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Islamic Jihadism In West Bengal
FRIDAY, JUNE 29, 2012

Hindu housewife raped in Farakka

Islamist culprit- Charu Sheikh – escaping

That Hindus are not secure in the realm of District: Murshidabad has been revealed once more – a Hindu housewife, dwelling in village: Bhairavdanga (within Bahadurpur), P.S. Farakka, has been raped by an Islamist, Charu Sheikh, Dafadar by profession and also a well-known activist of Congress party in the vicinity.

It has been learnt that the ghastly incident took place on June 26, 2012, at noon, when the said lady, mother of two kids and also member of a self-help group, on account of a brawl with her husband, was going towards Ballalpur bridge to lodge a formal complaint in the local police station. When she was near the Aabla bridge, Charu Sheikh, riding a motorcycle, appeared there and asked her where she was going. Hearing her purpose, Charu Sheikh offered her a help – the Hindu woman was free to use his motorbike to reach police station easily and faster. Charu called her as aunty; hence, she had nothing to be wary of.

The entire stretch of road is indeed noiseless and is covered by extensive lands of jute on each side.

Suddenly, Charu stopped the motorbike and started to drag her to an adjoining field of jute. The Hindu housewife pleaded (repeatedly) with him to stop and even tried her best to raise an alarm. But the very area happens to be far from the nearest locality; hence, she couldn’t prevent the Islamist and Charu Sheikh admonishing her highly (of harming her along with her children extremely) raped her again and again.

Only when Charu left the area, the Hindu housewife could get along and walked for miles till she met an individual of her own village. She went back to her village and on the next day, in the early morning, she lodged a complaint against Charu Sheikh of violating her modesty in P.S. Farakka all alone.

Like other incidents of rapes of Hindu housewives, thanks to police’s animosity, Charu is running scared at the moment. There is another most frightful aspect – police is yet to arrange a medical examination of the victim – the Hindu housewife.
Indian express

AIUDF Sets November deadline for giving job reservation to Muslims

Firebrand Muslim leader Siddiqullah Chowdhury on Thursday accused Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee of “playing with fire” with the Muslims and warned that the community was aggrieved as it continued to be a deprived section.

Demanding reservation for Muslims in the state, the state president of All Indian United Democratic Front (AIUDF), the Assam-based political party, Mamata as “Brahmin Kanya”.

“Our community has been deprived by the upper caste Bengalis. When Mamata Banerjee became the Chief Minister we thought she would do something for the Muslim community, but she did not. We have only seen Mamata covering her head with white chaddar and chanting the name of Allah Allah. But her government is yet to do something for the Muslims. We want reservation in the state,” Chowdhury told a huge gathering of Muslims at Shahid Minar Maidan in Kolkata.

“The previous Left Front government had announced reservation of 10 per cent for OBC Muslims. But it was yet to be implemented. The Trinamool government said it would implement the policy of reservations for the Muslims. But now we can see that the new government too did not deliver. This government is pushing our community backward in terms of socio-economic condition. We demand reservation for all the Muslims. If we do not get it by November, we will intensify our movement,” he said.

In the days preceding Assembly polls in the state a year ago, Chowdhury had joined a front with the Congress. But after, the Assembly election he snapped all the ties with the Congress and tried to patch up with the Trinamool again.

He formed his own political outfit, the PDCI. In May, 2011, PDCI merged with AIUDF. However, Siddiqullah and his supporters did not attempt to the demonstrate before the American Center much to the relief of the police.

Day of rallies

A group of about 300 Imams tried to march from Syed Baba’s Mazar in Hastings to American Centre to protest against the anti_Islam video. They were stopped mid way. Police escorted a group of five Imams to the US consulate, who submitted a deputation to lodge their protest.

The other demonstration was organised by Forward Bloc — a Left Front constituent — against the government’s alleged apathy towards the Muslims in the state.

Bigger, aggressive rallies today

A bigger demonstration has been planned for Friday by a conglomerate of several Muslim groups at Shahid Minar Maidan on anti-Islam video. Police is apprehensive that Friday’s rally could be bigger and aggressive.
Jangipur falls in Murshidabad district — a Congress bastion. But still it was the CPM which won in four of the seven Assembly seats, with Congress edging ahead in three. The Trinamool Congress hadn’t put up its candidate. The BJP, however, had reason to cheer. Its candidate Sudhangshu Biswas came third by garnering 85,867 votes, which is almost 11 per cent of the total votes polled


This place is about 50% muslim, so the BJP got 20% of the Hindu vote
Hindu strength on the rise in Murshidabad

What is making news at the moment is not the marginal victory of Abhijit Mukherjee of Congress over Muzaffar Hussain of CPIM, a perfect photo finish, at the Jangipur Lok Sabha by-election in Bengal today itself but the manifestation of another imperative aspect – the steep rise of Hindu strength in the district of Murshidabad.

The contest for the Lok Sabha by-election at Jangipur, remaining vacant owing to elevation of its MP Pranab Mukherjee to the President of India, had got a great media attention for two reasons mainly – Abhijit Mukherjee, son of Pranab Mukherjee, and the recent political developments both at Delhi and Kolkata. From the very morning, as a result, each and every development in the election counting was under a close watch; the winning of scion of the Indian President by 2, 536 votes shocked many at the same instant. His father won in 2009 from the same constituency by over 1.28 lakh votes.

What has led to the debacle? When the same question was asked to Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury, Congres MP from Behrampore constituency and also the pivotal individual in the district of Murshidabad, he retorted blaming BJP for its violent agitations (in August, 2012) as regards demanding renaming of the upcoming campus of the Aligarh Muslim University. He also held BJP responsible for hoodwinking common people regarding FDI.

However, Adhir also made it clear that Abhijit Mukherjee, being an alien Hindu candidate, failed to have Muslim votes in the region.

Sudhangshu Biswas of BJP bagged 85, 887 votes – something beyond imagination in a Muslim-majority district like Murshidabad.

