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Islamic Jihadism In West Bengal
Ineffective BJP, VHP vs effective Hindu Samhati

Our Struggle – Deep-rooted anti-Hindu conspiracy

Hindu Samhati, abiding by democratic norms, had a plan to submit a memorandum to the Hon’ble Governor, West Bengal, to protest against providing Rs. 2, 500 per month to Imams. It was also planned that on April, 24, Hindu Samhati activists would make a gathering at College Square (at first), from there they would travel either to Metro Channel or Rani Rashmoni Road; a small team of HS representatives would go to Rajbhavan from there and submit the said memorandum. To make this a reality, necessary permission was sought from Joint CP (Headquarters). Nevertheless, responses from the very department proved to be weird in every sense of the term. In the beginning, it was stated promptly that owing to programs of others on April, 24 permission would not be given. Consequently, a new application to organize the HS program on April 25 (on the very next day) was submitted. There was no response but after repeated inquiries Joint CP (Headquarters) said unflinchingly that no permission (in any capacity) would be given to Hindu Samhati.

When the reason behind such a decision was asked, it was learnt to be the diktat of Javed Shamim (Joint CP) and to do anything as regards the same, Hindu Samhati would have to meet him. When an appointment with him was demanded, his personal assistant rejected it outright and sent HS representatives to O.C., Lalbazar who did brush aside each and every plea of Hindu Samhati. The application of Hindu Samhati for permission couldn’t be submitted, hence.

Nonetheless, both BJP and VHP (Vishwa Hindu Parishad) were allowed (by police) to organize meetings on the same issue. And this was not the end as more startling facts were also being found out; Hindu Samhati was not being allowed to hold meetings even in districts of the state too. What can be deduced then? The conspiracy to restrain Hindu Samhati was not confined to the corridors of Lalbazar only; districts in Bengal are not under the jurisdiction of Lalbazar or Commissioner of Kolkata Police. The operation was done under the aegis of the topmost brass of Bengal administration, who happens to be none other than Mamata Banerjee, reigning Chief Minister of Bengal.

All these lead to a new question. What makes Bengal CM restrain Hindu Samhati, a minuscule Hindu organization? Well, let’s get specific. It would have been difficult to answer this a few months back but no more. There are several answers, to be precise. Firstly, it has become crystal clear to citizens in Bengal that the first and foremost job of Trinamool Congress happens to be appeasement of Islamists. The measures adopted by the Bengal government till now can easily be explored. These are special financial package for Imams and Muazzins, recognition of 10, 000 madrasas across the state, declaration of Urdu as second language, surrendering almost the whole of jobs (within the purview of OBC reservation) to Muslims, lavish endowments to Muslim male students, rendering free cycles to Muslim female students, decision to make medical college under Aliah University and study of Islamic history mandatory there, construction of twenty-storied Haz Manjil. People, hence, are concluding that the present government is only for Islamists and none else.

On April 03, 2012, a few Imams, at the Imam conference organized by the state government, were found to state audaciously that endeavor and performance of Didi’s (Trinamool supremo Mamata Banerjee) government to better Muslims in Bengal simply trounce others, even Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia. It is to be noted, prior to this event, Imams, in the assemblage for Id at the Red Road just admonished Mamata. And the baffled state government to maintain its support and sway (therefore) among Muslims started blatant appeasement throughout the state from that very day. It’s known to all that chief advisers of Mamata Banerjee, now, are Imam Barkati, Toha Siddique, Siddiqullah Chowdhury.

Hindu Samhati, in spite of being a small organization, has played noble roles to defend religion, property and dignity of Hindus in various districts of Bengal and under its leadership, Hindus are being found to resist Islamists in the rural areas. As a result, Mamata has been pressurized by Islamists to call Hindu Samhati’s marching a halt and it became most apparent on February 14 when police applied a desperate effort to foil Hindu Samhati’s 4 th anniversary. But the utter failure in it just infuriated Mamata Devi. This happens to be the first reason.

There is another reason as well. It is no longer a secret to people that Mamata, following the much-hyped change or “Poriborton”, is deeply influenced by autocratic mindset. She, hence, can’t tolerate any criticism of her or praises of others. There are myriad instances of it ranging from Park Street rape incident, Damayanti Sen, Katoa rape incident to removal of Dinesh Goswami, ex-Union Railway Minister. Disillusioned Hindus, as a result, are considering Hindu Samhati as the last refuge. The rise of Hindu Samhati and its burgeoning popularity has become an eyesore to Mamata. Under her instructions and to please her, police and administration, to fight down Hindu Samhati, are not obeying legal procedures and courts any more; besides, measures to stamp HS down tyrannically are being adopted increasingly. Alas, a large number of senior police officials of Bengal viz. IAS, IPS, are not able to do anything against the autocratic acts of Mamata. And the condition of experienced and senior ministers of the state government is indeed pitiable.

The effect of all these is highly evident; the state of Bengal is at a stake. There can also be a dangerous effect. When Hindu Samhati is not being allowed to perform democratically, strong reactions may take place among Hindu youths and accordingly, they, failing to count on democratic and peaceful procedures of Hindu Samhati, may switch over to secretive and violent activities. It might be the conspiracy of any agency to make Hindu youths get extremist.

The word “Islamic terrorist group” is known to all throughout the globe and the term, without doubt, disgraces Islam universally. And it’s a good strategy to shame any other religious group likewise. What we are saying is to make clear that there may be conspiracies (internationally) to create Hindu terrorist group. Perhaps Mamata Devi, without ascertaining the cruel truth, is becoming a mere dupe to similar form of conspiracy.

Activists and members of Hindu Samahati must not become victims of such a conspiracy – they have got to remain aware of the same.

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