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Islamic Jihadism In West Bengal

Those who can’t struggle, do not deserve to live

How much time does the Islamic Ummah need to stir up? Not more than a second; as a single stick is enough to make a cur outcry, the same time is needed (for it) to unleash hell on non-Muslims, better known as infidels to Islamists. Their ongoing tirade across the globe – against a film sarcastically entitled The Innocence of Muslims – testifies the same once more. Islamist street fighters are not losing even a single moment to prove brawniness of Islam and how hell-bent it is to prevail on all and thus create a novel and single world order.

Salman Rushide, both famed and ill-famed for his “Satanic Verses”, exploiting the raging situation perfectly, has been turned into a new bogey by Islamists.

As per Ayatollah Hassan Sanei, leading figure of one of the most high-flying (state-owned) foundations in Iran providing relief to the poor, the film would have remained a dream if the order to execute Rushdie, dictated by the late Iranian spiritual leader, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini in 1989, had been implemented.

He has also said, "If the imam's order was carried out, the further insults in the form of caricatures, articles and films would not have taken place. The impertinence of the grudge-filled enemies of Islam, which is occurring under the flag of the Great Satan, America and the racist Zionists, can only be blocked by the absolute administration of this Islamic order."

Even if there is no doubt that Government in Tehran has induced the Ayatollah to make this rabble-rousing postures to hassle an utterly beleaguered United States, apprehensions that cocktail of furor against anti-Islam film and endeavors to resurrect a decades-old diktat may inflict more blows are rising and it will no more be directed against the United States and Israel only. Anger will be displayed against many other nations also – the most prominent of it is India.

Who doesn’t know of Islam’s failure to subdue Hindus and destruct their age-old civilization and how this pang of failure continues to hurt warriors of the “Religion of Peace”?

Ongoing protests make one thing clear – Islamists require a very little time to turn a whisper to a storm – explicitly, a violent storm having potential to dismantle many theories of peaceful co-existence across the globe.

What can be learnt of all these – it depends on maturity of an assortment of non-Muslim religious institutions and their adherents.

Before I go, if the current troubles end for the time being, it will be a lull before the next storm only – more fortified and experienced than past. Non-Islamists can’t depend on their foes’ good wishes; it’s nothing except a sham – a war strategy of Islamists to perplex enemies.

All have got to be serious of crisis as regards existence of them and their venerable culture, dignity.

So ………………. struggle continues.


Compare Hindu Samhati to moribund Sangh Parivar

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