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Islamic Jihadism In West Bengal
Thursday, April 30, 2009
Commentary : The Indian Elections & The Hindu Populace

Samhati Sambad
April 30, 2009

Commentary : The Indian Elections & The Hindu Populace
The heat of Elections is on. Election Trumpets sounds in high pitch. This is the season of the Political Parties. All of them are in the battle field. But the season is not only made for them. This season creates opportunity for others also.

For example, this is a lucrative season for the advertisement agencies. The business grows abundantly for election materials like banners , hoardings, posters, flexes, key-rings etc. etc. And the season is equally ripe for those minority goons, who have been keeping their eyes upon the Hindu women and girls very with an insatiable desire or lust.

The purpose behind it is two dimensional. First, the Abduction of Hindu girls and women for nikaha, i.e. marriage with Muslims to fulfill personal pleasure; secondly to traffic them to other states or abroad as a lucrative trade. And obviously, ensure a ticket for the voyage to Jannat (Islamic paradise) by dint of virtue for converting, hence spoiling a Hindu women (this is best if she is a Hindu virgin)- a kaffir as per Quranic dictum. This can be done at any time. But this is de time la carte, for deriving more advantages in this election season. No leader, political party and peers groups will be able to raise even the little finger towards our minority brothers for such pious activities, let alone call it a pure crime. If the Police puts a feeble effort to arrest them, we level it immediately as an attack towards minority, and therefore, communal. Under the veil of a Democracy inter-alias Votecracy , we are bound to protect our Muslims as the priceless symbol of the minority status-a pride of self-proclaimed pseudo-secular democracy. The political leaders are bound to take the side of minorities to ensure their support as a vote-bank. As this secret spreads open all round the corner, the police do nothing but shamelessly indulging the hooligans. As a result, the Hindu girls are abducted or trafficked regularly in this season. Majority of them are minors. Their beleaguered parents are roaming from door to door, helplessly, with moistening eyes. The parents do not dare to convey their pain to the leaders of political parties at the face of their ‘not so important ’-secular gesture. These victims are finally find no other way but to appeal those Muslims, those culprits, marauders to get back their girls at the last resort. And it is the eventuality that those Muslim gangsters kick the Hindu parents out with an ultimatum to cut them into pieces and threaten them of more such dire consequences of their family, if they go any further.

As the election slogans are roaring high in the air, a series of news of abduction of Hindu girls and women are coming profusely from the villages of West Bengal every day to our central office of Hindu Samhati. If we want to weave the incidents together in an overall back-drop of election scenario of rural Bengal, we can only hear a heart rendering wailing, sobs and cry, sounded with formidable alacrity. And the wail, the pain, the suffering are now being suppressed and erased by the louder sound of the election drums.

Under such prevailing circumstances, no Political Party would likely to come forward to protect the dignity of Hindus. Nobody will express the human desire to fight for the existence of the hapless Hindus. It is our firm resolution. Therefore, we confirm, there is no endeavour to protect the persecuted Hindus or rescue the Hindu girls from the Muslim goons at any level. So, Hindu Samhati (HS), on behalf of the full strength of our organization, vows not to support any political party in the ensuing Election to the House of the People. We and the local workers of HS will decide to vote the Candidates or the Political Parties upon their attitude and attributes reflected to the cause of Hindus. We should realize that this Election is not the last one. We have to prepare for the post-election phase. That may be more fatal for the Hindus. But we have to fight for Hindus till the last breath. The protection of Hindus is our ultimate aim, our only goal, our sole mission.

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