilised, her groper was drunk (correlating to 'hence probably illiterate in English' and "therefore obviously" another examplar of all Indian i.e. Hindu males being demons, though the groper was not named and therefore probably christoislamic, but the insinuation from other international news reports is sufficient to lead the international readers to the assumed conclusion that "therefore" he "must be" "Hindu").

Again: the report on this woman not only repeated the usual stereotypes about the woman knowing English and being "worthy" (she fought off her assailant and got justice for herself, a trait signal), there was also a picture of her in western clothing. Both her English and her western clothing together - and the fact that she was willing to fight off her assailant, specifically presented in the news report as an act "against tradition" - are calculated signals to instill into the male western reader that she is compatible: i.e. not a traditional mindset. English and educated, western clothing - i.e. her lifestyle will be compatible and she won't have a degenerate traditional-Indian (read heathen, Hindu) mindset, but a christianised one. By the way, and contrary to what Indian women may think, both those cues are *correct*: Indian women wearing western clothes and speaking English in India *does* correlate to a christianised mindset and which is exactly the mindset that would be willing to pursue sexual - well that's what it all comes down to, right? - relationships with western men.

BTW, some of these features are opposite to what western men look for in E/SE Asian women and the cues for that: traditional E Asian female clothing is NOT considered indicative of a "traditional=backward" Asian woman, E Asian women's clothing is considered sexy on E Asian women, fashionable, chic, whatever, so the "little woman" can have some "E Asianness" to her while she is shown off on the arm of her western male.

Back to the actual example of the recent news report: among the numerous things that struck me, the most obvious of the social engineering evident was how they chose a ... let's call it 'glamorous' picture of the woman. The type of picture one sees in dating ads. Really, the alien interpretation screamed "Asian/Indian woman looking to date alien male", not that that was the intent of the woman when she took the picture. But that is the vibe it *will* give off to readers. I know it will. The problem is not the interpretation, which is beyond anyone's control. The problem is that the news report would know this. I.e. that it is a clear sign of calculation and therefore social engineering. It is stage 2 of the western social engineering project of grooming Indian women for western males: to make western men take notice. (There must be a market to sell the product, even if the product has not yet acquiesced to being a product, which is to be handled in stage 3.)

It's not that aliens didn't take notice before. A decade or so ago when bollywho made its short-lived 'breakthrough' into the west, there were sick bollywho fora of depraved alien (western) men drooling all over Indian women. Not even just the Indian actresses, but there were comments of being willing to date/do the background dancers. (I'd have laughed at the desperation but I got creeped out. Eeeewww.) But the running thread was that these women were 'sadly' out of reach - and not geographically, but that Indian women (in India at least) still didn't tend to date/marry aliens. And it could not have made matters better for this class of entities to see a dozen Shaadi/Bharat-Matrimony ads - amidst the thousands of "Chinese/Thai/other E-SE Asian women looking for western men" ads - where Indian women were specifically looking (and to marry) only Indian men. Pretty women. And none available. Like that saying about the salty=de-hydrating sea, "Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink".

This whole psy-ops on India as rape central/Indian (Hindu) men as rapist demons who are suppressing and terrorising -that suddenly entirely different species- "Indian women", must have come as a windfall for the alien sleaze out there. Some old entities really like their "ethnic" women. (And even some younger, normal, non-sleazy British and Brit-origin men - back when I was in uni - still walk a straight line to the nearest Indian woman, as Dutch men did to the nearest Indonesian and even Indian females. Colonial hangover? But they can't possibly remember the colonial period, not having been around then and being conveniently kept ignorant of it all. What IS it? I've never worked it out, but I'm not the only one who noticed these shady happenings from high school - lots of Indonesian friends back then - to uni and beyond. They don't know these women At All and yet will be ready to date them - on the very first day, after having a mundane and forgettable exchange of "what courses are you taking" bleh. Every Indian female I know has been accosted. Maybe it's a strong term, but these men, conveniently ignorant of history, are not pursuing these Indian women for their characters, as they don't know them. I really don't know what spooks about in their head. Or if they have a brain.)

But the old generation of sleaze drooling over Indian women - like many do over E Asian and Russian women - is even more disturbing.

Anyway, the point was that the news report on the Indian Hindu-named woman vs her groper chose to present a *glamorous* picture of a female who was a target of molestation. What kind of news reporting is that? There are simply no two interpretations possible: it is entirely social engineering. And I know *exactly* what buttons it will press in western males. The less offensive being the Phileas Fogg attitude (the other side of the "white man's burden").

Here you go, found the picture, apparently plastered in all international outlets that reported on the case:


Oh and this report even adds a second picture, one where the product that the news report (social engineering) is selling gets to model her ethnic wear - oh, sorry, I mistook this for the Miss World pageant for a moment, forgetting the news concerns a *molestation*. Oh and this is just brilliant: the caption to this second picture reads:

Quote:Ms Mandhare defied social taboo in her bid to have her attacker brought to justice. (Facebook/Pradnya Mandhare)

So they've suddenly manufactured it as a "social taboo" in "backward traditional Hindu India" for a Hindu woman to bring her attacker to justice? (Never mind that they often do it, someone has to.) Rather just like how the christowestern documentary paid the christoislamic rapist* to manufacture how it was suddenly the "tradition" for Hindu women like Jyoti Singh Pandey to not be out at night alone or in the male company of non-relatives. <- When that is oh-so-obviously an *islamic* (and as we shall see in a news item in a subsequent post: christian) tradition/religious mandate.

(Obviously christo-manufactured too, was the "Ram-sene" beating up Indian women at some bar in Bangalore. IIRC it was the same NDTV, which also helped the christo documentary along, that was reported -by The Chindu- as ready and waiting at the very site, some 15 mins in advance IIRC, to shoot the bar brawl scene, just so that the western international media could herald the manufactured label "Hindu Taliban" very shortly after.)

* The rapist "Mukesh Singh" is at most a cryptochristian: no Hindu associates with islamaniacs, as said rapist did with fellow gangrapist Mohammed Afroz. Only christians and muslims associate/gang with christoislamics. Most especially true when they are fellow criminals preying on Hindu women.

The Hindu traditional response to avenge the helpless and the wronged - by whatever limited means was open to them - was seen in 1. the action of other inmates at the prison who simply murdered the brother (and fellow gangrapist) of "Mukesh", and those prisoners who beat the interviewed rapist himself to a pulp (and IIRC urinated on him) after they noticed him getting identified by the male victim during a police test identification parade. <- As per news reports.

The projection of 'Mukesh Singh' as upholding some concocted Hindu tradition that allegedly prevents women from going out at night or being in the company of friendly civilised males (as opposed to the christoislamicommunist demons) is obviously more of the illogical christowestern script which convinces only debiles: limiting women's movement is not remotely a Hindu tradition (but famously a christoislamic one). At most it has been a necessary defence against christoislamaniac predation, and hence only in times and regions of India highly infested by christoislam. And Mukesh Singh can never be a Hindu let alone a traditional one: Hindoos (and Hindoos are the Orthodox=tradition) do NOT associate with islamaniacs let alone in criminality let alone against their own let along against their own women and children. That one thing is sufficient to give away the lie of the documentary and that its intention is anti-Hindu psy-ops. That the documentary is purely for anti-Hindu psyops purposes - to insinuate that the anti-Hindu rapist acted as per Hinduism - is further confirmed by twitter items at the Rajeev2004 blog which showed that the documentary deliberately cut away to images of Hindu Gods while the cryptochristo western plant rapist was gloating about brutally disembowelling his female Hindu victim etc. It is typically christowestern manufactured consent for upcoming genocide and warfare: the west also showed "evil Iraqi soldiers of Saddam" sneering in delight as they snatched premature newborn babies from their incubation chambers. The intended message was clear: they are that evil, and the land of the free and democracy needs your support/your consent to put an end to Saddam and his evil men who will even kill their own premature children for sport. Honest western journalists have reported how this "Iraqi incubation infanticide" never actually happened but was all staged by the US (and the lies were willingly peddled by the likes of American papers, such as NYT again I think) in order to manufacture consent for war against the "evil child-murdering regime of Saddham Hussein". Any Indian who fell for the documentary as having an iota of honesty in intention or presentation is deluded beyond salvaging, and is welcome to invite and endure whatever miseries AmeriKKKa and its circle of European sidekick nations has in store for India hereafter.

And here I have found evidence of stage 2 (influencing the western male response to Indian women in such "India rape" reports) in the above article itself.


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1 day ago

Paul Ismyname

I love her.
I'm going to puke. Been nauseous for days over my fears - I knew it wasn't irrational, because I've seen the social engineering with other "ethnic" fe/male populations, and the beginnings of the same pattern with Indians - but this just confirms it. And the above dude reacts as he was intended to, on cue.

Stage 3 is the prediction. It is the question whether it comes true or not. I know it will come true. Hope I misjudge my own women, but Indian men and women have shown themselves to be perfectly manipulable, falling for *every* darn social engineering, subversion and routine out there. So I'm sure any number of brainless women will fall for this. (Or even read the above quoteblock as a flattering compliment. Ugh.)

c. Stage 3 of the christowestern social engineering program is of course: programming Indian women to acquiesce to exploitation. Or: groom Indian women to want to be with alien (western) men.

As happened with E Asian women. It is the same pattern.

And we'll have progressive liberated Indian women writers/artists/filmmakers - both the "I'm a Hindu (but I hate Hindu men/Hinduism=patriarchy)" types, you know, the ones who are only ever "Hindu" when they can spit at other heathens and heathenism (quite like the "Hindu" women dating/marrying islamaniacs now, who speak of being "Hindu" only to therewith castigate Hindoos in their objection to love jihad, which objection has nothing to do with idiot Indian women willingly dating islamaniacs - they deserve each other - but is solely an objection against the kidnapping and coercion and deception by islamaniacs of Hindu women unwilling to be stuck in islam. So the two things are clearly very different: one concerns Hindoo women=women who hate islam and islamaniacs, and the other concerns mentally-christoislamic women who willingly marry into christoislam and who aren't Hindu (even in their own self-appellation) except for the purpose of attacking Hinduism under the label.)

