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Islamic Jihadism In West Bengal
A strong crowd, owing allegiance to the All Bengal Minority Youth Federation, Sunnat- al- Jamat, Ulema Parishad and the Madrasa Students Union had assembled at Hazi Mohammad Mahasin Square in central Kolkata in the afternoon to protest against

the trial of war criminals in Bangladesh. The protestors tagged the Seikh Hasina-led Awami League government’s trial of war criminals as a “farce”.

To punish war criminals, who had allegedly killed and tortured the freedom fighters of Bangladesh during the country’s ‘Muktijudhha’ in 1971, the Hasina government had set up a special court and declared several prominent leaders of the country as war criminals. The agitating activists claimed that the Bangladesh government was trying to ban Jamat-e-Islami and its supporters.

The situation could have gone out of control since the agitators had a plan to stage demonstration in front the Bangladesh Deputy High Commission office at Circus Avenue. However, apprehending an outbreak of violence, city police took prompt action and a huge force was deployed on AJC Bose Road to restrict the movement of the rally. More than 400 cops — including RAF and riot police — were deployed in a three-tier security ring.

Islamic party wants to expel minorities, reunify with Pakistan

by Nozrul Islam

Strikes (hartal) and acts of violence continue across the country, especially against Hindus. Fears are growing among Buddhists, Christians and tribal communities. The Bangladesh Nationalist Party joins Jamaat-e-islami seeking the fall of the government. Islamist blogs provide instructions on how to sabotage railway lines, disrupt demonstrations and attack police.

Dhaka (AsiaNews) - Acts of violence, especially against Bangladesh's Hindu minority, and strikes (hartal) continue across the country as Jamaat-e-Islami supporters call for reunification with Pakistan, and the creation of a "pure" state, free of its non-Muslim population.

Since unrest began more than a week ago, 87 people have died-mostly police and peaceful protesters. The atmosphere is increasingly tense after the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), the country's main opposition party, decided to throw its support behind Jamaat and call for an end of war tribunals set up by the ruling Awami League. In addition, the BNP has called for the death penalty imposed on Jamaat's deputy chief Delwar Hossain Sayeedi to be dropped, and for the government to resign.

For Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, leader of the Awami League, opposition demands are unacceptable because they would mean her defeat.

However, Jamaat appears bent on pursuing its agenda come what may. With the BNP on its side, it does not seem willing to stop its terror strategy. In fact, it has begun handing out weapons to women and children to "save Islam and its soul from danger".

Well-organised, the Islamic party has a large pool of supporters. On a number of blogs, many of them are openly calling for reunification with Pakistan and the expulsion of Hindus, atheists and Christians. Instructions are also provided on how to sabotage railway lines, attack security forces, and cause unrest during strikes.
The situation we have is that most West Bengal muslims and most Indian muslims support BD Jamaat, and oppose Hasina and oppose the Shahbag demonstrators as atheists

It is simply a matter of time before Jamat captures BD, reunifies with Pak and launches open Jihad in Assam and West Bengal

It is inevitable like Gravity, and should perhaps these cockroaches should be encouraged to expose their hand prematurely

Also vote banking scumbags in India are silent about BD atrocities
A Suicidal Path: Indian Muslim Groups Come Out In Support Of Pro-Pakistan Bangladeshi War Criminals

A Dangerous Connivance

By Garga Chatterjee

April 6, 2013

It is worrying that West Bengal’s political class remained tactical spectators to the Kolkata rally organised by Muslim groups in support of Bangladeshi war criminals

West Bengal looked to the Shahbag protests in Dhaka with hope. In 1971, a massive relief and solidarity effort was undertaken in West Bengal for the millions trying to escape a veritable genocide. The then leaders of the Jamaat-e-Islami in East Bengal and its students wing organised murder and rape squads in collaboration with the Pakistani forces. Their crimes included mass murder, rape as a weapon of war, arson and forced conversions. Post-1975, generals used them to cast an Islamic veneer of legitimacy over their illegal capture of power. Their immunity lasted until the present Bangladesh government restarted the legal proceedings in the War Crimes tribunal. The Shahbag protests demanded maximum punishment for the guilty.


In West Bengal, a few meetings have happened around Shahbag, mostly expressing support. But, shockingly, the largest was a massive rally held in Kolkata on March 30, explicitly against the Shahbag protests and in support of the war criminals already convicted. Various Muslim groups, including the All Bengal Minority Council, the All Bengal Minority Youth Federation, the Madrasa Students Union, the Muslim Think Tank and the All Bengal Imam Muezzin Association, organised the rally. People arrived in buses from distant districts of Murshidabad and Nadia, as well as from neighbouring districts. Students of madrasas and the new Aliah Madrasa University were conspicuous at the gathering.

The old rallying cry, “Islam is in danger in Bangladesh,” was heard. We heard a similar cry in 1952 during the mother-language movement, in 1954 when Fazl ul Haq and Maulana Bhashani challenged the Muslim League, in 1969 when the Awami League made its six demands and during the 1971 liberation struggle — basically during every secular movement for rights and justice. The rally thundered that West Bengal would be “cleansed” of supporters of war crimes trial and the present Prime Minister of Bangladesh. They promised that political forces supporting Shahbag would be “beaten with broom-sticks” if they came asking for Muslim votes. Like Taslima Nasreen and Salman Rushdie, Sheikh Hasina would not be allowed inside Kolkata. They expressed solidarity with the anti-Shahbag “movement” in Bangladesh. This assertion is worrisome, as the anti-Shahbag forces in Bangladesh have initiated a wave of violent attacks on Hindus, Buddhists and secular individuals, and the destruction of Hindu and Buddhist homes, businesses and places of worship. Amnesty International documented attacks on over 40 Hindu temples as of March 6. That number has increased.

This large gathering and its pronouncements have been in the making. A collapse in the Muslim vote was important in the Left Front’s demise. Muslim divines regularly remind the present government of this. The Trinamool Congress wants to ensure a continued slice of this vote. In an unprecedented move, the government handed out monthly stipends to imams and muezzins to build a class of Muslim “community leaders” who eat out of its hand. The debt-ridden, vision-deficient government is unable to solve the problems that are common to the poor. It has wooed a section of the marginalised on the basis of religion by selective handouts. These are excellent as speech-making points masquerading as empathy. This also gives fillip to forces whose trajectories are not under usual political control.

