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Islamic Jihadism In West Bengal
Our Struggle – Change & Challenge

A historical change “Poriborton” – by the ouster of formidable Left Front – has taken place in the Indian state of Bengal and it is almost 6 months old by now. But with each day it passes, it is becoming harder for Ms. Mamata Banerjee to deal with the existing reality – the job is indeed tougher than brining the said historical change even. She, all alone, is fighting at many fronts at the same instant and some of these happen to be desperate endeavors to rejuvenate the saga of development in the state, cope with the economic deficiency, develop and modernize basic infrastructure of health system, confront fast rising Maoist challenge and also the Gorkhaland issue. All these challenges are being highlighted by the mainstream media too.

Nevertheless, another subject is being restricted as well in unison. It’s the challenge of fast growing Islamic fundamentalism in Bengal, perturbing the Bengal government day in and day out. How far will Ms. Banerjee fare in it? Perhaps it’s too early to criticize her in this respect. But her valiance must be credited with open hands as she has accepted the terrible challenges in all fronts including the Islamic one.

There were, without doubt, high expectations from present administration by Muslim fundamentalists. But contrary to their beliefs at several places a tough approach of the administration is being perceived by them. Lots of Muslim criminals changed their sides and joined Trinamool Congress abruptly – these people have not been spared also and scores of instances do authenticate the same. Rezzaq Mollah, one and only CPM leader (though defeated) having a strong social base still, can be taken as a good example. He almost crouched (and also begged) before Ms. Banerjee to return his 83 Muslim colleagues. All these prove social base of Rezzaq Mollah, erstwhile dreadful CPM leader, is among Muslims in Bengal only and not any other community. It has been learnt from confidential sources, the majority of aforesaid 83 Muslims happen to be criminals.

Now, let’s concentrate on another imperative subject – Bakri –Eid or Eid-ul-Zaha, passed recently creating furors at the same time. It is to be noted, the scene was not the same in the entire state. There was a high expectation that the presence of Supreme Court diktat to call cow slaughter a halt would put an end to this heinous practice. But the outcome was just the opposite and all these make an individual deduce that both administration and Mamata have failed to implement the court order by the book.

There is another development too – the chronicle of cow slaughter has failed to gratify desires of Muslims also. They did make several efforts to butcher cows at lots of newer places but failed ultimately. While at some places they were precluded by local administration, Hindu Samhati activists, in their own areas, also fought valiantly to impede the same. To be sure, the result is satisfactory. Notable successes were achieved in some places including Amta, Durbarhat in P.S. Falta, Purakait Para in Budge Budge and Sankrail.

Another strong support was there too. A team of Rashtriya Goraksha Sena led by Sri Ashu Mongia came all the way to Kolkata from Delhi to extend its hands to bring cow slaughter to an end in Bengal once and for all. Through bringing orders of several courts across India to stop cow slaughter into play the team acted gallantly to stop the practice at different parts in Kolkata. A good number of Hindu Samhati activists helped them to make the cause a success. They had some tragic experiences as well. Three days prior to Bakri –Eid, the team went to perceive the extensive cow market in Chitpur, Kolkata at night and at that time they were thrashed by the Islamic ruffians highly. Police personnel of P.S. Chitpur saved the team, even if they were also attacked by Muslim felons.

Time is changing fast; people across Bengal are feeling the importance and need of Hindu Samhati more than ever before. Lots of calls are coming to us from different new areas in the state to initiate our works there. Surely this is a new beginning and we, without respite, are trying our best to respond to them. We do also accept that there is a dearth of activists but Hindu Samhati doesn’t know to stop; it is coping with the fast changing reality steadfastly. Changing reality is intensifying the job of Hindu Samhati.

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