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Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 6
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1. Related to end of previous post:


Quote: HaindavaKeralam @HKupdate

CBI 2 probe child trafficking by #Kerala Orphanage Mafia

100's of kids frm Nrth & NE states r languishing in Jihadi & Evangelist orphanages

2. Christians up to their usual. They're on conversion/harvest overdrive in Asia after all:


Quote:Tuesday, June 16, 2015

japanese christians vandalize buddhist, shinto shrines


3. The title is misleadingly optimistic:


Quote:Catholic U turn , Bishop apologises to SNDP after spitting venom

17/06/2015 00:52:29 HK


While speaking on the rising instances of Christian girls marrying from outside their religious flock, the Bishop made a sarcastic reference to Ezhava community holding them responsible for the inter-religious marriage. The voice of the wounded Ezhava community at this snide was made vocal by Vellappilly Natesan, who alleged that the Bishop was indulging in practices that vandalized the delicate communal balance of society. “A case should be registered against him for the same,” he lashed out.

The church is exercising reverse psychology: the Bishop was feigning concern despite his churhc encouraging the process, so that later he may remind the stupid Hindus that they themselves protested for the right to marry christian women and therefore chose this 'consciously' for themselves.

-> The children of all these Ezhava Hindus who've been intermarrying with christian "girls" will all be christian. All according to the church's plan.

Catholic women are mandated by the catholic church in India to marry Hindu men, and at least baptise the children, if they fail at converting these stupid 'pagan' men and their families. The church is not bothered about catholic couples of current generations being half-pagan (the husband), since it knows they are nominally so and already sufficiently christoconditioned (else they wouldn't ever have married christians) and therefore that the next generation will be guaranteeably raised christian by the female who is so instructed, and that subsequent generations will be exclusively christian.

4. Christianisation of India proceeding apace based on the conversion of S Korea as model:


Quote:Estimated Rate of Conversion to Christianity in India - Can you guess?

07/06/2015 22:37:35 Daleep

Mass forced religious conversion in India by Christian missionary groups are not reported in mainstream news. My investigation (detailed below) suggests approximately 3.2 million Indians are being converted every year by Christian missionary groups.

Rate of forced Christian conversions taking place in India is accounting for the rapid growth in the Christian religion. Most of the growth in the Christian religion is coming from the conversion of Hindus (and other religions such as Sikhs, Jains, Muslims and Buddhists) in India. Most of these people are poor and vulnerable members of society being coerced through money and reward by Christian missionary groups. This is being well documented in blogs and websites but not in the mainstream news.

The conversion of Hindus to Christianity is being done by missionary groups who believe Hindus (and other religions such as Sikhs, Jains, Muslims and Buddhists) will go to hell unless they follow Christianity. The extent of this forced conversion activity taking place is very alarming and detailed below:

The Christian population in India has grown from 26.5 million in 2001 to 76.9 million in 2015. This implies 3.2 million Hindus (and other religions) are being converted per year by Christian missionary groups. (Please see the excel document attached which details my high-level analysis of the situation based on various sources).

The growth of Churches in South of India from approximately 1.5 million in 1990 to over 4 million in 2011 (Please see the following link:


On blogs it’s well documented that Christian groups pay for people to convert, for example, “These guys forced me lot of times to convert and they were ready to pay me Rs 35ooo.” (Please see the following link:



The rest of the article at the link contains a table and extensive links. The estimate of the current % of christians in India is well on the naive side, but Indians in general are more naive.

I suspect the max % of christian converts will cap at 23-30%, as it has in S Korea, there will be a constant stream of disillusioned church-goers who swap between churches and christianisms and cling to jeebus throughout, as in S Korea; an steady increase in atheists

- all of these eating away from the base Hindoo population alone, note. Without mass reconversion movements to facilitate reversions - all of which will be prevented with increasing activity by the church in proportion to its own increase in size/foothold in India - there will only be a handful of successful individual reverts from christianism to the ancestral Hindoo heathenism. Like in S Korea, there may be new-ageists of the "catholic-Buddhist" types appearing, which are not useful to any religion and will not be successful at Hindoo heathenism and are a failure and dead in.