But back to the 3rd stage of the christowestern social engineering project that has started.

Expect to see "progressive liberated" (i.e. predictable hence manipulable and easily socially-engineered=brainless) Indian women of both overtly anti-Hindu and "I'm a Hindu" type anti-Hindu who will be writing about how 1. Hindu 'Indian' men are evil and 2. western men are ideal

-> same as seen with E Asian AmriKKKan socially-engineered women who were handpicked as the agents for furthering western patriarchy in new territories (i.e. Asian society). Our own "Kingstonians" etc. The definition of that term can be found in the Psy-ops against E Asians thread.

Hindoo men will see few changes to their fortunes. They are already at the bottom of the pile for being invisible.

Even the sneaky class of Hindu-origin but not heathen (not Hindoo) men [and women] have had more luck: they've deceptively self-referenced themselves as "Hindus" (in that other sense: not heathen, but anything goes) and thereby been worming their way into heathen families and stealing heathen spouses away with more success. Same as love jihad, only more subtle. They're a major source of gangrene and future generations becoming subverted. When one parent is not a heathen (by which only one thing is meant: polytheistic idolator), subsequent generations turn into subverted, then totally de-heathenised, then secularised, then christoislamised.

Hindoo men have for some time not had much luck. The more traditional they are, the less they have had any chance even with (English speaking) heathen Hindu women. I have never been able to work out why. But I know a few heathen=Hindoo NRI women of my sister's gen who complained that all NRI Indian men they knew weren't HindOO. When I suggested there were many back home - I know of many, and so there must be multitudes more - they complained that these would not know of English or wouldn't have the same outlook as comes with what I call the 'NRI effect'. I personally always thought Hindoo men back home were too good=unsubverted for NRI Hindoo women and that they should therefore be [p]reserved for Hindoo women back home. Anyway, my remonstrations never had much luck: the very NRI women who argued about the matter married alien atheist/agnostic men. (Fortunately not anyone who threatened to "convert".) The only exception among those women I was arguing with being my sister: even though everyone she encountered was the "I'm a Hindu atheist/agnostic" variety (which means zip all), she decided to look out for Hindoo=ethnic Hindoo men anyway, since we had so many in our family who are like Da Best Men in the world. (Well they are.) And so of course she found one. And there are many multi millions more out there still, such that any Hindoo woman could start a harem. [Not that they should, BTW.]

So part of the argumentation is a willing self-deception I think: it is not that Hindoo men are non-existent, or factually scarce, it is that some NRI women want two opposing things: NRI and unsubverted Hindoo. That combination does not quite exist. Not in Hindoo women either. But it is true that NRI Hindoos are quite scarce. There are new ageists and subverted. And there are way too many atheists and agnostics who also call themselves Hindu, but which is not at all what is meant by the NRI Hindoos. And there are even way too many progressives and seculars and subtly anti-Hindu non-Hindu atheists/agnostics, who also go by "Hindu" in order to get a spouse. (All of which is love jihad too.)

So the unheathens masquerading as "Hindus" part is definitely true. Which is why I always recommended SE/E Asian heathens - exactly what I've always been suggesting to male NRI HindOO friends too. But the particular women ignored the suggestion or didn't even consider it. Fortunately other Hindoos overseas - men and women - have happened upon that ideal solution on their own. (It's so obvious.)

I worry more for the future. I can see my sister and her husband raising their kids HindOO, but that it will be next to impossible to find Hindoo spouses for them. The numbers of actual Hindu heathens (i.e. traditionalists) in India or without is decreasing, whatever the number that calls itself Hindu. But de-heathenisation and subversion are larger problems than people in the future not being able to form families. I mean, Hindoos nowadays can't even survive without being constantly terrorised, so future generations having any breadth of choice in marriage is a secondary consideration (when not even their safety to *be* heathen is assured).

Another negative side effect of the social engineering is that - like many poor E/SE Asian women do now - many destitute Hindoo women may see in this mess an opportunity for survival in selling themselves (and ultimately, the future of heathendom) off to aliens.

Poverty is a major factor in Chinese and Thai women back in China and Thailand (and Filipino and Russian women) selling themselves to dating agencies targeting western men. Western men always take advantage of this and then complain about the mercenary nature of all these women. Not sure what they were expecting. Gratitude? For reducing all these people to slaves and destitution (let's not forget colonialism's long-term effects) and for destroying their men's prospects and thereby their own heathen futures with their own kind, so that acquiescing to alien exploitation becomes their only means of survival?

Poor Hindoo village communities could be hard hit. Because the process works just like christian "orphanages" (and christian "education") scams: it will become a business, as it is in E and SE Asia. An especially shady one as it is in christianised parts of Asia.

But there are as ever silver linings from the fallout:

- Many Hindoo men will not feel much change: except for destitute Hindoo women, only progressive Indian women will fall for the social engineering (you know, the kind that fall for everything?) Besides, Hindoo men really can't be more ignored and more invisible to Indian women than they were already.

- Bollywho khans will be replaced by "New & Improved" male ideals. (Easy math: western male preying on "ethnic females" still > subcontinental christoislamaniac.) This is the very thing Indian islamaniacs were complaining about in objecting to Hindu actresses acting opposite western males in the hero role in "crossover" films, like a couple Aishwarya Rai did and some other Indian actresses too. Hindu men did not presume to tell Hindu women what to do, and while some expressed disdain for the convenient amnesia about colonialism - not just in the western men, where it is to be expected - but in the Indian actresses besides, the subcontinent's islamaniac men already think of Hindu women as their "resources" and so got really incensed and wanted an end to such movies and tie-ups/couples to prevent what they thought of as the female Hindu sheep/their prey from considering western men instead of islamaniacs as replacements for Hindu men.

- More progressive bollywho actresses will replace dating their fellow christoislamaniacs with dating overseas aliens (by which I mean western men. I don't see bollywho actresses having the taste to date E Asian heathen men, for instance.) After all, if every bollywho starlet is dating a Khan or whatever Indian christoislamic, it ain't fashionable any more is it? Need a new accessory to still be a trendsetter. And the Indian christomedia will totally be in on it.

This milestone, too, in the western social-engineering project was effected among E Asians in the US and at home in Asia (Singaporean example in E Asian thread), also using the help of the subverted media. As was promoting interracial babies locally (by which western and "ethnic" was meant, not E Asian and other E Asian, say) with the help of local SE Asian and occasionally E Asian media, to further western interests.

Indian christomedia and bollywho is already famous for promoting bi-ethnic actresses - again, only if they're half European of course, to look more European, as the new projected ideal - so half the work was done decades ago.

- The eternally irritating Indian male feminists - you know, the kind who will lecture you on women's rights, question your egalitarianism (oh shut up) and who, to make themselves look better, will readily blacken the character of every Hindu man out there as having regressive attitudes to women, when traditional Hindoo heathen men are 2nd only to native Americans in their naturally pro-female attitude -

again: the Indian anti-Hindu male feminists will learn that their espousing their 3rd world feminism (feminism is passé BTW*; India's imitations of western fashions are, as always, decades out of date) does NOT pay and will Not be translating into access to gullible women any more. Only progressive Indian women ever consider the Indian male feminists anyway - famous only for spitting at Hindu men and the concocted "patriarchy of Hinduism", while belting out platitudes. And the very same progressive Indian women - parvenus as they are - will merely climb further up the social ladder given a chance, to bag a much better prize. And let's admit it: western men > Indian "progressive" men, and western men [whether calling themselves feminist or not] > Indian male feminists. So Why In The World would any Indian woman choose the RHS, if the LHS is an alternative?

And there's no hope in hell that the male Indian progressive "I'm a feminist, watch me spit at Hindu men and Hinduism" will have a chance with Hindoo Indian women - the ones who will marry Indian (specifically only Hindoo) men. Not until the anti-Hindu progressives opportunistically return to pretending that they're "Hindu" suddenly [love jihad again]. You know, the way that their espousal of feminism is also purely opportunistic: to appear the better alternative to women (to idiot women surely?) and as a cover for lashing out at Hindus and Hinduism with.

The very thought of the grating Indian male feminists being prevented from reproducing by loss of their pool of gullible women almost pays for itself.

* Among the people I know, only western women in generations that are 1 or 2 decades older than my own are feminists. Those in my and later generations are - how to put it mildly - not sympathetic at all to feminism. Feminism is beyond passé. Its flaws are apparent to many. It is a joke sold only to females in the 3rd world who have the kind of 3rd world mentality to fall for it (i.e. the 3rd world females who can be programmed). It's like that famous red herring called "career" etc. Men and women earn money to eat, have a roof over their head and survive, and to look after their family. Not for the pointless "career" dream. What normal people want is to preferably do something relatively fun and easy to earn the moolah, and have enough free time to enjoy life/do stuff they actually want to do (which may even be nothing at all but lazing around in the sun) and have enough money to support this. Many people don't *want* to work. They'd like to be retired. But the world doesn't work that way. So they work to fund their free time and to save for the unknowns of the future.

"Career" - what a con. Every married woman - western to Chinese - that I know of my own and later generations wants to retire and go home to their families, even *when* they are good at their jobs and have fun at it. Every unmarried woman I know (of the same generations) dreams of retirement. The only times Chinese women aim to work for the sake of it, is when it serves their community, such as by teaching all their community's kids Mandarin - to preserve their language - or to teach their traditions and festivals to pass these on intact. (Must say I really admire Chinese heathen women and men. They have their priorities straight. Indians have like air in their heads. I'm so afraid that if the same western social engineering project is attempted on Indians, one well-aimed blow and Indians will domino. It's going to be so embarrassing. Sigh. Whereas E Asians *have* shown remarkable resistance, immunity and insight into the root causes, despite their losses.)

