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Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6
3 news items from HK

1. haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=15838&SKIN=B

Quote:Who told Minorities are denied reservation?

01/05/2012 00:09:28 HK

Chennai: So far we have been told that converted Christians are facing huge discrimination by the state , which denies them any form of reservation.

But very few are aware of the fact like in most of the southern states they enjoy OBC reservation . As we are aware Muslims and a section of Christians are awarded OBC reservation in Kerala , Tamilnadu give reservations to all converted Christians , a section of Muslims and CSI Christians.

According to information available from TN government, Converts to Christianity from Scheduled Castes irrespective of the generation of conversion are eligible for the purpose of reservation of seats in Educational Institutions and for seats in Public Services.

Report based on http://www.tn.gov.in/bcmbcmw/bclist.htm

2. haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=15854&SKIN=C

Quote:Why Christian MLA Selvaraj resigned? - Behind the curtain story

03/05/2012 14:14:53 Based on Janmabhumi Report

Thiruvananthapuram: It is now confirmed- the scheming designs behind the untimely resignation of the MLA from Neyyantinkara, R Selvaraj are nothing but those of the Catholic body. The confidential and clandestine meeting that was held between Chief Minister Oomen Chandy and the 5 senior Bishops of Neyyatinkara has been the sole cause of Selvaraj’s resignation. It has also been gathered that the Chief Minister has extended the promise that all who convert to the Latin Catholic community will be granted special privileges. Following this, the Catholic body gave their assurance regarding something: that Selvaraj will be made to submit his resignation, following which the resignation was indeed tendered.

A word in detail about Selvaraj: he happens to be a member of the Latin Catholic of diocese of Neyyatinkara. Various Christian communities have numerous members of the Nadar community that has witnessed large scale conversion. However, a majority of the Nadars who have converted to Latin Catholic community are not eligible for any kind of special privileges. This is because the decree passed by the government states clearly that only those who converted into Latin Catholics before 1947 are eligible for concessions. Recent times saw a spate of conversions take place from other Christian communities and Hindu Nadar communities into the Latin Catholic community. Amongst these, many were converted with forged documents with government compliance.
When members of the Nadar community do not quote their original caste while applying for ‘caste certificate’, they obtain the Latin Catholic certificate from village offices. The document that is being furnished as proof when asked for by village officers is the letter provided by Bishop of Neyyatinkara. This is taking place, when the government has issued stringent orders never to resort to any written document from any community leadership or religious body for obtaining a caste certificate. In fact many organizations including Hindu Aikya Vedi have protested against the issuing of these fake certificates.

However, in spite of obtaining the fake certificates and converting members from other divisions of Christianity into the Latin Catholic segment, they were not eligible for reservation benefits owing to the standing government orders. This led to a mini uprising of those who converted, against the Catholic body. In between, VSDP that was constituted with the aim of organizing all the divisions of Nadars gathered strength. Scores of Nadars, who had converted to Christianity joined VSDP and proclaimed their avowed support. This led to the waning of strength earlier displayed by the Latin Catholic community, which used to project the votes obtained from Nadar community for any kind of bargain.

Bargaining capacity of Latin Catholics by showcasing Nadar votes has reduced in recent years. It was in this juncture that the clandestine meeting between the Catholic body comprising of 5 Bishops and Oomen Chandy took place. The resignation of Selvaraj following the meeting and the subsequent promise extracted by them from Oomen Chandy in declaring concessions for all who have converted to Latin Catholics post 1947 stands well known all over. It has been in lieu of the promise made by Oomen Chandy that Selvaraj was made to resign, following the instructions given by the Bishops.

Following the resignation of Selvaraj, Union Minister KV Thomas had paid a visit to the Bishop house and soon followed the repeal of the law that forbade concessions for all Latin Catholic converts post 1947. The other demands put forth by the Catholic segment were the stronghold of Latin Catholic Church, with the declaration of South Kurishumala as a pilgrim centre, a medical college and casting Selvaraj as a UDF candidate. Oomen Chandy is supposed to have nodded his consent for both matters. With the aid of government machinery, the resignation of Selvaraj has added more strength to the mass conversion that is taking place from the Nadar community to the Catholic segment.

It is the village officers who are to grant caste certificate. However, the furnishing of a letter from a Latin Catholic Bishop as document for obtaining caste certificate now stands valid, thanks to our government machinery.

3. haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=15878&SKIN=C

Quote:Evangelist's call for Christian President

05/05/2012 12:47:21

Apex Church Body Favours Christian President

New Delhi, May 4 (IANS): A top Church body representing more than 13 million people across the country has appealed to all political parties to elect a Christian as the next president of India.

The National Council of Churches in India (NCCI) argued that despite Christians being the second largest minority in India, there has been no president from the community in the country till date whereas other minorities like Sikhs and Muslims have had presidents from their respective communities.

Read full report at


Other Christian Propaganda Websites have also started Campaigning for a Christian President for India

Andhra churches want Sangma for President


Appeal for Christian President


National Council of Churches in India Release: A Christian as President for Democratic-Secular India


4 of the comments, in order of direct relevance to the above topic:

Quote:Vijayalaxmi M

05/05/2012 18:21:02 Christian President

K.R.Narayanan was a Christian! So what is all the brouhaha about?


05/05/2012 23:09:31 Evangelist's call for Christian President

They already have a Super PM with authority to appoint the PM of India and who is accountable only to the vatican ,not to the people of India.Under her de-facto rule there is government supported christian proselytization. What more do they want ?

GSK Menon

07/05/2012 03:50:58 Evangelist's call for christian president

How can traitors be considered for such a post ? Those who have denounced and renounced their ancestral religion, culture, relations, community, how can they be trusted with the security of the country ? They may again convert for any inducement offered by foreigners. Who knows they may sell the country also ?

(But christians already repeatedly sold the country: to the christoPortuguese when inviting these to invade Hindu India to convert, then again to the christoBritish colonials - with praise for queen Victoria and her christogoons lording it over the nation and for making converts to jeebusism - and currently with allegiances to the global christian brotherhood in the west. Christos regularly work in smuggling rings for looting Hindu temples. Treachery is what christos DO, it comes naturally to christianism - remember what the Romans said about the christians being traitors to the core. They are always traitor to a nation that is majority-heathen and become "nationalists" - violent patriots - when the nation becomes openly christian.)


09/05/2012 21:26:50 A Retd Judge

We had a Retd 'X'ian SC Judge who declared that for him, religion is above Judiciary and Constitution even while he was in office.

So how we can assure that these people will not use the office for their ulterior motives?
That last comment just goes to show that for christoislamism, there's no such thing as secularism. Religion comes first for them, by definition. And clearly, some even admit it.

Secularism is only something expected and demanded of heathens. Only something heathens are brainwashed into. What is called "Useful idiots."
1. haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=15984&SKIN=K

India Vision Exposure -Kerala Govt. order out to supports Bishop's Certificate to get Caste Certificate

28/05/2012 12:53:44

2. haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=15953&SKIN=C

Quote:Christianity taking over Yogda Satsang

22/05/2012 23:31:55 Daily Pioneer - Ranchi

Self Realisation Fellowship,’ (SRF) Church has managed to take over the Yogda Satsang and influenced many changes in the autobiography of Swami Yogananda, founder of the organisation. Many pages of the book ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’, which is the centrepiece of his spiritual legacy, has been changed so that people do not come to know about Hindu mythology,” said Motilal Gupta, an active member of Yogda Satsang at a press meet on Saturday.

“These things have been done in a silent and deliberate manner. The pictures of Hindu God and Goddess and pantheon have been replaced. Instead the picture of Jesus Christ and Christianity is promoted in the organisation,” he said. Under the influence of Self Realisation Fellowship the daily prayer Brahmanandam (Prayer of Spritual Guru) has been stopped. Even decades’ old established tradition of hawan has been stopped, he said. He also produced evidences to show that the original picture of Swami Yogananda has been tempered in the revised edition of his book. “In the original picture the Yogi is sitting in Yogic posture with sacred threads which has been changed. Now the followers are asked to take oath on the name of Jesus Christ,” he said.

Raising questions on the utilisation of funds of the organisation, Gupta said, “In the year 2002, Swami Sadanand and Swami Shivanand sent me a letter regarding the need of washrooms for girls in Purulia. I sent two drafts of Rs one lakh for this purpose but that money was never sent to Purulia. Likewise in 2006 when I asked about the accounts of money used for construction of Noida Ashram, but I never got it.”

“Yogda had invested five crore rupees in shares and mutual funds which is apparent in the balance sheet of 2010. The ashram is being controlled by SRF. Most of the board members are American and they are controlling the ashram from there itself. The secretary of the Ashram never visited India since past 45 years,” added Gupta.

Rebuffing the allegations of Gupta, Swami Nishthanand of Yogda Ashram said, “The methodology of the Ashram is transparent. These allegations are a part of conspiracy. The Ashram is running in Jharkhand since past 95 years. Those who want to know anything can visit the Ashram and collect any kind of information anytime.”

Plus several comments at link.

This is what happens whenever people go peddling "Indian" "spirituality" in alien climes. And from accepting "converts".

It's just *waiting* to happen.
Four items from HK.

1) Christianism has grown very confident in TN. It's openly attacking Andaal (i.e. Lakshmi) and other famous Azhwars. I mean, not as cryptochristianism (e.g. hiding behind "communism") but as christianism itself.

Past time to deport all of the christianism infesting India to Pukestan once and for all.


Quote:Tamilnadu Hindus thwart attempt to denigrate revered Hindu Saints

01/07/2012 13:43:39 Courtesy: GP Srinivasan

An attempt to defame one of the most revered Vaishnava saints Thayar Sri Andal, Sri Periyalwar and the Saintly King and disciple of Sri Periyalwar Sri Vallabha Deva Pandya by Tirunelveli based Manonmaniam Sundaranar University’s Tamil Department has been thwarted by timely intervention of devout Hindus and Hindu organisations.

After intense opposition from devoted Hindus and asthikas ,to the concerned authorities the university has declared that its has withdrawn the defamatory lesson from the text book.The defamation attempt was exposed by Tamil Newspaper Dinakaran and Akhil Bharathiya Vidyarthi Parishad by bringing this matter to the public.

The controversial Novel was withdrawn following intense opposition from various quarters andr the problem was escalated,to the top most levels in the administration and the level of CM. Within 24 hour the university, issued a retraction and made an announcement in the front page of 'The Hindu' on 28th June- the official denial was published by the University.

The content of the topic a imaginary novel written by a christian Mr. Daniel Selvaraj a card carrying communist. He is also member of the Sahitya academy. The text book commitee memebers recommended this pornographic imaginary novel which defames the characters of the holiest of the holy saints for the consumption of by 65000 students an academic year enraged Hindus across the state.

(Oh look another christian who is "coincidentally" also a communist. My, how often that "coincidence" keeps repeating - so miraculous.

Actually, I think it's a much rarer thing for a communist Indian *not* to turn out to be a christian. All pointed anti-Hindu-ism is after all christoislamic or christo-conditioned, although it may cloak its own religious ideology with crypto-ism.

Plus communism like nazism/fascism is a christian spin-off anyway.)

Andal, a foster child of Vishnuchitta or Periyalwar is one of the twelve Alwars of Vaishavite tradition. Andal also known as Godhai, eventually came to be known as the consort of Vishnu. She is regarded as Goddess. Her poetic talents were extraordinary and she composed ‘Thiruppavai’ consisting of 30 hymns and Nachiar Thirumozhi in 143 stanzas. The month of ‘Margasiram’ known as ‘Margazhi’ in Tamil is the month of religious austerities and devotional singing. People of Tamilnadu rise up at dawn; go round the streets singing the bhajans of ‘Thiruppavai’ sung by Andal.

According to this novel Thayar Sri Andal was born to Sri Periyalwar through extra marital Affairs. It has also mentioned that, our Thayar was a less charactered Temple Dancer. It seems Sri Vallabha Deva Pandya the saintly king had affairs with Thayar Sri Andal. Also, they have mentioned that, the Srivilliputtur Temple tower looks like a women Breast! The Saintly King was a Sexual Abuser and had lot of illegal affairs.

(I predict angelsk-speaking progressives bearing Hindu names especially in christomedia will again drearily start lecturing the Hindoos to learn not to "ban" books containing hatespeech against their religion, as if Hindus really have an infinitude of time and energy to waste on "refuting" each insensible hate-book containing vituperative christoislamic sewage against their religion...

But freedom of speech implies freedom to lie with impunity and freedom to stupidity. So then, where's my right to freedom FROM stupidity and freedom FROM christoislamic lying? Else I will insist on Freedom Of Action as an equally inalienable "right" - all else is equal, after all - such as which the Romans enjoyed: famous bookburners, them. And not just the imperial burning of books "blaspheming" silly emperors, but more importantly of Romans burning all the christolying literature against their Gods. Note: at least people can't say *Romans* weren't civilised, when IIRC the word "civil" itself comes from Latin and was used by its speakers for self-address.)

