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Islamic Jihadism In West Bengal
Our Struggle – Troubles of State and Nation are not similar

On December 10-11 the Fourth Annual Meeting of Hindu Samhati is going to take place in Malia, District: Hooghly. While the forthcoming convention will analyze activities of the organization, recent developments in the state following the recent change of guard and subsequent tactics will also be mulled over. It is also worthwhile to mention that activities intended for the February 14 conference have also initiated. Two eminent personalities will grace the occasion at this time – while one of them is an American, a neo-convert to Hinduism, the other one happens to be a celebrated Bengali professor of London School of Economics. An in-depth analysis of reigning state of affairs in the entire country will also be taken into consideration, in this meeting.

Without a shred of doubt, corruption in higher strata of Indian social structure and black money in foreign banking institutions are gaining extensive attentions both within and outside the Parliament. An expectation is also climbing up that this would be a golden opportunity for several opposition parties including BJP to topple the UPA government headed by Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi once and for all. Perhaps it will happen but undoubtedly, the chronicle of putrescence is gripping the social scenario such that each one can be a part in the race of corruption. A good number of ministers of BJP are connected with illegal mining in the state of Karnataka and many of them have also been jailed already. What is more, Ramesh Pokhriwal, Chief Minister of Uttarakhand, has already been withdrawn by BJP on charges of corruption. All these prove that there is no easy end to corruption. How can all these be dealt with? There is always the need of a strong anti-corruption movement and both Baba Ramdev and Anna Hazare have become able to do the same.

There are dark sides too. Political parties, opposition to the Congress, are trying to turn this movement into an anti-government struggle and thus to make profits. Nevertheless, people are getting more and more conscious and as a result, reputation of Anna Hazare, instead of LK Advani, is on the rise. To be sure, it is high time for people to get conscious that defeat of a corrupt government is not enough, stringent legal and administrative measures must be there to prevent any successive government from doing the same. The first and foremost aim of Anna Hazare’s struggle is also in the same track; its aim is not to dethrone the reigning Congress government from the center of power simply. Hindu Samhati heralds the glorious struggle of Anna Hazare.

Now here is another issue. Corruption is not the only hindrance to the people of Bengal, Assam, Jammu & Kashmir and Kerala. Existence of Hindus in all these states is at stake. And it is no longer a secret that Hindus are paying heavy prices for the State structure’s trepidation and fallacy of secularism; they are turning into minority, as a result, with each day it passes. Hindus have already been driven out from the state of Kashmir (completely) whereas eviction is unabated in the other states. Myriad Pakistan-like quarters (of both small and medium sizes) can be found in these states; due to these factors Hindus are either living in these areas in despair or just fleeing. What does this stark reality prove? Hindus can’t live any longer paying no attention to these – it’s self-annihilation and Hindus must be made understand. National integration in these states, like Kashmir, is in the balance and existence, security and dignity of Hindus are on the verge of extinction. But it’s also a cruel fact that no Anna Hazare is there to emphasize these mounting plights of Hindus.

Hindus in these states have to take some harsh facts (truth) into consideration. Revolutionaries in Bengal and Punjab, during the anti-British struggle couldn’t ascertain the rapid Islamic expansion that turned their descendants into refugees and made them leave their country of origin forever and a day. This error should not be repeated at all. Hindu Samhati is going on with the job of safeguarding Hindu existence persistently. This is a historic job indeed and those who will perform the same will do a significant duty. Posterity will remain indebted to them.

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