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USA And The Future Of The World -II
X-posting (without comments/interruptions), since it's related to the above which was on:

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THE ASSAULT ON INDIA - [color="#FF0000"]American Air Force Base in Thiruvananthapuram[/color]

27/08/2013 10:32:59



Quote:U.S. Military Prostitution in Asia

By Katharine H.S. Moon

Excerpted from Sex Among Allies: Military Prostitution in U.S./Korea Relations

Columbia University Press, 1997

The U.S.-Korean history of military prostitution shares many of the characteristics and tensions present in other sites of overseas U.S. bases, especially in Asia. The economic dependence of local camptown residents on the presence of U.S. troops is not unique to South Korea. For example, Takazato Suzuyo, a political activist on Okinawa, reported that Okinawa, which served as a R&R area to U.S. troops in Vietnam, lived off U.S. dollars:

Quote:In its heyday, there were more than 1,200 "approved" bars, night clubs, and restaurants on Okinawa, and soldiers spent money freely. B-52 bombers were taking off from Kadena [US Air Force] base almost every day to bomb North Vietnam, while returning soldiers from Vietnam, with their chest pockets filled with dollar bills, sometimes spent all their money in one night.

In Olongapo and Angeles in the Philippines, where the U.S. Subic Naval Base and Clark Air Force Base were respectively located (until the withdrawal of U.S. forces in 1992), "[t]here was virtually no industry except the 'entertainment' business, with approximately 55,000 registered and unregistered prostitutes and a total of registered 2,182 R&R establishments. By 1985 the U.S. military had become the second largest employer in the Philippines, hiring over 40,000 Filipinos. . . . The sum of their salaries amounted to almost $83 million a year."

Ideologies around race and nationality have also contributed to the social inequalities and conflicts, especially affecting prostitutes, in the U.S. camptown communities in Asia. Enloe writes that "[c]lass and race distinctions inform all social relations between the U.S. military and the host community." The racism demonstrated by American soldiers toward Asians in Vietnam and Korea are well-documented. Lloyd Lewis notes that "soldiers in all branches of the armed services [in Vietnam] recount receiving the same indoctrination" that the "enemy is Oriental and inferior." The racist terms for Vietnamese -- "gook, slant, slope, dink . . . or a half a dozen local variations" -- had all been employed previously by Americans [toward Japanese in World War II and Koreans and Chinese in the Korean War] to designate yellow-skinned peoples." Max Hastings has noted in his history of the Korean War that the"Eighth Army was forced to issue a forceful order" in the summer of 1951 that soldiers cease "to take a perverse delight in frightening civilians" and attempting to "drive the Koreans off roads and into ditches." The order concluded with"We are not in this country as conquerors. We are here as friends." Hastings also includes a comment by a Marine, Selwyn Handler: "Koreans were just a bunch of gooks. Who cared about the feelings of people like that? We were very smug Americans at that time." Bruce Cumings recounts the racism among Americans, soldiers and diplomats alike, in the late 1960s:"Their racism led them to ask me, because I was living with Koreans and they rarely ventured out to 'the economy,' things like whether it was true that the Korean national dish, kimch'i, was fermented in urine."

Racist stereotypes of Asians within the American society have mixed with sexist stereotypes of Asian women to foster American participation in camptown prostitution in Asia. The main military newspaper, Stars and Stripes, encouraged soldiers to explore Korea's "nighttime action," especially the kisaeng party, the "ultimate experience":

Quote:Picture having three or four of the loveliest creatures God ever created hovering around you, singing, dancing, feeding you, washing what they feed you down with rice wine or beer, all saying at once, "You are the greatest." This is the Orient you heard about and came to find.

A U.S. Army chaplain I interviewed in April 1991 noted the following:

Quote:What the soldiers have read and heard before ever arriving in a foreign country influence prostitution a lot. For example, stories about Korean or Thai women being beautiful, subservient--they're tall tales, glamorized. . . . U.S. men would fall in lust with Korean women. They were property, things, slaves. . . . Racism, sexism -- it's all there. The men don't see the women as human beings--they're disgusting, things to be thrown away. . . . They speak of the women in the diminutive.

[color="#0000FF"]On Okinawa, U.S. servicemen from the Kadena Air Base "can be seen in town (Naha) wearing offensive T-shirts" depicting "a woman with the letters LBSM," which means "little brown sex machine." The "brown" refers to the Filipino and Thai women who constitute the majority of military prostitutes on Okinawa. Aida Santos reveals that Olongapo sells a variation on the theme--a popular T-shirt"bearing the message 'Little Brown Fucking Machines Powered with Rice.'" She emphasizes that in the Philippines, "[r]acism and sexism are now seen as a fulcrum in the issue of national sovereignty."[/color]

The presence of U.S. military servicemen in Asia generates significant social transformations that affect both the host Asian society and the American society across the Pacific. Thanh-dam Truong has asserted that the U.S. military's use of Thailand as the major R&R base for U.S. soldiers fighting in Vietnam has spawned the now booming sex tourism industry all across the country, winning Thailand the ignoble title, "Asia's brothel." Filipinos have charged that U.S. servicemen have brought AIDS and HIV into their country. Prostitutes in Olongapo, along with the umbrella feminist organization, GABRIELA, and health organizations, pushed the Philippine government to"obtain a guarantee that all U.S. service personnel coming into the Philippines be tested for HIV." In 1988, the Philippines Immigration Commissioner required all U.S. servicemen entering the Philippines to present certificates verifying that they are AIDS-free.

[color="#0000FF"]In addition, sexual relations between American men and Asian prostitutes have created a living legacy of mixed-raced children who are rejected by both their mother's and father's societies. Maria Socorro "Cookie" Diokno, an active leader in the Philippines' anti-base movement, has referred to the children born of American servicemen and Asian women as "Amerasian 'souvenir' bab[ies]." ABC's Prime Time (May 13, 1993) depicted Amerasian children in the Philippines who had been abandoned by their soldier-fathers and were living with their impoverished mothers, scavenging for food among heaps of rubble and waste. Enloe reports that "[o]f the approximately 30,000 children born each year of Filipino mothers and American fathers, some 10,000 [were] thought to become street children, many of them working as prostitutes servicing American pedophiles." Enloe adds that a Filipino "insider" has noted that many others have been sold, with "Caucasian-looking children . . . allegedly sold for $50-200 (around P1,000-4,000), whereas the Negro-fathered ones fetch only $25-30 (around P500-600)."[/color] Johnston's Mom in Songt'an, Korea, also tried to give up her sons to adoption, after earlier having given up a daughter. But in the end, she could not bear to do it and went back to prostitution in order to keep her boys. In the film, Camp Arirang, one barwoman in Songt'an laments the need to give up her half African-American son one day; black Amerasian children are most shunned in Korean society, so most mothers try to send them to the United States for a chance at education and a future. She has already torn up all photographs of herself with her son because she knows she must let him go. In a voice cracking with emotion, she calmly says, "All I want him to know is that he was born in Korea, that his mother is Korean, and that she is dead. It will be easier for him that way."

[color="#0000FF"]The withdrawal of U.S. naval bases from the Philippines in 1992 also left behind a legacy of approximately 50,000 Amerasian children in the Philippines, with an estimated 10,000 of them living in Olongapo, which had housed the U.S. Subic Naval Base.[/color] The law firm of Cotchett, Illston, and Pitre of Burlingame, California, filed a class action suit against the U.S. government on behalf of Amerasian children left behind in the Philippines in March 1993. The plaintiffs would"ask the federal court to order the Navy to provide funds for the education and medical care of these children until they reach 18 years of age." The prostitute-mothers of these children and several leading Philippine civic organizations, such as GABRIELA, as well as the Council of Churches, mobilized such legal action.

Asian societies have borne the burden of the painful repercussions of militarized prostitution, but the American society has not gone untouched. Many of the prostitutes who end up divorced from their GI husbands (an estimated 80% of Korean-GI marriages end up in divorce) go back into prostitution around military camp areas in the United States. In the film The Women Outside, officials from the Mayor's Office of Midtown Enforcement in Manhattan state that some U.S. servicemen have been paid by flesh traffickers to marry women in Korea and bring them to the United States for work in massage parlors and brothels.

A significant part of of Korea is christianised (and mostly to the American christianism), while Philippines is a totally christian (catholic) country. Yet that's how the US armed forces treat people there. [Japan is moreover pre-eminently a first world country.]

One can only shudder at how any AmeriKKKans stationed in largely heathen and "3rd world" India will treat the locals. The women, the children, the temples. AmeriKKKans of the army especially are quite arch-terrorists against non-European populations. And US is such a rabidly, violently christian country... yikes.