Take home messages from this

1)Hindus in Tamilnadu are becoming more vigilant and the resugence points to the fact that no more Hindus will take such abuses as third class citizens in the state.

2)If Hindus come forward to protest and air their concerns, yes Governmental machinery will be forced to act.

3) Anti Hindu sentiments are still alive and robust within Christians and Communists , no matter whether they are in Kerala or West Bengal or Tamilnadu.

(Sigh. When will Hindus see that in India it is *christianism* that is masquerading under labels like communism and DMK-ism to hide their pointed religious affiliation and therewith keep hidden their specific reasons for attacking Hindu religion: they don't want their own religion found out and attacked or banished in response. But christians had overestimated the angelsk-speaking Hindus who were never ready for the culprit of crypto-christian terrorism to be identified as christianism to the public. That victory, too, is to the credit of the parasite that is christianism, which brainwashes Hindus into demanding that most fatal silence.

Now their numbers are greater so they are slowly doing away with the mask of cryptochristianism in the south. Personally I think Gautam Sen is not far off the mark in predicting that when christianism in the region finds itself fully ready for open assault, christians will turn the south into another northeast: where Nagaland, Tripura, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh etc have been declared "for christ" and its last heathens ethnically cleansed.

But there is one difference, neither particularly an advantage nor a disadvantage in the long run: the south is considered less "remote" than the NE - e.g. Bangalore being an "IT centre" - so christians may not dare to bludgeon the heathens in the S into conversion quite as readily as they've been doing in the NE, since there's more chance of this making it onto international news than when Hindus in the NE got regularly butchered.)

Related Link: http://anudinam.org/2012/06/26/controver...sri-andal/

As Tamizh (and Kannadiga etc) Hindoos know, AandaaL - who IIRC composed the sacred songs of the Tiruppaavai - was Vishnupatni who descended and married Mahavishnu* yet again.

* To pre-emptively avoid all lectures: As with L (e.g. see her relevant name in LS etc), aaNDaaL does not concern "all" Hindus, since she speaks particularly of the Krishna=Rama(etc)=Vishnu whom Hindus of TN and thereabouts have long seen, as some still continue to see to this day. (And who obviously cannot be confused or conflated with the very different human hero/womanizer/non-Vishnu/non-avataram Krishna/Rama of others. To each his own.)

2) Another one to do with Tirunelveli: yet again, the christian infestation in Tamizh Nadu is kidnapping heathen Hindoo infants from other parts of the country. This time kids have been stolen from Orissa, Jharkand and even Nepal (for sale overseas). No Hindu - no matter how far off they might be from Infestation Central - is safe anymore. Also note these children were STOLEN from their Hindoo parents by christian terrorists, and are NOT "orphans":


Quote:Church sponsored Child Trafficking continues unabated in Tamilnadu

27/06/2012 23:32:40

19 Odisha, Jharkhand kids rescued in Kovai



Pointing to serious gaps in the anti-human trafficking setup in the State, 19 children, hailing from Odisha and Jharkhand, were found illegally confined in an unauthorised children’s home in the district.

This has come to light barely four-days after a batch of 18 Odisha children were rescued from a church premise in Kanyakumari district.

The Social Welfare Department unearthed the racket while probing the recent incident in Kanyakumari district. “We found that the children were brought to Kanyakumari by the accused priest Claret from the Blessing Welfare Society located at Sirumugai in Coimbatore district,” said a highly-placed source.

The Coimbatore district police had alerted the Social Welfare Department about large number of Odisha children illegally held at the Blessing Welfare Society home nearly nine months. But apparently, the officials had not considered the tip-off with due seriousness even in the wake of 23 Nepal girls rescued from the Micheal Job Orphange.

Rajkumar, who was running the home, is now under judicial custody after the Kanyakumari police arrested him three days ago. “[color="#FF0000"]The children were taken from the parents[/color] by promising that they will be given quality education and other facilities. But the children were not even sent to school and [color="#FF0000"]were kept confined in a room under inhumane conditions[/color],” said Pradip K Patra, state coordinator of Integrated Child Protection Scheme (ICPS), Odisha, who is in the State to retrieve the children.

Nellai Group Homeward

The Tirunelveli Child Welfare Committee was on Wednesday ordered to take back the 18 children rescued from a church, to their native, Odisha. B Nalan of the CWC said the children left for Odisha on a train via Chennai on Wednesday.

Also read the comments at the HK link. E.g. the following which expresses some legitimate fears:


28/06/2012 21:44:38 false desert religion

Desert religions have always thrived on Child and woman trafficking and they always get away because they have money and corrupt media on their side.Where are the human rights organisations when Americans adopt few month old girls from India,Thailand and Taiwan for pushing them into the porn industry?Congress leader Arjun Singh was involved in THE TRAFFICKING OF 9 to 13 year old Nepali girls into India for pushing them into prostitution.Why is that pimp Rajdeep Sardesai and b***h Barkha Dutt silent on this?

3) haindavakeralam.com/HkPage.aspx?PAGEID=16161&SKIN=C

Quote:How the Baptists Converted Gorkha Ram Singh

09/07/2012 07:51:54 L. M. Sarma

If you thought that Christian missionaries are on the prowl only in the coastal areas and tribal belts of India, you are dead wrong. The crusading Christian missionaries have spread their tentacles from the sun swept shore of the south to the snow clad heights of the Himalayas and from the steamy jungles of the north east to the burning deserts of Rajasthan.

This is the true story of Gorkha Ram Singh who is a watchman in a housing complex in Mumbai. He was on a long leave in Nepal and returned to Mumbai only yesterday. Hanging prominently around his neck was a chain with a huge cross suspended from it. I was shocked. I have known Ram Singh to be a devout Hindu who fasted on every Ekadasi, who celebrated the Ganesh Utsav, who visited the Mahalakshmi temple every month and who very devoutly celebrated Dussera.

I first thought that Ram Singh was sporting the cross just as a fashion statement. So many Bollywood actors are doing so. I teased him about it and asked him if he was aspiring to be an actor. But he got serious. He said, “no saab, humne dharma badal daala hai:, meaning I have changed my religion.

I was simply shocked.

I asked him why he done so. With a very serious face, he told me “Saab, a few goralog from America, had opened missions in my village.And so many of my fellow gorkhas have become Christian.

On probing further he said, “Saab, since my last visit to Nepal 4 years ago, a lot of bad things started happening in my family. All of a sudden, three of my cows suddenly died, I started losing all my

chicken one after another and my wife started behaving as if she was possessed..”

“A few relations of mine and my immediate neighbour had converted around the time I last visited Nepal. One of these relations brought in a firangi pastor. The firangi pastor was accompanied by a Nepali pastor. They both told my father not to worry. They said that the misfortunes that had befallen my family was due to the evil forces I worship. I used to be a devotee of Kali and Shiva. They told me that these are incarnations of the devil and I should throw them out.”

“Initially I was unwilling to believe them. Then two more cows died. The goats I had purchased out of my hard earned savings suddenly disappeared. I suffered huge losses.. I was distraught. I didn’t know what to do”

“The pastor and my newly converted Christian neighbours visited me.They told me they would pray for my wellbeing. They also said they would give me a cow and two goats if I allowed them to hold prayers in my house. I agreed. They came to me with the cow and the goats and said that once they chanted the Christian prayers at my house, I would not lose the cow or the goats they had given me and that my wife too would get well.”

“The prayers began. The pastor and my Christian neighbours would assemble at my house and chant the Christian prayers. I too would join in, because the prayers were in my native dialect. Gradually my wife’s condition improved. The cow and the goats started yielding good milk.My stock of chicken multiplied. Impressed, they poured holy water over me. They removed the pictures of Kali and Shiva and asked me to throw them down the mountainside which I did. And now I am a Christian. I

have a picture of Christ and a cross at home”

“They gave me food grains and clothes, toys for my children and medicines for my old mother”

I questioned him further, particularly about the death of his cows,goats and chicken and about his wife’s mental health. He told me that only after the arrival of the American pastor and the conversion of his neighbours did his cows, goats and chicken had started dying. He said that his wife started behaving strangely only after visiting the mission dispensary for a fever. His had been a happy family filling around 10 bighas of land and he had had no problems before.

Isn’t it a strange coincidence that his cows started dying only after the arrival of the pastor and the conversion of his neighbour? Isn’t it rather strange that his wife started behaving strangely only after she took medicines from the mission dispensary?

(I'm pretty sure the missionary had already converted the wife, and that her acting "possessed" was part of the ruse: she was colluding with the missionary to convert her then still "Hindu" husband. It's also possible that she - perhaps along with the converted neighbours - was killing the farm animals to this end.)

From our experience we know that these are the standard dirty tricks the missionaries use to convert the poor and gullible, innocent Hindus. This is subversion of the dirtiest kind. The ultimate of Christendom is to engulf Hindu India by eating away into the Hindu population living on the coast and the land borders and gradually moving into the Hindu heartland.

Hindus, wake up. The Christian west is trying to rob you of your religion, your freedom and finally. your country,

Morons are prone to convert to moronisms.* But once they convert, they should move to Pukestan, homeland of subcontinental moronism. Nepal and Bharat are heathen territory belonging to the unsaved kafiri native religions.

* In contrast, heathens have always chosen death rather than conversion to evil moronisms. And have opted for fighting back instead of death. And have preferred winning to losing.

And always remember: if you Must die, do the world a favour and take as many of the enemies with you as possible.

4) haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=16167&SKIN=B

Quote:National Integration through Communal Segregation - Now comes 'Christian only' Apartments!

09/07/2012 23:19:06

[Image: 57571197201223196870.jpg]

There's nothing new about this.

Again: Famously-catholic entity Lara Dutta (it's not just her Scottish mother, Lara insists she's always been catholic too) already appeared in the news in the early 2000s, for moving into christian-only appartments.


Quote:Only Christian residents permitted in Mumbai apartment building

Posted January 2, 2004

Hindustan Times


IACA Note: In an act of blantant, discrimination along religious lines, a new apartment complex has opened in Mumbai where only Christian residents are permitted. Residents who are not Christian are forced to convert if they wish to reside in the complex.

Actor-producer-director Sohail Khan has Lara Dutta as his new neighbour. Lara recently shifted into her new residence at Bandra, Mumbai in the same building in which Salman Khan’s younger brother lives.

Since the building permits only Christian residents, Lara, whose mother is a Christian, got baptised before she bought the flat. And just how did Sohail, who is a Muslim and whose wife is a Punjabi, manage to buy a house in the building?

Salim Khan’s youngest son bought the flat in the name of his step-mother Helen. Since the cabaret dancer of the '60s and '70s is Christian by birth, she was eligible to own a flat in that building.

Note that at the time, Lara Dutta was interviewed by the christomedia in bollywho, asking whether she got herself baptised just to get the appartment. She answered most emphatically and with apparent indignation (not pleased with the insinuation that she might ever have been a Hindu? despite her father not having been born a christian, whatever else he's supposed to have been) that she had always been a catholic. That naturally means that she had been baptised well before. The christomedia interviewing her would have known all this, except they wanted to use the incident as a means of advertising christianism.

Well, that was in 2003 I suppose. Nowadays, they advertise more overtly for christianism.
Forgot to put this up here when I came across it.

Outlook India via haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=16192&SKIN=C

Quote:Sex, violence, corruption, insider exposes from Kerala churches - Out Look Cover Story

15/07/2012 12:11:12

“Later, I’m taken to the priest’s room for coffee. While I’m having coffee sitting on the cot, the only place in the room to sit, he comes and embraces me hard, almost suffocating me. When I struggle to escape from his clutches, he squeezes my breasts and asks me to show them to him. ‘Have you seen a man?’ Stunned, I shake my head ‘no’. In no time, he undresses himself.”

Sister Jesme in her book Amen: The Autobiography of a Nun

“The convents and nunneries are being converted into brothels. The priests have sex with the nuns at night in these convents. Because of these acts, the chastity of the priests and nuns has come under suspicion. Their love for God has shrunk...some of the clergy protect their chastity by watching pornography and reading pornographic material. They lose themselves in this habit. These books and DVDs are kept in secret places and can’t be found easily.”

Father Shibu Kalamparambil in his memoir Oru Vaidikante Hrudayamitha (The Heart of a Priest)

(Look how they have inculturated on Vaidika to turn it into christo-priestism. How did they ever manage to get away with that one in broad daylight?

Then again, indologicals call themselves "vedicists", and dabblers declare themselves "brahmanas", so Indian christianism calling its priests by Vedic titles will surely not be considered *more* offensive or get any greater response from Hindus.)

