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Islamic Jihadism In West Bengal

Tapan Ghosh Mesmerizes the West - Hindu Wave in America

Tapan Ghosh, President of Hindu Samhati (Sanskrit for Hindu Solidarity) was invited to the United States to speak at various conferences, seminars and meetings. He mesmerized crowds with his superb oratorical skills, his deep knowledge of India and Hinduism, and his grassroots level approach of protection and strengthening of the embattled Hindus in Eastern India.

Ghosh impressed audiences across the enormous country, ranging from New York to Chicago to Texas to Boston and Princeton. His listeners included doctors, lawyers, temple priests, activists, and professors. His statement in New York's Hindu Sanghathan Divas that "Hindu Society Needs Total Hindu Solidarity and Kshatriya Spirit" has become a widespread quote now being frequently used in the ethnic media.

Bangladeshi Hindus in New York gathered in large numbers to meet and see Ghosh, as did their fellow Hindu brethren from the rest of India, Thailand, Guyana, and Indonesia. Bangladeshis, as well as Hindus from UP, and the Caribbean requested him to open branches of Hindu Samhati in their repective regions.

Hindu Activists in New York City listen to Ghosh in rapt attention as he delivers his speech at the City's annual Hindu Sanghatan Divas (Commemoration of Hindu Emperor Shivaji's Coronation)

Ghosh also spoke in various forums in Texas. His program in the Durga Bari was well attended and he was applauded for his courage and steadfastness in dealing with the situation in West Bengal. The local Bengalis in Texas have also expressed their strong desire to open a chapter of Hindu Samhati in that state. Mr. Ghosh also spoke at the India Center at a well-attended seminar conducted by the Hindu Mahasabha of America.

Chicago and the nation's capital, Washington DC also hosted Ghosh for multiple events. He spoke at the Manav Seva Mandir in the city of Swami Vivekananda, in the midst of Hindus as well as Westerners. Various TV, Radio, and Newspapers, and Hindu institutions also interviewed him, as did various American strategic think-tanks for suggestions and advice.

Hindu activists from all over USA expresses their desire to host Ghosh in the near future, and enthusiastic supporters have already started planning for it in nine major cities across the nation.

The Hindu Samhati president spoke at various temples, ethnic Indian buildings and US government institutions, answering their questions and offering them advice from Boston to New York to Chicago to Washington D.C. to Princeton

Posted by Hindu Samhati's International Media Communications Team

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