Well, credit does not go to BJP – castigated for deserting baton of Hindutva already – completely. To be precise, a number of Hindu organizations are working tooth and nail in Murshidabad for Hindu unity. And the same Hindu consolidation was demonstrated by today’s electoral result.
Jangipur votes

Congress 332919, 39.26%

CPM 330383, 38.97%

BJP 85887, 10.13%

Islamist Party 1, 41620. 4.90%

Islamist Party 2, 24691, 2.90%

The CPM candidate is muslim

The Congress candidate is secular Pranab's son

So the muslims still need to vote for a islamist party

Electorate is 50% muslim, so BJP achieves 20% Hindu consolidation

But it is too late

In rest of West Bengal, if BJP starts getting 20% of Hindu votes, that is something
Times of India

KOLKATA: The meteoric rise of the BJP - corroborated by its share of votes rising from 4% in the 2009 Lok Sabha polls to 10% in recently-concluded parliamentary bypolls in Jangipur - has given a new dimension to the political equation in the state. While some political analysts believe the BJP is no longer a "small" party in Bengal, others feel it is only cashing in on the tussle between major parties. Some, however, argue it's too early to jump to any conclusion. Whatever may be the case, the BJP's smart run has certainly made the situation uncomfortable for other parties.

Former Presidency College principal and political science teacher Amal Mukhopadhyay feels the break up between the Trinamool Congress and Congress was providing oxygen to all fringe players. "Add to it local factors like Abhijit Mukherjee lacking his father's stature and the Trinamool-led government's rather arguable minority development focus, which is polarizing voters on religious lines," he explains.

Congress's Murshidabad strongman Adhir Chowdhury seems to agree with Mukhopadhyay. "It's true Abhijit lacks the charisma of Pranab Mukherjee. Plus, the anti-incumbency factor and a nearly 2 lakh electorate, who are migrant labourers, didn't vote this time. This went against us," he says. Adhir, however, adds, "Jangipur Town has always had a strong BJP presence. The BJP campaign on AMU land acquisition did have an impact. So did CPM's communal pitch of a son-of-soil campaign versus an outsider (read Abhijit). But yes, Congress has lost a significant portion of its Muslim votes here."

Some feel BJP's double-edged campaign on land acquisition for the proposed Aligarh Muslim University and the alleged "minority appeasement" policy of all mainstream political parties helped them garner 85,857 votes. But the key question now is whether such polarization of votes will limit itself only to Jangipur - which has 71% Muslim population - or spill over to other parts of the state.

BJP state president Rahul Sinha claims this isn't a one-off case where the BJP has benefited. He argues that even in the recently concluded assembly bypolls in Daspur and Bankura, the BJP had gained by nearly 2% votes. Consider this with the BJP opening its account in Durgapur, Nalhati and Dhupguri and getting 8% votes in Jalpaiguri, 6% in Panskura and 4% in Haldia in the recently concluded civic polls.

The growth which Sinha cites is nothing new. In the 2011 assembly polls in Jangipur, BJP had polled 4.14% of the votes compared to a measly 2.33% when Pranab Mukherjee won the parliamentary elections there in 2009. But from 4.14% to 10% is a jump which can upset all pre-poll calculations. In Jangipur, for example, similarly poised in the race with the BJP are the two minority-backed parties - Welfare Party of India (41,620) and Hafeez Mansoor Ali Khan's Social Democratic Party of India (24,691) - whose share adds up to 66,311 votes. The near 19% vote share of the BJP and the minority-backed parties in a near 58% polling clearly displays a game of diminishing returns for other major contenders.

Samir Das, NBU vice-chancellor and a political science professor, feels it is too early to broadbase BJP's increased vote tally in Jangipur to the whole of the state. "It is too early and the 2014 Lok Sabha polls are way off in electoral terms. But to me, it appears that political parties across the board will now have to decide on their strategy on the issue of immigration or undocumented migration. Jangipur borders Bangladesh. This is impacting the demography and polity of such belts. They have to take a stand now," he says.

Trinamool MP Sultan Ahmed says: "Voting is affected by political decisions, it has nothing to do with religion. See what happened to Congress in Uttar Pradesh even after they promised 4.5% minority reservation, or the religious group called Peace Party which could garner only four seats. The Trinamool didn't have a candidate there, so all the pro-Trinamool votes helped the non-Congress parties. This has also to do with our anti-Congress pitch. There is no question of appeasement. When we were part of the NDA, the BJP had benefited likewise in Bengal. But in the elections that followed, they had a share of just of 4% of votes polled."
The BJP has undoubtedly emerged as the surprise factor in the Jangipur Lok Sabha bypoll. The BJP’s vote share increased from 2.4 per cent in the 2009 Lok Sabha election to 10.06 per cent. On the other hand, the vote share of the Congress came down from 54 per cent in 2009 to 39 per cent.

Surprisingly, although the CPI(M) gave a tough fight to the Congress and came very close to winning the seat its vote share also dropped from 40.52 per cent in 2009 to 38.78 per cent. BJP candidate Sudhangshu Biswas bagged 85,887 votes and a vote share of 10.06 per cent.

Expressing his joy over the resurgence of his party in Bengal, an upbeat state BJP president Rahul Sinha said that it showed that the people were getting increasingly disillusioned with both the CPI(M) and the Congress/Trinamul Congress. “The people of Bengal are desperately seeking a political alternative. They have realised that like the CPI(M) even the Trinamul Congress government in the state has let them down. Moreover, the anti-people policies of the UPA has sparked a huge public anger. This explains the near-defeat of Abhijit Mukherjee,” he said.

Mr Sinha claimed that it had become evident from the results of the municipality polls and Assembly and Lok Sabha bypolls held in recent months that the vote share of every party has dropped barring that of the BJP. “There has been an erosion in the support base of every party. The BJP, however, has steadily increased its base and vote share. In 1991, the BJP’s vote share was over 11 per cent and after 20 long years, it has again risen to nearly 11 per cent,” he added.

Mr Sinha admitted that Mamata Banerjee’s “blatant Muslim-appeasement” was pushing large number of Hindus towards the BJP. “The chief minister should treat all communities equally but she is persistently wooing only one community. Ironically, even Muslims are now complaining that Didi is taking them for a ride by merely paying lip-service to their cause,” Mr Sinha said.

He also pointed out that for the Murshidabad campus of Aligarh Muslim University, over 100 acres of fertile land of poor farmers were acquired. “These farmers feel that the CPI(M), the Congress and the Trinamul Congress are equally responsible for this,” he added.