“The cry of a baby came from the bathroom of one of the inner rooms along with the sobs of a woman. We used our might to force open the bathroom door and what we saw would break anyone’s heart. A nun who had given birth to a child was pushing the head of the baby into the closet. The bathroom was filled with blood. The legs of the child, which were sticking out of the closet, were kicking for life.”

Sister Mary Chandy in her autobiography Nanma Niranjavale Swasthi (Peace to the One filled with Grace)

Read Out Look Cover story Exposing Sex, violence, corruption, insider exposes from Churches of Kerala - www.outlookindia.com/article.aspx?281624
Note there's many articles in this series at the given outlook link www.outlookindia.com/article.aspx?281624

I'm just wondering why Outlook was willing to publish this. Surely they know it can't be good for christianism's PR, though it's mainly catholicism that is getting exposed in this case? (Maybe that answered my question: maybe Outlook doesn't belong to the catholic brand of christianism and it's internal rivalry?)

Examples of how christianism is always like this. It's never and nowhere been otherwise and won't ever be otherwise.


Quote:The Vices of Nuns [9th Century]

"...female convents were [no] more successfully regulated [than monasteries], for the Council of Aix-la-Chapelle, in 836, states that in many places they were rather brothels than houses of God; and it shows how close a supervision over the spouses of Christ was thought requisite when it proceeds to direct that nunneries shall be so built as to have no dark corners in which scandals may be perpetrated out of view. The effect of these efforts may be estimated from a remark... of Erchenbald, Chancellor of Charlemagne... that the licentiousness of nuns commonly resulted in a worse crime, infanticide."

-- History of Sacerdotal Celibacy within the Christian Church by Henry Charles Lea (American Quaker historian of the Church), p. 108


Quote:Christian morality versus that of ancient Rome

Delighted to harp on the "immorality" of ancient Rome, Christian apologists ignore how things were under Christianity. Immorality was encouraged and practised by the clergy themselves:

Quote:in the Middle Ages, when the clergy were nearly all immoral and some owned brothels.

-- The Story Of Religious Controversy, by Joseph McCabe

"In the time of St. Cyprian, before the outbreak of the Decian persecution, it had been common to find clergy professing celibacy, but keeping, under various pretexts, their mistresses in their houses; and after Constantine, the complaints on this subject became loud and general. Evagrius describes with much admiration how certain monks of Palestine, by 'a life wholly excellent and divine, had so overcome their passions that they were accustomed to bathe with women.' Virgins and monks often lived together in the same house, and, with a curious audacity of hypocrisy, which is very frequently noticed, they professed to have so overcome the passions of their nature that they shared in chastity the same bed."

-- Crimes of Christianity by G W Foote & J M Wheeler, quoting historian Lecky


Quote:From the first century, "the Agapeta, were virgins who consecrated themselves to God with a vow of chastity and associated with laymen, who like themselves had taken a vow of chastity. ... It resulted in abuses and scandals. ... St. Jerome [about 400] asked indignantly, 'Why was this pest of Agapette introduced into the Church?' St. Cyprian shows that abuses of this kind developed in Africa and the East.** The Council of Ancyra, in 314, forbade virgins consecrated to God to thus live with men as sisters. This did not correct the practice entirely, for St. Jerome arraigns Syrian monks for living in cities with Christian virgins. These Agapetae are sometimes confounded with the Subintroductae, or women who lived with clerics without marriage." (202.)

[color="#800080"](Appears once more to refer to "east" within the empire and its relevant bounds: Syria, Armenia, North-Africa etc. That is, the parts that had converted earliest and most seriously to christianism.)[/color]

St. Cyprian, On the State of the Church, just before the Decian persecution (c. 250), admits: "There was no true devotion in the priests. ... That the simple were deluded, and the brethren circumverited by craft and fraud. That great numbers of the bishops ... were eager only to heap up money, to seize people's lands by treachery and fraud, and to increase their stock by exorbitant usury." (Quoted by Middleton, Free Inquiry, Int. Disc. lxvii-ix.)

"Solicitation, in canon law, is the crime of making use of the Sacrament of Penance for the purpose of drawing others into sins of lust. Numerous popes have denounced this crime vehemently, and decreed punishments for its commission ... in connection with the Confessional, during or before" (xiv, 134). "The crime of abduction was, doubtless, extremely rare among the early Christians. In the fourth century, when men grew bolder, the number of wife-captors became exceedingly numerous. To cheek this" -- a long line of Church enactments listed, down to the Council of Trent (1500's) was futile.

-- Forgery in Christianity. A Documented Record of the Foundations of the Christian Religion, by Joseph Wheless, citing the Catholic Encyclopaedia unless otherwise specified

Quote:During the reign of Pope Damasus I (366-383):

The biblical scholar and ascetic St Jerome (c342-420) warned the women of Rome that the Catholic Church, under Damasus I, was monstrously corrupt. He [color="#0000FF"]claimed that priests, monks, professional virgins all were debauched and that they engaged in "love feasts" - orgies - in churches[/color] on saints' days. Virgins "fall every day" he wrote in a letter to an aristocratic woman called Eustochium, warning her to avoid the pontiff's flock.

In another epistle, Jerome said that men became priests and deacons "so that they may see women more freely".

Jerome warned one Roman woman to never remain alone in a room with a priest. Should she find herself in such a situation, the woman was told to "plead that either her bowels or bladder needed relieving".

Christian women were not to be trusted either, according to Jerome. "Never enter the house or be in their company alone," he said.

To Jerome, the only women of virtue to be seen on the streets of Rome were not Christians but pagans.

From the mouth of Saint Jerome himself: he had to admit that the pagans were better behaved than the Christians.

See also: the section on Popes.

Of course, nothing has changed. Because it's still the same "religion" (ideology): christianism.

And one more:

Quote:[archives.weirdload.com/mmonk.html Site belongs to a de-baptised American who was abused by christian priests as a child]

"Maria Monk Reconsidered

...IN 1836, a controversial book exploded upon the scene like an artillery shell, written by a woman who had supposedly fled the revered Hotel Dieu nunnery in Montreal, Canada. It bore the title, Awful Disclosures of Maria Monk, or, The Hidden Secrets of a Nun’s Life in a Convent Exposed! The book immediately touched off an acrimonious firestorm of wild polemics with its sensational allegations. And no wonder — for [color="#0000FF"]the author, “Maria Monk”, claimed that in the many years that she had been enclosed there in the cloister of the “Black Nuns,” as the sable-clad Sisters of Charity were called, she had witnessed or been subjected to a number of horrific crimes and abuses.[/color]

...In the light of modern revelations and nunsploitation movies, 19th Century tales of immorality and crimes in Roman Catholic convents appear far less fantastic.

...Priests, Monk claimed, under the pretext that such godly men could not sin, regularly used nuns for sex in a private room reserved for “holy retreats.” On the very day she took her solemn vows, she said that she herself had been forced to have intercourse with three priests, and once again with the first for good measure. More on that later.

[color="#0000FF"]Monk said she had personally witnessed an offspring from such a union being immediately baptized after birth, nonchalantly suffocated, and tossed into a pit of lime in the basement (where there were presumably others), with acid later added to dissolve the tiny corpse. A ledger she found in the Superior’s office listed many more.[/color]

...Meanwhile in this hell on Earth, the sisters were expected to constantly spy on each other and inform the Mother Superior of any defects, disobedience, or independence in themselves or others. Yet lying to outsiders was encouraged insofar as it would further the faith — especially if it brought in wealthy new recruits."
It's gone past verbal abuse of the Gods again. Christianism is making this more frequent. (Why are Hindus not afraid?)


Quote:Outrage against converted Christian fanatic who steps on Shiva Linga

22/07/2012 23:55:56 Somiksha C Mohanta - Asansol News

Remember a year back when the honorable Supreme Court agreed on the fact that the Christians use illegal methods and indecent propaganda against Hinduism? It was our own media houses who raised deep concern over the verdict, funded by the missionaries. The missionary hypocrisy has been exposed by a hybrid breed of them, namely Laxman Johnson.

[color="#800080"][Photo caption:][/color] [color="#0000FF"]Laxman Johnson, a converted Christian steps on the diety of Hindu God Shiva[/color]

[Image: 549738_346139605465712_1069191677_n.jpg?w=620]

A young man claiming himself to be a parcel lease contractor attached to central railways has provoked Hindus by stepping on the deity of Lord Shiva in a temple. He entered a temple of Lord Shiva and kicked on the deities of him to show a message to his Hindu friends that when in the monsoon they worship Him, he kicks Him. Johnson claims himself to be “The son of Jesus”. However Hindus are calling him to be a son of the bitch, for his acts. Now who is equalizing Jesus to dog through his deeds and works? Can anyone logically blame Hindus when they call it by words?

(What? That's it??? Hindus called the christoterrorist lame names? What happened to getting even, let alone giving it back with some interest? But it's worse still: when christoterrorists have moved far beyond "freedom of action", Hindus are still hesitant about exercising "freedom of speech" forget "freedom to react".

Gah. Should have sent the christoterrorist to the hospital. And sent a message to every christoterrorist out there not to mess with your Gods. Or your Hindus.

While the Gods can defend themselves and remain forever untainted and can never extinct, the corollary--that I really shouldn't have to mention, as it is always self-evident--is that Hindus' heathenism can extinct: it is dependent on your willingness and ability to defend it, i.e. to defend your Piety to the Gods [=heathenism]. I use Piety in its original Hellenistic sense: the Romans' word for how the Hellenes regarded their Gods.

Embodiments of the Gods--like Shivalingas--are sacred. Hindus should treat it--and avenge it--as they would their family, because it is an embodiment of their family.

The minute you treat it as less--i.e. as an idol--your view is subverted.)

The Christian conversion is nothing but a hate ideology towards the Hindus. For becoming a Christian you need not practice good social habits, you can be a Christian even being antisocial the only condition is you have to hate the idolatry, hate the deities of Hindu Gods.

In every Christian conversion campaign this is the same process, the deities are al the source of the human agony. For one moment with a blind mind you will be forced to think that there is no grief in Italy, practically the restroom of the Christianity affiliated God. If that God is so generous to Indians why doesn’t he take care of the Europe first, which is debt ridden? Why the hell he needs so much publicity through hate theories?

Now Hindus are not supposed to wear bangles, they will retaliate. The media will blame the Bajrangis now and then after their retaliatory attacks on the Christian fanatics. Hindus and Hinduists are oxymoron as the media calls to detach Hindutva from Hinduism. But just think, if Hinduists are bad, who makes them bad? Before banning the RSS and BD and SRS, ban these Christian missionaries first who provoke the extremist present in every human kind.

[color="#800080"](What do they mean "every human kind"? Oh no, not the "equal-equal" of the "indignant" angelsk-speaking Hindu "defenders". Typical.)[/color]

The politicians and media must not believe in their own bullshit that everyone can easily get away after insulting Hinduism.

The Hindus are demanding stern punishment to this guy, charge him with communal provocation. Full information gathered on him can e found at


For lots of the temple thefts and murders going on, I've been more than merely suspicious that it's frequently christianism rather than islam.

When the culprits are unknown, remember: christianism and islam are both equal suspects.

But is it time yet, to start deporting all the terrorisms to Pakistan? Or must they attack your mother too before Hindus will finally say Enough?

Wait, what am I saying? The Angelsk-speaking Hindu "Defence" Team will no doubt still be in the denial phase of "we mustn't fingerpoint cryptochristianism".

Quote:Christian missionaries plaguing Tirumala – The Hindu

Posted on July 27, 2012 by IS

TIRUMALA / TIRUPATI: After lying low for some time, the problem of proselytism has reared up its ugly head once again at Tirumala, the abode of Lord Venkateswara. The issue which rocked the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthana about six years ago, has erupted again as evidenced by the fact that in a raid conducted by the TTD’s Vigilance and Security personnel on three houses in the TTD staff quarters at Tirumala late on Monday night following a tip-off, bundles of religious publications, wall-posters and such other propaganda material belonging to Christian missionaries were reportedly recovered.

The Vigilance sleuths raided the houses of [color="#FF0000"]Eswaraiah, Krishnamma and Yasodamma[/color] — all working as [color="#FF0000"]‘sweepers’[/color] in the TTD’s Health Department — acting on a tip-off alleging that they were [color="#0000FF"]engaged in ‘missionary activities’ and religious propagation in their quarters at Tirumala[/color].

[color="#800080"](All christians who invade Tirumala should get deported to TSP, including these 3 who have been found out. They will get treated as christianism deserves there.

But who knows how many more christian terrorists are operating in the Temple's region, while still concealed by their cryptochristianism?)[/color]

The trio was immediately taken into custody for interrogation in view of a blanket ban imposed by the government on any kind of religious activities other than Hindu religion at Tirumala and on propagation of other religion in and around the hill temple of Lord Venkateswara and also in the areas under its jurisdiction both on and off the Tirumala hills. Meanwhile, the Vigilance Wing reported the matter to the higher-ups in the TTD who are said to be contemplating shifting all the three staffers to Tirupati with immediate effect, pending further enquiry.

