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Rape crimes in India vs elsewhere: deliberate disproportionate reporting by international news
International news doesn't know what to do:

The Indian nun 'gangrape' was self-inflicted by christoislamics, to frame Hindoos. But since the christian compulsive lying about that came out, international media wants to make sure that nuns themselves don't lose sympathy, by harping on and on about the latest case:

An 86 year old nun has been gangraped and then murdered and money was stolen from her.

Sadly for christomedia, it happened in the christian nation of South Africa.

Indian christomedia is especially heartbroken, since they don't know how to blame this on Hindoos now. And because it reflects poorly on christianism again, that compulsively-lying religion of gangrapists.


Quote:Nun, 86, is gang-raped and murdered when robbers break in to steal from her missionary in South Africa

Sister Gertrud Tiefenbacher had been bound with a typewriter cord

Her body was discovered by other nuns at her mission in Durban

Police say octogenarian had been robbed of a small amount of cash

By Helen Moss For Mailonline

Published: 16:08 GMT, 21 April 2015
(Speaking of South Africa: 2 or so years back, American and other international news was full of a prominent Indian Hindu (forgot his name) in South Africa - or some English-speaking African nation - who allegedly had had his wife murdered by mercenaries pretending to be thieves. But then the African court finally ruled based on evidence that the man had had nothing to do with the IIRC mugging/hold up that resulted in his wife's death. The fact that the African judge had cleared his name was reported only by one British newspaper as far as I know - when the husband returned/went to the UK a free man. <- Should file that under more international christomedia psyops against Hindus, and how christomedia barely ever retracts their lies, and certainly not with the same loudness in which christomedia peddled them.)

Anyway, important recurrent features to note in this latest case where a christo nun in christo South Africa was gangraped:

- The South African rapists were christians too (again, SA is a christian country). Maybe they were even converts of the nun's own mission.

- Christians also seem to have a consistently morbid penchant for terrorising elderly nuns.*

More proof that it is christians that gangrape their own (elderly) nuns.

* Then again, raping is an ancient tradition in christianism. And christians will readily even commit incest as per church documentation: IIRC medieval monks weren't allowed to even stay with their mums and sisters, because the church councils documented that their 'celibate' priesthood was so vile they were likely to rape their own relatives. Yes, here:


Quote:LEO III 795-816 Created a spiritual cesspool. Following this Pope's rule, the Council of Aix-la-Chapelle of 836 CE stated that many monasteries had become the haunts of homosexuals and that many convents had become little more than brothels where unwanted babies were killed and buried. The church introduced laws banning priests' mothers, aunts or sisters from living in the houses of priests, since even relatives of the clergy were unsafe as incest was so rife.

4 centuries before that too, things were little different:


Quote:(4th century Saint) Jerome warned one Roman woman to never remain alone in a room with a priest. Should she find herself in such a situation, the woman was told to "plead that either her bowels or bladder needed relieving".

Christian women were not to be trusted either, according to Jerome. "Never enter the house or be in their company alone," he said.

To Jerome, the only women of virtue to be seen on the streets of Rome were not Christians but pagans.

(As documented by Joseph Wheless, else McCabe.)***

That last page is full of summaries of historical facts by Joseph McCabe et al. It's a hysterical read, the way Joseph McCabe brings out the idiocy that is christianism, but nothing has changed since then.

*** INSERT: CORRECTION to the line "As documented by Joseph Wheless, else McCabe". Though the source is simply St Jerome, the specific quoted textblock can be found at the following link, an apparently long-defunct Australian site, which has carefully documented summaries of the lives of various famous popes and church fathers, by quoting directly from official sources (such as "Sex Lives of the Popes" by Nigel Hawthorne, the Catholic Encyclopaedia, etc).

Meanwhile, the W Bengal nun was apparently attacked by her own christian kind, and it was specifically Not a gangrape (and in fact, no one knows that it was a rape at all - no wonder the nun went about "forgiving" everybody as a PR exercise for christianism).

First though. The following was found via a statement quoted in Sumedha Sarvadaman's indiafacts article, and at facebook.com/TheNationalistView/posts/596503547152928

Quote:Sumedha Sarvadaman

THE PLOT THICKENS! "Plot" as in literally it's mostly about land-Mafia. So the Editor of Afternoon Voice, Vaidehi Taman, who has been reporting from ground zero, raises the critical question - "Why the Nun was raped?"


Quote:Sister Superior of Convent of Jesus and Mary, also failed to describe the rapists inspite of broad light incidence. As per church sources, she has been asked to leave Ranaghat and keep quiet, as the culprits belong to same community.

The rest at that link is also interesting. E.g.

Quote: Published On: Mon, Mar 23rd, 2015

Why the Nun was raped?

It is a big question that why the nun was raped if we put little stress on the ongoing theories. Still, there is no answer but speculations are many. Eight persons were detained in connection with the rape of a 72-year-old nun in a school at Ranaghat in West Bengal's Nadia district. Police officials claimed that it was not a case of gang-rape. Even the eye-witnesses, other nuns, too told that it was not a gang rape because only one person took the nun towards room and there after they don't know what happened; they just found her on floor. Through this statement, it has established that only one person had raped her.
Despite all that, christomedia was loud and shrill about an old nun gangraped by Hindoos etc.

Turns out it was just another case like that Orissa nun who was hired to claim she was 'gangraped' (to deflect attention from the christian murder of the Hindoo Swami Lakshmanananda) and then she backpeddled and said she wasn't gangraped after all, just raped, and then she was not raped after all, so the christomedia just carefully left her story and moved on to manufacturing something else. India's christomedia should be totally disbanded.

The details concerning the Indian nun 'gangraped' by christoislamics are even more convoluted. E.g. the bizarre fact of the 72 year old who magically was but 62 years old as per hospital records. (Wah? Maybe christianism wanted to evoke more sympathy by adding another decade to her dotage?) And more such weird goings-on -

Found via Gautam Sen's retweet:

This is christianism: Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for how christianism blames Hindoos for christoislamic crimes.

1. Turns out that the christomedia and christoislamic state govts are involved in making christoislamic rapists have Hindu aliases for their christian news stories of alleged Hindoo crimes against women.

Note that "Vicky Nanjappa" - who has made the crucial info, which Rupa Subrahmanya refers to, public from police records - is a journalist. One I had earlier mistaken for a christist female, but who, as per their twitter page, seems to be actually male and apparently not anti-Hindu nor do they appear to be a christo.


Quote:Rupa Subramanya


Re Bengal nun rape case,every news story refers to mastermind as Milan Sarkar when acc to this,alias,real name:Rehman

www.oneindia.com/india/nun-rape-case-kingpin-arrested-1740551.html …





11:18 PM - 11 May 2015

Rupa Subramanya ‏@rupasubramanya 12h12 hours ago

.@vickynanjappa yours is only news story which says mastermind in nun rape Milan Sarkar is alias.Real name:Rehman.Could you verify?

28 retweets 15 favorites

Samir ‏@samir__11 12h12 hours ago

@rupasubramanya thats true..i hav read other stories as well..also complete silence from usual suspects further proves dis @vickynanjappa

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Sukhoi ‏@Sukhoi004 12h12 hours ago

@rupasubramanya most pseudo seculars think threat to India is from Hindus..so they make secular headlines ..learn from Nehru..

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Vicky Nanjappa ‏@vickynanjappa 12h12 hours ago

@rupasubramanya his real name is rehman, milan sarkar an alias- his police records in bangladesh & india state rehman alias sarkar aka mint

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Vicky Nanjappa ‏@vickynanjappa 12h12 hours ago

@rupasubramanya he is a bangldeshi national, all of them use indian hindu names to commit crime here

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Vicky Nanjappa ‏@vickynanjappa 12h12 hours ago

@rupasubramanya wouldn't a lot of them loved it if he was just milan sarkar ha ha ha ha lol

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Rupa Subramanya ‏@rupasubramanya 12h12 hours ago

@vickynanjappa you've seen the police records?

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Rupa Subramanya ‏@rupasubramanya 12h12 hours ago

@vickynanjappa It's just unbelievable everyone including international media refers to him as Milan Sarkar!

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Vicky Nanjappa ‏@vickynanjappa 12h12 hours ago

@rupasubramanya the cid version yes

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(The above looks to be in answer to Rupa's question: "you've seen the police records?")

Rupa Subramanya ‏@rupasubramanya 12h12 hours ago

@vickynanjappa thanks. This really is quite something.

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Vicky Nanjappa ‏@vickynanjappa 12h12 hours ago

@rupasubramanya suits the propaganda right

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syed ‏@truthalonefor1 12h12 hours ago

@rupasubramanya @vickynanjappa Blaming by you, confirming by others ?

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Rupa Subramanya ‏@rupasubramanya 12h12 hours ago

@vickynanjappa Yup. Makes one's head spin!

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jayasimha k ‏@hooves2 12h12 hours ago

@vickynanjappa @rupasubramanya let sleeping dogs lie-don't want secular media to get apoplectic fits !!

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sathya narayanan ‏@sathya0709 12h12 hours ago

@vickynanjappa Guess we have to take revenge and refer to AR Rehman as Dilip Kumar @rupasubramanya

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Rupa Subramanya ‏@rupasubramanya 12h12 hours ago

Confirmed by @vickynanjappa who's seen CID report that Milan Sarkar real name Rehman. Domestic/intntl media don't report his real name.Odd.

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(English speaking nationalist Indians are so unable to see what's right in front of their nose. Nothing "odd" about it. It is SOP for christianism to frame Hindoos for christoislamic crimes. Like the earlier islamic Deendar Anjuman outfit's attacks on churches. Like christians self-inflicting attacks on churches. Like nun "gangrapes" by christoislamics.)

नवजोत सिंह सिद्धू ‏@sahi_kaha 12h12 hours ago

@rupasubramanya प्रिय दाऊद !

तुम भारत लौट आओ.

तुम्हें कोई कुछ नही कहेगा. आजकल हमारे यहाँ फौरन जमानत हो जाती है,

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2. twitter.com/vickynanjappa/status/598018668274974720

Quote:Vicky Nanjappa @vickynanjappa · 12h 12 hours ago

even in burdwan case all bangladeshis had an alias hindu name- its a bloody common feature as their voter ids are issued in hindu names

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3. Christomedia strikes again: keeps dead silent on religious identity of Hindoo woman of Harijan community enslaved and brutally gangraped by islamaniacs. In Modi's own state. Will he lecture that "the religion of terrorists and victims must not be named" - as per his interview in TIME and suggestion to Obama - or will he bring justice to the woman?


Quote:Lutyens Insider ?@LutyensInsider May 6

Married Hindu woman kidnapped by gang of Muslims. Kept as sex-slave. She's pregnant but court not allowing abortion. ibnlive.in.com/news/gujarat-24yearold-gangrape-victim-asks-hc-to-allow-her-to-abort-27weekold-fetus/538581-3-238.html

552 retweets 116 favorites

Lutyens Insider ?@LutyensInsider May 6

Indian media not disclosing religions, but important to know that. It happened in Gujarat where Muslims are supposed to be 'under fear'.

293 retweets 86 favorites

Lutyens Insider


Not only she is a Hindu, she belongs to dalit caste. Reality will expose the Dalit-Muslim unity propaganda that leftists try to propagate.





10:32 PM - 6 May 2015

Lutyens Insider ?@LutyensInsider May 6

Court is not allowing abortion citing medical and legal reasons, and they could be right. But ugly truth is about the communal crime.

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Blue Sky ‏@blue21sky May 7

@LutyensInsider @sanatandesh Media is biggest Enemy of Hindus.

(That's cause Indian media and most international media = christian. And christianism = biggest enemy of Hindus.)

It is a high priority in the christian conversion agenda, and a main prong in the arsenal of tactics used in the christian harvest of India, to project Hindoo men as a threat to women and Hindoo heathenism as a "patriarchy", in order to alienate women from Hindoo men and Hindoo heathenism, and then brainwash them with greater ease into the idiotic vile mindvirus known as christianism, by projecting it as more egalitarian (don't all missionary religions?) and as more female-friendly.

But since practically all violent crimes in India are committed by christoislamics and pseculars (=a type of christian too actually, being christoconditioned and totally de-Hinduised), christianism had decided quite some time back to blame christoislamic and psecular crimes on Hindoos and then project this onto Hindoo heathenism. The means are as is apparent from the above: by using Hindu (i.e. crypto) names to camouflage christoislamic perpetrators of crimes against women etc. Cryptochristianism already uses Hindu names, as is well known, and so do BD islamaniacs apparently.

Quote:Oxford University suffering rise in culture of sexual harassment, college head warns

Dr Alice Prochaska said female students face 'excessively harassing and intimidating behaviour'

Victoria Richards Author Biography

Thursday 14 May 2015

The head of an Oxford University college has warned of an "unprecedented" scale of "epidemic" of groping and sexual harassment.

Dr Alice Prochaska said in an email to undergraduates that female students were facing "excessively harassing and intimidating behaviour" amid reports of rape jokes in communal areas, sexual coercion and groping at college parties and on campus.

"Rape is not a joke, as those who have been victims of it could tell you," she wrote.

Rape victim takes Oxford University to court

Ione Wells: Teenage assailant sentenced

"Any level of sexual harassment is also not a joke; it is not acceptable that members of the college and their friends should be made to feel uncomfortable and disrespected here." Ione Wells, who is behind the #NotGuilty campaign (Image: Instagram/Ione Wells) Ione Wells, who is behind the #NotGuilty campaign (Image: Instagram/Ione Wells)

Dr Prochaska, who has been the head of Somerville College since 2010, warned that she had received reports of "rude and sometimes threatening behaviour on a scale unprecedented in my time as principal".

She also said that Somerville, which was attended by Margaret Thatcher and was one of the first women's colleges in Oxford - although now around 50 per cent of its students are male - had also seen incidents of homophobia, the Telegraph reported.

Her comments follow a widely-publicised open letter published by Oxford student Ione Wells, who waived her anonymity to highlight her own experience of being sexually assaulted in London, kickstarting the online campaign #NotGuilty.

Ione Wells has launched the #NotGuilty campaign to raise awareness of sexual assault Ione Wells has launched the #NotGuilty campaign to raise awareness of sexual assault

The Times also reported that a meeting held by the college’s junior common room, which represents undergraduates, heard that deans had received six times more complaints this term than in the past six years combined.

Daniella Shreir, a student who spoke at the meeting, told the newspaper that there was an intimidating atmosphere, adding: "Many left the room extremely shaken and in tears. Only a few of us felt able to speak out."

So, when's BBC coming out with the documentary on Oxford's rape/sexual abuse culture? Nah?

Time to tally all the spheres of massive sexual abuse in the UK:

- British medical establishment - both doctors (including of children with cancer) and nurses, all raping their patients

- TV hosts to politicians even monarchs (Saville et al) - entire paedophile rings

- Cab drivers

- and now Oxford university.

I'd say it's pretty endemic and epidemic: "UK rape central". Good title for Leslee Udwin's next documentary. If she doesn't make it, it will be taken as proof that she has an evangelical agenda against Hindoo men and, through it, Hindoo heathenism.
Post 1/2

On the bit highlighted in red from above:


Quote:Oxford University suffering rise in culture of sexual harassment, college head warns

Dr Alice Prochaska said female students face 'excessively harassing and intimidating behaviour'

Victoria Richards Author Biography

Thursday 14 May 2015

The head of an Oxford University college has warned of an "unprecedented" scale of "epidemic" of groping and sexual harassment.

Dr Alice Prochaska said in an email to undergraduates that female students were facing "excessively harassing and intimidating behaviour" amid reports of rape jokes in communal areas, sexual coercion and groping at college parties and on campus.

Some more relevant news items.

The following reminded me of how many South American countries - devout catholic and other christian, all - were actually the ones that have held the titles of "rape central" and "rape capital" and "rape culture". (No less christian, South Africa too was a contender at one point.) And it hasn't changed, by the way.


Quote:Gina Riveros: Argentinian mother posted joke about rape culture on Facebook, had no idea it went viral

The post has since been shared on Facebook nearly 300 times; reposts on Twitter have reached nearly 31,000 shares

Loulla-Mae Eleftheriou-Smith

Wednesday 29 April 2015

When a woman in Argentina made a small observation about a drunk, passed out man at a bus terminal and made a passing joke about rape culture, she had no idea she would be speaking to such a big audience.

Gina Riveros, who works at the terminal, wrote a simple comment on Facebook, which has now been shared nearly 300 times. But what shocked her was the screenshot of the post that has now been shared more than 31,000 times.


Her post reads: "Yesterday, when I arrived at the bus terminal at 6:00am, there was a skinny man who was so drunk that fell into deep sleep after 10 minutes.

