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Islamic Jihadism In West Bengal
Friday, December 12, 2008
Cow Slaughter Stopped on Eid Day
This year the Islmamic festival, Bakr Eid was on 9th December. Like every year, this year too, Muslims tried to slaughter cows in various new places, even though the Hindus consider the cow to be holy and a sin to kill the animal. Muslims all over the Indian subcontinent often slaughter the cow to spite and pain the Hindu community. But in South 24 Pargana district, Hindus motivated by Hindu Samhati tried to resist it. In several places, memorandums with mass signatures were submitted to local Police Stations and representatives of Hindu Samhati were sent to all party meetings convened by administration. In the following places Hindus were successful to resist Cow slaughter in the follwing places this year.

(1) Village - Hansaberia & Makhalia under P.S.- Magrahat,

(2) Vill - Garankati under P.S. -Kulpi,

(3) Vill - Alampur under P.S.- Nodakhali

(4) Vill - Dakshin Taldi, P.S. - Canning,

(5) Vill - Rajapur, P.S.- Canning,

(6) Vill - Dharampur, P.S. - Bishnupur,

(7) Vill - Gorhanpur, P.S.- Bishnupur, all South 24 Parganas dist.

(8) Vill - Dakshin Naopara, P.S. - Amta, Dist.- Howrah.
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Wednesday, December 10, 2008
West Bengal Going the Way of East Bengal(Bangladesh) ???

In West Bengal, rhw Muslim population is increasing rapidly. there are many mini Pakistans sprouting in West Bengal: in Mushidabad, Malda, 24 Parganas, Nadia. Many areas in South and North 24 Parganas are seeing Muslim hooliganism and other related problems. In Basirhat subdivision of North 24 Parganas, there is report of alarming incidents of Muslim atrocities.

In Math Bari village under Sandeshkhali P.S. in Basirhat subdivision, a nominal Hindu youth, named, Sahadev Sadhukhan, an owner of sweet shop, started selling cooked beef on and from World Navi Divas. This area is Hindu Dominated. So when local Hindu people started to protest, he stopped selling. Local Hindu people ordered him to apologize, he had to go to Ras Temple with a bare head and distribute sweets to the devotees at free of cost. But he, backed by local Muslim zealots, did not oblige. As a result, tension created in the area. Local Hindus stopped buying sweets from his shop and also boycotting him socially. In the same area, young girls, belonging to Adivasi community, working in the local brick-field, are being physically and mentally assaulted by local Islamist elements. As they are poor, there is nobody to help them.

In the same subdivision in Malanchabazar area, under Minakha police station., which is a predominantly Hindu area, Rupban Molla, a Muslim and son of Kaosar Molla is selling beef for last ten days under a bridge for the first time. Hindus consider eating beef to be sacreligious. This indicates that now in West Bengal, anybody can sell beef anywhere and with no opposition. In the same area, Joydev Adhikari, a Hindu activist was severely manhandled by local Muslims on the day of last Panchayat election as he was involved in active campaign for a local BJP candidate. He is very influential among local Hindus. But this incident has lowered the morale of the Hindus.

Family members of Akunji, a ferocious Muslim robber, now in jail, have constructed a huge mosque in Sarberia village in Sandeshkhali Police Station. His family members and other Muslims are involved in illegal smuggling. But, unfortunately, the local officer in charge, Mr. Gautam Mitra, considered close to the Akunji family and provides them all round protection instead of arresting them. It is worthy of mentioning that Hindus were attacked by local Muslim activists with arms in the day of Holi, a religious Hindu festival, in 2006 in the same village. Mrs. Kajal Halder and her son, activists of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, were seriously injured. Police appeared at the site of incident after two hours, though local police office is close by and arrested the suffering Hindus instead of the Muslim fanatics.

Hindus have started migrating to safer places from Minakha, Sandeshkhali, Bhangore, Haroa in North 24 Parganas district and many villages of Diamond harbour, Magrahat in South 24 Parganas district .The local administration is completely silent in this regard. When they are contacted by local Hindu Samhati leaders, they are saying this migration is due to political reasons, not due to communal reason.

ED: This is exactly what was seen in East Bengal from the 1850's onwards.

Posted by Hindu Samhati's International Communications Team
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Monday, December 8, 2008
The Hindu Reaction in Sandeshkhali
Mid Nov 2008
During the Jagaddhatri Puja ( A form of Hindu Goddess Durga – Worshipped in parts of Bengal, India)
In a remote village of Rajbari under the jurisdiction of Sandeshkhali police station in the district of North 24 Parganas.
Description of Incident
Common hindu families like every year were celebrating the festival and performing puja. The local Trinamool Congress leader Ranjit Das who is also the Head of the Block, called local police and forced them to stop the puja in the middle. The motive behind is believed to be making a pro-muslim image among the muslim neighborhood keeping in view the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections.
The next day all local hindus felt insulted and shocked at the event. They came out in large numbers which turned into a huge procession. It took the shape of the real festival which people wished to celebrate the previous day. It was a common anger and frustration which was seen in the eyes of the common people. It was a spectacular scene of people from all walks of life joining together to burn the effigy of Ranjit Das. Interesting part of it is that people took the procession through the streets of the hamlet with the effigy garlanded with shoes, which was a great hit. At every crossing more and more people joined in. Afterall that is the most which a common man can do against a powerful man like him. It is learnt that he had accomplices in past, in cases of international drug and ammunition trafficking through the porous Sunderban Deltas.
Wednesday, December 3, 2008
Kolkata, 3rd December 2008 :-

They won't light up the candles for a formality sake, they torched the Pakistani Flag. They condemned the Pakistani Terrorist attack at Mumbai on 26/11, the Paki Plan to destruct the Indian National Integration and the impotence & inaction of the Central & State Government to stop the Islamic Terrorism in India. They paid Homage to the Mumbai Martyrs. The Members of HINDU SAMHATI all united and gathered for this at College Square, Kolkata, the cultural capital of India on 3rd Dec 2008.

Hindu Samhati members shouted the slogans VANDE MATARAM ! Long live Mumbai Martyrs ! Crush the Islamic Jihad! Shame to Indian Politics! Stop the Jehadi activities in India from across the border! And BHARAT MATA KI JAY !! The condolence and the protest meeting was presided over by Sri Barid Baran Guha, a veteran Hindu Leader of Bengal. SRI TAPAN GHOSH, Convenor of Hindu Samhati was the main speaker. Sri Salil Dasgupta, Upananda Brahmachari, Prakash Das, Goutam Pal, Sushen Biswas, Ajit Adhikary were the other speakers in that meeting. Huge police arrangements and interest of the media were marked as a prominent feature in that occasion.

In his speech Sri Tapan Ghosh warned that the West Bengal Situation is worsening gradually due to Islamic Terrorism and Muslim Infiltration from Bangladesh. Though it is a great loss of some ATS & Security Personnel in the Mumbai Terrorist attack and loss of 200 lives along with heavy injuries of people (National & International) , but the ATS & Mumbai Police did a definite blunder by engaging its full contingent wholly for the case of Sadhvi Pragya, Col. Purohit, Swami Dayananda , Samir Kulkarni and others.