TTD slammed

Meanwhile, a BJP team led by its State official spokesperson, G. Bhanuprakash Reddy at a press meet here expressed its shock over the controversial ‘missionary activities’ flaring up again at Tirumala, hurting the psyche of thousands of devotees that throng Tirumala daily from all over India.

The BJP leaders slammed the TTD for its laxity on such a sensitive issue, especially at Tirumala, the abode of Lord Venkateshwara and urged its top-brass to go all out to end the ‘menace’ once and for all. – The Hindu, 25 July 2012 (thehindu.com/news/states/andhra-pradesh/article3679380.ece)

Note how the christian govt - having strategically appointed itself overseer of Hindu temples - keeps planting specifically cryptochristians in the temples and christoislamics on the temple board (it's another way you can tell the govt and its installed temple boards are christian and working for christianisation). The cryptochristians planted in Hindu temples aren't just there to defile the sacred Hindu Temples with their vile christoislamic presence, but also to do further christoterrorism (e.g. missionising) inside Hindu temple premises. <- Another reason why cryptochristianism ought to have been exposed.

These sorts of things are exactly why christians publicly make use of Hindu names. (They're of course baptised with christian names. And when the nation is christian, they will follow the Pope's more recent declaration for Europe - to use only christian names - at which point they will happily discard their Hindu cover names upon declaring themselves - i.e. upon declaring their religion - publicly.)

Hindus should push for a ban on all encroachment on Hindu names. Not only is all Hindoo stuff off-limits to non-Hindus, christianism doesn't allow heathen names either, making it mutual: so for arguing the christian side, Hindus can point to the early Church fathers of the joint orthodox-catholic (i.e. pre-schism) christian church screeching with venom against non-biblical names, and point to the protestant reformers like Calvin also threatening that christians may use only biblical names, and point also to the pope's recent insistence to Europe's christians that they give and use only christian names.

If Hindus got that implemented, it would be at least one tell-tale sign of cryptochristianism that will get exposed.

Then again, cryptochristianism doesn't want exposure yet (and hence won't let such a ban through): it's willing to put up with hateful heathen names - only in countries like India, of course - for a reason. (And only until such a time as the ruse is no longer necessary.) Pretending to be one of the enemy while committing sabotage is a standard war tactic: christians *are* on the warpath - their deliberate continued use of Hindu names is just one further instance of proof of that - but Hindus refuse to acknowledge even to themselves what it all really means.

Quote:MP calls for ban on tattooed preacher who 'cures' cancer by kicking people in the face

Canadian Todd Bentley launches UK tour in Croydon later this month

By Ben Ellery

PUBLISHED: 00:25 GMT, 5 August 2012 | UPDATED: 16:08 GMT, 5 August 2012

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[photo caption:] Violent: Canadian preacher Todd Bentley with a follower at one of his 'healing' shows in which he kicks people in the face, claiming it will cure them of cancer

An evangelist who kicks followers in the face, claiming his violence will cure them of cancer, is to tour Britain this month – but his proposed visit has provoked outrage and demands that he be banned from entering the country.

Tattooed preacher Todd Bentley, who as a 15-year-old was convicted of a sex attack on a boy aged seven, claims God uses him as an instrument to heal the sick, and is urging the frail to attend his shows.

The former drug user, who is Canadian but based in the United States, even laughs about his ‘healing’ techniques. In one show he treated a man claiming to be suffering from colon cancer by planting his knee hard into the victim’s stomach. The man fell to the floor in agony.

On another occasion, a man was pushed over so forcefully that he lost a tooth.

Burly Mr Bentley, 36, said in one YouTube clip: ‘And I’m thinking why is the power of God not moving? And He said, “Because you haven’t kicked that woman in the face.”

‘And there is this older lady worshipping right in front of the platform and the Holy Spirit spoke to me. The gift of faith comes on me. He said, “Kick her in the face with your biker boot.” I inched closer and I went bam! And just as my boot made contact with her nose, she fell under the power of God.’

Labour MP for Croydon North Malcolm Wicks has urged Home Secretary Theresa May to ban Mr Bentley from the UK. He told her: ‘His visit can do nothing but harm and I would be grateful for any measures you can take.’

Mr Bentley launches his tour at the 400-capacity Croydon Conference Centre in South London with three shows from August 30, before visiting Liverpool, Cwmbran and Co Armagh in September.

More...Radical clerical Abu Qatada loses bid to be freed from custody during Olympics [color="#800080"](<- other news. sounds interesting)[/color]

Dr Michael Nazir-Ali, the former Bishop of Rochester who now runs a church education charity, said: ‘I think the Home Secretary should make enquiries and see if there is any threat to public order. If the police have any indication that violence will be used against people who may be ill or vulnerable, it will be for her to decide if police should attend.’

Peter May, a prominent Christian GP who served for 25 years on the Church of England’s ruling General Synod, and has investigated spurious faith healers for more than 20 years, said: ‘I’m concerned by Todd Bentley’s methods because a physical injury on any sick person could be very serious.

'I’ve looked at the video clips on his forum and it requires significant impact for someone to lose a tooth. There may be people who are Christians who believe their health has been transformed, but I believe Todd Bentley should produce the medical evidence. I would urge people to keep away from him.’

The preacher came to prominence four years ago through his church, Fresh Fire Ministries, which launched a Christian ‘revival’ in Lakeland, Florida. The event, which attracted 400,000 people, was also on international channel God TV. Mr Bentley claims he cured viewers at home.

[photo caption:] 'Nothing, but harm': Labour MP for Croydon North Malcolm Wicks (left) has urged Home Secretary Theresa May (right) to ban Mr Bentley from the UK

Shanee Lemos, who is organising the UK tour, denied the preacher used violence. He said: ‘I’ve worked with Todd for a long time and I’ve never seen him kick someone.’

He added: ‘Even the terminally ill or people with a few days left to live are encouraged to come along and Todd will attempt to cure them.’

A Croydon Conference Centre spokesman would not be drawn on Mr Bentley’s methods. Mr Bentley said: ‘Kicking people in the face is not a practice of our ministry and I do not see this happening in the UK.’

(Not the christian "denial when the truth is already out" ploy again. See the statements highlighted in bold blue above which Bentley himself made in his video on Youtube as per this very news report: the christian preacher proudly admits to kicking people in the face.)

Next this preacher will probably try to flit on over to India. I can already see him kicking the faces of an eager mob of more than merely 400,000 faithful=gullible Indian christians. (I have no idea why an evil grin has suddenly re-appeared on my face and is threatening to linger there for some time....)

The christian terror outfits in NE India practise an American christocultism, don't they? This ... "experience" would be right up their alley, I'm sure. (Am I wrong?)

Anyway, some of the more memorable comments that are visible at the link:

Quote:The fact that the man is Canadian is rather embarrassing but not without precedence. In 1920, I believe it was; the female evangelist, Aime Sempel McPherson, from Toronto, arrived in Los Angeles with flair & histrionics. She preached her way to stardom & considerable wealth, of course, but ultimately crashed with a sex scandal. As a Canadian man who also lived in the US for a number of wonderful years (San Diego), I saw fist hand; the fervor that can exist amongst some of the conservative Christian element, stateside. I can easily picture 400,000 people showing up at a 'revival'. Frightening.

- H.(Bart) Vincelette, Vancouver, Canada., 05/8/2012 14:57

Haha, what? Thanks but no thanks Mr. Bentley, we've pretty much got the whole 'Getting kicked in the head for no good reason' thing covered over here.

- Reilly, Leicester, 05/8/2012 14:56

And that's more difficult to believe than someone coming back from the dead is it? Or turning water into wine? You christians are a law unto yourselves so why wouldn't this be true?

- James, Sidcup, 05/8/2012 14:48

No mention in the article about how Todd had an ongoing affair with his personal assistant/former nanny during his US tour! The Mail doesn't usually miss those details. But Todd 'repented' and married the nanny, abandoning his wife and children in Canada . So I guess everything is OK now?

- Simon, UK/USA, 05/8/2012 14:27

(Simon must be a typical christist: Overlooks the preacher's [convicted!] *crime* of sexually assaulting a child, and instead, pedantically fastens onto the christian preacher's "sin" of adultery. <- Only 'cause the bible has laws against adultery and nothing against rape/molestation/paedophilia. Which is why christians take the former dead-seriously, but can't be bothered about denouncing the latter.)

(My inserts in purple again)

Quote:Northeast that doesn’t exist

Saturday, 09 June 2012 19:42 pioneer

(Review of bookSmile HIGHWAY 39

Author : AutSudeep Chakravarti

[color="#FF0000"]Publisher: HarperCollins[/color] [color="#800080"](Of course)[/color]

Price : Rs 450

Even after spending three decades in the region, BB Kumar [color="#800080"](the reviewer of the book)[/color] couldn’t relate to the Northeast the book talks about

The book, Highway 39: Journeys Through a Fractured Land, a travelogue by Sudeep Chakravarti, makes for a good reading. The journey, through the National Highway 39, covers a distance of 436 km from Numaligarh in Assam via Dimapur and Kohima in Nagaland and Senapati, Imphal and Thoubal in Manipur to Moreh on the India-Burma border. The area is culturally, linguistically and ethnically rich with enormous natural beauty. The book, however, does not touch these aspects.

Chakravarti writes good English, and has command over the narratives. A work of narrative non-fiction, the book may be thoroughly enjoyed provided one knows precious little about the region, and has a colonised mindset. In my case, the burden of whatever little I know about the region and the people, thanks to 31 years of intimate contact, has become a burden and come in the way of enjoying the narrative. This is why the Northeast, which he describes, I do not know!

Chakravarti’s narrative, as the book claims, “introduces the readers to stories that chill, anger and offer uneasy reflection”. [color="#0000FF"]He, however, erroneously claims: “Highway 39 brings into focus a region long neglected and often forgotten by Mainland India.” In reality, the author has no understanding of the region, the people and the politics. It needs mention that the concepts like mainland and periphery, core-fringe conflict, hegemony and exploitation are colonial constructs.[/color] Unfortunately, the hold of such myths is strong in Nagaland and Manipur. Moreover, a region as complex as the Northeast cannot be understood within a few days or weeks.

[color="#0000FF"]The author, like many others, tends to believe the narratives of the secessionists among the Nagas and others as true and put India in dock. The author always draws adverse interpretation against the country, on the issues of time zone, Inner line, ceasefire, violent incidents, etc. He believes in such Naga, Meitei versions that every secessionist group props up to back its demands. Chakravarti accepts as truth all allegations of rape, murder and village burning. It needs mention that in my three decades of stay in Nagaland, I did not come across a single case of village burning. There is a general lack of understanding of the dynamics of violence and accommodative gesture of the Government of India in negotiations, ceasefire and financial grants.

The author visits the ‘Promised Land’, the Nagalim, and meets Thuingaleng Muivah. But he informs us nothing about Muivah’s perception of the ‘unique history of Nagaland’ — the history of the Nagas who were never the part of India and yet were ruled by not only the Ahom and Dimasa Cachari rulers of Assam, and Meitei kings of Manipur for centuries, but also by the Sinpho chiefs of Arunachal Pradesh. Muivah’s record in forcible conversion is not clean. He has not only tried to convert Hindu Noctes and Buddhist Tangsas of Tirap and Changlang districts of Arunachal Pradesh to Christianity, but also played havoc with the religious beliefs of the tribes akin to Kachins of Burma. Bertil Lintner’s book, Land of Jade, which describes the forcible conversion of the tribes in some areas of Burma, has been reportedly banned by the NSCN(IM). Muivah claims Karbi Anglong and North Cachar Hills districts to be parts of his ‘Nagalim’, yet hardly half-a-per cent of the population are Nagas.

Naga identity was fluid even when the Simon Commission visited the Naga Hills. The signatories of the memorandum admitted that they did not know the Naga tribes living outside the Naga Hills. Moreover, the Nagas lack any cultural and linguistic denominator to show intra-Naga linkages, as well as their distinctiveness from non-Naga tribes.