- Then there's the fact that supply will exceed demand: too many brainless Indian women will be running after alien men. And there's only a certain class of western men who are sleazy enough to bother. The rest have taste. And there never were that many western men to juggle all of Asia, S America and E Europe. And many western men prefer their own (which is understandable and normal).

As a result, many of the successfully socially engineered Indian women will feel - like many western feminists feel - grumpy at the end of it. And shortchanged by life. And the feeling of their biological clock ticking over. (Why am I grinning evilly.) Well, not my fault if they overlooked Hindoo heathenism and Hindoo men to betray heathenism for "progressiveness" and mercenary opportunism. Why should I complain if people I don't like are thwarted from reproducing or are delayed in reproducing so that they have only a minimum number of children (= just as per UN's proposal on how to control population growth in the "developing" i.e. "3rd" world esp India and China, using techniques like insincerely propagating 'gender equality in the workforce' and 'feminism' to control "ethnic" women from reproducing).

- Of course, hardest hit tends to be 'ethnic' christian men as it is 'ethnic' christian women who are naturally susceptible and groomed from the ground-up to prefer the males highest in the christian casta system: the japhetic males.

As seen in how it is IIRC 60% of Filipino and S Korean (christian) women in the US who intermarry with western men rather than their own.

Maybe like the Philippines, Indian christian families should start expecting huge numbers of body bags yearly too? Carrying the exploited female dead returning from the west. [It is a serious problem in the Philippines.] Though Indian progressive females of once/allegedly Hindu origins may look forward to reducing the strain on Filipino women in similar manner too. Poor Filipino women, they deserve a break. I'm all for them getting a respite at the expense of Indian christian and christo-conditioned females.

The mercenary and opportunistic Indian christo female preference (the mercenary attitude in Indian christos was already seen in Devyani's christo maid, and the church has already greenlighted the grooming of Indian females for western males via their own agent, Frieda Pinto) could eventually have a fallout for Hindoos: in the form of more of the demonic Indian christian males trying to prey on Hindu women, due to the increasing lack of their own. But then, Indian christo males are already trying to love jihad Hindu women, though only succeeding in running off with the same kind as would run off with islamics anyway: the progressive/secularised Indian women. Which are, again, exactly the kind to prefer western men to Indian male anything (christo or islamic). So their odds still won't improve. Good.

Can see it all as yet another Subvertibility Test. This one's exclusively for Indian women (they seemed to have already dismally failed the first phase, the "will we defend Indian men if they get singled out for attack, or will we remain silent/even turn on them" test. I've never seen such a paltry turnout or such horrible comebacks. Horrifying comebacks, more like it: One was particularly and painfully disappointing.)

Time for India's women to demonstrate how manipulable they are (i.e. how readily they will fall for social engineering, or whether they have the sense to see through it - though, with the advantage of E Asian predecessors, seeing through the western ruse now wouldn't quite prove innate intelligence), and whether they were marrying their own men thus far merely for lack of opportunity or for more sensible reasons and considered loyalty. Although that last question was already answered when so many brainless Indian progressives of both genders - but what can one expect of anti-Hindus? - married christoislamics, even Pukestanis and indologists.

I predict that, as usual, the more progressive and feminist the Indian female (the more she imagines she's thinking for herself) the harder she will fall for all this. Western social engineering can perfectly predict the 3rd world [and even most of the present day 1st world] feminist mindset (the west inculcated it, after all: it is their product, their programming) and western social engineering can therefore also guide all those with this mindset to desired outcomes. It was the same case with E Asian women too, after all. And, it must be acknowledged that the "progressives"/westernised among E Asian females are heads and shoulders ahead when it comes to *actual* intelligence compared to Indian "progressive" women. (The latter can only parrot the argumentation of their European betters or create obvious derivatives, whereas the E Asian variants at least show signs of original thinking in coming up with original 'arguments' to keep themselves forever alienated from their own native society. And new crops of E Asian western feminists in the US - who remain allergic to E Asian males and their traditional society - have further evolved out of the western mould and are considered rogue, and even have a close eye kept on them by the US govt, as indicated at some articles off the Eminism site. Many of them have turned lesbian - the verb is correctly chosen - though others have championed that other symbol of eternal defiance of oppressive christowestern patriarchy: dating African males in the US.)

More noteworthy is that the heathen female response in China, at least to the social engineering attempted in their homeland (a.o.t. America), has been much more intelligent - and more effective and came out of left field for the west - than what the average heathen Indian female vocalised response to the western attack on Hindoo men has been.

I'll try to watch with interest. Although to be honest, I'm losing interest, since I've been noticing de-heathenisation trends and patterns in Indian including self-designated 'Hindu' minds since my late teens, and my predictions based on prior observations/experiences of patterns have never been disappointed. (Though I have been. Repeatedly).

And so too here: I quite think I know how this will turn out. It will be ugly (though it make take time to get there). But then, all things involving modern Indians - so easy, so subvertible (so laughable, so despicably de-heathenising) as they are - is ugly. And when so little of use was achieved against western social engineering and psy-ops by modern "nationalist" "Hindu" (de-heathenised, subverted) vocalist men, is it reasonable to expect their female counterparts to perform better? Nah.

They may prove me wrong, which will require great numbers to demonstrate their immunity and - more than that - active resistance, for the effect to count as valid; which of course will be a miracle. But I will bet no money on them. (I'm never betting on loser populations again. I'll run at a loss. Hate to bet on the west. But they've played this game so often and won a significant number of times against more perceptive opponents. And the ball has barely ever been in Indian women's court before, certainly not at a time when there were so many de-heathenised to drag everyone down. The one time it had been - which was when the attacks on their men started recently/in recent years - they did so poorly. And I've even seen opportunistic backstabbing, including from unexpected quarters (gives new dimensions to the phrases of kicking [good] people when they're down and driving a hole into one's own boat).

So No. There will be no betting. There will be no finger-crossing either.

Whatever happens happens.)
Post 3/3

And the real source of the "women shouldn't go out alone at night or they will (deserve to) get raped" tradition. <- Besides islam, here is that other mental disease:


Quote:Priest in Australia says murdered woman would still be alive if she had been more 'faith filled'

29 year-old Jill Meagher was raped and strangled to death in 2012

Caroline Mortimer Author Biography

Sunday 29 March 2015

The family of a woman who was raped and murdered as she walked home have criticised a priest who said she would still be alive if she had stayed at home and been more “faith filled”.

Speaking at an end-of-term service for a Catholic primary school in Melbourne on Friday the unnamed priest said Jill Meagher, who was murdered as she walked home from a night out in September 2012, should have “been home in bed” rather than “walking down Sydney Road at 3am”.

He also held up a newspaper picture of Meagher’s attacker, Adrian Bayley, to illustrate his point during the speech, reported Australian radio station 3AW.

Bayley pleaded guilty to raping and murdering the Irish born TV producer in April 2013 and was sentenced to a minimum of 35 years in prison. He has since been convicted of three further rapes from before he murdered Meagher.

Meagher’s family were outraged by the comments, branding them “stupid”.

Her mother told the Irish Independent: “Adrian Bayley was out there that night looking for a victim and found her, He was looking for anyone, it didn’t matter to him who the person was.”


Meagher’s husband Tom, who [reported] initially reported her missing, said it was an “abhorrent lesson to teach a child”.

(The priest is just being a catholic. It is their tradition. Quite the opposite to how the christo british documentary presented it about Hindu society.

In fact scar[r]ing school children with stories of torment and horror is an old christian tradition, catholic and protestant. They always used to teach about the horrors of hell to little christian students in the past. Even seen in English literature like "Jane Eyre".)

“How a human being with such dangerous and misogynistic views can be allowed to pass those messages onto children is depressing. Shameful”, he said.

(Uh, he's a churchman. They're dangerous and misogynistic as a rule. And they pass on creepy messages - and other things besides, like STDs and trauma and brainwashing - to kids all the time.)

(And here comes the apology, as could be predictedSmile

Monsignor Greg Bennett, vicar-general of the archdiocese of Melbourne which oversees the priest, apologised to the family.

Speaking on 3AW, he said: “I’ve spoken with the priest; he acknowledges that the homily wasn’t appropriate and apologises for the offence and upset it has caused.

“The reference to Jill Meagher in particular was offensive and inappropriate and the people of Victoria and Ireland mourn her sad and tragic death”.

(But note: the monsignor does not admit that the priest's deranged pronouncements were wrong. Only that they were "offensive and inappropriate".

I.e. monsignor is saying: "I'm sorry the fact of what our priest said hurt your feelings and came at an awkward time." Not that the priest's utterings were false or unrepresentative of the church's stance.

Typical catholic non-apology.)

The 29 year old’s body was found after a five day search in a shallow grave in nearby woods. She had been raped and strangled.

Also, where is Dawkins? No "this is Irish or Australian tradition" comment from him? Will just have to take it as already being stated. Anything less would be hypocrisy on his part, after all.

Though his statement concerning the Indian case is still not true. Nor necessarily about Ireland and Australia. But is true about christianism and islam aka christoislam, that scourge of women.

Poor woman - Ms Jill Meagher. I don't mean to drag in her misery or that of her poor family.

But we're all dragged in by the christowest and its foreign policy on India. Everyone has been made collateral damage by them.
It gets worse than the headlines: a photo of another medical entity is captioned summarising his crimes (highlighted in red bold below), and which crimes are even scarier than the main article's case. The electrical chair they have in the US - can't it be used on these?