By this intrigue, the ISI managed to prepare the Blue Print to destruct Mumbai and the ATS & Mumbai Police failed to resist them in time. Huge explosive, arms and ammunitions reached the heartland of the financial capital of India, MUMBAI from Karachi through a voyage in Arabian Sea, by defeating the vigilance of Indian Cost Guard, Indian Navy, The Maharashtra govt. and the UPA govt. in the Centre. Sri Ghosh also stressed that the situation of West Bengal in a very damaging condition through the pseudo secular approach & Muslim appeasement by Left Front govt here. As a result, Bengal has made a fortified place of the Islamic Jehadis in all respect. This situation can only be changed through a mass HINDU ACTION to destruct the Islamic Terrorism in India. He also mentioned the plight of Kashmiri Hindu People under de-facto Islamic rule imposed there. He also indicated that the Prime Minister, Home Minister, National Security Advisor, the Chief Minister of Maharashtra and Home Minister there are most inefficient persons and they should be charged for the attack of 26/11 in Mumbai. Only some resignations in the Central and State Ministry can't compensate the loss of the Nation and the bereaved families. Hence, THE HINDU AWAKENING IS A MUST. The Martyrs are murdered not by the Jehadis only, but by the govt. authorities who had diverted the attention of ATS towards an imagined Hindu Terrorism. Therefore, Sonia Gandhi, Monmohan Singh and M.K.Narayanan must be punished for this heinous conspiracy against Nation.

Prominent activist of Hindu Samhati , Upananda Brahmachari told the media persons that the existence of Pakistan is a natural and perpetual threat to India. We should destroy all the Terrorist Training Centers run by ISI & DGFI in Pakistan, POK( Pak occupied Kashmir) and Bangladesh to save the Indian Nation and the Civilization as well. Though Pakistan is denying its involvement in 26/11, but the reality shows the role of Pakistan govt, the ISI in all the terrorist activities in India very clearly. Now, the Govt is contemplating to keep the option open for a direct action against Pakistan. This is a very just demand for any patriotic citizen of India. But the majority Hindus also stand strong to accept the challenge of Islamic Terrorism and fight accordingly. In his speech Brahmachari said that the Kolkata Intellectuals should understand the real situation under the threat of Islamic Fundamentalists in Bengal, when the 'Kolkata Connections' of Jehadi activities are evident through the procurement mobile SIM, explosives, manpower etc. from Bengal and particularly from Kolkata. The Bengal Intellectuals should not issue only the Rizwanur case for highlighting their secular brand, but to protest against the Islamic Jehadi activities also.

Sri P.C. Das reminded the audience the Direct Action against Hindus on 16 August 1946 in Kolkata by the Muslim Supporters for Pakistan. The same mentality is still active in Mumbai and every where in India under Islamic Jehad. In his inaugural speech, Sri Gautam Pal invited Hindu Youths to be united under the banner of Hindu Samhati and combat the Islamic Terrorists in the same language in which they understand appropriately. Sri Salil Dasgupta, a veteran educationist addressed the audience in a very erudite manner saying these Marxist of Bengal supported China in 1962 war and the same people are supporting Muslim Fundamentalists for Vote Bank. This will endanger the situation further. Sri Barid Baran Guha in his presidential speech , stated that the present programme will certainly send a positive message to all concerned over the critical situation created by Islamic Terrorism India and Bengal too. He expressed his aspiration for a TERROR FREE INDIA with the help of Hindu Organisation like HINDU SAMHATI.

Sri Chittaranjan Dey, State Secretary of Hindu Samhati, conducted the whole programme in a very befitting manner.
Friday, November 28, 2008
Hindu Morale Broken in Bhagalpur
NDA/JDU/BJP arrests Hindu leaders in Bihar to Appeal to the Muslim Vote-Bank

A city named Bhagalpur in Bihar suddenly appeared on news headlines in 1989. The reason: the infamous Bhagalpur riots. In the following article, we look back at that incident and evaluate how the implications are still affecting the Hindu population of that state.

In 1989, following the Ram Shila installation events in neighboring state of U.P, a large group of Muslim activists attacked and ransacked Parbati, an area inhabited by Hindu students and youths, killing over 100 Hindu boys and injuring hudreds more.

Thousands of Hindus had to leave Parbati at that time, due to the extreme conditions created by the well-planned Islamist nexus operating for the last 30 years in Bihar.

The police appeared virtually ineffective to counter the carnage, and in an effort to contain the situation and also in panic, a local group of Hindus under the leadership of one Kameshwar Yadav, built up a resistance force to stop the one-way pogrom. This vigilante group attacked one of Eastern India's Islamist hubs, named Tatarpur, known as an area of Muslim extremism. The one-way pogrom in Parbati was followed by a riot resulting in the deaths of several Islamic strong-men and many innocent lives, both Muslim and Hindu.

The RJD government which ruled Bihar for over 15 years, realizing the sensitivity and delicateness of the Bhagalpur situation had tried to keep the situation in balance by not pressing charges against members of either religious community. At the same time, the RJD leadership was accused of being involved in the multi-million dollar animal fodder scam and fell out of favor of the Bihari populace. In 2005 Nitish Kumar's coalition of JDU and BJP swept the elections on the campaign promise of arresting those involved in the fodder scam.

CM Kumar has not been able to fulfill his promise at all, and his ministry have shown no indication of ever doing so in the last 3 years. Instead, his JDU/BJP government has arrested Kameshwar Yadav and his associates for inciting the riots after facing severe pressure from Islamic fundamentalist elements. On the other side, no action has been taken against the Muslim activists who initiated the riots with their vitriolic one-way pogrom.

The BJP, once known as a pro-Hindu party is steadily losing support locally among the frustrated Hindu population, who feel betrayed and cheated by the party and constitute well over 70% of the voter base.

Editor's Comment:
The actions of the NDA-JDU/BJP government has empowered and energized the fundamentalist forces in the Muslim community to further radicalize the Muslim youth in Bhagalpur and Bihar. As the residents here have stated, the Islamic extremists have succeeded in coaxing the Muslims in Champanagar area of Bhagalpur to build a taller mosque than the highest Hindu Manasa temple in that locality just to spite the local Hindu population. The JDU/BJP government has not been able to fulfill its main campaign promise of persecuting the fodder scam victims, but has only satisfied the whims of the Muslim fanatic groups to curry favor with them for the next elections.

Posted by Hindu Samhati's International Communications Team
Friday, November 21, 2008
Muslim mob prevents Hindus from building a Kali Temple in their own land
Saturday, Sept 16, 2008, Beldanga, Murshidabad, W Bengal, India

Hindu families in Beldanga, West Bengal failed to get law enforcement support to build a Kali Temple in their own land.

Nearly two thousand Muslims threatened to riot and destroy property, unless Hindus withdrew their plans to build a Kali temple on property donated by the local Hindu families. Reports suggest that even though the temple would have been more than half a mile away from the nearest Islamic building or neighborhood, Muslim community members could not be convinced to agree to the temple. The local Hindu community leaders have decided to take the matter to higher authorities.
Tuesday, November 11, 2008
Uluberia - Muslim mob obstructs Jagaddhatri Puja procession, police beat up Hindus.
Uluberia, Howrah District, West Bengal
A most alarming and depressing followup on our report on Uluberia. As our readers would remember there was an obstruction and scuffle with local Muslims regarding the passage of the Kali Puja immersion procession in Uluberia town, Howrah district. Then the local Muslims had threatened that they would not allow the coming Jagaddhatri Puja procession to pass before their mosque. 30 local clubs had convened a meeting to discuss this threat and decided that Hindus would not bow down to threats and the immersion procession of Jagaddhatri Puja immersion would follow the same route it takes every year. As the matter came to pass - Muslims have succeeded, of course with the generous help of the most obliging West Bengal Police.

The problem began with the Dakbangla Sarbajanin Jagaddhatri Puja (Old) of Ward no.4 of Uluberia town. The members of the Puja Committee belong to either the CPM or the Forward Block. Every year the immersion procession goes through the main street of the town but this year there was some problems with the local Muslims during Kali Puja. The Muslims threatened that they won’t allow the procession to pass before their mosque at Bhaktar More (crossing). 30 local clubs united to declare that they shall take the procession through the same route they follow every year.