Lack of discriminative intelligence to distinguish facts from propaganda materials is the greatest weakness of the book. Chakravarti, for example, cites Kaka D Iralu’s book, Nagaland and India: The Blood and the Tears: “About 79,794 houses have been burnt down and also 26,5500,000 mounds of paddy rice have been burnt down by the Indian armed forces... At least, Rs960,000,000 worth of things have been lost through this fire destruction in 612 out of 852 Naga villages, approximately.” One needs to examine the figures between January 1955 and July 1957, keeping in view that Nagaland’s population even during the early 1960s was only 371,000 and most of the villages had no road communication. The book further lists 25 atrocities, giving the impression that Indian armed forces have no other job than to make girls naked and rape, to commit sodomy by unusual sex, breaking and grinding the limbs of the Nagas, etc. It needs mention that responsible and respected Nagas, such as Rev Kenrth Kerhuo, denied allegations of sexual abuse and praised the positive role of the armed forces.[/color]

[color="#800080"](I'm surprised the christians didn't throw in some "nun-rape" fictions for good measure. That's what they usually do. Oh wait. The christian ex-Naga separatists aren't catholics and don't *have* nuns. Meanwhile, their christian twins in Tripura - the christian terrorists of the NLFT - are *documented* serial-rapists of Hindu Vanavasis. Or should I say "self-documented": after all, the christian terror group even goes so far as recording its rape-fests on film and distributing these officially as porn "movies", as even BBC news admits: news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/south_asia/4190570.stm "India rebels 'making porn films'", 2005 [where females and even some males are made to take part at gunpoint, as explained])[/color]

In spite of the drawbacks, the book shall succeed in the market. There is, after all, [color="#0000FF"]a powerful lobby that promotes any and every literary work that denigrates India in the worst possible manner.[/color]

[color="#800080"](Of course. It's why Harper Collins is publishing it.)[/color]

The reviewer, editor of Dialogue, is the author of the book, Naga Identity
Capitalist church in Singapore.

[url="http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-09-03/singapore-mega-church-faithful-invest-in-malls-southeast-asia.html"]Singapore Mega-Church Faithful Invest in Malls: Southeast Asia[/url]
On how cryptochristianism is getting legalised. This is pretty bad

While the cryptochristian govt of India allows islam to infiltrate into India from the borders, the same cryptochristian govt promotes *crypochristianism* so as to similarly silently increase the numbers of *christians* in India. They're both the same thing. Except the first will get noticed by many more Indians and Hindu nationalists, even when they will more often turn a blind eye to the latter.


via bharatabharati.wordpress.com/2012/09/04/state-has-no-right-to-meddle-in-conversion-cases-says-himachal-pradesh-high-court-abraham-thomas/

(The copious interruptions in [color="#800080"]purple[/color] are by moi.)

Quote:State has no right to meddle in conversion cases: HC

Monday, 03 September 2012 13:50 Abraham Thomas | New Delhi Hits: 207

A new controversy is set to dog religious conversion and re-conversion with the Himachal Pradesh High Court ruling that changing religion is a matter of one’s personal belief and the State has no role to know whether it is a forced or free conversion.

If upheld by the Supreme Court
, this order delivered on Thursday last, can have widespread ramifications on the raging debate on conversions and pave the way for people to change their religion at will without requiring them to give prior mandatory intimation to the local District Magistrate.

(The ruling only benefits christianism, note. After all, the majority of the natives are Hindus. I.e. it's *Hindus* on the menu: open season on Hindus waiting to be cannibalised by christianism preying on them.

These are laws implemented by cryptochristianism in India. These laws therefore "look" secular, but it's only ever a one-way street. And these 'secular' looking laws only hold while the majority is Hindu.

Because there will never be such a ruling in a "Nagaland For Christ": no one there will be allowed to convert people out of christianism back to Hindu religion there. Just like the NLFT in Tripura just kept killing Hindu Swamis back when the region was still significantly Hindu. Not to mention how in Orissa christians tried to kill a Hindu Swami 8 or 9 times for his reconversion efforts, and then got lucky the last time when they operated as christian "maoists".)

Holding that the Act was contrary to the right to practice any religion and the right to privacy linked to Article 21 of the Constitution, the bench of Justices Deepak Gupta and Rajiv Sharma held on Thursday, “A person’s belief or religion is something very personal to him. The State has no right to ask a person to disclose what his personal belief is.”

(I.e. the cryptochristians in charge insist the state cover for christianism: thus promoting cryptochristianism in broad daylight. Are Justices Gupta and Sharma cryptos themselves - which is the more obvious answer, I guess - or have they merely been bought out? Actually, there's no difference.)

The decision is expected to be challenged before the Supreme Court owing to its impact on the State’s effort to curb forced conversions.

The Court was dealing with Section 4 of the Himachal Pradesh Freedom of Religion Act 2006 that required any person changing his original religion to intimate the District Magistrate of his decision a month in advance. On receiving such notice, the Magistrate would satisfy whether the conversion was by force, fraud or inducement. If the case was found to be a forced conversion, the DM was free to initiate criminal action against the accused persons.

There was even a penalty clause of up to Rs 1,000 attached in case of failure to give notice. But interestingly, if the person re-converted to his original religion, he was not required to give such notice. Finding this dichotomy unconstitutional, two NGOs — Evangelical Fellowship of India and Act Now for Harmony and Democracy (ANHAD) — had approached High Court.

(Bad plan giving christoislamism equal rights in India. That has allowed them to demand more rights: the right to convert others. The right to take Hindu temple money and divert it to subsidise trips to jerusalem for christians and hajj subsidies for muslims.

The right for christoislamic dalits to get special rights. The rights of christoislamics to have quotas, even in the armed forces.

Then when they become the majority in any area - like in Nagaland or TSP - they wipe out the natives and, if the aggressors are christians, they even assume the identity of the ethnically cleansed native victims. E.g. in Nagaland the converted sheep even call themselves Nagas and pretend to still continue Naga "culture"...

India never got independence. The Brits and Portuguese etc left, but not christoislamism. Hindus' land was partitioned for islam into TSP and BD, but christoislamism didn't leave. And unlike christoislamism, Hindus have no country of their own. <- Because christoislamism insists on being Hindus constant companion/parasite until it's throttled Hindus: christoislamism wants all free people to be submitted to jeebusjehovallah after all. Or as the christians say more euphemistically: it wants all people to "accept" christ. Preferrably willingly. Else at the point of the sword.)

Janata Party president Subramanian Swamy had opposed the petitions on the ground that conversions were anti-Hinduism as the original religion of every person in the country is Hinduism.

The court held that every human being had a right to question and change his own belief. It dismissed Swamy’s argument as being “more philosophical in nature” but at the same time held, “this change must be an act of his own conscience — an act which has come from within himself, an act uninfluenced by force, fraud, or inducement”.

(They're saying this last only for lipservice, only for the record. In practice it will be different: the courts won't investigate whether force, fraud or inducement were involved in conversions to christianism or even islamism's. They'll only investigate if some christian gets love-jihaded by islam.)

The State argued that prior notice alone could ensure if it was a forced conversion. But the Court felt, “This may open a Pandora’s box and once notice is issued, this may lead to conflicts between rival religious outfits and groups.” Only one case had been registered since the Act came into force.

The Court further reasoned, “If a person of his own volition changes his religion, there is no way that one can measure or fix the date on which he has ceased to belong to religion A and converted to religion B this has to be an ongoing process and therefore, there can be no notice of 30 days as required under the Act.”

The petitioners represented by a team of lawyers including Manoj V George of the Supreme Court said that disclosure by a convertee could endanger his life. Going a step further, the bench was of the view, “…Chances of the convertee being subjected to physical and psychological torture cannot be ruled out.” In such an event, the remedy could become more harmful than the problem.

Note how the court keeps arguing in favour of christianism: in fact, I've never seen so many convenient arguments in favour of bringing in mass christian conversion drives. Himachal Pradesh is going to be *inundated* with christians missionising people and turning them into cryptochristian zombie armies.

Am I getting things mixed up or was it not in Himachal Pradesh where conversions by force and allurement was banned before? In any case, this latest step is exclusively for the benefit of christianism, and specifically for the enterprise of missionising. Basically, they want to prevent Hindu communities from becoming aware of cryptochristianism (and its anonymous growth) in their midst and expelling them from the society of Hindus. (Native converts are told to stay in their community and continue to try and convert people from the inside. They're told not to reveal their religion even to their unconverted family members, until they feel confident to convert these or at least have these accept them, which is the first step to conversion.)

Another reason why cryptochristianism ought to have been outed for the dangerous threat that it is.

I remember the lefty Kerala Kaumudi's love jihad report - reproduced at HK - was going on about how only an X number of Hindus had been converted to christianism in parts of Kerala, while X thousands of Hindus and christians had been abducted into love jihad. (Thus ignoring the number of cryptochristian converts.) Then the christists commenting on the Kerala Kaumudi article were telling Hindus at HK: "See, the only threat is islam. Our christianism has hardly converted anybody - and the small numbers means its all voluntary besides - so you Hindus should stop saying that christian conversions are a threat!"

And the above sorts of rulings are exactly what enables christians in India to pretend the numbers involved are small.

In reality, islam=christianism. And just like the Bangladeshi islamaniacs who had infiltrated into Bodo space in Assam are now comfortably permanently settled in Assam - oh they may be in refuge camps, but it's no Hindu victory: from my understanding, the illegal islamaniacs are in refuge camps in *India* not Bangladesh. So they're quite permanently settled. And in India, islamics will stay in the camps until the ever pro-islami cryptochristian parties appear on the scene, turn them into votebanks by giving them ration rights on native Hindus' resources, and then declaring to make the infiltrators into legal citizens if only they will vote the christian KKKongress into power. Which KKKongress will then use said power to further subvert India's law and order 1. to allow more infiltration and - of course - 2. to create such rulings as above promoting christianism by legalising the increase in christianism within the Hindu host body (hey, they've even essentially legalised the islamic infiltrators by declaring they're not really infiltrators/"prove it". So why wouldn't they legalise cryptochristianism, by insisting that converts needn't declare themselves? Much better for christianism that the Hindu host doesn't know the extent of the christian parasite in India, after all.

And christianism was all secret - crypto - in Rome while it was a minority too. In fact, Constantine was a practised crypto himself, and only started revealing his ideology by degrees since that event which would later get embellished with a story about his having a vision of the "labarum".)

Two of the comments at bharatabharati.wordpress.com/2012/09/04/state-has-no-right-to-meddle-in-conversion-cases-says-himachal-pradesh-high-court-abraham-thomas/

Quote:Swamy says it is a bogus story planted by missionaries. He says he is sending a rocket to Pioneer. Just read the following twitter converstaion between Swami and Aditya

Please see



@Swamy39 State has no right to meddle in conversion cases: Himachal Pradesh HC http://www.dailypioneer.com/home/online-...es-hc.html … @kalyan97


Reply Retweet Favorite

21h Subramanian Swamy ‏@Swamy39

Quote:IS, on September 4, 2012 at 7:55 PM said:

Interesting if true. When I checked the story this morning it was posted in detail on a legal news site. But it is gone now and I didn’t bookmark it.
(Note the article is still up at the Daily Pioneer, where I retrieved it from.)

I can't work out the logic of Swamy's reasoning: now why would missionaries "plant" this story, since it reveals to Hindu audiences the increased power accorded to christianism by the Indian law to spread its disease? That is, this story may actually wake some Hindus up to how this ruling is but very thinly veiled cryptochristianism (almost public)? Where's the advantage to christianism in the missionaries making this up?

The alternative explanation is that it looks like Subramaniam Swamy is more troubled by how the above news piece - by the christist at the Pioneer - reports his argument as being dismissed, than that Swamy wants this important news to get covered and reach as wide a Hindu audience as possible.

Know your Enemies - [color="#0000FF"]Media Missionaries[/color] in India with the [color="#0000FF"]hope of harvesting 1 Billion souls[/color]

06/09/2012 08:10:25

<some christo-video - "Impact India">

I've not watched the video, but one of the comments has this to say:


09/09/2012 02:10:34 IPC 295A

rajan chinnadurai & GMTI is soon going to be taken to court for [color="#0000FF"]showing truncated indian map without jammu & kashmir & for booking him under IPC 295a for calling indians/hindus/idolators as enemies as shown in the above video.[/color]

already passed the info to subramanium swamy

In any case, no such thing as "Hindus christians bhai bhai" against islam. Even temporarily. (Anyone who believes it's possible has the makings of the perfect 'Useful Idiot' for christianism.) In reality, christianism-islam bhai bhai.
3 items of news.

Via haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=16412&SKIN=B

Mizoram is a Christian state, so ban Soccer on Sundays - Church


(Note how the christo TOI rag quotes the christist below - declaring Mizoram as a christist state - without batting an eyelid let alone a demur. They think it but natural and self-evident. Try to predict how hysterical the christo TOI would have been if someone had declared any Indian state to be Hindu, let alone further insisted on declaring Hindu festival X to be observed respectfully by all.)

Quote:Church diktat bans soccer on Sundays for Mizo youth

TNN Sep 21, 2012, 03.47AM IST

AIZAWL: Youth of Christian-dominated Mizoram are at a crossroads between passion and religion. The dilemma follows a recent appeal on a ban on playing football on Sundays by [color="#0000FF"]the Synod, the highest decision-making body of the powerful Mizoram Presbyterian Church.