"He had oversized pants that left his underwear and half his ass exposed.

"In short: young, drunk, middle of the night, in a sketchy place like the terminal is at that time, and with his ass in the air and not even me, nor any of the women who passed him during the spectacle, raped or killed him.

"You see guys, it's not so hard and no matter how drunk you are or how you dress, you can respect the lives of others???"


Riveros said she has received both messages of support and negativity for her opinion since gaining notoriety. Some of the negative commentators have branded her a "rebel feminazi".

But she is used to voicing her opinion about rape culture: Riveros used to work on a health radio programme, where she was "disgusted to hear all the people who justify street harassment, groping, rape, etc."

Men and women should "pay less attention to the clothes worn by girls and deal more with teaching boys of future generations" to no violate or harass people, she told the website.

Read more:

Related to rape-propaganda on T-shirts:

AmriKKKa, New York: Shoshana Roberts: Actress who highlighted street harassment receives rape threats online


Quote:Department Store Pulls Offensive Shirt With Slogan 'It's Not Rape. It's A Snuggle With A Struggle'

The Huffington Post | By Emily Thomas

A major department store in the Philippines has pulled from its shelves an offensive T-shirt bearing a slogan mocking the definition of rape, following public outrage and criticism of the retailer online.


Last year, Amazon came under fire for allowing one of its merchants, online retailer Solid Gold Bomb to sell a shirt bearing the slogan "Keep Calm and Rape a Lot," a play off the famous World War II slogan "Keep Calm and Carry On."

SM did not immediately return a request for comment.

Posted: 09/24/2014 9:54 am EDT Updated: 09/24/2014 3:59 pm EDT

* Dept store "SM" - how aptly named - plays innocent and claims it all happened unawares. Relevant comments:

Quote:James Morgan Photographer & Retoucher at White Orange Productions

I worked in retail and talked to the buyers of that retailer. These guys knew exactly what this shirt said, meant, and that it was in the store.


21 September 24, 2014 at 11:43am

Emily Ash Top Commenter Volunteer Tutor at Multicultural Education and Counseling through the Arts (MECA)

I was about to say, yeah right they didn't know. They have to either order it, or they get inventory that says it on the sheet exactly what they've gotten in. And someone stocking sees it on the shelves.


11 September 24, 2014 at 2:00pm

In India such people would get beaten badly by Hindoo mobs: first by the Hindoo men then by the Hindoo women. The store stocking such shirts would also probably be made to go up in flames. Hindoo society doesn't tolerate this class of verbal terrorism, but have lost the socio-political power it once possessed to formulate a more potent and less reactive response.

Dawkins would likely lecture about tolerance and freedom of speech and taking a 'joke' as a 'joke', but Hindoos never tolerated violence against women and children etc, or attempts to make it seem 'normal' such as via T-shirt sloganeering. So with what little means remains open to them, Hindoos act to curtail the brewing violence (even if it will seem 'crude/3rd world heathen' to Dawkins and the like, who is more famous for his apologetics of what he considers 'milder' forms of paedophilia).

Because Hindoos and other heathens know, as aliens could too, that rape "jokes" merely lay the groundwork for mental acceptance of rape by any part of society prone to it, the thoughts and words to be followed by actions in time. Tolerating rape jokes is in truth rape culture, as beneath the surface of such tolerance is the build up of a seedy rapist collective mindset. Hindoo society always used to nip any sign of developments that had the potential to pervert and injure society in the bud.

It is ironic that the defining trait of Hindoo men w.r.t. women (as evident from everything including the very heathen itihaasas of the Hindoo) is that they do not allow injury of women, that little else makes them more decided to a course of action than the violence and oppression and loss of natural liberty of the female of their species. The famous great wars in Hindoo sacred literature (the HindOO epics) were waged in protection, liberation and restoration of Hindoo women.

The aforementioned irony is that the lying christoclass virus in India and overseas (like Leslee Udwin but Dawkins is very much an inevitable product of christoconditioning, his ideas are formed in reaction to christianism and his particular mindset could not exist except as a consequence of christianism) - again: the lying christoclass virus in India and overseas has inverted that most obvious and true nature of Hindoo men and Hindoo heathenism, which is that said heathenism (via Hindoo men) engages itself in full force foremost whenever it comes to protecting its own women and children and animals and others weaker than itself from predation.

The christowestern lying going on against Hindoo men for some reason makes me think repeatedly of was it Twain or Bertrand Russell or Joseph McCabe who mentioned the only instance I ever came across of possibly genuine rape of women by native American men: 2 men raped one woman. And Twain/Russell/McCabe/whichever famous ex-christian specifically wrote the article as apologetics: the men had attacked this western woman at random in direct response to several instances of brutal gangrape and subsequent murder of their own community's native American women by christowestern men. That is, the native American men were at their wits' end and took "revenge" in their understandable seething rage. (Since they were unable to kill the men who brutalised their women.) And even this was denounced by their own community.

Of course the christowestern settlers used this instance of ill-advised retaliation to declare that this was at last 'proof' of their malicious christian=deviant propaganda against native Americans as rapists.

But the above instance is the only possibly true/non-suspect case because it was documented by someone who was Not biased against native Americans and not part of the psy-ops machinery against them. In all other cases, the allegation that native American men rape women - indeed that they like to rape women and rape as a matter of course for them (which is a famous christo-accusation seen in all its gore in the disgusting catholic christian dawaganda film Black Robe/Robe Noir, also implied in La Fille D'Artagnan) - is entirely false and shown to be false by repeated documentation, even by western settlers and western women. Even christian apologetics on the subject is unable to continue to twist the facts.

The only truth is that native American men have adopted Europeans and raised them in their community, respectfully and even as their own. Nothing more. And none of those ever raised by native Americans ever wanted to return to their vomit christo-western society, which is also admitted (with consternation and alarm) by the christodemon settlers' intellectuals/strategists. The christowest never liked their own "going native". Fortunately native Americans have -albeit late- realised that alien dabbling has only ever been a curse to their own people and heathenism, and have turned their back on allowing this too.

The text in quote blocks is all that's relevant to this thread.
Post 2/2

Still on the subject of the epidemic of rape "jokes" and the casualness with which rape threats are issued in the west, the following actually provides cursory data. Notes I scribbled when I caught this:

Quote:Broadcaster: TV channel "PBS" (American public broadcasting station)

Programme: "OffBook"

Episode "The Culture of Reddit"

7+ minutes


* 72% (median) of US Reddit users = male

* Users are by far mostly from North American & Europe, which is a fact shown in the final seconds of the episode

* The subsection on Gender Relations on Reddit shows not just rape jokes used to curtail female activity or responses but also threats of violent rape issued by the male users. In their mentalities, it seems these things are a matter of course.

Oh here, this programme seems to be on Utoob too (7:59 mins long):


E.g. 3:45 mins in is a pan of a screenshot with the following Reddit entry:


(With the word Rape highlighted with a red background.)

While the programme focuses on the above screenshot, the Reddit SRS mod interviewee is commenting "All of this terrible misogynistic shit gets upvoted all the way to the top. Like all the time."

Such things were upvoted. 'All the time.' (See again the demography of who uses Reddit.)

=> Western Rape Kulture, including condoning of it. Latent even on the internet.

Around the time of hearing about Dawkins coming out with his unscientific nonsense - pandering to christodawaganda - about Indian "tradition" (attempting to insinuate even Hindoos' heathenism), I read a New Scientist article citing some "study" which found, what was it now, 1/4th of Asian men 'admitted' to having rapist tendencies or something. Whatever the proportion, it was certainly less than the more reliable study ('cause N is way smaller than 'Asia') that found a 1/3rd of mostly white male uni students in AmriKKKa were totally willing to rape if they could get away with it:


Quote:A third of male university students say they would rape a woman if there no were no consequences

Jon Stone

Wednesday 14 January 2015


Roughly one third of male university students who took part in a study would rape a woman if there were no consequences, according to a new scientific study.

The research, published in the scientific journal Violence and Gender, presented mostly white male American participants a questionnaire on how they would act in certain sexual situations.

And IIRC BD and Indonesia - havens of islamania - were very much represented in the study on "Asia".* And lumped with the unsaved nations there.

Whereas the study on AmriKKKan uni students above at least knows to differentiate between how it is predominantly white American males (=predominantly christian) who were surveyed, rather than anyone else.

* Well of course "Asia" would sound significantly rapist if one lumps the views of the islamaniac infestation in Asia with the unsaved kaffiri others, i.e. without separating which of those who admitted to rapist tendencies were christoislamic and who all were still unsaved kaffirs.


Search result snippet tries to contextualise the study's curious interest by relating it back to the Indian rape cases. Though the only admission is that the west's drain inspector interest is to make use of the sensationalised rapes in India to "study" Asia and thereby condemn even the rest of unsaved Asia - by lumping them with christo-islamised regions - to then make the west feel they are more 'civilised'/prove Oryanism is better (white supremacist notions of white male > other males) which is of course the actual goal of the west in this study:

Quote:5. A quarter of men in some parts of Asia admit to rape

In the aftermath of high-profile trials for rape in India, a study has revealed the extent of sexual violence in other parts of Asia

11 September 2013

From magazine issue 2934 Labelled: News

Which links to:


Quote:A quarter of men in some parts of Asia admit to rape

11 September 2013

Magazine issue 2934. Subscribe and save

For similar stories, visit the Crime and Forensics Topic Guide

Read more: Click here to read the original, longer version of this story

IT'S a much bigger problem than you might think. A new study reveals the breadth of sexual violence in some countries. A tenth of 10,000 men asked in six countries (Bangladesh, China, Cambodia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Papua New Guinea) admitted raping a woman other than a partner. Bougainville Island in Papua New Guinea emerged as possibly the most dangerous place for women – nearly 27 per cent of men quizzed there admitted such rapes. The overall figure across the countries rose to a quarter when rape of a partner was included.

(Papua New Guinea/PNG is mostly christianised already. A small proportion of unconverted people remain, but I doubt they'd be living in a place called "Bougainville Island" which sounds like a colonised=christianised place.)

The results, out this week (The Lancet, doi.org/nrd and doi.org/nrf), are an invaluable guide to factors motivating rape, says study author Emma Fulu of Partners for Prevention, a UN programme to tackle gender-based violence.

Of those who had raped, 58 per cent first did so in their teens.

"People begin committing these acts while quite young, so education programmes need to target them," said Scott Berkowitz, of the US Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network.

This article appeared in print under the headline "Rape hotspots"

(That final phrase is indicative of the kind of conscious categorising that actually points to the eternal western supremacist objective to delineate their own kultur from that of Asia as being more superior and moral from the ground up, as being more civilised by nature (of whiteness).

Asian unsaved kaffirs should all set up studies too. Not just to "reverse the gaze", but also to implicate what parts of the rape mentality present in their bounds is entirely due to contact with the west and the imposition of christoislamicommunism and subsequent departure from native heathenisms and other native Asian values.)

I still don't get how anyone can do a rape study on parts of Asia without separating each into individual countries and by religion.

I mean, honestly: on questions of propensity to rape, how can Cambodia be grouped in a set that has say Bangladesh in it?

Rather, BD and Indonesia should be grouped together, but results still to be obtained and presented split on christoislamics vs unsaved kaffirs.

China separately again: split on christians/islamics, and unsaved kaffirs again.

Papua New Guinea separate, same thing.

Cambodia separate, same thing.

Sri Lanka separate (split on Buddhists, Hindus and christoislamics).

In all cases in fact, split on christoislamics vs unsaved kaffirs at a minimum.

What the western study on the "Other parts of Asia" has done is essentially what the west has done to India with its news reports and documentary on their hand-selected Indian rape cases (and their unabashedly peddling the Hindu cryptonames assumed by the christoislamic perpetrators):

by refusing to identify christoislamic sexual crimes against (native) females, and lumping these christoislamic criminals with the majority heathen populations, India entire came out looking uniformly rapist (dubbed 'rape kultur') and this was then blamed on the majority native tradition=natural tendency of the populace, i.e. heathenism. So then the west could pretend that it was more naturally civilised - the argument is always based on the core white supremacist belief of the west that the west/"whiteness"=source of civilisation, everything else=barbarism.

Likewise, the study on "other parts of Asia" similarly-deliberately lumped majorly islamic nations like BD and Indonesia and significantly christoised PNG (where rape was typically the highest) with predominantly unsaved kaffiri nations like Cambodia, Sri Lanka, China. And further made no distinction of the religions of the surveyed individuals in each region (since Indonesia has a significant heathen population while China has large christoislamic "minorities").

Of course the results would then be a gobsmacking 25% - though still much, much lower than had only the christoislamic voices in these countries been surveyed.

And once more the west will pretend - with their typical white supremacist pretences to having evolved civilisation in entirety and being the wall of defence against the barbarity that is all other people (mirrored in the very same assumptions in Tolkien's work in Silmarillion and Unfinished Tales) - that the west is better and more naturally civilised than the unsaved east.

The inveterate liars like to delude themselves.

Affected Asians should dare the 'foreign devils' - as the Chinese used to call the demons from the christowest - to redo the study by nation and by religion and it will show how it is very much the christianism and communism dumped on Asia by the west and the islam nurtured and facilitated in Asia by the west that answers for practically the whole of the rapist views expressed/confessed.

Same goes for India. In each case, should identify which of christoislamicommunisecular the perpetrators were and whether the victim was HindOO or Hindu. And then the answer will scream christoislamicommunism, all of which is of course carefully fostered in India and inflicted on the native heathens by the west onlee.
Forgot to archive.

Britain's cops - and again: politicians, judges too - to add to this list:

[quote name='Husky' date='15 May 2015 - 12:43 AM' timestamp='1431630308' post='117725']

So, when's BBC coming out with the documentary on Oxford's rape/sexual abuse culture? Nah?

Time to tally all the spheres of massive sexual abuse in the UK:

- British medical establishment - both doctors (including of children with cancer) and nurses, all raping their patients

- TV hosts to politicians even monarchs (Saville et al) - entire paedophile rings

- Cab drivers

- and now Oxford university.

I'd say it's pretty endemic and epidemic: "UK rape central". Good title for Leslee Udwin's next documentary. If she doesn't make it, it will be taken as proof that she has an evangelical agenda against Hindoo men and, through it, Hindoo heathenism.


a. news.sky.com/story/1490565/abuse-survivor-cops-guarded-as-i-was-raped

Quote:Abuse Survivor: Cops Guarded As I Was Raped

Esther Baker tells Sky News she was sexually abused by different men, with officers sometimes standing guard for the perpetrators.

11:07, UK, Tuesday 26 May 2015

Video: Cops Stood Guard As I Was Raped

By Tom Parmenter, Sky News Correspondent

A woman has told Sky News how uniformed police officers stood guard as abusers sexually assaulted her as a young girl.

(Then is it any wonder that such complicity should go all the way up to the British govt, busy concealing the paedophile rings in its midst, not just shying away from the ones headed by islamaniacs from Pakiland but also long conpiring to protect the Saville et al type paedophile rings operated by and for high-profile Brits?

And when UK cops are so readily in on just such things, no wonder then that the BBC is more concerned with suppressing the documentary exposing Saville and gang than exposing the problem they created?

When will all this end? When will these children see justice? And when will future generations and their parents feel safe?)

Waiving her right to anonymity, Esther Baker, 32, spoke exclusively to Sky News about her tormented childhood that saw her sexually abused by men at various locations.

She claimed police officers would stand guard for the perpetrators and on some occasions even joined in the abuse in woodland on Cannock Chase in Staffordshire.

She said: "I got the feeling very much that they were protecting somebody, that they were with one of the men.

"One of them (police officers) I knew from church. There were a few occasions where they would be in uniform, and I kind of knew, I learnt that when they were in uniform that it was going to be a rough night.

"On occasion they would - they would sort of join in," she added.

Ms Baker recalls one police officer apologising to her.

Video: Child Abuse Inquiry Will Be Robust

"There was one that I can remember, one of the times I tried to run away and tried to get away from them and he came after me, caught up with me and he was carrying me back to where the rest of them were and he said he was sorry," she said.

From the age of six, Ms Baker was taken to be abused by different men on Cannock Chase, at various properties around Staffordshire and beyond.

Other children were often there and sometimes they were given alcohol: "We were all pretty much the same, same ages, we never spoke, I don't know where they came from, who brought them."

She says the sexual abuse was often filmed and involved men of varying ages from different parts of the country.

She said: "I don't quite know how to explain. I was brought up in a religious household and one thing that kept me so sure that what they were doing was right was that there were references to people, Lords and a judge.