On 4th November, 2008, the local MLA and Left Front minister Robin Ghosh of the Forward Block convened a meeting in the area and promised that the procession would be allowed to go through the regular route. But on November 8 morning, the day of immersion, the Sub Divisional Officer and Santu Ghosh, the Vice Chairman (Forward Block) of the Uluberia Municipality threatened the Dakbangla Puja Committee that no procession must cross the Goruhata More (a Muslim locality comes before Bhaktar More – where the masjid is located).

On that day, 8 November, the members of the 30 clubs and a few thousand local Hindus gathered for the Immersion Procession. But the Puja Committee – getting cold feet – declined to take out any procession. Fighting broke out immediately between the Puja committee and the locals, who insisted that the procession must be taken out. A huge police force appeared immediately (the Committee members must have prearranged this with the police and the Municipal authorities, as the police in West Bengal take their own sweet time even for murders and arson) and without any warning lathi charged the Hindus and dispersed them. Many of the gathered were seriously injured. The Puja Committee silently and stealthily immersed the Image in the Ganga – without a procession.

At the same time thousands of Muslims had blocked the road near Bhaktar More, in front of the Masjid, to obstruct the coming Jagaddhatri procession. But the police force present there, simply looked on and did nothing.

At Bazarpara, there was a new and small Jagaddhatri Puja of Rupantar Club. The police, led by the Inspector-in-Charge of the Uluberia PS - Rezzak Mollah, threatened and misbehaved with the Puja committee, without any provocation, and forced them to immerse the Image of the Mata in the nearby canal rather than the Ganga.

End result – no procession. Even a Left Front minister could not keep his promise. Maybe it’s the Lok Sabha Elections in 2009. Or maybe it’s a foretaste of the days to come in West Bengal, redolent of the days of the League Ministry in ’46. And the innocents and babes-in-the-woods of the media wonder why the Hindus, all over India, are taking to the warpath!
Tuesday, November 4, 2008
The full text of threatening letter of HUJI & SIMI

The full text of the letter of HUJI( Harkat ul Jehadi Islam) & SIMI( Students Islamic Movement of India) threatening Swami Pradiptanandaji(Kartik Maharaj), In-Charge, Bharat Sevashram Sangha,Beldanga Branch,Murshidabad Dist.,West Bengal, India.

" On behalf of HUJI & SIMI, Beldanga thana committee we are to convey that we have received your printed leaflet addressed to the Hindu people. In this connection just telling you that you are doing your job at your own choice being a head of Hindus here. Don't you know that we the Muslims of Beldanga are 80% of the total population here,so we give you the warning that there will be no DURGA PUJA in this area henceforth anyway. Because we face a severe problem for performing our religious Namaz for 7 or 8 days due to the sound of loud speaker and tremendous noise of public gathering. We can not manage to submit our Namaz to our Allaha Tallah. For this reason our body and mind get impurities and subsequently we are turned questionable to Allah and His Servants at the time of Qyamat for hearing the sound of Drums and Trumpets. So, you must convey this Order of Stopping Durga Puja to all Puja Committees of Beldanga area within this month of Rooja (fasting). Otherwise you should be prepared for getting highest punishment at the time of next Puja for flouting this Order !! Then there will be only bloodshed and numbers of dead body of yours in every Puja Pandals. Get ready for tremendous torture... We will show our actual strength everywhere in Beldanga. Nobody can stop us even with the help of Police and Administration. Then we shall see you the eventualities. You can not save the situation of Murshidabad with the help of some beggars residing at your Ashram. WE.. WILL.. CONVERT YOUR.. ASHRAM.. AS.. A.. MADRASHA.. IN.. ONE.. DAY. Inshallah.
Directed by District HUJI & SIMI Organisations and Beldanga Thana Committee of SIMI . Received by Beldanga Bharat Sevashram Sangha on 05/10/2008 by Post
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Kali Puja Procession attacked in Uluberia, Howrah
On 31st October, evening, an immersion procession of Kalipuja, organized by several local clubs of Uluberia, subdivisional town of Howrah district, was proceeding with drums and music. At Bhakta crossing near Uluberia railway station local Muslims objected to the procession saying they will not allow it to pass by their mosque. As Hindus in the procession protested and resisted, there was scuffle. The Muslim goons demolished the Hindu shops on the station road. 4 Hindus were severely injured and admitted to Uluberia General Hospital. One of them, Sri Debashish Das, is fighting for his life. When the agitated Hindus started a peaceful demonstration the police came and arrested 3 Hindus and 2 Muslims. A case was registered against 61 Hindus. All of them will have to surrender before the district Court and take bail. The very next day on 1st November morning, Muslims gathered in a large number and blocked the road for 4 hours. The police, RAF, the Inspector in charge of Uluberia police station, the SDO, all stood helplessly and took no action to lift the roadblock. The Muslims threatened that next time they will not allow any immersion procession with Hindu idols to pass by their masjid. Duly alarmed, the Hindus attempted to submit a memorandum to the SDO and IC but they sternly refused to accept. Being turned away by the forces of Law, 22 local Hindu clubs held a joint meeting and discussed for their next course of action. Today again members of 30 Hindu clubs gathered and resolved that they will take the immersion procession of Jagaddhatri Puja through the same route on 8th November. The situation is very tense. The administration is trying to suppress the Hindu outrage simply because they are absolutely unable to contain Muslim reaction. Maybe it’s the Lok Sabha Elections in the first half of 2009 that is the cause for this administrative paralysis. Now as the Parliamentary elections are near the Muslims can clearly bargain their votes against mayhem and disorder.

It must be mentioned here that this is the place/town where local left front MLA, now a minister, Robin Ghosh, a few years back led thousands of local armed Muslims and snatched 100 Bangladeshi infiltrators from Mumbai Howrah train who were being escorted by the Maharashtra Police to be handed over to the BSF for pushing back into Bangladesh. The infiltrators were then allowed to melt into the local Muslim population. The Left Front made him a minister.

