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Islamic Jihadism In West Bengal
Friday, June 27, 2008
Sri Tapan Kumar Ghosh's message to our well wishers
Dear friends,
The extreme privations of prison life notwithstanding, all the 15 workers of Hindu Samhati, who are with me in the Diamond Harbour Jail, are in high spirits.
In the incident of the 12th June night 20 of our workers were injured, eight of them seriously. There was also a lady among those who were seriously injured. Both the police and the administration were complete failures in quelling the absolute rampage that went on at the Hindu Samhati campsite, from 7pm in the evening till 1 am at night. Not only that, the police team - many of whom were seriously injured - took shelter inside the camp to save their lives. If the brave young workers of HS had not fought the bloodthirsty Muslim mob back with a desperate courage, one shudders to think what would have happened. The 8 ladies participating in the camp would surely have been violated and then another Godhra would have been enacted in Gangasagar.
What happened and what could have happened - this event can be viewed from numerous perspectives. But what I want to convey to my compatriots, to those who are with me in jail and to those without, that this is the price we have to pay.
In West Bengal Hindus keep their heads down and suffer insults silently. They get persecuted, Hindu women are raped and gang raped but still they do not seek redress or justice. As a last resort they leave the homes of their ancestors and migrate. For all their sufferings they just pray helplessly to God for deliverance. But God does not listen to the entreaties of the weak and piteous. So the persecution does not stop and the Hindus are forced to leave their homes and move elsewhere. Whole areas become cleared of Hindus and India shrinks.
Such a situation cannot be redressed with prayer. One has to pay a price. The Hindu wants peace but does not want to pay for it. Unfortunately, in this world nothing comes free. This is the lesson Hindu Samhati seeks to impart. On 12th June we paid a small part of that ‘price’, being remanded to judicial custody was another part. But a far, far higher price would have to be paid in blood, incarceration and sacrifice to ensure true peace and security of the Hindus. Preparing the Hindu nation for paying this price is the ultimate goal of Hindu Samhati. There are no shortcuts to it.
In the great battle of Kurukshetra those who fought on the side of Dharma, for safeguarding the Dharma, was aided by the Lord (Shri Krishna) himself. Let the devout Hindus, who are so devoted to Shri Krishna, ponder upon the price the side of Dharma and righteousness had to pay. Even though the Lord himself aided them. Arjun, Shri Krishna’s dearest friend, had to suffer the bottomless grief and despair of a father who watches his beloved son die in battle. Why didn’t Shri Krishna save or revive Abhimanyu? He could have, if he wanted to. He was the incarnation of God on earth; the elements were his to command. He didn’t because even he could not act contrary to the law of this world - the law which firmly lays down that anything worthwhile has to be achieved at a price. Thus establishment of Dharma and righteousness could not take place for free and without suffering. Not only did Arjun and Bhim suffer the grief of losing sons. The field of Kurukshetra was soaked in blood and the sky was rent by the lament of the Kshatriya women. That was the price of establishing Dharma.
Today the Hindus of Bengal shall have to pay a dire price for securing peace, security and the honour of their women. Let the Hindus of Bengal prepare for it - this is the message of Gangasagar.
Yours forever,
Tapan Kumar Ghosh
Diamond Harbour Jail
24 Parganas (South), West Bengal
Sri Tapan Kumar Ghosh and the Hindu Samhati team offer our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to all our workers, compatiots and well wishers, who responded to our call of distress on the night of June 12, 2008 and selflessly did their bit in allaying the dire situation. May God preserve you all.
Hindu Samhati

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