"I picked up on those names, because I thought one of them must have been God because one of them was 'Our Lord'.

"I just thought that they were on God's authority."

(Note the above admits that christianism conditions christians from childhood to be acquiescent to abuse inflicted on them by members higher in the christo power or casta hierarchy.)

Decades on, Ms Baker has now finally decided to speak out and has made the painful decision to approach the police again, who have assured her that her claims will be investigated thoroughly.

She has recently taken part in a series of gruelling video interviews with detectives recounting the abuse.

She decided to speak to Sky News in the hope of finding other victims or the police officers who were involved.

She said: "I would say to the one that was sorry that he knows who these people were and why they were there.

"I need them to fill in the gaps that I just don't know, I need people that were adults then but they couldn't stop it for whatever reason, it is time for them to stop it now."

The other children who were allegedly abused on Cannock Chase may also hold vital information.

Ms Baker added: "I know they are terrified to come forward, I know what they were told, I know what threats were made and I know why they are scared.

"But every one of us that comes forward will hold a different piece of the puzzle. I can't fill it in on my own."

Ms Baker has given the name of one politician to the police and a detailed account of the years of abuse.

(Links to news.sky.com/story/1490575/politician-abused-me-regularly-survivor-says)

She said: "I always swore I would never go near the police again - never ... but I have hid it for 20 years, that has not worked, that hasn't taken the fear away - I have got nothing to lose anymore."

Ms Baker has ongoing support from the Lantern Project on Merseyside who work with survivors of sexual abuse.

:: Anyone who has concerns about a child or wants advice can contact the NSPCC for free 24 hours a day, by calling 0808 800 5000, or emailing help@nspcc.org.uk.

Poor people. What a childhood.

b. news.sky.com/story/1490575/politician-abused-me-regularly-survivor-says

Quote:Politician Abused Me Regularly, Survivor Says

A rape survivor tells Sky News that a politician was one of the "core members" of the group who allegedly abused her.

11:08, UK, Tuesday 26 May 2015

[Photo caption of young Esther:]

Esther Baker told Sky News she was abused as a child in the 1980s and 1990s

By Tom Parmenter, Sky News Correspondent

Abuse survivor Esther Baker has named a politician as one of the men who abused her while police officers stood guard.

She told detectives at Staffordshire Police that he was one of a number of men who would regularly abuse her in the 1980s and 1990s.

She believes a Lord and a judge may also have been among her abusers.

Ms Baker described the political figure as: "One of the core members. He was there quite often - I was one of his favourites.

"I used to play the piano, and he was quite taken with that ... there were different houses.

"I would sit on his lap and he would want me to play."

Video: Child Abuse Inquiry Will Be Robust

The politician is not from Staffordshire but is from the current political era.

(Who's betting he's a christist? Regular church-goer? And the judge and "Lord" too.)

Ms Baker has given a graphic and detailed account to detectives and explained to them how she only recently realised who the man was.

She said: "I would know that face anywhere. I have lived with it and others in my head for over 20 years, I know every inch of him."

Urging other potential witnesses or survivors to come forward, Ms Baker said: "I always swore I would never go near the police again - never.

"I was scared because it feels like, yeah, they are going to know I have said something so the only way I can now protect myself is now to tell.

"I just hope others will do the same. That is the only way we are going to be safe."

Ms Baker has ongoing support from the Lantern Project on Merseyside, which works with survivors of sexual abuse.

So the police were employed to ensure the higher-ups could sexually abuse little children with impunity and with full knowledge of the British police.

At the link, can see picture of the victim as the girl she was at the time .

I'm surprised no one is demanding blood. Death. By violence.

This meekness of the west - inculcated by christianism, what else could it be? - is what has undone their women not to mention their children. Their parents are made helpless. And the clergy, politicians, judges, lords, cops, doctors even cabbies are destroying the youth, preying on them, knowing they will get away with it because of their powerful positions in society. This abomination is ingrained in their society: it's set up to allow it, to protect it, to let it proliferate. Like all who get away with their crimes - e.g. like all those who have never accounted for genocide - the criminals here too have grown fat on their crimes, certain they can continue their abuse with no repercussions.


The news was on UK, from late May:

- news.sky.com/story/1490575/politician-abused-me-regularly-survivor-says

- news.sky.com/story/1490565/abuse-survivor-cops-guarded-as-i-was-raped
And of course the only real story of rampant rapes in India that will not make it into the international news (or India's christomedia) is the epidemic that's been dubbed 'love jihad' (=sexual jihad/demographic jihad in reality):

1. haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=19615

Love Jihad in Kerala: 49 Cases Reported in 2 Weeks

04/06/2015 15:11:36 Courtesy: Janmabhumi

2. haindavakeralam.com/HkPage.aspx?PAGEID=19594

Hate Jihad in the name of 'Love Jihad', A global phenomena

The entire article is worth reading, as the rest more directly concerns heathens in India.

But excerpting a part relevant to this thread:

Quote:In 2005, British investigative journalist Clive Gresswell discovered a collection of secret pamphlets being distributed to young Muslim men in Luton, UK. Excerpts run thus:

“A Message to Moslem Youth: Real Khilafa – A Political Reality from Dr. K M Farukh. (For Private Circulation)

We call upon our fellow youth to come and join us in our mission—universal and global Islam. The job is big but nothing is impossible. If the kafir non-believer does not accept by gentle persuasion or reasoning then other methods which are allowed for in the holy Quran must be used such as—going to war with the kafir or converting them by manipulation. We need to send out our boys to bring into the umma or community of Islam. This task is getting easier by the day as the Sikh and Hindu girls are not taught (as is done in Islam) much about their religion at all. They have a westernized upbringing and the school college and university campus is the ideal place for our youth to carry out their duties easily in this way. It is easy to take the Sikh girls out on a date as they generally like a good drink and from these gradually they can be brought into Islam. This is not a hard job at all as the Kafir women they like Moslems. Hardly surprising as we are attractive and intelligent compared with Kafirs… Otherwise why would Indian films have so many Moslem actors. There is not a single Hindu or Sikh actor in Pakistani films. We need more funds desperately to carry on our job and we need volunteers from amongst the youth specially. We need your help at this crucial time when our Moslem brothers and sisters are being killed in countries all over the world.”

Jihad, in all its forms is likely to stay for a protracted period. It is not just a war of weapons, but also of culture and mores. In an article in 1993, Huntington writes, “It is my hypothesis that the fundamental source of conflict in this new world will not be primarily ideological or primarily economic. The great divisions among humankind and the dominating source of conflict will be cultural. Nation states will remain the most powerful actors in world affairs, but the principal conflicts of global politics will occur between nations and groups of different civilizations. The fault lines between civilizations will be the battle lines of the future.”

Perhaps it is coming, what philosopher Francis Fukuyama calls, the end of history. Surviving it is the modern world’s greatest challenge.

With Inputs from Romeos of Terror by Sangram Parhi's in The New Indian Express


On these statements in the above:

Quote:Hardly surprising as we are attractive and intelligent compared with Kafirs… Otherwise why would Indian films have so many Moslem actors.

Islamaniacs' extreme powers of self-delusion disprove their (already disproved) claims to alleged intelligence.

And Bollywho is owned by the islamic underworld. So *of course* they will have ugly islamaniac men and brainless Hindu-origin women acting in there, it's part of their conditioning programme. Doesn't mean islamaniac males look remotely passable even.

Quote:This is not a hard job at all as the Kafir women they like Moslems.

No. The secularised Indians - men and women - don't differentiate between anything that looks Indian, be it christoislamicommunist or nominally Hindu, though all seculars are allergic to Hindoos=Hindu heathens.

Hindoo women would never marry christoislamics. More aware Hindoo women hate christoislamaniacs, more than even Dutch women hate moslems.

On this last. For once, a useful anecdote from my own life. (Oh no, my life has turned into something to mine examples and lessons from. This is never a good sign). Back when I was in my early teens, NL girls showed great awareness of islamic males and islam itself. One Dutch girl warned an Indonesian girl (from the Moluccas, sp?) away from considering dating an islamic boy the latter seemed to like. The very popular Dutch girl (who exclusively dated African-origin Surinamese males, so she's no racist, except perhaps against her own men) essentially said that it was extremely ill-advised to date islamic males, as all they want is to convert non-muslim females.

^ And all Dutch teens of my generation knew this, without exception. To the point that they were advising Indonesians away from islam (and the Moluccas were supposed to have been converted to christianism, IIRC, since it typically betrayed Indonesia and sided with the Dutch).

^That is the level of self-regulation Hindu society needs to inculcate in the women among it. Notice how Dutch teen girls warn other women off dating islam? (Notice also how very different Dutch girls are compared to English speaking west where

- English girls in the UK, not just Sikhs and Hindu girls, are lured into islam by love jihad

- UK and US women constantly marry into Jordan royalty and Aga Khan household and convert to islam (see here, scroll down to item 2)

- UK and US girls both fawn over that half-Paki islam-peddler "Zayn Malik" from some crazy boy-band called New Direction

The self-policing done by Dutch teen girls* is what needs to be reproduced among Hindu females. And this needs to start among Hindu teen girls.
No waiting until past that age, else by that stage Indian women are secularised=christo-conditioned (and pseudo-'westernised') beyond the point of no return. And, as stated, it needs to be by and for the Hindu female youth. They will listen to each other. They will warn each other off. This is what girls do, especially the more extroverted they are.

So raise one pretty and preferably popular* Hindu female who knows enough about christoislam** to be willing to warn off others in her class, and her entire class of female Hindu girls will be immunised. *Don't know how female teen peer hierarchies in India work.

Also need to get Hindu male youngsters to warn each other of christo females. (Will never work. E.g. even adult "nationalists" who've otherwise woken up to christianism have no brains: Tarun Vijay would readily have run after Syrian christo actress Asin if he saw her. And the number of Indian "Hindu nationalist" men drooling over Paki women and thinking that the interest of non-converting muslimahs is complimentary, rather than missionary. Deeply worrying. If she wanted to revert, then I'd say bring her home. But when a muslimah has no intention of reverting but pretends to still be interested in a Hindu male, it is only for love jihad: she wants him to convert. Duh.)

** NB: Neither Dutch females nor males were remotely multicultural in the sense of "islam is the same as (the all pervasive in NL) atheism". They didn't talk about islam unless it came up, but when it did, no one was an idiot about it. (The greatest haters of christoislam were all my NL classmates: I was a multiculturalist moron back then, knowing zip all about christoislam, and imagining -based on blissful=euphemism for deadly ignorance- that christoislam must surely be valid and peashful too, as long as I don't have to associate with it. But in any case, I was never quite ideological/confrontational about my position - certainly not against people who didn't know better - so don't seem to have done any damage to others there. The only known victim of my own ignorance seems to have been myself. It was only in my late teens or beyond that I started becoming more aware.)

Dutch teen males disliked islam, but -interestingly- they never interfered in such conversations as mentioned above between Dutch girls. This apathetic stance, this distance to the problem, is however a point of similarity with the English-speaking nations: Dutch male teens had rather the same laissez-faire attitude of the British males as to what happened to their females (at the hand of islam or ultimately at the hand of anything). Yet the difference is still that British girls are a victim of love jihad, whereas the Dutch girls aren't (or, at least, weren't in my day, and probably still aren't): because they were not interested in being ignorant about real nature of life and hence islam.

There was, however, a definite discernable flow of women between islam and the Dutch, but it was all one way: muslimahs ran off with Dutch males. Same happened in Germany.

Dutch females were totally immune else became self- and mutually-immunised to islam. Dutch males were immune too, but were nevertheless happy to take ex-muslimahs off islam's hands.

- While the latter has long been happening in India, islamaniacs are now doing in India what they have always been doing in the ME to christian and Jewish men who run off with muslimahs: murder the girl and especially boy, in a determination to stop this natural trend.

- The former (females being totally immune to islam) must be inculcated in India.

I think my suggestion of getting Hindu teen females countrywide to become aware and start immunising themselves and policing each other is something that must be implemented. Somehow, the process must be started off. Of course, the christoislamic demons will simply forcibly kidnap, assault/rape and "marry" and "convert" any resistive Hindoo females - as happens in TSP and BD and now W Bengal and parts of Kerala too - but none of Hindoo parentage will voluntarily/unwittingly fall into the 'love jihad' ploys that is meant to snare the secularised.

Though western males/western society has grown apathetic (or made itself apathetic) to what happens to their own females, it's good that Hindu males are concerned about their female counterparts (i.e. Hindu females) - nothing bodes worse for the future than mutual apathy - but IMO Hindu females should start showing some concern for the real threats against Hindus of their own gender, and start actively doing what they can to stop it, such as by raising awareness, and in an influential manner. The way Dutch teen females have been doing among themselves since decades. Hindu females especially of younger generations have a lot more influence over other Hindu females, even modern ones, than Hindu men are allowed. Modern Hindu-origin women tend to be biased against Hindu men and heathenism so they will not take kindly to even good advice. But when the same lessons are read them by Hindu women, they may be more willing to listen or at least hear. Pseculars will be immune forever of course, and they have intended themselves for the christoislamic cannibal menu. I speak of corrigible modern Hindu-origin females.

There is a blind spot for christoislam among Hindus, male and female. Hmmm, how to explain. Best demonstrated with an example that I'm sure I must have brought up already, since I often use it among people I know as an obvious case of the current double-handedness towards our own vis-a-vis christoislam. In my 2nd or 3rd year at uni (in different but still alien climes), an extremely close Hindoo female friend told me that some Afghan islamaniac exchange student - oddly enough dressed like an Arab, guess Afghan islamics imagine they're Arabs now - was extremely kind and considerate. I asked how (since he looked like every other Taliban to me). She said - and was impressed/touched by - how he had told her "politely" that the wide holes in her jeans (<- apparently that fashion statement didn't die out in the early 90s but had revived itself to haunt some at uni) essentially weren't considered decent and that she should not sport clothes with holes in them in case men got the wrong idea. I grinned grimly, and told my friend that if a Hindoo male had told her exactly the same "polite" words that she would take great offence and think he was oppressing her. "Isn't it so?" She thought about it and said I was right. Well, who wouldn't be offended by the lecture by some unknown throwing itself into your harmless personal affairs? I also pointed out that no Hindoo male would tell her that her jeans would give men the wrong idea (the cuts were at the knees, geez, so how was this offensive to anyone but islamaniac males?); but that at most traditional Hindoos might mention that holes in clothing were inauspicious and such clothing should be replaced with new equivalents. In contrast, were she -for instance, and this is hypothetical- not decently clad, close Hindoo male and female friends might choose to warn her of scanty outfits potentially placing her in danger in the wider christoislamising world. Such advice could only be well-meant, but many Indian females of the age will still take them badly if it were to come from a Hindoo male (very possibly my friend won't be offended, though: she warns other girls of unintentional cleavage etc. So she might be grateful for any heads up in return). Anyway, but that example is NOT the sort of warning the Afghan gave. Hindoos if they ever decide on advising someone, would do so in the actual self-interest of the person concerned. The islamaniac Afghan instead thought my friend's decent clothes offended his islamic sensibilities (or worse...) and he wanted her to dress more conformant with islam, and merely couched the lecture - which he would definitely have executed taliban style back home - in more polite-sounding words, in order for a kafir female in a dar-ul-harb to still fall more in line with islamania.

My friend imagined (imagines?) herself a feminist. [She isn't quite. She likes men and she likes Indian Hindoo men in particular, at least in a romantic sense, which is half the battle I always think. Her marriage was arranged traditionally, which was just what seemed natural and right to her. She would never have married a non-Hindu in any case, and refused to date aliens too, who did try. And she's read less feminist literature than even I have. Her self-advertised 'feminism' is limited to getting angry if anyone male says women can't do X, which she's admittedly only experienced from stories/hearsay of western history and not in her own or real life. But that level of alleged 'feminism' is seen in many people who don't subscribe to said ideology, and merely derives from a distaste to others pre-determining/pre-judging the extent of anyone's possibilities. I'm sure she'd be equally angry at any females who were to declare that all males are incapable of doing X, where X is non gender-specific.]

Still, she will definitely have taken offence at Hindoo men advising her about the same thing in the same words as the Afghan did. And this is the thing I wonder at. (When in reality she should have been angry at the islamaniac - at his tacky line of thought, and his daring to address her on the subject and to control her about it at all.) At the same time, she's sensible enough to introspect on her own double-handedness in the matter once I pointed it out to her. While seculars/progressives may be incurably moronic, my friend is a HindOO, albeit NRI and thus invariably "westernised" to just such an inevitable extent as happens in spending X number of formative years overseas. [Am sure I'm more subverted than her, having spent most of my life in some alien land or other.] She may be somewhat representative of modernising Hindoo women, and the degree to which they may have become conditioned to initially draw the wrong conclusions when handling unconsciously, but will become reasonable/will reason about it when they think more consciously on it such as by being made aware of it.