On 19th October, 2008, in this very Uluberia town, Puja ghosh (16) was molested by the Muslim goons led by one antisocial Ala Sheikh, when she was going home after attending a VHP camp at nearby Sarada Shishu Mandir. In fact the whole of Howrah district is now a disturbed zone for the Hindus. Countless incidents are taking place every day in both rural and urban areas of this district.
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Clash breaks out at South Dinajpur pandal
Statesman News ServiceBALURGHAT, Oct. 6: People belonging to two communities clashed at a Durga puja pandal at Dewoor, under Kumarganj police station in South Dinajpur district this morning, forcing police to fire in the air, burst tear gas shells and make a baton-charge to bring the situation under control.The South Dinajpur district magistrate and the superintendent of police were among some 20 persons hurt in during the commotion. The police arrested 26 people including four women over the incident. Section 144 of the CrPC has been promulgated in the area and two platoons of BSF have been deployed to help the police keep the situation under control.The incident caused tension in other areas too, with the residents of Baul, which is close to Dewoor, blocking the Balurghat - Malda state highway for three hours after the incident.
Police resorted to a baton-charge to clear the roadblock. In retaliation, the agitators attacked the police and damaged the Balurghat police station IC's vehicle. At least five persons were injured in the police action. All shops and establishments closed down after the Dewoor incident, demanding the arrest of the culprits. According to Mr Bilash Kanti Sarker, secretary, Dewoor Baroari Puja Committee, unknown persons shut off the illuminations of the puja pandal in the wee hours today and hung up the severed leg of a cow at the pandal."Upset over the incident, the locals converged at the puja site demanding the arrest of the culprits," he said,adding that instead of going after the culprits, the police used force on the protestors. "More than 20 agitators were injured and several were arrested," he added. "The police have arrested 26 persons in connection with the incident," said the South Dinajpur SP Mr Swapan Bandopadhyay Purna Patro. The DM, Mr Swapan Chatterjee, said that Section 144 has been promulgated in the area and the situation was now under control.
Thursday, July 17, 2008
Another outrage in Bengal - Hindu Monk of Ramakrishna Order stripped and beaten mercilessly for Ashram land.
A panic may strike now the common Hindu people for the ongoing incidents of South Bengal for the last two months when the CPI(M), the ruling party of the state tasted a bad defeat by losing the muslim support in this region through Panchayet election. When the wining force of All India Trinamul congress (AITMC known as TMC), is considering all the prime posts for the muslim minorities in every stage of Panchayet system, the losing CPIM has already adopted the way of direct torture against hindu people out of any situation for winning the heart of muslim people and to regain the muslim support by giving various packages to the muslim minority.
On June 12, 2008 one Muslim leader of CPI(M) Sk. Ismail initiated the attack upon Hindu pilgrims in Gangasagar with the help of some 3000 fanatical muslim mob. Now they have tried to capture the Gorerhat Ramakrishna Ashram Campus by attempting murder of Swami Punnyalokanandaji, the Adhyaksha (in-charge) of the religious unit at Gorerhat under Joynagar P.S. South 24 Pgs, some 80 km from Kolkata.. Revered Swamiji is a hindu activists and social reformer who was initiated in monkshood by His Holiness Swami Gambhiranandaji Maharaj, the 11th President of Ramakrishna Math & Mission , Belur, Howrah. Swami Punyalokananda took the charge of Gorerhat Ramakrishna Ashram (a small service center) some years back for the betterment of the local poor & underprivileged people. Swamiji was trying hard to start a coaching center for the primary school boys and a homeopathic dispensary in the ashram. But two leaders of local CPI(M) Party, Arabinda Mondal & Md. Abur Ali( husband of the sister of Arabinda) had a planning to operate an unauthorized country liquor shop within a tea stall by capturing two rooms of the said Ashram. This was stopped by the Swamiji after taking some steps through police & administration in early days. And for this Arabinda, his wife and sister and also Md Abur Ali were jointly finding a scope to drive out Swamiji from Ashram or even to murder him anyway.

Swami Punyalokananda tied to a tree and severely beaten. (Pic Courtesy NDTV)
On July 08,’08,the Swami was beaten ruthlessly tied to a tree by the aforesaid CPIM leaders. The Swami just tried to erect a pillar to protect the ashram fence, after offering his morning prayer. The existing pillar was destroyed by the CPIM goons in the night before. The electronic media of Bengal telecast the ghastly sight of severe bodily assault upon a senior monk after stripping off his saintly robes.

Local villagers untying Swamiji (Pic courtesy NDTV)
The Police came to the spot when the Swami was senseless and the CPIM & Muslim fanatics had satisfied themselves by barbaric torture of a peaceful Hindu Monk. The Police admitted the Swamiji in nearby Padmer Hat Rural hospital, but did not arrest a single culprit who caused this murderous assault upon Swami Punnyalokananda. Although all of them are well known locally. Swamiji had many injuries in whole body including scull. A police case was registered by Joynagar Police Station on 08/07/08 vide P.S Case No.168/08 after a dairy registered by the Swamiji.

Needs no comment
Afterwards some devotees of Swamiji took him at SSKM (PG) Hospital, Kolkata for better treatment on 09.07.08. C.T Scan of Brain & other speciality treatment was done there. Swamiji is now out of danger. Swamiji also personally met the District Magistrate & Superintendent of Police, South 24 Pgs., for appropriate action. But the endangered situations for Hindus prevail everywhere in Bengal for the inaction of Police, Administration and obviously for the unaccounted torture upon Hindus by all the secular Parties. The nexus of Political parties, Police, Administration and the Muslim fundamentalist Pressure groups are very much active to eliminate any protest.

Swami Punyalokananda at the SSKM Hospital, Kolkata. (HS team pic)

Swami Punyalokananda at the SSKM Hospital, Kolkata. (HS team pic)

A Hindu Samhati team talking with Swamiji at the SSKM Hospital, Kolkata.
Newly established HINDU SAMHATI and some other prime Hindu Organisations are trying hard to change the situation of endless torture upon Hindus in Bengal. Can Hindus of Bengal survive without joining Hindu Organisations, only relying upon pro-muslim Political Parties for their own fate?

This report was compiled by Sri Upananda Brahmachari of Hindu Samhati.[ brahmachari.upananda(at)gmail.com]
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Friday, June 27, 2008
Sri Tapan Kumar Ghosh's message to our well wishers
Dear friends,
The extreme privations of prison life notwithstanding, all the 15 workers of Hindu Samhati, who are with me in the Diamond Harbour Jail, are in high spirits.
In the incident of the 12th June night 20 of our workers were injured, eight of them seriously. There was also a lady among those who were seriously injured. Both the police and the administration were complete failures in quelling the absolute rampage that went on at the Hindu Samhati campsite, from 7pm in the evening till 1 am at night. Not only that, the police team - many of whom were seriously injured - took shelter inside the camp to save their lives. If the brave young workers of HS had not fought the bloodthirsty Muslim mob back with a desperate courage, one shudders to think what would have happened. The 8 ladies participating in the camp would surely have been violated and then another Godhra would have been enacted in Gangasagar.
What happened and what could have happened - this event can be viewed from numerous perspectives. But what I want to convey to my compatriots, to those who are with me in jail and to those without, that this is the price we have to pay.
In West Bengal Hindus keep their heads down and suffer insults silently. They get persecuted, Hindu women are raped and gang raped but still they do not seek redress or justice. As a last resort they leave the homes of their ancestors and migrate. For all their sufferings they just pray helplessly to God for deliverance. But God does not listen to the entreaties of the weak and piteous. So the persecution does not stop and the Hindus are forced to leave their homes and move elsewhere. Whole areas become cleared of Hindus and India shrinks.
Such a situation cannot be redressed with prayer. One has to pay a price. The Hindu wants peace but does not want to pay for it. Unfortunately, in this world nothing comes free. This is the lesson Hindu Samhati seeks to impart. On 12th June we paid a small part of that ‘price’, being remanded to judicial custody was another part. But a far, far higher price would have to be paid in blood, incarceration and sacrifice to ensure true peace and security of the Hindus. Preparing the Hindu nation for paying this price is the ultimate goal of Hindu Samhati. There are no shortcuts to it.
In the great battle of Kurukshetra those who fought on the side of Dharma, for safeguarding the Dharma, was aided by the Lord (Shri Krishna) himself. Let the devout Hindus, who are so devoted to Shri Krishna, ponder upon the price the side of Dharma and righteousness had to pay. Even though the Lord himself aided them. Arjun, Shri Krishna’s dearest friend, had to suffer the bottomless grief and despair of a father who watches his beloved son die in battle. Why didn’t Shri Krishna save or revive Abhimanyu? He could have, if he wanted to. He was the incarnation of God on earth; the elements were his to command. He didn’t because even he could not act contrary to the law of this world - the law which firmly lays down that anything worthwhile has to be achieved at a price. Thus establishment of Dharma and righteousness could not take place for free and without suffering. Not only did Arjun and Bhim suffer the grief of losing sons. The field of Kurukshetra was soaked in blood and the sky was rent by the lament of the Kshatriya women. That was the price of establishing Dharma.
Today the Hindus of Bengal shall have to pay a dire price for securing peace, security and the honour of their women. Let the Hindus of Bengal prepare for it - this is the message of Gangasagar.
Yours forever,
Tapan Kumar Ghosh
Diamond Harbour Jail
24 Parganas (South), West Bengal
Sri Tapan Kumar Ghosh and the Hindu Samhati team offer our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to all our workers, compatiots and well wishers, who responded to our call of distress on the night of June 12, 2008 and selflessly did their bit in allaying the dire situation. May God preserve you all.
Hindu Samhati
agar island at the Gangasagar – the confluence of the Ganga and the Bay of Bengal – is one of the holiest pilgrimages of India, where millions of Hindus from all over India and the world gather during the ‘Makar Sankranti’ (Winter Solstice) for the ‘punya snan’ or holy bath every year. As per the holy Hindu scriptures, this pilgrimage centre was established more than 2000 years ago by Maharishi Kapil (popularly known as Kapil Muni) the chief proponent of 'Samkhya Darshan' or the Samkhya school of thought within Hindu or Indian theology. This remote island gained popular notice in ancient India when Maharishi Kapil set up his ashram in this distant corner to keep away from the attendant distractions of city or village life and meditate upon the novel theories he was propounding.
Hindu Samhati had planned a 3 day training camp and workshop upon the current socio-political scenario of Eastern India in the serene and peaceful ambience of this island. The camp was scheduled to be conducted from 12th June, 2008 to 15th June, 2008 and would be presided over by Sri Tapan Kumar Ghosh, the National Convener of Hindu Samhati.