The Left Front’s political fortune stagnated after 2011. It has cynically chosen not to strongly oppose this communal turn. Waiting for the incumbent to falter is its roadmap to power. The damage this is doing to the West Bengal’s political culture is possibly irreparable. The incumbent’s connivance and the opposition’s silence are due to the long-eroded tradition of democratic political contestation through grassroots mobilisation. Both deal with West Bengal’s sizeable minority population primarily via intermediaries, doing away with any pretence of ideology in the transactions.

Politics of Blackmail

Organisations inspired by political Islam have used this disconnect to the hilt to blackmail the government. An emerging bloc of divines, and former and present student leaders have used students and youths as storm troopers at short notice. Sadly, they are unconcerned about life and livelihood issues of Muslims. With assistance from the Left Front regime, they drove out the persecuted humanist writer, Taslima Nasreen. The extent of their clout as blackmailers was evident from the government’s pro-activeness in keeping Salman Rushdie out of Kolkata, after his visit to Bangalore, New Delhi and Mumbai. This pushing of the envelope fits into a sequence of events that is increasingly stifling the freedom of expression. The double-standards are clear.

On March 21, a group of small magazine publishers, human rights workers, theatre artists and peace activists were disallowed from marching to the Deputy High Commission of Bangladesh to express their support to the war-crimes trial efforts. The police had “orders;” some marchers were detained. A month earlier, the same police provided security cover to an anti-Shahbag march and later to the marchers when they submitted a memorandum to the Deputy High Commission demanding the acquittal of convicted war criminals. Last year, public libraries were directed to stock a sectarian daily even before its first issue was published! The State thinks that it can play this brinksmanship game with finesse. When the political class acts as tactical facilitators or tactical spectators to apologists of one the largest mass-murders ever, the demise of Kolkata as a centre of culture is a natural corollary. A combination of circumstances can cause an uncontrollable unravelling. Bengal’s experience with sectarian politics is distinctly bitter.

The bye-election to Jangipur, a Muslim-majority Lok Sabha constituency, saw the combined vote of the two main parties fall from 95 per cent in 2009 to 78 per cent in 2012. The beneficiaries were the Welfare Party of India, a thinly-veiled front organisation of the Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, and the Social Democratic Party of India, a similar group. “Tactical pluralism” is their game, a concept quite akin to the tactical defence of Taslima’s freedom of speech by Hindu communal political forces. The rally in support of war criminals has exposed this faux pluralism.

There was another significant beneficiary in the same election — the Bharatiya Janata Party. Communal tension has been rising, with serious disturbances in Deganga and Canning. Sensing a subterranean polarisation, the majoritarian forces see an opportunity. Mouthing banalities about Bengal’s “intrinsically” plural culture is useless. Culture is a living entity, recreated every moment. It is being recreated by the victimisation discourse by fringe groups like Hindu Samhati and in certain religious congregations where unalloyed poison produced by divines like Tarek Monawar Hossain from Bangladesh is played on loud-speakers. Thanks to technology, vitriol produced in a milieu of free-style majoritarian muscle-flexing in Bangladesh reaches West Bengal easily. Hence the popularity of one of the convicted war criminals, Delwar Hossain Sayedee, who in his post-1971 avatar had become a superstar in the Bengali waz-mahfil circuit.

What are the effects of cultural exchange of this kind? The rally is a clue. A defence of Sayedee and the claim that he is innocent, made repeatedly in the rally, are like perpetrating Holocaust-denial.

A day after the anti-Shahbag rally in Kolkata, almost as a divine reminder of starker realities beyond the defence of Islam nearly 45 lakh unemployed youth, Hindus and Muslims, sat for the primary school teachers’ recruitment examination for 35,000 posts. Clearly, the ‘minority’ employment exchange set up by the incumbents has failed. West Bengal has petitioned the Centre for a relaxation of the minimum qualifications for primary school teachers. The promotion of religious education is hardly the way to empowerment and livelihood generation for the minorities in a State where they have been grossly under-represented in all white-collar services. There are no short-cut solutions.

Garga Chatterjee is a researcher at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Source: http://www.thehindu.com/opinion/lead/a-d...585420.ece
brihaspati in Bharat-rakshak

What Bengalis should do is a different question altogether. My line has always been that they must, they should, think "nationally" rather than as Bengalis. Thy must grow connections, marital, biz, ideologcial - with the rest of India - bypassing the Delhi coteries and networks. They should become Indians first - without shining their armours of superior "culture", Rabindranath Thakur, "secularism", yadda yadda. There is a lot that the Bengali persona has to shed to come closer to the Indian heartland, the more "quaintly and orthodoxly religious" heartland of India. It is as a pan-Indian force -and not just peacocking the Bengali cultural panorama, that the Bengalis can ever hope to solve the contradiction they are in.

They may not like the "hanuman" puja, or other such stuff, or the absence of interest in Kafka or Derrida or Marx or Bunuel. But that India has to be sunk down to or climbed down to become part of the force that can overwhelm its enemies.


He is a bengali, but his prescription is similar to mine of give up bengali Hindu culture and declare yourself Oriya

Probably, unnerved by the movement’s secular push, Islamist forces, including those outside Bangladesh can be seen to be colluding actively trying to suppress it. In the last few days, the heads of state of both Egypt and Turkey wrote separate letters to the Prime Minister of Bangladesh pressurising her in this regard. In India too, Jamat-e-Islami, Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind, Minority Youth Federation and several like-minded organisations have demonstrated and expressed solidarity with the war criminals presently being held in jails of Bangladesh. These organisations have gone on to declare that if the Awami

League govt. continues to pursue the conviction of war criminals, they would appeal to the Govt. of India to break all diplomatic relations with Bangladesh. In a way through their emotive stirrings, these Islamist organisations have demonstrated that they have no sympathy or concern with the atrocities committed on the general populace of Bangladesh; majority of whom are Muslims. To the contrary they have clearly bared their intentions, i.e. they are only concerned for the leaders of the Jamat, who are certain to face the legal consequences of the crimes committed by them.

Majoritarian and fascist forces feed and thrive on each other and that there has been a coinciding of the rise of Hindutva in India and fundamentalist forces in our neighborhood.