Quote:Oxford hospital nurse Andrew Hutchinson admits raping unconscious females in A&E

Mark Piggott

By Mark Piggott

March 30, 2015 21:24 BST

Andrew Hutchinson nurse rape

Nurse Andrew Hutchinson admitted 27 counts of voyeurism, sexual assault and rape on females between 10 and 35(Thames Valley Police)

A nurse at Oxford's John Radcliffe Hospital has admitted various sex charges against women and children as young as 10, including raping unconscious females at work and filming girls at a leisure centre.

29-year-old Andrew Hutchinson, from Abingdon, pleaded guilty at Oxford Crown Court to 27 counts of voyeurism, sexual assault and rape on females between 10 and 35.

His crimes took place between 2011 and 2013 in John Radcliffe Hospital's A&E department, White Horse Leisure Centre in Abingdon and at Wilderness Music Festival in 2013, where he was working in the medical tent.

[photo caption:] Myles Bradbury Dr Myles Bradbury was found guilty of sexually molesting children with cancer at a Cambridge Hospital(Cambridge Police)

Hutchinson was first arrested in November 2013 on suspicion of filming women and girls at the leisure centre. Two girls caught him in the act and informed police.

Following the arrest, police found evidence of Hutchinson's other crimes on mobile devices including a phone, memory stick and camera. He had filmed himself raping women, sometimes just a few feet from other patients.

Identifiable victims of Hutchinson are being given support, but police said the case was unusual as many victims may not know they were assaulted because they were unconscious. Some victims have not yet been traced.

Outside court Det Ch Insp Mark Johns said: "I would like to reassure members of the public in Oxfordshire that all the victims which can be identified from images have been contacted by Thames Valley Police. Should anyone wish to speak to our officers about their concerns, please do contact 101 quoting Operation Bream."

Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust, which runs John Radcliffe Hospital, said new procedures were now in place in a bid to ensure nothing of its kind ever happens again. Unconscious patients are now treated in areas with high visibility.

Mark Power, representing the Trust, said Hutchinson had been subject to a CRB check, but had passed because he had not been convicted previously. However, said Mr Power, the "ultimate responsibility for these appalling offences must rest with Andrew Hutchinson".

It was "not possible to eliminate the risk of a rogue practitioner entirely", added Power.

Hutchinson, who also admitted stealing a medical camera and ketamine, was remanded in custody and will be sentenced on 27 April.

In recent months there have been a number of other high-profile cases where medics have abused children, including those of Michael Salmon at Stoke Mandeville and Myles Bradbury at Addenbrooke's. Disgraced Jimmy Savile is also believed to have sexually abused hundreds of children at hospitals including Stoke Mandeville.

UK seems terrorised by paedophiles - in the BBC, in the government and the monarchy apparently (Prince Andrews).

Rapist nurses in the medical establishment preying on the unconscious.

And now doctors, raping children. Children with cancer? I could break their necks. I just don't know where these people live.

Vigilante justice starts to sound saner by the minute. Why did civilised people ever turn over their rights to governments to effect justice for themselves and their own? These people aren't even protected. They're wide open to being preyed on: imagining some doctor to actually look after their dying children, with no conception that it is a paedophile in doctor's clothing.

Dawkins will say nothing about paedophilia, as he is famously a victim of sexual molestation/abuse, and infamously pretended that it was nothing much. (What was he thinking? There is something scary in that response of Dawkins, don't want to utter it. Besides my niggling worry may be misplaced. I hope.)

The UK focusing so much on India and projecting it as a place rife with rape seems increasingly to be a ploy to redirect and diffuse the justified anger of British citizens.

Children with cancer?? Bij Donar. Are these "doctors" still alive or have the parents done away with them already? Drowned them in the Thames or something? Blown a hole into their brains. Broken one bone of their body every minute? No no, I know, fed them to the 1st world cannibals. Yes, I like that. Most fitting. Auction them off on one of those cannibal congregation sites that that American cannibal-rapist cop was on. Make it so. Invoke the "Right to Food Act" and all.


Forgot to provide the ibtimes link. Have inserted it. And here's another on the same:


Quote:Pictured: Nurse who filmed himself raping unconscious women in hospital's A&E is caught on CCTV entering leisure centre where he also filmed secretly filmed girls

Andrew Hutchinson abused women as they lay unconscious in hospital

He stole a medical camera from hospital so he could film up woman’s skirt

Also used it to film girls as young as ten getting changed at leisure centre

Police later found footage of him raping victims and 1,786 indecent images

He admitted 27 charges including rape, sexual assault and voyeurism

The 29-year-old was a senior nurse at John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford

By Arthur Martin and David Wilkes for the Daily Mail

Published: 11:53 GMT, 30 March 2015 | Updated: 23:18 GMT, 30 March 2015
More spam connected to the stuff in post 33, but it sidetracks from this thread, so have put it in the social engineering thread
1. Dawkins will have to admit that David Perry (a cabbie working at Black Cabs) is ethnically British and not -say- Paki.

But the biologist turned sudden-expert-in-everything may declare that, since David Perry is a born-again christian, that this rape falls under American and not British tradition.

However, the fact that the previous rapist taxi-driver of the Black Cab franchise - one "John Warboys, commonly known as the 'Black Cab Rapist'" - was caught in 2009 with more than 100 victims to his name (as seen in final para of the news item below), makes it rather come across as a combination of American and British traditions. Then again, most Americans are a type of Brit/evolved from Brits (whatever). Hence it can fold back into British tradition anyway, possibly. Hmmm?

I'd never have considered blaming British "tradition", were it not for Udwin and Dawkins et al. Henceforth I will follow their example (even though I used to think such things constituted stereotyping and promoted bigotry). But Dawkins is beyond suspicion, being a zoologist and therefore bio-magically an expert on everything else too. Desho? (I knew I should have majored in biology. After that, could have set myself up as an expert in character profiling a nation/palmistry/catholic mass exorcisms [as seen recently in Poland], following Dawkins' example of Instant Multi-Disciplinary Expertise.)


Quote:Black Cab driver jailed for sexually assaulting sleeping women

Jamie Campbell, Tuesday 31 March 2015

[caption:] David Perry said that he had 'high hormone levels'

A black cab driver has been jailed for 10 years for sexually assaulting two women who fell asleep in his taxi.

David Perry, 52, abused the women, both in their 20s, after they had been out drinking before getting into his cab.

Mr Perry, a taxi driver for 25 years, admitted four charges, including attempted rape and sexual assault.

Snarebrook Crown Court heard that Perry, who professed to being a born-again Christian, told police that he had "high hormone levels."

His DNA was matched to both attacks, which happened in north London in January 2014 and in east London in May 2014. Both occurred in the early hours of the morning after the victims had fallen asleep in his taxi.

[caption:] A London black cab

The court heard that after his arrest, Perry told police he had been "worried about what he might do" and had sought medical help for high hormone levels after the break-up of his relationship.

(Criminal pleads he's the victim of some affliction - maybe it's possession by the holy spook? - after being caught.)

Judge John Lafferty said that Perry's victims had suffered "serious psychological harm" and that he would pose "a very significant risk" to other women if he was allowed to remain at large in the community.

As he was led from the dock, Perry smiled and waved at his family and friends in the court's public gallery.

On the first day of his trial, in February, Perry admitted one count of attempted rape, one count of assault by penetration and one count of sexual assault against each victim.

In an impact statement read to the court, the second victim said: "Before the incident, I was very independent and enjoyed being in the company of others but now I feel a sense of isolation and loneliness."

Read more:

Insurance blow for victims of 'black cab rapist' John Warboys

Black cab drivers protest fails spectacularly

Leeds bus stop sexual assault

She went on: "My life has changed forever and it will never be the same. I will be reminded of this incident for every day of the rest of my life."

Prosecutor Peter Clement told the court: "They were, by virtue of their drunkenness, particularly vulnerable.

"Their incapacity made them no less deserving than anyone else of being safe. They each sought the security and safety they were entitled to expect from a London taxi a black cab.

"He exploited his passengers' obvious vulnerability for his own sexual gratification."

(Wait, his rapistry is treated as the criminality of an individual?

His actions aren't allowed to tar all Brits or at least all drivers of Black Cabs under the umbrella of "tradition"?)

Detective Inspector Samantha Price, from Scotland Yard's sexual offences unit, praised the victims for reporting the assault and urged other potential victims to come forward.

"Perry was a taxi driver for 25 years and I must consider the possibility he may have committed other offences that have not been reported to police," she said.

"I would now appeal to anyone directly who, as a result of this case, thinks they may have been raped or assaulted by Perry."

Perry has also been banned from driving taxis in the future and will be on the sex offenders list indefinitely, under a sexual harm prevention order.

The last incident of a black cab driver being convicted of sexual assault was John Warboys, commonly known as the "Black Cab Rapist.' Warboys was jailed in March 2009 for attacks on 12 women and police believe that have attacked more than 100 victims.

Surprised Leslie Udwin (sp?) didn't make a documentary interviewing John Warboys - even has a nickname 'The Black Cab Rapist' - since he's of Udwin's own homeland and has attacked more than 100 women, so Leslie may want to do a documentary exploring his mind and how it reflects British culture/tradition.

Or at least she should explore the born-again christian mentality/tradition of the man just caught, David Perry, who admitted to 3 sexual attacks against women, but who is suspected by police of having committed more such crimes over his 25 years of "service".

2. independent.co.uk/life-style/health-and-families/health-news/twentyyear-sentence-handed-to-purvi-patel-for-death-of-foetus-condemned-by-womens-groups-10148831.html

Quote:Twenty-year sentence handed to Purvi Patel for death of foetus condemned by women's groups

[Photo caption:] Patel is the first woman to be sentenced for feticide in the US

Heather Saul Author Biography

Wednesday 01 April 2015

The first woman to be sentenced for killing a foetus has been handed a 20-year prison term for feticide and neglect of a dependent, despite claiming she gave birth to a stillborn baby.