A US base in India would just be the new East India Company invading the country all over again.

It's too much to hope for that the islamaniac terrorists infesting Kerala would keep the uninvited and unwanted AmeriKKKan soldiers busy and kill each other to death (in which case I don't care and good riddance to both, since all AmeriKKKan soldiery is famous for is already briefly enumerated in that article above). Rather, as the christowest/US has everything in common with islamania and nothing with heathenism, they will do what the British did (and current christogovt is doing): incite islamania against Hindus.

American bases/christowest/mono-moronism in general are such a curse on the world...
Constant AmriKKKan and European meddling in Ukraine (as also in other parts of E Europe, e.g. the Swedes air-dropping teddy bears advertising for "democracy" into Belarus was it?) has resulted in the current situation in Ukraine.

The native loyalists and Russians aren't willing to let their identity fall apart.

And so here come the AmriKKKans (who asked them):


Quote:Sarah Palin: nukes are best Putin containment strategy

View photo

Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin speaks during the 41st annual Conservative Political Action Conference at the Gaylord International Hotel and Conference Center on March 8, 2014 in National Harbor, Maryland (AFP Photo/T.J. Kirkpatrick)

National Harbor (United States) (AFP) - Sarah Palin offered unsolicited advice Saturday to President Barack Obama on containing Russian aggression, saying "the only thing that stops a bad guy with a nuke is a good guy with a nuke."

The Republican former vice presidential candidate used a predominantly crass tone throughout her appearance at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

But she hit home by attacking what she called a feckless Obama foreign policy that she said has helped embolden Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Failing to show peace through strength has allowed some "very, very, very bad dudes (to) gain ground," said Palin, who remains a darling of the far-right.

Obama "would gut our arsenal while he allows others -- enemies -- to enrich theirs, she said.

"Mr. President, the only thing that stops a bad guy with a nuke is a good guy with a nuke."

The comments follow Russia's invasion of neighboring Ukraine last month, action which sent tensions soaring and US-Russia relations to perhaps their lowest point since the end of the Cold War.

The remark may have sounded flippant, but it was red meat to conservatives mindful of similar language used by the head of the National Rifle Association, America's largest gun lobby.

In the aftermath of a December 2012 mass shooting in Connecticut, NRA executive vice president Wayne LaPierre poured fuel on the gun control debate by saying that "the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun."

Quote:"Mr. President, the only thing that stops a bad guy with a nuke is a good guy with a nuke."
Who'd have thought Palin would say the right thing for a change?

It's true. Since

- the Bad Guy is obviously Palin and gang/the US.

- the Good Guy is obviously Putin/Russia/Ukraine/everyone else minding their own business ("Ra Ra Ras-Putin, lover of the Russian Queen. They wouldn't quit, they wanted his head". OK, I'm not very familiar with Boney-M, but even I have heard a couple of their songs, and this just seemed to fit.)

Now dimwitted Palin's threat puts Putin and the Russians in general into a deep moral quandary, with only one answer - however ugly - staring them in the face.

The US - which, unlike Russia, does not have nukes for deterrence but in order to use them against other populations (e.g. as already seen in Hiroshima, Nagasaki) - has effectively threatened to bring out their nukes on this one. AmriKKKan nukes are obviously not for show.

The mathematics Russia is now faced with is an unpleasant but inevitable one. It's "nuke them before they nuke you". Because - and clearly - the US will nuke Russia (that's what the US *does* right?)

Russians are - certainly in comparison - a very ethical and humane people, and while they don't seem the kind to nuke others as an offensive, in this case they are forced to having to nuke the US on the Principle Of Defence. Aka Total War. There's really no choice for Russia. The US has given them none. US is a self-righteous trigger-happy nightmare. And the fact that Palin brings up the threat is practically as good as the US going for The Button.

It's all very sad and tragic. And I am sure we'll all miss the US (well, some of us might; not really, but pretend). But it's the wild west nowadays, and the time has at last come for the actual good guy to finally shoot the actual bad guy and be done with it - Han Solo did shoot first - let's not drag the movie out too long and make the audience suffer.

If Russia can't come up with a memorable statement before their "pre-emptive strike", they may just parrot the words of Israel's Golda Meir

Quote:"Every civilization finds it necessary to negotiate compromises with its own values" *
IIRC uttered by Meir when the Mossad went after the islamic murderers of Israeli athletes?), and then Russia can follow the Nike slogan: Just Do It.

[* Meir's statement is not entirely true - though I feel no ethical pangs with the Mossad repaying the islamic murderers of Israeli athletes in kind - but it sounds pretty enough, and history needs a soundbyte from Russia on this - it's one for the books - a la the US' "The day that will live in infamy" excuse.]

Then for a few decades, Russia can do some of the expected/required hand-wringing and feel "deeply sorry" about the "human cost of it all" - Europe may do the usual index-finger-wriggling of "you really shouldn't have, you know". And after the customary mourning period/self-blame/introspection about the inevitable turn of events, in time the world will move on again and the great tragedy will be history (you know how AmeriKKKans always want people to just "get over" the Native Americans already? Well, the world may find it easier to "get over" the AmeriKKKan settlers. Life moves on after all.)

Russia should just Nike with its Nukes already.

Quote:"Mr. President (Vladmir Putin), the only thing that stops a bad guy [=US] with a nuke is a good guy [=Russia] with a nuke."

Now was it Einstein that said that though he didn't know with what weapons WWIII was going to be fought, he knew that we'll be fighting with sticks and stones thereafter. Confirmed:

Quote:(EinsteinSmile 'I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.'
I guess the Return of the Stone Age is what it will take to get the Americas returned to the native Americans. Well, since that's what it takes and since the US gives Russia no alternatives... what can ya do, right?


Personally, I don't see that AmeriKKKans will all be okay with nuking Russia. The white supremacists of the US - who are always on about how "white" people are becoming a minority and their "phenotypic diversity is under threat" owing to "immigration" - will not want the best of the European phenotype to be nuked out of existence (Russia/Slavic Europe has the most attractive and diverse "European" looks compared to NW Europe, after all).

That - if nothing else - will hopefully stop Palin-type stupidity. I doubt more humane considerations will emanate from the Amerikkkans - such a largely christo-population as the US is, with Palin echoing not just the sentiments of the NRA/National Rifle Association, but most if not all US christos - so must hope that the loser white supremacist AmeriKKKans will for once accidentally serve a useful purpose and prevent the US from genociding another people for a change.

(Admittedly, the Irish and Slavs were only recently allowed into the "White" and "Oryan" clique, and though their acceptance in the clique hasn't completely caught on yet, it's getting there.)

The actual news:


Quote:Sarah Palin: nukes are best Putin containment strategy

National Harbor (United States) (AFP) - Sarah Palin offered unsolicited advice Saturday to President Barack Obama on containing Russian aggression, saying "the only thing that stops a bad guy with a nuke is a good guy with a nuke."


[color="#0000FF"]"Mr. President, the only thing that stops a bad guy with a nuke is a good guy with a nuke."[/color]

The comments follow Russia's invasion of neighboring Ukraine last month, action which sent tensions soaring and US-Russia relations to perhaps their lowest point since the end of the Cold War.

The remark may have sounded flippant, but it was red meat to conservatives mindful of [color="#0000FF"]similar language used by the head of the National Rifle Association, America's largest gun lobby.[/color]

In the aftermath of a December 2012 mass shooting in Connecticut, NRA executive vice president Wayne LaPierre poured fuel on the gun control debate by saying that "the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun."
Don't know about others, but had not myself been consciously following the news on the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 (apparently also named China Southern Airlines Flight 748) - destined for China's capital, IIRC - but have started hearing a lot of shady things about the matter and then all of a sudden heard very vocal US denials about "Diego Garcia" having anything to do with it.

Diego Garcia, as it turns out, is a US military base - a US governmental torture I mean interrogation camp (one of many known ones) - in some small landmass in the Indian Ocean, which the Brits had handed over to the Americans for use. The Brits themselves had stolen the place from the natives and illegally de-populated the area.** (But then, "Diego Garcia" sounds a suitably christianised space. And you know the purpose of christianisation is to make sheep compliant to their masters. The converted sheep in Tiruvanantapuram can look forward to the same treatment on arrival of the US base there - it's what the purpose of all conversion of 3rd world/"ethnic" types is for, after all: to willingly roll over on demand, for jeebus and all.)

** As seen in

a. answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20070608113445AAxIlxI

Quote:Why did the US steal Diego Garcia from poor islanders?