And finally, I want to give my suggestion (=a personal opinion) to what Hindoo males can do to help do their bit to stop the problem of the love jihad.

Since Hindu women are increasingly bypassing arranged marriages for "love marriages", to the point that christoislamic demons are targeting Hindoo women with just this, I think Hindoo men should be more forthcoming and be willing to grab a Hindoo wife starting at high school or university or at work too. Before some demon grabs them.

And this will increase the chances of every Hindoo male having a Hindoo wife (since the arranged marriage system is increasingly not working out as well any more in favour of many Hindoo men who've been willing to abide by it). Hindoo men should just find someone who is Hindoo at their uni/work/wherever whom they like and go for it/make a go of it. And by planning on the person in advance, can have the power to choose someone of their own community, to uphold that tradition too and/or in case one's parents/family would disapprove otherwise. And Hindoo males taking the initiative will also help parents in not having to go through the hardship of finding some willing girl (increasingly difficult for many), since the male would have already found some suitable girl and hopefully got her to be interested/willing. Basically it's an arranged marriage, but one where the Hindoo female doesn't realise it was pre-planned.

It will do all Hindoo-dom a favour: the Hindoo parents of the male and female, the female and male itself, Hindoo society at large.

What are christo-islamaniac love jihadis doing if not plotting designs against some Hindoo girl? And if she can be duped into marrying some demon, why can't some Hindoo beat them to it and just as easily make her interested in him instead? Really, why not?

And why shouldn't Hindoo males cut in line first - having more honourable intentions anyway, and thereby securing her in heathenism too. After all, heathen males and heathen females belong together, they don't belong to christoislamicommuni demons (or the subverted).

Since many Hindoo parents nowadays have little understanding over the climate in schools and work environments of their daughters, it is only people who are at these environments who can keep an eye out. Which would be the Hindoo males of their daughter's generation there.

I know nationalist writers have laid down the law that when studying everyone must be a brahmachari or whatever. But surely that was when studying the vedam. The vedam ain't secular schooling. And even otherwise/in any case, there's nothing illegal in Hindoo-dom in being married. Nor in being married youngish. Can't Hindoos do what the Chinese do? The Chinese used to have village matchmakers arranging all their married couples (i.e. arranged marriages), but city-dwelling Chinese of mainland China of my generation increasingly get married to people they met in high school or university or work (or whom they originally knew in primary school and then met again much later). And it's still the case that they don't sleep together until they're married, but just hang out together by talking walks or visiting places, and gradually get themselves engaged and then hitched. So Hindoo parents can't object, plus HindOOs are quite self-regulated.

[Also, since in my scenario the Hindoo males - who would have actually opted for arranged marriage weren't the love jihad situation so dire - can definitely be trusted, and it's the Hindoo females who're unaware of the fact that it's not quite a totally random 'romance' but rather a more rationalised (though still genuine) one that they're involved in, it means that at most it'll be the female who is more likely to want to prematurely/spontaneously sleep with the male. In which case, the males can just threaten with "marriage now, or not happening".]

Anyway, it's totally what I'd do if I was a single Hindoo male.
1. msn.com/en-us/entertainment/tv/game-of-thrones-tv-and-wheres-the-line/ar-BBl58F6

Quote:Game Of Thrones, TV, and where's the line?

Den of Geek


(img captionSmile Game of Thrones' Sansa Stark © HBO Game of Thrones' Sansa Stark

As Game Of Thrones continues to shock, does there come a point where the balance just seems to be a little off?

This article contains spoilers for Utopia series one, and Game Of Thrones season 5.

I'm turning into my father. When I was younger, my dad was wary of TV shows that would turn my clearly pure mind. His particular ire was when he caught me taping Prisoner Cell Block H of all things, arguing to teenage me that if it was meant for people my age, they'd have put it on during the day, rather than half one in the morning.

That argument did not pan out well, as you can imagine.

Game Of Thrones, though, is on throughout the day via on-demand, and is shown at 9pm in the UK. That's not my beef, though. Instead, in season 5 in particular, I'm wondering why we're being shown things I'm not ultimately sure we needed to see. That in the constant battle to push buttons, to get a reaction, and to shock the audience, Game Of Thrones is willing to try pretty much anything to get a Twitter reaction.

Allow me to slip my fuddy-duddy, old fart coat on and explain more.

There are two scenes in the generally muted (until recently) Game Of Thrones season 5 that have garnered the most controversy. In both cases, I find myself not on the side of the show. That is rare.

The first, which has been dissected in detail elsewhere on the internet, was the rape of Sansa Stark. I've never really got on with the Game Of Thrones books in truth, so didn't realise until afterwards quite how much the show's narrative differed from George R R Martin's prose. But even before I had more detail, it was a chilling, nasty scene, one that didn't feel necessary from a narrative point of view, nor on screen. I write this accepting that HBO's take on Game Of Thrones show has rarely, if ever, pulled its punches. But I did sit there wondering what I was sitting through in the name of entertainment.

Was this really the only way, given the talent involved in the show, to make the point it was trying to make? Was this the only way to progress Sansa's story? And to further establish just what a vile man Ramsay Bolton is?

Because, no matter how dark the storytelling is, that's what Game Of Thrones is. Entertainment. Storytelling should explore dark places, and as books, television and film have shown time and time again, often it's what you don't see, rather than what you do, that hits home. But that's only half the issue with the Sansa Stark rape. It's not just that they chose to show it as they did, but that it was felt necessary in the first place.
It's not my story to write, but I don't have to like and agree with what I see. And I didn't.

Then? In this week's episode, they burnt a child at the stake. And decided to show us. The scene in question wasn't quite as graphically done as the demise of Ciaran Hinds' Mance Rayder back in episode one, but still: really? That Stannis felt he had to make a blood sacrifice I could go along with, but surely this was the Bambi's mother moment? Surely as much, if not more shock, would have been generated simply by leading Shireen away?

But that's decreasingly a tactic in Game Of Thrones' armoury. Instead, be it a beheading, a violent sexual assault, or brutal sacrifice of a minor, there's a push to show as much as possible. There are boundaries: a moment of (heavily) implied paedophilia in The Dance Of Dragons left me chilled too, but here, the show knew better where to draw the line. It made its point by giving us the information, and not a jot more.

(Tomorrow's edgy/equally 'cutting-edge'/'pushing-the-boundaries' replacement for today's 'Game of Thrones' will doubtless start showing paedophilia graphically too. Since all other 'sensationalist' stuff would have been depicted by then and little else would be left to shock the masses of the future.

If anyone expressed any concerns, the bleeding hearts [like rapist Tarun Tejpal, editor of the 'secular' Hindu-baiting, pro-christoislamic Tehelka] will start yelping 'freedom of expression'. Until rapists and paedophiles start downloading this stuff. And then it will either be sweeping everything under the carpet or a pretend "introspection".)

And I do see the other side. This is a show where a young character was dropped seemingly to his death right near the start. Horrible things have happened since day one. Maybe it's the cumulative effect that kicks in, but it seems to be in a position where it's trying to top its last shocking moment right now, no matter what.

It's little secret that there's been a general air of disappointment surrounding Game Of Thrones season 5, and that to date, it's been the least well received season of the show. Naturally views differ on this. For my part, I'm more with the naysayers at the minute. I think it's struggled, content to move pieces around the board once again, but in nowhere near as compelling a way as the show has managed before. One of the majestic achievements of Matthew Weiner's Mad Men was that nothing could overtly happen for several episodes, yet it felt like plenty had. With Thrones, that's not the case. It's telling that it's the two shock tactic moments that are the most discussed this season. I struggle to think what makes it to third place.

The particular frustration with Game Of Thrones is that it doesn't need to do shock tactics. Take a show like Channel 4's sadly-cancelled Utopia. Its first series had a horrible school shooting episode, that still feels cold to this day. I warmed to Utopia, but it went for an early attention grabber presumably with an eye on tabloid headlines. It made an unknown show into a known one, and that felt, in hindsight, quite calculated. There were lots of highlights to Utopia, but that wasn't one of them.

Game Of Thrones? Tens of millions of people, maybe hundreds of millions, are already on its side. Furthermore, there's such skilful writing and direction that already, across four and a bit seasons, has been winning the show a generally deserved worldwide audience. Game Of Thrones is billed as the biggest TV show in the world right now, and it's hard to begrudge it much of that success.

But the old mantra is that bigger is better. If you're big now, you have to try and grow and grow and grow. And for Game Of Thrones, that growth is seemingly in part coming by prodding and trying to shock its audience. A sense of 'look what we can get away with on the telly now'.

But where do you draw the line? I've no idea, and I don't want to become one of those hacks who says 'this is how it should have been done'. I do also think that context is often, but not always, everything. But is it allowed to do pretty much anything now, safe in the knowledge that it'll be defended on the basis of the tone and extremities it's explored to date? It feels a bit that way. It still (rightly) has reservations, but it feels it's long past exploring where the fence is.

I'm not one of those who thinks that Game Of Thrones has completely lost its way. There's still lots in its favour. But as Ron wrote at the end of his last review, "just because an episode was great doesn't mean I have to be happy about its contents". I agree with Ron.

Game Of Thrones, TV, and where's the line? © Den of Geek Game Of Thrones, TV, and where's the line?

And it's not even fiction that's the most disturbing:

2. msn.com/en-au/news/world/mother-locks-two-daughters-in-bedroom-to-allow-convicted-paedophile-live-with-them/ar-AAboABG

A few months old.

Quote:Mother Locks Two Daughters In Bedroom To Allow Convicted Paedophile Live With Them

International Business Times (AU)

Kay Aviles


In Devon, United Kingdom, an unnamed mother of two girls aged below 13 was allowed to live with a convicted paedophile. Devon Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub, or DMASH, permitted the child abuser to move in with them after the mother submitted “safety measures,” which included locking the girls in their bedroom each night.

She was also able to win the agency’s approval with other precautionary measures such as for example, if the paedophile would attempt to get near “the girls’ side,” he “would have to climb over her body.” While the girls are locked in their bedroom, they can contact their mum for anything, such as the need to use the toilet, through a baby monitor.

DMASH’s decision was blasted with criticisms not only because they permitted a child abuser to move in with the mother and her two children only months after the social workers found the abuser to be “a continuing risk,” but more importantly, because DMASH actually believed the so-called “safety measures” are effective.

“Who in their right mind lets a paedophile live with children? Who is to say that they are sticking to this supposed safety set-up? There is no one from social services monitoring it. Where are the children when their mother is having a shower or a bath? The whole thing is just shambles,” said the father, whose grievance was also shared by the girls’ grandmother, who labelled the alarm and the other precautions “a load of rubbish.”

The father, whose name is also undisclosed, narrated he left their family house after the mother asked him to, but before the latter reconciled with the 40-year-old child abuser. The father resolved to reverse DMASH’s decision. The mother and the paedophile had already been dating during the 80s, but are now married.

Before the marriage, however, the report said the convicted paedophile was on the Sex Offences Prevention Order, which entails no unsupervised contact shall be made with children under 16. But because the mum wanted to spend more time with her then-lover, she applied to be “an approved person” to allow her to supervise any contact between her children and the child abuser lover.

The grandmother said she will do everything to ensure the safety of her granddaughters, although there were reports the social workers did not listen to her. DMASH is composed of some social workers, a few probation officers and police.

Wasn't the electric chair invented for cases such as the above: for the paedophile-by-assocation "mother" and her paedophile boyfriend?

Time they were sent to The Chair. And those in DMASH who were involved in the decision too. For aiding and abetting (either consciously or because of incurable moronism, the consequence being ultimately the same).

Oh, it's the UK. Dawkins' civilised land. Where they don't have the electric chair. And why would they, when they just let this vile vermin and his vile girlfriend/wife loose, to prey on children?
Related to the very long post 33 of this thread, and all of the "The tactics used by America to destroy (East) Asian society" thread, particularly post 16 thereof.


Quote:Jun 3, 2015 @ 1:00 PM




I Was Divorced By 26

Love is patient, love is kind, and sometimes, love means starting over.

As told to: Hannah Morrill

4.7k Shares (That's 4700 "shares" whatever social networking tool that refers to)

Tweet 16

When I was 23, I got married at a Hindu temple in Queens in front of 300 guests. I'm a tomboy—most days I wear no makeup, Vans, and a green army jacket that I've had for years—but on my wedding day, I'd gotten up at five to have my eyes rimmed with kohl, and my hair smoothed and straightened into a low, sleek bun. My nails were painted red, my wrists jangled with dozens of bracelets, and an ornate gold necklace—the same one my mother had worn when she'd married my father—was clipped around my neck. I wore a red and gold sari made of six yards of heavy silk. On the day we'd gotten it, my mother had haggled over the price with the salesman. It felt like it weighed twenty pounds.

Before a Hindu ceremony officially starts, the groom sits before all the guests as the bride stays hidden. When I came out for vadhu aagman, or the arrival of the bride, my mother, father, and sisters were by my side. I was shaking—I don't like attention—and was strangely transfixed by the walls, swirling with paintings of Hindu gods and goddesses, the temple's altar set with dozens of idols. Under the mandap, which was curtained with yellow and red fabrics and strung with carnation garland, sat Ajay*, my future husband.
He didn't say a word. He wasn't like, "You look beautiful." He wasn't like anything. Years later, I'd remember that moment with a zing. The priest guided us through three hours of prayers, calling every Hindu god to be a witness to our union. And the whole time I was just sitting there and thinking: This is a big mistake. This is such a big mistake.

I'd met Ajay when I was 18, working at a bookstore near the college where we both went. Ajay worked on a different floor. We hit it off, he asked me out, and we started dating. It wasn't much more complicated than that. I thought he was cute, and funny, and devoted. I'd broken up with my high school sweetheart a few weeks before college, and I felt ready for something new.

After five years of dating, I started bugging Ajay to get engaged. Now I regret it, but at the time, it just seemed like the natural next step. I wanted it so bad. On the night of our fifth anniversary, he proposed at a café on the Lower East Side, the same café where we'd had our first date. He said all sorts of romantic things, and I wasn't exactly surprised, but I was pleased. He proposed with a fake ring—like the kind you'd get out of gumball machine—which annoyed me, and as we walked home, he gave me the real one, which he'd had in his pocket all along. Later, when I was miserable in our marriage, dreading coming home to him, wishing I could be anywhere but in our apartment, and in our life, I'd look back on his proposal like it were a sign, too, as though that cheap fake ring held some prophetic significance I could never unfurl.

Ajay did not abuse me, or cheat on me. He didn't use drugs, he wasn't an alcoholic, he didn't have rage issues. And yet, three years into our marriage, I realized, quietly and in my own heart, that I was unbearably unhappy. I was frustrated with every aspect of my life—my job, my finances, my social life, and especially my marriage. I never wanted to have sex. I never wanted to do anything. But I never entertained the idea of leaving; I never told anyone, not even my closest friends. I was convinced that I wasn't trying hard enough, that marriage was about sticking it out. In the Indian community in which I was raised, there is no divorce. For as long as I could remember, my grandparents—who'd had an arranged marriage—had lived separately, each with one of their adult children. They got tired of pretending, but they never divorced.

At that time Ajay had just gone back to college, and after he finished his first semester, I gave him a selfish gift. I paid for a ticket to send him to Los Angeles for ten days to visit his brother. I just didn't want to be around him. Those were, without a doubt, the best ten days of my life. I was so relieved. I could breathe. I went dancing with friends. I stayed out late. I felt alive. And when I realized my life could always be like that, the thought was planted and the idea of leaving him was irresistible. When he came back, he texted me that he couldn't wait to see me, that he'd missed me so much. Once he got home, I just blurted out, "I can't be married to you anymore. This is over."

He was shocked. He didn't know how to react. And I was totally emotionless. He went to meet a friend at a bar, and when I went to bathroom, I saw that he'd left his wedding ring on the sink. I don't know why, exactly, but something about that gesture felt so final to me. I packed a Bloomingdale's bag with my taxes, my social security card, and my birth certificate. I put in three shirts, two pairs of pants and some underwear. Then I left.

The actual divorce took longer than it should have, and was incredibly sad. Ajay was—is—a good person, and I feel like I broke his heart and ruined his life. For the first few months after we split, I stayed with friends and with my parents, and then I got my own place. During that time, he was just crushed. He'd call me at all hours of the night, crying and sobbing. And I'd feel so awful. It's been six years, and I still feel tremendous guilt. It's a guilt I'll always live with, like a scar that stays an angry red.

