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Islamic Jihadism In West Bengal
Dipika – quarry of Love Jihad

The nemesis of Love Jihad is unabated in Bengal and whatever may be the efforts to call this nefarious maneuver a halt, more miles, it is evident, have got to be walked. And the most recent victim to this is Dipika Halder, age 18, daughter of Dilip Halder, resident of village & PO. – Byaspur. P.S. – Taherpur, Sub-division: Ranaghat, District: Nadia. It has also been learnt that Dipika happens to be the student of Class XI at Hazrapara School, P.S. Dhantala, in the same district. She has been missing from December 05, 2011 and as per circumstantial evidences (most impregnable), she has been kidnapped by Mujibar Lasker, age 21, s/o Samsul Lasker, residing in village Golabari, P.S. Mograhat, Sub-division: Diamond Harbor, District: 24 Paraganas (South).

Dilip Babau happens to be an employee in charge of security in a private company at Konnagar, District: Hooghly

After all these there comes a question inevitably. How did all these initiate? Investigations have confirmed that Mujibar, a worker in the Jari industry, feigned as Dibakar Halder over phone and slowly a relationship grew up between him and innocent Dipika. Mujibar was helped by Firoze Sardar and Tambir Sheikh to get hold of Dipika.

Without doubt, family of Dipika, especially her father Dilip Halder, was in darkness of the entire incident and the hell came down on them only on December 05, 2011, the day when Dipika was last seen. Incidentally, Dipika phoned her residence on December 07, 2011 – she was heard weeping and pleading to rescue her. The cell phone was turned off all of a sudden and from then on Dipika’s voice has never been heard.

The appalled family was desperate to get a breakthrough; as a result of a do-or-die search, Dipika’s family found a small note book in her room and Mujibar’s location was found in it.

There are more things as well. On December 07, 2011, Neel Halder, uncle of Dipika, went to Mujibar’s residence and Dipika was there. However, Dipika was almost unconscious. For that reason, even if she tried, no communication could take place. Seeing all these, Neel Halder went to Mograhat police station for legal and administrative assistance. But the police there refused to help him blatantly stating that the case was with other P.S. Dilip Halder reached there before long and went to Mujibar’s house. But by then Mujibar ran off with Dipika.

Lots of issues are coming to the fore and the most prevalent among these is the way though which Mujibar approached Dipika.

Indeed, an extensive conspiracy is going on across the state against adolescent Hindu girls and in these cases, latest technological gizmos like cell phones are playing pernicious roles.

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