Pic: Sagar Island from the passenger ferry -
The venue of the camp was at the southern end of the island near the Kapil Muni Mandir. There are many rest houses for pilgrims in Sagar island, mostly run by different charities and religious or community trusts. Hindu Samhati had requested the Textile Merchant's Association of Kolkata for the use of their rest house or 'yatri nivas' and the association had most graciously offered their premises as a venue for the camp.

Pic: The Pilgrim's Rest House (Yatri Nivas) of the Calcutta Textile Merchant's Association.
The camp commenced in the afternoon of the 12th of June and was attended by a well disciplined and extremely enthusiastic group of about 170 people. The majority of the attendees were young men with a sprinkling of some older gentlemen. A group of about 12 ladies and some children were also present.
The first session session went extremely well. The session commenced with the recitation of Vedic mantras and then speeches were made by Sri Tapan Kumar Ghosh and other notables.

Pic: Attendees during the first session of the camp.

Pic: Sri Tapan Kumar Ghosh, National Convener of Hindu Samhati, delivering his speech.

Pic: Attendees going for a dip in the Sangam and a visit to the Mandir of Kapil Muni.
After afternoon tea, the camp attendees decided to take a holy dip at the sangam (confluence) and pay their obeisance at the temple of Kapil Muni, which is a short walk away from the venue.
Trouble started when they were returning from the sangam. Being young and enthusiastic some of them raised slogans of 'Jai Sri Ram' and 'Bharat Mata Ki Jai' and many others joined in. Surprisingly a number of Muslim cycle van drivers (and we have it on good authority that most of them are Bangladeshi infiltrators who have been sneaking in for the past few years), who ply their trade of transporting pilgrims around the mandir, took a serious exception and menacingly set upon the Hindu Samhati members. They roundly abused the HS members in a most threatening language and insisted that slogans like 'Jai Sri Ram' and 'Bharat Mata Ki Jai' cannot be raised in Gangasagar! They maintained that these slogans are anti Islamic and it offends their religious sentiment! It belabours the intellect of even the most gullible as to how does raising one's voice in the praise of God and motherland offends Islam!

Pic: Fire in one corner of the building caused by petrol soaked fire bombs
Quite naturally the Hindu Samhati members told them off and an altercation ensued. The seniors among the group immediately intervened and tried to placate the situation. They asked both the parties to go their own way in peace. Unfortunately the Muslims proved implacable and the situation took a turn for the worse when some of them passed some lewd comments at the ladies of the group. The younger members of the group were furious but yet again the seniors intervened and somehow placated the situation. But threatening words flew even as the Hindu Samhati members began to walk back towards the venue. This happened at around 7 pm in the evening.

Pic: Fire started by petrol bombs raging in the kitchen.
After returning as the Hindu Samhati members were preparing for the next session, a great commotion ensued. As they ran out to see what was happening they witnessed a violent and murderous mob of about 1000 Muslims approaching. The mob was led by Sheikh Ismail, the CPI(M) backed President of the Sagar Panchayet Samity, Sukdev Panda, CPI(M) member of the Gangasagar Gram Panchayet and Malay Kayal, CPI(M) member of the South 24 Parganas Zilla Parishad representing Dakshin Sagar. Shouting slogans and hurling the foulest of abuses the mob tried to barge into the building and practically storm the place. Taken aback by the suddenness of the attack the Hindu Samhati members fell back. While the seniors tried to placate the attackers and restore normalcy, the leaders of the mob accused them of disrupting communal harmony and trying to instigate a riot. By now the mob was baying for blood, brickbats flew in like a hailstorm as cries of 'Nara-e-taqdir, Allahu Akbar' and 'inquilab zindabad' rent the air. At this juncture the mob broke down the gate and tried to force their way in uttering blood curdling threats of massacring everyone inside. Parts of the mob also fanned out towards the villages to gather more of their brethren. As a matter of fact, our fact finding team, which went to the spot a day later, heard from the locals that microphones in the mosques were used to drum up a mini jihad and call the faithful to war.

Pic: Policemen helping in dousing the flames.
In the meantime the Sagar Police Station had been intimated and a posse of 14 to 15 policemen arrived. However the Muslim mob had now surged to around 4000-5000 and practically laid a seige to the camp building. The small group of policemen were woefully inadequate to tackle a murderous mob that size although they lathi-charged and even fired 3-4 rounds in the air. But the Muslims took no heed of police warnings and stormed ahead. Totally unable to quell the mob, the police now fell back inside the building.
By this time the gate of the building had been forced open and the mob tried to storm in. Brickbats were raining in and a muslim mob nearly 5000 strong armed with lathis, iron rods and a vareity of sharp weapons laid a seige to the building. Fearing for their lives and even more apprehensive about the fate of the ladies, if the mob could reach them, the members now fought back desperately. Some of them rushed out with some cots to barricade the open gate while others threw back the hundreds of bricks and stones that rained upon them. Being totally unarmed, without even a broken stick, this was the only way they could defend themselves. By this time about 15 members had fallen down with serious injuries due to brickbats and lathi blows they received in trying to defend the gate. 4 or 5 of them were unconscious from severe head injuries. Two policemen had also fallen down due to head injuries resulting from direct hits with brickbats.

Pic: Camp members plying the water pump for dear life.
Unable to breach through the gate the mob of Muslims now tried a different tack. They started to break open the windows by hurling iron rods at them. Then they doused balls of cloth in petrol, set them alight and threw those fireballs inside the building to roast alive those who were trapped inside. Petrol bombs were made of small bottles filled with petrol, these too were set alight and hurled inside (remember Godhra?). Some of the more imaginative and enterprising of the Muslims dragged in a LPG cylinder and tried to explode it against the wall of the building. It was through God's grace they were unsuccessful otherwise there would have been a severe carnage.
Meanwhile inside the building the boys and the remaining policemen were frantically trying to douse the fires. They were pumping for dear life at the installed tubewell inside the premises and doused bucket loads of water on the petrol fire, rushing through the chocking black smoke. Unfortunately, as they were untrained

Pic: Injured policeman.
in the methods of dealing with petrol fires, the fire spread even faster as the petrol floated over the water.
The fire could only be contained when somebody urged them to choke the fire with wet blankets and moist earth from the potted plants in the compound.
By this time it was around 10:30 to 11:00 pm. As all their attempts of storming the building was meeting with failure, the crowd grew ever more furious and began to vent their anger and frustration else where. A number of neighbouring Hindu homes were assaulted and looted. Another Yatri Nivas, run by the VHP, was broken into, looted and set on fire. Though this building was 300 metres away from camp venue and had absolutely nothing to do with the Hindu Samhati training camp.