He didn't want to deal with the official procedures of the divorce, so I went to a place that files the papers, and I signed. I think it cost $800. The company told me they'd contact him to sign—I didn't have to do anything. A month later, on one of those sunny, bustling New York City days that feel impossibly full of promise, I'd met a friend for coffee in Union Square. We were walking back to her apartment, and I saw him in there, signing the papers. He didn't see me, and he still doesn't know I saw him. I felt like the entire world stopped. My vision blurred with tears. My throat felt tight and painful. Seeing him there, alone, signing the papers, was one of the most devastating moments of my life. That was the day my heart broke. I still cry now, right on the spot, when I think about that day.

People say divorce is like a death, but a death is more final and more concrete. There is a funeral, and you're allowed to feel sad. You're encouraged to grieve and to process and remember. A divorce is murkier. Ajay and I tried to have lunch a few times, but it was awkward and sad. He deleted me on Facebook immediately, but stayed friends with my mom, and every now and then she'd give me an update, like that he was seeing someone, or had gone out that weekend. That made me happy, because I want him to be happy. For a while, he'd Facebook message me late night—I'd see the time stamp the next day—which always made me sad. I don't think he's seeing anyone now.

After I got divorced, I swore I'd never get married again. But then I met John*, and as they say, I just knew. We married last October in front of my mother and sisters at city hall. On the subway ride to our ceremony, I wore a white dress I'd gotten last minute upstate. Ajay used to say to me, "You're my best friend." And I'd always think, you're not my best friend. Maya is my best friend. Or Avni is my best friend. Now I know how he felt.

My relationship with John has made me a different person. I'm affectionate. I communicate. And, at least for this moment in time, I'm happy. Love is not fair, and it is not easy, and as far as I can tell, it doesn't come with a guarantee. Not ever. But for the moments when it works, at least in my life, love still feels worth trying for.

*Names have been changed.

(Changed to a very biblical one for John, I notice. Oh, was that meant to be subliminal? Will pretend not to notice then, shall I?)

"When it rains, it pours".

Starting now with a drizzle. As seen above.

Moral 1: "Love can happen to anyone" even to Indian Hindu-origin women, but only not if married to Hindu-origin Indian men.

Moral2: "Therefore don't throw your life away on a Hindu-origin Indian man. Hold out for your true alien love." Tsss. Can the marketing be more obvious and tacky.

The above article once more follows the established modus operandi of the western psyops + social engineering already seen among E Asians. In specific, compare with the case in post 16 of the E Asian thread, and then the similarities in how the christowest has orchestrated this instance too will be immediately obvious.

Standard Operating Procedure after all. Note the same methodology is evident in both:

1. Kiss-and-Tell:

"Ajay": something is wrong (hint: he's an ethnic Hindu), he's not even in the list of top friends.

Vs "John": he's the "white" saviour, like jeebus.*

As was summarised of Amy Tan etc's encouragements to E Asian American women to date/marry "white" and eschew their own men. Of course, in the Indian case, the groundwork is still being laid at this stage, so they can't yet come out with an article where a native voice - a handpicked Indian Hindu-origin woman a la the native handpicked voices for E Asian American females, Kingston and Tan - full-on advocates to her own kind to dump their own men and date alien demons.

Having said that, as documented by E Asians, a stand-up comedian Indo-alien christian half-breed (I know it's a gross insult, it's why I use it) did blatantly make this very recommendation superficially as a 'joke', but his half-alien all-christian (IIRC catholic) bile is typical:


Quote: Russell Peters was doing a comedy show here last week and he noticed an Asian woman and man in the front row. If you’ve ever been to a comedy show, you know better than to sit in the front. Anyway, he asked this Asian guy his name and he made the usual racial joke that his real name must sound like a kungfu move. He asked them if they were together. He said no and that they were just coworkers. He asks him if he’s single and he responds yes. He turns to the Asian woman and asks if she’s single. She responds no.

Without hesitation, he then asks how her parents feel about her dating a white guy. The whole audience was just laughing their asses off. She didn’t do anything except look down. He did manage to stick up for Asian guys though. He said that at least he knows why Indian women might flee Indian men because of arranged marriages but he also joked about body odor and being boring engineers but he actually said that there was no real reason for Asian men to get the shaft.

Compare the blue bit to the nazi type statements made about the Jews, portraying them as untermenschen and creating odium against them. Don't know what the half-breed catholic is yapping about, though: he'd be at least twice as smelly, surely - getting this from both sides?

Had deliberately omitted posting the above link in the ChristoWestern Attack on E Asian Society thread for reasons of cowardice ultimately: as usual, hoped they could remain private fears and not become public realities. So much for that. Will repost in that thread too.

That the Eurasian i.e. literal Indo-European is a catholic:


Quote:Russell Dominic Peters (born September 29, 1970)[3] is a Canadian comedian and actor. He began performing in Toronto in 1989 and won a Gemini Award in 2008.[4]


Peters was born in Toronto, Ontario to Eric and Maureen Peters. When he was four, the family moved to nearby Brampton. His older brother Clayton now serves as Peters' manager.[5] Peters is Catholic and of Anglo-Indian descent.[6] His late father was born in Bombay (now Mumbai), India and worked as a federal meat inspector; Peters regularly features stories about him in his comedy work.[7]

(Gross. Photo at link. Hideously ugly man. Hope no woman will marry that and thus encourage further copies of the same.)

2. The Harpers Bazaar article dedicates a long section 'portraying' Hindu "tradition" - complete with polytheism AND idolatry, note - and how irksome and clearly alien it is to the (alleged) Indian woman who allegedly narrated it from 1st person's perspective to the christian I mean western reporter woman.

- The "Indian" woman is dragged down by her Hindu tradition. Even her sari is heavy, "heavy" silk which "felt like it weighed 20 pounds". Apparently she was being throttled by Hinduism even during the wedding ceremony.

- But the quick breezy wedding with John - in the 'traditional' alien white=mourning dress so quick to come by - is a summary for how easy and breezy life and love is with John. She ends with "It (just) works." Whereas try as Ajay might, it just didn't with him. I mean, she did know from the start that it was "all wrong".

Obviously uneven treatment in reporting:

- Hindu man brings baggage of religion/tradition (though the same is the woman's own family's legacy to her; surprised she didn't divorce herself from them too: she must loathe every minute in their Hindu-origin company doing "cultural" Hindu things a few times a year).

- Meanwhile the Gospel of John at least didn't seem to be heavy baggage: easy wedding (light wedding dress, even in colour), easy life.

But christianism is invisible to christoconditioned Hindu-origin Indians of our and all subsequent generations, christianism actually feels like the norm to them, the comfort zone. Heathenism is all too obvious and alien to these Hindu-origin 'Indian' types*, and feels like it suffocates them: their family already did, and now they'd be chained to it in marriage. [*More proof that the oft-recommended 'quantity' of offspring is in no way guaranteed to be better than quality: either do both or don't bother. But at a minimum do quality. Else people are just breeding enemies of Hindus.]

Christianism feeling comfortable to kids of modern-day Hindu origin Indian families is quite a commonplace occurrence, the rot exists in high doses among NRIs but the Indian case will not be far behind shortly. Had already in some post brought up the example of the Sri Lankan offspring of the atheist Hindu-origin father and Hindoo mother of an NRI (or 'NRSL') family I know. By far most such combinations end up with christo-conditioned "non-religious" kids. As it happened to these two also: their son is an atheist or agnostic*, married a christian SL ("love" marriage) and their kid is baptised. May have multiplied and brought for another one by now. BTW the dude would never have married a Hindoo female. Thankfully.

The daughter is an atheist or agnostic* too, of course, and was willing that her mother organise an arranged marriage (don't know why she bothered), with the stipulation that the groom is anything but Hindoo, i.e. anything but a heathen. A christian or an atheist Indian was specifically fine. Note how christianism is invisible and acceptable and even feels natural to such Indians - though just one generation removed from a devout polytheistic idolatrous Hindoo woman. But that's what heathens get, when they marry Indian atheists aka 'cultural Hindus' (the dad was the head of most local "Hindu" gatherings, so "Hindu" by Hindu nationalist standards, the same standards that kills Hindoo heathenism and Hindoo lineages).

Like her brother, the girl herself was purely English-speaking (said she understood Tamizh, but all I heard was "pardon" whenever any of us spoke to her in Tzh).

*Atheist w.r.t. Hinduism, agnostic with respect to christianism. Note how Hindu devolution is toward christianism, since their dad was an atheist with respect to any religion. But somehow a Hindoo woman was roped into marrying him. Villains, who performed that union. But there are so many like it among NRIs. And even in India nowadays.

But back to this post's article, the one from Harper's Bazaar.

There are several features of this article that make it seem like it's concocted in western armchairs. Among them:

The fact that the anonymous "Indian" woman who supposedly relayed it to her alien counterpart** speaks about "idols" and how clearly alien/strange these and the multiple Hindu gods and goddesses (lowercased, of course - if not by the foreign journalist then the Indian woman) sounds more like an actual alien, writing overly-descriptively about some type of Hindu wedding as if to prove that it is not written by an alien but by an insider. Unconvincing.

Way too descriptive and distracting: far more descriptive about unnecessary details - not to mention the dragging in of "idols" and Hindus' polytheism and the (failure of) the Gods' witness in making the marriage successful (<- which are all missionary pre-occupations in projecting the christian view of Hindu religion) - than is necessary compared to the actual alleged purpose of the article: which only pretended to generally be about 'divorce at 26' of women in the west (or anywhere on Earth) but is actually for social engineering of Indian Hindu women.

Add to that the alleged 1st person's tale of her alleged long separated grandparents, who had also had an arranged marriage and which 'anecdote' is merely present in the article to expressly imply that all Hindu [arranged] marriages/marriages between Hindus - all the way into the past - were equally unsatisfying, miserable and disharmonious. The only difference with the present then being that divorce ("freedom") is now within the reach of the Indian "Hindu-origin" woman's hand, so that the modern "Hindu-origin" woman especially those in the west is presented as being at an advantage/a step up from Hindu women of the past. Christowest (and its alleged "native informants") have to even lie about the past now to make it conform to their psyops. But rewriting heathens' past is a longstanding christowestern psyops/social-engineering tactic.

** "Of course" we'll believe Indian Hindu-origin women would confide to alien women their total disinterest~apathy~hatred towards Hindu(-origin) men. Or so we're told by the alien female mouthpieces "themselves", who are clearly above suspicion as they tell us they're writing up the Indian woman's story or claim to have been asked to intervene by Indian (Hindu-origin) women on their behalf. An example of the latter is IIRC an article that was re-posted prominently at the bharatabharati blog as supposedly giving an authentic view and was by some alien female infesting India, who, even as she opened with the prerequisite apologetics by stating how much she 'likes' India etc (the usual oath to divert from how it becomes obvious from the rest of the article that she's a categorical bigot and has an agenda), continued to write in the rest of the article only about how evil and patriarchal Indian society/males universally were. She linked to other alien females who were to have agreed with her in experience and opinion as further "evidence/testimony". Most importantly, the alien female obvious-plant (she really had nothing good to say, and it was so clearly motivated by bile pretending to be merely ethical and concerned) brought out her prime witness: declared that she had been asked/pleaded to by an anonymous Indian (Hindu-origin) woman to give all Indian women's side of the story ("the true story"), since all the Hindu nationalist men had been defending ("whitewashing") Hindu society ("patriarchy") from the barrage of psy-ops, slander & social engineering ("the truth") released in the wake of the gutter-inspection video ("documentary").

Of course such venomous Indian 'Hindu-origin' women as would gullibly conspire with alien demons exist, I have to admit that. But:

+ they're not usually anonymous. In fact they never are. They know that they can say any bloody lie and badmouth and stereotype away and will never be censured, but most likely be praised and supported (and nowadays retweeted/favourited/befriended/liked or something. They know they'd be championed as a survivor who was never a victim, but claims to speak for anonymous victims anyway. Sort of the cheap common Suzanne Arun-dhoti Roy types.)

+ And I'm sure alien demons can find and produce sufficient quantities of socially-engineered Indian females to repeat their programming out loud, or pay even more female Indian mercenaries to read out the western script on India.

But it is still a distinct feature of the current game - i.e. as at this early stage - that the alien psyops and social-engineering materials frequently don't even bother finding any traceable names of real Indian women, for whom the alien females merely claim to speak, to prove that these even exist. (Of course, having said that, tomorrow they will quickly round up some - not hard to find, as mentioned - or else hire some of the usual suspects. Faking witnesses only works for so long, after all.)

The whole notion that today's English-speaking Hindu(-origin) Indian woman has some rapport with alien females to work against the former's society & men or to liberate herself in some way is a fraud perpetrated by and an environment/framework being consciously created by feminism.

-> Feminism is specifically introduced as a transcending power, breaking all barriers of ethnicity, and makes sudden "sisters" out of the oppressed and the oppressors (as long as the gender is the same and female, it all becomes okay, no?), while only the former=the oppressed in such allegedly "equal" relationships among the world's women are (or are programmed to become) traitors to their ethnic kin - their ethnic men and their society as a whole -, but the latter curiously never are, but promote the interests of their male alien counterparts from whom they may be alienated though their allegiance to the christowest is not in doubt. <- This was already observed by E Asian females too, and documented or linked off the "The tactics used by America to destroy (East) Asian society" thread, and in the transracialabductees(.org?) site found by Dhu now to be found on archive.org.

Anyway, this next pic found in one "Sankrant Sanu" tweet is perfectly applicable to all kinds of social engineering going on in India, including - very much so - the purpose of feminism etc in India.

[Image: CHrpxvCUEAAVm7-.png]

The real irony? If the materials linked to and the excerpts in the E Asian thread were made public (such as by wide dissemination) among Indian women including even the angelsk-speaking "feminist" kind - and they are thus made to see how the entire mass mental manipulation is staged, and how they are walking *right* into the same trap/are being programmed - even many of the most brainless follower/loudmouthed "Rights" activist types will start noticing the pattern and feel gravely offended and start avoiding the pitfall. (Although in another sense, I'd really like such women as the last removed from my people's gene pool. And so too the Indian male feminists, as these then stand to lose by the drain of progressive Indian women.)

Because: If there is one thing women universally despise - and even vocalist feminist women dislike more than "oppression by the patriarchy" and other rallying points,

one thing that all women including those who like to consider themselves 'thinking' women (you know, the kind that snub other women as intellectually stunted if these won't join feminism=fascism) find unforgivable,

it is to find that they are being manipulated without their knowledge. <- Even the most activist against "patriarchy" and prone to seeing ghosts where there are none, hate that more than ANYTHING.

Note how "patriarchy"/oppression vs emancipation is a discussion in terms of others (males/patriarchal society) taking away women's freedoms, their rights, stunting their abilities and thoughts, making their choices for them, controlling them and their future, lack of agency. Feminist thought claims that women had been (are being) blinded by male manipulation into subservience and are sacrificing their own happiness for the greater goals of patriarchy/for keeping patriarchy in place, thus working for interests inimical to themselves. (Modern feminists get angry at others for pointing out cases of actual lack of agency - such as when pre-programming/social engineering is in effect* - with angrier feminists insisting that females have agency in most situations, even in cases of victimhood [even though by extension such an insistence actually ends up detrimentally calling into question the victim's victimhood/powerlessness in such situations]. *Until the undeniability of such social engineering is driven home to them.)

So the last thing any female feminist would want is to find that they're still being subconsciously manipulated to implementing others' interests.

And BTW, I very much suspect that the realisation of ^that^ was the primary motivator in breaking the spell that some feminist Asian American females were under and turning them into stage 2 or stage 3 feminists whose foremost enemy thereby becomes the western patriarchy, and who therefore choose to gang up with their own ethnic men against this.* This primary realisation then allows such women to start perceiving the larger problems facing their society and often causes them to do a double take on their own men, to re-evaluate these without the western-introduced bias; to wonder where the western lies/psy-ops against their men began and ended and how far they bought into it.

* The "Eminism" site on the other hand shows Asian American feminist females teaming up with 'minority/ethnic' and even western women against western patriarchy - identified as the overall enemy - and was therefore deliberately infiltrated by western agents attempting to scuttle this rogue strain of their own programming.

The recommendation is therefore that Hindus uniformly implement widespread indisputable presentation of data/articles on earlier christowestern attempts to break other non-assimilating societies - IMO the E Asian American case is a good, copiously self-documented case by a population of introspectors - to all Hindu females and Hindu-origin females (not to Indian christoislamic females note, let them and thereby their societies drown).

