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Islamic Jihadism In West Bengal
Monday, February 2, 2009
Hindu Samahti plans huge public rally for Anniversary.

Translation from Bengali:

Dark clouds in the east. So is the silver lining. In the towns and villages of West Bengal the situation is slowly becoming like the one on the eve of partition. On the other side of the border the call has already been given for 'Greater Bangladesh'. It simply means that they want to increase the territory of Islamic Bangladesh by gobbling up West Bengal and Assam. That's why persecution of the Hindu is on the increase on this side of the border. Religious practices of the Hindus are being obstructed, honour of Hindu women are being assaulted. The number of abductions of poor Hindu girls from the villages are increasing by the day. And the persecuted Hindu has nobody by his side. The police refuses to register his complaint. Sometimes they demand bribes from the Hindu victims of persecution and then sends them back with an earful of secularism. When Hindus decide to resist the impingement of their honour and faith, the whole might of the state is let loose upon them. Battalions of RAF (Rapid Action Force - Indian Police Commandos) are unleashed to beat up and arrest the persecuted Hindus - so that every murmur of protest is immediately silenced. The drugged sleep of secularism must not be disturbed, whatever be the cost. The political leaders don't even reckon that Hindu opinion exists. Their only activity is to take out a 'Peace March' after some horrible atrocity is taken place. Nobody talks of redressal, nobody utters a single word about bringing the guilty to book. Justice does not exist for the Hindu. Thus without any succour from any quarter, the persecuted Hindus sell their land and home (sometimes they just desert them in a hurry, if they had been suitably terrified) and leaves their ancestral villages for a safer refuge. This migration creates the backdrop for another partition.

It is to remedy the above situation that Hindu Samhati was founded a year ago. With a single goal - there shall not be another partition of our motherland. The Hindu shall not become a refugee again. Nobody would come to save us. There is no one to protect us. We shall have to protect ourselves. To the persecuted, despondent Hindus of the east Hindu Samhati has brought a new beacon of hope. It is to highlight this hope, to strengthen the resolve to resist, that Hindu Samhati has arranged for a huge public meeting on the 14th of Feb, 2009 - the first anniversary of its foundation. Let's join our efforts to make it a grand success.

We seek the blessings and cooperation of all our compatriots and well wishers to make this meeting a grand success.

Hindu Samhati

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