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Islamic Jihadism In West Bengal
From the twitter feed visible at http://rajeev2004.blogspot.com/ as at now

Quote:1. Minority rights RT @barbarindian: RT @HinduSamhati: Kali temple desecrated in Diamond Harbour, Kolkata http://t.co/uPXcsSc about 6 hours ago

2. Minority rights RT @HinduSamhati: Post Eid provocation. Brutal torture upon Hindu minorities in Bangladesh http://t.co/WS8Qjmi about 6 hours ago

The links in reverse order:

2. http://hinduexistence.wordpress.com/2011...ses-in-bd/

Unbearable persecution upon Hindu minorities in Bangladesh by Quran loving people. Loot, molestation and rampage upon Hindu Temples and house hold after a provocation through loud speakers.

Hindu Existence Media Centre | Sunday, 4th Sept. 2011.


Quote:Though the crude fundamentalists in BNP leadership like Masum Billah, Ex Chairman of the local council – Harun ur Rashid, Momin Member, Prof. Tajul Islam planned the strategy and attacked the Hindu minorities, the Pseudo Secular (actually pro Islamic) Awami Police reached the spot very late to let the persecution finds perfection. In the meanwhile the [color="#0000FF"]violent Muslim mob 300 heads tried to molest the women of Hindu ‘Das’ and ‘Ghosh’ family, ruined nine houses, desecrated every Puja sthal ( worshop place with idols and deities) in 29 rooms, rampaged a Home Temple[/color], snatched 30 mobile sets, robbed 7 TV sets, 3 Fridges, 6 DVD players, 25 lacs of Bangladesh Rupees, papers , cheque and funds of Bhani Esha Multi Purpose Co-Op Society and one generator from Das family.
But that's what christoislam does: christoterrorised NE of Bharatam is just like that, Kashmir terrorised by islamania is just like that. Etc.

1. http://southbengalherald.blogspot.com/

Quote:Sunday, September 4, 2011

Kali temple desecrated in Diamond Harbour

Desecration of Hindu temples in the length and breadth of Bengal is intense; in spite of innumerous pleas of Hindus the administration remains reluctant to them, do not adopt apposite measures else to call these a halt and a revered Kali temple, positioned in Diamond Harbour Proper at National Highway No. 117, District: 24 Parganas (South) has become the freshest entrant in the same list. The temple remains witness to vandalism, looting and also forceful and heinous attacks on the venerable deity itself that took place on September 01, 2011 in the dead night.

Had people identified any such during the occurrence, the fallout would surely have been different. But next day, in the morning, devotees were shocked to find out the ravage. What they did perceive manifested at once that it was done by none other than an Islamic bigot. No Hindu thief or freebooter, however bad he is, would dare to touch the sacred idol of Mother Almighty, Kali Mata.

Hindus in the neighborhood are up in arms and have been found to voice their protests angrily and demand stern actions of police to nab the culprits without delay.

Posted by Hindu Samhati at 3:14 PM 0 comments

More recent items of 2011 at the http://southbengalherald.blogspot.com/ link:

  • September 1, 2011:
  • Muslims abduct Hindu girl Dipanwita in Sandeshkhali. Administration indifferent to her hapless father

  • Muslim private teacher molests Hindu girl child

  • Repeated bids to transform Idgah to mosque worry Hindus in Jangipara

  • Aug 19 2011: Bagnan Howrah flares up; Muslims desperate to stop coming Janmasthami there

  • August 8, 2011: Walling Muslim cemetery fails to assure Hindus in Deganga. Will Hindus there have to boycott coming Durga Puja too?

The christogovt in India is turning Bengal into TSP, both by turning a very deliberate "blind" eye to the Hindu genocide and encouraging more islamics from TSP-E (and W) into Bharatam. The islamaniacs, not content with their ongoing genocide of Hindus native to eastern Bengal (Bangladesh) and Pakiland, have to genocide the native Hindus in Bharatam's West Bengal as well.

The christogovt is the brains behind the islamic zombie army, directing them at Hindus, opening and closing the floodgates of jihad at will.

In the end, the native Hindus of Bengal can only rely on themselves. This isn't the Sapta Samurai: no heroes for hire to save the defenceless Bengali Hindus. (There's only the Gorkha mercenaries: but these are ready to serve even islam when the price is right. I doubt Bengali Hindus can afford their loyalty.) So the Bengali Hindoos just have to evolve their communities into the equivalent of Ninja: train themselves to become capable of defending themselves with what they have. Home-made explosives, metal tools fashioned into precision weapons and order some ninja throwing stars online. Learn to rig boobytraps. Anything. Everything. Hindus of Bengal are desperate enough to be extremely creative.

Self-reliance in self-defence is the way of all natural societies.

And it is even more essential when the government is the very enemy who wants to extinct the natives, and when the armed forces are uh ... unreliable (they memorably/unforgettably shot at and killed unarmed Hindus in cold blood: for peacefully defending their Amarnatha Kovil. Who knows what the wondrous Secular Indian Army - secular arm of christoislam - would do to the Bengali Hindoos similarly oppressed by islamania.)

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