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Islamic Jihadism In West Bengal
Swami Pradiptanandaji’s speech on Hindu Samhati’s 3 rd Anniversary mesmerizes Hindus

Om Sharanagata Dinarto Paritranaparayane Sarva Shakti Hare Devi Narayani Namohostute…………………………………………

I, at the outset, would like to thank president of Hindu Samhati, sages on the podium, people playing gallant roles in strengthening the cause, patriotic media persons and others.

I was being introduced by the coordinator as a Sannyasi of Bharat SevaSram Sangha. Acharya Swami Pranabanandaji Maharaj, founder of the Sangha, didn’t ever Japa (to say prayers silently) with Rudraksha or Tulsi or even Wooden string but through the mantra of construction of the nationality (Jati Gathan). During the dark days of then undivided Bengal he founded Sangha, Hindu Defence Force to save the vulnerable Hindus. However, in the last years of his life he was found to weep a lot and say that Hindus didn’t listen to him and it was the year 1944 when Swamiji breathed his last. Strikingly this was followed by the Great Calcutta Killing in 1946 and massacres of innocent of Hindus in Bengal. And all these were used by Jawaharlal Nehru, the then Prime Minister of India, to light up the whole of Delhi, once the regal capital of British Empire and also of independent India.

Nehru was even found to dance with Lady Mountbatten while millions of Hindus died out of hunger and lack of security. What led to all these? Hindus were led by betrayers, Father of the Nation (MK Gandhi) and Nehru, known for ridiculing the Pakistan plan as a fantastic nonsense. Mr. Nehru said arrogantly “I am educated by English, cultured by Muslims and by accident of birth a Hindu.” Surely this was the beginning of the decline of Hindus. But all these must be defeated at this time.

Who can ever forget Vande Matarm of Rishi Bankim Chandra of Bengal? Martyrs of Bengal dedicated their lives to the greatest cause of liberating the motherland from foreign yolk chanting the same mantra. Nowadays, an assortment of intellectuals are found to state that Hindu-Muslim unity during freedom struggle led to the independence in 1947 and this is the greatest travesty of truth. Partition happened due to al-Qur'an, noted for instructing the destruction of kafirs.

Has anyone of the crowd gone to Andaman Cellular Jail ever? Names of 376 prisoners are enshrined there and among it almost 285 are Bengali Hindus. This is followed by Maharashtra and Punjab. And there is the name of 2 Muslims among all. Muslims never consider India as their motherland and will never as well, without a doubt. We have got to accept this stark reality. Never forget that animal can be brought out of the forests but not the reverse. Sadly, we have never taken these into account and for this reason, India is in a deep crisis. The position of Hindus is same as Abhimanyu in Mahabharata and our greatest crime is that we are Hindus and speak of making Hindu organizations over and over again. There is hardly any doubt that we are getting persecuted from all sides.

We are simple Hindus altogether and our ideal is Sri Rama Chandra, Maryada Puroshattam, who did all to rescue Mata Sita.

What are we doing then? On the word of Sachar Committee, Muslims are deprived in each manner. But we have a question in this case. Why don’t they go to remote districts of Purulia, Bankura and also the remotest corners of 24 Paraganas in West Bengal? Tens of thousands of Hindus, in these places, do remain deprived of all amenities. In India, at the present time, 22 crores of people live below the poverty line and in it while 4 crores are Muslims, 18 crores are Hindus. But there is none to look after or even think of the welfare of these Hindus.

Religious reservation has become a reality by now and only in West Bengal, 53 departments have already been brought under OBC status by the reigning Left Front government. Muslims have to have 5% interest to take educational loan but Hindus have to have 12% rate of interest. Minority cell has been appointed in each department and thanks to all these, Muslims are getting without guarantee loan against 50,000 – 5, 00,000 amount of money. All these indicate that Hindus are nowhere in West Bengal.

Take the number madrasas for instance. 3 madrasas used to exist in the years following the independence. In the Congress regime it increased to 137 and under the Left rule, it has become 3,337. How can the somersaults of Bengal Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhatacharjee be forgotten so soon? He, during the initial years of his regime, stated that madrasas had by then become bastions of Jihadi terrorism. I did congratulate him personally and officially asked him to destroy the madrasas. But he failed completely. One individual called Madani warned him and he did succumb to the rising pressure.

Ranganathan Mishra, once, said that areas like Gardenreach, Khidirpur in Kolkata were no longer fit for humans to live in. What was the reason then? Both the central and state governments almost wept regarding all these but never dared to find out the basic truth. The reason remains in the population explosion among Muslims. Muslims consider West and East Pakistan as fixed deposits but West Bengal as joint account.

Muslims are applying three strategies at the moment – conversion, infiltration and production. If Hindus have to rise again, they have got to convert themselves to majority community in every place. Hindus must produce more children. Many people accuse me as communal from time to time but I am always ready to accept it with delight. I am a Sannyasi and have nothing to fear. Hindu organizations must come forward to save the country and Hindus from the impending disaster and say Vande Mataram.

Abdul Rezzaq Mollah, minister of Left Front Government, said recently that we are no longer football but have become footballer. Hindus have to become footballer in the same manner. Every Hindu Samhati youth must become lion and tiger to attain the aim of making Hindus powerful.

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