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Islamic Jihadism In West Bengal
Our Struggle – Assembly Election Results in Five States

Results of Assembly Elections in four states of India – West Bengal, Assam, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry (Union Territory) – have come to the fore already. While Congress and its cohorts have got victorious in states of West Bengal, Assam and Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry have been won by AIADMK (of Ms. Jayalalita) and a regional party respectively. Now as far as Bengal is concerned such a drastic result was expected and this expectation had grown up thanks to the disastrous performances of CPIM-led Left Front in preceding Panchayat, Lok Sabha and Municipal elections. With the defeat of Left Front in Bengal Assembly Election – 2011 the saga completed. Ms. Mamata Banerjee got her due (resulting from a defiant struggle for decades); she is the reigning Chief Minster in Bengal. What’s the situation of BJP then? Its votes has come down to 4% from 6% in the state.

In keeping with the existing reality, I would like to make readers heed a significant issue and it’s also the time to mull over this too. Had there been no democracy in India could we have got rid of 34-year long oppressions of CPM in Bengal? For that reason, we do propose a toast to persons who played a great role in the crusade against CPM. Nevertheless, there is a need of deep analysis as well. Amongst the crusaders there are (no less than) 2 groups with no confidence in Indian democracy. While one of these is the Islamic power with conviction in Sharia Law, the other one is Maoists rooted in Marxist thoughts only.

We want to notify people of dangers from these two groups, if they continue to get backing from Mamata Banerjee and her team. This would definitely lead to establishment of Marxist or Maoist authoritarianism or dreaded medieval Shraia hegemony. How many persons know that people remain devoid of Right to Freedom of Expression under these governances? Surely not many and if one of powers get victorious ever, people can’t remove them by casting votes or campaigning. We must get cautious of these two anti-democracy centres of power.

Now, let’s take note of results of election in Assam and Kerala. Without a shred of doubt, Congress has been getting a good support in the state of Assam and its Muslim appeasement policy has always played a prominent role in this case. It’s worthwhile to mention ASU and AGP were formed as a reaction to this terrible policy. AGP succeeded in attaining power in the state of Assam also and its alliance with BJP against Congress’ Muslim infiltration policy proved positive in Lok Sabha election as well. If a close look is given, AGP used to get votes of Assamese Hindus while BJP used to earn confidence of Bengali Hindus – almost all of them have been refugees from Bangladesh (former East Pakistan). The consolidated Hindu votes, it is needless to say, made the alliance triumphant. Congress, on the contrary, used to have confidence of Muslims en masse.

During Assam Assembly Election – 2011 there were some spectacular developments. AIDF, political party formed by Badruddin Ajmal, well-known perfume businessman of Hojai, got 18 out of 31 seats (certainly it offered a desperate fight). 2011 election happens to be the second one in AIDF’s history and the success, indeed, is great. If any reader is taken aback, he/she should keep in mind that Assam enjoys more than 30% Muslim votes (in the state’s entire population) and above half of it is with AIDF at the moment. Naturally, Congress would have been the worst victim hence. But the number of its seats has also risen to 78 from 53 (in the earlier election). How can this be?

Exhaustive studies do confirm that Hindus in North Assam have discarded AGP & BJP en bloc and opted for Congress. All these make us realize that desertion of Congress by Muslims has been compensated by extensive Hindu votes. Congress has got single majority – 78 seats among 126 in total, in this age of coalition – something that was beyond its dream even a few months back.

What have been reactions of AGP & BJP party leaders then? Central leadership of BJP is leaving no stone unturned to make people comprehend that downfall is the result of a dearth of alliance among parties in opposition. This is not true, in any way. Painstaking analyses of many seats in Assam state confirm that sum of votes of AGP & BJP don’t match up to votes attained by Congress. Take 3 districts of Barak Valley, Kachar, Karimgunj and Hailakandi – dominated by Bengali Hindus completely, into consideration. Kabindra Purakayastha of BJP, also veteran worker and ex-prachaak of RSS, has been the winning candidate to Lok Sabha from here. And as a result, there were 5 MLAs from this area. Now there is zero. There is hardly any Assamese here and hence, latest notion of BJP (dearth of alliance among parties in opposition) falls through.

Here is the question. Why have Hindus discarded AGP & BJP? And the question, without doubt, is vital. Go through this simple answer – Hindus (through own experiences) have already realized yielding of AGP & BJP to Muslim appeasement and that the two parties have no interest to support them. For this reason, Hindus have thought it is wise to dispose of them. Does Congress back Hindus? They don’t and it’s known to a Hindu kid even. What’s the foremost reason behind wholehearted Hindu support to Congress then? Their main intention was to call the dream of Badruddin Ajmal to become king maker a halt and to make this a reality, Hindus opted for Tarun Gogoi, Chief Minister of Congress. Undoubtedly this is a mature stance and proves Hindus are apprehending that their existence is at stake.

Development and corruption are no longer imperative issues for Hindus in Assam these days; saving from ever-expanding Islamic aggression influences them above all. But BJP leadership, highly influenced by secular ideology of Congress, was all set to divert this reality. Well, owing to the pulling of Sangh Parivar from back a perplexing situation has been created.

Similar (mature) stance of Hindus has been witnessed in Kerala too at this time. Congress made an alliance with anti-nation Indian Muslim League, winner of 20 seats in the State Assembly Election-2011, and this situation was apprehended by Hindus months before. Therefore, at this time, they have voted without reservation for CPIM. BJP couldn’t be confided in even in Kerala, this indicates. Congress has won State Assembly Election in Kerala, without a doubt, but the margin is highly narrow.

It’s also true that BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) is ruling a few important Indian states at the same instant. These include Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Karnataka, Bihar, Himachal Pradesh; Hindus are opting for BJP only in these states. What makes Hindus act in conflicting ways then? Where Hindus are not undergoing struggle for existence, they are opting for BJP in the fight against corruption and family rule of Congress. But Hindus can’t depend on BJP solely when the situation is moving out of a frying pan into the fire.

Central leaders of BJP do also support the same theory. They continue to look at corruption and evil administration of Congress and just wait for chances to usurp the reign exploiting these issues. BJP, to be precise, neither has the competence nor has any decisive plan to create a sovereign, strong state based on Hindutva. They have abandoned Hindutva, on account of this bankruptcy. They do no longer believe that Hindutva forms the basis of Hindu Nationalism or Rashtraiyata. People do allege at times but it’s true that BJP, following the footsteps of Congress, is making great efforts to transform the party to a consortium for all.

The new consortium would be so extensive that it would contain all; this would include toad frogs and snakes, seculars and jihadis, socialists and also capitalists like Ambani s. This was known to be the intrinsic concept of Congress but BJP is earnest to follow and execute it straight away. Even if anyone criticizes this as defection or perfidy, it hardly matters for key leaders of BJP like Arun Jaitley and Sushma Swaraj. They are masters of this new edition of BJP and even if tens of thousands of Hindutvavadis (like fools) in India continue to consider it as a pro-Hindu party, Hindus in Assam and Kerala refuse to do so.

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