+ Hindoo and Hindu nationalist women will be indignant about the magnitude of this genocide. <- If stealing children away from ethnic communities is genocide as per the Genocide Convention (see defunct site "christianheritage" exposing christianism=terrorism), then brainwashing ethnic women away from ethnic men and their overall society - thereby destroying the future of their families/society - is very much genocide too.

Upon awareness of existing documented cases (and the pattern's unavoidable and repugnant), Hindu women will further train themselves to recognise this pattern, to avoid it, to immunise themselves and others in their circle of it. And they will start seeing ulterior motives and hands in other matters of social engineering too. And self-immunisation will grow.

+ Hindu-origin 'progressive'/secular women - who think they're so brilliant that they should have seen through this too - will, if they bother perusing and studying such materials, become indignant about the attempts of others [the christowest] to dare to manipulate them in this matter and will also become more suspicious/aware and could start perceiving other western conspiracies afoot. And even if many of such women will still never be pro-Hindoo or even nationalist, they will not fall for *that* trick at least.

I say Hindus should put feminism to some use at last: leverage it to make it work in Hindu society's favour, by appealing to feminism's weakness of self-conceit/thinking they can see through any manipulative plot against women (when many won't see this one, certainly not until it's too late). And ironically: this IS a plot against all Indian women - i.e. against the gender - most especially Hindu-origin ones including Hindu ones. Unthinking but non-crypto feminists/progressives ought to be up in arms.

Hindus should start doing this before it's too late IMO. I'd do it myself, but I've never had the ability to convince anyone of anything (and don't quite believe that is actually possible in the general sense, as conviction comes from oneself, not from others; but manipulating people into doing the right thing/form the inevitable opinion based on factual data/a completer picture is definitely possible). [Also, I seem to be past caring and feeling quite apathetic about "India" as a whole, as it - including Hindutva/Hindu nationalism and vocalist "activists for Hinduism" - have totally screwed Hindoos and Hindoo-dom.]

Also, I think that rather than such info reaching the unreachable "generally deaf to the opposite sex especially if it's Hindoo" Hindu-origin females by way of Hindu men, it should be disseminated by female Hindus and Hindu nationalists, and thus there's more chance that selectively deaf women will choose to hear.

The news - rather relevant to Hindu nationalists of all stripes, as it foreshadows more to come - was this next data-point:

Actually, the following belongs in this thread too.

Islamaniacs, especially in the subcontinent, pretend to the public that in a dar-ul-islam females are treated well. Pakis have recently been pretending this over the hysteria the international christomedia has concocted about rape in India (mostly by christoislamics against Hindu women, the rest by pseculars).

The following is actually not news, it is a reality that permeates islamic countries (dar-ul-islams aka islamic hell-holes).


Quote:The Cairo streets where girls pretend to be boys

Life is hard for the children who scrape a living on Egypt’s streets. They deal daily with horror and hunger, but for the girls the struggle is worse – which is why some of them dress as boys. Patrick Kingsley hears their stories

[photo caption] ‘It’s not just girls on the street. It’s whole families now’: a young mother and her son at the Hope Village** shelter in Cairo. Photograph: Sima Diab for the Observer

Patrick Kingsley

Patrick Kingsley

Sunday 12 July 2015 07.00 BST

Last modified on Tuesday 14 July 2015 10.41 BST



Manal and Ahmed don’t look alike. Manal holds her infant son, who plays with the folds of her hijab. Ahmed looms from a photograph behind her, a baseball cap on his head. Manal is a shy young mum, Ahmed an aggressive young man. They seem like different people.

Except, they’re the same person. “That,” says Manal, pointing at the picture of Ahmed, “is me. And my boys’ clothes are downstairs.”

We are in a shelter for homeless women in Fustat, southern Cairo, the oldest district in the Egyptian capital. Not far away stands Cairo’s oldest mosque. A few of the women here, on the other hand, are examples of a much more contemporary phenomenon.

They are street girls – homeless women and children – who sometimes dress as men. Now 23, Manal is the mother of three children, all born on the street. She first became homeless when she was only eight years old. At 10, she shaved her head, and started dressing as a boy. Then she started taking jobs traditionally reserved for Egyptian men. She worked in a café. She drove a tuk-tuk. People who didn’t know her started calling her Ahmed. The name stuck.

“Boys get complete freedom on the streets – it’s different for girls,” Manal says of her choice. “I just wanted to be a boy.”

To understand why, or at least to try, is to understand a little of what it is to be a child living on the street in Egypt. There are homeless young people in every country of the world – including 1.6 million in the US alone. But the problem is particularly obvious in Egypt. Thousands of children and teenagers eke out an existence in the alleys and thoroughfares of Cairo. Many of them, like Manal, stay there even into adulthood.

To many Cairenes, they are only visible at traffic lights or on the curb outside shisha bars. They are the nameless faces who sell you tissues or beg for change from the other side of your car window, before disappearing in the vanishing-point of your wing mirror. They fall outside of most Cairenes’ lived reality, and as a result the discourse surrounding them also borders on the surreal. Mooted responses to their existence have ranged from the far-fetched – the creation of a special city just for the homeless – to the macabre. One columnist for a leading private broadsheet called for “widespread cleansing campaigns” in which street children could be “executed like stray dogs”.

[photo text & caption] Children lying on a large rug on the floor, some with a blanket over them, at Hope VIllage

Safe haven: children have a nap at Hope Village. Photograph: Sima Diab/Observer

Amid this hue and cry, the humans concerned are rarely heard from. And it is attempting to hear their stories that brings us to Manal and her comrades, to the social workers and psychiatrists who work with them, and the schools and shelters they sometimes frequent. It is work that leads from the streets in the shadow of Egypt’s presidential palace, to the road to the pyramids. From the cliffs of Mokattam, Cairo’s only hill, to ancient Fustat.


There in Fustat, amid the warren of streets where once stood Egypt’s first Islamic capital, sits a modern four-storey terraced house. Indistinguishable from the rest of the street, it has special significance for children and young people who sleep rough. This is one of the centres run by Banati, a charity for street girls, and it offers respite by day, and occasionally by night, to the likes of Manal and her friend Hadeel.

With a quick wit and an easy grin, Hadeel does not give the impression that she has had a hard life. But her story hints at the complexity and intractability of street life. She ran away from home at eight, and two decades later she is still homeless. She has had at least two marriages, each ending with her returning to the street, and in one case, in the murder of her husband. She has six children, two of whom live with her, while the rest are with their grandmother, who also lives on the street. Born outside the system, the kids have no birth certificates, and so no ID cards. To the state, they essentially don’t exist. So whether they like it or not, the life of their mother and grandmother is likely to become theirs, too.

“Right now, we’re working on the third generation of street kids,” says Hend Samy, a social-worker at Banati, who’s known Hadeel for years. “Now it’s not just girls on the street or boys on the street. Now it’s families, and they’re creating families on the street.”

How many people are in the position of Hadeel’s children, no one can quite agree. In January, the government released the results of a survey that said Egypt has little more than 16,000 street kids – 16,019 to be exact. But as recently as 2007, Unicef estimated there were at least 600,000.

“You can never know the real number, because you can’t track the children,” says Nelly Ali, a volunteer who works with street girls, and is writing a PhD about their experiences. “They move around. They don’t have birth certificates. And they die.”

The discrepancy is also a question of definition. No one agrees on what a street child actually is – not even the children themselves. There are those who are as young as six, and those closer to 16, not to mention superannuated street children like Manal and Hadeel. There are children who weave through Cairo’s streets by day, badgering shisha smokers for loose change – before returning home to their parents each night. There are the children who run away from home from time to time, before returning a few nights later. And then there are those who have made a conscious choice to leave home permanently.

For Ghada Waly, the government minister who released the 16,000 figure, this is the definition that makes most sense. Street children, she says over coffee in her office, are those who “left the governorate where the family is, and lost ties with the family. These sleep under bridges, [in] empty homes. These are the children who are most at risk. These are the ones we surveyed.”


But ask people on the street themselves, and you might get a different answer each time. Manal thinks the concept is much more fluid than the government makes out. A boy who spends most of his day in the street, and is part of the street’s complex hierarchy, is still a street kid “even if he goes home every day,” says Manal. “He’s part of the group on the street, he’s in the street, so of course, you can call him a street kid.”

Another street girl even thinks the term is only for “ignorant people” in the first place. It implies, says 15-year-old Nadia, that street children are all the same. But, in fact, street children each differ in terms of age, gender and background – differences that mean each child’s experience on the street is unique.

“There is no such thing as ‘street children’, no ‘street boy’ or ‘street girl’,” Nadia told Amira El Feky, a researcher on street girls. “The street doesn’t give birth, it doesn’t raise children, it doesn’t do anything.”

The cliffs of Mokattam jut unexpectedly from the suburbs of eastern Cairo, rare topographical landmarks in a city that is otherwise flat. At Mokattam’s highest point stands one of the outposts of a charity called Hope Village, said to be the first in Egypt to focus on street children. Down a quiet residential street, and high above many more, the house seems a world away from the melee of Cairo. But inside its walls, it nurses some of those most bruised by the city.

It is here that around a dozen teenage mothers are given respite from the street, and a safe space to raise their babies. And if few can agree on when exactly it is that someone becomes a street child, the stories of these women give a clearer sense of why some of them want to go there in the first place.

Years before she reached Hope Village, Maya left home at seven after she says her stepmother confined her to an imaginary circle in a single room for three years – a space in which she had to eat, sleep, and excrete. Finally let out, she was forced to become a maid for her younger half-sisters. A mistake in the kitchen brought further punishment: her stepmother cracked her skull with a garlic-crusher, before her father dragged her to the roof for a beating. Enough was enough and she left soon after.

[photo text & caption] The hands and arms of a girl, with bitten nails and cuts, shown holding a photograph of a group of 6 girls on a beach smiling

Better days: a resident recalls happier times. Photograph: Sima Diab/Observer

Twelve-year-old Farah refused to join her uncle’s prostitution ring. By her account, he then chained Farah up and raped her every day for months. Then one day she pretended she would do what he wanted. So he unchained her, and immediately she sprinted to the fourth-floor window, flung herself out, and broke several bones on landing. Miraculously she survived, and was hospitalised. After leaving hospital, she moved to the street.

Perhaps surprisingly, poverty is not typically something that in and of itself draws children to Egyptian streets. “Poverty is one of the things that causes families to become abusive,” says Mahmoud Ahmed, the centre’s manager. But it isn’t itself a primary cause – unlike repeated sexual abuse, or family breakdown. “A lot of the kids on the street in Cairo have siblings who are still at home,” says Nelly Ali, who has interviewed many of those who live at Hope, and who first recounted the stories of Maya and Farah. “If it was just about poverty, they’d all be on the streets.”

Society’s permissive attitude to domestic abuse is also a contributing factor to a child’s decision to run away. There are laws to deal with abusive parents, and hotlines to report them. But in a culture where many feel parents should have the right to deal with their children how they like, legislation isn’t always followed. “A man could beat his son to death in front of a police officer in the street,” explains Shaimaa, an in-house psychologist at Hope. “But nobody would intervene because it was his son.”

As a result, the street may literally become the only avenue left to abused children. And once there they become fair game for adults other than their parents.

It is 9.30pm and long past dark. Shaimaa, the psychologist, is in northeast Cairo, walking the streets of an upmarket suburb. Wealthy locals sip coffee at tables lining the pavements, or queue to buy ice cream from one of the city’s fanciest parlours.

If I go to help a girl being used by a group of men, then I’m a target. I’m taking a source of income from them

But Shaimaa is not here to meet them. As she often is, Shaimaa is searching for a missing teenager. Sarah was abused by her parents, became a prostitute, and ended up sold by her pimp to men from the Gulf who kept her in a flat in Cairo. Somehow she escaped, and later started turning up at a drop-in centre, where Shaimaa first met her. But now Sarah has disappeared again, and Shaimaa wants to find her. Some of the other street girls said she might be here in Korba.

It is often dangerous work, doing what Shaimaa does. Founded in 1988 by an expat Brit, Richard Hemsley, Hope Village now runs several day-centres and long-term shelters that aim to gradually rehabilitate street children back into mainstream society. Many of the girls Shaimaa coaxes into the shelters can’t stand the imposition of a routine – so, like Sarah, they sometimes disappear. One of Shaimaa’s jobs is to find them.


But finding them is tough. Coaxing a girl back to the shelter might disrupt a prostitution ring. In any given area, Shaimaa needs the blessing of the local street leader – otherwise she might get attacked. “If I’m going out to get a girl that I know is being used by a group of men, then I’m a target,” Shaimaa says. “I’m taking a source of income from them.”

Sometimes the attackers come to the shelters themselves. At one drop-in centre, four men once entered with machetes and said if a certain girl wasn’t returned to them, they’d cut everyone’s heads off.

And, occasionally, the threat comes from the girls themselves. In a fit of self-loathing, one teenager staying at a shelter stormed out of a group meeting, took out a blade and began to cut herself, slashing Shaimaa when she came near. As a matter of course, Shaimaa and her colleagues at Hope Village have bi-annual check-ups and immunisations against various diseases. Some of the girls they work with are HIV positive, or suffer from hepatitis C.

In such a thankless job, many of those who work at Hope Village have particular memories that keep them motivated. For Shaimaa, it is the image of one of her first patients: a nine-year-old who came to a drop-in centre after being gang-raped on the street.

“All these years later, that girl is still what keeps me going,” says Shaimaa, who thought the job wasn’t for her until she saw the nine-year-old playing at the centre. “I can’t forget her sitting so innocently on the swing as she was still bleeding from the rape.”

[photo text & caption] A doctor performs ultrasound on a girl at the Hope Village centre

Life line: a doctor performs ultrasound at the Hope Village centre. Some of the girls are HIV positive or have hepatitis C. Photograph: Sima Diab/Observer

Rape and coerced sexual contact is a regular fact of most children’s lives. Many teenage street girls will work as prostitutes. And even outside of formal prostitution networks, sex can become a kind of currency. To secure sleeping space on a floor for the night, or access to a station toilet, a street child might offer sex to a shopkeeper or an official as a matter of course. Kids as young as six have been known to offer sexual favours to male workers at some shelters. Their experiences on the street, where they are routinely abused, have normalised the behaviour.

In the street, both girls and boys are sometimes raped by groups of men who know they can act with impunity against children who, without proper paperwork, and without families, technically have no legal status. According to workers at Banati, girls are often “stored”, or locked in makeshift prisons for several days, before being gang-raped.

The brutality does not end with the rape itself. After a virgin is raped, rapists often carve a curved scar on the victim’s face, just below their eye. After subsequent attacks, vertical scars are left on the child’s cheek.

To escape the worst of the violence, a girl might try to avoid sleeping at night – or simply not sleep at all. “I could stay awake for three days or five days,” Yasmine, a 16-year-old, told Amira El Feky.

Other girls have a different self-defence mechanism. They pretend to be boys.

If I go to help a girl being used by a group of men, then I’m a target. I’m taking a source of income from them

About 10 years ago, a young homeless boy arrived at a street shelter in Cairo, saying that he was bleeding to death. The boy was a well-known face at the shelter, and the social-workers quickly referred him to the duty doctor to find out the cause of the problem.

The check-up revealed a number of surprises. First, the blood was caused by a period. Second, the boy – who had been coming to the shelter for months – was thus, in fact, a girl. She had shorn her hair and bound her breasts in order to both escape unwanted attention on the streets and to secure access to the male-only shelter. Until a few years ago, child rights activists and social workers in Egypt largely believed that only boys became street children. This bleeding girl revealed otherwise.


“This was a way for us to protect ourselves,” says Hadeel, her own son now peeping from the next-door room in Fustat. “We used to cut our hair very short, we used to wear trousers and T-shirts, so basically a man wouldn’t come and say: I want to take this girl, or I want to take that girl.”

For some, the aim is not just to avoid sexual assault, but to feel more at home in public space, which in Egypt is traditionally seen as a male domain. It allows girls to smoke, shout, or simply sit in the street, actions that boys can easily do without reproach, but girls can’t. Amira El Feky, a former academic who has researched this topic, explains: “All the privileges that men have – they can have them. They mock the whole idea of gender, they say: ‘Oh you think women are weak? Well I’m just not going to be a woman any more.’”

To make herself marginally less vulnerable, a street girl might also join what researchers call a “street family”. A mixed-gender group of around 10 street children, a family’s members protect each other, share their earnings and usually sleep together for safety.

The members’ work often divides along lines of gender. “The boys will do the muggings,” says Nelly Ali, “and the girls will do the prostitution.” Profits from a day’s work are given to the family leader – usually a boy who has proven himself to be the toughest of the lot.