Ironically, the secular-democratic and left forces of India have till now maintained a studied silence on the historical movement being driven and sustained by the general public of Bangladesh

Four BSF men suspended for shooting Bangladeshi smugglers

Submitted by admin4 on 15 June 2013 - 9:49am

India News


Kolkata : The Border Security Force (BSF) has suspended four of its personnel in connection with the alleged killing of two suspected Bangladeshi cattle smugglers on the West Bengal border, an official said Friday.

"An assistant sub inspector, a head constable and two constables have been suspended in connection with the killing of two Bangladeshi cattle traders in the intervening night of June 11-12 across the south Bengal frontier," a BSF officer said.

A high level court of enquiry has also been ordered into the shootout.
Tapan Ghosh

Tapan Ghosh

I am suffering from an unbearable pain hearing the story of Payel Mandal's production on 20 Aug. in Malda court from her tearful parents, today have come to me from Malda. I am appalled to see at my house that Anjana devi, Payel's mother, still keeping fast of Janmastami today. I am arguing with her to eat today because her rigourous Janmastami fasting for last 12 years could not save her child from unbearable pain and kidnapping.

On 21 Aug Wednesday, police produced Payel to Malda court. Police informed Payel's parents only after Sec.164 statement before Judicial Magistrate given by Payel was over.

All sorts of terrorising tactics have been applied by the kidnappers (Usman, Esraful & others). 100 plus known Muslim goons of Payel's locality were present in the court. They were inside court room whereas Payel's mother was being denied entry inside. NOT A SINGLE POLICE, CID OFFICERS AND COURT POLICE OF MALDA DISTRICT IS HONEST. EVERYBODY IS A 'PAISAKHOR'.

Hapless Payel tried to tell something to her mother. But could not as Usman's mother grabed her. When in court lock up, Payel's mother Anjana could be able to meet her for only 2 minutes, Payel told her mother that something is dropped on ground. Hapless Anjana could not understand the indication. Surely Payel dropped a piece of paper. Anjana ignored the signal because she was compelled to cajoling with police and Usman's mother to talk to her daughter.

Now Payel is in Usman's house. Usman is in jail. Shortly he will be released on bail, and then will legally marry her.

Even today, even Usman's relatives and neighbours (all Muslim) are not allowed to enter his house. WHY? Payel is struggling there for freedom. Payel is suffering this unbearable pain caused by the weakness of us, the Hindu society of West Bengal.

The hard reality is - we cannot protect, we cannot save our daughters from the clutches of greedy Muslims. They are 1st class citizen and we are 2nd class citizen of our own country. Even parting way with two third of our beloved Bengal, we are 2nd class citizen in this one third. We have no human rights here.

FB link - http://urlshort.me/12n9

Still we are pursuing the matter in High Court. With very little hope.
Doctor assaulted in Uluberia for failing to donate to celebrate Eid

An unruly mob consisting of members from Uluberia Junior Sporting Club thrashed distinguished child specialist Dr. Sourav Manna severely in his own chamber. The attack took place in the morning of 18th August after he refused to provide desirable subscription to them to celebrate Eid. Even though the doctor filed a complaint in the local police station of Uluberia none of the attackers, all of whom belonged to Muslim community, has been arrested yet. According to local sources, Uluberia Junior Sporting Club organized a cloth distribution program on 8th August and a competition (including quiz) on August 9 to celebrate Eid. A day-long football tournament was also organized by the club on 15th August 15 to observe Independence Day. Dr. Manna alleges that the Club asked him to pay Rs. 3001 as a subscription. Expressing his helplessness, he donated Rs 750 but it failed to satisfy members of the club leading to the assault. The amount of money donated by the doctor had also been returned. On 14th August, few members of the Club went to his residence to warn that his refusal to pay the desirable amount would invite dire consequences. Dr. Manna lodged a formal complaint to the local police station of Uluberia but there was no remedy. On August 16, a few youths of the Club visited his residence again and warned him. Finally on August 18, when Dr. Manna was busy with patients in his chamber, around 25 youths moved into his chamber and forced the patients to go out. This was followed by a vicious attack on the doctor, destroying much of his property as no one dared to prevent them. The incident has panicked the neighborhood. It has been learnt that Dr. Manna has been living in Uluberia Station Road for more than ten years and is known to be benevolent and a proficient physician. The police have not been able to state what prevented them from adopting suitable measures when the doctor lodged the first formal complaint. Mr Shyamal Kumar Samanta, SDPO of Uluberia, was found to evade the issue and has said only that an investigation is going on.

West Bengal waiting to explode

By Sandhya Jain on September 24, 2013


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Tags: West Bengal, communalism, muslim appeasement, Minority Appeasement, Mamata Banerjee, indian secularism

West Bengal waiting to explode

West Bengal is sitting on a communal tinderbox with the Chief Minister under pressure from the minority community to run the State as per its wishes or face rout at the hustings, and incidents of confrontation between the two major communities rising steeply. Mamata Banerjee’s overt proximity with the minority community has made the police wary of taking action where required, even as a disproportionate number of cases are filed against members of the majority community, even when they are the aggrieved party.

At the Eid namaz at Red Road on August 9, Maulana Qari Fazlur Rehman berated the Chief Minister for the rise of Hindu consolidation in villages and demanded she put an end to it. Mamata Banerjee, who was present on the occasion for the second consecutive year, was unpleasantly surprised when the Maulana accused her Government of failing to meet its promises to the minorities.

The tradition of attending the Eid namaz despite not being a member of the community was begun by Mamata Banerjee, and was not practiced by the communists under the Left regimes.

Mamata Banerjee showed exemplary toughness in combating the Maoist menace in the State, as exemplified by the killing of Kishenji, even though Maoists had supported her party in the run up to the elections two years ago. She refused to yield an inch on the issue of a separate Gorkhaland. But she seems increasingly at sea on the issue of Islamic assertiveness. Currently, her sole plan appears to be appeasement.

According to informed sources, Maulana Rehman was angry that the Hindu Samhati, a relatively new organisation trying to defend the Hindu community when temples were attacked or women and girls molested or abducted, had established 1600 branches across the State. He explicitly asked the bemused Chief Minister to do ‘something’ about it.

He further demanded that she implement the recommendations of the Sachar Committee report, and called her a ‘liar’ for claiming to have fulfilled 90 per cent of the promises made to the community.