Asian Age
Jangipur has 70% muslim and 30% Hindu

BJP got 10% of the total or in other words, it got 33% of the West bengal Hindu vote

It is an indirect beneficiary of Tapan Ghosh etc

Fund Tapan Ghosh and if West Bengal Hindus vote 33% for BJP, we can salvage West Bengal

Tamluk, Oct. 15: A woman in Nandigram was allegedly molested and thrashed by villagers in her house today after a tiff with a neighbour over her cow that had strayed into his field and destroyed crops.

The mother of two was found unconscious in a field 100m from her home with a sari thrown on her. Her neighbours took her to Nandigram block hospital, from where she was sent to Tamluk district hospital.

The woman’s uncle has alleged that Nandigram police refused to register a complaint, insisting they wanted to investigate the matter. “They also told me to take the case to the local panchayat,” he added. The lady’s husband is a contract labourer in Odisha.

East Midnapore district superintendent of police S.K. Jain said: “Nandigram police are yet to receive a complaint. A police force went to the village this afternoon and three persons were detained.”

According to doctors at the Tamluk hospital, the woman had multiple injuries and scratch marks on her private parts.

Surgeon S. Bandopadhyay said: “From the nature of the injuries, it appears she was assaulted. We have advised a CT scan. It is a police case. If they ask us to determine whether she was raped, a gynaecologist will have to see her.”

The local panchayat, which termed the matter “minor”, ruled out the need for a police intervention. “This is a matter of our village and it is a minor affair. We will sort it out ourselves. I have told the woman’s relatives that there is no need to go to the police,” said Sheikh Sahauddin, the chief of the Trinamul-run gram panchayat.

Asked what led to a quarrel between the woman and her neighbour, a farmer said: “One of her cows strayed into the garden of another villager yesterday. There was an argument between them. In the evening, the villager went to her house and abused her, saying she had an illicit affair. The angry woman threw a rope at him.”

Tapan Jana, one of the villagers who took the woman to hospital, said: “Later in the evening, some villagers threatened her with dire consequences.”

According to the woman, around 4.30am, about eight to 10 village youths entered her house.

“Two or three of them entered through the roof by removing the tiles. They opened the door and let the others in. They molested me, punched and kicked me. One of them took me by the hair and banged my head repeatedly against the wall. I became unconscious,” she said.

The woman has two children. Her daughter will appear for Madhyamik next year and stays in a hostel. The lady also has a 12-year-old son whom she had sent to her relatives’ place after the threat last evening.

The woman’s uncle, informed by villagers, went to the police station at 7am.


Muslims rape hindu woman in district with just 20% muslim

The fukerjis are seriously screwed up, if they cant even defend themselves with just 20% muslim
There are many Hindus and some Muslims who utter "Hindu Muslim bhai bhai". Pleasant to hear. Good soundbite. My question to them - according to Quran and Hadis, Muslims are 'Momin' and Hindus are 'Kaffir'. Not only that, Hindus are the worst type of Kaffir because they commit the sin of 'Shirk', which means dividing the creator/god. Therefore, they are called 'Mushrik'. Moreover, Hindus commit the

sin of Idol worship. Therefore they are 'Butparast'. So, according to Islam – Hindus are ‘Kaffir’, ‘Mushrik’ and Butparast’. So, if you declare ‘Hindu Muslim bhai bhai’, that means – “ Momin Kaffir bhai bhai”, “Momin Mushrik bhai bhai” and “Allahparast Butparast bhai bhai”. Isn’t it?

So, I am earnestly asking my liberal Muslim friends to declare “ Momin Kaffir bhai bhai”, “Momin Mushrik bhai bhai” and “Allahparast Butparast bhai bhai” in the same breath with “Hindu Muslim bhai bhai”. I also ask them to utter these slogans in loud voice inside some Masjids.

Am I asking too much? Muslims are more religious than Hindus. So, ‘naras’(slogan) inside masjid have tremendous effect in their life. Slogan shouting like “Hindu Muslim bhai bhai” among the Hindu mob only will not be considered sincere and honest. Shouting of these 3 slogans inside and outside Mosques will be sincere, honest and will bring desired result. Communal peace will be established. Are you ready? And my secular Hindu friends, are you prepared to insist upon your liberal, broad minded, secular, peace-loving Muslim compatriots to do this? Come, let us shout together : “ Momin Kaffir bhai bhai”, “Momin Mushrik bhai bhai”, “Allahparast Butparast bhai bhai”. - Tapan Ghosh
Islamists molest Hindu housewives brutally at Joynagar

Another gruesome incident exhibiting Islamists’ lust for Hindu women took place on September 11, 2012 at village: Dakshin Bele Durganagar, P.S. Joynagar, District: 24 Paraganas (South).

Two Hindu women, Sabita Halder (age 35), wife of Baburam Halder, and Malina Sanpui (age 40), wife of Nidhar Sanpui, were passing through the village road at 2 pm. While both of them were busy in chatting and walking, three Islamists – Momin Laskar, son of late Kader Laskar, Shahadat Laskar, son of Momin Laskar, and Hasanur Jamal (Koche), son of Momin Laskar, started teasing them with filthy languages.

But the Hindu women, ignoring these nasty remarks, went ahead. And considering this act as intransigence, three Islamists pounced down on them. They attacked, made best efforts to ravish modesty of these two Hindu women but couldn’t get success due to desperate resistance of the two. Nevertheless, both of them were molested highly.

Meanwhile, they raised an alarm hearing which Hindus from adjoining houses rushed to the spot and witnessing the vigor of Hindus coming towards them, the Muslim attackers fled for life.

The brutal attack shocked the Hindus and owing to their persistence (as police remains indifferent in such cases usually), a General Diary was filed at P.S. Joynagar.

The three Islamists and their compatriots, later on, became aware of all these developments and started to warn Hindus of dire consequences if not the General Diary was withdrawn. However Hindus stayed firm and to save the two Hindu women victims, Hindu youths started patrolling staving off another Islamic attack.