And all that's not counting the inroads that islam will make and the growing threat it will be to all in India. On the upside, as the % of christians in the country increases - and their already great power (political, media, educational, history and leverage etc) - christians and christianism will eventually be considered fair target by islamics and will finally start coming in for some real jihadi assaults. Their women will be increasingly targeted for love jihad and among them it will reap a greater harvest than ever achieved among pagan women, despite stern church warnings and congregations' attempts to prevent this.

As for the foreseeable (inevitable) downturn to Hindoo heathenis [by which I don't mean anything that goes by "Hindu"] there's nothing to be done. Christianism will steal some, islam others, Buddhism yet others (e.g. the regular conversion sprees of Hindus by Buddhism, seen a few months back in Maharashtra again, also tell-tale in its denial of the existence and ancientry of 'Hinduism'=SD), Communism will acquire further others though many of its past targets will increasingly end up in christianism as per christianism's intention, Bauddhification/ur-Shramanism will get others, Dravoodianism is on the descendant (replaced by christianism), and (P)IE-ism on the ascendant. Atheism/Agnosticism and plain nationalism='Hindutva' too, all as replacements for Hindoo heathenism.

The one constant in all this being: the number of heathens in India - of the ancient native ancestral heathenism - is going down and guaranteed to do so in the future too. Then again, "Hindus" (nationalists) did themselves insist there should be no word to describe this group exclusively - and that too was set in motion in the west since a decade or more - though anyone may observe that the ancient religion of the native "polytheistic idolators" of the land is the only one being targeted/always losing to missionary vultures/replacement ideologies (which includes subversions), and the only one denied a name for itself in English.
Post 2/2

Previous post was more on India.

5. Current news.


Quote:Pope to warn global warming is killing the planet


Filippo Monteforte

Pope Francis will this week warn that global warming threatens the future of the planet and say there is both an urgent need and moral imperative to reduce fossil fuel consumption, Vatican sources said Tuesday.

A landmark Church statement on the environment, due to be officially released on Thursday, places the leader of the world's 1.2 billion Catholics firmly in the camp of those who say climate change is mainly man-made at a critical time in the global debate over what, if anything, can be done to slow or reverse it.

The papal intervention, seen as a potential game-changer by Green groups, comes six months before international leaders gather in Paris to try and seal a global deal on steps to reduce carbon emissions.

Francis will outline his views in the form of an encyclical, a statement of fundamental principles designed to guide Catholic teaching on a subject that is issued as a letter from the pope to bishops around the world.

But he will also make it clear that his appeal is addressed to everyone on the planet and that he sees a clear link between defending the environment and delivering social justice.

The encyclical, entitled "Laudato Si" (Be Praised), will reference the views of climate change sceptics who are particularly influential in the United States by acknowledging that natural cases such as volcanic activity have contributed to the phenomenon of rising average temperatures.

But it will leave no doubt that the Pope believes that the causes are mainly human, and that creates a compelling practical case and a moral imperative for action to phase out fossil fuels and develop alternative energy sources.


The purpose is manifold:

+ not only will the Vatican/catholicism now pretend that it is - and thus "was ever" - an environmentally friendly religion, appealing to modern christians who have been forced to take note of environmental concerns and to whom such a papal announcement therefore is very welcome

+ but the above announcement will clearly affect the christianising 3rd world, and is actually a plan to leverage the increasing number of converts to catholicism in Asia, and use them as a means of containing the development of the Asian nations which they infest (and where they consolidate their power), by means of the chuches organising christians to protest and prevent any national programmes that are not in the interests of maintaining western hegemony. All as per the western agenda.