Surprisingly, the leader is “often someone who’s younger than the others,” says Hope Village’s Mahmoud Ahmed, who’s researched the structure of street families for years. “It’s the person who’s proven to the others that they can do things the others can’t do.” Their unique ability might be practical: someone who can steal better than anyone else. Or it could be physical. A street child who can jump off a bridge without breaking their bones, says Ahmed, might quickly command the respect of his peers.

But the leader receives much more than respect: his word is absolute, and his family would almost always defend him with their life. In return, he gives his charges a collective identity, and offers them protection from outsiders. But within the group he, too, is a threat. “The leader has sexual ownership of the others – boys or girls,” says Ahmed. “He’ll carve sexual marks on them, continuously.”

And for girls, scars aren’t the only reminders he’ll leave.

[photo text & caption:] Play time: a girl behind a curtain at Hope Village. The centre is usually home to about a dozen teenage street mums and their kids.

Play time: a girl behind a curtain at Hope Village. The centre is usually home to about a dozen teenage street mums and their kids. Photograph: Sima Diab/Observer

Ain Shams hospital, buried in a north-eastern suburb of Cairo, isn’t most expectant mothers’ first choice. As a teaching hospital, many of its operations take place in the presence of a crowd of students. And as a teaching hospital, it is underfunded. So its doctors often have to pay for equipment, including blood transfusions, themselves.

But Ain Shams, and other teaching hospitals like it, is often the only choice for mothers who become pregnant while homeless. It is far cheaper than most other options. Entrance costs only 120 Egyptian pounds (around £10), a fraction of what it might cost even in the city’s state hospitals.

But for women who conceived on the street, there is a bigger price to giving birth at Ain Shams – that of their dignity. Many don’t have ID cards, so they officially can only access the hospital with a chaperone, ideally a husband. But if they are victims of gang-rape, they might not even know the father. So entrance is only provided after the most intrusive of interrogations. Then comes the long, painful labour – sometimes endured with only a few painkillers in a cramped hospital waiting room – before finally the demeaning birth itself, which might occur in the presence, and sometimes with the participation, of 20 students.

After a virgin is raped, the attacker carves a curved scar on the victim’s face, just below their eye

It is a sorry sequence, says Yara Younis, a newly qualified doctor who has campaigned for better treatment of pregnant homeless women at Ain Shams. “You have 12 hours on just one vial of analgesics,” she says. “Then you have 20 people sticking their hands into you, and then other people asking you why you’re there. And then maybe some others saying: ‘Why are you screaming? Stop getting pregnant so you don’t scream.’ I’ve heard people say that. I’ve seen people hitting them on their legs to stop them screaming.”

And then the cycle begins again. Campaigners at Hope Village* believe only 20% of the homeless people they work with manage to leave the streets. For their children, who are even less likely to carry identity papers, and who have only known the life of the street, it is even harder.

Manal has managed to leave behind the street, as well as her male alter-ego, and is now in accommodation provided by Banati. But she has only managed to bring one of her three children with her. The other two live with their grandmother, and social workers say they roam the city every day selling drugs.

This isn’t because Manal doesn’t care, says Hend Samy, her mentor at Banati. She’s doing her best – like all street mums. “They have a very deep sense of humanity with them. Even if they leave their child, they still want to be able to see them, they still want to be close to them,” says Samy. “When we speak of them, we shouldn’t forget that they are human beings. If we had experienced what they had experienced in terms of abuse, then very easily we could be one of them.”

Additional reporting by Manu Abdo and Sima Diab. Some names have been changed.

"Hope Village shelter in Cairo"

Sounds like christianism trying to get a foot in the door (in the islamic pardees of Egypt) and sell its own brand of paedophilia as the "solution". There's been a slew of 'international'=christowestern articles feigning concern for exploitation - especially sexual exploitation - of (girl-)children in non-christian lands, conveniently ignoring the same in christian lands and/or elsewhere perpetrated by christians themselves.

For example, recently, IIRC Deutsche Welle (DW) had an article on youngsters exploited in cafes in Japan recently. (Nothing compared to the above islamic case, obviously.) Predictably, the "native" vocalist 'informant' had been 'saved' by a pastor and had thus become a campaigner, recruiting others into christ's paedophilia circle I mean christendom via excuses like trying to "save" any Japanese youth from such situations.

So all such exposes as the above article - though in the islamic case the reality of child exploitation and trafficking is as gruesome and often more so than depicted - is from christian self-interest to launch christianism in such nations. I.e. an excuse for missionising. Especially in Japan, christianism has to sell itself to 1st worlders somehow: so christianism pretends it can bring 'morality'. What a joke. Christianism - together with islam - is the primary trader and exporter of paedophilia, abuse and [sexual] exploitation. Their moralising on Japan is even more laughable, where DW's report/interviewers/contacts had to focus with a magnifying glass.

Anyway, the point is, when next Pakis continue advertising that India is rape central (despite christoislamics being the #1 and majority offenders, and Hindu women being the #1 victims), make sure to remind them that islam is Da Rapist and when they have no kafirs to attack - as they do in India - they turn on their own muslimahs. And this is the rule in islam. There is no exception.

Hindoos should first drive the christoislamania infesting India into the abyss, and then go rescue the children [and vulnerable women, and infidels] stuck in dar-ul-islams and in christo/Vatican-controlled nations all over the world. E.g. catholic Philippines, where the situation for the "street children" is just the same as in islamic Egypt and other dar-ul-islams. The difference being that many of the predators are western christian "tourists" including the faithful clergy, besides local catholic clergymen and other faithfuls.
More proof that christoislamics are the (gang)rapists in India:

1. newstodaynet.com/nation/woman-gangraped-four

Victim would be a Hindoo: always the case anyway when the victim is local, but especially so when she's left unnamed.

Note how this won't be making it into the international news.

Quote:Woman gangraped by four in UP

Sunday, 9 August 2015


Muzaffarnagar (UP): A 26-year-old woman was allegedly abducted and gang-raped by four youths at gunpoint in Shamli district.

The woman, who is married, was abducted and gangraped by four youths on July 31 in Bhardi village under Jhinjhana police station area. She was later found on August 3 in an unconscious state, SP Vijay Bhushan said.

The accused persons - Umer, Wakar, Ikram and Shakil - are absconding.

On the basis of the complaint by the family of the victim, an FIR has been registered against the accused, he said, adding, the woman was sent for medical examination and the matter is being investigated.

Need to enact an immediate death sentence for any of the christoislamic "minority" that rapes or murders children, women or men of Indic religions.

2. Islamaniac - "Peepli Live" co-director Mahmood Farooqui - rapes a Columbia Uni research student (probably she came to India to write psy-ops against Hindu men and Hinduism as the cause of India's being dubbed rape central). If she's not an NRI but a European origin American, then it's 50/50 that she will still blame Hindoos anyway, since christos and christo-conditioned stick to islam when faced with heathenism after all.

But since Indian muslims are not always stupid enough to bite the hand that feeds them (i.e. alien christodemons), the victim is probably an NRI.


Quote:Rape case against Mahmood Farooqui sent to sessions court

Sunday, 9 August 2015


New Delhi : The proceedings in a case involving "Peepli Live" co-director Mahmood Farooqui, who has been named in a charge sheet for allegedly raping an American research scholar at his residence here, will now be conducted by a sessions court.

Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate (ACMM) Devender Kumar Garg, who had taken cognisance of the charge sheet filed by Delhi Police against Farooqui, supplied the copy of the final report to the accused and committed the case to sessions court.

"Accused has been charge-sheeted for offences punishable under section 376 (rape) and 201 (causing disappearance of evidence) of IPC. As section 376 IPC is exclusively triable by court of sessions, therefore, the case is committed to the court of sessions for trial in accordance with law," the ACMM said.

The court also directed the Tihar Jail Superintendent to produce Farooqui before the sessions court.

On June 29, the police had filed the charge sheet against Farooqui alleging that he had raped the 30-year-old research scholar from Colombia University at his Sukhdev Vihar house here on March 28.

Police had also annexed medical reports of the woman and statements of more than a dozen witnesses including a common friend.

Farooqui, arrested on June 20, has been in judicial custody since then.

The woman, in her complaint filed at the New Friends colony police station, alleged that Farooqui had raped her when she had gone to meet him to get his help for her research work. She had claimed to have met Farooqui at Varanasi where she had gone to collect information about her research theme based on Baba Gorakhnath.

Q: was she going to pull a Wendy Doniger & Spawn type "research" book on Sri Gorakhnatha? If so, well then I guess that plan has been put on the back burner...

Hope it wasn't an NRI Hindoo. Chances of that are not high I think: NRI HindOOs wouldn't be studying social sciences at Columbia and come to anthroplogise I mean research on Hindoo swamis in India. <- Sounds more like something the psy-ops brigade would be into. Then again, an islamaniac raped the woman. And islamaniacs tend to do that to heathens before they turn to fellow monotheists... Hmmm. Maybe his islamic rapist mentality overtook his strategic thinking? Christoislamics are always sitting on the powderkeg that is their rapist-genocidal tendencies, after all.

But depending on whether this victim's an anti-Hindu, the above may eventually make it into the news (?)

The news was:

2 more instances of christoislamic (gang)rapes in India.
1. reddit.com/r/TwoXChromosomes/comments/6cxzvv/i_finally_called_a_man_out_on_the_bus_for/

About how groping in the US is ongoing.

And at one point is was the NORM, so that women even carried/used hatpins for this express purpose and eventually the US govt had to ban the hatpins to protect the perps. So don't know why AmriKKKans pretend to be "shocked" at groping on trains or was it buses in Japan, as if it's unheard-of behaviour rather than a daily feature of life in the US (still, apparently):


My Mom wielded a hat pin in the 1940s and 50s in the NYC subway. Pretty badass now that I think about it.



This was actually a very common defense against "mashers" as these men were called in the early 1900s. It was so common that Chicago banned hat pins longer than 9 inches.



There's actually a very interesting historical movement around defensive hat pins and how they were banned. This podcast explains the whole story: http: // thedollop.libsyn.com/213-mashers-and-hatpins

Related: reddit.com/r/TwoXChromosomes/comments/6d78o0/i_stood_up_to_the_kid_at_my_school_who_kept/

2. Harvey Weinstein, some hollywood bigwig - know his name from Miramaxe sorry Miramax (then a Disney subsidiary which dubbed Mononoke Hime into English) - is finally outed as a sexual predator after some 3 decades of his goings-on. Of course, he's a generous donor to feminist causes etc. His tack on getting caught? Pretend he was ignorant about the nature of his crimes (that they were criminal), saying he's getting "therapy" (is that now an out for rapists and murderers too, or only the rich kind?), and aims to deflect from his own crimes by promising to do an expose of the NRA on the heels of the Las Vegas massacre (so timely to detract from the scrutiny on Weinstein) AND will "expose" Trump, of course (presumably for not having been able to go quite as far as Weinstein himself when it came to sexual harrassment?)

But which political side ISN'T composed entirely of hypocrisy in the US? Though the christian rightwingers seem to be beat the vanilla right and left at that.


Quote:The allegations piled up even as Mr. Weinstein helped define popular culture. He has collected six best-picture Oscars and turned out a number of touchstones, from the films “Sex, Lies, and Videotape,” “Pulp Fiction” and “Good Will Hunting” to the television show “Project Runway.” In public, he presents himself as a liberal lion, a champion of women and a winner of not just artistic but humanitarian awards.

In 2015, the year Ms. O’Connor wrote her memo, his company distributed “The Hunting Ground,” a documentary about campus sexual assault. A longtime Democratic donor, he hosted a fund-raiser for Hillary Clinton in his Manhattan home last year. He employed Malia Obama, the oldest daughter of former President Barack Obama, as an intern this year, and recently helped endow a faculty chair at Rutgers University in Gloria Steinem’s name. During the Sundance Film Festival in January, when Park City, Utah, held its version of nationwide women’s marches, Mr. Weinstein joined the parade.

Ah yes, female feminists are scary in one way and male feminists are scary in another. I never trust either.

Quote:Readers' Picks comments

Socrates is a trusted commenter Verona NJ 1 day ago

The repeated use of hush money, paid gag orders and the serial suppression of facts - although technically 'legal' - by this Lothario and other sexual predators is criminal in nature, allowing the predator to remain anonymous and prepare comfortably for his next unsuspecting victim.

The purchase of silence should be made illegal, so that the public can be made reasonably aware of sexual predators, criminals and sociopaths like the 'charming' Harvey Weinstein.

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Winter Garden 1 day ago

I'm sick. I just read his apology letter. He has the nerve to bring up the NRA as if we would be so stupid as to forget the fact that he sexually harassed women for years because we also care about gun violence. Sir, you are going down.

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KRo Los Angeles, CA 1 day ago

Just read his statement.

Is this guy for real? Quoting Jay-Z, saying he "so respects all women," and now saying he's devoting his time to taking on the NRA? How convenient for this fat slob that this article coincided with a national tragedy.

With feminists like Weinstein, who needs Trump.

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Mika Rekkinen Fairfield, CT 1 day ago

How nice of the NYTimes to print Harvey's letter. It reads like a guy who knows he's done wrong but can't admit it. Then, obliquely, to show what a nice guy he is and that he's being outed in the NYTimes he genuflects by saying he's going after the NRA and will make a movie about Trump. Go home, reflect, and write a new letter, loser.

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Kathy Oxford 1 day ago

Everyone working in Hollywood knew Harvey Weinstein was a letch. But if you're successful you get away with it. I heard about him decades ago. He - and let's be honest, plenty of others - traded power and career for sex but not with all. That's the trick to getting away with it, you pick out the most vulnerable, the ones who have the most to lose. Others you treat well so you always have cover. It still goes on and not just in Hollywood. Success rules. Quiet settlements and life goes on. Thankfully, the rules are changing. And I applaud the women with the courage to step forward, it's not easy since the first defense is they're lying. Lisa Bloom, who should know better, is making excuses for truly awful and sleazy behavior.

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Dukke Los Angeles, CA 1 day ago

Stop trying to make this partisan, Republicans - it's pathetic. This seems to be a generational problem with men who have and abuse power. In the same paper today, you'll notice an article about Republican, family values, anti abortion Congressman Tim Murphy urging a family friend he was having an affair with, to get an abortion. And this wasn't Fox News or Drudge reporting this story - it was the liberal NY Times.

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(That's another recurring pattern. One Christians are exclusively famous for.)

Alex Brooklyn 1 day ago

enforceable confidentiality agreements as a coercive condition of settlements are one of the most despicable features of our legal culture.

no one's silence should have a price.

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Carson Drew River Heights 1 day ago

The NYT just reported on the story extensively, scooping two other liberal media outlets rumored to have stories in the works. Your anticipatory whining about liberal bias is ridiculous.

In Reply to Jeff Kelley Reply 110Recommend

(Interesting, the timing of at least 3 media outlets all wanting to go public with outing Weinstein at the same time, despite everyone apparently knowing that this was going on for 3 decades. Guess it was 1. "time" or 2. the puppeteers thinking it's time to break this news so it can deflect the US public's full awareness off something else, a tack the puppeteers have always done in India. The anti-Hindu/anti-India league in India didn't invent it, they were trained in this by their paymasters, the puppeteers. I.e. higher ups in US/western govts.)

And here follows Weinstein's mindblowingly incomprehensible response, astoundingly reminiscent of that anti-Hindu psecularist of Tehelka, who promised to take 6 months vacation (I mean, "to reflect") after he was caught molesting and raping Indian women. Another amazing coincidence in behaviour is how they all think they have any credibility left to go after political parties and representatives they don't like/don't want in charge (not that I particularly care about Trump, but even Trump must be better than Hillary, and more likely to leave Bharatam alone):


All these terrorists seem to think they're above the law.

If they really felt bad about it, they ought to kill themselves. And if they don't, a little encouragement (from their victims) to get their suicide done should be quite morally acceptable, I think. I mean, I wouldn't morally oppose it if their suicide was helped along a little by their victims. Who am I to judge?


Quote: BP Alameda, CA 1 day ago

Look no further for an example of why people want to become rich and powerful - the rules don't apply to you and you can get away with almost anything. Weinstein had a lot of fun over the last few decades (as did Bill Cosby, Donald Trump, and on and on).

"Laws are like cobwebs, which may catch small flies, but let wasps and hornets break through." - Jonathan Swift

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Almost all the hornets and wasps as in the western world, though they've fostered some wannabe native imitators in the 3rd world (like that anti-Hindu Tehelka terrorist).