Purvi Patel was bleeding heavily when she entered a hospital emergency room in Indiana in 2013 after giving birth unexpectedly in her bathroom.

She initially denied a pregnancy but later said she had a miscarriage and had disposed of the foetus by placing it in a plastic bag and then in a rubbish bin.

Prosecutors claimed the 33-year-old was 25 weeks pregnant at the time she gave birth, while activists said she was most likely to have been between 23 and 24 weeks pregnant, NBC News reports.

Her lawyers say Patel, who is from a conservative Hindu family, had concealed her pregnancy from her parents and panicked when she realised she was in labour. Patel lived with and cared for her parents and infirm grandparents in a house in South Bend, Indiana.

Patel maintained that the foetus was stillborn but the prosecution argued that she gave birth to a live foetus that died within a few seconds.

"I assumed because the baby was dead there was nothing to do," the South Bend Tribune quoted her as saying during a police interview. "I've never been in this situation. I've never been pregnant before."

The prosecution also claimed that Patel had ordered drugs to induce an abortion on the internet. However, a toxicology report did not find any evidence of the drugs in her system.

Patel is the second woman to be charged with feticide in the US, but the first to receive a prison sentence. She was prosecuted under state laws that are otherwise intended at targeting illegal abortion providers and prosecuting crimes against pregnant women, Al Jazeera reports.

Women's rights activists have condemned her conviction and the subsequent sentence. They say the law is being used to prosecute women who miscarry, have stillbirths or try to terminate their own pregnancies.

The British Pregnancy Advisory Service described Patel's case as "tragic" and warned it could set a dangerous precedent for other pregnant women. A spokesperson told The Independent: "Purvi Patel is sadly the latest victim of the creeping criminalisation of pregnant women's behaviour in America.

"These 'feticide' laws are being used to punish the pregnant women they purport to protect, and will only discourage those who need medical care from seeking help, putting women and their babies at greater risk.

"What we are seeing in the US should serve as a warning to those who support reproductive rights in the UK. Ending a pregnancy remains a criminal offence in British law that carries a potential twelve-year prison term if the grounds of the 1967 Abortion Act are not met.

"This means that a woman who buys abortion pills online could be incarcerated. Women need access to high quality reproductive healthcare services and support. In the 21st century, their personal decisions about whether to continue or end a pregnancy do not belong in the criminal law."

Lynn Paltrow. the executive director of the National Advocates for Pregnant Women (NAPW), said she was deelpy disappointed by the outcome. "While no woman should face criminal charges for having an abortion or experiencing a pregnancy loss, the cruel length of this sentence confirms that feticide and other measures promoted by anti-abortion organizations are intended to punish not protect women."

Patel was sentenced to 30-years in prison for neglect with 10 years suspended and a further six years for feticide, which an Indiana judge said would run concurrently.

Second time christos go after a Hindu woman over "abortion".

Last time in catholic Ireland, the catholic laws conveniently murdered a Hindu woman whose dying foetus was going to kill her too, but because it was against catholicism to prematurely terminate the dying foetus, the poor Hindu expectant mum (already heart-broken to find out her baby wouldn't make it) was left to die 'of natural causes'* by the catholic govt along with the poor hopeless foetus. * So catholicism could have a clean conscience. And "Only Hindus died anyway."

Guess western women will win the rights they want after another Hindu woman is sacrificed for the cause. In the Irish case, the law has apparently been changed since after said catholic law murdered the Hindu mother. (This is as per an article at Vijayvaani.) Western women cheered in gratitude that a Hindu mother died for their benefit - must be what they mean by the global sisterhood that allegedly exists between alien women and heathen women (whereas any connection between heathen women and their heathen men is denied by global fembot-ism):

- ethnic heathen women suffer to advance the rights of privileged women.

- ethnic heathen women and their households/families suffer when privileged women come to lecture them about their "right" to be free of their husband, their parents, their children, their families, their community, their society.*

* In return for the alienation from and destruction of the ethnic heathen woman's family and other natural affiliations, alien females offer the "global sisterhood" fraud as the new support network. I.e. a concocted association, with aliens wholly unrelated to heathen women. By the mere virtue (coincidence) of the gender aligning, the gullible/duped are supposed to assume that unknown females (working for alien interests) have their backs and are on 'their side', their new/'true' family. <- Only fembots fall for that joke. And *how* they fall for it: Indian fembots can even be seen calling in alien fembots to attack Hindoo men for them (unless alien fembots made up said Indian fembots requesting their interference: also possible). By christomagic, Indian fembots feel they are more related to alien fembots than with their own blood relatives who are male or who are female but not fembot.

BTW, as E Asians have documented, the "global sisterhood" canard is further sold to ethnic women so that the latter may be robbed of their children which the 1st world fembots can then abduct I mean adopt to add colour to their 1st world lives, even while they pretend that this theft is a 'natural' 'deal' [uni-directional of course] struck between the 3rd world and 1st world members of the alleged "global sisterhood". See the paramount article at transracialabductees.org/politics/conscientiousabductors.html

In other words, the "global sisterhood" con is for robbing ethnic women blind.)

And the comments at the same link



Only in America, ISIS are ardent feminists compared to USA Christians.






I expect the pro-lifers are celebrating. They claim to love fetuses, but seem to really hate actual people.






It's Indiana, the US home of Christian Sharia. What did you expect? She's not white, not Christian, a female and probably poor, so its open season.




(Is that some sympathy? From the west? For a heathen? Over christianism? Time to pinch myself. :OwSmile



They really want to keep women bare-foot and pregnant don't they?

The US Taliban truly believe a woman's place is in her father's house, her husband's house or the grave.

(But if she's a heathen, only the last option.)




The comments are instructive: they show unmotivated Brits' opinion about US tradition: "Christian Shariah. US Taliban. ISIS > US Christians". Etc etc. For a moment I thought they were speaking of India's own christian states like Mizoram etc. Same descriptions.

But where are the fembots? Guess they're too busy singing (with Padukone's incomprehensible 3rd world Indian wannabe-elite accent):

"MyChoice, (I love the sound of) MyVoice, Me me. Me me. Me. Myself. Did I mention Me? :OMG: How can I be The Universe when on a bad-hair-day? NOOOoooo!"

Maybe Padukone et al should go to the US, marry some WASPy and get a taste of the US taliban: "her father's house, her husband's house or the grave". <- See, liberated christo American women - like islamic women - have a range of choices that females just don't have in India. And whatever western esp AmeriKKKan women have, Indian western-wannabes must attain too, no?


All of the incidents recounted at the link are miserable, but the following is particularly relevant to this thread:

Quote:2. No rallies or outrage for Ramkrishna Mission Sadhvi raped in West Bengal

Report: As per a report in Patrika, a Sadhvi from the Ramkrishna Mission was brutally gang-raped on 13th March 2015.

This unfortunate incident occurred in the evening, when the Sadhvi, a resident of the Mihir Das colony in English Bazaar district in West Bengal, was returning from a market in her neighbourhood. This is when 4 youths from the neighbourhood dragged the Sadhvi into a Mango grove and gang-raped her. It is also reported that the Sadhvi repeatedly visited the Police Station to lodge her complaint against the rapists, but instead of registering her FIR, the cops were more interested in sitting with the accused and the victim to settle the matter.

Link: opindia.com/2015/03/no-rallies-or-outrage-for-ramkrishna-mission-sadhvi-raped-in-west-bengal/

The above crime was so obviously committed by christoislamics. Don't know why Hindu twitterati didn't tweet all over the internet how this was - as it so obviously and undeniably is - a christoislamic gangrape of the Hindoo Sadhvi.

C.f. how India's demonic christo infestation so readily and falsely blamed Hindus via every christian mouthpiece (Indian christomedia), even though christians and the christomedia already know that only christoislamics are gangrapists.

As per the BBC, Modi "expressed 'deep concern' over the alleged gangrape of the nun, see bbc.com/news/world-asia-india-31918414

When he so readily expressed solidarity with christianism over this - just as he did with the christian self-inflicted church vandalisms - why didn't he issue such statements of solidarity with the Sadhvi (or against the huge number of obviously-christoislamic vandalisms, thefts and murders of Sadhus at temples, indiafacts.co.in/weekly-hindu-persecution-digest-22-march-29-march-2015/). I know it's too much to expect Hindu nationalist leaders - back to desperately dancing for peanuts from seculars, since they already got the Hindu vote - to do anything for Hindu victims of christoislam, such as ensure some justice for the Sadhvi. But he could at least have pretended to care for his votebase by issuing some soundbytes.

But I forgot, toilets/churches before temples. Nuns before Sadhvis. (Meanwhile the former Mrs Modi is being evangelised as per the news. Successfully too, it seems. Phase 1 is complete: she's signed up to work for missionary charities [i.e. evangelical activities].)

There's something disturbing about the dates:


Quote:No rallies or outrage for Ramkrishna Mission Sadhvi raped in West Bengal

OpIndia Staff / March 20, 2015 / Reports

News broke out on 14th March about an unfortunate incident of a Nun being gang-raped in a robbery case. Protests were organized, rallies taken out, and desperate attempts to communalise this sensitive issue were made by media and other interested people. But no-one felt the need to pity the condition of another woman, who too was gang-raped just a day before the above incident, in West Bengal itself.

As per a report in Patrika, a Sadhvi from the Ramkrishna Mission was brutally gang-raped on 13th March 2015.

The BBC reported on Sat the 14th of March that the christo nun was allegedly gangraped early on that very day* - Saturday - whereas the christoislamic gangrape of the Sadhvi was reported on the 13th and so happened earlier. *The fact that the BBC was so quickly onto the christian nun story is not the noteworthy part (although it does show the networking infrastructure of Indian christians with their foreign handlers).