The situation was such that it was no longer possible for Hindus to remain content with a simple General Diary. With this end in view and also to pressurize the administration to work fast and nab the said Islamists before long, a FIR 901/12 dated October 16, 2012 was registered at P.S. Joynagar. The complaint was made by Sabita with complete support of Malina.

What has been found, police is yet to act; tension prevails the village highly.

The Making of Another East Pakistan in Nadia District

A NRI's journey to his village

Shondanga is a lush-green village under PS Dhubulia, in Nadia District, West Bengal. It is just 7 km away from Mayapur (the headquarters of ISKCON), 2 km from National Highway number 34, and about 11 km from Sadar Krishnanagar (administrative headquarters of Nadia district).

The week after Durga Puja, a team of Hindu Samhati activists led by Sri. Tapan Ghosh, Sri. Dipak Sanyal and Sri. Somraj Ganguly visited Shondanga to assess the situation and offer strength and support to the beleaguered Hindus of this village, who are experiencing the brazen creation of another East Pakistan by alien Muslims who hold East Pakistani nationality, while the authorities continue to live in denial and nonchalantly look the other way.

There was not a single Muslim in Shondanga in June 1950. The village consisted of local Hindus and "refugee" Hindus from Chithalia and Amla- Sadarpur of Kushtia District, East Pakistan. Today, Shondanga has a population of over 20,000 (out of which about 95% are Muslims, while only about 1500 are Hindus), but Chithalia has no Hindu left.

The Hindu Samhati team met Sri. Sunil Pal, a remarkably brave hero and his equally resilient sister Kum. Renuka Pal, whose family has been spearheading the resistance (against the emerging East Pakistan-like situation for over 6 decades now) and have literally paid its price in blood. Their bold behaviour is exceptional in all of West Bengal. The brave Pal family is now the only Hindu family left in the Masjid Para of Shondanga.

They fearlessly guided the Hindu Samhati team around the village, including the 3 acres of Hindu land in Garai Para ("Locality of Oil Pressers") that has been forcibly occupied by Muslims to build a "club"; as well as the 18-remaining Hindu families (belonging to the extremely poor Muchi or cobbler community) in nearby Das Para.

In front of the Das Para, there is a small Kali temple and an adjoining ground which serves as the central meeting place of the Hindus of 'Das Para'. Not content with illegally capturing almost all of Shondanga village, the East Pakistani Muslims are now trying relentlessly to capture that ground and forcibly wrest it away from the native Hindus by turning it to an 'Anganwadi Center'.

Interestingly, this village is under 'Debipur Gram Panchayat' which is governed by BJP for a long time. but this booth is Muslim-majority, and its elected member is a Muslim from the Congress party.

Sri. Sunil Pal, a Chartered Electrical Engineer by profession, gives all the detailed background about the alien Muslims and their activities in this village, explains:

"My septuagenarian disabled elder sister, Kumari Renuka Pal, who is 81-years old, lives in Shondanga. I live with my family in London since over 3 decades but I have close contact with the village where we migrated in 1950.

My sister is the only Hindu in the so-called Masjid para. This village has 95% Muslim population. Muslims want to evict her so that they can grab our family property. She applied in the High Court of Calcutta and got an order for protection. Then SP Nadia Benoy Chakraborty IPS, a CPI(M) cadre, ignored the order. A contempt petition was filed which is still pending. She is now getting some sort of police protection causing anger to the Muslims.

Like many refugees, my late father Jagot Bondhu Pal came to live by exchanging land and properties in 1950 during the widespread communal riots in East Pakistan. Our house, along with all Hindu houses, was looted at Chithalia (PS Mirpur, Dist.Kushtia erstwhile Nadia, East Pakistan in March 1950. All Hindus from Chithalia and adjoining villages left for West Bengal. Most of them from Chithalia settled at Shondanga by exchanging their land and properties.

For your better understanding of issue in wider context, I shall reiterate the background and other details.

Background: There was wide spread communal riots in erstwhile East Pakistan in early 1950s. Hindus left in droves to avoid communal persecution. They exchanged their land and properties with the Muslims in West Bengal who were not affected as there were no riots in West Bengal. However Muslims wanted to leave voluntarily to live in their homeland i.e East Pakistan. Thus the Muslims took the nationality of Pakistan and Hindus that of India.

There was not a single Muslim in Shondanga in June 1950. The village consisted of local Hindus and "refugee" Hindus from Chithalia and Amla- Sadarpur of Dt. Kushtia, East Pakistan. Now Shondanga has a population of over 20,000 out of which only 1500 Hindus, but Chithalia has no Hindu.

Our family is now the only Hindu family in the Masjid Para of Shondanga. In 1950 all Muslims left for East Pakistan by exchanging the land and property with Hindus. Some Hindus exchanged the land and properties with proper documents, some by word of mouth and some by just one sheet of paper signed on a revenue stamp. The Muslims left although there was no communal riot in Shondanga or in Nadia. On the other hand there was widespread riot in East Pakistan driving out thousands of Hindus.

In 1956 when there was "RS" settlement record of land, the head of the Muslims from each family returned from East Pakistan to get their names recorded in RS record. The Government of West Bengal did not recognise the exchange of land and properties of Hindus by word of mouth or on the document where not all land of the Muslims was listed. In Muslim law, every adult person in the family has to sign a document of transfer of land. With regard to Hindus, the signature of the head of the family was enough. Thus those who did not have document listing each property and signed by each member of the Muslim family, had to give up the rightful ownership at the end though they have been living legally by exchanging their land and property. Thus Muslims got the land and properties which Hindus owned in East Pakistan where the Hindus could not return to reclaim.

The Muslims also got the land of "refugees" in Shondang owing to the Muslim law. That was a rather bizarre situation imposed on the hapless Hindus. They fought for a while but subsequently gave up and left the village. The Hindus with properly listed property stayed and yet to fight odd lapses but ultimately had to give up. Other Hindus left Shondanga to settle elsewhere in Nadia. Many became pauper again. The Muslims after acquiring voluntarily Pakistani nationality returned clandestinely to revert to Indian citizens illegally. They began forcible possession by disposing even legally settled Hindus like late Dr Sudhir Kumar Pal and his family who now live at Krishnanagar. Hundreds of Muslims together displaced him and the police behaved as onlookers. His sons Dr Subrata Pal and others live in Ghoorni, Krishnanagar like many other Hindus from Shondanga.