A statement signed by Synod moderator Rev Thangzauva and Synod secretary "Upa" (elder) DP Biakkhuma says, "The Presbyterian Church Synod appeals to all people of Mizoram to refrain from any sporting activities on Sundays as[/color] [color="#FF0000"]Mizoram is a Christian state[/color] and Sunday is a sacred and important day for Christians." It, however, expressed happiness over the success of Mizo youth in sports. The statement added, "The church appeals to all people to respect our sacred day."

[color="#800080"](Read between the lines. The church is demanding that ALL people in Mizoram observe the christian "sabbath" - of the western church.)[/color]

Jonathan L Hnamte, a member of the Seventh Day Adventists Church, criticized the statement of the Presbyterian Church saying it clearly exposes the apathetic attitude of Mizoram's biggest church towards other Christian denominations. "Members of the Seventh Day Adventists and also some other denominations, observe Saturday as the Sabbath just like the Catholics, the Presbyterians and the Baptists observe Sunday as the holy day," said Hnamte.

[color="#800080"](Note, no Hindu presence mentioned or recognised... So much for the natives.)[/color]

He added that they had tolerated people playing football or other games near their places of worship on Sabbath, while having church service, for years. [color="#0000FF"]He said the Presbyterian Church was powerful enough to dictate terms to the state government.[/color] Accusing its leaders of acting like religious bigots, he added that issuing restrictions to the people of Mizoram revealed their arrogant attitude.

[color="#0000FF"]He said liquor was prohibited since the past 15 years as successive governments could not defy the church's "appeal" despite the state losing revenue.[/color]

So while everyone was only looking to islam, christianism has openly declared another Indian state as theirs after massively genociding and ethnically cleansing the natives.

"Nagaland for christ" (quote as recorded in Pioneer some years back), "the kingdom of god and christ in Tripura" (as recorded in BBC IIRC), and now - without any pretences - christianism declares "Mizoram is a christian state". Just like islam has done with E and W Pukestan. (Except no one bothers to notice when christianism does it. And they never treat it equally if they do finally notice.)

Both islam and christianism ethnically cleanse the natives and declare that native land (via converted populations) "is theirs". But only islam ever gets caught and outed. Now WHY is that? Even Anno 2012 the double-handed treatment is the same.

E.g. even on IF:

- Why is there a thread called islamism and none called christianism?

- Why are there a zillion threads mushrooming on islamic jihad in Assam, Bengal, blablabla. And a thread on "a timeline" of islamic terror attacks. Yet there are no threads on christian terrorism in Mizoram, Nagaland, Tripura, Arunachal Pradesh etc etc (sorry if I left out your state). Forget a thread on christianism marrying into Hindu families at a pace that even islam hasn't managed (christianism uses the stealth of "love" marriages *into* Hindu families to christianise families, instead of islam's method of kidnapping Hindu individuals). And where is there a thread of a timeline of christian attacks on Hindus and other Indic religions?

When are Hindus going to deport the christians who've taken over the NE - and terrorised the natives - to Pakistan? I'd really like to know.

All christianism - like islam - has learnt so far is: they've got away it repeatedly and can clearly continue repeating the process to keep getting away with it.

So when are Hindus going to teach them another lesson: that christianism when deported to Pakistan doesn't have such a great survival rate (forget success rate)?

I mean, when islam=christianism, don't they deserve each other? Wasn't the nation partitioned for a reason? So that the christoislamics could have TSP, which is dedicated to their non-existent mono-gawd jeebusjehovallah, while Hindus and other Dharmics back in India can be free of christoislami-communi-psecular moronisms?

2. haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=16422&SKIN=B

Quote:Catholic groups threaten to halt ‘offensive’ Bollywood film


Catholics have threatened to stop the screening of a forthcoming Hindi movie directed by Priyadarshan, “Kamaal Dhamaal Malamaal” if certain scenes with a “disresptful portrayal” of the community and its priests are not deleted, an official said here Sunday.

A delegation of representatives of Catholic groups and a priest representing the Archdiocese of Bombay met and submitted a memorandum to Central Board of Film Certification chairperson, Leela Samson, on Saturday.

Oh, so that's why Catholic Leela Samson - catholic like mum, not Jewish like dad - quit her activism in inculturating on Bharatanatyam and moved to the movie front: to orchestrate a staged coup of the Bollywho sensor board, as seen below:

3. haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=16422&SKIN=B

Quote:So called objectionable scenes removed, Victory to Catholic groups - Learn Hindu, Learn!

30/09/2012 13:18:34 HK

Mumbai: For past few weeks Catholic pressure groups were pulling strings to make sure the so called scenes which allegedly mocks a Catholic Priests get removed from a movie.

[color="#0000FF"]Following intervention by Ambika Soni, Minister of information & broadcasting scenes objectionable to Catholics in India have been removed from the Priyadarshan movie in Hindi “Kamaal Dhamaal Malamaal”.[/color][color="#800080"](Oh what a happy "coincidence": Ambika Soni is a famous inculturating cryptochristist of the catholic strain of the mindvirus.)[/color]

[color="#0000FF"]However, Catholic groups are still firm on their other two demands — removal of Censor Board chief executive officer Prajakta Thakur and nomination of a permanent Christian representative for film certification.[/color]

[color="#800080"](What? Not clamouring for Leela Samson's head anymore? Have christist groups now been informed she staged it all for them/for christianism and for this very end, so that they are now content with getting just this Prajakta Thakur booted?)[/color]

Thousands of scenes which hurts the Hindus in the country can be easily recounted by any movie watcher.In the name of freedom of expression all such non senses w ere gladly forced upon Hindus. Then and there society patted behind the back of Hindu and appreciates him for his Tolerance , which he take it as a appreciation, shamelessly .

If the same protests were organised by any self respecting Hindus – Media and Leftists should have shouted from the roof top against the ‘Fascist Tendencies’ in the society. Now no one has no concerns about the so called ‘Freedom of Expression’.

Like any fool can see: "freedom of expression" and "freedom of speech" (quite like the "freedom of religion" ruse) is a *christoislamic* right onlee, Hindus have the right to remain silent. The right to roll over and die already.

Why is the Hindu population so unwilling to send christosislamism packing from the country? When will Hindus declare bharatam a heathen country for native religionists onlee (plus Bon and Parsees and Jews who can abide, etc.) the way christians so openly declare one state in the NE after another to be "christian" and islam declares Pukestan and BD islamic?

What are Hindus afraid of? Losing their loser secularism? Either they lose it - and lose it fast - or it kills them.

Isn't it curious how India remains pedantically (moronically) "secular" all while christoislamism (and communism) keeps carving one part out of it after another for itself. Since the "secularism" mindvirus so obviously only works in favour of christianism (islam etc), guess who instituted it into the Hindu body and nation.
[url="http://www.worldmag.com/2012/10/king_s_crisis"] After a meteoric rise in the evangelical world, The King’s College president Dinesh D’Souza now faces his board’s likely questions about his relationship to a woman not his wife[/url]
Quote:D’Souza’s speech earned him a standing ovation and a long line at the book-signing table immediately afterward. Although D’Souza has been married for 20 years to his wife, Dixie, in South Carolina he was with a young woman, Denise Odie Joseph II, and introduced her to at least three people as his fiancée.

Finally, near 11 p.m., event organizer Tony Beam escorted D’Souza and Joseph to the nearby Comfort Suites. Beam noted that they checked in together and were apparently sharing a room for the night in the sold-out hotel. The next morning, around 6 a.m., Beam arrived back at the hotel and called up to D’Souza’s room. “We’ll be down in 10 minutes,” D’Souza told Beam. D’Souza and Joseph came down together, and Beam took them to the airport.

The next day another conference organizer, Alex McFarland, distressed by D’Souza’s behavior, confronted him in a telephone conversation. D’Souza admitted he shared a room with his fiancée but said “nothing happened.” When I called D’Souza, he confirmed that he was indeed engaged to Joseph, but did not explain how he could be engaged to one woman while still married to another. When asked when he had filed for divorce from his wife, Dixie, D’Souza answered, “Recently.”

According to San Diego County (Calif.) Superior Court records, D’Souza filed for divorce only on Oct. 4, the day I spoke with him. Under California law, that starts the clock on a six-month waiting period for divorce. D’Souza on Oct. 4 told me his marriage was “over,” said he “is sure Denise is the one for me,” and said he had “done nothing wrong.”

The episode is a strange twist in D’Souza’s otherwise meteoric rise in the evangelical world. He developed a reputation among evangelicals with a string of best-sellers, including The Roots of Obama’s Rage, which spawned a movie, Obama: 2016, which has now grossed more than $30 million. He broke into the Christian conference and megachurch market in 2007 with the release of a book that year, What’s So Great About Christianity.

D’Souza now receives speaking fees sometimes in excess of $10,000 from Christian groups, putting him in the top tier of Christian speakers. In 2010 he became president of The King’s College, New York City, which is supported by Campus Crusade for Christ, now called Cru. At that time he moved from California to New York, with his wife staying in California.
[url="http://www.christianpost.com/news/dinesh-dsouza-resigns-as-head-of-christian-college-amid-controversy-83538/cpf"]Dinesh D'Souza Resigns as Head of Christian College Amid Controversy [/url]
^ And breaking the commandment against infidelity. How very biblical of D'Sauce. (Hypocrisy is very biblical...)

Can't believe I missed this latest demonstration of christianism by that racist Dinace D'Souza (famous for declaring that Africans like Indians deserved colonisation). He was married to one Dixie or something first, am I right? And is now chasing after the skirt of what looks like yet another European-origin female? How typical. But good. Excellent. :rubs hands in villainous fashion: (Hey, these loser people prove my point, so of course I'm pleased.)

Poor women, of course, as I wouldn't wish D'Sauceball on anyone. But no doubt they are as on fire for christ as he is, so I suppose I don't really care that they're stuck with the likes of him.

Speaking of controversy, someone higher-up the christian hierarchy's made the News again:

1. AAP via www.sbs.com.au/news/article/1739776

Quote:Vatican scandal cited in Pope resignation

22 Feb 2013

A series of scandals within the Vatican has been cited by Italian media in the pope's resignation. (AAP)

The Pope reportedly decided to resign after reading the findings of an inquiry that revealed a web of blackmail, corruption and gay sex in the Vatican.

  • Feminists cheer Pope's farewell in Paris

    (I may not be a feminist, but I do sympathise with European-origin feminists on matters concerning their own sphere. They have very valid reasons for being resentful of how they've been treated since the dawn of the christian era.)

  • Questions on Pope's lingering influence

  • Vatican could hold early Pope vote

  • Pope may bring conclave forward: Vatican

[color="#0000FF"]Pope Benedict XVI resigned after an internal investigation informed him about a web of blackmail, corruption and gay sex in the Vatican, Italian media reports say.[/color]

Three cardinals were asked by Benedict to verify allegations of financial impropriety, cronyism and corruption exposed in the so-called VatiLeaks affair.

On December 17, 2012, they handed the pontiff two red-leather bound volumes, almost 300 pages long, containing "an exact map of the mischief and the bad fish" inside the Holy See, La Repubblica said.

"It was on that day, with those papers on his desk, that Benedict XVI took the decision he had mulled over for so long," said the centre-left newspaper. It said its article was the first of a series.

Panorama, a conservative weekly, did not speculate about the motives behind Benedict's resignation, but its story about the contents of the confidential report was broadly similar.

Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi refused to "run after fantasies and opinions" and warned reporters: "Don't expect comments or rebuttals of what is being said on this issue."

La Repubblica quoted a man described as "very close" to the authors as saying the information it contained was "all about the breach of the sixth and seven commandments" - which say "thou shalt not commit adultery" and "thou shalt not steal".

The cardinals were said to have uncovered an underground gay network, whose members organise sexual meetings in several venues in Rome and Vatican City, leaving them prone to blackmail.

The secret report also delves into suspect dealings at the Institute for Religious Works (IOR), the Vatican's bank, where a new chairman was appointed last week after a nine-month vacancy, La Repubblica said, without going into details.

The newspaper said Benedict would personally hand the confidential files to his successor, with the hope he will be "strong, young and holy" enough to take the necessary action.

The authors of the secret report will not take part in the conclave because they are over 80 years old, past the age limit for the meeting. But Panorama said they were likely to inform other cardinals about what they have uncovered.

Their findings "will condition the conclave" as it will have to elect "a pope immune to blackmail, so that he can start the clean-up operation that (Benedict) entrusted to his successor".
Intriguing final sentence: that they now need to elect a pope immune to blackmail... Are they thereby not implying the current one was vulnerable to blackmail?

2. A similar piece is at Sydney Morning Herald, but I include it here as it has one of those many famous pictures where Ratzinger looks like he's Darth Sidious. Presumably the Sydney Morning Herald journalists think the image is appropriate...?


Quote:Vatican scandal cited in Pope resignation

February 22, 2013

[Image: pope--wide-620x349.jpg]

[color="#800080"][img caption 1:][/color] Pope Benedict XVI around the time of his appointment.