Maulana Rehman told the Chief Minister before the mammoth gathering that Trinamool Congress won the recent panchayat elections on the backs of Muslims and demanded reciprocal benefits on the form of housing, schools and colleges in poor and backward Muslim areas. The beleaguered Chief Minister immediately announced reservations for Muslims in higher education, from 2014, and promised further business avenues such as shops and small-scale enterprises. Trinamool MP Sultan Ahmed, also present at the Red Road prayers, tried to placate the Maulana by claiming that the State Government had recruited 11 per cent to 15 per cent Muslims in the police, home guards and civil defence wings.

Previously, in 2012, the Eid namaz at Red Road was led by Imam Mohd Nur ur Rahman Barkati of the Tipu Sultan Mosque. He told the Chief Minister that Muslims had dislodged the CPM regime and would not hesitate to do the same with the Trinamool Congress if their wishes were not satisfied.

The lists of Muslim demands includes: bring all Muslims under the OBC category (80 per cent are already included); reservations in employment and education (the latter has now been met); 25 per cent reservation in accommodation in new cities like Rajarhat; 5000 new flats for Muslims to be built by the Kolkata Corporation. The growing stridency of Muslim leaders is beginning to cause unease among the regime as some assess the cumulative impact of growing violence across the State.

It may be recalled that in February this year, sub-inspector Tapas Chowdhury was murdered during student violence in front of Hari Mohan Ghose College in Kolkata’s Garden Reach area. Trinamool Congress member Sheikh Subhan, who was caught on camera firing at the policeman, was arrested in the case, following which the State Government transferred Police Commissioner RK Pachnanda, a move criticised by Governor MK Narayanan and opposition parties. Trinamool Congress councillor Mohammad Iqbal alias Munna, who was with Subhan (his aide) during the shooting, was also arrested in connection with the murder. He has recently been released on bail.

The same month, there was a serious outbreak of communal violence in South 24 Parganas district after Rohul Kuddus, a local maulvi, was shot dead late at night while returning from a function; his aide, Abdul Wahab, was injured. Within hours of the murder, truckloads of persons from various parts of Kolkata descended on the area and torched and looted over 200 Hindu homes in the villages of Naliakhali, Herobhanga, Gopalpur and Goladogra, in Canning and Joynagar police station areas.

The violence was clearly organised and soon spread to parts of North 24 Parganas. Police officers Anup Samaddar and Anup Ghosh of Canning police station were seriously injured and two police vehicles torched in the melee.

Observers had then surmised that the violence was a run-up to the Panchayat elections in Bengal, as the maulvi was reportedly carrying over Rs 11 lakhs on his person when murdered; the money was never recovered. This view was validated by Maulana Rehman when he stated in his namaz speech at Red Road that 70 per cent of the persons who died in poll-related violence during the Panchayat elections were Muslims. The Maulana demanded that the community should get commensurate benefits.

Residents in the remote villages and districts of the State profess growing anxiety on account of increasing incidents of iconoclasm all across the region. Sunil of Asansol told this writer that incidents of attack or encroachments on temple land occur almost daily.

The presence of the Chief Minister at functions like the Eid namaz, her readiness to fulfill their demands, and her peremptory transfer of the last Police Commissioner, have made the police wary. In a dispute at the Taltala Masjid in Kolkata on August 4 this year, as many as 17 policemen were injured seriously, though the incident was blacked out in the media.

There is a pronounced bias in cases where Hindus are the aggrieved community, and their youth are arrested and harassed. This was particularly so prior to the Panchayat elections. The politics of appeasement is taking a heavy toll on the people of the State
Tapan Ghosh on Facebook

Friends, now Hindu Samhati needs a lot of funds, because HS helps/bears the lawyer fees/bail costs for cases against hundreds of arrested Hindus, HS helps the injured Hindus' medical-treatment & hospital cost, and also helps the families of the arrested & affected Hindus. There is also the cost of visiting the places where atrocities on Hindus happened.

Some of you suggested to post detail of our bank account. Hence I'm giving it below.

Account holder - HINDU SAMHATI


B K Paul Avenue Branch, Calcutta.

A/C NO. 3 1 2 9 5 7 9 5 3 2 8.

IFSC- SBIN0001767 .

I further request all - our treasurer is Sujit Maity. If you send any contribution, kindly inform him to his email id <sujit.maity2008@gmail.com>.

Regards to all.

Tapan Ghosh
Tapan Ghosh

Important : Read Carefully


Some of my facebook friends suggested me to take the step of eliminating some anti Hindu elements. My response to them :

This suggestion is not proper and practical at all. Primarily it is illegal. Moreover, one cannot fight against state by secret violence. Still now we have not opted for that process. In spite of that, state has slapped about 100 cases on our boys and supporters. More than 500 have been made accused. If we go in the path of secret violence, state will simply crush us to dust. Therefore,

Open mass resistance is our policy and principle. We will continue that process. This is not a fight between Hindu and Muslim. State is on Muslim's side. Therefore, it is a fight for freedom, liberty and independence for the Hindus of Bengal. Any Freedom Fight can be successful only when a large number of people take part in this. If we take the path of secret violence, then large number of people cannot join that fight. Therefore, secret violence must be avoided in Freedom Fight. This is our well thought Principle.
Tapan Ghosh

We need huge support from Large number of Hindus to fight , we are fighting the court cases for Hindus, for that reason administration and police (guided by vote narrow bank politics) are constantly giving cognizable & non-cognizable charges to our members. This is not a battle, its war, its long . Therefore, I urge to support us financially in Favour of Hindu Samhati , A/C : 31295795328 , State Bank Of India. In case of NetBanking donation, our IFSC Code is : SBIN0001767. Please help us if you can. If you donate, then pls send an email to Sujit Maity for more confirmation, he is our treasurer, at : sujitmaity28@gmail.com

Tapan Ghosh
Tapan Ghosh

Friends, last 19 October, on this page I appealed for the first time for funds for helping the poor Hindus who are constantly being victims of discrimination by police administration in Basanti, Jibantala & Sandeshkhali area. Till now total 20 persons have sent their monetary help ranging from Rs.200 to Rs.15,000 totaling Rs.76,700. Thank you all for this timely help.

For those who want to contribute, our bank detail is :

Account name - HINDU SAMHATI.


B K Paul Avenue Branch, Calcutta.