Muslims had thus double whammy at the cost of Hindus who lost their land and properties in Kushtia district as well as in Nadia. In addition, many Muslims in Shondanga clandestinely enjoy dual nationality. Hindus cannot claim Pakistani/Bangladesh hi nationality and claim their properties in Bangladesh.

After driving the most of the Hindu refugees, they then applied the brute force to the local Hindus. All Garai families are affected by the illegal acts of the Muslims. The Muslims forcibly displace Hindus from their land as a pastime. The court case takes long time. Thus the character of the land and property changes, the Hindus finally give up as all Muslims give evidence against Hindus who cannot find any witness owing to fear of persecution by the Muslims who are protected by the politicians now the CPI(M). This is has now become a tradition. Whenever there is a conflict, thousands of Muslims join hand against the Hindu family who does not get similar solidarity from the Hindus. Thus Muslims, who voluntarily took Pakistani nationality and subsequently Bangladeshi nationality, have driven out most of the Hindus who migrated from erstwhile East Pakistan. They are living elsewhere in Nadia.Many Muslim families enjoy dual nationality owing to overwhelming Muslim population.

As an example, CPIM leader Ismail Sheikh, s/o late Ehannabi who is married to a Bangladeshi woman clandestinely. His daughter was born in Bangladesh and settled there but visits Shondanga illegally to maintain dual nationality without any legal sanction of Indian government. His sons are also in similar situation. It is known that one of his sons has gone to the Middle East via Bangladesh but the rulers in West Bengal turn a blind eye to preserve vote banks.

Another Muslim Ashraf Gaen, Head master of Shondanga School, is a Pakistani/ Bangladeshi national. His father was in Pakistani civil service and died in Kushtia. Ashraf Gaen worked in Chuadanga and elsewhere in East Pakistan/Bangladesh but returned to Shondanga clandestinely in 1975 and has been a supporter/ member of CPIM. He took leading role in assaulting an observer of Election Commission in May 2004.These are just the tip of the iceberg in Nadia alone.

Our village in Nadia shows how a village without a single Muslim in 1950 has now over 20,000 Muslims. The village is like any Bangladeshi village. Cows are slaughtered every Friday. Mosque is built occupying public road (Road leading to Mayapur). Pregnant cow is "stolen" from a Hindu and is slaughtered at Muharam. The CPIM administration turns a blind eye to preserve vote banks constituted by aliens who have recorded their names in the voter list illegally at the behest of the political parties.

I will now give one example as to how the Muslims persecute Hindus to drive them out of the village.

Persecution of our family: My younger brother Nisith Pal a teacher of Belpukur High School was murdered by the Muslims in August 1975 just because he was a leader of Hindus. He was persecuted as he was exposing the criminal acts of the Muslims including slaughtering cows, clandestine movement and settlement of aliens etc. The Muslims conspired regularly as to how to kill him. He was attacked in our house several times. My father died in 1974. The Muslims got an additional opportunity, Nisith was murdered in 1975. Since my brother's murder, the Muslims were persecuting my mother and elder sister. Our pump house was destroyed several times, similarly our crops. It is a kind of pastime for the aliens, owing to brute numbers.

My mother died in 1994. Since then my sister is living alone in our house. She is being looked after by a maid. Her circumstances have encouraged the aliens to persecute her in association with the CPIM rulers.

Prelude to the latest bout of heinous crime and gross communalism against our family:

1. On 14th April 2000, the Muslims and the police at about 2.30 am destroyed 7 lines of 150 feet long barbed wire fence and 11 concrete pillars weighing 60 kgs each from the boundary of our house. The police have turned a blind eye as the criminals are Muslims protected by the CPI(M) administration.

2. On 23rd october 2000, in broad daylight at around 10am, more than dozens of CPI(M) Muslims raided our house and cut bamboos by force by threatening my sister. The police did nothing except a diary, GDE 696 of 23.10.2000. As a result my wife, Dr Kalyani Pal and I had to rush to our village. A case was instituted, CJM-Nadia Ordered by memo 451/2000 of 3.11.2000 to Dhubulia PS to record a case.(Dhubulia PS Case no.113/2000) . The case was not investigated properly and is still pending.

Since then the communalist Muslims in the guise of CPI(M) have been raiding our house as a pastime. My sister lodged dozens of complaints with Dhubulia Police station who has shown close affinity with the Muslims at the behest of the CPI(M) rulers. It was a sort of routine that the police insulted her and refused to take any complaint from her.

On 8th September 2002 a group of Muslims after a grand conspiracy trespassed and squatted in our house. The police at Dhubulia PS did not do anything. On 12th September 2002, my sister (Renuka Pal) got an order of removal by the Executive Magistrate, Krishnanagar, Nadia, case no.61/EM/02. Mr Himadri Chakroborty then OC Dhubulia refused to accept the order let alone execute it. Owing to this my sister, sent the copy of the order by registered post but still he did not act properly. Mr Chakroborty half-heartedly removed the trespassers on 17th September 2002 without arresting anyone who trespassed, squatted and threatened my sister in our house to kill her.

On 28th September 2002, at about 7 am the squatters assaulted our neighbour in our house. My sister complained over phone to Dhubulia PS. The police came to investigate the complaint. In the meantime, the squatters spread the rumour that a relative of our neighbour ,who was working as my sister's driver, assaulted the squatters. The police saw that the complaint was false and as a result advise our neighbour to file a written complaint. After this investigation, when the police was returning, the police was attacked by hundreds of Muslims at the cross road at the Masjid. Realising the danger, they wired for additional help. OC Dhubulia/DSP- DEB came with additional force. They were also surrounded by the CPIM/Muslim mob.

The mob demanded that the police should arrest my sister's driver Ekat and hand over to them so that they can lynch him according to their conspired plan and wanted the police to say that "Ekat was lynched by the mob". Ekat's mother understood the plan and advised Ekat to move away. To satisfy the mob, the law was forced to take back seat by the police and they went to our house to look for Ekat.