Pope Benedict XVI resigned after an internal investigation informed him about a web of blackmail, corruption and gay sex in the Vatican, Italian media reports say.

Three cardinals were asked by Benedict to verify allegations of financial impropriety, cronyism and corruption exposed in the so-called VatiLeaks affair.

Quote:The cardinals were said to have uncovered an underground gay network, whose members organise sexual meetings in several venues in Rome and Vatican City.

On December 17, 2012, they handed the pontiff two red-leather bound volumes, almost 300 pages long, containing "an exact map of the mischief and the bad fish" inside the Holy See, La Repubblica said.

[color="#800080"][img caption 2:][/color] Dark times for the Vatican ... claims of a gay sex and blackmailing scandal.

"It was on that day, with those papers on his desk, that Benedict XVI took the decision he had mulled over for so long," said the centre-left newspaper. It said its article was the first of a series.

Panorama, a conservative weekly, did not speculate about the motives behind Benedict's resignation, but its story about the contents of the confidential report was broadly similar.

Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi refused to "run after fantasies and opinions" and warned reporters: "Don't expect comments or rebuttals of what is being said on this issue."

La Repubblica quoted a man described as "very close" to the authors as saying the information it contained was "all about the breach of the sixth and seven commandments" - which say "thou shalt not commit adultery" and "thou shalt not steal".

The cardinals were said to have uncovered an underground gay network, whose members organise sexual meetings in several venues in Rome and Vatican City, leaving them prone to blackmail.

The secret report also delves into suspect dealings at the Institute for Religious Works (IOR), the Vatican's bank, where a new chairman was appointed last week after a nine-month vacancy, La Repubblica said, without going into details.

The newspaper said Benedict would personally hand the confidential files to his successor, with the hope he will be "strong, young and holy" enough to take the necessary action.

The authors of the secret report will not take part in the conclave because they are over 80 years old, past the age limit for the meeting. But Panorama said they were likely to inform other cardinals about what they have uncovered.

Their findings "will condition the conclave" as it will have to elect "a pope immune to blackmail, so that he can start the clean-up operation that (Benedict) entrusted to his successor".


Speaks for itself, so No Comment.
Post 1/2

Oh this is soooo funny. It's hysterical. But I must keep a straight face until I've finished the post.

Probably everyone's heard today's news that Britain's #1 cardinal has been caught with his pants... oh that was too easy (and tacky). Let's try this again. The Vatican's got him to step down over some indiscretions with some casual boyfriends of his.

Now, as the world knows, 1. the Vatican hierarchy is full of such men who're having affairs with other men or women (not a problem) or who are assaulting children (very much a problem).

The world also knows that 2. the Vatican is fully aware about such goings-on, and who's into it, and that the Vatican only doesn't want this laundry aired in public and is happy to keep quiet about it (indeed, if the Vatican itself is not fueling this fire).

So why has this particular cardinal been asked to make like vapour all of a sudden? (<- Uh I didn't mean to sound like a gangster just now, but mob lingo is just so fitting...) Back to the question: when no one else has been disrobed/defrocked for worse crimes, why has this cardinal been singled out *since* this very Saturday - when he was still advertised in the news as a major voter in the upcoming elections for the papacy? Less than 4 days have passed since he was touted a proud voter and now he's back on the news again as stepping down for something his superiors knew he was into.

In order to understand why he's really been told to take a long walk, I think one needs to read the rest of what the news reported on Saturday:

Apparently the British Cardinal couldn't keep his mouth plastered and blabbed that priestly celibacy wasn't divinely ordained (well duh, everyone except self-delusional catholics already know that it wasn't), except his saying so just went against the rather recent invention of the directive of 'papal infallibility': that whatever the pope says is divinely ordained, because the pope himself is divinely ordained hence infallible. And although the medieval pope who came up with the celibacy rule made up the rule before the invention of the 'papal infallibility' injunction that's binding on catholics - and although that medieval pope declared that his priests should all become celibate and dump their wives and girlfriends ASAP even as IIRC said medieval pope had his own girlfriend present at the historic declaration - still, the papal infallibility rule applies, even backwards in time.

Yet, heedless to what happens to those who fall out of line, the not-all-too-bright British cardinal went on about the point and even insisted that catholics priests should in fact be allowed to marry (he qualifies the statement with "a woman", but his own preference is for men - though I'm sure women the world over are breathing a sigh of relief that he's not eyeing one of them). He then threatened that the next pope will obviously consider this very question and then bring the matter up in public. Now Ratzinger, though getting out of the ratrace (oh get it? Ratzinger and Rat Race! So witty. Quick, Nobel literature prize)... Anyway: though Ratty is getting out of the Rat Race before the end of this very month, he is like his predecessor: one of the more rigid, literal and hence "true" roman catholic popes. That's why he was the head of the Inquisition (renamed to Congregation of something...The Faith?) until he was made the pope - and to be Head Inquisitor you really need to be a hardcore catholic. Being a christian fundamentalist, he's the guy who brought back exorcisms - and was once more recently thanked by looney head exorcist for this very recognition/reinstatement/rehabilitation of exorcism, as per the news. Ratzy also worked with John Paul II to undo all the uncatholic loose attitudes instilled by the Vatican II documents of Pope Angelo Roncalli (and remember how Roncalli's remains were exhumed and moved away from where the other papal bodies are decomposing or something? <- That actually says something about what the rigid popes think of that heretic...) So Ratty undoubtedly lost his marbles when he read in the news on Friday/Saturday that the British Cardinal had essentially started prematurely celebrating the return of the lax days and blurted away his hopes for a less rigid future. So they volunteered him for suicide, I mean they asked him to step down ("or we'll fire you").

But there was yet another faux pas that the British cardinal committed, which no doubt also caused him his head - or would have, had he not already lost it for hinting darkly that catholic priests will or should be tying the knot shortly. The Cardinal said that the ordination of female catholic priests should by rights also be on the next papal menu. That is unlikely to have gone down well with Ratty or many another orthodox catholic in power either. So that's 2 crimes that warranted catholic execution. Fortunately for him, the dude only got to be tried and punished once - and as this isn't the dark ages, his head's not even going to roll and he won't get tortured and burnt like other heretics were.

The ex-cardinal also threatened that he's fine if the next Pope was from Asia or Africa, but that statement was nowhere as threatening to the Vatican as the other stuff he'd said. After all, I'm sure Asian and African christians are just as "dandy" as the European ones... And if they want gay Asian or African priests, hey, there's a whole gaggle of them too.

But not so innocuous is that there's also rapist christian priests in India/Africa/Asia, in case that's what was called for. So if Europe is wants a fresh supply of them, there's enough of that fish in the rest of the world too now, courtesy of worldwide initation into christianism.

Onto the news:

1. abc.net.au/news/2013-02-23/senior-british-catholic-says-priests-should-be-allowed-to-marry/4535700

Quote:Cardinal calls for priests to be allowed to marry

AM By Europe correspondent Philip Williams and wires

Updated Sat Feb 23, 2013 5:13pm AEDT

[img caption:] Photo: Cardinal Keith O'Brien will be part of the conclave that will elect the next pope. (Reuters, file photo)

(That was Saturday. Not any more: he's been fired since, I mean he's resigned today and won't be electing anyone to the papacy.)

Britain's most senior Roman Catholic, Cardinal Keith O'Brien, has spoken out on the issue of celibacy, saying priests should be allowed to marry and have children.

Cardinal O'Brien says the next pope will be allowed to change the current policy because the principle did not come directly from Jesus Christ.

"There was a time when priests got married, and of course we know at the present time in some branches of the church - in some branches of the Catholic Church - priests can get married," he said.

"So that is obviously not of divine origin and it could get discussed again," he said.

Cardinal O'Brien, who is the leader of the Catholic Church in Scotland, says he has been too busy too even imagine getting married.

But he says many priests struggle to cope with celibacy.

"I realise that many priests have found it very difficult to cope with celibacy as they lived out their priesthood and felt the need of a companion, of a woman, to whom they could get married and raise a family of their own," he said.

Cardinal O'Brian says the issue of women's place in the church could also be revisited.

"Previous popes have said that matter of whether or not women could be ordained priests just wasn't even to be discussed," he said.

"There were issues like this that I'm sure the next pope will consider himself, first of all, before deciding whether or not to raise these issues with the Church in general."

But he says other issues, such as abortion, euthanasia and same-sex marriage are not negotiable, as they are basic dogmatic beliefs of the Church.

The cardinal will be part of the conclave that will elect the next pope after the surprise resignation of Benedict XVI this month.

In the next few days, he will pack his bags and jet off to the Vatican where the cardinals will hold meetings and prayers ahead of the actual vote.

He said he had not yet decided who should take over leadership of the world's 1.2 billion Catholics, but suggested it could be time for a younger pontiff, possibly from the developing world.

"I would be open to a pope from anywhere if I thought it was the right man, whether it was Europe or Asia or Africa or wherever," he said.


I do want to draw attention to the hypocrisy of said Cardinal - before stupid little Indoos feel sorry for him. He's not as liberal as ya think. Like most "family first/marriage values/blabla" christians, he's a hypocrite:


Quote:O'Brien, who is due to retire next month, has been an outspoken opponent of gay rights, condemning homosexuality as immoral, opposing gay adoption, and most recently arguing that same-sex marriages would be "harmful to the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of those involved". Last year he was named "bigot of the year" by the gay rights charity Stonewall.

Turns out he's not a bigot in the strict sense - being gay himself - but he's a hypocrite. He wants all other gay people to be punished (despite their being governed by secular law, instead of christianism's virulent anti-homosexual stance and catholicism's strict injunction on celibacy for priesthood), all while he insists on having the right to gallavant with his own all-male harem. Sort of like all those many documented medieval misogynistic christian priests who frequently threatened to torture and burn women for witchcraft unless they provided said priests with sexual favours. Christianism breeds self-contrary sleaziness and violence.


Cardinal O’Brien’s views have sparked controversy

2. Advanced apologies as the next item is a bit tacky. But I didn't write it, and it's the facts and part of what looks like a news blog. Reader discretion advised, especially for those who get nauseous easily.


Quote:Cardinal Keith O’Brien’s prayers

Douglas Murray 26 February 2013

[color="#0000FF"]As the late Christopher Hitchens used to say of the most vociferous, gay-obsessed clergy: ‘I have a rule of thumb for such clerics and have never known it to fail: Set your watch and sit back, and pretty soon they will be found sprawling lustily on the floor of the men’s room.’[/color]

In Cardinal Keith O’Brien’s case it was not on the floor of the men’s room but – if the stories of several former young novices are true – in late-night prayer sessions that His Eminence brought himself low. This is allegedly the same Keith O’Brien who was the author of last year’s tumescent comparison of civil marriage equality for gays with the introduction of slavery. To revert to the moving language of legalese: in allegations stretching back thirty years, four men have so far come forward.

“Priest B” claims that after a late-night drinking session at a ‘getting to know you’ week at the Archbishop’s residence the young priest got to know an unwanted amount about his host. Cardinal Keith was meant to be counselling another young priest – “Priest C” – over personal problems but instead allegedly tried to seize the opportunity provided by ‘night prayers’ to give his own personal twist to the ‘laying on of hands’. And if anyone wonders how Cardinal Keith may could have got away with this all these years, as one of the ex-priests explains: ‘You have to understand the relationship between a bishop and a priest. At your ordination, you take a vow to be obedient to him.’ Indeed.

‘Harmful to the physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing of those involved’ was how Cardinal O’Brien recently described the prospect of two British citizens who are not members of his church marrying in a civil ceremony. How much more appropriate a description of his own career that may now be.

3. www.guardian.co.uk/world/2013/feb/23/cardinal-keith-o-brien-accused-inappropriate

"UK's top cardinal accused of 'inappropriate acts' by priests

Three priests and former priest report Cardinal Keith O'Brien to Vatican over claims stretching back 33 years"

Quick as lightening, the Vatican - desperate to ensure its own reputation is intact - has made its mouthpieces issue statements that it didn't ask the Cardinal to step down, that his own "conscience" (the little hypocrite has a conscience????) dictated this decision of his. Of course the Vatican didn't ask him to: I'm sure the Vatican just handed him the gun, locked him in a room with it and let him figure out what they want him to do with it... And he knows he's been handed his hat:


Pope did not ask Keith O'Brien to stand down, says English cardinal

Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor says no pressure was put on the former archbishop of St Andrews and Edinburgh to quit"

That's merely the Guardian relaying the defender of the Church's innocence, who was sent in to ensure the tracks don't lead back to the Vatican. However, the very day before that, the same Guardian had this to report:


Pope forces out Cardinal Keith O'Brien

Benedict forced resignation of Britain's most senior Roman Catholic in attempt to minimise the impact of allegations

But interesting - no? - that

a) *Several* priests have come forward to accuse the Cardinal of his ... indiscretions

b ) Timing of his outing and his being kicked out is very convenient and opportune, considering that

c) until this very Saturday he was still famously advertised by international news as one of the well-known distinghuished voters in the upcoming conclave to elect the next pope

d) the evidence against him - by priests - has been well-known for years apparently, yet they picked this time

So "of course" the Vatican didn't pressure their little buddy to conveniently take a turn towards the exit *now*...