Pic: The injured in the Sri Vishuddhanand Hospital, Kolkata.
While this mayhem was going on members inside desperately tried to reach the police and administrative apparatus of the state and their other members and sympathisers outside through their mobile phones. Even though they received the calls the response of the administration especially that of the Superintendent of Police, South 24 Parganas, was dithering and lackadaisical. It was when the frantic calls for help reached other members and sympathisers in Kolkata, phone calls and emails began to rush out and kept rushing out throughout the night, to all corners of India and the world. Friends were rudely aroused from there well deserved sleep and asked to help. The busy office schedules of NRI sympathisers in the far corners of the world were severely disrupted as they were asked to organise assistance and spread the word of this outrage. And Hindus responded. Throughout India and the world. Phones kept ringing, the powers that be in Delhi was nudged and prodded and the need for immediate and affirmative action was stressed through various channels.
It was the pressure of opinion, the mounting Hindu outrage and anger and maybe the fear of severe repercussions if any casualties took place, that whipped the lethargic state machinery into action. By 1:30 am a large police force including a battalion of RAF had reached. The Muslim miscreants tried to put up roadblocks they were beaten down. The police then reached the venue and dispersed the seige of the camp building.
This was by no means the end of things. The Government which dragged its foot in providing speedy assistance to the beleaguered attendees of the camp - whose lives were in danger - now brazenly enacted another travesty of law and justice. The assaulters, who were bent on committing murder and mayhem, were allowed to hold an all party peace and communal harmony meeting on the spot! While the innocent organisers and attendees of the Hindu Samhati camp who had been peaceful, unarmed and victims of the most violent and blood thirsty assault, had their camp and workshop cancelled. The Hindu Samhati members were immediately whisked away by the police and forcibly removed from the island. The more seriously injured were rushed to Kolkata and has been admitted to Sri Vishuddhanand Saraswati Marwari Hospital.
15 members of Hindu Samhati were arrested by the police and produced in Kakdwip court on the 13th of June, 2008. The police slapped completely baseless cases on them under various sections of the IPC like 'incitement to rioting and disruption of communal harmony', 'carrying illegal arms', 'attempt to murder', etc. In court bail was denied to them on the 13th and 13 of them were remanded to Judicial custody. While Sri Tapan Kumar Ghosh, The National Convener of Hindu Samhati and Sri Sundar Gopal Das was remanded to Police custody. Both of them are now in Kakdwip Police Station. All of them would again be produced in court on the 17th of June.
A fact finding team of Hindu Samhati visited Sagar Island on the 14th of June. They visited the trouble spots and met with the police. They witnessed that the fire in the VHP run yatri nivas was still smouldering even after one and a half days. The report of our team would be uploaded as soon as it is finalised.
At the end of this lengthy and painful report we really wonder if a peaceful Hindu gathering can be assaulted with such viciousness and impunity in one of the most sacred Hindu sites of pilgrimage, one shudders to think what lies in store for the Hindus of West Bengal a few years hence!
Pic: The Yatri Nivas run by VHP in Sagar still burning.
Pic: Smoke billowing out of the windows.
Pic: The burnt out shell of a portion of the Yatri Nivas.
Pic: These cots were meant for poor pilgrims who cannot afford hotels.
Pic: Broken furniture after the ransack.
Pic: Huge stock of mattresses, blankets and quilts meant for the pilgrims - still burning.
Pic: Fire in the pilgrim's kitchen, unfortunately not for preparing a meal.
(Next instalment - the report of our fact finding team.)
Hindu Samhati.
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Saturday, June 14, 2008
Islamists Atatcks Hindus in Pilgrimage Site: Hindu Samhati Press Release
Registered in: New York, USA.
Contact: hindusamhati@gmail.com

June 13, 2008

The Friends of Hindu Samhati, USA unequivocally condemns today's gruesome attack on the Hindu Samhati training camp at Ganga Sagar (West Bengal) by a murderous mob of local Muslims, at least 6000-7000 strong, starting Thursday (June 12, 2008).

Ganga Sagar is a very reknowned Hindu Tirtha Kshetra (Place of Pilgrimage) where the sacred Ganga River has a confluence with the Bay of Bengal. Ganga Sagar is located on the western edge of the Sunderban Delta on Sagar Island. At the edge of Sagar town - adjacent to the beach - is the ancient temple dedicated to Kapil Muni, the sage responsible for initiating the chain of events that ultimately resulted in Mother Ganga descending to the earth from heaven and giving mankind an opportunity to wash away its sins in her pure water. The earliest mention of this sacred place is found in the Mahabharata where a learned sage explains to Bhishma the significance of taking a dip at the confluence of Ganga Sagar. Millions of Hindu pilgrims visit this holy place all year round to take a dip in the ho,y Ganges, particularly during the Kumbha Mela and Makara Sankranti festivities.

Since this morning (Thursday, 12 June, 2008), Hindu Samhati had started conducting a training camp and workshop on the current socio-political scenario to 180 men, women and children in the peaceful and serene surroundings of Ganga Sagar.

Sri Tapan Kumar Ghosh, the National Convenor of Hindu Samhati is conducting the main sessions of this camp. Other eminent people and local notables are also present. Everything went on smoothly until this evening, when suddenly the camp building was surrounded by a murderous mob of about 6000-7000 local Muslims bent on mayhem. The Muslim attackers were well-prepared and have been throwing gas cylinders and petrol bombs (molotov cocktails) and kept on attacking incessantly for a few hours, to incinerate the whole camp. The entire camp building has been reduced to ashes. All 180 of our camp attendees (a large number of them women and children) and 15 policemen are trapped inside this burning camp along with our dear leader Sri Tapan Kumar Ghosh.

Already 14-15 attendees of the camp have been injured in the carnage, and at least 7 of them are in very critical condition and are not expected to survive. The names of the critically wounded include: Subodh Kundu, Bivas Mondal, Gopinath Biswas, Prasenjit Sardar and Gautam Halder, apart from 2 others that could not be identified because of serious facial burn injuries.

Nine camp attendees are still missing and may have been kidnapped by the Muslim mob. Their names are: Gautam Mondal, Kartick Biswas, Ram Shil, Palash Roy, Gopal Dolui, Piyush Senapati, Ashok Das, Shankar Nandi and Subhash Roy. We are very apprehensive about their well being.

The local police-station (Thana) has unfortunately sent in a small posse of 15 policemen who are totally inadequate for resisting such a huge Jehadi mob armed to the teeth. The police could not control the mob of Muslims even after firing several rounds.

As of Friday morning (June 13, 2008), as per the recent information received by us, the assault by the Muslim mob at Hindu Samhati campsite in Gangasagar is still on, although the intensity has abated a little bit. Some more police force has reached the trouble spot, though the large force required to subdue a mob of this size and temperament is nowhere in sight. A recent update by phone from the camp is that along with the 14-15 attendees who were injured, 2 policemen have also been seriously injured due to the assault by the Muslim mob. Scores of other attendees to the camp has sustained minor injuries in this most cowardly assault including the National Convener of Hindu Samhati, Sri Tapan Kumar Ghosh. Thankfully his injuries are not serious.

