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Islamic Jihadism In West Bengal

Hindus in Basirhat persecuted gravely

Islamists are on the rampage

History does change at each moment and every moment does bring forth a novel anecdote – Hindus of Bengal are witnessing the same at the moment – it’s an unrestrained growth of Islamic fundamentalism – hell-bent to unleash a complete hell on Hindus.

Hindus of village: Mirzanagar, P.S. Basirhat, District: 24 Paraganas (North) used to have their businesses behind the rail gate of Mirzanagar (Railway station) and on a railway tract for decades. A week before they were served a notice by the Railway to desert the land with immediate effect. Owing to this sudden development Hindu business community thought it wise to relocate their businesses to a vast tract (also a property of Railway), located on the opposite side of the existing one. Preparations were in full swing, hence.

But Hindus were hardly aware of sinister designs of Islamists.

On March 25, 2012, at 9 am, while Hindus were engaged in setting up their new business hub, a few Islamists appeared on the scene. Claiming the land as theirs, they asked Hindus to desert the tract right away. When on earth Hindus (stunned) refused to do so, foul languages were used against them; Islamists did rampage soon. The foremost intention was to uproot Hindus, end their enterprises in any way. The mob comprised almost 90 Islamists including Sheikh Motiar Mandal, Sirajul Mandal, Rubiul Islam, Abdullah Mandal, Selim Mandal, Khaliullah Mandal.

Hindus, as a result, got agitated and paid Islamists in their own coin. Islamists, witnessing the fiery mood of Hindus, did withdraw but only to come back with reinforcement. Almost 600 Muslims appeared at this time; they were having a makeshift shop that was planted within the residential area of a Hindu individual. This was followed by a new series of plundering Hindu shops and houses. Hindus phoned police lots but it became visible only at 5 pm. And by that time Islamists turned out to be victorious.

When police tried to rein in the mob of Islamists, they were beaten back highly and even CI of P.S. Basirhat got injured. The situation was beyond any control; to save the Hindu lot there, at 5.30 pm, a large number of Hindu youths from the area of Kankra (close at hand) got in the riotous area and soon, they overawed Islamists. But it is impossible to make Muslim ruffians comprehend the need of tranquility in society and this became more evident while Islamists were returning. At that time Islamists stole 3 shallow pumps (essential for cultivation) and also destroyed paddy fields of Hindus.

What is most striking, 4 Hindus were arrested by the police at dead night (on the same day). They were called to the local police station wherein the arrest took place. They are Buddhadeb Sarkar, Sambhu Baidya, Sanjay Baidya and Narayan Mandal. Well 2 Muslims have also been arrested (to befool Hindus altogether) but villagers claim that these people have hardly any relation to the incident.

This is certainly not the end. Imam of a local mosque has asked Muslims to boycott Hindus both socially and economically. And as per fresh reports, local Panchayat (dominated by Muslims) has annulled any approach of people, both Hindus and Muslims, to use the tract of railway.

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