Other: www.theguardian.com/film/2017/oct/07/harvey-weinstein-sexual-harassment-allegations-hollywood-rumors

Here's an earlier case: actor Ben Affleck's brother Casey Affleck. He was still nominated for some Hollywood award or other even after events surrounding him became well-known, from which one can tell Hollywood is perfectly fine with sexual predators:

- msn.com/en-us/entertainment/movies/casey-affleck%e2%80%99s-dark-secret-the-disturbing-allegations-against-the-oscar-hopeful/ar-AAkGbwz

3. And of course there was news on major paedophile happenings in Hollywood being outed too:

- www.thewrap.com/amy-berg-confirms-documentary-hollywood-sex-abuse-ring-much-bigger-anything-one-case/

- abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/corey-feldman-pedophilia-problem-child-actors-contributed-demise/story?id=14256781


Of course, unlike feminists whining forever that only women are victims, in their bid to steal the limelight from all other victims, there's no similar movement (surely equally justified?*) to emancipate children from adults (male OR female) that would stand up for/protect little boys and girls from being terrorised, like the poor once-child actors Corey Haim and Corey Feldman and others. [* I mean, if some quarters demand women need emancipation from the rest of the species, then it's as reasonable that children have as much right to demand it. Not that I believe women should be split from men or vice-versa - seems particularly the extreme feminist demand/lesbian feminist wish - nor that children should be split from parents. But just pointing out the double standards/lack of logic in thinking one is self-evident, when by the same "logic", the other should be too for all the same reasons.)

Corey Haim committed suicide because of sexual abuse by Hollywood when he was a child, as per the other Corey, also abused at the time.

And I wonder if that sort of trauma was ultimately behind the suicide of 80s/early 90s child actors like Jonathon Brandis or River Phoenix and some others too. Not to mention the drug addiction etc of many of these and female youngsters. Easier to believe that being a victim of paedophilia could lead to suicide or addiction/downward spirals than always or exclusively fame in such cases.

(Meanwhile, Marilyn Monroe - who said she'd been passed around by the Kennedy-s and others like a piece of meat - is said to be a victim of MK Ultra a la the documented case of the even earlier Candy Jones.

Even Monroe's murder was full of bizarre occurrences, with Kennedy's and her handler I mean doctor suspect. www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2338425/Marilyn-Monroe-death-Confession-inside-diary-Hollywoods-famous-private-detective-Fred-Otash.html

Not that it would be the first time a Kennedy murdered a woman and getting away with it:

www.vanityfair.com/culture/2015/12/end-of-camelot - Ted/Edward Kenney killed Mary Jo Kopechne. And he also attempted the cover-up of his rapist nephew William Kennedy Smith

Again, amazing how laws don't apply to the powerful)
1. Follow up to this:

Quote:(Interesting, the timing of at least 3 media outlets all wanting to go public with outing Weinstein at the same time, despite everyone apparently knowing that this was going on for 3 decades. Guess it was 1. "time" or 2. the puppeteers thinking it's time to break this news so it can deflect the US public's full awareness off something else, a tack the puppeteers have always done in India. The anti-Hindu/anti-India league in India didn't invent it, they were trained in this by their paymasters, the puppeteers. I.e. higher ups in US/western govts.)

Turns out I was right, that there was indeed more at play.

To recap, Weinstein already admitted in his NON-"apology" that he was working on documentaries, not only about NRA, but also one to expose trump:


Quote:Hollywood men silent over Weinstein allegations as women speak out

Wednesday 11 October 2017 01.13 BST


The liberal film-maker Michael Moore, currently working with Weinstein on a documentary about Donald Trump, also did not respond to a request for comment.


Hencethe repercussion by the puppeteers: Weinstein finally got nailed for his crimes (=good result) because he may damage Trump (=selfish motivation): because higher ups thought, not that it the *time* had come for Weinstein/that his measure and cup of criminality was full, but that Weinstein must be brought down before his doco with Moore came out and damaged Trump some more. (Though Trump is quite above-board about how moronic he is and one can estimate his threat level quite well, unlike Hillary) By good fortune, the clever people around the unclever Trump found that Weinstein had given them enough rope to hang him with, i.e. his sexual terrorism of women.

But whatever is leading to these Weinstein's crimes being outed at last, I for one am happy if he'll hang for it (though prefer it to be literally over figuratively):


Quote:Trump administration orders 'FBI probe into Harvey Weinstein'

The powerful Hollywood producer has been accused of sexual harassment and rape

Mythili Sampathkumar New York

Thursday 12 October 2017 14:43 BST

The FBI has reportedly opened an investigation into the rape and criminal sexual acts allegations levied against Harvey Weinstein.

The Trump administration, specifically Attorney General Jeff Sessions, allegedly asked the bureau to open the investigation over fears the Hollywood producer would remain in Europe after his rehabilitation and avoid prosecution like film director Roman Polanski who was accused of sex with a minor but fled to France, according to the Daily Mail.

It has not been confirmed as yet that the order came directly from Mr Sessions.


2. About this comment by someone at the NYT article on Weinstein that scooped the others:

Quote:Carson Drew River Heights

The NYT just reported on the story extensively, scooping two other liberal media outlets rumored to have stories in the works.

Seems one of two that NYT scooped was:


which also lists 3 cases of rape as recounted by his victims, among the many other accounts of sexual assault.

Some further documentation on Weinstein's littany of yuck:

- www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/oct/11/harvey-weinstein-lea-seydoux

- jezebel.com/a-running-list-of-the-women-who-have-accused-harvey-wei-1819320068

- www.theguardian.com/film/2017/oct/09/harvey-weinstein-hollywood-men-actors-directors

And then there's this loon/enabler/apologist for sexual terrorism. Apparently "Donna Karan" is some dress designer for women (not that I know anything about designer clothes, but I have to ask: does any female human actually WEAR her clothes and if they do, will they still be wearing it tomorrow, and if they would, I guess they agree with what she says - 'cause they're paying for the brand=for Donna Karan's statement):

- www.theguardian.com/film/2017/oct/10/donna-karan-defends-harvey-weinstein-women

3. Returning to this:

Quote:Here's an earlier case: actor Ben Affleck's brother Casey Affleck. He was still nominated for some Hollywood award or other even after events surrounding him became well-known, from which one can tell Hollywood is perfectly fine with sexual predators:

- msn.com/en-us/entertainment/movies/casey-affleck%e2%80%99s-dark-secret-the-disturbing-allegations-against-the-oscar-hopeful/ar-AAkGbwz

Of course, Casey's still in the business, because the Trump administration isn't after Casey - because, unlike Weinstein, he's not making a doc on Trump - and because Hollywood is all too happy to protect rapists and paedophiles in their midst and let child victims commit suicide. (To add to the victim list: rumour has it that one "Brad Renfro" is another child actor victimised and who committed suicide).

But, it turns out that it isn't just "Casey Affleck" isn't the only one in his family that's into sexually terrorising women. Turns out that Ben Affleck, the latest iteration of "Batman"**


Quote:Ben Affleck apologises for groping Hilarie Burton in 2003

Affleck said he had ‘acted inappropriately’ towards the actor on an episode of MTV’s Total Request Live while another video of the star asking a journalist to expose herself has also come to light

Wednesday 11 October 2017 19.28 BST

Documents 2 instances of Ben Affleck (that's Batman in the upcoming DC/Marvel/whatever Justice League movie) sexually harrassing women.

So when Ben Affleck (publicly) sexually harrasses women, it's interesting to read about to what degree the women still undergo the same psychological trauma and behavioural patterns as seen in several of Weinstein's victims who suffered recurring victimhood and ended up in some weird traumatic relationship with him (I've noticed children victimised by paedophilia do the same, so I filed it under mental trauma resulting in inexplicable behaviour). Also interesting to what degree Ben Affleck's victims behave differently, even apologetically regarding Affleck's behaviour, despite being somewhat uncomfortable with it. Maybe because Ben Affleck's not so outwardly hideous as Weinstein. Guess it isn't just the rich that get away with everything.

Only found out about Ben Affleck due to some nearly oblique comments to his criminal behaviour at:


Quote:Darique Rodriquez‏ @DariqueR 18h18 hours ago

Replying to @SethMacFarlane

These comments kill me. He had to defend himself when the media was using his name as a prop. He’s not Batman people, #HaveAFewSeats

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NFL Kneelers‏ @Report_Kneeler 18h18 hours ago

No and neither is @BenAffleck.

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Merly Is Wiggered‏ @LaserDuckGaming 18h18 hours ago


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New conversation

Rydher_haddrr‏ @rydher_haddrr 7h7 hours ago

@BenAffleck just murder any chance the studios had for justice league. Good job Ben. You single handedly destroyed justice league. #abuser


And MORE people now dare to demand Ben Affleck apologise to them for sexually assaulting them:


Quote:A makeup artist has alleged she was sexually assaulted by Hollywood actor Ben Affleck, just hours after a video resurfaced of him appearing to grope a MTV presenter's breast.


Earlier on Thursday (local time), the Argo star apologised and admitted he "acted inappropriately" with former MTV VJ Hilarie Burton during filming of Total Request Live in 2003.


But now Annamarie Tendler, the wife of prominent US comedian John Mulaney, says she wants Affleck to say sorry to her too.

"I would also love to get an apology from Ben Affleck who grabbed my ass at a Golden Globes party in 2014," she wrote.

"He walked by me, cupped my butt and pressed his finger into my crack."

Tendler says Affleck then tried to play the alleged sexual assault off as an accident.

"I guess he tried to play it like he was politely moving me out of the way and oops touched my butt instead of my lower back?" she explained.

"Like most women in these situations I didn't say anything, but I have thought a lot about what I'd say if I ever saw him again."

(Sounded like anything but an accident. Sounds like this criminality runs in the Affleck family. Weren't they in the news for their family owning a plantation with "slaves", i.e. people kidnapped from Africa?


He tried to suppress that from getting out too, pretending to be motivated to hide it for being "morally" disgusted and "ethically" above that sort of behaviour: variety.com/2015/biz/news/ben-affleck-slavery-pbs-censor-ancestors-1201477075/ )

More people find their voices against Ben Affleck at last:

(found via a comment at thehill.com/blogs/in-the-know/355065-twitter-suspends-rose-mcgowan-after-tweets-about-weinstein-assault-ben )


Quote:Affleck is yet to respond to Tendler's claims. However, another woman, comedy writer Jen Starkey, said that "multiple women" endured similar experiences to Tendler at the same event:

I was also at this party and *multiple* friends had this same exact experience. https://t.co/GlSIllKqAJ

— Jen Statsky (@jenstatsky) October 11, 2017

The revelation has caused people to joke that Affleck's actions should earn him a new nickname:

He is Buttman.

— Robert Zuccaro (@robzuc1997) October 12, 2017

He must have been getting in character as Buttman https://t.co/3XqJXBdPBI

— Nail Horribly ������������������ (@Nooli68) October 12, 2017


— CalBlueTahoe (@CalblueRene) October 12, 2017

Batman? or Buttman!#BenAffleck#JusticeLeague

— Cameron JM Clark (@CameronJMClark) October 12, 2017

Can we start calling him Buttman?

— Thomas Thorne (@DrThomasThorne) October 12, 2017

The new Buttman and his Robin sidekick is Weinstein

— Ross (@apnea_breath) October 12, 2017

Batman? More like Buttman, am I right? https://t.co/dt8CuXoSQ5

— Jason Kessler (@TheMadDimension) October 11, 2017

And a comment there:

Clark Kent 13 Oct 2017 12:05AM

And then there's this... a celebrity interviewer being mauled by Affleck, suggesting that she should do the interview topless: www.youtube.com/watch?v=NMq6xDHBKwQ Butt, this is okay....cuz Affleck is a cool dude.. Democrat, Harvard educated from Massachusetts... it's all good.


Clark Kent 13 Oct 2017 2:14AM

@Larry Darrell I stand corrected. It was his mother who went to Harvard. Sorry.

Hmmm, sounds like Ben Affleck, rather than being given the role of Batman, should have bagged the role of the Comedian in Watchmen. Watchmen was a comic book about a bunch of "superheroes", most with dubious morality. However, the morality of the Comedian - one of the Watchmen - was far from dubious: he was a rapist, among other things (possibly also a murderer, don't know, as I never read it and haven't watched the movie yet; just liked the idea of a comic that had superheroes as mostly bad guys and murdered off some of its hateful superheroes).

4. ** I personally can't wait for the gawd awful comics-turned-movies slew of films to come to an end - hollywood's current obsession a la it's older decades long obsession with churning out westerns. The first 3 X-men and Nolan's Batmen were the only ones on this side of tolerable and everything else has been far far worse. And Singer, the director of the 1st and 2nd X-men movies was accused of paedophilia/of enabling paedophiles; and magically things went silent when the accuser was framed with fraud. Rather like how Weinstein silenced his earlier accusers, including the Italian-Filippina actress who worked with the cops to catch him incriminating himself. As seen in the links on Weinstein, Weinstein often gloated that he would get the media to pursue his enemies and character assassinate them, and that "coincidentally" is exactly what happened to the Italian-Filippina.

And I bet that's exactly what hollywood's paedophiles have done and how they themselves have TOTALLY escaped conviction and are living the lives of millionaires, though some have had to leave the US to continue their lifestyle of vampirism and dough.

- jezebel.com/inside-the-hollywood-sex-ring-mansion-from-the-bryan-si-1567755415

- jezebel.com/an-open-secret-hollywoods-child-abuse-doc-debuted-in-1705758939

5. To continue on the topic of paedophilia in hollywood, another once-child actor has now spoken about being assaulted in his childhood by adult hollywood powers. Though he's brought it up in the context of solidarity with the victims of Weinstein rather than solidarity with the victims of Hollywood paedophilia:


Quote:Dawson's Creek Star James Van Der Beek Says He Was Sexually Harassed by 'Older Men'

Chelsea White / People

Oct 12, 2017

James Van Der Beek has revealed he too was a victim of sexual harassment.

The Dawson’s Creek star, 40, spoke out about his experiences as a younger actor in Hollywood after slamming those criticizing the women who have spoken out about Harvey Weinstein‘s alleged sexual misconduct.

Taking to Twitter late Wednesday night, Van Der Beek said he had been the target of older men.

I’ve had my ass grabbed by older, powerful men, I’ve had them corner me in inappropriate sexual conversations when I was much younger...

- James Van Der Beek (@vanderjames) October 12, 2017

“I’ve had my ass grabbed by older, powerful men, I’ve had them corner me in inappropriate sexual conversations when I was much younger,’ he tweeted.

“I understand the unwarranted shame, powerlessness & inability to blow the whistle. There’s a power dynamic that feels impossible to overcome.”

More: www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4973930/James-Van-Der-Beek-s-ass-grabbed-older-powerful-men.html

But none of these criminals are going down, because neither the Clintons nor Trump & his gang - nor any republicans/democrats ever in charge - give a hoot about the paedophile ring in hollywood, nor are they after the many other rapists in hollywood besides Weinstein.

Weinstein is ONLY being fried because he overshot himself: he's just a filthy rich scumbag with ideas about influencing politics beyond (what seems to be) his abilities to pull off. And he's finally being dragged down because of that fatal error of his. Not because his crimes - apparently well known in hollywood and surrounding circles for decades (it's why the Trump admin could greenlight their media to publish stories they already had collected data for) ... Again, not because Weinstein's crimes have appalled hollywood or the political half of the Military-Industrial-Entertainment complex that is the US new world order. (After all, MK Ultra victims are said to be numerous even in hollywood, but the high up perps - all the way in US govt - were never really caught or punished.)


6. And adult male actors were sexually terrorised as adults in Hollywood:


I know many feminists were trying to make the Weinstein expose into a claim to uniqueness (i.e. uniqueness of victimhood), but the deadly silence by them on rampant hollywood paedophilia shows that for feminists it's all about ideology. Now that there are other victims, the feminist tune has changed to how it's supposedly always (adult) males that sexually terrorise others including adult males.

- But there was lots of news on nuns raping deaf little boys (and IIRC girls too) a decade or so back.

- Also as per the news of some years back, there was essentially a female paedophile ring in Sweden - somewhere in Scandinavia - terrorising little boys.

Moral: sexual predators are more often male but never exclusively so. Female sexual predators are JUST AS CRIMINAL as male ones, no matter who has the numeric majority. All sexual predators are terrorists, and feminists should stop their enabling of paedophilia - which they indulge in when they falsely project men as the only sexual predators.

7. Someone non-hollywood (but with lots of money apparently) is promising to take down sexual terrorism in hollywood:

Jpost's curious take on the same:


These types of stories, unfortunately, are a regular occurrence in the US, Israel, and around the globe. Without changing the way we approach workplace harassment, we can't hope to change the silence of women who have been abused.

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