My sister told the police that Eikat was not in our house but the police to satisfy the Muslim mob entered into our house and searched each room both in the first floor and ground floor without telling my sister about the "crime" and why they searched our house. The police did not find Ekat in our house. This enraged the police. They went away. At around 2 pm DSP-Nadia and other police officer came to our house again and asked my sister to open the door of our building. In the meantime, she phoned me for help as our house was surrounded by hundreds of Muslims. I told her to shut the collapsible gate and advised her not to open the door without speaking with me. My sister did not open the door. DSP threatened that he would break the door. My sister nearly collapsed and needed attention and told the police to do anything they liked. While the police was in our house, the squatters went on building huts in our house by violating the Order of the Executive Magistrate-Nadia. The police deliberately violated the law of the land to help the criminals belonging to CPIM.

The police left without breaking our door but threatened my sister that they would not "help" my sister if the mob attacked her. This irresponsible pronouncement emboldened the squatters.

The Police came back again in the evening to frighten my sister. They did not take any action to remove the squatters who was allowed to violate the law of the land with impunity. The conspiracy of the police and the communalist Muslims was complete. They together have violated the Orders of the Executive Magistrate-Nadia (Case No. 61/EM/02 u/S 144 Cr P C) and the West Bengal Land Reforms and Tenancy Tribunals (Case no.O.A. No.1276/2002 LRTT).

To cover up the violation of the judicial order, the police fabricated a criminal case against Ekat Sheikh and his elder brother Haru Sheikh (s/o late Jasomoddi) though Haru's wife Ainur was beaten up badly by the squatters. The police ignored the severe assault on poor Ainur despite her showing the injury and complaining against the squatters who assaulted her. The police did not enquire from my sister who phoned for the assault of Ainur. If there is any independent investigation, it will be easily seen how the police conspired with the communalist Muslims with a view to satisfy the Muslims by fabricating a case, a culture of the police under Mr Buddhadev Bhattacharya. These Muslims who are vote banks of CPI(M) hate India and Hindus. They show loyalty towards Bangladesh and Pakistan.

With regard to the plight of my sister, the Muslims want us to leave the village by selling our properties in throw away prices as they did to others over the years. They want Masjid Para free of any Hindu. Hence they have been persecuting my septuagenarian disabled elder sister. If a Muslim was being persecuted by a Hindu which is highly unlikely, the whole country would have been up at arms with the Hindus. The gravity of the situation is worse than that with regard to my sister and our family and yet the CPI(M) politician is conspicuously silent. It is clear that if the Muslims are communal, the CPI(M) turns a blind eye. The same CPI(M) portrays a secular Hindu as communal if that Hindu shows the following which I have done in the recent past.

Other issues:

1. I complained to Additional Magistrate-Nadia( General) on 22nd December 1999 about illegal construction of a mosque and walls on the public road without permission at Natun Para of Shondanga, on the way to Mayapur.

2. I complained several times for illegal slaughter of cows. Earlier it was on one place but now it is on half a dozen of places on every Friday by Anchhar and Mojam of Maniktala Para; Chatai Sheikh of West Para; Sahadot of Masjid Para; Bhola Sheikh of Natun Para behind the illegally constructed mosque. This is causing unhygienic environment which the health authorities know but dare not handle lest the Muslims are "hurt".

In addition to unhygienic situation, the Muslims slaughter cows in the public to injure the feelings of Hindus. Cow slaughter affects public order as it incites communal tension. You can enquire from the milkmen of Choughacha, PS Dhubulia. They are Sanjit Ghosh, Sudhan Ghosh and Dalim Ghosh. I have seen from our house how Sahadot slaughter cows in front of young children who learn cruelty from very early age. (I complained to SP-Nadia on 11.1.99 Attn: D K Gangopadhya, DM-Nadia on 28th December 1999 and Chief Secretary, West Bengal on 24th January 2000. I pursued without any results whatsoever).

3. Pregnant cow was stolen from the house of Mr Anil Biswas of Shondanga a day before the Muharam on 24th March 2002. It was slaughtered on the day of Muharam to the merriment of the communalist Muslims. Biswas family complained to Dhubulia Police Station against the persons who "stole" the cow. The police wanted to hush up to avoid "communal tension". A Congress Party Chairman Krishnanagar II, Mr Shyma Prasad Singhroy helped the police to hush up. Biswas family was given Rs 4000/- as compensation from the sale proceeds of the slaughtered cow. In 2001 also a cow was stolen from the same house just before the Muharam.

4. The Muslims from Shondanga went to Ballaldighi and threw beef at the Lakshmi Narayan temple on 13th July 2001. CPIM wanted to hush up but failed. A police case was started by Nabadwip Police Station, Case no.69/2001 of 14th July 2001. Owing to the influence of the CPIM, the conspirators were left out. It is a ploy to hush up the communalism of the Muslims.

5. One Anej Sheikh s/o late Chhomer Sheikh of Natun Para of Shondanga was fined Rs5000/- by the Islamic fundamentalists applying Sharia law. In addition, following a meeting of the Islamic fundamentalists on 13 March 2000, the Secretary of the East Shondanga, Masjid Committee, Mr Abdul Ohab Sheikh, sent letters to all the mosques in the area advising them to boycott this family.

6. Stealing of electricity for commercial purposes by Muslims like Fakir Biswas, Kutari Gaen and other Muslims in association with the police, CPIM and WBSEB officials at Dhubulia.

7. Dual nationality of many Muslims (The Supreme Court of India ordered in case of Bhanwaroo Khan & ors, W.P© 737 0f 1995 (judgment on 2nd April 2002 by Mr. Justices Doraiswamy Raju and Ashok Bhan) that "those who voluntarily migrated to Pakistan after Partition and became Pakistani national cannot claim Indian citizenship”.

However the Muslims of Shondnaga has precisely done that at the behest of the corrupt politicians and the corrupt administration. Hindus who are migrating to India to avoid persecution in East Pakistan/ Bangladesh are denied refugee status and citizenships of India but the Muslims who voluntarily accepted Pakistani nationality to live in their "homeland" can return to India and claim Indian citizenship. Since many of these Hindus were born in undivided India, their claim for Indian citizenship cannot be denied when the aliens are allowed to become Indian citizens. I believe this hypocrisy and double standards need to be challenged. Recently Mr Justices S B Sinha and PK Balasubramanium of Supreme Court of India have ruled, "it is unconstitutional to put the onus of proving that someone is aliens solely on the complainant", the State has to help the complainant to prove it if the State do not want to rely on thecomplainant's complaint.

