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Islamic Jihadism In West Bengal
Hindu women abducted in Nadia

Grisly Islamist strategy behind the scene

Maltreatment and abduction of Hindu women is at an all-time high in Bengal these days and Mrs. Supriya Dey (age 33), wife of Mr. Amit Dey and mother of two children, Toton Dey and Laboni Dey (both students), residing in village Bijra Kanaipukur, Satberia, P.S. Haringhata. District: Nadia, happens to be the latest victim. She has been abducted by Atiyar Mondal, s/o, Late Janbox Mondal, resident of the same village, infamous for his immoral behavior in the neighborhood. And this incident took place on March 4, 2012 night; Supriya was abducted by the said Atiyar Mondal and his accomplices.

Atiyar Mondal is learnt to work both in Mumbai and Kerala and is supposedly involved in woman trafficking as well.

What makes one accuse Atiyar Mondal directly? There are, in fact, several reasons behind this. The same notorious Islamist individual (more than half-a-year back) tried to tempt Supirya and asked her to be a prostitute to have large amounts of money. Supirya, being a decent and ideal Hindu housewife, rejected the nasty proposal straight away and all these intensified problems for the entire family. Even if the Hindu family did put an end to all forms of social connections to the Islamist’s family, crises and harassments went on increasing only.

Local villagers allege that there are some other factors as well. As per them, Amit babu owns 2 decimal of land but the Muslims landowners, encircling Amit’s land, are hoping to get hold of the same land. Again, Supriya, almost a year ago, became instrumental behind the police crackdown on the illegal country liquor shop of Atiyar Mondal and his cohort. What is more, just a few months back police also raided an illegal gambling den in Atiyar’s residence and took his family members into custody. Atiyar Mondal concluded that Supriya was behind the same action too; villagers allege that Supriya has been abducted as a part of revenge.

What is the existing situation in that case? Even if Muslim villagers are accusing Supriya only and are making great efforts to term the event as a voluntary decision of Supriya, Hindus have the conviction that she has been abducted as part of ominous designs of Atiyar. It is to be noted that Amit Roy and his children did hear some sounds on the same night and perceived broken Shankha- Pola( symbol of married Hindu woman) in house’s yard.

And in the entire incident behavior of police was both strange and suspicious. Even if there were lots of requests to police to accept the FIR, it was just rebuffed. After hours of efforts police made a general diary, GDE. No. 205 dt. 05.03.12.

Aren’t these incidents known? The entire Islamic hegemony in India and dreadful days of partition remained witnessed to such incidents. Honors of Hindu women count nothing to Islamists and myriad incidents are there to bear this testimony.

History is revisiting once more; Hindu women are again being tortured. While some of them become parts of women trafficking and join sporting houses ultimately, others are just killed without any compunction.

Hindus, being unconscious of history, are doomed to repeat the same mistakes once more.

What’s of you? Are you ready to sacrifice a new Supriya of your family?

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