A/C NO. 3 1 2 9 5 7 9 5 3 2 8.

IFSC- SBIN 0001767 .

I further request all - our treasurer is Sujit Maity. If you send any contribution, kindly inform him to his email id <sujitmaity28@gmail.com>.
Incidents in West Bengal:

A Minor Hindu Girl Seduced, Kidnapped, Converted and Married to a Muslim:

Shubhendu Ray is a resident of Bakultala area of Bahrampur in the district of Murshidabad, West Bengal. Mr Ray is a businessman and a local leader of a political party. His daughter Anita is a 15-year-old girl. Shahidul, a local Muslim boy seduced Anita and forcefully abducted her on 14 October, this year. Later on, she was forcefully converted to Islam and on the next day Shahidul married her. On 20 October, Shubhendu Ray, with the help of the police, went to Shahidul’s house and recovered his daughter Anita. A case was moved against Shahidul and then onward he was absconding.

Meanwhile, Shahidul filed an anticipatory bail petition to the court at Barhamour but the petition was rejected. Then Shahidul moved his petition to the Calcutta High Court and a division bench, comprising of Justice Pinaki Ghosh and Justice Shailendra Prasad Talukdar (both of them are Hindus), granted the anticipatory bail to Shahidul, on 16 December. While delivering their verdict, the Judges said that, though marriage of a girl below 18 is unlawful according to Hindu Marriage Act, it is not applicable in the present case. Since Anita was converted to Islam prior to her marriage, the case falls under the purview of the Muslim Marriage Act and as the Muslim Marriage Act permits one to marry a 15 tear-old girl, hence Shahidul has done no offence.

The question therefore arises – Is conversion of a minor girl of 15 is valid in law? If not, then the conversion of minor girl Anita stands null and void in the court of law. So treating her marriage according to Muslim Marriage Act does not arise. Furthermore, eloping with a minor girl of 15 without the consent of her parents is a clear case of kidnapping, which is a highly criminal offence and how the honourable judges have overlooked this crime on the part of Shahidul before granting him the said anticipatory bail? Such carelessness and callousness of the honourable judges of a High Court is indeed unpardonable.
Cross-posting from the jihad timeline thread

[color="#FF0000"]Photos at link[/color]


Quote:Suppressed News: Large-scale Muslim Violence against Hindus in Panchla

Posted by IndiaFacts Staff / January 20, 2014 / Posted in Distortion Watch, Media, Politics, Slider / 3 Comments

Makara Sankranti is one of the holiest Hindu festivals marking the transition of the Sun into the zodiac sign of Makara rashi (Capricorn) in its celestial path. It is primarily a harvest festival; Hindus also believe that it marks the arrival of spring in India. Makara Sankranti is celebrated across the length and breadth of India typically on 15 January every year.

The Makara Sankranti of 2014 for the Hindus of Panchla (Howrah district, West Bengal) was marked by violence, blood, and gore. IndiaFacts gives below a brief summary of the episode.

Where and When

Panchla, Sadar subdivision, Howrah district, West Bengal, on 14 January 2014.


The trouble began when some Muslim participants of a rally, taken out on the occasion of Eid-e-Milad-un-Nabi harassed Hindu girls and the Hindu youths protested. This led to large scale violence and unprovoked attack on Hindus by the Muslim rallyists.

The violence took place [color="#0000FF"]in the presence Trinamool Congress MLA[/color] Gulshan Mallick and the Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Panchla Police Station.

The office of the District Superintendent of Police and also the camp of Rapid Action Force (RAF) are situated in the vicinity of the location where the attack occurred. Equally, the Panchla Police Station is only 3 km away.

Outcome and action

Hindu houses and shops have been looted and damaged. Some Hindus have been injured in the attack. Affected Hindu villages are Kolepara, Santrapara and Pachalpara.

Hindus are terrorised and traumatised, and some have fled their houses never to return.

Mainstream media outlets have largely suppressed this incident.

As of now, a massive contingent of the RAF has been deployed in the area.

The following are the images of the properties damaged by the Muslim mob. Image courtesy: Hindu Sahmati.

[color="#800080"][photos documenting this latest instance of the islamic terrorism that always takes place with full blessing from the christogovt are at the link][/color]

The following is a partial list of the Hindu victims in Panchla:

1) Residence of Shibnath Ray, a professional mason. His house was set afire after it was ransacked.

2) Residence of Amar Ray. While two cows have been looted, another cow was slaughtered. Even the cistern was also not spared. It was damaged as a result of heavy bombing.

3) The grill factory of Asit Pachhal was ransacked.

4) The embroidery factory of Ajit Koley was looted.

5) The attackers ransacked and looted the private chambers and the house of Dr. Raghu Karmakar.

6) The chicken shop of Subrata Manna was looted.

7) A furniture shop owned by Banshi Pachal–who also sold the furniture himself–was pillaged.

8) The snack-shop of Gora Sahu was looted.

9) The residence of Bulbul Koley was attacked and bombed resulting in the injury of a cow inside the house.

10) Fields of betel leaves in both Hazrapara and Daspara were destroyed.


Large parts of West Bengal have recently become the targets of wanton aggression by Muslims against Hindus. Howrah is no different.

In 2007, a similar incident of unprovoked violence against Hindus occurred at Panchla Bazaar. This caused the exodus of a large number of Hindus who have never returned.

Similarly, in 2010, there was another attack against Hindus at the instigation of a school headmaster, a Muslim named Dil Bahar in Panchla. Hindus in Hakola and Kulat villages were the targets of Muslim atrocities which included but were not limited to the molestation of Hindu girls and women. The complete account can be found here.

IndiaFacts information for citizens concerned with the horrific incident:

Phone number of the Panchla Police Station: 03214 259224.

Concerned citizens from all over India can call this number any time and politely inquire and follow up the status of the incident. Public pressure on the police will go a long way in helping deliver justice to the innocent Hindus who were traumatised for no fault of theirs.

There are two reasons that christomedia in India does an intentional blackout of islamaniac terrorism against Hindus and will never allow even a whisper of the christian terrorism of Hindus in the northeast to reach audiences

1. Christianism aids and abets jihad, since it is part of the mutual christoislamisation of India pact.

2. The other reason is that blackouts/silence prevent Hindus from creating a christian crimeline and islamaniac terrorist timeline using "accepted" christomedia sources.