It may speak universally (in a 'catholic' voice, with a message of universal salvation as the invisible carrot), but the Vatican is a *western* power, with very temporal interests (as seen throughout history to the present in the wealth the church has amassed and the orgies it indulges in), albeit with an increasingly Asian face to its convert footsoldiers=useful idiots: to replace the converts lost in the west, the Vatican has gained converts in Asia and Africa, but they are merely an extension of western interests (to implement their agenda, see also the western-Vatican-catholic Vietnamese rule nexus during the Vietnam war era documented by journalist and Baron Avro Manhattan), though of course the Asian converts will imagine this is all catholic and done for christendom/jeebus and ultimately for their benefit/salvation (papal infallibility was based on the pope already being declared the earthly representative of the biblical monogawd). So Indian and all Asian christians (minus perhaps some of the Chinese kind) will lobby for anything the Vatican tells them to. And all of them will go against the interests of Asian nations not yet wholly converted. And after they are wholly converted they will remain a perennial third world, enslaved in the christian hierarchy with western powers at the top. (See Philippines, see E Timor, the two most christianised Asian lands.)

6. Speaking of the Vatican trying to reinvent its image into one of having ever been a friend to the environment (or its pretence that it is so now):

The new pope is an interesting character. He seems to court controversy as a rule. Not that long back, international news resounded with the pope's apparent declaration - undermining all established catholic theology - that animals go to heaven upon death. <- Can't stress how much this is a major break with christian specifically catholic tradition.

While animal-loving catholics rejoiced for their heretofore heretical wish that they will see their pets again in the carrot afterlife of christendom*, there were very very angry comments at western news sites - even by catholic theologians who set aside the recently-instituted papal infallibility in favour of the longer-established and thus much more certain catholic theology - that the current pope was a new-ageist who was essentially pulling an Angelo Roncalli/Vatican II revisionism. Other western catholics simply declared that the devil sits on the throne the Vatican (an unsubtle reference to Pope Francis as a subversionist of catholicism). New agey catholics in the west were happy, and doubtless all Indian catholics were blindly applauding too - since they're ignorant of their theology and its history as a rule and just roll with papal infallibility, unlike European catholics who know their religion better (having studied this as 1st worlders, instead of awestruck 3rd worlders).

[* Illustrated in the movie Chocolat IIRC, where in a sleepy French town the side character of an old man had refused to attend church since many decades, all because its prelate stuck to catholic theology and thus would not allow that the old man's pet - a dog - had a soul/would go to heaven after death.

UPDATE: "Chocolat" may not be the movie after all, as I may have confused it with another film set in a catholic township in France which had an old man with a dog.]

Things took a turn for the more interesting, when a retraction followed: apparently the Pope had been misinterpreted/misrepresented in the news and had never promised heaven for animals, thus still in keeping with his predecessors and catholic theology. While new agey catholics were muted this time, the formerly indignant ones felt triumphant: their religion's 'principle' on this issue had not been subverted. And many other western catholics in international newspapers wrote happily that the pope had not dis-affirmed catholic theology regarding animals, but that this was to be yet maintained, being catholic truth.

Perhaps in issuing such mutually exclusive versions on the touchy subject, Pope Francis was testing the waters to see how far he could use papal infallibility to rewrite catholicism/christianism to his own whims. Or perhaps he really had been misreported by the Vatican's own journalists (which would be interesting in itself, if true).

A more touchy subject where the same Pope was to have done a similar landmark pronouncement followed by a retraction, was that atheists would go to heaven after all. And then, that that too turned out to be a 'mistaken' report: they will not be going to heaven (but to hell) as had always been maintained by christianism (this being a belief rooted in the bible=word of gawd).

Can't remember if the current pope's warmth for the LBGT community - another drastic departure from all previous popes - was followed by a similar retraction as well. But here's some supporting data for the other aforementioned instances:

Quote:Pope Francis didn't say pets could go to Heaven after all ...

www.independent.co.uk › News › World

Dec 14, 2014 - Widely-reported comments implying the Pope had given pets his blessing to enter Heaven were based on a misunderstanding, it has emerged.

Pope Francis suggests that pets can go to heaven - Europe ...

www.independent.co.uk › News › World › Europe

Dec 12, 2014 - Pope Francis suggests that pets can go to heaven ... whose dog had recently died, he declared that “paradise is open to all God's creatures”.

All Dogs Go to Heaven! Pope Francis Confirms Paradise Is ...


Finally, Pope Francis confirms what everyone has always known: All dogs go to heaven! During his weekly address in St. Peter s Square, the Catholic leader ...


