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Islamic Jihadism In West Bengal
Monday, March 5, 2012

Islamist criminal attempts to rape Hindu housewife in Deganga

It was the month of September 2010 when the brutal persecution of Hindus took place in Deganga that not only rocked any sane mind but made tens of thousands of Hindus also apprehend a sinister design in the offing – mounting Islamist endeavors would partition the area and also the rest of Bengal on religious lines once more. And each day it passes the apprehension is turning into a cruel reality more and more. There is no sanctuary for Hindu women in Deganga and its neighborhood and nothing portrays it better than the tragic experience of a Hindu housewife, Shipra – wife of Durlav Ghosh (names changed) – recently owing to a gruesome attempt to rape her by Sheikh Qutubuddin (age 38), inhabitant of village: BoroBisheswarpur. Shipra was pregnant during the horrific incident. Qutubuddin became victim of mob outrage, as a result, and was beaten to death. The incident of attempt to rape took place in Soai-Shetpur Panchayat area in Deganga on February 27, 2012.

Islamists are leaving no stone unturned to indict Hindus in this regard.

In accordance with the Hindu family, residing in village Ghoshpara, adjoining village of BoroBisheswarpur, Sheikh Qutubuddin (completely drunk) entered sneakily into the bedroom of Shipra and despite the presence of her husband there, the Islamist criminal, without wasting a single moment, made attempts to outrage her. Desperate screaming of Shipra attracted the neighbors and they got hold of Qutubuddin before long. Later they tied him to an electric post and he was beaten black and blue. A police team from P.S. Deganga reached the village on Tuesday in the morning, rescued the Islamist felon and sent him to a nursing home (in close proximity) in Barasat. Sheikh Qutubuddin died there on Wednesday, in the morning.

Even if the family of Qutubuddin is terming the entire ploy as vengefulness of Hindus, villagers, in strength, have stated clearly that Sheikh Qutubuddin was notorious by character and harassing Hindu women was the best fun to him. And as per them, instead of vindictiveness, it was a spontaneous reaction of villagers in throngs.

Family members of Qutubuddin, later on, grabbed a member of Durlav Ghosh’s family and thrashed him heavily as revenge. Police is patrolling regularly; the said area and its vicinity remain in a grave state of affairs.

Hindus are apprehending an Islamic reprisal.

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