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Islamic Jihadism In West Bengal
However, I must alert my viewers to some dangerous steps of the Muslim communities to capture this Country (BHARAT) in a very easy way.

The points were delivered by an Imam in a yearly congregation of Muslims (Islami Jalsha) in a remote place of Bengal.

1. A Muslim must do five times (waqat) Namaz and two times intercourse whenever gets opportunity as routine work.

2. Increase of Islamic population anyway is the greatest service of Muslims offered to Allah.

3. Open a small prayer room (Namaz Ghar) everywhere and convert it into a big mosque there afterwards. Encroach Hindu lands.

4. Open a small beef stall every possible and even next to impossible place to broaden the Islamic permissiveness in our society and to hurt the Hindu sentiment. Open Muslim Hotels in every Market place and allure Hindu customers there and cut off their religious thread.

5. Snatch Hindu girls and women and convert them to Musalman through Love Jihad.

6. Keep ready the choppers and procure new swords etc. for self and area protection.

Just think the dangerous implication out of the above Islamic steps. Please start to react instantly. It should be done in a tit for tat method.

R1. Hindus must do one time havan or two times prayers and Nam Jap all the times as a easy and joyful method. Must discourse two times with at least two new men for Hindu Organisation, Hindu Awareness, Hindu Activism.

R2. Hindu must increase Hindu population and reject dangerous birth control for the easy enjoyment and hassle free life of new and able couples.

R3. Hindu must erect new temples in non temple areas. Renovate the old temples. Make the temples as Hindu activity and cultural defence centres. Stop selling of Hindu Lands to the Muslims. It is most dangerous. They even don’t utter Vande Mataram!

R4. Stop and protest all Beef stall and Muslim Hotels in Hindu areas and Hindu Market place. Thrash the secular and Jaichandi Hindus who support beef eating and establishment of Muslim Hotels in Hindu areas.

R5. Keep all Hindu girls and women in our own society and thrash all Love Jihadis.

R6. Hindus are the worshipper of Power. To keep and worship weapons is a Hindu religious right. So, buy some swords, traditional weapons etc. and keep it in house to use it in proper time. Keep your children interested in self defence and marital arts. Procure licensed fire arms as per govt norms. Yes, we have also the rights to fight against the enemies of Hindus and our Motherland.

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