Industries | Sat Dec 13, 2014 2:34pm EST

Related: Media, Cyclical Consumer Goods

Pope Francis turns out not to have made pets in heaven comment

WASHINGTON/VATICAN CITY | By Frances Kerry and Philip Pullella

Quote:Pope Francis assures atheists: You don't have to believe in ...

www.independent.co.uk › News › World › Europe

Sep 11, 2013 - In comments likely to enhance his progressive reputation, Pope Francis has ... Pope Francis assures atheists: You don't have to believe in God to go to heaven ... “But what this is all about is him seeking to have a more meaningful ... Danielle Jacobs' video of her dog comforting her during an Asperger's.

Catholic Church confirms atheists still go to hell, after Pope ...

www.independent.co.uk › News › World › Europe

May 28, 2013 - Catholic Church confirms atheists still go to hell, after Pope Francis ... the Pope emphasised the importance of “doing good,” for all people.

What the Hell? Vatican caught in two minds over damnation ...

www.independent.co.uk › News › World › Europe

May 28, 2013 - David McKeegan of The Freethinker journal, said: “We atheists were over the moon when the Pope told us that we were all going to heaven.

And this is a warning for unsaved Asian nations:

Quote:Pope Francis: 'The choice not to have children is selfish ...

www.independent.co.uk › News › People

Feb 12, 2015 - Read more: Pope Francis didn't say pets could go to heaven after all · Man begged Pope for help, sues Catholic church over bell ringing

The Vatican still pursues its outbreeding rule in Asia, which is more compliant with the catholic church's mandate on not using contraception and not having kids. In contrast, the Vatican knows it has much less power over today's European catholics, many of whom are backsliding, and even among the very faithful there are some that tend to ignore the Vatican's strict stance as to contraception and even having children.

Here too, the Vatican is implementing the western agenda by increasing christian demographics in the unsaved nations of the 3rd world, in order to control them better/make their futures align with western interests (by means of exercising control over the growing flock positioned there), while not necessarily promoting overpopulation in the west (from the anticipated lack of success of such papal pronouncements as above to a western catholic audience).

The historical roots of our ecological crisis – Lynn White

pinpoints christianism (and all subsequent christoconditioning) as the unmistakable culprit.

Quote:A DCLM delegation asked the UN and other organizations to urge the Holy See to eradicate the caste discriminatory practices and to withdraw the Permanent Observer position of the Holy See in the UN if the Vatican does not take the necessary steps [to end untouchability]. – MISNA

The Dalit Christian Liberation Movement (DCLM) accuses the Vatican and the Indian Catholic Church leadership of caste-based discrimination “by way of allowing it directly and indirectly in their spiritual, educational and administrative places”.

“We have submitted seven copies of the complaint to Rajeev Chandran, assistant director of the UN Center in New Delhi addressed to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and different human rights organizations”, Mary John, president of the DCLM, told ucanews.com.


Rest at link.

Good, take it to UN and harangue them to either get christian casteism abolished or to get the Vatican/christianism abolished.

Isn't that what christians try to do with Hinduism?

But don't know why these converts don't repeat what their very recent Hindu ancestors did: convert out. This time, convert back to Hinduism.

Why is only Hinduism to be abandoned for "caste" reasons and not christianism, when casteism is rife and even more virulent in christianism, and is not reactive in christianism (a result of prolonged islamic christocolonial terrorism in India, whereas in Hinduism this is the sole source). Evil christian snobs even attack HindOOs for their "caste".

Hosted at what is described as a western feminist site.

I think it's totally worth reading the above article, then the articles linked in the body of the text, then all the comments at the above link too.

- "inspirational romance" is the genre name that is christian code for christianism's foot in the door of the romance pulp industry. Its trademark is salvation, redemption in christ with non-graphic "romance" or some hogwash.