I think the extremely loud blaring of the christomedia channels in India over Sunanda's murder - it's almost louder than these christo channels usually are (and they're already always loud, trashy, filled with flashing titles and text banners, loud affected fake English accents etc) - is in order to blackout the islamaniac terrorist attack against Hindus in Panchla, Bengal.

Note this and the other documented terrorist attacks are clearly for the purposes of ethnic cleansing of the Hindus of the region: notice how they are not returing to their homes.

Note also that the ChristoCongress deliberately allows islamaniac infiltration from Bangladesh for the very purpose of jihad for ethnic cleansing of the Hindus. That this is deliberate policy is further underscored by how Congress' mouthpiece - India's christomedia - does not report on these large-scale incidents of ethnic cleansing at all: it is all proceeding in collusion with the christian government and by the instigation and intention of the christian government.

WB is becoming Kashmir Part 2. What happened some decades ago in Kashmir is now gradually happening (with increasing acceleration) in WB.
1. indiafacts.co.in/trinamool-goons-will-gun-voting-bjp/

Quote:Published On: Mon, Jun 2nd, 2014 IndiaFacts Staff

Trinamool goons will gun you down for voting BJP

About Islamaniacs in Trinamool KKKangress.

2. indiafacts.co.in/ground-report-state-hindus-west-bengal

Quote:Published On: Fri, Jun 6th, 2014

IndiaFacts Staff Ground report: [color="#0000FF"]The state of Hindus in West Bengal[/color]

Note: This compilation was sent to the IndiaFacts team from ardent Hindu groups fighting an uphill battle against Islamist goons who with the support of the ruling dispensation has made life almost unlivable for Hindus in West Bengal. Note that this is only a partial, random list of attacks and atrocities against Hindus in West Bengal in the recent past.

1) Date – 28.05.2014. Place – Ramona village. Police Station (PS) – Raghunathganj. Dist. – Murshidabad.

Description – 11 year old Hindu girl has been gang raped by Motahar Seikh, Bapan Seikh and Pande Seikh, all residents of Bahadidanga village.

2) Date - 27.05.2014. Place - Rampur Halder Gheri village. PS – Sandeshkhali, District – North 24 Parganas.

Description – Attack on villagers for celebrating the swearing in ceremony of Narendra Modi. 26 persons including one police official were received bullet wounds. 13 were treated at the local Khulna health center and 13 were taken to Kolkata hospital with serious injuries.

3) Date – 25.05. 2014. Place – Sarberia Natun Bazar. PS – Sandeshkhali. Dist. – North 24 Parganas.

Description – Dulal Sardar of Golbunia village and 4 policemen were severely beaten up by the goons of Shajahan Seikh when returning from the Police Station, escorted by police.

4) Date – 20.05.2014. Place – Dattapara village. PS – Swarupnagar. Dist. – North 24 Parganas.

Description – Rape of a newlywed Hindu woman Lakshmi Biswas (17 yr) by Baharuddin and Saiful. Her husband works in Dubai. Now he is reluctant to take her back. The incident took place when she was (still is) at her widowed mother’s house.

5) Date – 18.05.2014. Place – Dhalla village. PS – Margram. Dist. – Birbhum.

Description – A small insignificant dispute. Muslims of neighbouring Imamnagar village attacked the house of Samar Saha, fractured his head, and beat up his wife leading to severe fractures on her left hand.

6) Date – 16.05.2014. Place – Naram Colony. PS – Raiganj. Dist. – North Dinajpur.

Description – A 25-year old Hindu housewife had been kidnapped and raped for 5 days by Sabid Ali, Usuf Ali and Pochu Mohammad in the house of Mir Mohammad.

7) Date – 15.05.2014. Place – Angrail village. PS – Gaighata. Dist. – North 24 Parganas.

Description – A group of Bangladeshi cow smugglers attacked and killed Nirmal Ghosh, a Rail Police constable. His elder brother Paran Ghosh was injured when he tried to save his brother.

8) Date – 13.05.2014. Place – Golbunia village. PS – Sandeshkhali. Dist. – North 24 Parganas.

Description – A motorbike-borne gang of Shajahan Sheikh attacked and injured women and threatened villagers. With serious injuries all over her, Smt Bindebala Sardar was admitted to the Basirhat Goverment hospital. 15 other injured persons have been pushed out of Rajbari Rural Hospital after the doctor got call from Shajahan Seikh.

9) Date – 10.05.2014. Place – Arjunpur village. PS – Farakka. Dist. – Murshidabad.

Description – Local Muslims attacked a funeral party from Hajarpur village with bombs and bullets. Bikash Pal and Kesto Pal were grievously injured. The party had to flee abandoning the partially-cremated body of late Biren Pal to save their lives. After this, the attacking Muslims tried to encroach the Hindu cemetery at Arjunpur village.

10) Date – 30.04.2014. Place – Jhupkhali village. PS – Sandeshkhali. Dist. – North 24 Parganas.

Description – 25 BJP leaders and workers including Samik Bhattacharya, BJP candidate of Basirhat constituency, were beaten up by Shajahan Sheikh’s gang when they went to visit the family of the victim of gang rape.

[color="#800080"](See also indiafacts.co.in/trinamool-goons-will-gun-voting-bjp/ for further details)[/color]

11) Date – 29.04.2014. Place – Jhupkhali village. PS – Sandeshkhali. Dist. – North 24 Parganas.

Description – Gang rape of a 15 year old Scheduled Caste Hindu girl, daughter of a rice businessman, by Osman Mollah and his 5 other goons. Before raping her, the Muslim miscreants looted Rs. 20,000 in cash, gold ornaments, two water pumps and other expensive items.

12) Date – 23.04.2014. Place – Khaspur village. PS - Baduria. Dist. – North 24 Parganas.

Description – A 200-plus Bangladeshi Muslim mob of cow traffickers attacked Khaspur village, ransacked and looted shops and houses, and molested women.

13) Date – 14.04.2014. Place – Jamserpur village. PS – Hogolberia. Dist. – Nadia.