8. Muslims in Shondanga launched a anti-India rally, loudly shouting anti-India tirades and slogans, when our Indian Parliament was attacked by Pakistani Muslim attackers in 2001. They offered prayers for Osama bin Laden. In 2006, they were mourning for Saddam Hussein of Iraq (after he was hanged for genocide after a trial).

9. Senior police officer DSP Papiya Sultana supports cow slaughter. When DSP Sultana was posted as DSP in Krishnanagar in Nadia, she came to investigate my elder sister's complaint of cow slaughter at Shondanga. DSP Sultana told my sister that she cannot stop the illegal cow slaughter without licence in our village.

The characteristics of our village are that if you enter into the village, it will give an appearance of a village in Bangladesh and not in India. It is therefore necessary to expose the culture of this village as in the future it will be a haven for the terrorists like the 2007 incident at N'Para, PS Dhubulia, Nadia.

The above will give you some mixed idea of the plight of Hindus and more so, Hindus like my sister in overwhelming Muslim dominated area.
Soon, quota net for 98% Muslims in West Bengal

Sabyasachi Bandopdhyay

Dec 24 2012,

Kolkata: Minorities Trinamool govt to add eight more Muslim groups in the OBC list.

Within five months after the Trinamool Congress government enacted a law for 17 per cent reservation for those belonging to Other Backward Castes (OBC), Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has brought the entire Muslim community into the reservation net by including almost all of them as OBC.

While 95 per cent of the two-crore Muslim population in the state has already been included in the OBC list, entitling them to reservation in jobs, the state government last month has taken into consideration eight more Muslim groups — Jalia, Gore, Hati, Bhuina, Bayen, Mufti, Hosniwala and Khalashi — for consideration for inclusion in the OBC list. With their inclusion, almost 98 per cent of the population will be included in the OBC list.

And what is more important is that most people belonging to the Muslim community, who were included in the OBC, have been earmarked for 10 per cent reservation.

The state government made two categories of OBCs on the basis of their income: Category A and Category B. While those who have been included in Category A have been earmarked for 10 per cent reservation, those in Category B have been given 7 per cent reservation. While out of the 66 communities in Category A of the OBC list enjoying 10 per cent reservation, 59 are Muslims. In Category B, out of the 178 communities 28 belong to Muslim communities.

“The Chief Minister’s dream of providing benefit of reservation for Muslims has been fulfilled. The Left Front government talked a lot but did precious little for the Muslims,’’ Giyasuddin Mollah, Minister of State for Minorities and Madrasa education told The Indian Express.

However, Muslim community leaders complain that even though the government has brought reservation for the entire community, the process of distributing OBC certificates has been very tardy.

“According to our information, only 22 per cent of Muslims have got OBC certificates. We have requested to hold certificate camps, but the government is not doing that,’’ Siddiqulah Choudhury, chairman, PDCI, told The Indian Express.

Last evening at about 6.45 pm, a Hindu girl of 15 year age, has been gang raped by 4 culprits of Ranaghata village. The girl is of Nimpith village (Joynagar PS, South 24 Pargana dist.) where a very large service project named 'Nimpith Ramkrishna Ashram' is there run by one Sriramkrishna order monk Swami Sadanandaji. The hapless girl's father is a poor van puller. The Ashram never come forward to help these Hindu victims. Hindu Samhati activists (about 40) have taken the girl to Joynagar PS. Under our pressure, the police now have gone to visit the spot of crime accompanied by the girl and her father. Our boys are waiting at the Police station.

This type of incidents are very common in the whole of North and South 24 Parganas district. The victims seldom get any justice. More often than not, police try their best to hush up the crimes against poor and illiterate people. Police do not accept complaints unless pressurised by some powerful quarter.

Our boys are trying to make police listen the voice of the victim in this case.

Tapan Ghosh
Tapan Ghosh - "Hindus couldn’t be saved by CPIM in Taranagar, by RSP in Kalahajra, by SUCI in Jalaberia, by BJP in Purbasthali, by Trinamool Congress in Mangalkot. No political party can do it ever or else East Beingal would not have become Bangladesh. There is an urgent need of unity, social unity among Hindus to save Bengal. This has to be done as soon as possible. If Bengali Hindus do not want to become refugees once more, they have to do all that is necessary to foil the potential merger of Bengal with Greater Islamic Bangladesh."
Tapan Ghosh

Hindu Girl Student Gang Raped in Nimpith



The saga of rape in the realm of Bengal refuses to end; this day or the other one witnesses any such gruesome incident in any part of the state. And the rape of a 15-year-old Hindu girl, inhabiting village: Nimpith Vidyasagar Mor, Futigoda area, P.S. Joynagar, District: 24 Paraganas (South) by criminals on February 5, 2013 adds a new page to the dreadful chronicle.

The 15-year-old Hindu girl happens to be student of Class IX at Nimpith Sarada Vidyamandir and has been a good student always. On the fateful day (February 5, 2013), at 6.45 pm, Namita Halder (name changed), daughter of a poor Hindu cycle van puller, was going to her relatives’ house, living in Nalua village – P.S. Mathurapur, to inform them of her grandmother’s illness. Well, she was not alone; Biswajit Das (age 18), son of Sri Dibakar Das, neighbour of the girl, was escorting her.

Once Biswajit and Namita passed Nimpith police camp and were walking to the small bridge, 4 youths appeared before them suddenly. Without wasting a moment, two of them pounced on Biswajit while the other two dragged Namita to a nearby field forcefully. Biswajit was thrashed mercilessly and Namita was gang raped.

Biswajit, later, phoned Namita’s family members who rushed to the spot and recovered them.

Namita is in a terrible shock yet. Her family members are simply clueless of the entire development.

About 50 Hindu Samhati activists are accompanying the hapless girl and her father to the police station. The FIR has been lodged and the case no. is 105/2013 of Joynagar PS.

