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Islamic Jihadism In West Bengal

Is there no justice for Hindu villagers of Sastitala?

Hindu villagers of village: Sastitala, Block: Minakhan, Malancha, P.S. Haroa, Sub-division: Basirhat, District: 24 Paraganas (North) are yet to get any justice from police and administration regarding vicious attacks on them by Islamist youths on February 19, 2012.

See: http://southbengalherald.blogspot.in/201...amist.html

Despite submitting formal complaint to the police station, persecuted Hindus have not got the complaint number from police thus far and what is more striking, police, during the last investigation in Sastitala pretending to nab the Islamist toughs, virtually warned the signatories of the formal complaint. It is alleged that police even reprimanded Hindus and admonished them of dire consequences for the adventurism (complaining to police instead of hushing it up).

Is there no justice for Hindus in Bengal?

Look into the formal complaint of Hindu villagers of Sastitala in the following lines.


The Officer-in-Charge,

Haroa Police Station,

District: 24 Paraganas (North)

Dear Sir,

We, at the outset, happen to be inhabitants of village: Sastitala and have been suffering immensely for days owing to rising aggressions of neighboring Muslim village.

An electric transformer is positioned in our adjoining area while another one is in the adjacent Muslim-dominated village. Muslims do steal electricity from there at every time and 5 Islamist youths of village: Andol Pota came to hook electricity from the transformer in the Muslim area and owing to the illicit activity the electric transformer burnt down.

Next, to have electricity they came to our village and tried to have it from our transformer and we objected and tried to prevent them from doing the same as well. Facing the prevention from Hindus, almost 30 Islamist youths pounced on us with bamboo sticks and other rural weapons leading to grave injuries of 2 Hindus of village: Sastitala.

Women were not spared; they were manhandled, molested and became victims of extremely dirty languages of the Islamic criminals.

Names of some of the aforementioned Islamic felons are in the following lines.

1) Nazbul Mollah, son of Ahid Mollah

2) Bablu Mollah, son of Piru Mollah

3) Ayub Mollah, son of Siddique Mollah

4) Yachin Mollah, son of Yakub Mollah

5) Laltu Mollah, son of Moibul Mollah

6) Zakir Mollah, son of Ahmed Mollah

7) Jainal Mollah, son of Abdul Mollah

Islamists also threatened that they, depending on their own whims, would burn down Hindu houses, put a final stop to developments of Hindus and would murder Hindus wherever and whenever necessary.

(Signed by)

Villagers of village: Sashtitala (Hindu Scheduled Tribe)

Date: February 19, 2012

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