Apart from throwing petrol bombs to incinerate the camp building, the Muslim mob also tried to breach the wall by exploding cooking gas cylinders against it. Failing to break into the camp, the rampaging Muslim mob has attacked and seriously damaged some nearby houses of the local Hindus. They have also seriously damaged and set fire to an adjoining Kali temple and a 'Yatri Nivas' (Travellers' Lodge) run by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad. The fireball attacks have slightly abated but the vicious threats and stone pelting continues – all attuned to the collective chants of both 'naara-e-takbir, allahu akbar' (allah is the Greatest) and 'inquilab zindabad' (Long Live the Revolution).

Sagar island at the Ganga Sagar – the confluence of the Ganga and the Bay of Bengal – is one of the holiest pilgrimages of India, where millions of Hindus from all over India and the world gather during the 'Makar Sankranti' (Winter Solstice) for the 'Punya Snan' (Holy Bath) every year. If a peaceful Hindu gathering can be assaulted with such viciousness and impunity in one of the most sacred Hindu sites of pilgrimage, one shudders to think what lies in store for the Hindus of West Bengal a few years hence.

In a travesty of justice, instead of arresting the attackers, the Police in West Bengal have slapped a non-bailable arrest warrant against Sri Tapan Kumar Ghosh and 15 Hindu Samhati activists. The concocted charges against them are listed as being: "Incitement and Instigation for Rioting" and "Disruption of Communal Harmony".

As per the latest news received from the ground, Sri Tapan Kumar Ghosh and 15 Hindu Samhati activists have been framed and arrested for inciting communal disharmony by Kakdwip Thana (Police Station) in West Bengal.

1) The Friends of Hindu Samhati, USA strongly protests this outrageous attack on a peaceful, indoor religious function that was held behind closed doors. There was no provocation for this vicious assault nor was any outdoor procession held at the location. It is pitiable that the police could not provide security to its peace loving citizens and is instead insisting on closing the camp down.

2) We strongly urge the police and the local administration to arrest all the perpetrators of this heinous crime immediately and provide security to continue the camp at a nearby, alternate location.

3) We deeply deplore the travesty of justice in West Bengal and appeal to the police and the local administration to remove the framed charges and release Sri Tapan Kumar Ghosh and 15 Hindu Samhati activists immediately.

4) We request all friends and readers in India and abroad to call up the Indian administration to inquire about this incident. At least, they will know that people still care about justice and peace in India. The Numbers to Call are:

a) District Magistrate,
South 24 Parganas
Phone: 033-24793713
Email: dm-ali@wb.nic.in

b) Mr. Praveen Kumar
District Superintendent of Police,
South 24 Parganas, West Bengal
Mobile Phone: 91-98300-23142

c) Ganga Sagar Police-Station/Thana
Officer in ChargePhone:

d) Mr. Tomal Das
Officer in Charge
Kakdwip Thana (Police Station)
Mobile Phone: 98305-99612

e) SubDivisional Police Officer--
Senior to Officer in Charge
Jayanta Banerjee
Phone: 94349-66000

5) Finally, please show your solidarity with the beleaguered Hindus of West Bengal, and spread the news of this heinous outrage among your friends, co-workers and family.
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Thursday, April 3, 2008
Barasat erupts after fire in madrasa

Kolkata, April 02
Widespread violence — bordering on the communal — shook parts of North 24 Parganas district on Wednesday after a mysterious fire in a madrasa in Naupara, Barasat sparked allegations of arson.

Demonstrators choked roads, attacked police vehicles and also manhandled senior police officers who were at the spot to rein in the mob. Till reports last came in, a strong contingent, including columns of the Rapid Action force, was manning areas which were still smarting from tension.

The fire took place in the Kharezi madrasa in ward 22 of the Barasat municipality. Locals said the mosque is over 100 years old. Just before the early morning prayers, dissenters said, certain miscreants entered the madrasa and set it on fire. Local residents doused it, but by then several manuscripts and religious material had been burnt, they alleged.

Superintendent of Police, North 24 Parganas, Supratim Sarkar said: "It is difficult to say who is responsible for the fire but we have begun an inquiry. We must first keep the areas calm."

However, the news spread and so did the anger. Long stretches of Jessore Road and Taki Road were blocked in the morning. Later, Jamiat-Ulema-e-Hind leader Siddiqullah Chowdhury visited the spot, asking people to restrain themselves and at the same time demanding strict punishment for the guilty.

But by afternoon, the agitation had spilled over on the streets of Naupara, Amdanga, Madhyamgram, Basirhat, Beliaghata and Kahraibari. Protesters also tried to set fire to three police jeeps in Kadambachi. Sub-Divisional Police Officer of Barasat Mrinal Bhattacharya was also attacked.

Sources said the district administration might have got wind of the trouble in the morning, but reacted late. The agitators had become impatient by evening. The first police team reached Kadambachi More on Taki Road a little after 4 pm. It was the also the first to bear the brunt.

Agitators lobbed bricks and stones at the uniformed men, and the police, in turn, resorted to lathhicharge. They also fired two rounds in the air.

By evening, the force had swelled with RAF taking charge at several sensitive areas. Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee also toured the affected areas and asked people to maintain harmony.

Source: http://www.expressindia.com/latest-news/Ba...madrasa/291890/
Thursday, March 13, 2008
Muslim outrage in Howrah - West Bengal

Source: http://www.telegraphindia.com/1080311/jsp/...ory_9005340.jsp

Shops & houses burn, bombs fly in Howrah clash


Panchla, March 10: Over 50 shops were set on fire and several houses ransacked as two groups clashed with bombs and stones in a Howrah bazaar this morning.

Prohibitory orders under Section 144 have been clamped in Panchla, about 30km from Calcutta.

At least five policemen were injured in the clash and it took over 17 fire tenders about two-and-a-half hours to douse the blaze in several pockets of the sprawling market.

A stone hit district magistrate Khalil Ahmed in the leg when he turned up at the spot. A crude bomb was hurled at superintendent of police N.K. Singh. He had a close shave.

“Things are now under control, “ chief minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee said late in the afternoon.

The clash was the fallout of a trouble yesterday morning when Nasir Mullick turned up at Ashish Parui’s jewellery shop to pawn what he claimed was a gold bangle. Parui realised it was not gold and refused to pay Nasir.

An altercation followed, attracting many local people to the shop. Most of them sided with Parui and one of them hit Nasir on the head, leaving him with a deep cut.

Nasir returned in the evening with 100-odd youths.

The two sides decided to sort out the matter in the presence of village panchayat chief Hafizulla Mullick, who called a traders’ meeting today.

But Nasir lodged a police complaint and Parui was picked up last night. As the word spread, some 200 people surrounded the thana and demanded that either Parui be released or Nasir be arrested.

The shopkeepers dispersed around 2am but took out a procession around 8.30 today.

The marchers were allegedly pelted with stones, triggering the clash.

“Goons joined the streetfight, hurling bombs and setting shops on fire,” the district police chief said.

“We displayed utmost restraint,” he added.

The first police team fled after being outnumbered and reinforcements were called in from North and South 24-Parganas to tackle the situation. Eastern Frontier Rifles and RAF jawans were deployed.

Tarak Koley, 60, and his son Manabendra, 25, were trapped in their first floor home as the shop below was in flames. Firemen rescued them.