Hindu Samhati regularly monitors and reports violations against Hindus in West Bengal. We also work with both governmental and NGO agencies for proper education on protection and ensure remedies to the Hindu populace as per prevailing law of the land.
Mamata sacks Firhad Hakim as party spokesman

16 February 2013

Press Trust of India

KOLKATA, 16 FEB: With pressure mounting on West Bengal minister Firhad Hakim for his alleged role in shielding some on those involved in the 12 February violence and the killing of a police officer at Garden Reach here, the Trinamul Congress has removed him as government spokesman.

“Hakim has been asked to keep a low profile. He used to brief the media on behalf of the government under the instruction of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. But from now on he won't be speaking on the behalf of the government,” a senior Trinamul Congress leader, who did not wish to be identified, said here.

Asked to comment on the Opposition demand for the removal of Hakim after Governor M K Narayanan said that he did not have any business to do it, the leader said: “He is a cabinet minister. Any decision on a Cabinet minister will have to be taken by the chief minister.”

Mr Hakim has been accused of shielding Mohammed Iqbal, a Trinamul councillor of Garden Reach, who is said to be a close to him. Mr Iqbal has been absconding since Tuesday night with the CID, entrusted with probing the killing, looking for him.

The CPI-M, meanwhile, demanded immediate arrest of all those named in the FIR for the violence in which a police officer was killed. “A sub-inspector (SI) of police died on duty during the Garden Reach violence. If all those named in the FIR are not arrested, it will give an impression that no rule of law exists in West Bengal,” CPI-M politburo member Biman Bose said.


Muslim politicians bold enough to kill police officers in broad daylight
Canning Riots in South Parganas ( 33% muslim )

50 Hindus killed. 2 cops killed , 300 hindu homes and 5 temples burnt, dozens of hindu women raped

25000 rioting muslims, many came in trucks from Kolkata

25000 rioting muslim mob is comparable to Direct Action Day
Dhimmi Sunanda Datta Ray


My fear is that the riots reportedly sparked by the murder of a Muslim cleric in a south Bengal village following the February 12 killing of a police officer during a Kolkata college union election, and followed by the more grim Hyderabad bombings might further embolden the saffron brigade to project their hero, Narendra Modi, as the nation’s only saviour. West Bengal has been spared communal bloodshed in recent years but that doesn’t mean antagonism doesn’t simmer below the surface among people who revere Syama Prasad Mookerjee, the Hindu Mahasabha’s founder, as Bengal’s martyred son.

Mamata Banerjee, who was reported saying “Gujarat can do riots, we can’t”, cannot have overlooked the danger of Hindu stalwarts exploiting the tension. She is certainly right if she means West Bengal cannot afford an orgy like Gujarat’s pogrom in 2002, or that after the horrors of Nandigram, no state government can turn a blind eye to – leave alone condone – pre-planned violence against a particular community. But claiming that Bengalis are incapable of such enormities is relying too much on cultural tradition, while ignoring the social roots of crime.

Those roots flourish in the Garden Reach industrial suburb where sub-inspector Tapas Choudhury was shot dead. A deputy commissioner of police, Vinod Mehta, was also tortured and killed in 1984 in this derelict stretch of factories, slums and dockland. Neither murder was communal, though both victims were Hindu and Garden Reach is predominantly Muslim. The names confirm that. Sheikh Subhan is accused of pulling the trigger on Choudhury. Idris Ali, who murdered Mehta, himself died mysteriously during questioning in police headquarters. Some say Subhan’s real target was another local tough, Abdul Rahman. Others say it wasn’t Subhan of the Trinamool Congress who shot the sub-inspector, but the Congress’ Mukhtar. Taher Hussain, Churi Firoz, Mohammad Shakeel and Mohammad Raj are four other toughs now in custody. Mohammad Mohsin Hussain Sayed, also of Garden Reach, was arrested in 2006 as a Pakistani agent.

Subhan’s alleged accomplice, Mohammed Iqbal, Munna to buddies, a Trinamool Congress councillor, appears to have disappeared after Choudhury’s killing. Much higher up the ladder, the episode (which has already cost Kolkata’s police commissioner, Ranjit Panchnanda, his job) casts a shadow on Munna’s friend, West Bengal Urban Development Minister Firhad Hakim, known as Bobby, who represents the area in the Assembly. A key figure in Banerjee’s strategy of wooing Muslim voters, Hakim acts as party and government spokesman. Munna was his contact man during the Assembly election.

This is Kolkata’s rough and tough underbelly. Many men here go about their business honestly but many others run protection rackets or are in the extortion business. Some supply casual labour to the dying port. More have lately muscled into the city’s booming construction business. They control unions in the port, shipyard, textile factories, brick kilns and what is said to be the world’s largest kite-making business. Now, they want to take over students’ organisations as well. The railway workshop, wagons and sidings provide rich pickings. Poverty and ignorance breed lawlessness as Shanti Swarup Dhawan, West Bengal’s governor during the Naxalite upsurge, noted. He startled well-fed Rotarians by telling them if you force people to live like animals, they will behave as such.

Garden Reach is part of a bigger social, political and economic problem with international ramifications. But it’s worth asking why Muslims, comprising only 27 per cent of West Bengal’s population, account for 48 per cent of jail inmates. A partial answer may be found in the Sachar Committee’s disclosure that Muslims hold only two per cent of government jobs. A Pakistani diplomat before 1971 when Kolkata’s Pakistani mission defected to Bangladesh, would mock that for all its secular intellectual culture, Bengal could trot out only one Muslim Indian Administrative Service officer.

No one doubts Banerjee’s sympathy for the underdog. She sometimes sports a hijab and laces her conversation with “khuda hafiz” and “salaam aleikum”. She has offered stipends to imams and official recognition to madrassahs to study Islam. But these token gestures don’t promise social or economic upliftment to a relatively depressed community. At the same time, they are likely further to antagonise Hindus who fear being swamped by illegal immigrants from Bangladesh. Resenting being disturbed by the azan call to prayer, they wonder where the money for the splendid new or renovated mosques sprouting everywhere comes from. The reported murder in a south Bengal village of Maulana Ruhul Quddus, maulvi of a city mosque, may suggest a dangerous backlash. As Nehru warned, majority communalism is the most dangerous.

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