Diego Garcia, the main island of the Chagos group in the Indian Ocean. It was once a phenomenon of natural beauty and peace – a paradise. Today is one of America's biggest military bases in the world. There are more than 2,000 troops, 2 bomber runways, 30 warships, and a satellite spy station

Update : "kill them all, take their land and then go there for vacation"

Best Answer Asker's Choice

David M answered 7 years ago

It was a gift from the British to the U.S.A. One of many reasons why people around the world hate us and Europe and we wonder why.

Edit: Those of you who answered already are wrong . Read this excerpt: The displaced inhabitants and their advocates have claimed that their right of occupation was violated by the British Foreign Office, accused of orchestrating the depopulation so that the island could be used as a U.S. military base. The British government has generally denied any wrongdoing, and disputes the emigrants' right to be repatriated. However, England’s own most powerful source of justice, the British High Court, has declared the Chagos people were victims of a crime on humanity and should be allowed to return home. This ruling has not been honored, so the islanders continue to lead a difficult life of poverty.


b. answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20120127023415AAKHrB4

Why I do not see many Brits worried about self-determination of the inhabitants of Diego Garcia Island?

Quote:Also to further this ugly stain, the UK proposed that the BIOT become a "marine reserve" with the aim of preventing the former inhabitants from returning to their lands.

[color="#FF0000"]The point of this post: some news items on the missing Malaysian Flight MH370 -[/color]

1. reuters.com/article/2014/03/14/us-malaysia-airlines-radar-exclusive-idUSBREA2D0DG20140314

Quote:Exclusive: Radar data suggests missing Malaysia plane deliberately flown way off course - sources

By Niluksi Koswanage and Siva Govindasamy

KUALA LUMPUR Fri Mar 14, 2014 6:01am EDT

[photo caption:] The Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyers USS Kidd and USS Pinckney are seen en transit in the Pacific Ocean in this U.S. Navy picture taken May 18, 2011. Kidd and Pinkney have been searching for the missing Malaysian airliner and are being re-deployed to the Strait of Malacca of Malaysia's west coast as new search areas are opened in the Indian Ocean, according to officials on March 13, 2014.

Credit: Reuters/US Navy/Seaman Apprentice Carla Ocampo/Handout

(Reuters) - Military radar data suggests a Malaysia Airlines jetliner missing for nearly a week was deliberately flown hundreds of miles off course, heightening suspicions of foul play among investigators, sources told Reuters on Friday.

Analysis of the Malaysia data suggests the plane, with 239 people on board, diverted from its intended northeast route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing and flew west instead, using airline flight corridors normally employed for routes to the Middle East and Europe, said sources familiar with investigations into the Boeing 777's disappearance.

Two sources said an unidentified aircraft that investigators believe was Flight MH370 was following a route between navigational waypoints when it was last plotted on military radar off the country's northwest coast.

This indicates that it was either being flown by the pilots or someone with knowledge of those waypoints, the sources said.

[color="#800080"](See next news item below, from Yahoo Singapore: "US military base, South Asian airports in MH370 pilot’s simulator, says paper")[/color]

The last plot on the military radar's tracking suggested the plane was flying toward India's Andaman Islands, a chain of isles between the Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal, they said.

Waypoints are geographic locations, worked out by calculating longitude and latitude, that help pilots navigate along established air corridors.

A third source familiar with the investigation said inquiries were focusing increasingly on the theory that someone who knew how to fly a plane deliberately diverted the flight.


"What we can say is we are looking at sabotage, with hijack still on the cards," said that source, a senior Malaysian police official.

All three sources declined to be identified because they were not authorized to speak to the media and due to the sensitivity of the investigation.

Officials at Malaysia's Ministry of Transport, the official point of contact for information on the investigation, did not return calls seeking comment.

Malaysian police have previously said they were investigating whether any passengers or crew had personal or psychological problems that might shed light on the mystery, along with the possibility of a hijacking, sabotage or mechanical failure.

As a result of the new evidence, the sources said, multinational search efforts were being stepped up in the Andaman Sea and also the Indian Ocean.


In one of the most baffling mysteries in modern aviation, no trace of the plane nor any sign of wreckage has been found despite a search by the navies and military aircraft of more than a dozen countries.

The last sighting of the aircraft on civilian radar screens came shortly before 1:30 a.m. Malaysian time last Saturday (1730 GMT Friday), less than an hour after it took off from Kuala Lumpur, as the plane flew northeast across the mouth of the Gulf of Thailand. That put the plane on Malaysia's east coast.

Malaysia's air force chief said on Wednesday an aircraft that could have been the missing plane was plotted on military radar at 2:15 a.m., 200 miles northwest of Penang Island off Malaysia's west coast.

This position marks the limit of Malaysia's military radar in that part of the country, a fourth source familiar with the investigation told Reuters.

When asked about the range of military radar at a news conference on Thursday, Malaysian Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said it was "a sensitive issue" that he was not going to reveal.

"Even if it doesn't extend beyond that, we can get the co-operation of the neighboring countries," he said.

The fact that the aircraft - if it was MH370 - had lost contact with air traffic control and was invisible to civilian radar suggested someone on board had turned off its communication systems, the first two sources said.

They also gave new details on the direction in which the unidentified aircraft was heading - following aviation corridors identified on maps used by pilots as N571 and P628. These routes are taken by commercial planes flying from Southeast Asia to the Middle East or Europe and can be found in public documents issued by regional aviation authorities.

In a far more detailed description of the military radar plotting than has been publicly revealed, the first two sources said the last confirmed position of MH370 was at 35,000 feet about 90 miles off the east coast of Malaysia, heading towards Vietnam, near a navigational waypoint called "Igari". The time was 1:21 a.m..

The military track suggests it then turned sharply westwards, heading towards a waypoint called "Vampi", northeast of Indonesia's Aceh province and a navigational point used for planes following route N571 to the Middle East.

From there, the plot indicates the plane flew towards a waypoint called "Gival", south of the Thai island of Phuket, and was last plotted heading northwest towards another waypoint called "Igrex", on route P628 that would take it over the Andaman Islands and which carriers use to fly towards Europe.

The time was then 2:15 a.m. That is the same time given by the air force chief on Wednesday, who gave no information on that plane's possible direction.

The sources said Malaysia was requesting raw radar data from neighbours Thailand, Indonesia and India, which has a naval base in the Andaman Islands.

(Additional reporting by Christine Chan in Singapore. Writing by Alex Richardson: Editing by Dean Yates)

2. sg.news.yahoo.com/us-military-south-asian-airports-mh370-pilot-simulator-020501547.html

Quote:[color="#0000FF"]US military base[/color], South Asian airports in MH370 pilot’s simulator, says paper

The Malaysian Insider – Tue, Mar 18, 2014

[color="#0000FF"]Investigations into the flight simulator taken from the missing pilot's home showed a software for five practice runways, including one belonging to the United States, Berita Harian reported today.[/color]

"Among the software we checked so far is the Male International Airport in Maldives, three airports in India and Sri Lanka, [color="#0000FF"]and one belonging to the US military base in Diego Garcia[/color]. All have a runway length of 1,000 metres," a source told the Malay daily.

Police seized the flight simulator from pilot Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah's house last Saturday before reassembling it at the federal police headquarters in Bukit Aman, where experts were conducting checks.

After 10 days of searching for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, investigators have now conducting extensive background checks on the 239 people on board the plane, including the pilots, crew and passengers.

[color="#0000FF"]The US previously rejected claims that the plane could have landed at their base on the atoll in the central Indian Ocean, which is part of the British Indian Ocean Territory.[/color]

The source said investigations were being conducted by the police together with the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission to obtain any clues in the search for MH370.

Investigators are looking into the possibility that the plane could have landed at an airport where control might have been lax, or that it landed on sea, hills or an open space.

Police have opened investigation papers on March 8 into the crew and passengers as well as the ground staff who may have come into contact with the aircraft.

They searched the homes of Zaharie and co-pilot Fariq Abdul Hamid shortly after Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak announced on Saturday that the plane had been deliberately diverted off course.

[color="#0000FF"]Although he stopped short of calling it a hijacking, Najib said the fact that MH370 had turned back and headed towards the west was in line with the deliberate actions of someone on the plane.[/color]

Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar said investigations would cover all angles.

Putrajaya also appealed to the public not to make any assumptions based on police investigations.

The search and rescue mission for MH370 has entered a new phase with its areas being expanded to the Northern Corridor, covering Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan until the north of Thailand and to the Southern Corridor – from Indonesia toward the south of the Indian Ocean.

MH370, which was carrying 239 passengers and crew members, vanished from the radar about an hour into after taking off from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport en route to Beijing. – March 18, 2014.

3. au.ibtimes.com/articles/548589/20140417/mh370-conspiracy-missing.htm

Quote:MH370 Linked to U.S.-UK Conspiracy; Does Australia Participate in the Grand Plot?