Description – Police stopped a 100 year old Hindu religious ceremony named “Charak Puja” and “Charak Mela” (fair) to satisfy the demands of Muslims. With the consent of the police, Hindus agreed to hold the program outside the boundary of the ground. When the Hindus gathered there on 14.04.14, a sizeable Muslim mob attacked them with arms and seriously injured many Hindus. A police officer (SDPO) was badly wounded. But the looting went on unchecked leaving several Hindus houses gutted. Police arrested 3 Hindus and 9 Muslims. However, the police was forced to free Maulavi Badaruddin who was the instigator of this attack on Hindus.

14) Date – 09.04.2014. Place – Dhalaghat village. PS – Harirampur. Dist. – South Dinajpur.

Description – Muslims attacked the Basanti Puja festival, broke the Basanti deity by kicking it, and ransacked the Puja pandal and launched an attack on the Hindus assembled there. In the process, they fractured Dilip Murmu’s head, injured many persons, and molested women. All the victims belong to the Scheduled Tribes. The notorious Anikul Islam, Sadikul Islam and Minarul Islam led the rampaging mob.

15) Date – 30.03.2014. Village – Sihipur. PS – Chanchal. Dist. – Malda.

Description – When a Muslim thief named ‘Boba’ was caught red handed while stealing a cow from the house of Sushil Das, a Muslim mob of 200 led by local Congress leader Zakir Hossein attacked the village Sihipur inhabited by SC (Hari) Hindus. More than 40 Hindus were injured, women were molested, money and valuables were looted by the Muslim mob.

16) Date – 29.03.2014. Place – Sarar Hat village market. PS – Falta. Dist. – South 24 Parganas.

Description – Renowned businessman and a leading personality of Hindu society, Kartick Methia was brutally murdered by hired Muslim goons of Mohammad Raja Sheikh. Kartick Methia was courageously leading the local Hindus to resist the efforts of an illegal construction of a mosque on a Hindu ground named “Rashmath”.

17) Date – 01.02.2014. Place – Sarberia village. PS – Sandeshkhali. Dist. – North 24 Parganas.

Description – Hindu Samhati workers were attacked by goons of Shajahan Sheikh. Amay Bhunia and Paresh Mandal seriously injured inside the TMC party office. The police arrested the victims instead of the perpetrators.

18) Date – 14.01.2014. Place – Biki Hakola village. PS – Panchla. Dist. – Howrah.

Description – A Muslim procession on the occasion of Viswa Navi/Nabi Divas (the birthday of Hazrat Muhammad) forcibly entered Hindu villages beyond the sanctioned route by local administration, and attacked the Hindus there. Massive destruction and large scale violence took place. The processionists damaged four Hindu temples including one large Harisabha, looted, ransacked and gutted many Hindu houses, shops and agricultural lands. A total of about 100 Hindu houses, establishments and 4 temples were damaged and ransacked. Hindu women were abused and molested.

19) Date – 29.12.2013. Place – Ukiler Bazar village. PS – Kakdwip. Dist. – South 24 Parganas.

Description – Smt. Sarathi Maity, wife of the local fish vendor Sankar Maity, was attacked by Rafik Seikh, Jamaal Seikh and Lutfar with sharp weapons. Her head was fractured, and she was molested by the goons.

20) Date – 17.10. 2013. Place – Kashthagara. PS – Rampurhat. Dist. – Birbhum.

Description –The Durgapuja immersion procession was attacked by armed Muslims after being provoked by loudspeakers of the local mosque. 10 Hindus were injured. Among them, an Army Jawan Anil Mandal’s injury very serious. He had to stay in the ICU in the Command Hospital in Kolkata.

21) Date – 16.10.2013. Place – Dholkhali. PS – Sandeshkhali. Dist. – North 24 Parganas.

Description – About 5-6 Muslim families slaughtered five cows for the first time in the presence of the BDO and Police. Hindus protested. In retaliation, Shajahan Seikh’s goons ransacked Hindu shops at Rampur Bazar and beat up Hindus. Muslims also attacked many Hindu villages

22) Date – 31.08.2013. Place – Rajbari village market. PS – Sandeshkhali. Dist. – North 24 Parganas.

Description – The shop and residence of Kamal Bishai was completely looted and ransacked by Muslim goons. Gold, cash and other articles worth Rs. 2 lakh were also looted.

23) Date – 16.08.2013. Place – Gabbunia village. PS – Jibantala. Dist. – South 24 Parganas.

Description – Muslims attacked Hindu houses in the Gabbunia village. Their fault – they went to Kolkata to join a program of Hindu Samhati. 23 houses damaged, materials looted worth lakhs of rupees. Many injured. Tapas Naskar was shot in the leg and seriously injured by Ali Akbar Seikh. Smt. Sulata Ghosh (sister of Tapas) was fully stripped and molested. A few other Hindu women were molested as well.

24) Date – 07.03.2013. Place – Rasa village. PS – Kankartala. Dist. – Birbhum.

Description – Dispute between Hindus and Muslims over illegal mining of coal. Result – On February 7, 2013, a Hindu woman was beaten almost to death by Muslims inducing Hindus to opt for a peaceful blockade of road. This peaceful Hindu protest was avenged by savagery on the part of the neighboring Muslims of village Sahapur. Hindu houses were set to fire followed by molestation of Hindu women and beastly thrashing of Hindus in general. While more than 40 Hindu houses and shops were burnt down, other households were looted. Hindus in the area now maintain a hand-to-mouth existence.

While this devastation was going on, Hindus phoned the local police station. Police came but remained silent spectators.

25) Date – 20.02.2013. Place – 4 Hindu villages named Naliakhali, Herobhanga, Gopalpur and Goladahora. PS – Canning. Dist. – South 24 Parganas.

Description – To avenge the murder of the Imam of a Kolkata mosque by unknown assailants, 200 truckloads of Muslims from distant Kolkata and other places attacked these 4 villages and ravaged, looted, gutted Hindu houses and establishments. The Police were again meek spectators. In fact, the rioters took diesel from the police jeeps to burn the Hindu houses.

26) Date – 20.02.2013. Place – Jalaberia. PS – Kultali. Dist. – South 24 Parganas.

Description – Smt. Krishna Banik, a Hindu housewife, while returning from Kolkata, was forcibly abducted by the Muslims at Mollar Chak and raped. The culprits also looted Rs. 8000 which she was bringing for her daughter’s marriage.

27) Date – 20.02.2013. Place – Priyor Mor village. PS – Joynagar. Dist. – South 24 Parganas.

