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Islamic Jihadism In West Bengal

1946 ‘direct action’ of Jinnah re-enacted – III

V. Sundaram | Fri, 17 Jul, 2009 , 02:53 PM


In these columns yesterday (16 July, 2009, Thursday) and the day before yesterday (15 July, 2009, Wednesday) I have been describing the murderous attacks on the defenceless Hindus made by criminal Islamic elements in Murshidabad District of West Bengal. I have clearly brought out the fact that these tragic events are definitely in line with the DIRECT ACTION programme of Hindu Genocide that was launched by Muhammed Ali Jinnah and H S Suhravardy (the then Premier of Bengal), on 16, August 1946. The callously indifferent and inhuman pseudo-secular mass media — both print and electronic — have been totally blacking out the pre-planned violent communal attacks on the Hindus in Murshidabad District.

Tapan Kumar Ghosh,National Convenor,

Hindu Samhati

But the same anti-Hindu media have been reporting in graphic detail, the patently cheap political fights and quarrels taking place between Sonia Congress supporters and CPI(M) workers during the last two days, in different parts of Kolkata City and the rest of West Bengal as a whole. I am very amused to see that the degenerate Congress Party in West Bengal — patently pan-Islamic, pan-Christian and viciously anti-Hindu — is viewing the so called “Mangalkot incident” as Jallianwallah Bagh Masssacre(!), with the State Congress leader Subrata Mukherjee demanding the removal of the Superintendent of Police and the District magistrate of Burdwan District for their failure to protect the legislators at Mangalkot in the same District. For all the political parties in West Bengal — Sonia Congress, Trinamool Congress, CPI(M), CPI, and the BJP — the lives of ordinary Hindu citizens in Murshidabad District (and for that matter in the whole of West Bengal!) are totally dispensable and expendable.

While both the Government of India and the Government of West Bengal, have completely ignored the humanitarian rights of Hindu victims of Islamic terrorism in Murshidaband District, HINDU ORGANISATIONS like the RSS and Hindu Samhati have been playing a stellar role in giving relief and succour to the affected persons in the riot-torn areas. RSS Swayamsevaks in sizeable numbers have been doing marvellous relief work distributing food, clothing and medicines to the affected Hindu men, women and children. The RSS Swayamsevaks, right from the days of Dr Hedgewarji and Guruji Gowalkar have created a track record of tremendous self-sacrifice and self-less service during all critical moments and situations — communal riots, floods, drought, epidemics, rail accidents and external aggression — in our National History during the last eighty years. I am not therefore surprised to see the heroic role that is being played by the RSS in Murshidabad District today.

In particular, I would like to mention the extraordinary leadership provided by Sri Tapan Ghosh, President of Hindu Samhati. As a Hindu activist he was put in jail during the emergency in 1975. He was a pracharak in the RSS for 31 years. He has guided the work of units of ABVP, VHP, and RSS in various capacities. Tapan Ghosh was in charge of the Bajrang Dal’s North Indian unit comprising 5 states. As a fearless Hindu leader, he has inspired tens of thousands of young Hindu activists to participate in events ranging from the Ram-Janmabhoomi Movement to the local Durga Puja.

Tapan Ghosh is a name synonymous with Hindu Activism in large swathes of rural Bengal. He is seen as a messiah for the downtrodden and persecuted Hindus of Bengal’s villages. He is viewed as a father figure by all the Hindus. He is feared and hated by the Islamic fundamentalist groups. From Purbasthali to Basanti, from Gangasagar to Dhantola, even in places as far as Patna and Delhi, Hindu activists swear by Tapan Ghosh. For the Hindus he seems to be a fountainhead of hope and courage.

Today I spoke to Tapan Ghosh and he has given the following statement:

‘No minister from the anti-Hindu Marxist Government of West Bengal has chosen to visit the riot-torn areas of Murshidabad District to give solace and render help to the Hindu victims of Islamic terrorism. The Union Minister Pranab Mukherjee went to Murshidabad District only to announce that he has given his sanction of Rs 25 Crores for setting up a branch of the Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) in Murshidabad District. The Union Home Minister P Chidambaram who thought it fit to go to Khandmal in Orissa one year after the brutal murder of Swami Laxmananda Saraswati by the hired guns of the missionaries in that area, has not thought it fit to visit Murshidabad District, because for him also the Hindus of West Bengal are only the permanent refugees and not permanent citizens! Behind the fog of all this lurid drama and sparking pseudo-secular glare, I can clearly see the hand of the Pope in Rome operating through his foremost franchisee cosily perched in transitory authority in New Delhi! ‘

Knowing the track record of AMU in the creation and establishment of Pakistan in August 1947, the local Hindus and some of the patriotic Muslims fear that this branch of the AMU will become a hotbed of anti-national sectarian politics in this border district. It is also feared that the endless flow of unauthorised Muslim infiltrators from Bangladesh adjoining this district will get a wonderful ideological and operational helipad (the new AMU branch) to the terrorist Muslims (enjoying the full political patronage of CPI(M) and Sonia Congress) from which they can launch murderous terrorist attacks on the Hindus of West Bengal and the rest of India.