Yet other news insisted the Vatican did pressure him to bow out Now Now Now. However, this next news item does offer up a new and unique excuse/reason for a change: he wasn't kicked out because of his revolutionary statements on Saturday about clergy having the right to marry etc etc, but apparently because the media wanted to out the hypocrite at a crucial time: on his 75th anniversary (and yet did it before anyway).


Quote:Cardinal O'Brien gay sex scandal: this was a hit job that succeeded beyond the plotters' wildest dreams

By Damian Thompson Religion Last updated: February 26th, 2013

The Cardinal Keith O'Brien Downfall video had been ready to run for ages. The story of three priests and one ex-priest complaining of inappropriate behaviour was timed to break when the Scottish prelate retired at 75 next month. The aim was to expose his alleged hypocrisy.



Quote:UK cardinal quits after conduct charges

The priests complained to the Vatican about behaviour towards them going back about 30 years, according to the report. Cardinal O'Brien said: "I thank Pope Benedict ... I wish him a long and happy retirement. I also ask God's blessing on my brother[...]
Post 2/2

4. And now I find it stops being funny and gets downright disgusting.

Little rat was a close friend of serial paedophile-rapist BBC's own Jimmy Saville:


Quote:[image caption:] Jimmy Savile with Cardinal O’Brien in 2007 (Picture: Paul McSherry)

Cardinal Keith O’Brien, who is accused of inappropriate behaviour towards priests, was a close friend of disgraced TV presenter Jimmy Savile, it has emerged.

Britain’s most senior Roman Catholic cleric was forced to resign yesterday following the emergence of the historic abuse allegations.

The cardinal, who has been a vocal opponent of lesbian and gay equality, worked closely together with Savile on a number of fundraising projects.

He paid tribute to his ‘friend’ Savile following his death in October, before the former Top of the Pops presenter was unmasked as one of the UK’s most prolific known sexual predators.

‘My friendship with Jimmy Savile developed over many years since I was assistant priest in St Patrick’s Parish, Kilsyth,’ he told the Scottish Catholic Observer.

‘We were always trying to fundraise, not only for the parish, but for a variety of local and national charities.’

(I suppose Hindus should be grateful Savile didn't threaten to take his very christian charity "internationally" and to 'third-world' nations like India. But there are enough other christian 'charities' that do exactly this: enough paedophiles they've sent India's way to start "orphanages". But this is documented in other parts of IF's christianism threads.)


Also, the interesting news heading

My friend Savile by Cardinal 'Sin' at


5. Yet another priest who's been asked/demanded to vote in the conclave is a sleazeball. Unlike O' Brien, Mahoney is not known to be gay-yet-hypocritical (though O' Brien was additionally happily hanging out with paedophile Savile, which makes the cardinal dubious). But Mahoney is a decided criminal: being a great defender of christian, priestly paedophiles (whether O'Brien knew about Savile's paedophilia or not has yet to be investigated, but Mahoney below knows the priests he's been protecting are paedophiles):


Quote:Cardinal: LA's Mahony should help select pope

Monday, February 25, 2013

VATICAN CITY -- The former archbishop of San Francisco said Monday that Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahony has a rightful place among Vatican officials who will choose the next pope, even though Mahony has been battered in recent days by disclosures about his role in covering up clergy sex abuse.

The comments by Cardinal William Levada, a high-ranking Vatican official until recently, came in the wake of a grass-roots campaign to shame Mahony into refraining from participating because of his role protecting sexually abusive priests.

Mahony left for Rome over the weekend after recently released church documents showed he had covered up for other priests who raped and molested children.

"There are some victims groups for whom enough is never enough, so we have to do our jobs as best we see it," said Levada, 76, who spoke with reporters from a Menlo Park seminary as he prepared for his trip to the Vatican for the papal conclave.

"He has apologized for errors in judgment that were made," Levada said. "I believe he should be at the conclave."

(Oh look he apologised. That's so sweet.... So if someone were to beat him to within an inch of his life and then apologised - and do it again and apologise again - it should all be okay too, no? It's a pity the legal system doesn't work that way and punishes aiders and abetters of crime such as paedophilia, instead of letting them apologise their way out of it. My favourite part is where Mahoney plays the victim - "I'm persecuted, they won't forgive their enemies, they hate and despise me", without a moment's reflection on whether or not He Deserves It - and then he threatens the jeebus card belowSmile

On Monday, Mahony took to social media and his own personal blog to write about persecution and forgiving one's enemies. He said he has a special prayer group for people who "cannot forgive me for my past hurts and offenses," including members of the media, attorneys, protesters and those who "hate and despise me."

He also tweeted from Rome, writing: "Anyone interested in loving your enemies, or doing good to those who persecute you? See my blog for today. Wow, Jesus is demanding."

("If you're christian, you'll forgive me - you'll Let It all Go - because that is what jeebus would do." Except that jeebus never existed, as Pope Leo X himself admitted.

Wait wait. He's actually asking the catholic victims of catholic paedophilia to forgive - to LOVE - their enemies=the predators. Typical. What next? Ask them to keep rolling over? Disgusting.)


The victims of abuse and their supporters organised a campaign to keep the christoterrorist away from voting at the conclave. Yet while O' Brien's been requested by his Vatican superiors to skip the Conclave, not so Mahoney:


Quote:British Cardinal to skip papal conclave

By The Associated Press Feb. 25, 2013


During a briefing with reporters at the Vatican last week, Piazzoni was asked about the campaign to keep Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahony away from the voting because he covered up sexual abuse by priests.

Piazzoni said while in the past some cardinals have been impeded either by illness or by interference from their governments, none has stayed away because of a stain on his own reputation.

That last line is the sort of the typical catholic excuse regarding all of their paedophilia: the priests discovered to have abused kids never get excommunicated or even defrocked by the church - standard catholic church practise as per their Crimen Sollicitationes (sp?) document - and cardinals protecting paedophilia aren't expected to abstain from the papal poll either. (Yet note how Crimen Sollicitationes punishes the christian victims of clerical sexual abuse if they were to go to the police about it. The victims could get excommunicated for that - and thus be withdrawn from jeebus' "love" curse forever.)

These entities are so pukeworthy.

Indian catholics must be pukeworthy entities too - equal condoners of paedophilia - to follow this vile disease so willingly. They're eager peddlers of the disease what's more. Bah. To think some Indian nutters actually marry Indian christians. But anyone of heathen origin or self-definition who marries a christian is a christian themselves, and should keep and be kept away from all Hindus too.

Piazzoni's final line 'A stain on his own reputation' is - for a change - what's reputed to be keeping O' Brien away. First case of supposedly "voluntarily" abdicating his right to vote, apparently (just like Ratzy is the 2nd to voluntarily step down as pope, though he too is forced by messy business that came to light, as per Italian media):


Embattled British cardinal becomes first to skip papal conclave because of personal scandal

There are too many suspicious "firsts" this time: first voluntary papal abdication in many centuries (and 2nd ever), first cardinal to step down. Both amid serious scandals. But it's admittedly not an ordinary situation and is indeed considered very serious.

6. How serious the matter is can be gaged from news headings like:


Cardinal quits in ‘biggest crisis since Reformation’

(If true, very serious indeed then)


'Amateur hour': Vatican conclave drama is one for the history books, experts say

www.press-citizen.com/usatoday/article/1947609 and usatoday.com/story/news/world/2013/02/25/pope-vatican-mess-catholic-church-chaos-cardinals/1947609

Pope Benedict leaves amid a holy mess at the Vatican

7. Meanwhile, a lobby wants O' Brien to vote at the conclave anyway. Well considering the likes of Mahoney's allowed, why not O' Brien, right?


Quote:Give him the vote: Cardinal Keith O'Brien backed to help pick next Pope despite allegations

Britain's most senior Roman Catholic cleric should be allowed to help choose the next Pope despite facing allegations of inappropriate behaviour, the former archbishop of Westminster said today.

Oh, the former archbishop. For a moment I was certain it was the insane Indian catholics - on fire for anything christian - that formed the lobby.

But "sorry, archbishop of canter... I mean westminster, the Pope apparently overruled ya."

I'm actually going to return to my original suspicion: that the reason why O' Brien's in the dock - yet not priestly paedophiles, their high-placed protectors like Mahoney, nor well-known gay clergy (including the rest of the "Vatican Gay Lobby" that led to the Pope's own resignation) - is because O' Brien blasphemed against papal infallibility and has tried to overturn catholic 'orthodoxy' concerning the matter of priestly celibacy. That alone still explains the discrepancy in the dates of how on Saturday he was still the prize horse for voting and today he's not. Then again, as the archbishop of Westminster insists that O'Brien should still have a right to be present at the conclave, I suppose I could be wrong. (Then again, maybe the Pope won't look too kindly at the retired archbishop for the suggestion, if, as some news say, the Pope/Vatican is behind the cardinal's resignation?)

And, in light of the revelations in the news items excerpted in this second post, the British Cardinal's closing remark becomes more ominous and downright disturbing, where he:

Quote:suggested it could be time for a younger pontiff, possibly from the developing world.

"I would be open to a pope from anywhere if I thought it was the right man, whether it was Europe or Asia or Africa or wherever,"
he said.

Eewwww. Sick. Now it sounds like he wants to expand his palate, to have a greater - more international - variety of love interests. Especially in the context of the "Papal Gentlemen" controversy that came up in the last few years (news items were posted on IF) about how "ethnic" men were included in the 'love interests' (victims) of highly placed Vatican priests. The Vatican love jihad has *men* in its crosshairs (also women and children, but definitely also men, so Nobody is safe).
[url="http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/03/04/mother-teresa-myth_n_2805697.html?utm_hp_ref=mostpopular"]Mother Teresa Humanitarian Image A 'Myth,' New Study Says[/url]
Quote:The research paper claims that the celebrated nun had 517 missions in 100 countries at the time of her death, but that the majority of patients were not cared for properly and many were left to die, according to the university website.

[url="http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/fighting_words/2003/10/mommie_dearest.html"]The pope beatifies Mother Teresa, a fanatic, a fundamentalist, and a fraud.[/url]
Home > The Sunday Standard

Catholic diplomacy to Italian marines’ rescue

By Cithara Paul - NEW DELHI

Published: 17th Mar 2013 09:53:38 AM


The unsaid irony in the Italian marines controversy is that the two fishermen who were killed were Catholics and so were the accused. PTI photo

A little faith goes a long way. The unsaid irony in the Italian Marines controversy is that the two fishermen who were killed were Catholics and so were the accused.

Express has learnt that ‘Catholic diplomacy’— secret visits by priests from Rome, flip flops by a powerful cardinal from Kerala, the role played by a former Indian ambassador to Italy who reportedly connected all the players including the Union Government and the Catholic Church — might have played a decisive role in the ‘home delivery’ of the two Italian marines, and is now engaged in bringing out an amicable end to the contested issue that has affected diplomatic relations between both countries.

“The Italians may have cocked a snook at us by refusing to hand over the two marines. But it has also given Indians a lesson or two in ‘Catholic diplomacy’. When normal routes of diplomacy fail, try the ‘faith’ route,’’ said an MEA official.

And no one represents this underplay of faith and intercession than the Syro-Malabar Church Major Archbishop — Cardinal George Alencherry.

It may have been a sheer coincidence that Alencherry was in Rome on February 25, when the Italian Government went back on its Ambassador’s promise to the Indian Government on the return of the Marines for trial. He was there to select the new Pope, but his presence there brought some old memories back – ones that the Catholic Church would prefer to forget.

It was Alenchery, head of the Kerala-based Syro-Malabar Church-India’s largest and richest Catholic church, who had made the controversial statement that he will try his best to “pacify the situation’’.

The Sunday Standard
Apparently gypsies used to be hunted for sport:


"Also in the 16th century began the "gypsy hunts." Not unlike a fox hunt, the Gypsies were rounded up and hunted for sport. This savage practice was prevalent in Switzerland, in Holland up to the 18th century and reaching as far as Denmark. No crime needed to have been committed by these people in order for them to be incarcerated or hunted down like animals.

In 1589 the King of Denmark decreed that any leader of a Gypsy band was to be sentenced to death. Honors and rewards were given to those who would participate in Gypsy hunts and capture them. These hunts continued as late as the 19th century.

A great Gypsy hunt covering four districts of Jutland took place on November 11, 1835. The day brought in a bag of over 260 men, women and children.

A Rheinland landowning aristocrat is said to have entered in his list of game killed during a day's hunting:

Item: A Gypsy woman with leer sucking babe. (Kenrick 1972:46)"

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