By Athena Yenko | April 17, 2014 4:20 PM EST

Theories on the missing MH370 not only sparked conspiracies and cover-ups involving the Malaysian government. In a larger context, the MH370 brought into spotlight a grand intertwined plot involving the biggest and most powerful governments - the U.S. and the UK.

For years, the British government had denied claims of its permission granted for the U.S. to use Diego Garcia for CIA "activities" dubbed as "rendition" program.

But a controversial theory claimed the MH370 was taken in secrecy and being held in the place as part of a false flag attack likened to the 9/11 bombing.

As a result, the spotlight was now shifted to Diego Garcia as where CIA was allegedly running a black jail for Al-Qaeda suspects. This claim was reportedly backed-up by leaked 500-page documents from the U.S. Senate investigation on CIA's alleged kidnap and torture activities following 9/11.

[...] [color="#800080"]<paras on US' governmental torture facility in Diego Garcia. But then, US is well-*known* to have many.>[/color]

With this old issue surrounding Diego Garcia resurfacing, conspiracists insisted MH370 is one part of a grand plot which full detail and objective remains unknown.

With Australia leading the search for the missing plane, what is its involvement in the grand picture? Conspiracists claimed Australia's participation was to mislead the attention away from Diego Garcia.

Ever since Australia led the search, Prime Minister Tony Abbott had come up of announcements of promising leads that bright orange objects afloat Indian Ocean and pings. But each time search operatives came back, it had no positive results.

Dr. Kevin Barrett, an Arabist-Islamologist, one of America's best-known critics of the War on Terror, highlighted a dubious aspect with how Australia is handling the search.

Barrett is also the co-founder of the Muslim-Christian-Jewish Alliance, and author of the books Truth Jihad: My Epic Struggle Against the 9/11 Big Lie (2007) and Questioning the War on Terror: A Primer for Obama Voters (2009).

"This aircraft cannot be just lost. It cannot have just disappeared. This makes no sense. The CIA base in Alice Springs Australia knows precisely what happened to that plane. And it is interesting the Malaysian government has asked them and they are not getting any response. There is obviously a cover-up," Barret said during an interview with Iran's Press TV channel.

"It is simply unthinkable that this plane would simply turn, fly off in the wrong direction, be spotted over the Maldives Islands heading for Diego Garcia and just disappear. It is something very strange that has happened to this plane."

While Barrett sounds to me like a convert to islamania, the final observation that "this plane would simply turn, fly off in the wrong direction, be spotted over the Maldives Islands heading for Diego Garcia and just disappear" does contain verifiable facts which are specifically relevant.

A lot of suspicions have been aired, and there's also been a lot of apparent disinformation (when official mouthpieces say directly conflicting stuff - IIRC, US denied any radar readings that the plane had flown south at all - it points to disinformation by at least one party.)

Many countries - China, Malaysia, even Iran - suspect foul play by the US and that it was after citizens of their own who were onboard. The suspicions regarding some Chinese persons who were onboard were particularly intriguing, but anyone interested would already know else can google.

Foul play certainly can't be ruled out: AmeriKKKa is famous for brutal violence all while pretending to be the good guy. That last seems to be a uniquely AmeriKKKan feature: no one has developed hypocrisy to their extent. (E.g. last seen in AmeriKKKa's vindictive pursuit of Snowden for revealing that US and western governments were spying on everybody. Snowden becomes a "traitor" for following basic ethics in the public's interest, yet erstwhile Soviets who walked over were not called traitors but euphemistically dubbed "defectors" for defecting to the "good/right" AmriKKKan side.)

[color="#0000FF"]Another thing to web search on is for: Blackwater Ukraine[/color]

The artists formerly known as Blackwater, now called Academi (and tomorrow called "your friendly neighbourhood teletubbies" for all I know) - are those berserk US mercenaries working on US govt behest (yet often also affording some degree of deniability to said AmriKKKan govt). And they're supposed to have been sighted meddling in Ukraine.

AmriKKKans deny this - but then, it's what soldiers of fortune are for after all: deniability - and say that it 'must surely be' a false flag op by the Russians. Russians and Ukrainians claim that AmriKKKan govt mercenaries are pretending to be Russians and Ukrainians to create skirmishes/to set them against each other. And as Russians and Ukrainians are not such obvious incorrigible liars as AmriKKKans are, the latter seems far more likely.

4. news.asiaone.com/news/asia/missing-mh370-china-surprises-flight-search-satellite-photos-say-analysts

(Singapore news)

Quote:Missing MH370: China surprises with flight search satellite photos, say analysts


Thursday, Mar 13, 2014

BEIJING - Beijing was unusually open in revealing its satellite capabilities when it released photographs of possible debris from a missing airplane, despite taking four days to make the images public, analysts said on Thursday.


Special: The mystery of MH370

China's State Administration for Science, Technology and Industry for National Defence (SASTIND) published three pictures late Wednesday of what it said were suspected large floating objects in the South China Sea.

The images were taken on Sunday, it said, raising questions as to why it took several days for them to emerge, and whether - and if so, when - they had been passed to the Malaysian authorities co-ordinating the search.

China's space programme is military-run and normally shrouded in secrecy.

Malaysian and Vietnamese flights in the area of the photographs failed to spot anything, officials said.

[color="#0000FF"]But Morris Jones, an independent space analyst based in Australia, said Beijing's disclosure of the pictures was surprisingly open. "Satellite imagery is a strategic tool that has military applications, and nations are usually very cautious in revealing how much these satellites can do and how much they can see," he told AFP.

"I am surprised that the Chinese have openly released this image because we don't normally see images of this quality." According to SASTIND, the objects were approximately 13 by 18 metres, 14 by 19 metres and 24 by 22 metres in size.

The actual images "were probably of a much higher quality than the images they released to the media", Jones said.

Authorities released them "to provide enough information to show something, but the image is degraded to hide the true capabilities of the actual satellite." While China's abilities in space remain decades behind the US, it has made rapid technological leaps and aims to launch an independent space station by 2020, eventually sending a man to the moon.[/color]

It has deployed 10 satellites in the search for MH370, Premier Li Keqiang said Thursday.

At least the US isn't the only one with adept satellites capable of spying in high detail.

US has made itself into the sole superpower and is deliberately sabotaging Russia and China from getting anywhere in any matter. IMO it's better for the rest of the world if there are 2 or more superpowers at any one time to keep each other in check. AmeriKKKan tyranny takes a very high toll on the grazing herbivore masses, after all.

Of course multiple superpowers means more likelihood of (world) wars, but one superpower means global oppression, with an increasing power-differential between the sole superpower/tyrant and the masses, with decreased chances of ever throwing the yoke off.

AmeriKKKa is no better to India than China certainly. US long-distance meddling and genocide in India is not negligible (AmeriKKKan govt didn't just consciously fund NE christoterrorist "separatism" but also funds jihad in India from both Indian islamania and Pakistan/BD) and regularly kills - in magical "accidents" - or otherwise incapacitates any Indian scientists working on noteworthy matters, as frequently documented in the Rajeev2004 blog.

- rajeev2004.blogspot.com/2011/12/how-to-kill-off-nuclear-program-by.html

Quote:Thursday, December 01, 2011How to kill off a nuclear program by bumping off the scientists: remember homi bhabha?

dec 1st, 2011 CE

a strategic assassination or two does wonders.

[color="#800080"]<Radha Rajan collated examples of many Indian, Russian, Iranian nuclear scientists all magically made 'accidentally' dead - often in plane crashes - to AmriKKKa's great convenience>[/color]
Also rajeev2004.blogspot.com/2014/01/the-day-homi-bhabha-was-killed-very.html

- There was also Kerala Hindoo Narayanan working on liquid propulsion (?) who was character-assassinated by AmriKKKans and CIA's handpicked native useful idiots, who ludicrously tarred him with being an oxymoronic "Nationalist Hindoo spy for islamaniac Pakistan":


via rajeev2004.blogspot.co.uk/2014/02/quick-notes-peak-car-era-indus-drought.html

[Can also compare with current Chinese suspicions on why AmriKKKan govt may have been after certain specific Chinese persons onboard the Malaysian flight.]

AmriKKKa has issues with any other nation 1. developing anything nuclear and 2. developing any space technology and 3. developing its own hardware, OS, network, and search engines from the ground up (utterly independent of AmriKKKan products, which are open to compromise so that US can spy on and sabotage them). Wish India would do 3, for its own security.

