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Islamic Jihadism In West Bengal
Our Struggle – Bengal is in a disarray

West Bengal and Mamata Banerjee. A strange relation indeed (at this point in time) and hence, it’s next to impossible to determine whose zodiacal constellation is Jupiter or Saturn (now). Is there any definite reason to initiate the writing in such a harsh tone? Well, there are a few. Many people hoped that the much-talked “Poriborton” would lead to drastic changes in Bengal and the state, hence, would remain under the tutelage of zodiacal constellation of Jupiter.

Alas! All those have gone down the drain; series of nasty developments (remaining unchecked) viz. murder, rape, bullying, theft, robbery and above all the recent episode of Damayanti Sen – are enough to make one believe that Bengal is yet to get rid of the zodiacal constellation of Saturn, infamous for its menaces.

Again, if the developments occurred hitherto are taken into consideration, one has no option but to accept a crude truth – Mamata has lost the turf war. Indeed this is hard to accept as the word defeat is not found in her personal dictionary; but it’s also true that she has not been able to rein in any strong and riotous force thus far, especially Islamists, in the state.

On the contrary, Islamists have got victorious at times; to be precise, they have made Mamata bow down before them categorically. On the day of Eid, during the Namaz at Red Road, she was chided by Imams in the open. Mamata was just hinted a way; the way which Islamists, spearheaded by Imams, made use of to dethrone CPIM. And it was not difficult at all – Mograhat episode involving wild attacks of Islamists on police (on duty to stop hooking of electricity in the vicinity) and police’s counter-attack for self-defense had taken place already.

However the state government was prompt enough to compensate the losses there!! And shortly, 171 people who died in hooch tragedy in the same Mograhat were paid 2 lakh each – all these happened since persons involved were Muslims (majorly) and Didi has the devout task to take care of them. Was this enough for her? No! There was the need of more to authenticate her pro-Muslim image. With this end in view, Mamata became instrumental to declare Urdu as the second language of the state at the Imams’ conference (happening under the aegis of State Government), recognize 10, 000 madrasa s, providing a monthly stipend of Rs 2,500 for 30,000 Imams in Bengal with various other facilities like housing schemes and funds for education of their children – all these are features of Mamata’s surrender to Islamists.

This is not all; tens of hundreds of such incidents have taken place and naturally, the space is too short here to write a few words of each of them. You can find those out in www.hindusamhati.org

Lots have been perceived. Isn’t it? We have seen the onslaught on police station at Kulpi and molestation of women of concerned families right there; efforts to snatch defendants (sub judice) and police rifles, ravishment of women at Park Street (Kolkata) and Katoa, holding the state to ransom from March 19-21 through wreaking havoc on the civic order, no arrest of persons liable for all these – do prove the extent of Mamata’s submission to Islamists.

And what she is doing in the interim has also become known to all – based on numerical majority in the Assembly she is either being found to reprimand or to transfer people (like Damayanti Sen) – but all these have failed to create any impact on insolent Islamists till now and there is no hope any such, if views of political analysts or mere pundits are considered.

How can Hindus in rural Bengal be in this situation is easily discernible. Will Hindus of Bengal be able to get rid of this nemesis? It’s a million-dollar question and perhaps this is not the opportune moment to have the answer. But one thing can be said now – to wage a defiant struggle against this nemesis (gaining strength with each day it passes), there is the need of a strong Hindu unity along with an audacious Hindu leadership; the leadership that will never admit defeat come what may.

Hindu Samhati, ever since its inception, has been fighting against all ills, and these relentless struggles have brought about a conviction within it – Hindus of Bengal are not cowards, they know how to fight and also the ways to inflict worst defeat on enemies. But they are swindled (at each time) by leaders masquerading under the borrowed of skin of pseudo-secularism. And in accordance with history, Bengal was partitioned in 1947 likewise.

But surely history will not be repeated at this time. A new chronicle will be written as Hindus will identify the swindlers and will opt for the vibrant, audacious and brawny Hindu leadership, discarding them.

This is the one and only destiny of Hindus. The faster they do it, the better it is.

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