Hindu Samhati
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Wednesday, February 6, 2008
Hindu Defense Organization Being Launched in East India - Hindu Samhati
Hindu Defense Organization Being Launched in East India - Hindu Samhati

5, Bhuban Dhar Lane. Kolkata-700012

Dear Friends,
Taking the words of Swami Vivekananda I would like to say that the visually challenged cannot see the imminent threat of another partition. The deaf cannot hear its footsteps. And the fact is another partition is forthcoming in the Eastern region of India which is going to de-link Bengal and Assam. The futile dream of 1905 and the incomplete dream of 1947 finally seems be fulfilled and a long cherished vision will be realized. They say, the British snatched Bengal, Bihar and Orissa from them in the battle of Plassey in 1757 and hence it was their duty (farz) to give them back this entire area at the time of their departure in 1947. Instead, the British deprived them, giving them only half of Bengal. The British had cheated them. (Continue below)

To view flier in Bengali, please click on link below:

And now they are determined to assert their right of ruling Bengal, Bihar, and Orissa. The first step in this direction was taken in 1947. The second step is conquering West Bengal and Assam.
However, the people living in the border districts of West Bengal can already hear their footsteps and every day the sound is growing louder. Even the inhabitants of Birbhum, Howrah, Hooghly, Burdwan, East Midnapur can hear these footfalls. The Kolkatans have recently witnessed the anti-Taslima violence on 21 November at Park Circus. But this is only a trailer and in a few days they will get to see the entire movie.

Friend, you might be surprised by what I am saying. The incidents at Dhantala, Bantala, Bashanti, Sonakhali and Hemtabad were not pre-planned. Rather they occurred due to lack of planning and control. Their stratagem is wide and has far reaching consequences. To materialize their plans, they are quietly and stealthily increasing their population on both sides of the Border. Production is being carried out on the other side and the product is supplied in this side. Their population is increasing at an alarming rate. We have already become minority in 10 districts of West Bengal and Assam. If we consider the blocks, we are a minority in 62 of them. In these areas we are living completely at their mercy. In several places blowing of conchshells, celebration of Holi, Durga Puja and Saraswati Puja in schools have been banned. Our mothers and sisters are living in terror, not at the thought of what is going to happen, but by witnessing what is happening.

Unfortunately, these incidents are not being allowed to be brought to light by the vested interests. The cries of human sufferings and persecution are lost by the incessant blowing of the trumpet of Secularism! What is more tragic, the Sachar Committee is trying to put the blame on the Hindus for all the backwardness of the Muslims, as if it is we who are exploiting them!

But what would be the outcome of such Muslim appeasement? Haven’t we suffered enough during the partition of 1947? Did not Dr. Ambedkar clearly point out the disastrous results of such appeasement during the pre-partition days? And that disaster was the loss of our hearth and homes, that disaster was the loss of the honour of our women, that disaster was the earning of the ‘refugee’ tag by millions of Hindus.

In spite of this our political leaders continue to aid and abet this policy of appeasement, though most of them happen to be refugees themselves! And we, the Hindus, seem to have resigned ourselves to follow the path of the ostrich to tide over this crisis. But don’t we realize that we cannot save ourselves in this way? Our forefathers could not do it in 1947, the Hindus of Kashmir could not do it in 1990, and we will not be able to do so either when our turn comes.

And therefore, we have come out to protest – to protest against this policy of appeasement, this inertia and this hypocrisy. We have come out with the resolve to protect our country, to protect the honour of our women, to protect the Hindus in general and the Hindu Swabhiman. Whatever may be the outcome of this fight, one thing is for sure – we shall not yield an inch to the enemy without a fight. WE SHALL NOT SURRENDER.

We, therefore, felt the need of a new platform to mobilize all Hindus for this purpose and the name that has been proposed is Hindu Samhati. In this respect, a meeting has been called at Bharat Sabha Hall on 14 February 2008, which will be graced by some of the most eminent Hindu personalities of our times.

You are most cordially welcome.

Tapan Kr. Ghosh
Contact: 94330 37705
BUMP Ramana
Bump Acharya

Today, 10th July, a major communal riot broke in Murshidabad district. <b>Till now 12 persons dead, most of them Hindus, hundreds injured including 10 policemen and one D.S.P. rank police officer. Two village markets and hundreds of Hindu houses were looted and burnt</b>. Firing between police and Muslim rioters still going on at 11.30 night. Curfew imposed in the whole area. BSF and CRPF deployed to help police and RAF.

Perhaps the whole incident planned to welcome the proposed Aligarh Muslim University Campus in this district.

Jhaubona High School is a big higher secondary school in Jhaubona village under Nawda polie station in Beldanga sub division in Murshidabad district. Among total 1000 students of this school, about 50% are Muslim students. For long they were demanding to offer Friday Namaz inside the school. But school management and the Hindu students resisted it apprehending that it will create a virtual mosque inside the school. So, the furious Muslim students made objection against Saraswati Puja in the school and the school management has been compelled to stop Saraswati puja last year in the school. In spite of that, the Muslim students were not satisfied. So they planned to offer Friday Namaz today (10 July) by force inside the school without any permission from Head Master or School Management. Hindu students protested and altercation started at 12 noon between two groups of students. Muslims were prepared. Through cell phone they spread the false message that Hindu students attacked Muslim students in the school. Within 10-15 minutes, thousands of Muslims led by the students of nearby Trimohini Madrasa rushed to the school. <b>They attacked the school students, the big village market of Trimohini, and two Hindu villages Jhaubona and Trimohini. Many Hindu shops in the Trimohini market were burnt and looted. Many Hindu houses were burnt and looted in the villages Jhaubona and Garapara. In one house 4 Hindus died in the fire including one father and his daughter were burnt alive.</b>

Till now, according to our sources, 12 Hindus are dead, more than one hundred injured, though the district administration will surely give a lesser number.

Many are missing. Nobody knows how many of the missing persons are already dead.

Police and RAF could not control the situation. So, BSF and CRPF are called in. Till evening, police fired 250 rounds. 10 policemen were injured, among them condition of 4 are very serious. One D.S.P. is seriously injured. He has been admitted in a private nursing home to avoid media scrutiny. On the road at Begunbari village, Muslims burnt 2 buses and one matador. One Tata Sumo car and its passengers were attacked. The broken car and its passengers have been brought to Beldanga Bharat Sevashram Sangha for their safety.

The injured persons have been admitted to Baharampur and Amtala hospitals. Till mid night, firing was going on between Muslim rioters and security forces at Trimohini bazaar.

<b>As usual, the electronic media/ TV channels are silent and totally blacked out this major incident.
Murshidabad district is a Muslim majority distrct. All the 3 police stations in Beldanga sub division – Beldanga, Nawda and Hariharpara – are Muslim majority. This is a border sub division. All the Hindu villages under Nawda and Hariharpara p.s. are awake tonight. They are scared of possible Muslim attack upon their villages.

In sub divisional town Beldanga, in evening Muslims gathered in front of Congress office. Hindus are fearing that the famous Bharat Sevashram Sangha, whose President highly revered Swami Pradiptanandaji (Kartik Maharaj) may be attacked by communal Muslims. Swamiji is now away from Ashram. He went pilgrimage to Mansarovar-Kailas. He is expected to return in 5-6 days.

<b>India’s Finance Minister Mr. Pranab Mukherjee has been elected from this Murshidabad district. As a gratitude to the Muslims of this district, he announced in his finance Budget in parliament that he would allocate a huge sum of money to establish a campus of Aligarh Muslim University in this district. This Aligarh Muslim University spearheaded the separatist movement for creation of Pakistan in pre 1947 years.</b>

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