It may be unrelated but:

IIRC, Krushchev (sp?) a Russian of the Soviet era in charge of the Russian space programme back during the day of the Venera missions stated that erstwhile US president Kennedy had offered twice to team up with the Russians for joint space missions. The first time, Kruschev was unwilling, afraid that military security may get sacrificed, and refused. But the second time Kennedy proposed it, Krushchev was planning to accept it/or indicated that he accepted it. But then Krushchev noted that Kennedy got assassinated soon after (and he himself would get replaced/moved into another department in the USSR). [BTP] May not be why Kennedy got assassinated, but still: the powers that be in the US (and I'm not talking about the transitory presidents) have been very, very insistent on being unchallenged in space. US is so greedy about this, at times it seems to want to have a monopoly here too.
<removed duplicated post>
US caught spying on Germany. Again. Apparently, relations between the two have gone from bad to worse over this.

Now a German double agent's been found out. (Probably just the tip of the ice-berg. Time for Germany to shake its closet and see what/who else falls out. Probably much of the BND, I shouldn't wonder... [BND=German equivalent to MI6])

But nice to know that Indians highly placed in India aren't the only ones that AmriKKKa can hire to work for them instead of their own country. (Though treacherous Indians' going rate is probably much lower plus more of modern Indians may be prone to work for AmriKKKa to betray their country and sink their countrymen.)

1. globalpost.com/dispatch/news/afp/140706/german-ministers-urge-swift-answers-us-double-agent-reports

Quote:Agence France-Presse

July 7, 2014

German ministers urge swift answers to US double-agent reports

German ministers on Sunday called for a swift response from the US to allegations of spying by a suspected double agent, which have raised fears of fresh tensions between the two allies.

"If reports are correct, we are not talking here about small potatoes," Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said in a tweet, following reports of US spying that have sparked anger in Germany after revelations the NSA allegedly tapped Chancellor Angela Merkel's phone.

The US ambassador, who was called to a meeting at the foreign ministry late on Friday, had been told Washington is expected to shed light on the reports "as quickly as possible," he added.

Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere in pre-released experts from Monday's Bild newspaper called for a "quick and clear" statement by the US on the allegations.

The 31-year-old employee of the German foreign intelligence agency known as the BND arrested last week had been working for the CIA for around two years, local media reported Sunday.

"All signs indicate that he was acting for the Americans," the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung (FAS) Sunday newspaper quoted an unnamed senior official at Germany's foreign intelligence service as saying.

The weekly Bild am Sonntag newspaper, citing information from security authorities, also said the man had worked for the CIA and handed over secret documents as recently as July 1.

Germany's federal prosecutor general confirmed a man was arrested last Wednesday on suspicion of acting for a foreign intelligence service, but did not specify which one.

Both newspapers said the suspect had passed on two documents about a parliamentary panel established earlier this year to investigate NSA surveillance after revelations by fugitive former intelligence contractor Edward Snowden.

German authorities were alerted to the suspect when he sent an email with attached files at the end of May to the Russian consulate offering to supply information, reports said.

President Joachim Gauck said in excepts from an ZDF public TV also released early that, should the suspicions about the US be confirmed, "then it probably really has to be said, now it's enough".

Bild am Sonntag reported the suspect had confessed to handing more than 200 documents to the Americans over the course of two years for which he was paid 25,000 euros ($34,000), during questioning by authorities.

Germans were outraged by revelations last year that the NSA had allegedly eavesdropped on Merkel's conversations, as well as wider US surveillance of Internet and phone communications.

The revelations strained ties between Washington and Germany, a key European ally, which both countries' leaders have been at pains to repair.


2. independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/suspected-spy-arrested-in-germany-for-passing-us-information-on-nsa-inquiry-9586360.html

Quote:'Double agent' arrested in Germany for passing information on NSA inquiry to the US

The incident has provoked outrage in Germany after the Snowden leaks

Lizzie Dearden Saturday 05 July 2014

An alleged spy has been arrested in Germany accused of passing the US information from a committee looking into NSA activities.

It has heightened diplomatic tensions between the two countries following allegations in the Edward Snowden leaks that the US electronic spy agency tapped Angela Merkel’s phone along with wider surveillance of German citizens.

The German government has not denied reports by Der Spiegel and the Sueddeutsche Zeitung that the suspected spy was a double agent and worked for Germany's foreign intelligence service, the BND.

The newspapers said the man allegedly passed the US information about a German parliamentary committee’s investigation into the NSA’s activities.

He claimed to have worked with US intelligence since 2012, they reported.

A spokesman for the German government, Steffen Seibert, told reporters that the Chancellor and members of the parliamentary panel had been informed of the arrest.

[img caption:] German Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Obama outside the G20 summit Federal prosecutors confirmed a 31-year-old German man was arrested on Wednesday on suspicion of spying for foreign intelligence services.

They did not identify the suspect or say which agency he was suspected of working with.

Germany summoned the US ambassador in Berlin on Friday.

A statement from the foreign ministry said John B. Emerson was called in “in connection with an investigation by the federal prosecutor” and “was asked to help in the swift clarification” of the case.

The latest allegations of spying by the US, Germany’s supposed ally, have provoked outrage across the country, where memories of espionage by the Stasi secret police are still fresh for some residents.

Martina Renner, a member of the opposition Left Party on the NSA inquiry panel, said the case indicated that anyone who examined Snowden's revelations in detail was subject to scrutiny by US intelligence agencies.

“If the media reports are confirmed then there can't just be a legal response, there also has to be a political response,” she said.

Her panel heard testimony on Thursday from two former NSA employees, Thomas Drake and William Binney.

In his testimony, Mr Drake claimed that cooperation between the NSA and Germany's BND greatly increased after the 9/11 terror attacks in the United States.

He described the German spy agency as an “appendage” of the NSA.

Mr Seibert claimed Merkel discussed “foreign policy matters” in a telephone conversation with President Barack Obama on Thursday.

He said the conversation focused on Ukraine but would not say whether the arrest was also discussed.

Thomas Opperman, secretary of the Social Democratic Party group, said: “If the espionage allegations are proved, it is an outrageous attack on our parliamentary freedom.

“There is no justification for any power or country to enlist intelligence agents to spy on parliament.”

Katrin Göring-Eckardt, leader of Germany’s Green Party, told Spiegel Online: “All co-operation between German security services and allied agencies need to be reviewed.

“Should the suspected intelligence service spying on the parliamentary investigative committee be proved, it will be a huge fiasco for the BND and the government.”

The US National Security Council declined to comment.

Additional reporting by AP

Read more:

• 'US spies tapped Angela Merkel's phone for years'

• NSA 'in bed' with German intelligence

• Outrage in Spain as allegations emerge NSA tapped 60m calls

3. News from a few days back:



NSA Scandal

New leaks show Germany's collusion with NSA

Several new Snowden-leaked documents show how closely Germany's intelligence agencies work with the NSA. But did the German government deliberately soften laws protecting privacy to make life easier for them?




Germany NSA's main target, claims ex-staffer

Germany became the NSA's "number one" spying zone after the 2001 attacks by al Qaeda on New York, says a former NSA staffer. Thomas Drake told the news magazine Spiegel that the US saw it could no longer rely on Germany.

4. And news from the end of last year, when AmriKKKan spying on Germany (incl. notably even the German govt) first came to light:


In an angry exchange with Barack Obama, Angela Merkel has compared the snooping practices of the US with those of the Stasi, the ubiquitous and all-powerful secret ...

(IIRC the Stasi-s were the former (soviet-aligned, communist) E-Germany's Secret Police. They liked to spy on *everybody* in E Germany. To prevent defections into W-Germany, etc. <- You know, typical commie population-control tactics.)


Merkel: Relations with U.S. 'severely shaken' over spying ...


German Chancellor Angela Merkel said the U.S. must act to rebuild trust with her and other nations following claims of U.S. spying on her and others.

Angela Merkel denied access to her NSA file | World news ...


The US government is refusing to grant Angela Merkel access to her NSA file or answer formal questions from Germany about its surveillance activities, raising the ...

How Much did Merkel Know about NSA Spying in Germany ...


While the Chancellery appears to be outraged by the NSA's spying tactics in Germany, the opposition doubts the revelations came as a surprise to Angela Merkel. Just ...

Cover Story: How NSA Spied on Merkel Cell Phone from ...


According to SPIEGEL research, United States intelligence agencies have not only targeted Chancellor Angela Merkel's cellphone, but they have also used the American ...

When AmriKKKa spies even on its "allies" - and refuse Merkel access to her NSA file or answer questions about US spying on Germany - is it any wonder that the US would do far more than merely spying - such as outright meddling - in the countries and against the populations it hates (like heathen India).

