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Islamic Jihadism In West Bengal
Islamists Instigate Chaos At Usthi (West Bengal)

Hindus Persecuted Again in South 24 Parganas


The District of South 24 Parganas is in the headlines again and again its for all the wrong reasons. After Jalaberia, Joynagar and Canning, now its turn of Usthi and Netra to witness the brutality of Islamic Barbarism.


On Saturday, 15th September, the dead body of a Moulavi (Muslim priest) was found beside a canal at about 3 km. away from Nainan village. This turned out to be sufficient cause for local Islamists to come out with their savage and barbaric characteristic. The situation became very tensed and Hindu youths of Nainan village are guarding their village every day and night. Siraj Mollah, Rauf Baidya, Litton, Natibuddin Gazi Kalo, all linked to Muslim organizations, are threatening and trying to provoke the Muslims of the area to attack Nainan village. They are threatening using the slogan : 5 villages - Nainan, Chousa, Satghara, Panchanantala, Padmapukur - will be made Hindu less and a new Pakistan will be created. The Muslim activists are also vehemently demanding police to arrest the Hindu Samhati worker Pratap Hazra. Muslims suspect that Pratap Hajra was culprit, though no substantial evidence has been established against Pratap. Police gave them assurance that they would arrest the culprit, if any within 3 days. To add further fuel to the fire, on Monday, 17th September, police arrested 4 Muslim fruit vendors from station Bazar for damaging some shops after consuming alcohol. So, it made the Muslim population furious.


On Tuesday morning Muslim activists from near by villages came with weapons like swords, iron rods etc and started ransacking Hindu shops in local market. Hapless Hindus were taken aback by this attack as they had noting to do in that matter and no defense mechanism. Shops belonging to Hindus were selectively chosen and destroyed which clearly prove that the attack were not at all spontaneous, rather very much pre-planned. After the initial shock, Hindus, very much minority in that area, resisted and counter attacked the offenders. As a result, tension loomed large all over the area. In the mean time, Tapan Ghosh, the President of Hindu Samhati established communication with the Superintendent of Police (SP) and informed him of the development. The SP assured him that the administration was in full control of the situation. Later, Rapid Action Force (RAF) was deployed in the area. Local Hindus, cutting across party lines, are vehemently protesting against the soft attitude of the administration towards Muslims.

Usthi is still very volatile.... Police is checking bags of every person walking on the road. Muslims declared and openly targeted Nainan village and Hindu Samhati worker Pratap Hazra. Today(Friay, the holy day of the Muslimes) they declared that after Jumma Namaz, they will attack Nainan's Hindu residents and businesses. Their demand - either Pratap has to be handed over to them or to be arrested for the murder of the moulavi . Police is alert and huge police force is present at Usthi main bazar. But if the village Nainan is attacked, it is not sure whether police will intervene or not. Hindus are prepared to fight back.

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