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Islamic Jihadism In West Bengal
Hindus brave Islamists’ attacks in Madhusudanpur, Kulpi

Police acting parochially; 3 Hindus arrested – Islamists released

There is the need of just a pretext for Islamists to establish their murderous identity; ever since the change (much-hyped Poriborton) in the Bengal government it has been the nitty-gritty of this mounting horde of malefactors. And the Hindu – Muslim clash occurring on September 10, 2012, at village: Madhusudanpur, P.S. Kulpi, District: 24 Paraganas (South) happens to be its unspeakable consequence. Resembling various other incidents, Islamists, at this time too, were the attackers while the Hindus were defending themselves – notable exception being Hindus did not back out but struggled valiantly.

The problem started at 3.30 pm when Islamists prevented Hindu from selling raw vegetables in the Kulpi – Bijaygunje main road. A fine pretext – wasn’t the same said in the beginning?

Well, this is not the first-such-kind-of activity of Islamists in the area; they tried to make such attacks in the past too. But, owing to backing of Islamists (from the nearby villages mainly), they rose up this time.

What has made the situation dirty indeed is the parochial attitude of police and administration. Three Hindu youths namely Surajit Gharami (age 26), Pulakesh Gharami (age 26) and Rajesh Bhattacharya (age 25) have been taken into custody. A few Muslim youths were also arrested initially but were released in the midway because of political pressure – ever inclined to better Islamists.

Police did not spare Hindu women! Champa Gharami (age 45), wife of Brajendranath Gharami (age 50) and mother of Pulakesh Gharami (arrested), was slapped by Ranjit Babu, second officer at P.S. Kulpi, when she protested against her son’s undue arrest. Both police and administration gave a message of terror to the Hindu society, thus.

The biasness of police did not end there. When three Hindu youths were taken to the police station, they were trounced and told that Muslims can’t be arrested and if they dared to protest yet again, the consequence would be more dangerous for them.

Hindus blocked the Kulpi – Bijaygunje main road persistently. Tension dominates the entire area; RAF, reportedly, is patrolling the area to keep any untoward development at bay

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