- the news is that an inspirational romance novel has been nominated for 2 romance novel awards. But the subject matter is causing understandable outrage among affected non-christians, as the plot concerns a nazi German concentration camp commander romancing a blue-eyed blonde-haired Jewish female (aren't they always?) in WWII whom he saves from the camp by mistaking her for an Arische wonderwoman and placing her as his secretary :WHAT?: And apparently she actually reciprocates. Can ya say Stockholm Syndrome. But oh it gets better, as in worse: while superficially "redeeming" him :WHAT?: - with the Power of Love, reprised by Celine Dion - such as by the heroine turning her nazi lover away from continuing to genocide her people (oh, poor misunderstood nazi genocidal maniac), the main aim of the evangelical novel is that it is the Jewish heroine who is actually redeemed/saved by converting to christianism at the end. With the help of a magically manifesting bible whenever she needs it, where she despite being Jewish is suddenly moved by the NT section about jeebus, the arische terminator of her people since Constantine and even the gnostic christians. But then, if she can forgive and fall in love with a concentration camp commander who genocides her people, it's but another step from there to forgiving the jesus fiction that was the impetus of the christian anti-semitism that led to the repeated pogroms against Jews throughout history.

- The comments show that this is a common trope in christian "romance", but that the 2 award nominations has merely brought attention to it. Christians have an equivalent motif for communist Russia: atheist communist Russian 'redeemed' into christianism.

- People noticed the use of "Jewess" by the christian publishing house's blurb of the book to describe the female protagonist. As I recall, 'Jewess' was quite popular in medieval to later christian Britain as something like an accusation to refer to Jewish females. Actually, christians spewed the word "Jew" too - and its equivalents in other languages of European/former Soviet space - as if it was the word 'satan' to them. (The nazis didn't invent that style of usage, right? They just followed long standing christianism.)

- Commenters recognise that the evangelical christian obsession with Jews and Israel is because of the former's 'end times' self-delusions that involve the latter bringing about the 2nd coming of jeebus. (Meanwhile, he never appeared the 1st time either.) Specifically, evangelical christians need Jews to be converting to christianism.

- But don't know why none of the Jewish women commenting didn't express that the very motif of a Jew converting to christianism - not to mention during their people's holocaust in WWII - is a typical christian anti-semitism.

- Only one person commenting here or in one of the articles linked off the main one even mentioned that, with negligible exceptions, Europe's churches by and large helped the nazis exterminate the Jews and ratted them out everywhere.

- No one knew to mention that most German churches in the nazi era - all except the tiny Confessing Church - wouldn't even accept Jewish converts to christianism, but wanted them exterminated. The Confessing Church hated Jews as much as the others did, with the exception that this church would have accepted Jews who were willing to convert to christianism. Which is not very christian: E.g. Martin Luther (head of several Protestant branches of christianism) did write in his "Of the Jews and their Lies" - an important christian handbook of all the nazis, as nazi Julius Streicher testified during the Nuremberg trials - that the only way he would baptise a Jew was by drowning him/her thereupon.

Now the demons=evangelical (and all other) christians are fantasising about a WWII era Jewish convert to christianism and that christianism would accept them.

Most or all the comments are worth reading, IMO.

This comment:

Quote:Snagglepuss > moweezy3

8/06/15 3:34pm

Between this and the Fundies love of Israel do to it’s belief in the Rapture, I say as a Jew, leave us the fuck alone. Don’t even talk about Passover, Mel Brooks or pastrami sandwiches. Just Leave. Us. Alone
I thought that (last) was my line? (What, I'm not an original?) But yeah, well said.

Though Hindus will immediately understand, others infesting India (being christianised mentalities anyway) will probably think it's all good romantic fluff, since Indians have long been de-sensitised to the nature of the problem in the above, as Indians are constantly force-fed the same type of crap by christoislamic bollywho: where Hindu women are romanced by historical islamaniac genociders (Jodhaa Akhbar etc), and modern islamaniac genociders (Mr & Mrs Iyer and a recent one where Pakis aim at Tamizh Hindu women: British paki islamaniac romances Tamizh Hindu woman and it's all fine and dandy).

Continued in the "Uncomfortable topics" thread.


Oh the horror. Christians are shameless and downright evil in their u-turns from genocidal hate to pretend "love" for their victims (only for the sake of converting the victims=target, here the Jews).

Maybe this portends what christian social-engineering lit has in store for Hindus and other heathens too. Christian "romances" where heathens find jeebus. Oh wait, that's already common.
Who didn't see this coming?

