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Islamic Jihadism In West Bengal

Anti-Hindu pogrom likely in Lakshmanpur, Diamond Harbor

Islamists hell-bent to exterminate Hindus en masse, administration busy in appeasement

This is not the story of any isolated village in the realm of the Indian state of Bengal - it brings forth a cruel truth – the worsening situation of Hindus and how they are being persecuted by Islamists, reveling hellish endorsement of the administrative scenario day in and day out, so that Hinduism moves to oblivion before long……….

Lakshmanpur village is within the jurisdiction of P.S. Diamond Harbor, District: 24 Paraganas (South) and has been witnessing hauteur and mounting influence of Islamists for decades – the dogma has crossed all limits of tolerance even – the state of affairs has got an all-time low since Islamists have virtually made it impossible for Hindus in the village and its vicinity to live with dignity. Life has become more dangerous to Hindu women, forced to remain within doors fearing rape and human trafficking.

What is more, condition is such that both Hindu mother and daughter apprehend the same danger of ravishment – that can befall (on them) at any time if they dare to live as human beings and walk hither and thither.

Main roads are patrolled by Islamist boys wearing lungis, carrying large bamboo sticks and preferring to show their genital organs to both Hindu girls and women. Even a few years back a number of Hindu girls from Lakshmanpur used to go to Sonamukhi Janakalyan Vidyapith (co-ed school) but none dares to do the same these days. Due to the Islamic terror Hindu boys are failing to attend school as well. Education of 15 girl students and 10 boy students are at stake.

Islamists, irrespective of age, are found to roam around the school and their enjoyment increases once a Hindu girl student is spotted. No stone is left unturned to harass her, whether by taunting or making efforts to show her pornographic films loaded in these felons’ cell phones. Hindu teachers, fearing thrashing by Islamists, don’t even dream to challenge these nasty developments.

At the moment, Lakshmanpur is under a heavy police protection. Reason? Administration apprehends worst may happen to them soon……….. On September 17, 2012, slain body of Anwar Khan and his severely injured friend Anamat Khan were recovered from a nearby area. Muslims, as expected always, blamed Hindus for the ghastly murder, appealed to police to nab a few selected Hindu youths and even the complainants were found to guide police to do the same. On September 18, 2012, at 1.30 am, two Hindu youths of village: Lakshmanpur – Kashinath Adhikari (age 17) and Kartik Haldar (age 13) – were taken into custody (devoid of any reason) and the two minors, reportedly, are languishing in police custody at P.S. Diamond Harbor now.

Three other Hindus– Sanjit Adhikary (age 23), Arup Haldar (age 20), Sudip Adhikary (age 15) – have also been named by Islamists as regards the crime and all are based on suspicion. Police is hell-bent to find them out; all of them have fled for life by now.

And all these continue to hassle Hindus in the village. Police contingent, violating all rules and regulations as enshrined, are entering Hindu houses at any time – be it night or day. But the fact – owing to stubborn resistance and vigil of Islamists, it’s virtually impossible for Hindus to go to Sonamukhi for merchandising (majority of Hindus are engaged in self-employed businesses) and hence, their lives have come to a standstill – is being ignored by police and administration. Administration is reluctant and gives damn what Hindus say.

The April, 2012 development manifest the doomed fate of Hindus better. On every year, in the same month, Hindus worship Goddess Kali. However, this year, Islamists pounced Hindus demanding the Puja must be stopped. Hindus appealed to local administration to end this. What happened is hard to believe even! Instead of addressing Hindu agonies, police force, reportedly, led by Bidisha Sultana, then SI (Sub-Inspector) – P.S. Falta, was perceived to terrorize Hindus in particular. 4 Hindus, contrary to expectation, were arrested and freed after a week. Not a single riotous Muslim was arrested. In addition, Bidisha Sultana’s team stated unless Hindus end Puja and immerse the “nasty” Idol of Goddess Kali soon, both the makeshift temple and Holy Idol would be desecrated and destructed.

Intense tension prevails Hindus in village: Lakshmanpur; their means of livelihood are dwindling fast. They simply don’t know what to eat and wear on the next day. Islamists are flexing muscles without respite; they are stating openly the moment police surveillance is withdrawn, Hindus would either be converted to Islam or be compelled to undergo a mass extermination.

What should Hindus do now? Should they undergo a mass annihilation or continue to count on an extremely spineless and parochial administration or fight for their own existence desperately?

After all………struggle for existence is not a crime.

What do you suggest Hindus in Lakshmanpur to do at this point in time?

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