The disturbing bit has to do with precedent of christian behaviour to distract from christian crimes:

Christians diverted from their own brutal christo murder of Swami Lakshmananda of Orissa by quickly alleging a gangrape of a nun in orissa "by Hindus", to draw all the media headlines into a christian victimisation sob story, and thereby convert anti-christian indignation into anti-Hindu indignation while also getting the international limelight for christianism instead of having any news of the christian murder of the swami leaked into the international news.

No gangrape of the Orissa nun ever took place, and the typically compulsively lying christist nun eventually admitted that, see Radha Rajan's articles documenting the subject.

It is a reasonable question, therefore, whether christians had gangraped the Sadhvi, then ensured that the police did not throw them in prison (as per above news, the police preferred to "counsel" the victim and her assailants together as if there was but a matter of mere 'disagreement' between them) so as to prevent this explosive matter from making it into more major news. And to make doubly sure, christians may have conspired with their brothers in monotheism - islamics from BD - to orchestrate the nun gangrape, not just to divert attention from the Hindoo victim of christian gangrape, but to overshadow it entirely with a sobstory that reversed the victimisation altogether: by deliberately seeding christomedia with stories falsely insinuating Hindus would have raped some nun, when it was in actual fact (as since admitted by the BBC) christianism's own islamaniac mercenaries that had done so.

Christoislamics work together after all, as seen also in how christomedia quickly acted to protect their islamic brothers, by silencing the "christians persecuted by Hindus" nun-gangrape sobstory as soon as the facts leaked out: that islamaniacs from BD had gangraped the nun.

People may say what they will but

- there is 100% chance that it was the demon christoislamics infesting India who attacked the Sadhvi.

- there is at least 50% chance that it was christians who perpetrated the crime against the Sadhvi, as seen in how many rapes of Hindoo women are by christians or by christians working in tandem with islamics in a gangrape, as also seen in that typical example of an earlier news item re-pasted in this thread.

I note the "civilised" "Hindu" cowards - oh, slip of the tongue - vocalising all over the net are useless as usual.

They won't protect or avenge their sadhus and sadhvis,

they won't protect or avenge their Gau,

they won't protect or avenge Hindoo women,

they won't protect or avenge the Hindoo leaders and Hindoos active in temple protection who were regularly and brutally murdered by islamaniacs in TN and other states,

they won't stick up for their heathenism/Gods even in word (yet they will leap to the defence of alien unheathens like Elst and his Elst-isms, against any Hindu who should dare to criticise his subversive opinions).

If I were the superstitious kind to look for bad omens - as some "Hindu" vocalists certainly are - I'd say the above list is pretty much one big bad sign for the future of India.

But it doesn't take a crystal ball to predict that Indian "nationalists" - good only at pointlessly vocalising (usually with as only result to subvert heathenism) - will bring the downfall of heathenism and even all India with their endless talking and 0 action. De-heathenisation has robbed Indians of their spine to avenge those they ought to have kept safe by scaring the enemy into contemplating the repercussions before daring to injure Hindoos.

At most/at best, being uselessly civilised to the point of cowardice (dubbed "intellectual kshatriya" by the greatest and most subversive type of cowards, the Rajarants), they will pen yet another article, blog or twit some lines. Maybe hold some presentation or conference or lecture. They will play at being scholars or intellectuals some more. They may utter some great truism or platitude. They will make up more subversions and peddle it all over the internet as a truth. In short they will continue in their pointless, worthless behaviour. Nothing will ever be fixed. And the problems will not go away. The enemies will feel more certain that Hindoos will never retaliate and that therefore they can continue to get away with impunity by attacking Gaus, Sadhvis etc.

If people can't defend even the most important things - the things they pay such great lipservice to whenever they invoke the "Hindu" label - do they deserve to retain it?

In castigating all the cowards, exemption is of course made for such great Hindoo heathens, as the falsely framed and wrongly sentenced-for-life Rabindra Kumar Pal ("Dara Singh") - that great and active defender of the Gau. The same Dara who was thrown under a bus by IIRC Tarun Vijay (the one drooling all over Ghajjini's christomissionary actress Asin): Tarun assumed Dara's guilt and - like cowards do, who know no solidarity but only care about themselves - moreover declared that Dara was 'but a tribal' and not associated with 'us'

(Whatever either of that means: Dara is a HindOOO the likes of which emperor Julian would have been proud to associate with, for protecting the core of our heathenism - the Gau - without any apologetics). But Tarun isn't the sole one to blame. English-speaking "Hindus" near-universally sold Dara down the drain. So, as "gratitude" for protecting the Gau and other Hindus, Dara is languishing for life in prison (unless he is no more) - thanks to the christian inquisition which conspired to frame him for some alien missionary's murder - and he was tortured in prison where he was even denied water. And he was innocent.

But modern "Hindu" "nationalists" are incredible ingrates. Brave heroes the likes of Dara Singh are wasted on them, like the Gau and the Gods. That is why there will never be another Shivaji for India. Because "Hindu nationalists" will probably boo at his defence of the Vedam (a la Rajarant), will sell him off to the christian inquisition as "not one of us" (like Tarun et al did), etc.

So no wonder that christoislamics gangrape Sadhvis and steal Hindoo temple cows for butchery. No wonder that the Sri Rama temple at Ayodhya is not rebuilt. And no wonder that Ramarsethu has been damaged (is being damaged? is broken?) and people can only come up with weak excuses as to why a secular Indian govt ought to preserve it.

It takes heathens to feel gratitude, to recognise heathen heroes and to stick by their side in gratefulness and to defend them when their fortunes are cruelly reversed, and to protect Sadhvis and Sadhus and temples and the Gau, and to avenge all these when wronged. The fact that none of this ever happens (properly) among the masses of angelsk-speaking vocalists allegedly championing the Hindu cause - as seen all over the internet - is surely correlated with the great degree of their de-heathenisation and subversion.

They're quite like the current govt: nothing they do actually matters in the long run, but merely allows the noose to be drawn tighter when the time comes, and underlines how the future of India is becoming set as something rather bleak if not much, much worse.

The news was:


All of the incidents recounted at the link are miserable, but the following is particularly relevant to this thread:

Quote:2. No rallies or outrage for Ramkrishna Mission Sadhvi raped in West Bengal

Report: As per a report in Patrika, a Sadhvi from the Ramkrishna Mission was brutally gang-raped on 13th March 2015.

This unfortunate incident occurred in the evening, when the Sadhvi, a resident of the Mihir Das colony in English Bazaar district in West Bengal, was returning from a market in her neighbourhood. This is when 4 youths from the neighbourhood dragged the Sadhvi into a Mango grove and gang-raped her. It is also reported that the Sadhvi repeatedly visited the Police Station to lodge her complaint against the rapists, but instead of registering her FIR, the cops were more interested in sitting with the accused and the victim to settle the matter.

Link: opindia.com/2015/03/no-rallies-or-outrage-for-ramkrishna-mission-sadhvi-raped-in-west-bengal/

More proof that international media is conspiring against Hindu religion in India with their hand-picked narratives on "rape in India", as seen in how they deliberately ignore such cases as that of the sacred Sadhvi, who was obviously gangraped by christoislamics alone, and whose perpetrators are let off scott-free *because* they are so obviously christoislamic.

Quote:Hindus are on the Hit List

By Sumedha Sarvadaman Persecution & Proselytisation April 6, 2015

The entire article is important to read as it summarises everything going on plainly.

But relevant to this thread is the following section from the above article, along with the URLs referenced in the excerpted piece. Things are worse than even I suspected, though my particular suspicion that the gangrapists of the Sadhvi were christians - and that the alleged gangrape of the nun was a christian diversionary tactic to suppress the news of the gangrape of the Sadhvi by flooding the press with christian persecution sobstories instead - seem to be cementing into more than a mere likelihood.

And most explosive of all is the URL in red in the references section. :wow:

Quote:Ranaghat, where the septuagenarian Nun was allegedly raped, falls under the Nadia District in West Bengal. Many localities around Ranaghat, like Begopara are mostly inhabited by Christian converts. Nadia also has a Muslim population of 25.4 per cent, higher than the national average.

As per National Crime Records Bureau data of 2012, West Bengal tops the charts for crimes against women and Nadia (146) gets the third highest position in number of rapes after South 24-Parganas (224) and Murshidabad (174). As per a Home Ministry report, there are 5.2 million Bangladeshis illegally staying in India. In West Bengal alone, there are a staggering 3.2 million. Nadia borders with Bangladesh and crime in that area is rampant.

The Nun’s alleged rape case is a murky story. Some news reports stated that the land Mafia was involved, others said ‘As per church sources, she has been asked to leave Ranaghat and keep quiet, as the culprits belong to same community as hers’. Some said she wasn’t raped at all since the police, West Bengal Government or the church are yet to publish her medical bulletin…and so on.

But as per the police, some Muslims from Bangladesh living illegally in India have now been arrested. The police suspects a church insider is involved in this case.

But for top cops like Julio Ribeiro and hate fomenting clerics, it was an open and shut case. They proclaimed, on cue, that the Sangh Parivar rapes septuagenarian nuns. It is as if they are waiting to read out a photocopied allegation every time such an incident happens.

Serial Crimes of the Clergy

The same church went deafeningly silent when a clergyman in West Bengal was recently caught for repeatedly raping a 16-year-old girl for over a month in a rehabilitation home. This is the same church, whose priests and spokies were the first to brutally character assassinate a 14 year old girl when the serial rapist Father Falcao from Pune, was finally caught. The same church whose priest in Andhra, after raping, burnt alive a minor girlwhen she threatened to inform her parents. The same church whose pastor repeatedly raped a 13 year old in a children’s homein Guntur. The same church whose pastor and two sons,gang rapedtwo minors for six long months. And the same church has ostracized, bribed, threatened and killed Sisters for speaking against sexual crimes committed by the church.

