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Islamic Jihadism In West Bengal
Wednesday, March 4, 2009
Hindus Are Attacked in Hasnabad
Village Bhebia under Hasnabad p.s. in North 24 Parganas district is a very sensitive place. On last Sunday, 1st March 2009 noon, one notorious criminal Kader Gazi(24),S/O Ansar Ali Gazi of nearby Gobindapur village, came to Bhebia market. He went to the sweet shop of one Sailen Moira, showed his revolver and demanded Rs.2000.00 as ransom. But Sailen Moira refused to pay. Being unsuccessful, Kader came out of the shop. Then he tried to kidnap a 6 year old Hindu boy named Abir Gayen s/o, Manotosh Gayen. The little boy raised alarm. People gathered and Kader fled.

In the evening on the same day, Kader again came to the market and allegedly molested a little Hindu girl of nearby ‘Daspara’. Hearing her screaming, local people chased Kader, captured him and started beating. It was evening time in the busy market. People knew this Kader very well. He has already 5-6 criminal cases against him including loot, rape and murder. So, when people heard about his attempt of kidnapping a little boy on the same day, they became restless and started beating him mercilessly.

The members of the Bhebia Bazar Committee came to his rescue, snatched him ( Kader) from the angry people and locked him in the Committee’s office room and sent information to Police. Police came and took him out of the office room in order to take him to police station. By this time more people were gathered there. They were unrelenting. They again snatched Kader from the police and again started beating him. In the scuffle, some policemen were also injured. And ultimately Kader died. Police took his body to Hospital.

Next day, i.e., Monday morning at about 8.00 am, about 50-60 Muslims from that Gobindapur village, led by Sahabuddin Gazi, Majed Gazi and Khalek Gazi and Hak Saheb came to the market and started threatening and beating the Hindu shopkeepers and attacking and looting their shops. One Badal Mandal has been seriously injured, taken to Basirhat Hospital and then shifted to Kolkata R.G.Kar Hospital. He is now fighting for his life.

The fish shops of Sukumar Mandal, Sujan Mandal and Madhu Mandal, grocery shop of Manotosh Gayen, cloth shop of Badal Mandal and other few shops were looted and destroyed by the Muslims.

Large contingents of police and RAF (Rapid Action Force) were deputed there. But they are patrolling on the main road and the market is unprotected. The market is now closed.

On Tuesday afternoon, Muslims announced with microphone in a Maruti car that a Big Islamic Congregation will be held on Wednesday at 4.00 p.m. at Bhebia. It is feared that Hindu localities will be attacked after the meeting.

Presently in throughout West Bengal, use of microphone in open public space is totally prohibited under Calcutta High Court instruction for Secondary and Higher Secondary examinations. But Muslims don’t care this instruction and police is mute spectator.

One Hafijulla Gazi, an elected Trinamul Congress (TMC) member of Panchayat Samiti is said to be instigator of the Muslims.
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