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Islamic Jihadism In West Bengal
BJP betrays Hindus in Kultali

Cruel betrayal halts Hindu justice-seekers, combatants

To sustain own living and dignity in the realm of Bengal, it is no longer possible for Hindus to rely on the police and administration (excessively prejudiced) and Hindus have learnt this lesson through their own bitter experiences. What can be the effect of Hindu anger was witnessed today itself in Jalaberia, P.S. Kultali, District: 24 Paraganas (South) – the area that witnessed death of two Islamist dacoits, mere consequence of mob fury, a few days back followed by mounting atrocities of police (under auspices of alleged secular parties) and Islamists – the last of which was the brutal repression (with gross human rights violations) of innocent Hindus at 2 am on June 5, 2012. Two (utterly innocent) Hindu youths were also arrested while 3 Hindu women, 1 Hindu man were brutally repressed and 1 Hindu boy’s hand was fractured then and there.

Hindus were just fuming and turned the protest into a mass movement that was on the verge of explosion. However, the presence of Debatosh Acharya, district president of BJP, happened to be sufficient to baffle Hindus and defuse the entire movement.

A brilliant opportunity to portray Hindu resistance was lost, thus.

The insensate incidents proved to be enough to stimulate tens of thousands of Hindus in the vicinity and they were found to be up in arms against the administration from today morning. The issue was no more confined to one Hindu village in particular but invoked Hindus cutting across ages and political lines – enough to affright the administration even. The presence of high-ranking administrative and police officials on the spot and their recurrent efforts to restrain aggrieved Hindu populace gheraoing P.S. Kultali demanding the arrest of culprits did evidence that Hindus will never remain the same.

The vigor of the mass-movement was such that the administration did agree to release arrested Hindu youths with immediate effect and take the assailants on Hindus into custody. But the whole scenario changed with appearance of Debatosh Acharya who arrived there in the car of Officer-in- Charge of P.S. Joynagar.

Debatosh Acharya, from the very beginning, was found to side for police and finding 5 representatives of Hindus (invited by S.D.O.) in the meeting held at Jalaberia High School (close at hand) as highly stubborn, he left no stone unturned to defuse the tension. The venue of the meeting was later transferred to the BDO office, Kultali to trick Hindus on the whole. Administration, seemed to accept all demands of Hindus in the beginning, there changed its position soon. Debatosh Acharya deserves a great credit in this regard!

And ultimately he succeeded to calm the Hindu sturdiness and police did also revert; Hindu youths have been sent to the court – correct proceedings in the future can ensure their release only. The demands of Hindus to take stern action against guilty police officials involved in brutal repression and also of Islamists (torturing Hindus persistently) have also been shelved. The assurance of administration, in this regard, to Hindus is merely verbal.

Without a shred of doubt, Debatosh Acharya has worked as a perfect agent of police betraying Hindus altogether.

Victims of inhuman police and Islamist torture at midnight on June 5, 2012:-

1) 7 year old boy Tarani Haldar - his hand has been fractured by police torture.Seriously injured and had to be hospitalized :

2) Smt. Anjali Naskar - age 22 yr.

3) Smt. Bhadduri Sikari - age 45 yr.

4) Smt. Mallika Haldar - age 35 yr.

5) Sri Bijay Bairagi - age 35 yr.

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