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Islamic Jihadism In West Bengal
Interview of Sri Tapan Ghosh


Hindu Samhati, diminutive yet prominent pro-Hindu advocacy group in Bengal, initiated its journey in Kolkata with just 300 members on February 14, 2008. And from that year it has been celebrating the day with splendor; the burgeoning Hindu activists and endorsement happens to be its mainstay. To intensify the same and also to depict the truth of Hindu persecution and sinister designs against Hindu movement, observance of the anniversary happens to be an obligation for Hindu Samhati.

Similar programs were organized in earlier years at different corners of Kolkata but there was hardly any problem ever. Nevertheless, reverse took place this year and in spite of having necessary permission from both Kolkata Corporation and Kolkata Police to hold the celebration at Raja Subodh Mallik Square (Wellington Square) a month back, notices of its annulment (by both governmental agencies) were send to Hindu Samhati office in the night of February 08, 2012 citing no valid reason. Without doubt, it was done under pressures of Islamic lobby on the reigning Trinamool-led government. Well, when questioned repeatedly of its reason, a flimsy ground of having trial session of a sport event was stated. This was a blatant untruth. . All these were done against a celebration known for happening peacefully for years.

When police was asked of rendering any alternative place, it was rebuffed. The main intention of police was to bring 4 th Anniversary to an end. Nonetheless, such directives are never issued against Islamists blocking thoroughfares of Kolkata to perform their religious duties.

Finding no other option, a Writ petition was filed by Hindu Samhati on February 10, and a Stay Order on this by the Hon’ble Kolkata High Court was received. But police remained the same; Kolkata Corporation, on February 13, to cancel the Stay Order, appealed in the room of Chief Justice of Kolkata High Court at 4. 25 pm.

To stall the celebration Muslims (in various parts of Bengal) started grouping; even if each and every part of the campaign including leaflet and other aspects were legal. But Muslims started tearing posters and the same job was done by police too. These included police forces of P.S. Basanti, Jibantala, Raidighi of 24 Paraganas District (South), P.S. Bagnan in Howrah District, P.S. Minakhan of 24 Paraganas District (North). Is it the job of police? But police, being pressurized by Islamists, was doing the same.

And the worst happened when P.S. Jadavpur arrested ageing Sri Ranjit Kar (age 82) on February 05, 2012, distributing leaflets regarding 4 th Anniversary of Hindu Samhati, despite scarcity of any compliant, and lodged a suo moto case against him. Police made a formal case against two other persons apart from Sri Kar and these included Sri Tapan Ghosh, president, Hindu Samhati, and Sri Prakash Ch. Das.

Sections included 295 A, 298 and 120 B (regarding conspiracy against the State). Police started conducting regular raids to arrest Mr. Ghosh and thus made great efforts to appease its political bosses. At several places Hindu Samhati activists were warned and reprimanded. Till the last moment, police endeavored to stop Hindu Samhati rally. And all these prove how police were virtually turned into political cadres. Shamefully, present Bengal government is no more depending on people’s strength but on police.

Hindus in Bengal, hapless victims of bloody partition, are no longer ready to become refugees.

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