Description – 19 shops owned by Hindus were looted in the market of Priyor Mor by Muslims.

28) Date – 14.05.2012. Place – Taranagar and Roopnagar villages (2). PS – Joynagar. Dist. – South 24 Parganas.

Description – To retaliate the murder of a SUCI Muslim leader, Muslims resorted to large scale violence. They looted and gutted about 100 Hindu houses of these 2 villages.


1. Hundreds of such incidents of Muslim atrocities against Hindus are occurring every month all over West Bengal. Neither the administration nor the police takes cognizance of these atrocities.

2 : I would like to mention an incident of another person if only to show the number and might of Fundamentalist Muslims and West Bengal state administration.

Date – 02.09.2013. Place – Rampurhat. PS – Margram. Dist. – Birbhum.

The former Judge of Calcutta High Court, a former renowned lawyer, and a sitting minister of the TMC Government led by Mamata Banerjee, Mr. Nure Alam Chowdhury was shackled, beaten up, and remained hostage for eight hours by fundamentalist Muslims at his own place Margram. His forefathers were zamindars there for seven generations. His girl’s college named after his mother– the Asaleha Girl’s college–was set on fire, completely gutted and now remains closed. The new building has been encroached by a mosque.

For details see – indianexpress.com/article/cities/kolkata/mamata-minister-held-hostage-for-8-hours-over-disputed-land/.

The reason behind this attack/anger, which no media mentioned, was that his wife Mamtaz Sanghamitra, a Hindu convert, during the 2013 Eid Namaz, successfully made arrangements for Muslim women to offer Namaz collectively on an open ground like male Muslims.

These comments make an important correction to the final item in the above:

Quote:Paroma Das says:

June 6, 2014 at 5:05 pm

Mamtaz Sanghamitra is NOT a Hindu convert: [color="#0000FF"]thestatesman.net/news/42968-habibulla-daughter-challenges-cpm-mp.html[/color]


Tapan Ghosh says:

June 8, 2014 at 11:24 am

Yes, you are right. Mamtaz Sanghamitra is Muslim by birth. It is a mistake on the part of author of the report.

But here's a totally different comment, one by a vile little moron called Puneet:

Quote:puneet says:

June 6, 2014 at 7:58 pm

In my encounter with bongs on twitter,fb etc and i wont stereotype but a very big chunk of them were ‘progressive/secular/liberal’ and some were even such regionalist,that they called sanskrit as ‘hindustani’ and claimed bengali to be very diff from it. Part of my brain [color="#800080"](what brain?)[/color] thinks theres nothing hindu left about that state.the days of bankim r gone.


I don't know why someone who thinks of twitter and fb "etc" as representative of anyone in India - other than angelsk-speaking and de-heathenised - let alone as representative of the Hindus, would ever be taken seriously. I mean, most Hindoos still don't speak Inglish. And many more don't have Internet, let alone time to waste on brainless activities like twitting and faceplanting I mean facebooking.

(E.g. I don't have any relatives on FaceCrooks or TwitHeads. And they're all Hindu. And they're almost middle-class, for a 3rd world. So who knows how many Hindoo Bengalis there are that the likes of Puneet will never meet, because he's busy hanging out where only his own types congregate?)

And so, Tomorrow, when Moron Puneet (but he's not the first to sell Hindoo Bengalis down the drain for excuses like "Bengal deserve islam for being communist", except Bengal got hijacked by communism, like TN by DMK-ism and SL Hindu religion by christo-LTTE) -

Tomorrow when Puneet goes to play "nationalist vocalist" - or whatever he does in his spare time - on twithead and facecrook, and meets equally loudmouthed DMK-ites and christo-terrorists from TN, he will next declare that TN is no longer Hindu either (never mind that TN like KN etc is one of the most HindOO spaces in the world) and that instead TN must from his prodigious experience be "mostly progressive/secular/liberal/rational/atheist DMK and christo".

I'm again reminded of SandeepWeb or something like it who suddenly "discovered temples" and equally-moronically pretended that actual Hindoos - who'd been visiting the Temples of their Gods with a great, devout constancy since the beginning of heathenism - didn't exist anymore, only because SandeepWeb/whoever couldn't be bothered noticing Hindoos (just like they hadn't noticed Temples until Suddenly they remembered these existed). Morons.

And even if Bengal had all of 100 or less Hindoos, they'd still be worth protecting and having fellow-feeling for, rather than betraying them like only wretched unheathen traitors would.

Next time, when it's Puneet et al's turn to stare into the abyss (oh but soon!) and to look around desperately for support (even were it but moral), must kick them when they're down too. And spit in their faces. And other such cruel (but suddenly appealing to my naturally evil and vengeful mind) phrases. Bengali Hindoos should do the honours. But if they're too noble to - which I more than suspect they might be - and moreover threaten to be magnanimous and take pity on utterly unworthy Puneet etc, I will have to shove them out of harm's way and kick some well-deserved dust into Puneet's eyeballs myself, and remind him there's no We. "Hey, it's not that I don't believe in team spirit, it's just that you never made the team."

It must be nice to be a venomous snake and bite vile people at will and then look about innocently and declare/hiss that I'm a snake onlee.
The recent explosion in a house in Burdwan in West Bengal and the subsequent developments are indeed alarming. It appears that the terrorists have taken advantage of the vote bank politics of various political parties and had drawn up a plan to set up bases in various places of the State. The discovery of explosives and other material indicates that the group was planning some big terrorist operation in the country. By the grace of God we have been saved this time.

Initially, the matter was taken very lightly by the State authorities but with the handing over of investigation to the NIA , it appears proper investigation is now underway. The bold and strong action by the Central Government in ordering NIA investigation overruling the initial hesitation of the State Government indicates the strong will of the present Central Government in handling terrorists. This is a very welcome development.

It is time that the Government machinery should call upon the citizens to be extra vigilant and should report any suspicious activity to the security authorities. At the same time the security apparatus particularly at the police station level needs to be overhauled. The personnel need to be sensitized about the danger the terrorists are today posing to the nation as well as to the citizens. Whenever, reports are received the security authorities should act on the same with top priority and do proper investigation. The existence of madrasa in which suspicious activity is now surfacing indicates the total failure of the local intelligence. The reorientation and revamp of the entire security apparatus of the State is necessary to effectively maintain vigil against international terrorist organizations.

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