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Islamic Jihadism In West Bengal
Our Struggle - Hindu Samhati in upcoming State Assembly Election

It is great to state yet again that the stupendous success of 3 rd Anniversary of Hindu Samhati on April 14, 2011at Raja Subodh Mallik Square has intensified the ongoing struggle of procuring Hindu identity to a large extent. But it’s also true, at the same instant, that presence of a strong 20,000 crowd in the assemblage would do no justice to our success. On the contrary, success depends upon the number of Hindus motivated by us to struggle for own identity and sanctity of Dharma.

We are giving a clarion call to members of Hindu Samhati – they must keep a close eye on whether the leadership remains busy with organizing programs or making preparation for newer struggles on the whole. Our programs should not turn into insensible rituals but podium of newer struggles, getting more and more common these days.

We are declaring with conviction – struggle to defend self-worth and right of Hindus in Bengal is imminent. And those who want to steer clear of the struggle, exodus remains the only option for them. We are making strong efforts to make HS members realize that any such exodus is disgraceful and also expresses an impotent viewpoint only. It is better to die in the battlefield than to flee from it as cowards.

In the year 1947 Bengali Hindus did take flight instead of waging a battle to save own dignity and right. But the reason was something different. Bengali Hindus were not cowards but they couldn’t fight owing to the absence of such a pledge. Any such decision is adopted by the leadership only and Hindu leaders in 1947 betrayed call of the time. As far as communists are concerned, Pakistan was a welcome option for them as it was destined to save Hindu and Muslim peasantry from the age-old oppression of Hindu landlords. But the same communists were the first in the list of evacuees. A few of them are Jyoti Basu, Pramod Dasgupta, Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee, Biman Basu.

The then Congress was more vociferous against the partition of India. It was stated that MK Gandhi would apply the same tactics of non-cooperation, non-violence and hunger-strike against partition as he did against the British Raj. Till 14 th June of 1947 (on the same day the Congress Working Committee adopted the resolution for undivided India’s partition and Mr. Gandhi too supported it by delivering a speech of 1 hour) Hindus were deceived entirely and the formal partition took place within a span of next 2 months. On account of all these, Hindus didn’t get the time to have its own struggling leadership instead of then betrayers. The fate of Bengali Hindus was thus sealed and the same tradition continues still in West Bengal.

Photographs of such betrayers are respected still in offices of political parties dominating the Bengal scenario and hence, there is the need of a new leadership, potent enough to motivate Bengali Hindus to become warriors.

Now it’s essential to study the upcoming state assembly election in West Bengal based on the aforementioned analysis. No political party would ever come forward to save dignity and right of Bengali Hindus or make them true warriors but all of them, without a single exception, have already succumbed to the Jihadi imperialism. What is our role in such a situation? We would have to opt for tactical voting.

No political party is dear and near to us. Each one is busy in appeasing Muslims ruining the Hindus over and over and as a result, none should be supported once and for all. HS cadres must realize that tactical voting remains one of the greatest weapons of the Muslim community and there would surely be no difference at this time too. Muslims would go for 100% tactical voting and one of their religious leaders has already said that the community would support Mamata Banerjee to teach CPIM a lesson. But if it’s necessary they would also dump Mamata Banerjee in future. However, it is not clear still who would the next option be after Mamata.

We have got confirmations from classified sources that Muslims would make up their own political party within a short period of crowning Mamata and would start demanding their own rights with full might. Surely there would be no dearth of money. Necessary arms and ammunitions would be rendered by the ISI and the Muslim community is ever on the rise. Once this scheme gets victorious, their next step would be to make India a dar-ul-islam. Tactical voting remains the best way to call all these a halt and Bengali Hindus must go for the same strategy.

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