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Islamic Jihadism In West Bengal

New Love Jihad in Chapra, Nadia

EVE-TEASING is a rampant social evil. It can happen anywhere like road, beaches, cinema hall, buses even if in the educational Institution. The non satiated Love Jihadists are getting more violent in West Bengal. So the Muslim Romeos are very much interested in irritating Hindu girls in the name of love. Chapra village is under Chapra assembly constituency in Nadia district. Chapra College is the only college in this area. A girl named Sanchita Pal is a second year student of B.A. degree course in the college. This girl and her family are suffering from a terrific situation. A Muslim boy Ahamed Mistri was disturbing her for some time. Although Sanchita became irritated, she could not protest out of fear. One day in the middle of August in the college campus, that Ahamed proposed her for marriage. Sanchita sternly refused him. Then Ahmed suddenly cut his hand to pressurize the girl. Being scared, Sanchita went to the Principal’s room to complain. Principal Krishna Gopal Roy summoned her father Chandu Pal to college. When he came to the college, Ahmed and his companions threatened him for going to the Principal.

After a few days, Chandu Pal with some of his neighbours went to Ahamed’s father Humayun Mistri to solve the problem. Humayun assured him that he would take care of his son and the girl would not be disturbed in future.

But what actually happened was just opposite. On 30th August, Ahmed along with some Muslim antisocial elements came to Sanchita’s house and hurled a few bombs beside the house. Hearing the huge sound of the bombs local Hindus rushed to the spot. The culprits tried to run away but one of them was caught by the local people. Then they called local police station which is just 1km. away from that place. But police did not come to the spot. Within half an hour, local Muslims attacked Hindus with lethal arms like sword, iron rod, wooden stick, etc. They mercilessly beaten up Sanchita’s father and uncles named Goutam Pal and Ratan Pal. Goutam’s head was fractured and had to be admitted in local hospital. The attackers were searching for Sanchita, but they could not find out her because some Hindu boys gave her protection and hid her from the Muslims.

Police came after long 2 hours when the situation was somehow controlled. That made people extremely agitated and a scuffle took place between the police and local people. In this scuffle, a police jeep was damaged. So police arrested 11 Hindus and 6 Muslims. But the police adamantly refused to receive any written complaint from the Hindus against the aggressors. Next day, 2 Hindus and 2 Muslims got bail from court as they were minors. Hence 9 Hindus and 4 Muslims are still in jail.

The O.C. of the Chapra police station is reportedly threatening Chandu Pal, hapless father of the girl, that if he dares to lodge any complaint against the Muslims, he will be arrested. The Muslim criminals too are threatening him. According to local sources, the local TMC MLA Rukbanur Rahman, elder brother of Mamata’s vote catching poster boy late Rizwanur Rahman, is influencing police to protect the Muslim culprits and to act against the Hindus. Hindus of Nadia district are helplessly witnessing the making of another Pakistan.

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