And in happier news:


(Popular among ex-christians who've de-converted to atheism. FSM = Flying Spaghetti Monster.)
No real surprises. Not even the fact that the US - which clearly had a hand (brain) in this - made Ukraine into the "sole" actor now that unfavourable news is slowly coming to light.

Aka deniability: "Ukraine acted on its own, without US knowledge, support, permission or other involvement." (And Ukraine will try to avoid implicating others in their circle, as it mortgaged itself to the west/US and is in deep debt. So - like with mafia small fry who've been caught - Ukraine's not likely to be naming higher ups let alone the godfather behind the crime.)

I wonder if this has pushed back the schedule of the western intentions to turn Belarus into the next Ukraine fiasco (i.e. create civil war in Belarus next, as the first step to make that nation sever its natural ties with Russia)? I mean, the Swedes air-dropping into Belarus masses of teddy bears advertising for the need of "democracy" in the pro-Russian ethnically-Russian nation was hardly some stunt by independent actors. And not treated as one either: IIRC Belarus told the Swedish Ambassador to hie itself home, and recalled their own ambassador to Sweden.


Quote:Malaysia Airlines MH17 Shot Down by Ukrainian Jet Fighter to Assassinate Russian Leader Vladimir Putin - Reports

By Erik Pineda | December 7, 2014 2:10 PM EST

The ill-fated Malaysia Airlines MH17 was accidentally shot down July this year by the Ukrainian air force and the tragedy according to new reports was the direct result of Kiev's failed bid to assassinate Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Flight MH17 exploded mid-air and crashed July 17 in a region controlled by pro-Moscow Ukrainian separatist rebels. All 298 passengers and crews, including 38 Australians, perished.

The aviation disaster was suspected caused by a surface-to-air missile fired from the rebels' side that mistook the commercial aircraft for a Ukrainian military plane, which the separatists have vehemently denied.

Also, Kremlin has long maintained that Kiev is to be blamed for the attack.

Ukraine plotted to kill Putin

And in what appears as fresh claims that Kiev has blood on its hands for the numerous civilian deaths, reports from Russia are saying that the Ukraine attacked MH17 by mistake trying to eliminate Putin.

The information came from Russia's television program Moment of Truth and the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper, which the UK-based Daily Mail noted are known as Kremlin-friendly media outlets.

The reports have stated that the Ukrainian air force Su-25 jet fighter was tasked to shot down Putin's official aircraft Plane Number One. Unfortunately, Plane Number One's Ilyushin build, which was reportedly scheduled to fly over the rebel-controlled area on the day of the attack, had an identical silhouette with the Boeing plane that was used in Flight MH17.

The military jet ended up downing the Malaysia Airlines flight instead. Evidences presented by the Russian media reports suggested too that combination of 30mm canon shots from the Su-25 and an anti-aircraft missile that was launched from the ground as the weapons used on the doomed plane.

"Pieces of 30mm rounds were found in the bodies of the (MH17) pilots," said the Daily Mail on its report, somehow indicating that the Su-25 pilot first targeted the commercial plane's cockpit area that was then followed by the missile that blew the aircraft into pieces.

Elaborate conspiracy

The reports identified as well a prominent figure involved in the failed assassination try on Putin. Ukrainian oligarch Ihor Kolomoyskyi was pinpointed as the brain behind the attack. Kolomoyskyi is widely regarded as a vocal critic and enemy of Putin.

The Ukrainian billionaire is said to have been tipped off that Putin's Plane Number One flight plan on July 17 2014 included a pass over on the same route that was taken by MH17.

Two more names surfaced as part of the plot - Ukrainian top-gun pilot Lt Col Dmitro Yakatsuts and air traffic controller Anna Petrenko. Yakatsuts piloted the Su-25 linked to MH17 shooting down while Petrenko, described by Daily Mail as "glamorous," was said to be in-charge of MH17 when it was flying over Ukraine.

The two have since disappeared and the last sighting of the couple was in Dubai, according to Russian media reports.

Following Putin's annexation of Crimea, tension between Russia and Ukraine remain over the former's reported incursions on the Ukrainian border and explicit support of rebels fighting for independence from Kiev.

The 3 comments there:

Quote:Dan Sheppard • 4 hours ago

It is our duty as Australians to make sure our children reach the age of their own free will and consent, to achieve having the experience of choice in their adult lives.

Our government and its participation in the US / Ukrainian lead propaganda regime of political lies, surrounding the deaths of three young Australians in the MH17 incident (among the 38 lost) is something of a concern.

This is the quintessential aspect of our adult lives, the duty of supplying our youth with safety and security, so they do not have to even contemplate the idea of death or poverty, until later on in their lives.

With supporting the anti-Russian, pro US/Ukrainian Nazism, and its plan to use civilians as a way of starting economic and political war against another that has up until recently been a stable neighbour of the European region, has shown how we have failed as Australians.

The evidence all points at the Ukraine being responsible for this incident, and it about time Australia said 'no' to the evil regime of the West, and be of truth and honour, not the unnecessary conflicts of another way of life.

Where is our democratic fundamental of our right, of whom to support in such events worldwide ?

Doom Sternz • 10 hours ago

US in Ukraine has declared war on Russia, they funded neo Nazi's in Kiev to overthrow a freely elected government and then went about blaming Russia for the destabilisation. As we know from past experience, Washington will pursue its strategy relentlessly while shrugging off public opinion, international law or the condemnation of adversaries and allies alike.

The pattern, of course, is unmistakable. It begins with sanctimonious finger-wagging, economic sanctions and incendiary rhetoric, and quickly escalates into stealth bombings, drone attacks, unlawful detention and torture, massive destruction of civilian infrastructure, millions of fleeing refugees, decimated towns and cities, death squads, wholesale human carnage, vast environmental devastation, and the steady slide into failed state anarchy; all of which is accompanied by the repetition of state propaganda spewed from every corporate bullhorn in the western media.

After all isnt this how it happened in Iraq, Libya, Afganistan, Syria etc etc etc

Doom Sternz • 10 hours ago

The U.S. taxpayer is now totally funding Ukraine's mass murder campaign to eliminate the residents in the area which overwhelmingly supported the previous Ukrainian President.

The US taxpayer is providing the funding for Dmitriy Yarosh's fascist militia's, they are providing the IMF money and now they are providing the weapons, Academi and Blackwater US mercenaries and the CIA are on the ground overseeing the genocide.

This is an all out illegal war by the US who are now openly flouting international law committing crimes against humanity with the EU/UN and NATO full support.

This is pure EVIL, lead by the Nobel peace prize laureate, Barrack Obamma.

It only ever made sense for the western side to want to down the aircraft. Nothing in it for the Russian side.

This was therefore no blunder by the pro-Russian side: no Russian gain from shooting any such plane.

It was a blunder by the western side. They stood to gain Putin's dethronement.

Anyway, many civilians dead thanks to western nations conspiring to murder 1 man they wanted dead at the price of the lives of a great many uninvolved passengers not even on US/NATO hitlist. So it's time to hang Hang HANG the countries behind the crime (and for their cover-up and for their fingerpointing others instead): Nuremberg I mean Hague tribunals for trying the war criminal nations for their war crimes.

Obama is small fry: just another American president=Mere Puppet. Get all the men behind the scenes at last. Time for them all to demonstrate how the electric chair works.


Quote:Malaysia Airlines MH17 Shot Down by Ukrainian Jet Fighter to Assassinate Russian Leader Vladimir Putin - Reports

By Erik Pineda | December 7, 2014 2:10 PM EST
Related to post 185 above.


Quote:German double agent stole list with 3,500 spy identities - report

Published time: January 14, 2015 16:16

Edited time: January 15, 2015 06:18

Get short URL

Surveillance cameras overlook the building site of the new headquarters of the Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND), Germany's Federal Intelligence Service in Berlin (Reuters / Tobias Schwarz)

CIA, Germany, Intelligence, Peter Oliver, Rory Suchet

Investigators have found a list reportedly compiled by a BND agent accused of working for the US, containing the names and aliases of 3,500 German intelligences employees, Bild newspaper reports.

The 32-year-old, identified as Markus R., an employee of Germany’s foreign intelligence agency (BND), was arrested by the country’s federal prosecutor last July on suspicion of passing on information to a CIA contact. Investigators seized the hard drive containing the list during a search on his apartment.

For months following the suspect’s arrest, security specialists had trouble cracking his laptop. The suspect reportedly communicated with his CIA handlers using a secure connection that opened up when he checked the weather in New York using a specially installed app, according to The Local.

The suspect, who had been working with the BND at Pullach, is believed to have stolen the document in 2011, according to Bild. The list contains the identities of employees working at Germen embassies across the globe, in addition to those accompanying army missions in Afghanistan, Mali, Lebanon and Sudan. BND agents stationed with troops are often tasked with identifying enemy targets and warning soldiers of possible attacks. The agency has some 6,500 employees.

