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Islamic Jihadism In West Bengal
Our Struggle – Contemporary Press & Media

The period of festivities, Durga-puja, Lakshmi-puja and Kali-puja is over. And the season was marked by copious attacks on Puja mandaps, desecration of Deities, aggressive attacks on religious processions as well as planned conspiracies to halt festival in some areas. Nevertheless, in sharp contrast to the passionate vigor with which our workers resisted these aggressive attacks, there is a systemic apathy to pen down such atrocities on the Hindu society at large. This is understandable, however, because the hand that swings sword at ease is not necessarily the one that writes well. Consequently, we have not been able to bring forth the particulars of mounting religious persecutions on Bengali Hindus and needless to say we are deeply saddened and ashamed at this deficiency or ours. However, one begs to ask - what are the press and media of Bengal doing regarding this worsening reality? It seems that the media are steadfast in their resolution that there would be no publication of news portraying encounters between Hindus and Muslims. As per their logic, publication of any news of communal persecution could potentially aggravate community cohesion. As a result, communal conflicts may increase. They go on to speculate that proscribing such news would somehow lead to preservation of harmony and lasting peace between communities. A few relevant questions need to be raised in this context. First, has there been a reduction or rise in communal hostilities in the last few years in Bengal? What does Deganga point out then? And second, is it really the case that mainstream press remain silent with the aforesaid sagacious intentions? Or, is it a case of more deep seated treachery?

Historically, after the restoration of democracy post-emergency period, “Bartaman” newspaper used to endorse Hindu views, its afflictions as well as the malicious attitude of the state towards it. The venerable journalist Pabitra Kumar Ghosh used to be mostly instrumental in this case. His dauntless approach and support to the Ram Janmabhoomi Movement helped it attain new heights. The newspaper gained prominence and popularity among the Bengalis by its bold and honest publication of news relating to the Hindu cause. But something went wrong after this and the newspaper turned into a pseudo-secular mouthpiece. The situation with “Dainik Statesman”, started by another exceedingly reputable journalist having creditable expertise, Mr. Manash Ghosh, has not been any different. In the beginning, this newspaper too was perceived to be impartial and uphold the truth regarding persecution of the Hindu and leading to the growth of a loyal readership. And then, lo and behold! Same magic again! It has also turned pseudo-secular by systematically suppressing news afflicting Hindus.

These days “Ekdin” newspaper, under the aegis of another esteemed journalist, is being found to focus on escalating Hindu-Muslim problems. This newspaper, without doubt, is focusing on the said strategy of “Dainik Statesman” to augment its own presence in the market and also to grab the power and identity to bargain with Muslim-backed pressure group to have greater shares of monetary benefits. This is now established to be a systematic ploy. It is likely that this newspaper would go for the same tactic, the moment it secures out a good market for its own. Focusing on increasing Hindu-Muslim hostilities is nothing but a ploy to market itself in order to have a good share of petro-dollars through I.S.I. at the cost of the poor Hindus. And talking of the Ananda Bazar group in this respect would only be a waste of time. It is a too old player in the pertinent scenario and has been adequately fattened by the petro-dollars. Their engagement in decimating Hindus is more than evident, thanks to its prolong association with people like Sunil Ganguly and others.

What conclusion can be drawn from here? Religious persecution of Hindus would remain subdued forever. Owing to the inhuman and treacherous silence of the mainstream press and media, incidents of continued persecution of the Hindus, destruction of its properties and temples will remain suppressed forever. No repressed Hindu would be able to know the hapless situation of his coreligionist, because knowledge of such oppression would lead to growing outrage against the perpetrators and compassion for fellow Hindus. Without doubt, any such development is too dangerous for the tormentors. To keep the Hindus ignorant about their plight, it seems that Saudi Arabia is expending enormous money to control the Bengali media.

Two anecdotes: A few days prior to the Kali Puja, an adolescent girl named Moumita hailing from a village in Joypur police station of the Howrah district phoned the Samhati office. She said without qualms that the government is up in arms to put an end to firecrackers during the Puja but remained strangely silent during the recently concluded Sab-e-barat, witness to excessive use of same fireworks. Overcome with emotions, she went on to say “during our celebrations power-cuts are quite common whereas during Islamic festivities, electricity remains intact. The situation is same in case of water supply too; they get water over prolonged times during their festivals whereas we don’t get even a single drop more. Aren’t we, the Hindus, citizens of the same nation? Why don’t you do something? But please, don’t publish my name.” Her name has been changed in this writing accordingly.

Second anecdote: Kolkata Police, before the Kali Puja, sent an SMS requesting people to stay away from firecrackers and to stop the nuisance, and report by dialing 100 or 1090 right away. Receiving the message, one responsible worker of Hindu Samhati sent a message to a known police officer, belonging to an important police station of Central Kolkata. The message stated, “through prohibiting firecrackers during Kali Puja and allowing the same during Sab-e-barat, Kolkata Police is doing a wonderful job. This is leading to the formation of a new Pakistan in Bengal”. In response to the message, the officer phoned the worker and stated without hesitation, they would have to convert themselves to Islam soon to preserve dignity of his wife and daughter. Here remains the true situation of Kolkata.

We have already said that these are nothing other than anecdotes but point to grave indicators of times to come. Because you would not find such articles anymore in any newspaper you read or TV channel you love to watch almost on a daily basis? This is the truest charm of petro-dollars originating from Saudi Arabia. We condemn with gusto this Muslim appeasing Indian media who have sold them to the highest bidder without caring a bit for the Hindus.

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