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Islamic Jihadism In West Bengal
Hindus in Moulopota, Deganga persecuted at every moment

Hindu Samhati fighting lone battle to save Hindus desperately

With each day it passes the condition of Hindus in village: Moulopota, P.S. Deganga, District: 24 Paraganas (North) is worsening and surely, had not Hindu Samhati been there by now Hindus there would have been turned into serfs of Islamists, assaulters on Hindus but enjoying edges due to whole-souled backing of police and political spectrum.

The Islamic assault took place on August 25, 2012 because of Hindu protests against an Islamist’s misbehavior with a Hindu lady resulting into ardent clashes between the two communities; following developments, favorable to Islamists, have unleashed a complete hell on Hindus there. Hindus, in numbers, instead of Islamists, have been arrested.

Police was fast enough to issue FIR along with other criminal cases against 17 Hindus and among them 11already been nabbed. These include U/S – 147, 148, 149, 325, 307, 427 I.P.C. and 25/27 Arms act. The case no. is Deganga P.S. 584/12, dated 25.08.12.

Nine Hindus are in jail now; two of them are suffering from serious pain but proving the overt negligence of administration, they have not been rendered any proper medical treatment thus far. They happen to be Bharat Parui and Biswajit Sardar. While Bharat is having severe injury on head (swelling), Biswajit has injury in both head and leg. Their family members are requesting (time after time) the concerned authority to adopt measures in this regard but indifference continues.

There is also Baikuntha Parui, an old patient suffering from severe pain on head. He, as well, is yet to have any medical attention.

Hindus, under the aegis of Hindu Samhati, filed a criminal case against 33 Muslim attackers in Barasat court. Nonetheless, police is reluctant to get them in any way ascertaining the true nature of Bengal’s political clique to Hindus.

On August 29, 2012, Officer-in-Charge of P.S. Deganga invited 10 Hindus from village: Moulopota to the police station for an early settlement (for instituting a mutual understanding in all possible manners). But Hindus smelling a rat did not turn up.

Hindus in Moulopota are defiant and are ready to struggle come what may. Hindu Samhati happens to be the strongest mainstay of theirs but there is the need of more Hindus to join and make the struggle victorious.

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