(They better hope the list doesn't fall into the hands of the ISIS or AQ.)

It remains unclear if Markus R. has sold this particular document to any intelligence agency or agencies.

However, the CIA allegedly paid Markus R. $34,000 for 218 documents classified as top secret or confidential over the course of two years.

Markus R.’s summer arrest strained already tense German-American relations, following the release of documents leaked by former NSA analyst Edward Snowden which purportedly implicated the US agency in spying on top German officials, including Chancellor Angela Merkel. So far, the results of a German investigation have turned up no evidence.

Markus R. had also attempted to contact the Russian consulate in Munich, offering to sell BND documents. The email however was intercepted by Germany’s domestic intelligence service, who later used it to entrap Markus. The suspect allegedly set up contact with American intelligence agencies by sending an email to the American embassy.

Markus R seems to have been willing to betray his country to the highest bidder. I suppose Germany should be thankful that he didn't sell the list identifying 3500 German spies to ISIS or Al Qaeda before they nabbed him. Or maybe when he checked his clock app, he transmitted that info to AQ already?
Excellent article by Gautam Sen.


via rajeev2004.blogspot.com

Quote:The US strategy for world domination in the 21st century

In the coming decades and beyond, the world is likely to witness prodigious bloodshed as the US agenda of world domination continues to unfold.



Gautam Sen

The world descended into chaotic violence in the aftermath of the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1990. The outcome was in accord with textbook predictions of the likely outcome when the bi-polar Cold War freeze imposed on local issues melted. Many disputes that had been forced into cold storage by Cold War rivalry found expression and antecedent local conflicts erupted. But a much more profound and violent political churning also began. The US began to consolidate its victory in the Cold War and embarked on policies to forestall future rivals by imposing its footprint with greater vehemence. This was the Dick Cheney-Donald Rumsfeld global plan and its intellectual exponents were Zbigniew Brzezinski, Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Perle. Their view of the place of the US in the future world order was highly ambitious and without sentimentality.

Their plan was to deploy the hugely empowered US military machine, once the Soviet Union had effectively truncated its global reach, to create hard facts on the ground that would establish indefinite US global dominance. The unprecedented advantage the US always enjoyed was to impose a dollar tax on the rest of the world to pay for a significant portion of its military expenditure by forcing T-bonds on the world. This was the "exorbitant privilege" the French denounced in the 1960s. As a result, the greatest irony of the current situation is that China is paying a part of the cost of US policy to contain its rise. But US strategists continued to regard Russia as an adversary and India as problematic.

US policymakers are astutely deploying military, political and other resources in a holistic fashion. They are not merely interested in individual components of the menu of international rivalry per se, but how they affect the larger picture. As a result, they are directing their attention to the most feasible target within a likely coalition of countries against it. The foremost potential check on US global ambitions and interests is the emergence of a Sino-Russian combination. The Russians remain a significant military power due to their historic military prowess and nuclear arsenal though China is only an impending threat and still negligible as a nuclear power. The logic of a Sino-Russian rapprochement has implications for India because its significance for Russia is vastly diminished in the emerging post-war geopolitical struggle.

This is why the US reneged on implicit and explicit assurances of forbearance in Eastern Europe after the Soviets withdrew peremptorily and proceeded with an attempt to seal Russia’s fate. The main US aspiration is to create a compelling check on the still formidable nuclear capability of Russia. The US has sought to create forward Eastern European bases that give it an advantage in interdicting missiles through ABMs and also put in place a compelling threat of pre-emptive action. The purpose is to persuade Russia to give up its historic capacity to engage in nuclear deterrence with the US. The method is to raise the cost of Russia renewing its post-Cold War nuclear deterrence capability, already a burden for it by the 1960s, to a level that it cannot sustain.

The US absorption of virtually all of Eastern Europe into the NATO fold and the civil wars in Georgia and the Ukraine through subversion, in the guise of the civil unrest of Orange revolutions, were deceptively easy. But the desired outcome in Ukraine has stalled in the face of determined Russian opposition. Russia has historically possessed the intellectual wherewithal to comprehend geopolitics and unfailingly rebuffed attempts to subordinate it. Mobilising the global media to demonise Vladimir Putin in rage is standard fare, but found no traction in Russia, prompting the US to unleash an oil price war.

The Saudi monarchy, entirely retainers of the US, obliged. The idea the Saudis have allowed the oil price to slide with the aim of making US shale oil production unprofitable is simply not credible. The position of the Saudi monarchy in the ongoing turmoil of the Middle East is precarious, to say the least. The US is perfectly capable to reshuffling its nominees from the legion of Saudi princes-in-waiting and current incumbents would not dare provoke the US. The US has accepted the cost imposed on its shale oil production as the unavoidable price of pushing Vladimir Putin into a corner, in the hope of finding a malleable new Boris Yeltsin. The stakes are high and there is no free lunch.

The US intervention in the Middle East over the past two decades has been designed to remove regimes deemed unreliable and curtail the evolution of closer ties between them and China. Significantly, the first two regimes removed, of Iraq and Libya, were the principal regional suppliers of oil to China. Middle Eastern oil imports are an important area of vulnerability for China and the creation of local regimes, pretty much beholden to the US for survival, has instituted a powerful US choke hold over a vital Chinese artery. The recent Sino-Russian energy agreement is a countermove, in response to hostile US intervention in Europe and the Middle East.

The attempt to eliminate the Bashar Al Assad regime of Syria, despite Israeli doubts, since it has given little trouble to Israel and remained usefully vulnerable, comprising a minority elite, was intended to complete the circle and curb Russia’s presence. The determination of the Russians to resist has merely postponed the overthrow of Assad and his murderous entourage while imposing mass destruction on the people of Syria. But such costs, even higher in Iraq, are apparently par for the course and do not exercise Western human rights NGOs, which evidently work in conjunction with the intelligence communities of their country.

The South Asian arena is also relevant to future US global strategy, partly because its goals in the region, though not paramount overall, are achievable at relatively low cost. The US would like a much more obliging Indian government in power, which apparently seems to have occurred until the rise of Narendra Modi. There are circumstances in which India’s location and myriad human and material resources would be useful in facilitating US policy in Asia. The slightly puzzling dogged US opposition to Narendra Modi arose from doubts about his political inclinations and his attempts to curb evangelism in Gujarat during 2005. Much more importantly, he may well have also given the US grounds to worry that he was reaching out to China. Indian reconciliation with China or an understanding that instituted mutual forbearance between them would seriously undermine US policy in Asia.

LK Advani was much preferred as candidate for Indian prime minister by the US because of his willingness to accommodate their interests in the past. On one significant occasion, a huge commitment to the US proposed by LK Advani was vetoed personally by Atal Behari Vajpayee. But it is an important US asset in the BJP, close to Advani, who was the cause of Advani’s inexplicable truculence during 2012-2013. A similarly embarrassing conciliatory gesture towards the US was made by the late NSA, Brajesh Mishra, once again, repudiated by the canny Prime Minister, Atal Behari Vajpayee.

The US remains active in India because it managed to create a substantial fifth column within it over the preceding two decades, at low cost. Indian public life is now replete with US assets, whether amongst politicians, the media, NGOs. The shocking evangelical surge is a long term, ancillary aspect of US policy to create a loyal constituency in India that was proving hugely successful because of facilitation by the UPA. Neighbouring Nepal is also subject to dramatic evangelisation, a policy that seems likely to create another Nagaland in the northeast of India. However, this Nepali bridgehead against China is a doubled-edged sword that will also be a thorn on the side of India in future.

(Really need that "useful idiots" thread about christianism. There's so much material on christianism's historical "useful idiot-ness" already, and one can totally see how today's Indian christians will make even better useful idiots than those of the colonial era.)

Pakistan remains crucial to the US because its loyalty to it, outside the Afghan theatre, which has irritated the US deeply, has usually been total. It sent troops to the Middle East during the 1970s at the behest of the US to protect its allies, the Saudi monarchy and King Hussein of Jordan. Pakistan’s obsession with India and insistence on securing "defence in depth" through primacy in Afghanistan are not issues that trouble the US unduly.

In any case, Pakistan alone can secure residual US goals in Afghanistan though some awkward issues will arise with China evidently seeking access to it through Pakistan. Pakistan also represents powerful leverage over India that can be applied persuasively to restrain unwelcome Indian policies. The occasional US statement denouncing terror against India emanating from Pakistan is essentially a public relations exercise now that Pakistan has made huge efforts to prevent spill over of terror from its jurisdiction to the US and Europe. Of course some Indo-US cooperation does take place because a cooperative India is a useful counter to the rise of China. But despite their supposedly burgeoning relationship Pakistani terrorism against India is largely unaffected.

