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Islamic Jihadism In West Bengal
Shyamaprasad– Kashmir – Palestine – America

Tapan Kumar Ghosh

translated from Bengali

Without a shred of doubt, whatever government, in such a situation, that dares to succumb to Pakistan on Kashmir issue and present it the area as a gift will be dethroned by public outrage. And the same will call all related nefarious designs a halt. Hence, a brutal, nasty ploy has started covertly. The players in this game are known – politicians of both India and Pakistan who have capitulated to United States already. But they are not alone; a few pet intellectuals like Kuldip Nayar who leave no stone unturned to make this precarious design a success are accompanying them.

It is worthwhile to mention that during the NDA government’s rule, at the behest of Atal Behari Vajpayee, in Delhi, United States made great efforts to exploit this perilous situation. The foremost political party of then NDA was Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) under the aegis of both Atal Behari Vajpayee and Lal Krishna Advani. And both the party and its leaders were regarded as custodians of Hindu society. And above all they were part and parcel of the Sangh Parivar (family).

For that reason, an assortment of well-known Hindu organizations including RSS, Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), Vidyarthi Parishad, Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh (BMS), Vanabasi Kalyan Ashram considered Vajpayee, Advani and their cohorts as dear and near ones. This made vicious contrivers of Kashmir design consider Hindutvawadi and Sangh Parivar as the greatest obstacle to accomplishment of their objective. Vajpayee, to auction off Kashmir, was selected as the best means by none other than the United States of America. Other political parties in India like Congress and others had already been bought.

Why would Vajpayee conform to American interests? Well, in this case, none should forget the brawny exponents of US Foreign Policy and well-bred, knavish officials of US Foreign Department. They were enough to find out the loopholes and through a painstaking study aided by apposite approaches, flaws of Vajpayee were found out before long.

Atal Behari Vajpayee, by then, had become Prime Minister of India but truly, he was no different one and was just like his predecessors. Sadly, this was not any strong or enough reason to make him a remarkable persona in history. How this coveted position could be attained? There was a need to have global certificate or deference and recognition, to have this. Jawaharlal Nehru had both of these and all these compelled Vajpayee to defect. US officials had nothing to worry; appointment of Brajesh Mishra, notable agent of America, within his core department, was made to stimulate Vajpayee all the time (for this) only.

Contrary to belief of many persons still, Gandhiji also had same kind of infatuation. He wanted to keep his own name alive for eternity through resolving Muslim problem in human civilization, proved to be an idea not viable already. Thanks to all these, he went on gradually to make every right a wrong, appeasing Muslims and impelling them to get more fundamentalists and turncoats. Khilafat movement was such a misdeed of him andit can not be forgotten ever. Hindus had to pay heavy price for all these; partition of India was the highest, without doubt.

Alike sort of greed was injected in Vajpayee too. He was witnessed to become esurient to solve the burning Kashmir issue, not possible for even Nehru-Patel to resolve. Vajpayee thought that settlement of the same would make his own standing in history perpetual. What would have been the best procedure to get the coveted success? It was to accept each and every demand of Muslims in Kashmir. And it is no secret that sole policy of Muslim majority in Kashmiris severance from India. He considered that to be the best and this severance would be granted to them in the name of “right to self-determination” or something akin to it. Not only this would settle Kashmir crisis once and for all, Vajpayee, from confidential sources, was also assured that such an approach would facilitate him to have “Noble Prize for Global Harmony”.

United States of America, through its myriad tried agents, enticed Vajpayee such and it was also accepted by the later with gusto. Well, this enticement was not any false one as well since, to Noble Committee under stringent American influence, peace in America is synonymous to global peace. Hence,had Vajpayee been successful in nursing the Kashmir wound of global Islam, he would be awarded the aforementioned Noble Prize.

Vajpayee, conforming to the design, did also progress a great deal. I, in 2003-04, had gone through direct contacts with Muslims in Kashmir and found out their admiration and veneration to Vajpayee. Muslims in Kashmir, by then, realized that Vajpayee had solved Kashmir mess. Only a sound proclamation of it was left.

All these indicate that a heinous conspiracy to detach Kashmir from India in the name of self-determination was in full swing. Indian National Congress, then main party in opposition, was also ready. Only a simple frown of Vajpayee was enough to calm all in BJP and Advani would rub his own hands. United States, on the other hand, did not undergo any trouble to convince leadership and its opposition in Pakistan. Rest of non-Congress political parties in Indiaare devoid of any precise Kashmir policy. And if there is any dissent still, showering of American dollars will be enough.

Nevertheless, Sangh Parivar was the greatest obstacle before the success, in particular some of its leaders like Thengri, Ashok Singhal, Sudarshan, too stubborn in every way of the term. They were not saleable at the same instant. And to steer clear of all these usage of BJP and Vajpayee, having pro-Hindu images and as integral parts of Sangh Parivar, happened to be mostprofit making. How can leaders of Sangh Parivar accuse BJP and Vajpayee asanti-nationals and traitors to auction off Kashmir then? Is it easy to criticize them suddenly when they have been praised always? This will definitely lead to a great confusion among Swayamsevaks and leaders and activists of Sangh Parivar. The time necessary to ward off allconfusions is enough to auction off Kashmir. Indian Army will be withdrawn from that area and be replaced with the Army of Pakistan or NATO. Taking all these facts into consideration, United States helped NDA wholeheartedly to win Parliamentary election in 2004.

Perhaps the sane reader can realize: Israel –Jewish Mindset – Sharon – Gaza Strip = India – Hindu Sentiment – Vajpayee –Kashmir.

But nothing can defeat the ill fortune or the aftermath of BJP’s treachery to Hindus. BJP underwent a humiliating defeat in 2004 election, in spite of running the government well, working for development, developing national economy. Leaders of that party, yet, fail to recognize that betrayal to basic ideology was the main basis of their crushing downfall.

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