Rape and pedophilia within the church have taken such horrific epidemic form across continents that finally, even the UN was forced to slam the Vatican in its reportstating that the Vatican’s policies allowed priests to rape. Pope Francis told the BBC in 2014 ‘There are cases (of pedophilia/rape by priests) in almost every institution in this land. One in 50 Catholic priests is a pedophile’. Ofcourse, later,he too was found guilty of rape, torture, murder and trafficking of children. So I’m guessing the percentage is much higher.

(See URL reference at end)

And what about the three Melbourne Churches set ablaze in as many days? Were they also the handiwork of RSS and Hindutva forces? A report on these fires in news.com.au, dated 2 April 2015, details a gory history of sexual abuse inflicted on scores of children by notorious paedophile priests for decades.

Under these circumstances, naturally, the first suspect would be the church. Also because the nun was allegedly raped within their premises. Her security was their responsibility. Alas, the proverbial pot calls the kettle black, accusing millions of Hindus under the guidance of Prime Minister Modi, to be potential rapists and communal goons.

That morning when the news broke, my jaw fell hearing some of the communal hatred, provocative lies and open threats being spewed by none less than the Archbishop, the Cardinal, Minority Commission’s Maria Fernandez and other Christian activists.



WB 16 year raped by a clergyman for 30 days









Pope Francis found guilty of rape, murder, child-trafficking


Child Sacrifices tied to Vatican, Mafia, Canadian PM Stephen Harper Child



(And I was so certain that Ratzinger was Darth Sidious/the sith lord. Had no idea that Pope Francis was Sidious and Ratzinger only his apprentice.)

That link in red - the 2nd to last one - in the references section is a MUST read. It appears to be related to the final link.

Where is Dawkins? No mention of the real tradition of rape and child abuse? Seen institutionalised in christoislam.

I hope twitter people are tweeting the indiafacts article and especially the article at the Child Abuse & Recovery site everywhere.

There's already a panicking christian commenting in desperation at the indiafacts article, declaring it's "all lies" and that he can prove it, except that he can't be bothered. (In other words: he has no proof. Only empty denial. Typical little compulsive liar for gawd, like every christian. Should feed *him* to his Papa Francis, apologist for paedophilia and rape that he is.)
Aah. So this explains the Beeb documentary.

And why the explosive news on Prince Andrews got shafted to redirect to sensationalist stories in India:

so Andrews could use the media blitzkrieg/inversion to reinvent himself as a saviour instead of a sex-slave trafficker/user.

1. First, the other news on Andrew as visible today, to make sure no one imagines anything but PR and the royalty's high profile whisked their prince away from getting the same justice as his paedo-buddies:

Quote:HUGE Loss For Prince Andrew's Pedophile Pal Jeffrey Epstein In ...


Prince Andrew's pedophile pal Jeffrey Epstein suffered a HUGE legal loss in his quest to keep details of his plea deal sealed. The U.S. District ...


The National Enquirer-17/04/2015

Explore in depth (3 more articles)

Judge Does Not Allow Prince Andrew's Accuser to Join Suit

New York Times-10/04/2015

A federal judge in Florida has ruled that a woman who claimed she was forced to have sex with Prince Andrew, Alan M. Dershowitz and others ...

Prince Andrew Faces Wrath of Queen Elizabeth Over Underage Sex ...

Celebrity Dirty Laundry-18/04/2015

Prince Andrew got extraordinarily lucky with the underage sex scandal, but he also had the royal press office and lawyers working tirelessly on ...
The Royal Press *and* the handpicked agents working for the BBC and the church.

2. Here the magicians show us hints of "How they did it". And how they're making even more money out of it too.

The trick is called:

"How to deflect from Prince Andrew onto India and use the projected torture porn on India to make money for industry in the UK. All at the same time." Neat huh?

The photo of Indian women fawning over their Phileas Fogg accused-rapist and sudden saviour Prince Andrews is a bit too much for me: May have to go throw up soon.


Quote:Prince Andrew's extraordinary new mission to save teenage sex slaves: After THOSE lurid accusations in US are dropped, the Duke acts to save girls beaten, starved and forced into sex

Prince Andrew has changed the fate of 100 vulnerable women in Calcutta

They were rescued from brothels, child labour and trafficking by charity

Key to Freedom was launched by the Duke after a trip to India in 2012

He recently denied allegations he had slept with a sex slave in America

The accusations, made by Virginia Roberts, have been struck from court records

By Sarah Oliver For The Mail On Sunday

Published: 00:20 GMT, 19 April 2015 | Updated: 12:10 GMT, 19 April 2015

It's hard to know quite what motivated the Duke of York to rescue teenage sex slaves in India at the same time he faced damning allegations that he had slept with one in America. But one thing is for certain: it definitely took guts.

(No, it didn't take guts. It took a carefully planned PR campaign, combined with gutter inspection on India. Not to mention pulling some powerful strings in the US to get the courts to make it all "go away".)

With a remarkable initiative combining the unlikely bedfellows of fashion and compassion, it can be revealed that Prince Andrew has personally changed the fate of more than 100 vulnerable young women in Calcutta.

Rescued from brothels and domestic servitude, child labour and human trafficking, the girls have been taught tailoring and silk printing through a charity called Key to Freedom.

Moved: Prince Andrew during his visit to an Indian refuge in 2012, which inspired him to form the charity


Moved: Prince Andrew during his visit to an Indian refuge in 2012, which inspired him to form the charity

Their kimonos, duster coats, pyjamas, scarves and make-up bags are sold online and on the British High Street by Topshop, with the proceeds paid back to the women as a salary.

What makes this new mission all the more compelling is it has emerged just months after Andrew was mired in allegations that he had enjoyed an improper relationship with American ‘sex slave' Virginia Roberts, who had been working for his former friend Jeffrey Epstein, an American billionaire.

The claims, furiously denied by the Duke, have now been struck out of American court records, effectively clearing his name.

(But see next news item.)

He was inspired to launch Key to Freedom after visiting a girls' refuge on an official trip to India.

He came up with the idea less than an hour after leaving a home run by the Women's Interlink Foundation and swiftly donated £10,000 seed capital to fund the first bales of silk.

(It took more planning than his one hour 'decision' to reinvent his persona from sexual-predator to women's saviour: the beeb drama was sent out at an opportune moment to pave the way for his 'transformation' in the public eye.

And a 1st world prince donates all of "10,000" pounds. Geez.)

Speaking exclusively to The Mail on Sunday yesterday, the Duke said: ‘I was incredibly impressed with the work of the Women's Interlink Foundation during my Diamond Jubilee visit to India in May 2012.

‘I could see that it would be possible to complement [founder and chairman] Aloka Mitra's important work in supporting vulnerable young women to develop a skill to become economically active by helping find a route to market for their products. It is incredible to see what the team has achieved.

Roberts had been working for Andrew's former friend Jeffrey Epstein, an American billionaire (pictured together above)

The rest at link. Mainly advertising/deflection on how great the charity is that the British prince supports/is using as his lifeline to reinvent his character. It's all about how 3rd world women suffer more from sexual crimes committed against them by the Indian "system" of "tradition", than 1st world women suffered from Epstein and Andrews and - as seen in the article to follow - prominent highly placed Americans.

Wow, the western women kept as sex slaves by Andrew and his gang of paedo-buddies don't get a future.

But every alien can take refuge in India to play Phileas Fogg and immediately reinvent themselves as 'heroes' after their reputation has been exposed I mean has been stained by accusations of paedophilia and sex-slavery.

I'm not surprised so many western paedophiles are packed off to Indian christian orphanages to pray I mean prey on abducted Hindu children.

Considering even their royalty is in on this game.

More western "charity" for the 3rd world.

Oh, and mustn't forget the silver lining: not all the Brits commenting at the dailymail link fell for Prince Andrew's attempt to erase the memory of the sordid details of his actions, or for his sudden and incredibly convenient transformation (for PR purposes, as they too could tell) into the 'hero' of "the sad story of the sexual exploitation of women".

3. Here, I think the full details of how Virginia Roberts' claims against Prince Andrew/Duke of York got struck out from the lawsuit against the Prince's paedo-buddy Epstein is quite interesting.

As I understand from reading the following, the telling bit is that her case against Prince Andrew - and those of others who came forward about a paedophile/sex-slave ring of many more high profile persons - were all deemed *irrelevant* to the case under consideration against Epstein in particular. And *that* is why their allegations were struck off.


Quote:Prince Andrew sex abuse allegation thrown out by judge

US district judge rules Virginia Roberts's claim against Duke of York be struck out as he refuses her attempt to join lawsuit against Jeffrey Epstein

Prince Andrew and Virginia Roberts in 2001

By Philip Sherwell, New York

7:05PM BST 07 Apr 2015

A US judge has ruled that sex allegations made against Prince Andrew in court papers filed in Florida must be struck from the public record.

The Duke of York and Buckingham Palace strenuously denied the allegations in the court documents that he sexually abused a 17-year-old girl who claimed she was used as a sex slave.

Kenneth Marra, the federal district judge in West Palm Beach, has now rejected a bid by two women to join a lawsuit against the US government over its handling of the case of Jeffrey Epstein, a billionaire financier and convicted paedophile.

He ordered that the claims made by one of the women involving the Duke and several prominent Americans in the filings lodged by her lawyer must be removed from the court record.

The Duke was never accused of any offence and he strenuously denied the claims of the woman, who was referred to in court papers as Jane Doe 3 but who later identified herself as Virginia Roberts, now 31. A Palace official confirmed that the Prince has been briefed on the latest developments.

Prince Andrew denies sex allegations with underage teenager

She was one of several women who claimed that they were sexually abused as underage teenagers by Epstein and passed for use as sex slaves by his acquaintances at parties at various locations, including his Palm Beach mansion and a private Caribbean island.

Ms Roberts and the second unnamed woman wanted to join a lawsuit filed by two other alleged victims against the US government to force the re-opening of a non-prosecution deal struck by federal prosecutors with Epstein.