The idea that the US regards Islamic terrorism as an existential threat is somewhat exaggerated. The US and the UK have a long historic record of sponsoring Islamic radicalism against Middle Eastern regimes that exhibited excessive nationalist or pro-Soviet impulses. Some of the terror groups may have escaped their control, but Islamic terror has been a potent US instrument for imposing severe costs on adversaries and recalcitrant governments. The Chechen revolt was sponsored by the US and radical South Asian Islam, used persistently against India since the late 1970s, was partly designed to discipline India after its interference in East Pakistan in 1971.

It had prompted Henry Kissinger to make dire personal threats to Indira Gandhi and the episode of the Emergency was a carefully laid trap for her, ultimately leading to her assassination. US involvement in the Khalistan revolt is well known and Khalistanis remain active abroad, under the supervision of US and UK intelligence agencies. (More useful idiots. Sikhism was harnessed well by the Brits and now again by the west. Guess there's been no introspection as to what has made that possible.) The recent upsurge of Islamic radicalism in China’s Xingjian province, in particular, arouses suspicion of US involvement too. (Certainly, "international" i.e. western media's moral support of islamism in China - bringing in "freedom of religion" whining in China vs the "war on terror" approach that the west uses on the same subject elsewhere - does lend considerable credence to that suspicion.) It may even be surmised that some episodes of Islamic terrorism internationally have been orchestrated deliberately to legitimate US intervention abroad.

It was the USSR that blocked the progression of the US to global imperial pre-eminence that the end of WWII might have enabled. The society and nation created by Joseph Stalin experienced the most cataclysmic conflict in recorded history to emerge triumphant and still capable of thwarting US imperial ambition. By 1990 that effort proved impossible to sustain and the US finally emerged the victor in a Cold War, fought more by deterrence than direct military engagement. The US is now making a historic attempt to consolidate its place in the world, in a reminder of Rome after 27BC.

China could potentially resist the inexorable rise of the US, but it remains insubstantial militarily compared to the US. And China’s economy is vulnerable to acute shocks that could induce the kind of political disintegration that frequently bedevilled its autocratic rulers in the past. There is also rapid religious conversion in China that predicts it will become the largest Christian country by 2030. Yet, the US may come to an understanding with China once it has created insurmountable obstacles to its unchecked build up in Asia. And China’s politically vulnerable rulers may acquiesce to condominium rather than countenance destructive conflict from which it cannot hope to emerge other than gravely damaged. The losers will be Asian countries obliged to adjust to the caprices of Sino-American condominium.

In the coming decades and beyond, the world is likely to witness prodigious bloodshed as the US agenda of world domination continues to unfold. The last decade has confirmed that the human and material cost will be deemed irrelevant. The pretensions of the post-war UN system, various twentieth century accords on human rights and treatment of POWs have already proved unequal to the task of restraining the worst. The world’s media has been mobilised to rationalise the most egregious violations of human rights since the Nazi death camps. Ask Iraqis, Syrians and the truly hapless people of the Congo of their experience of twentieth century human affairs.

Yet, the US itself may encounter its Teutoburg Forest, most probably at the hands of the nation which produced Suvorov and Zhukov. For India, the quality of its intellectual and emotional resources and the resilience of its national leaders will be sorely tested in the bleak future looming. It seems unlikely that India will manage to mobilise the sagacity and national unity required to escape the unsparing deluge of death and destruction in prospect. On the basis of present evidence, there are few grounds for optimism that it will cope.

#Indo-China relations, #China, #Russia, #Cold War

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of DailyO.in or the India Today Group. The writers are solely responsible for any claims arising out of the contents of this article.


Gautam Sen Gautam Sen

Gautam Sen taught international political economy at the London School of Economics and Political Science for more than two decades. He is a member of the Steering Committee of the World Hindu Economic Forum and President of the World Association of Hindu Academicians. He is co-author of ‘Analyzing the Global Political Economy’, Princeton 2009.

2 of the comments shared some useful data:

Quote:Jai Ramjiki @10205713795348372

There is nothing new in what the author says. Papers released after the customary quarantine period revealed as far back as 1948 that it was US policy to be the most powerful nation in the world. Pakistan has always been a v al state what with its membership of CENTO. Readers will recall that the U2 spy aircraft shot down over Russia had started its journey from Pakistan. It was only Kruschov's statement that if any such flight occurred in future, Pakistan would be obliterated that put a halt to spying activities from that rogue nation. Readers will also recall that the US had ordered its 7th Fleet to sail towards India following Pakistan's hammering on both fronts during the 1971 Indo-Pak war. It was the signing of the Indo-Soviet Friendship Treaty that caused the 7th Fleet to turn tail. Nixon in his memoirs has in fact alluded to the real possibility of using nuclear weapons against India to stop the complete destruction of Pakistan.


[rest of that comment is apologetics for the US / a rehash of the "US and India are natural allies" canard]

Mr. B Wijeyasingha @Wijeyasingha

When the USSR collapsed a divided Germany united. Now that nation's economy is the strongest European economy. The Russian Republic emerged with half the po tion (less the Central Asian nations and Eastern Europe) and still retaining 6 million square miles. The bitter difference between the USSR and Maoist China was changed when Russia formed the CSTO (Collective Security Treaty or) and China formed the SCO (Shanghai Cooperation org) where the member nations by and large belong to both. A new and powerful alliance was formed that stretched from the China sea to Eastern Europe. The Petrodollar will collapse partly due to Fracking and partly due to the tilt to Iran and away from Saudi Arabia. While nations not using the US dollar as the international currency of exchange is highlighted by the 1/2 a trillion deal between Russia and China regarding oil. Recently from the Chinese city of Yiwu a train reached Madrid carrying 10 thousand tons of goods. This is the 1st leg of China's new silk roads. Before that the BRICS groups was formed. the new development bank's seed money of 100 billion worth of US dollars only includes 5 billion in US dollars and 50 billion in Yuan. BRICS group of nations were created to byp the US dollar. it is headquartered in Shanghai. What I have commented only touches on a mountain of news that should have been covered in order to better understand the role the US will play in the first half of the 21st century.

(The intention to bypass the USD was already covered in an article at vijayvaani in recent months. China and Russia should really work towards making America irrelevant. It may be hard in the beginning, but with concerted effort, it can be possible.)

Soon, Elst will reappear and throw his weight in (but will pretend that articles of the above nature don't exist, else the trick doesn't work, you see): "No no, Hindu nationalists, go back to sleep. The US/west is no threat."

And his crazed fandom will believe him, parrot him and passionately defend him. It takes all sorts.

News from 2016 about events that happened in 2011 (and may still be happening).

Apparently the US and its Indian stooges have been organising (Harvard/Harvard-type) university panels to study the suicide of the crypto-christian non-'dalit' "Rohit Vemula".

Anyone going to organise one on for this phenomenon?

Then again, I'll settle for an eye for an eye. Not $840,000 in "restitution", but rather the electric chair for the 4 AmriKKKans ("teenagers") who murdered not one but "countless" persons - see below - just for being of African descent.

I mean, the electric chair is legal in the US (it's their thing). So why can't these murderers be sent to it? What's the purpose of The Chair otherwise? If not to electrocute demons to their deaths?


Quote:Four white men ordered to pay $840,000 for Jim Crow-style killing of Mississippi black man

By Yanan Wang

March 1 (2016)

[photo caption:] A Hinds County Sheriff’s Department deputy directs Deryl Dedmon in a 2012 photo. (AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis, Pool)

(Scary. Looks like your typical AmriKKKan boy next door. Complete with creepy stare.)

Outings to “Jafrica” took place over the summer in 2011. The Mississippi teenagers from predominantly white Rankin County piled into cars and drove into predominantly African American Jackson. These trips were named for a portmanteau of “Jackson” and “Africa,” a nod to their specific and malicious mission: to terrorize strangers for no other reason than that they were black.

Sometimes they carried weapons; other times they operated solely with their fists. The young people targeted those who were homeless or drunk, because they would be easier to prey on and less likely to report an assault.

As U.S. District Judge Carlton Reeves would later put it, these were the “unknown victims like the John Doe at the golf course who begged for his life.” These individuals were countless.

Just one of the innocents would not remain unknown, however, thanks to surveillance footage
from a parking lot captured on the night of June 26, 2011.



But do Hindus in India know about this? Hopefully they and/or NRIs are raising awareness about it on web 2.0/social networks.

The oppressed in the US should be liberated and the invaders (European "settlers" turned into "Americans") kicked out.

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