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Islamic Jihadism In West Bengal
Our Struggle – Post-electoral Developments

Two important developments have taken place at the same time. While on one hand globally despised terrorist Osama bin Laden has finally succumbed to the prowess and might of United States and got killed, on the other hand assembly elections 2011 in the Indian state of West Bengal has finally ended (after lots of hue and cry). Perhaps the Left force would lose power at this time and all these make us believe that there can never be any end of history. History, to be precise, continues to append new pages each day it passes. Whether we are makers of history or its outcome – this can be told by the posterity only. But it’s also true that worshippers of virility are true makers of history while fatalists turn out to be its worst victims.

For that reason, we have got to memorialize Acharya Chanakya, Shankaracharya, Vidyaranya Swami, Samarth Ramdas. Again, not only we have to bear in mind Rana Pratap, Shivaji, Guru Govind, Rani (Queen) of Jhansi, but Mangal Pandey, Kshudiram, Pritilata, Haqiqat Rai, people of common background, also. None of these people was fatalist but virile. Hence they had the requisite potency and high spirits and created history eventually.

Truly, none of their attributes was like the common Hindus these days. Common Hindus are pessimists and spiritless. They have become victims of historic persecutions.

What should be the most ideal task of Hindus at the moment? Hindus would have to remain cautious round the clock since history will bring forth its new chapters once results of West Bengal election are declared. In general, Muslims, especially Muslims of 24 Paraganas (South), are supporting Mamata Banerjee, instead of their old custodians, these days. And for this reason, they would try to have their own shares or benefits. And Mamata, without doubt, has already given assurances. It should be watched closely whether Muslims remain content with their own shares of developments or make efforts to secure her permission to turn West Bengal into a new version of Dar al-Islam (as dictated by al-Qur'an).

It is to be noted that Left Front government succumbed to the unjust, communal demands of Muslims and expelled Taslima Nasrin (well-known author) from West Bengal. Hindus’ fate would depend a lot on how Mamata Banerjee responds to all these in near future.

Our apprehensions are not trivial. The fast worsening situation in Bengal is being comprehended through an assortment of news coming to Hindu Samhati office almost on a daily basis. Few of these are worth mentioning. As soon as the election ended and security forces were withdrawn, Islamic zealots started making illegal constructions of mosques.

Both in PianjGunj of Usti and Khabrapota of Swarupnagar such activities have been brought to an end. HS workers, in several places, have got wounded as a result but the struggle continues and is in full swing. Sadly, a few police officers, bribed by Islamic fundamentalists, are repressing Hindus extremely and one of these is surely Prabhat Pramanik of Charghat Phari, P.S. Swarupnagar. Without doubt, these police officers have discredited their own mothers and will be termed as traitors in the Hindu history. People would detest these people immensely.

Hindu Samhati workers are conscious of the potential (also novel) developments in the post-election period. Hindus have got to wage a struggle for liberation. I want to make Hindus conscious of one issue only. In the coming days of struggle they must call all Hindus, irrespective of political parties, cordially to stand by Hindus. They must state if Muslims can get united for Islamic Ummah, Hindus must also get joined to save Hindus. Our aim is Hindu Unity above all political affiliations and also ramifications. This Hindu Unity can save West Bengal only.

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