Under the agreement, the investment banker pleaded guilty in 2008 to state sex offences and served 13 months of an 18-month jail sentence - a much shorter term than he could have faced in a federal prosecution.

Judge Marra has now ruled that too much time has passed since the original lawsuit for the two new women to add their names to the case.

He also said that sex abuse allegations had no bearing on the lawsuit's goal of reopening the Epstein non-prosecution agreement.

"The factual details regarding with whom and where the Jane Does engaged in sexual activities are immaterial and impertinent to this central claim," the judge wrote. "These unnecessary details shall be stricken"

If the Epstein case is reopened, he could face a federal prosecution and the US government could be forced to pay the women damages. The financer has already reached out-of-court financial settlements with dozens of victims.

The Duke was not a party to the court action and was not given the opportunity to rebut the allegations through the court.

Buckingham Palace broke with its usual policy of refusing to comment on current court cases because of the nature of the allegations and their emergence in the public domain in the court filings in late December.

"This relates to long-running and ongoing civil proceedings in the US to which the Duke of York is not a party," a spokesman said.

"As such we would not comment on the detail. However, for the avoidance of doubt, any suggestion of impropriety with underage minors is categorically untrue"

The Duke also referred to the allegations in a brief comment at the World Economic Forum in Davos in January. "I just wish to reiterate and to reaffirm the statements which have already been made on my behalf by Buckingham Palace," he said. "My focus is on my work"

The Duke of York will spend this week privately before resuming public engagements on Monday.

The accusations involved "the Duke and several prominent Americans". Wouldn't be surprised if it goes all the way up to the top - the courts too - and that's why their accusations were disallowed. Seems to me like it was a case of mutual backscratching.

These western women seem to have hit the uh... glass ceiling (of another type): Never accuse the top dogs of the western patriarchy. Even the western courts won't allow you to make your case then or be heard or your words to be recorded. They will silence you in a very accomplished manner.

The PR person for Prince Andrew has issued thanks on his behalf to

- his highly placed contacts/co-conspirators in the US for "letting it go" (someone pulled some strings, or there merely was mutual blackmail: "Now, now, US Supreme Court judges, if I'm going to hang for this, I'm going to make double sure your being party to the same crime is made public too, so you'll be going down with me." No wonder it all magically evaporated.

- to India, their 3rd world ex-colony that never de-colonised apparently and keeps welcoming the predators with open arms as if these were their saviours. The prince wishes to state: "Thanks India/Losers for being a 3rd world sinkhole. Without you, I'd have had few other places to go to to show off how superior I am and to condescend on the locals and make myself look good thereby. So Thank You India for being stuck in a 3rd world state compared to "this, our realm of England", since my kind can always make use of/turn to your 3rd world state at such moments as this when our own sexual-predations are being scrutinized by our people, so that by our playing at being charitable all the way in 'oh so much worse off India, that it would be shameful and morally criminal for any Brit to recollect our own 1st world crimes and miseries in the comparison", people will stop noticing what I have done to western underage women and instead will compare me to the torture porn we've created on the 3rd world/India, and will come to see me as the do-gooder by means of projected comparison."

Apparently the tactic works on some. Both in England and in its Indian colony. (Let's call India what it is: a British colony still. If you act like one, you're going to get treated like one. Obviously.)


Related to both this post and especially post 28, which was also on the subject of how rich and powerful 1st world persons seem to get away with a lot of their tyranny against their own women. Post 28 mentioned the case of a Greek man in the UK accused of raping a British woman, and who reversed the charges onto her, and she killed herself. There is a pattern to this. But a more recent case follows. Note that others have observed a certain prejudice to favour perpetrators when they're in power:


Quote:NSW barristers slam Pru Goward for criticising 'glowing' references for rapist Luke Lazarus


April 7, 2015

Rachel Olding


Jailed: Luke Lazarus outside court during his sentencing hearing for raping a woman near his father's nightclub in Kings Cross. Photo: Janie Barrett

Mike Baird way behind on gender balance

'Was a sick night': rapist Luke Lazarus bragged about taking woman's virginity

Womens' campaigners are urging the Director of Public Prosecutions to review the sentence given to a nightclub rapist as controversy deepens over "glowing" character references provided by some of Sydney's most powerful figures.

Luke Andrew Lazarus, 23, was last month sentenced to a maximum jail term of five years for raping a young woman on her first night out in Kings Cross, then bragging about taking her virginity.

District Court Judge Sarah Huggett described the attack as the "spontaneous and opportunistic" actions of a young man who felt a sense of "power and entitlement" by virtue of his father Andrew's part-ownership of the Soho club.

On Friday, the NSW Bar Association reprimanded Pru Goward, Minister for the Prevention of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, for criticising the high-profile Sydneysiders who provided glowing references for Lazarus after his conviction.

Waverley mayor Sally Betts, South Sydney Rabbitohs chairman Nick Pappas and the honorary secretary of the Honorary Consulate-General of Greece in Brisbane, Tsambico K Athanasas, vouched for his good character in references before sentencing.

A reference from the parish priest at the Greek Orthodox Christian Church of St George, Rose Bay, Father Gerasimos Koutsouras, said Lazarus was innocent and had suffered "an injustice".

(Note the Greek names of each character reference for the rapist: it ain't just the Greek Orthodox Church's priest above who is a member of the Greek Orthodox church, right? I'm sure Luke Lazarus' dad is never behind in his church donations and is an upstanding member of his church, and his son is a faithful too - high chance of that - so it would take nothing for them to insist on character references from their own.)

Ms Goward told Fairfax Media she was appalled by anyone would provide "glowing references" for a rapist.

"Not only does this diminish their standing, it can shatter the confidence of the victim and often discourages them from seeking justice," she said.

However, the NSW Bar Association has slammed the "ill-advised" comments, warning Ms Goward that such conduct might constitute contempt of court.

Junior vice-president of the association Arthur Moses, SC, said those convicted of heinous crimes should be punished but Ms Goward should not be criticising members of the public for providing references in a criminal sentencing hearing.

"No member of the community should be deterred from providing evidence in a criminal matter," he said. "In certain circumstances it may constitute a contempt of court to humiliate or victimise individuals for being witnesses.

"Ministers of the Crown should be mindful that their positions come with both privileges but also obligations to not make comments which may have the tendency to interfere with the proper administration of justice."

Ms Goward said she stood by her comments.

Karen Willis, executive officer of Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia, said the stoush highlighted issues with the reference system because it allowed rich and powerful people to use their position to argue for better treatment, rather than providing genuine character insights.

She has encouraged the DPP to review Lazarus' sentence, saying the minimum three-year term was inadequate, considering sexual assault is the second most serious crime after murder.

"An Aboriginal man from woop woop can commit the same crime and not command those sorts of references and I think that's problematic," she said.

"We're all equal before the law and the concept someone should get a lighter sentence because of their family and position is not acceptable."

(Meanwhile, in practise, some are more equal than others. :cough: Andrew and gang :cough:

I mean, the telegraph article in point 3 above admitted that the rich and powerful paedophile Epstein just got off easy compared to what he *would* have got, right?

"... a non-prosecution deal struck by federal prosecutors with Epstein. Under the agreement, the investment banker pleaded guilty in 2008 to state sex offences and served 13 months of an 18-month jail sentence - a much shorter term than he could have faced in a federal prosecution."

No low-life criminal living from hand to mouth who did the same thing as Epstein would have been given such an offer/agreement, I'm sure.)

She said courts needed to give equal weighting to references.

"If it's someone who is fairly poor and unconnected and a local footy coach gives a reference, that should hold just as much influence as someone who is really well connected and gets a reference from the mayor or consul-general."

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story was amended to correct the title of Mr Athanasas.

And the news was on how Prince Andrew uses India - recently reinvented for this very purpose as "the worst place for women in the world" - to deflect from the allegations against him* and reinvent himself too: as a saviour of Indian women victimised by sexual predators.

(* which allegations were, at best, only struck off the record in the US courts because the allegations against Andrew and others in the sex-slavery ring didn't concern the case against Epstein. At worst, high-placed people have been pulling strings to save their own skins along with Andrew - since prominent Americans were also accused, apparently. As indicated in some the Telegraph article above).


Quote:Prince Andrew's extraordinary new mission to save teenage sex slaves: After THOSE lurid accusations in US are dropped, the Duke acts to save girls beaten, starved and forced into sex

Prince Andrew has changed the fate of 100 vulnerable women in Calcutta

They were rescued from brothels, child labour and trafficking by charity

Key to Freedom was launched by the Duke after a trip to India in 2012

He recently denied allegations he had slept with a sex slave in America

The accusations, made by Virginia Roberts, have been struck from court records

By Sarah Oliver For The Mail On Sunday

Published: 00:20 GMT, 19 April 2015 | Updated: 12:10 GMT, 19 April 2015


It's hard to know quite what motivated the Duke of York to rescue teenage sex slaves in India at the same time he faced damning allegations that he had slept with one in America.

(What do they mean it's "hard to know". It was so obviously a combined exercise in damage control + PR. I'm not even in psychology let alone crowd psychology but even I can work out that much. Duh. So too did some Brits, btw. )

Need to get some Indian documentary makers to interview the women - Miss Roberts and the other one - whose testimonies against Andrew and others were asked to be struck off (essentially for not being on-topic).

I'm sure Indians (minus the ELM etc) are a fair minded people: willing to hear their side of the story too.

After all, the British monarchy may not be able to yell "off with their heads" anymore against any whose existence suddenly becomes a problem or nuisance to them, but they still have sufficient power and money to hire people to make problems go away and can silence accusers easily by calling in favours of other highly-placed people. Same goes for the new royalty of the US - the nouveau riche and powerful - who can also make problems posed to them by poorer people "go away" or be brushed under the carpet.

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