The "Dr MS" troll seen spooking about indiafacts hurling the most horrific abuse against Hindu men (the heathen Hindu men are usually singled out), is married not only to a western entity, but has now additionally admitted her spouse is christian:


Quote:Dr. MS


I am married to a Christian, but not a converted one, possibly five hundred years ago in Europe (who knows).


Of course she is.

More proof that all Hindoo-baiters are christoislamaniacs.

It's what Rajeev Srinivasa(n) calls "christian by injection", see:


Quote:Saturday, November 25, 2006

christists in the central government

nov 25th, 2006

i have learnt reliably that the following are christists. no wonder they are so anti-hindu.

1. ambika soni

2. arvind sharma

3. arjun singh's wife (and therefore by injection, probably arjun singh as well)

add to this vincent george, tom vadakkan, hormis tharakan, ak antony et al. and we have a government for christists, of christists, and by christists.

supported by a bunch of guys who are for china, of china and by china.

no wonder the country is being screwed. the last time the christists were in power, they took out $10 trillion and murdered 30 million people through famine. the current christists are probably gunning to do more.

india does not have any 'friends of india' in power. there are 'friends of america', 'friends of the vatican', 'friends of saudi arabia', and 'friends of china' in power.

Posted by nizhal yoddha at 11/25/2006 10:22:00 AM

The news was:

"Dr MS", a vile and downright evil troll at "Indiafacts" always into baiting Hindoo men (and hence baiting Hinduism; there's no distinction between baiting Hindoos and Hindooism), in a comment today, blurted out to the public that her husband is a European(-origin) christian.
This comment over at swarajymag on christianity's modus operandi:


Looks like India may end up worse off than South Korea within a few decades in terms of the christian plague.

Quote:Series of tweets on how the church is using "rights based approach" and govt schemes to grab political power in govt, panchayats and municipalities.

Church grab of Political Power: Please go through each and every link attached in tweet with due Credit to Amit Thadhani.

1. Series of tweets on how the church is using "rights based approach" and govt schemes to grab political power.


2. Preparing 150 leaders to lead mass campaigns, dharna and rallies for rights of tribal and bargain with the state.


3. Kolhapur - thru "people's organization", forcing govt to give 150 acres to 2167 members of their congregation.


4. Jharkhand - reducing conflict between converts and others, "mobilizing people to attain their political identity".


5. Note the names of registered bodies under the Diocese of Kolkata, pushing for various aspects of "rights".


6. Build campaign on NREGA using RTI, increased visibility with media, 5 members contested Zilla Parishad elections.


7. UP - "People's Organization" influences congregation members' voting preferences in supporting "suitable candidates"


8. DBSS Agra and elected community "builds" lobby of Panchayat leaders and BKU members through "Utthan Jansanghatan".


9. Church based "people's organisations" serving as advisors to govt on rights and monitoring govt plans


10. "Developing" 55 resources for NREGA, to form women's Mandal and legal cell. Even using Sunday school children.


11. Developing cadres of potential Christian leaders, building up a strong network and lobby with MP, MLA and media


12. "The 8 women who are elected to the panchayat are doing well" and demanding separate gram sabhas for women!!


13. Overall a simple strategy, identify leaders, create pressure groups and lobbies, contest elections.


14. DBSS Assam - preparing 4 women leaders to contest in panchayat elections, "carry forward the mission of the church".


15. Major thrust by DBSS Rajasthan to contest in several panchayat elections and emerge as alternative political force.


16. And here is the real killer. "Koshal Movement" for creation of a separate state of Koshal from parts of Orissa.

2 western women (who've been there, done that) now use satire in the form of photos of barbies and captions and tags to expose alien christist idiocy in "saving" (heathen) Africa.





huffingtonpost.com/entry/white-savior-barbie-hilariously-parodies-volunteer-selfies-in-africa_us_570fd4b5e4b03d8b7b9fc464 )



As will become apparent, the same class of self-conceited missionaries are operating in India, Thailand etc. It's uncanny how many of them actually sound like these barbie dolls.

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