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Islamic Jihadism In West Bengal
BJP-traitor to west bengal Hindus

Our Struggle – Need of Explosion of Hindu Mass Strength

It was Jiban Mandaler Haat that did fight against all onslaughts of Islamists whereas Taranagar – Rupnagar did the opposite; the result was quite apparent – Hindus did give in there easily and became easiest preys to Islamic vandalism. And since we are analyzing each development so painstakingly, more hard facts must be mulled over now. Hindu warriors or flippant youths in Jiban Mandaler Haat had political backgrounds but instead of relying on parties (cutting across political lines) they trusted Hindu Samhati leading to the development of a brawny defence against Islamists. And thanks to this valiance, Jiban Mandaler Haat remains devoid of any Islamic torturing these days; Hindu youths are working as vanguards in the vicinity too.

Had the same job been done in Taranagar – Rupnagar, the reality there would have been quite different. Hindus in Taranagar – Rupnagar, following the brutal murder of Bimal Haldar – local leader of BJP (16 years back) – took refuge under CPIM. On May 14, 2012, both villages buckled under Islamic attacks and were burnt down. Two Hindu housewives were gang raped and none knows whether they will get any justice ever. Nonetheless, Hindus know well that they will not be able to recover lost honors of these two Hindu women. Reason? To do the same, they will have to fasten Draupadi’s braid with the blood of Dushashana; the task that was impossible for Arjuna to do even. But Bhima did it. Does any Bhima inhabit Taranagar – Rupnagar?

Both Jiban Mandaler Haat and Taranagar – Rupnagar are in P.S. Joynagar, District: 24 Paraganas (South) and near to P.S. Kultali as well. But the situation in these areas is simply contradictory and it has confounded Hindus majorly. And after long deliberations they have decided to abide by examples set by Jiban Mandaler Haat. As a result, Hindus in both P.S. Joynagar and Kultali, disgusted of blatant Muslim appeasements by political parties, are joining Hindu Samhati in strength.

There are some other relatively less known facts also. SUCI happens to be dominant power in the area while CPIM is the main opposition. TMC is the reigning power in the state of Bengal, at this point in time. Is there any difference between these parties then? In accordance with people, all have surrendered to the disease of Muslim appeasement and vie with each other, often, to display their excellences in this regard.

The aforementioned incidents of Jiban Mandaler Haat and Taranagar – Rupnagar along with their grim experiences of how political parties placate Islamists have given Hindus a fillip to analyze the fast changing reality. The consequence of all these is simple – more and more Hindus are joining Hindu Samhati and its meetings are being attended by representatives of 20-25 villages in unison.

On June 5, 2012, a spark of Hindu power got evident in Jalaberia, P.S. Kultali; a simple instigation could have converted it into an explosion. Hindus were repressed in the area by the police and administration for years and on the same day, there could have been the finest retribution. But it was foiled by Debatosh Acharya, district president of BJP, and thus, Hindus were led astray once more. The vigor that could have changed the scenario for the coming decade at least (at least) cooled down – relying on the traitor from BJP only. Once it was done, administration denied the pledges made (by it) to calm Hindus down.

BJP and police joined hands to stab Hindus in the back – people in Jalaberia are acquainted with all these good. It was learnt, later, all political parties, including BJP, sided with administration against Hindus.

What did happen on June 5, 2012 proves the same cruel reality once more – Hindus are nothing other than Abhimanyu (as described in Mahabharata – his epic struggle while being surrounded by seven charioteers). Hindus, to cut a long story short, are sieged by political parties, administration, mounting (exponentially) Islamic populace, Islamic wealth, Islamic weapons, network of mosque-madrasa and their slanted votes.

Only on July 5, 2012, cow smuggling to Bangladesh was going on as usual through the courtyard of Shankar Biswas, living in village: Angrail, Bangaon border. When on earth BSF personnel tried to call it a halt, one individual protested and his head, following a shrike of lathi, cracked. Mr. Chidambaram, Home Minister of India, has recently stated in Kolkata that BSF can’t fire to stop cow smuggling. Hence, BSF personnel have to use lathi only. And one day innocent Hindus will turn into its victims. How can Hindus live in such a situation? Well – it can happen only if Hindus protest loudly against all these precarious designs. To do the same, hobnobbing with political parties will turn out to be futile.

Hindus couldn’t be saved by CPIM in Taranagar, by RSP in Kalahajra, by SUCI in Jalaberia, by BJP in Purbasthali, by Trinamool Congress in Mangalkot. No political party can do it ever or else East Bengal would not have become Bangladesh. There is an urgent need of unity, social unity among Hindus to save Bengal. This has to be done as soon as possible. If Bengali Hindus do not want to become refugees once more, they have to do all that is necessary to foil the potential merger of Bengal with Greater Bangladesh.

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