Keeping this irrefutable background in view, I requested Tapan Ghosh to give his views on the creation of a branch of the AMU in Murshidabad District. In clear and unequivocal terms, Tapan Ghosh replied with great fervour and conviction:

‘The proposal for the AMU campus at Suti in Murshidabad is a case of ‘competitive minorityism’ between the Congress and the CPI(M). The state government’s eagerness to have the AMU campus in Murshidabad is a reflection of the Marxists’ desperation to win back the confidence of the minority community, which deserted them in the recent elections. The move to set up an AMU campus is politically motivated. This is nothing but vote-bank politics. Both the Government of India and the Government of West Bengal are fully aware of the fact that Murshidabad bordering Bangladesh is totally vulnerable to infiltration and anti-national activities from across the border.”


1. Attack at Ganga Sagar on 12 June, 2009On 12 June (Thursday) 2008, at Sagar Island (also known as Ganga Sagar) 6000 Muslim terrorists let loose organized violence against 180 unarmed Hindu devotees who had gone to Ganga Sagar to attend a Yoga and Training Camp organized by Hindu Samhati in a building belonging to the Kolkata Textile Association. A 6000 strong Muslim crowd, armed with sharp-edged weapons attacked the building (near Kapil Muni temple) and beat up Hindu pilgrims at around 7 pm in a savage manner. . Tapan Kumar Ghosh, the National Convenor of Hindu Samhati and Sunder Das, one of his lieutenants, were badly injured. A few policemen deployed on the spot were also manhandled when they tried to intervene. Tapan Ghosh and Sunder Das, both workers of Hindu Samhati, were also beaten up. The four-hour ordeal continued till a larger contingent of police force headed by the Kakdwip BDO and SDPO arrived. Instead of arresting the Islamic marauders for their acts of terrorism against the majority community, the West Bengal Police arrested on Friday 15 Hindu pilgrims. The police also arrested Tapan Ghosh and Sunder Das, the two Hindu leaders and it has been reported that Tapan Ghosh continues to be in police custody.

2. Attack at Krishnapur on the border of Bangladesh on 16 April 2009.

Some Muslim marauders attacked and damaged several houses belonging to the BJP and Sangha supporters in three villages of Krishnapur. These villages are in the jurisdiction of Baishnabnagar Police Station. The trouble started when a Hindu youth who had lent some money to a Muslim youth tried to collect back his money which he had given as a temporary hand loan. The Hindu boy was beaten up mercilessly. Later it escalated into a communal riot.

3. Attack on a Hindu Siva temple in Bardhaman District on 6 June, 2009.

Jamalpur BuroRajer Shiv Mandir,

Burdwan District

In Bardhaman district, the Buro Rajer (another form of Lord Shiva) Mela at Jamalpur village under Purbasthali police station is a major Hindu Religious Festival which has been going on for centuries. According to age old tradition, on the day of Buddha Purnima, Hindus, especially the people of Yadav community come to this Buro Rajer Temple with traditional arms (including their traditional work tools like ploughs, saws, hammers, anvils etc.), which do not include fire arms. This year also on 6 & 7 June, 2009, the pilgrims who had assembled for the traditional festival at Buro Rajer were attacked at Kulipukur near Chhatni village. Hundreds of Muslims took part in the attack. The Hindu pilgrims were beaten mercilessly in a very pre planned manner. More than one hundred people injured and at least 4 Hindus died in the attack. Many are still missing. Many Hindu women were molested and raped in the nearby jute fields. The sick ‘secular’ anti-Hindu Media in West Bengal, totally suppressed and blacked out the truth relating to the atrocities let loose by the Muslims upon the Hindu pilgrims at Buro Raj Mela. Even after all this, the police arrested only 15 Hindu victims. No Muslim marauder was arrested.

The Hindus of the area are asking the question: ‘Are we living in Pakistan or Bangladesh or Afghanistan?’ The answer is ‘HINDUS OF INDIA UNITE! YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE BUT YOUR CHAINS!’


(The writer is a retired IAS officer)

e-mail the writer at


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