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Islamic Jihadism In West Bengal
Trinamool Congress trying hard to implicate Tapan Ghosh of ‘Hindu Samhati’ in false cases !

February 16, 2012

Court granted 3 days judicial custody to Ghosh ! Muslim organizations demand ban on pro-Hindu organizations!

Hindus please note that no Muslim leader is ever arrested after their meeting !

Tapan Ghosh, Hindu Samhati

Kolkata: Chief Minister Mamata ‘Bano’ has been shocked to see the huge response received for the anniversary program of ‘Hindu Samhati’ held on 14th February. ‘Hindu Samhati’ is an organization working for welfare of Hindus in Bengal. The Government is, therefore, trying hard to suppress the movement started by Mr. Tapan Ghosh, the founder of ‘Hindu Samhati’ to awaken Hindus. In this background, Mr. Ghosh was taken into custody at 9.00 p.m. on Tuesday and the Government is planning to file false cases so as to implicate him. The above news was published on the pro-Hindu website called ‘Hindu existence’. (Trinamool Congress is following the example of communists and working for ‘Islamization’ of Bengal! There is no alternative to establish Hindu Nation if this is to be stopped ! – Editor SP) Mr. Ghosh has been arrested under the clauses 298, 295-A and 120-B.

3 days judicial custody for Ghosh !

Police started at 11.00 a.m. to take Mr. Ghosh for presenting him in the court on Wednesday; but he was taken to some unknown place and later, he was brought at 3.00 p.m. at Alipore Sessions Court. The Court has granted him 3 days judicial custody till 18th February. He has been sent to Central Jail in Kolkata. He was arrested after the 4th anniversary meeting of ‘Hindu Samhati’ was over. It is understood that his arrest took place due to action taken at high level. (This shows that secular rulers are trying to eliminate Hindus all over the country with the help of police ! – Editor SP) Mr. Ghosh was arrested by sub-inspector of Jadhavpur.

Jamat-e-Islami Hind demands ban on ‘Hindu Samhati’ !

Muslims, who are trying to take over Bengal, feel that Hindu Samhati is a big obstacle in their anti-national ploy and few Islamic organizations are trying to get ban imposed on ‘Hindu Samhati’. (Trinamool Congress, which is always appeasing Muslims, may even agree to their demand ! – Editor SP) A meeting was held by Muslims under the leadership of ‘Jamat-e- Islami-Hind’, a ‘jihadi’ organization, in Kolkata to get their demand passed. The Muslim organizations made a demand to ban ‘Hindu Samhati’ and all such organizations associated with it. (Tapan Ghosh is arrested in few hours after meeting of Hindu Samhati and immediately on the second day, jihadi organizations demand ban on pro-Hindu organizations. This shows ‘jihadis’ are ruling over Bengal through Trinamool Congress. Hindus should understand that establishment of Hindu nation is the only alternative to change this situation ! – Editor SP) Mamata Bannerjee has sent a direct message to Muslims by arresting Mr. Ghosh that the Government wants to favour Muslims.

Anti-national media in Bengal trying to support jihadis and convert Bharat into ‘Islamistan’ !

On Tuesday, despite strong opposition of Muslims, anti-Hindu Trinamool Congress and Communist parties, Hindu Samhati held meeting in the atmosphere of great enthusiasm but in peaceful manner. Bengal’s Mughal police tried to stop holding of this meeting although permission of the Court was obtained for holding the said meeting. Police banned to raise slogans of ‘Bharatmata ki jai’. Police closed the entrance of the venue when hundreds of Hindus had gathered to attend the meeting and deliberately caned them for no reason. Thousands of people were stopped on railway station by the police so as to prevent them from attending the meeting. News of this meeting was published only by ‘Sudarshan’ channel and none of the other channels or newspapers even published news about this meeting nor any reporter was present to cover the news except that of ‘Sudarshan’ channel; whereas on Wednesday, when Muslims held a meeting to oppose all pro-Hindu organizations, all channels reporters were crowding the place. This clearly shows the Hindu-hatred and pro-Muslim policy of reporters.

O Hindus, support Mr. Tapan Ghosh with all your strength and shake the Mughal Govts. at Indraprastha (Delhi) and Kolkata !

Hindus must realize that arrest of Mr. Ghosh , who is fighting for protection of Hindu Dharma and Hindus, is a ploy of anti-Hindu Trinamool Congress to eliminate Hindus and they should wake up to protest against such happenings. Try to oppose this incident in whatever lawful manner as possible like computer-literate Hindus can use social websites as (twitter, facebook etc.) to register their protest. They can ask for an explanation to elected representatives in their area, send e-mails to ministers etc. Remember that the problem faced by a pro-Hindu anywhere in the world is a problem faced by Hindu Dharma.

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